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in connection with a nrst-clata stock of
kid gloves, laoes, ribbons, handker
chiefs, muslins and merino underwear,
hosiery, corsets, notions, linings, col
lars, etc, ard are in reoeipt of novelties
from Ne» York almost daily. We p>
diet that Wiaehnrgh's will soon be
known as tbe headquarters for every
ihiiig in the line of ladies and gentle
men's goods.
AmlAddition to Los An
geles Architecture.
Am Ornament to the City on the
Corner of Spring »"« ' i hirtl
Another massive and boantiful struc
tara bat been added to the Met of nota-
We buildings possessed by Los Angeles.
Visitors and residents of this city have
jjUnl that carpenters, masons and
aaiaters have been engaged for some
ti P„t i n the erection of a handsome
Week to be called the "Callnghan
Block," tituated on the southwest cor
war of Spring and Third streets. This is
WUt of briok and iron, in the French
iiaiiin-" style of architecture, with
three stories and basement, and is solid
■ad imposing in its appearance. The
flaring street front is 130 feet, with six
haadsomsly finished stores, and on Third
street the depth is eighty-five feet. Both
floats are very commanding in design,
there being seven bay windows on
Soring street and three on Third street.
At the angle of the building, on the
earner of Spring and Third, is a large oc
tagonal hay window, surmounted by a
lofty tower, eighty-two feet high from
the sidewalk to the deck, aud four feet
aiae inches of iron casting. The central
feature of the Spring street front is a
large bay window, surmounted by a
hag* domeshaped roof, seventy-nine
teat high from the sidewalk, and sur
mourned by a flagstaff twenty-five feet
high. The center is still further relieved
by a large portico, twenty-eight feet by
fourteen feet, constructed of iron and
wood in an | elaborate manner. The
aotitti bay window terminates in a tower
seventy feet high. These towers are
connected with the main roof by doors.
The bay window on the Third street
front is surmounted by a large pediment,
-with the name "Callaghan Block" and
save, in large characters.
The bay windows, cornices and other
dressings are executed ia galvanized
iron, wood, cement and pressed brick,
with oastiron front to the stores, and
atoas oilU. The fronts of stores are
tilled in with French plateplass, and th
transom sashes with small squares of
doubly thick glass. The ceilings of the
store entrances are pannelled with wood.
Toe tix stores avenge from 26.6 to
J7.6 by 7* 0 length. In tbe rear of the
stores are situated the closets, urinals,
riuks, etc., for the use of this floor and
basement. There is also a tramway con
nected with each store by which wagons
oaa load from a private entrance on
Third street, with tram-cars.
There are two staircases lrom tbe
streets to the third floor level. The
main staircase is situated at the center
of tbe Spring street front, and the other
ia in the rear of the Third street front,
all wide and spacious, to afford easy
■exit in case of fire or panic.
There are three iron tire escapes from
the third floor windows in easy distance
ot the firemen's ladders. These lad lers
alto continue within reaching distance
of the roof, so as to afford an escape to
tbe roof and streets. They are fitted
with platforms and railing so as to pre
vent any danger from falling.
The stores are fitted with steps and
elevators un the inside to the cellars be
low. The structure of the building has
been fully considered in solidity and
strength, it being calculated to carry two
more stories in case of need. Provision
is also mado for a passenger elevator,
whioh may be needed when the other
storie< are added.
Tbe whole of the finishing of the
ereoud and third floors throughout, in
ciadii'g all doors and sashes, is in espe
cially picked redwood.
id us tof the rooms on both floors are
fitre 1 with marble wash.l a-ins, aud there
are thirty-six open fireplaces with gal
vanized iron mantels of best design.
Kaeb floor his, in addition to the fire
escapes, two tire hydrants, one ateach end
of tbe Building, with hose in readiness
ia case of tire. Each floor is also
fitted up with water closets for
ladies aud gentlemen, also bath
tabs, slophoppers and sinks, all
of the beat mak) and patents. The
whole of these water closets, basins
and urinals are ventilated through the
roof- There has been special attention
paid to sanitary plumbing throughout
the building. There are three water
connections from the City Water Com -
pany's main; also a tank over the rear
water closet, on the top of the roof,
holding 10,000 gallons ot water. This
cistern is kept full for the fire hydrants
There are on the second floor 35 sit
ting and bed rooms, 7 water closets, 1
bath tab, 16 wash basins, 3 slop hoppers,
and 3 sinks with urinals.
On the third floor are 37 rooms, 7
water closets, 1 bath tub, 17 wash
basius, 3 slop hoppers, 3 sinks and uri
The rooms are all large, and have
lofty oeilings. The rooms in suites are
titled with .vardrobes.
The halls in all cases are spacious,
running the full length of tbe building
and 16 feet wide, with large wells for
light aud ventilation.
The floors ot the cellars are paved
with concrete.
Tbe stores have ornamental awnings
as fsr as the show fronts, with sidewalks
14 feet wide on Spring street and 10 feet
wide on Third street. The skylights are
glazsd withthick-ribbed glass. Tho hard
ware throughout the building is of the
best quality, and the whole of the build
ii.g is title I with gas.
Wlsaebarsrh'a Leadlni Fancy
Cioods House.
One of tbe main features of this new
block, in fact of Los Angeles, is the n*w
and elegant store styled Wineburgh's
Leading Fancy Gooas House. It de
serves the name it hears. The stock is
entirely new, as Mr. Wiueburgh has
selected this city cf Angeles to cast his
back upon the commercial world. Hav
ing been identified with some of the
largest fancy goods bouses on tbe Pa
cific coast for many years, he is well
acquainted with the requirements of a
first-class house and has laid in a stock
which must in itself suit the most
fastidious, disregarding the low priceß
at whioh he has placed it. This store is
209, next to Davis' drug store, and store
is tastefully decorated with laces, rib
bons, etc. The two elegant show win
dows are neatly dressed, more on the
style of the large San Franciaco stores, j
As business is rapidly moving down
Spring street, Mr. Wineburgh's store is ■
very conveniently situated und bis |
locating in the Callaghan Block will
have the eft ct of bringing a large num- ,
her of other business houses there in a |
abort time. Wineburgh's opened its ,
doors for business last Monday and not
withstanding the presence of painters, j
and masons in and around ,
tbe store, have beam doing a good bnsi
asm Wineburgh's also eairies an ele- !
jsaat line of sjssmUanMn's furnishing goods ,
California, and consumed about three
months in construction.
Both Mr. Callaghan and the architect,
Burges Reeves, are more than satined
with the very satisfactory manner in
whioh this firm has exeonted their con.
tract, and the architect pronouces it
one of tbe best pieces of work that has
come under bis supervision. Those who
are about to build, or want a good foun
dation laid, will find it to their advan
tage to drop this firm a postal card and
get their idea and prices. Mr. Young
also laid all the cement work in the
building, and did all tbe plastering in
the eighty rooms of the building, and te
his oredit there is not to be found a
single crack throughout the building.
Energetic men With the Boss
stewing nachlnra.
Another new firm that this article
will introduce to tbe public is Ensign &
Wilson. These enterprising young men
have been fortunate in scouring one of
the best stores in the block, and will in
troduce to the publio of Southern Cali
fornia a sewing machine which will soon
revolutionize the sewing machine trade.
These gentlemen represent the Standard
sewing maohine, and are the general
agents for Southern California. Tbe
Standard is manufactured at Cleveland,
O. A sufficient guarantee of the merits
of this machine is that it was invented
and is being manufactured by the well
known Mack Bros., who also were the
inventors and manufacturers of the Do
mestic sewing machine. When they in
vented the Standard machine they sev
ered their connection with the Domestic
Manufacturing Company, and are now
putting their entire time and energies, as
well as their wealth, into their new in
vention. •
The Standard is represented by ex
perts to be a marvel in mechanism and
simplicity, doing the work with much
more rapidity and ease than can be done
upon the old' styles of machines. It is
entirely a new machine, and can be re
lied upon to do the finest kind of work.
To housekeepers, wives and dressmakers
the Standard machine will in a short
time be recognized as just what tbe in
ventor claims it to be: the best machine
in the market.
Time and space will not admit of our
going into detail upon tbe superior
points of the Standard. If any one de
sires to know anything about the ma
chine, call and see it before making a se
lection. Messrs. Ensign & Wilson ex
pect lo have their machines on hand so
as to be open about April Ist in their
new and elegantly fitted store at 207
South Spring street.
A Palace Where Ice Cream and
Cakes can he Found.
Los Angeles has long been in need of
a place where the elite may partake of
delicate coufections and bon-bons, where
in the heat of the day ladies may tip
iced drinks and cool their parched
mouths with ice cream. Such a place as
this has been created by Lewis Ebinger,
who has, with the aid of the best talent,
succeeded in fitting up a veritable eating
palace. This is on the corner of Spring
and Third streets, in the Callaghan
Block, and cannot fail to attraot the
attention of all who visit that neighbor
hood. Mr. Ebinger has been in tbe
business fourteen years, and he is well
aware that popularity depends in a great
measure upon the inviting appeaiance
and tbe attractive fitting of parlors
where ladies and gentlemen are expected
to attend in their leisure time. Besides,
il is a well known faot that the daintiest
appetites can be catered to only in places
where the surroundings as well as the
edibles are of the very best quality. To
accompl.sh his object in supplying this
deficiency Mr. Kbinger has spared no
expense, and in even the smallest detail
there ia an elegance which is noticeable.
Nothing is so cooling iv sppearance on
a wa/in day as pure white, and that is
tbe color to which Mr. Ebinger has ad
htied in the main. White is also
the emblem of purity, and in
all vianrts hereafter to be obtained
at Mr. Eoinger's this will be the fact
that will aid in keeping up his reputa
tion and in gaining for him an inorease
in patronage. Enieriug lrom the street
through the doorway, the visitor is at
first bewildered by the ma^nifionteffect
of the white background and the mir
rors which are paneled everywhere. The
scene is almost fairy like, for on every
side the reflections of shelving and
counters laden with the choicest coufec
tions, is seen. It is not necessary for
the visitor to go about from poiut to
point in order to determine just what is
included in the show-cases. These mir
• rors of French-plate glass, with their
polished surfaces, notjonly aid in show
ing off the goods, but they enable the la
i dies to detect at once any defects in their
toilet arrangement, and thus are almost
i invaluable adjuncts At night when the
- electric light gleams forth tbe brilliancy
of the store in general cannot fail to
attract everybody. When filled with
all tbe toothsome delicacies which hu
i man mind can conjure there can be
notting more inviiing than will be this
palace. Passing from the store, which
is twenty-eight feet long by twenty-six
feet wide, the ice-cream parlors and din
ing rooms are reached. Here the heavi
est foot fall is not heard, so soft and
thick is the carpet on the floor. Gener
ally speaking, the name "parlor", given
to eating rooms, has no meaning that is
visible, but here is to be found a verita
ble parlor with furniture as elegant
. and as costly as can be seen on this
- coast. Here, it is that in the
beat of the day ladies and parties of la
. dies and gentlemen may partake of the
' good things of this life. Here they can
I exchange gossip and news and enjoy
- themselves at that tiuie when all nature
desires rest and recuperation. These
parlors extend to the bick entrance on
' Third street, and are spacious enongh to
i accommodate every oue who may be
come faint from hunger or from tuirst.
i They are tilted up on all sides with tap
estry of the utmost elegance and of tbe
tii est. texture, and time will have no ef
fect in impairing their appearance.
These are also lit up with electricity,
I and after eventide there will be an
The misses McCarthy A Deven-
dorf's Store.
As Los Angelas is fast approaching a
metropolis, the tastes of the people are
becoming more esthetic, and this is to a
great extent what causes the many im
provements in some of our enterprising
business bouses. Tbe ladies of Los An
geles are to be congratulated upon their
stylish appearance and good taste, and
they are always on the alert to patron
ize the establishments that keep the
most stylish and latest style goods on
hand. Recognizing these facts. Miss
Ellen McCarthy and Miss Ida Deven
dorf have fitted up one of the spacious
stores in the Callaghan Block and will
open next Tuesday with a full line of
the very finest French goods of Ihe
latest styles and shapes, direct from
Paris and tbe East. These ladies have
had a great deal of experience iv their
line and can suit the tsste of the most
fastidious. Miss Devendorf is from
San Francisco, where she became famil
iar with tbe millinery trade by years of
experience in one of the largest houses
there. Miss McCarthy is well atid fa
vorably known in Los Angeles, she hav
ing had charge of one of the best pat
ronized houses here. These ladies will
give their business their personal super
vision and will aim to please every one.
As all faces are not alike, and what will
become one will not another, it is neces
sary to have a very large stock of goods
in order to be able to suit the many dif
ferent faces. This these ladies have,
and they will be able to place a most be
coming bat or bonnet on any of their
patrons. The establishment will be
opened Tuesday morning for inspection.
The opening of spring millinery will
take place about the last of this mouth.
The mammoth Establishment of
C. E. Donahue.
Number 205 in the Callaghan Block,
is the grocery store of Mr. C. E. Doua
hue. The store is very spacious, being
twenty feet by eighty feet in the front
and twenty eight feet wide back of the
staircase. Mr. Donahue has also tbe
basement, which is the same size, and
has laid in one of tbe finest and best se
lected stocks of plain and fancy grocer
ies in Southern California. Mr. Dona
hue is well and favorable known to the
Los Angeles .'people, and he owes his
businees success entirely to the honest
manner in which bo has always treated
his customers. He established himself
at No. 12 South Main street about three
years ago, and about tbirteen months
afterward the store passed into Mr.
Donahue's possession.
When Mr. Donahue heard that the
Callaghan Blook was about to be erected
he knew that his increasing business
would soon demand more spacious quar
ters, and lost no time in securing one, if
not the largest, store iv the block. His
experience in the grocery line ought to
be a guarantee that his goods are se
lect* 1 with good judgment aud with the
greatest care. And another point no
ticable about the manner in which Mr,
Donahue conducts his business, is that
a customer can rely upon getting full
weight, while his prices are as low as
any bouse in Loa Angeles. He deals in
pure unadulterated groceries, and sells
them as cheap as honest business princi
ples will permit. Mr. Donahue makes
a specialty of tine teas, fresh roasted
coffees, gilt-edge butter and table luxur
ies. His eggs and butter are always
fresh, they being received daily from the
attractiveness to them which will
nut soon be forgotten by the
visitor. Underneath the entire store
and parlors is the bake-shops,
where will be manufactured everything
in the confectionary line that has been
invented up to tbe present time, and it
would not bo surprising if Mr. Ebinger
should discover the art of making some
special delicacy which would aid in
keeping his name before tbe public.
Where the latest utensils are at hand
and there is plenty of room, with every
convenience, it is to be expected that
every article coming therefrom should
be of tbe very best quality and it is
guaranteed in advance that tnis will be
tbe case. In this basement there are
two large ovens, each 12x11 feet, and
these will be kept busy day and
night to supply the custom. Places (or
eighteen bakers have been arranged and
these individuals have been seltcted
from tbe best talent on this coast. Some
of them have had years of experience
in creating confections, and are as far
advanced in all tbe arts pertaining
thereto as are tbe famous confectioners
of Paris. All the fixtures below are on
a gigantic scale, and tbe ice cream
freezers alone will manufacture 200 gal
lons a day. When it is considered that
each person can eat but a twentieth part
of a quart, it is apparent that a large
number of people to be supplied ars ex
Transient trade is not the only kind
that Mr. Ebinger expects, and he is
preparing to deliver his goods to any
part of the city. Two delivery wagons
will be in constant use, and if more are
found to bo necessary they will be built.
It is almost certain that from the start
there will be enough outside orders to
supply to keep these wagons employed
from early morning to late at night.
Mr. Ebinger believes in promptly filling
any crder he may receive, and if delay
occurs it will not be bis fault. It will
be found that parties and balls cannot
be successfully given without being fur
nished with delicacies and ice cream from
this establishment. Cakes and candies
arc a very necessary adjunct of an even
ing or an afternoon gathering and no
where else can they be found in such
variety. The picnic season is close at
hand and those who attend will find it
necessary to have their lunchet put up
by some reliable house. Mr. Ebinger
is prepared to cater to picnics as well as
to other gatherings, and for weddings
the cakes will be made to order in the
shortest notice. Altogether Mr. Ebin
ger's establishment is one which will
prove an honor to the city of Los An
geles. ~"
His whole stock, which embraces
everything good to eat anil everything
kept by a i.rst-dasa grocer, is of the best
and guaranteed as represented, or the
money refunded. Mr. Donahue keeps
twodslivery wagons going all the time,
aud cmi loys six bands. His telephone
number is No. 441, and all orders Bent
over the wire will receive prompt atten
liood Work by (Ills Reliable
When Mr. Callaghan'made up his mind
to erect tbe magnificent structure tbat
now bears hid name, be was especially
careful that the contract to lay the
foundation and brick-work should be
let only to an experienced brick mason,
fie wanted a solid foundation, a sort of
> Rockof-Ages foundation. After much
inxious deliberation the contract was
iwarded to the well-known firm of Mo-1
lally & Young. Anthony McNally,
he senior member of the firm, is one o:
bo best stone and brick-masons in the
Itate. The Herald has heretofore bad
ome pleasant things to say about Mr.
IcNally and the good work he has done
1 constructing many of our largest
uildings, and with no less pride does it
oint now to the work tbat has been
) satisfactorily executed by this firm.
Ir. Young is also a master of bis busi
es*, which he has been actively en
aged in for the past seven years. Mo
rally & Young have done work on
lostly all the large buildings in Los An
cles. The job of laying the founds
on of Callaghan Block was one of tbe
trgsst that baa been let in Southern
Mr. Burges Beeves, the architect of
the building, is too well known to Los
Angeles people to require an extended
notice. Suffice Io soy that he is one of
those honest, upright, leading men,
whose profession, oarried on in the man
ner he conducts it, is a benefit to Los
Angeles. Mr. Reeves stands at the top
of the ladder in his profession, and has
designed many of our finest buildings,
including, besides the present block, the
Wilson Block, St. Vincent's College, the
Phillips Block and many others.
T. F. Joyce.
Building Contractor and Brick Manu
laeturer. Office, 6H North Main street
Bricks lor sale.
made in taking assessments of property, by tbe owner* not being familiar with
making oat statements, or not having time to attend to doing so, I have concluded to
make a specialty of that branch of business, and will take charge of the property of all
who wish, at a reasonable fee. Having had !
In the assessing of property and the collection of taxes, I feel that I can watch after
tbe interests of those who employ me perhaps better than they could themselves' aud
save them time and money. Those who wish to leave their property in my hands
will please call at the office of PARCELS AGUIRKB A CO., 12 Court Street, or ad
dress me at above plaoe. PARCEL*,
mr6-lm Ex-City T*x Collector.
Near the depot grounds of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.
Also, 1000 acres near Ballona Harbor.
Two business lots on North Main Street.
One lot on Upper Main Street.
Two lots on Fourth Street.
Shipping and Commission Merchants,
San Francisco, New York, Chicago.
London, Liverpool, Astoria, Or., and Los Angeles.
With agents and brokers in every commercial city of prominence In tho Union.
Hakes a specialty of handling the products of Southern California.
fftt Agents for Ro* al Baking Powder, Walter Bakei & Co'e Chocolate,
Kingsford's Oswego Starch.
Also, agents for American Oil Company's Whale Oil Soap.
WM. L. LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency,
sarHlylp 7B JSTOE,TX3: ST-'
700 Acres in Los Angeles
1300 LOTS!
Up to 100 Feet Front, $ISO. Half-acre Lots, $200.
From 1-2 to 1 Acre, $300. From 1 to 4
Acres, $400. 3 Acre Lots, $750.
TERMS—One-fifth cash, balance iv eight equal monthly payments, with
out interest.
These prices will continue only until June 1,
1887, when they will positively be advanced. All
who purchase before that date will have the benefit
of the advanced prices.
The entire tract is beautifully situated, with a
charming view, pure air and water and perfect
drainage. The Ostrich Farm Dummy Railroad
runs through the tract, with a five-cent fare guaran
teed to and from the center of the city. This road
will be completed to the tract July 1,1887. Pure and
abundant water will be piped through all the streets
The title to the property is absolutely perfect. A
complete abstract will be kept in the office of the
Company for the inspection of all purchasers, and a
certificate of title will be furnished to each buyer
with his deed.
This tract is situated upon the hills, which are
rapidly becoming the most desirable residence por
tion of the city. The soil is a warm, sandy loam,
free from frost, being in what is known as the
warm belt. The elevation is such that the tempera
ture is more even than in the city.
Free carriage to the tract every day from the
office of the agents, at 9A. M. and 1:30 P. M. Maps
and circulars and all information can be had from
Byram & Poindexter, Managers,
Reference, by permission: Los Angei.es National Bank. 6m
Gold Storage Beef at Chino Bancii Market,
40 South Spring Street,
Nearly opposite New City Hall.
eTsf-Thisbeef Is fattened on the celebrated Chino Ranch, killed at the celebrated
Cnluoßaneh Slaughter House (formerly Estudlllo & Pico) n"ar town, and placed in th<
cooler at Los Angeles Ice Works, from whence it Is delivered to customers direct, af tei
having hung there two days, or two weeks, as maybe desired. Guaranteed to be primt
and fresh and positive!? free from all animal heat.
BIOHABD «1H». Frfcprletor
tracts of improved grape, fruit and
farmlands In the county; near Norwalk
railway station, only 16 miles from Los
Angolas, In lots of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more
acres to suit. Within the year they will be
Worth double the prices now asked.
To the numerous tracts from which to
All Inquiries by Letter Promptly
J. W. VanSlyck, Agent,
jalidawtf Norwallt, Cat.
The Architect.
—Successors to—
McKoon & Brodtbeek,
Have a large Hit of bargains in choice
City a°d Country Property
Which they will he pleased to show to
their cv tomers.
They also have
, and Surveyor, U. 8. Deputy Mineral
Surveyor. 184 North Main street, Loe An
geles, Cal. Telephone No. 95. aus ly
Popular Pleasure Parties for all
Points East
Leav"> Los Angeles March 10 and 81, April
14 and 28, Call on or address A. PHILLIPS
ACO . 1«4 N. Main St.. Los Angeles, ml-lm
. First and Main streets. The trade sup
piled. jal 6m
o the Stockholders of tbe Los Angeles (in a
Company and to all others Interested.
Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of
he stockholders of the Los Angeles Gas
iompanybas been called by the Directors
if said Company to be held at the office of
he Company at Number » Sonora street, In
he city of Los Angeles, California, at 10
('clock a. m., on Tuesday the 29th day of
d arch, A, D., 1687, for the purpose of taking
nto consideration and if deemed necessary
>r advisable to provide for the calling in or
edemptfon of the present outstanding
>onds of the Company aud the issuance of
>ther or new bonds in lieu thereof, and also
or tbe issuance and sale of other and addi
ional bouds of said Company io raise
nocey with which to pay off and discharge
he Indebtedness of said Company scorned
md to accrue for and on account of the en
argemeut and Improvements ot the works
md "plant" of said Company made or being
made. That the amount to which it is pro
poned to increase suoh bonded indebted
ness Is the sum of one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.
By order of the Board of Directors this
lay mtde, dated Los Angeles, California,
ihe 18th day of January. A, D , 1887
;d Secretary of Log Angeles Ga,. Company
Notice for Publication.
Li ruary 16, 18S7—Notice Is hereby given
mat the fo lowing named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of Ma claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Register and Re
ceiver at Los Angeles, Cal., on April 16.
1887, vis:
Homestead Application No. 1607, for the lot
2, fcj-i of lot 6, and V.% of lot 1, section 4,
township 5 north, range 12 west, 8. B. M.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upnn, and cultiva
tion of, said land, vis: J. Watklns, Geo
Delph, C. C. Jeffries, H. Marteen, of Alpine
Station. J. I). BETHUNE, Register.
Temple Street Cable Railway Com
business, Los Angeles, California.
Notice Is hereby Riven that at a meeting of
the Directors, held on the 20th day of Feb
ruary, 1887, an assessmen; of two dollars and
fifty cauta per share was levied upon tbe
capital stock of the corporation, payable
immediately to the Secretary oi si id Com
pany, at his office. No. 25 Temple street,
oity of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
(•hall remain unpaid on the 30th day of
March, 1887. will be delinquent and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless
payment is made before, will be sold on the
20th day of April, 1887, to pay the delin
quent assessment together with costs of ad
vertising and expenses of sale.
Secretary Temple Street Cable Railway
Company. Office, 25 Temple Street.
lodw ot fmtoum sale ft, 5273,
tiffs, vs. Geo. K. Porter et al, defend
ants—Sheriff's sale under decree of fore
Under and by virtue of an execution Is
sued out of the Superior Court of the county
of I.os Angeles on the 2d day of March, A. D,
18S7, upon a decree ot foreclosure of a mort
gage iv the above entitled action, in which
said action a decree was rendered and en
tered on the 16th day of May, 1-84, egalnst
George K. Porter et al, for tho foreclosure of
a mortgage for tbe sum of $7724 44. aud upon
which there was paid on the 16th dnyol
May, 1884, the sum of «5948.82, leaving a
balance due of 11776 12, with interest lrom
said date at 7 per cent, per annum, I am
commanded to sell all the right, title and
interest which the said George K. Portei
had on tbe 14th day of Jane, l»7o, or whioh
he has since acquired in that certain tract
of laud In the county of Los Angeles, State
of California, and being that portion of the
Rsucho lix-Mission san Fernando, de
scribed as follows, to-wlt:
Beginning at the point where the south
line of sectiou twenty-nine t29), township
two (2) north range fourteen (14) west San
Bernardino meridian, intersects the east
boundary line of s Id macho; thence north
S° we-t ihrci hundred and forty-two (842)
chains to station number three (3) of final
survey of said ranciio as made by the Gov
ernment of the United States and shown by
the patent of said raccho; thence south 81°
west ten and fifty-bucdredihs (10 60-100)
chains to station number four (4) of said
survey; thence north west twenty-one
and tllty-hundredths (21 00-100} chains to
station number (0) of said Mir cv: thence
north 74<4 a west sixty-four (64) chains to
station number six (6) of said survey;
thence south 82!4° west forty-nine 50-100
(49 50 100) chains to station number seven
(7) of said survey; thence north 41° west
twenty-two to 100 (22 50-100) chains to sta
tion number eight (8) of said survey; thence
north 20° west twelve (12) chains to station
number nine (9) of said survey; thence
north three (3) degrees west fifty-three
5-100 (53 50-lGu) chains to station number
ten (10) of said survey; thence north 50°
cast six (6) chains to station number eleven
(ll)of laid survey; thence nor tli one
hundred aud five (105) chains to station
number twelve (12); thence north 66° west
(80) eighty chains to station number thirteen
(13) of said survey; thence south 86° west two
hundred and seventy-six (276) chains to
station fourteen (14) of said survey; thence
north west one hundred and
thirty-two (132) chains to station
numoer fifteen (15) of said survey;
Thence south 4~% a nest, twenty (20) chains
to the poiut where the said last hue of the
boundary of said raucho intersects the east
erly hue of the lauds of tbe right of way of
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through said rancho. Thence following
said easterly Hue of said right of way until
the sane internets the souin lino of section
twenty-nine (29), township three (3) north,
range fifteen (10) west, San Bernardino
meridian. Thence south on the section
line three (S) miles to section corner 10-11-14
-15, township two (2) north, range fifteen (15)
west, San Bernardino meridian. Thence
west one mile to section corner l'-liMO 15,
township two (2) north, ramie fifteen (15)
west, San Bernardino meridian. Thence
south three (3) miles to section corner 28-27
-33 34. Thence east on the section line four
(4) miles aud sixty (GO) chains to the place of
beginning, containing sixteen thousand and
five hundred (16.500) acres, a little more or
less, excluding therefrom tbe right of way
of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through said tract, the same being s poitton
of the lands described In the mortgage fore
closed in this action.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, tho 6th day of April, A. D. ISB7,
at 12 o'clock v. of thai day, in Iront of the
Courthouse door of the County of Los An
jeies, on Spring street, I will, in obedience
io said order of sale and decree of fore
closure and sale, sell the above described
property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy safd judgment, with
uterest and costs, etc., to the highest and
nest bidder for cash, In lawful money of
he United States.
Dated this 9th day of March, 1837.
Sheriff of Los Angtles County._
I os Angeles—ln the matter of the estate
if Edwin heavis-, deceased; notice for ptib
icatlon of time for proving will, etc. Jrur
uant to an order of this Court, made this
lay, notice is hereby given that Monday,
he 21st day of March. 1387, at 10 o'clocx A.
i. of said day, at the courtroom of said
Jourt. in said county of Los Angeles, has
leen appointed for hearing the application
if Benjamin H. R"avls, praying that a doc
iment now on file in this Court, purporting
o bo the last will and testament of Edwin
teavis, deceased, be admitted to probate,
md that letters testlmentary bo Issued
hereon to said Benjamin H. Reavis, at
vhlch time and place all persons interested
herein may appear and contest the same.
DaUd March 7,1887.
_, County Clerk.
By F. B. Fannino, Deputy.
V. Montoomery, Attorney for Petitioner.
ma lod
5 Los Angeles, in the mattnr of the estate
of Philip Moser, deceased—Notice for pub
lication for time for proving will,etc.—Pur
suant to an order of this court, made this
day, notice is hereby given that Monday,
tbe 21st day of March, 1887. at 10 o'clock A.
m. of said day, at the courtroom of this
court, In said county of Los Angeles, has
been appointed forbearing the application
of Mary Meser, praying that a document
now on flic In this oourt, purporting io be
the last will and t.stsment of Philip Moser,
deceased, be admitted to probate, and that
letters testamentary be inued thereon to
said Mary Moser, at which timo and place
alloersons interested therein may appear
and contest the same.
Dated March 11,1887.
CHAB. 11. DIINSMOOR, County Clerk.
By F. B. FANNING, Deputy. ,nl ?! 1 i , _
She Eastern office of this Journal la with
Mesers. PALMER & REV, 40 Tribune
Building, New YorK, and all orders for
Eastern advertisements must come
through them. *
ou Tuesday, the 29th day o( Maroh, A. D.
IM7, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon oi said
day, application will be made to J. Ham
Harris, Land Agent of the University of
Calif rnia, at hla office, at the State Uni
versity in Berkeley, Alameda county, Call
forn'a, for a Duplicate of University Cer
tificate of Purchase, No. 90, dated November
20,1872, and Issued to Francisco P. Forster
for the fractlonsl sec lon 15 and lots 1 and 1
of section 82, in township 9 south and of
range 7 west, San Bernardino meridian.
The said original certificate of purchase
has been lost or destroyed, and is beyond
tbe control of tbe estate of John Forster, de
ceased, which said estate is the owner of the
same and of the land therein described.
Given under my hand this 21st d»y of Feb
ruary, A. D. 18S7. M. A. FOKBTER,
Administrator of the estate of John Forster,
deceased. f24-30t
on Tuesday, the 29th day of March,
A. D. 1887, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon of
said day, application will be made to J.
Ham Harris, Land Agent of the University
of California, at his office, at tbe State Uni
versity at Berkeley, in Alameda county,
California, for a Duplicate of University
Certcrtlflcatenf Purchase, No. 94, issued on
and bearing date ot November 20,1872, to
John Fors.er for the ard fractional
louth half of section 4, the wholeof ser-tlnn
3, fractional west half of section 2, 8s J.* of
NX' 4 and fractional south hslf of section 9,
tho whele of sec-Jon 10, fractional west half
of section 11, lots 1 and 2 of section 14, all In
township 9 south and of range 7 west, San
Beruardlno meridian. The said original
certificate of purchase has been lost or de
stroyed, and is beyond the control of the es
tate of said John Forster, now deceased,
which said estate is the owner of 'he same,
and of the land theieln described.
Given under mv baud this 21st day of
February, A. D. 1887 M. A. FOBS rBK,
AdininlEtistcr of tho estate of John For
ster, deceased. flf4-30t
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
plaintiff, vs. Benjamin B Handy, ad
ministrator of the estate of Chas. Handy,
deceased, E. K. Edwards and Tilman Bush,
defendants.—SheiltTs sale No. .'64o—Older
of sale snd decree of foreclosure and sale.
Under and by virtue of an orderof saleand
decree of foreclosure and sale, Issued out of
the Bupeiior Court of 'he county of Los An
geles, State of California, on the 24th day of
February, A. D. 1887, n the above entitled
icllon, wherein Commercial Bank of Santa
Ana, the above named plaintiff, obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against Benjamin B. Handy, adminis
trator of tho eatalc of Chas. Handy, do
ccased, E. K. Edwurds and Tilman Bush.de
fendants, ou the 3d .lay of February, A. I).
1887, for the sum of $2507 20 lOOdollars, in U.
S gold coin, which sßid decree was, on the
•th day of February, 1887, recorded in judg
meut book 7 of said court, at page 414 et«eg.
I am commanded to sell all that certain lot,
piece or parcel of land situate, lying aud
being In San Joaquin township, county of
Los Angeles, State of California, and
bour.ded and particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit:
Commencing at tho southwest corner of a
certain trsct of land containing 49 67 acres,
conveyed by Joseph Fisher to Willie by and
dated April 3, 1876, and recorded in book
No. 84 of deeds, page 7, Records of Los An
geles County, running thence east along the
south line of said tract fourteen chains aud
fifty-four licks; thence at right angle north
ten (10) dbalns and twenty-two links;thencc
at right angles west on a lino parallel with
first line herein described lourtc.en (14)
chains and fifty four (04) links to the west
line of said 49.67 acre tract, tbonce south
ilong the said line ten(iu)chalns and twenty
two links to the point of beginning, contain
ing fourteen (14) aud eighty-six-hundredths
acres, a little more or less.
Public notice is hereby Kiventhston Mon
day, the 21st day of Maren, A. 1). 18S7, at 12
o'clock m. of that day, iv front of the court
house door of the county of Los Angeles, on
Spring street, I will, in obedience tosald or
der of sale aud decree of foreclosure and
sale, sell tho above-described property, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said Judgment, with interest and
costs, etc ,to the highest and best bidder,
for c<sh iv gold coin of t' c United States.
Dated this 24th day of February, lfB7.
feb2sld Sheriff of Los Angeles county.
ceased.—Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned, administrator of the estate of
Susan Goodwin, deceased, to the creditor.'
of, and persons having claims up..lust
tbe said deceased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months
after the publication of this notice, to the
.aid administrator, at the office of Smith &
Clark, Rooms 92 and 93, Temple Block, in
the city and county of Los An teles
Administrator of the estate of Susan Good
win, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, March 8,1887.
ni9 lm.
business l.os Angeles. Notice is here
by aiveu that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors of the Piru Oil
Company, held on February 20, A. D.
18S7, an assessment of ten doilsrs per
share was levied upon the capital stock of
■he corporation, payable on or before April
4, 1887, at the Los Angeles County Bank to
the credit of the Piru Oil Conn any. Any
sock upon which this assessment shall re
main unpaid on the sth day of April, 1887,
will be delinquent and advertised for sale
at public auction, and, unless payment is
made before, will be sold on Wednesday,
the 20th day of April, 1887, to pay tho de
linquent assessment, together with the
costs of advertising and expenses of sale.
Office 14 Arcadia St., Los Angeles. Box 1156.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Administrator of the estate of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at tbe office of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, the same being the
plr.ee for the transaction of the business of
s ad estate in the county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, March 1,1887.
Works have removed their office from
140 South Spring street, to 12 Third street,
beetwen Main and Spring. Dye works
No. 80 south Los Angeles sireet. Dyeing and
Clcauing of every kind of ladies' aud gent's
clothing, crape, shawls, silk and lace, kid
gloves and shoes, flannels and ribbons,
velvet, fur and feathers, made equal to
new. Silk and party dresses a specialty.
I take this opportunity to thank my custom
ers and solicit their continued patronage
m!2-tf A. LOR RAIN.
IT and gents' clothing cleaned and dyed.
Cleaning of flannel underclothing, etc.,
without shrinkage or smell, a specialty.
GEO. BOEKHOFF & CO., 123 South Main
street, opposite cathedral, Los Ance'es.
fe'oB tf
ing Works. Dyeing and cleaning of ev
ury description. Ladies' dresses dyed with
jut ripping. Kid Gloves, Flannels, Ribbons
md Blankets made to look like new. Offlee:
116 Sou'h Spring street. Dye Works: Cor
ner New High and Bollevue avouue.
Jrt J. VOLLET, Proprietor.
1 Cleaning Company. Office—Corner of
Main aud Arcadia streets, opposite Wells,
Jargo A Co. Dyeing and cleaning of every •
lescrlption of ladles' and gents' clothing.
Drdors taken and delivared. Bend postal
)ard. Telephone No. 227. Branch corner
Main and Second streets.
sep9 JAMES LARQUIER, Manager. i

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