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The New Gold Held.
Mr. M. 8. Hall, of Dry Lake, is visit
is* hi* daughter, Mrs. W. N. Monroe,
of Monrovia. In an interview with Mr.
Ball about the marvelous mines recently
discovered at that place, he stated that
he was a practical miner and also au ex
pert, aad tbat tho gold-bearing veim
wtra well dcfiund, with regular walls
whioh assured great depth. These veins
are from eight inches to three feet in
thickness, aud are exceedingly rich. He
is the owner of five mines that will
probably yield 8100 per ton milling test.
Some ot it yields over Js2oo per ton. Mr.
Hall has sunk three shafts fifty feet
deep, and finds the ore to maintain its
richness while the veins do not decrease
focus i. He has been at woik only About
four months*
Hie diieovery has led others to proa
•sot in that locality wiih great success,
nnd already within a radius of Aye miles
< large uua.u.r of cUms nave oeei.
recorded Among the fortunate men
who have located claims in Dry Lake
District are Messrs. Wilburt Jr. Sous, of
Miverside. who have 300 tons of ore on
the dump. Two Mexican companies are
wot king some lioh ore with arastras.
Messrs. Betse & Co. own six or eight
good mines; Wentworth and Co., of Los
Angeles have three mines; Carr A Co.,
of Riverside, have three or four mines;
DriscoU, Horrell & Co., have seven or
eight mines; Rogers & Co.. from
their teu miuoe are taking out lino ore;
Johnson A Co. have four mines, while
Taylor, Harris & Co , with two mines,
be i»ys, have a regular bonarzi.
This camp is situated about three
miles from Victor sthtion, on the Califor
nia Southern railroad, and is probably
Ihe ltveliett camp of its age on the
Pacific Slope. Mr. Hall is a gentleman
of Urge #-xperience in mining, and is
very confident that Dry Lake is destined
to be the linest gold caniD iv the State.
The mineral wealth of Sau Bernardino
county seeuis to rival that of any other
county in the United States. It is Io be
hoped thst Mr. Hall may secure a large
share of this great discovery.
Universal Mental Liberty.
A loj«i> and appreciative audienoe
greeted the appearance of Dr. Samuel
P. Putnam at Turnverein Ha.l last even
ing, end from the frequency of the
applause which marked his many points,
tbe advocates of mental liberty evidently
considered that their speaker was master
of the situation. Mr. Putnam is a man
of pleasing address and is a finished
orator. He was formerly a theological
atadtnt and for a time was a minister,
bat through tbe application of
tbe principles which he is now advoc it
it g lie was lead to renounce the faith.
He says that if profea-iing Christians
sviU only do as he has done, read the
Bible for themselves; think for them
selves; use their own intelligence; find
oat wuat is in it, it will make infidels of
them all, aud that as scon as they reject
the Bible ns authori:y and live iv accord
ance with the , riuciples of bouesty, in
tegrity and justice, ths world will have
made a vast stride towards tbe ideal
civilization for which all thinking,
progressive people are striving. While
Air. Pu'nam denied the inspiration
of the Bible and tbe divine origin (f
Christ, in d refuted to accept the com
snandof Pope or Priest as authcriiy; yet
ha said he was willing to accept any or
all of them, or any other system rr
thing, as au influence, for all the good ii
contained. He said our God should be
oar intellect, our heaven right here and
now, nnd in his lecture next Sunday
evening te would tell how the Libernls
would go to work to secure it. At the
conclusion of his remarks a large quan
tity of Liberal literature w.-:s told to the
audience, which is evidently the object
of Mr. Putnam's tonr.
A Shooting Match.
There was an interesting shooting
snatch at Agricultural Park yesterday
afternoon, for a §100 gun. There were
lon entries, and each man shot at ten
birds. Mr. Eogcne Maxwell killed ev
ery bird be shot at, and won the prize.
Folio.ving is ibe score:
Wocd 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 I—B
Wa1ker....... 101011010 0-5
Hurt* v 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 o—s
M»x«ell 111111111 I—lo
VlgL-oln 1 100011110—6
Slctterbeck 1010000110—4
Holbrook .1 11 11 0010 1—
White 1 011101111—7
Hilton I 010110000—s
Winston. 111111110 I—4
1 9
The Tribune gives the exports from its
station last week as folio iv»: Oranges,
506 boxes, 24 240 pounds; eggs, 21 cases.
1740 pounds; raisins, 157 boxes, 3610
uoatids; poultry, 5 coops, 1060 pounds;
merchandise, 2160 pounds; nursery
stock, 41,.>10 pounds. Total, 74,120
List week two gentlemen from Port
land, Me., Mr. W. H. Grey and Mr. B.
V. Williams, dropped into Orange to
misi- some oltl friends, Dr. Wood and
family. Tbey had been nearly the whole
round of Southern C.iliforniu, had lo ked
at the seashore beauties of San Diego
and Santa Barbara, ami tubbed against
tbo real estate nun of the great interior,
but istate! a dose of California fever
until they lan led in Orange. The first
day here, however, devc-loptd the symp
toms, and the seuoiid day tbe disease
bad lull poisession. Tbey concluded—
aa all men ot good judgment will—that
Orange was the place to tie to, and just
to bave a little interest here that would
be sure to bring them back, they pur
chased fourteen lots in the Davis tract,
and four lots in the McCoy addition.
Thi'y left for heme on Monday, going
by way of Sau Francisco, but will be
back again next winter and stay a while
with us. They Hre very pleasant gentle
men, and we are in hopes that the Cali
fornia fever will become) chronic with
them and make it necessary for them to
leave their cold northern home and come
to dwell in Orarge for the next century.
Boy Eagleson'a fine underwear, oQ North
Spring street.
You will never have a sour stomach If you
ise Damiana Bitters-
J Probably as much misery comes
, ■ f-rS from hj-Uiriuu constipation as from
*9Stm an "' ci rjoiiuincnt of the functions of
BfwfA tho bod-and It is difficult to cure for
m M u W the reason that no one likes to take
*-he medicine tli c h usually prescribed. Hum
trtrrg Figs were prepared to obviate this diffi
culty, and they will lie found effectivo as well
as pleasant to the tasts of women and children.
BDr. Fust's Heart Rss-dt
hanlfhci from thorn, al.'lietod wltli
heart disea-ie all fear, either cf
of thoso terrible brain diseases
which result In in-anlty. 15 is one
of tho best remedies known for
headache, which is often depend
snd sometimes upon dera.isrcmcnt
of tho circulation, ?;.'o. Descrip
tna tteatiso with each hotels, or mailed free.
Hum Remedies arc for sak> bf iH Druggirts.
J. J. MACK A CO- Prop'rs,
Sax FiiiTsnson, Cal.
of California, at its regular session, com
mencing on the third day of January, A. D.
eighteen hundred and elghty-ieven. two
tbirtls of all members elected to eaoh of the
two Houses ol said Legislature voting In
favor thereof, hereby propose that section
seventeen, of Article" VI, ol the Constitution
of said State, be amended so as to read as
Section 17. The Justices of the Supreme
Court, and Judges of the Superior Court
shall severally, at stated times during their
continuance In office, receive for their
services, compensation which shall not be
Increased or diminished aiter their election,
nor during the term for which they Bhall
have been elected. The salary of tne Jus
tices of the Supreme Court shall be paid by
the State. One-half of the salary of each
Superior Court Judge shall be paid by the
State; the other half thereof shall be paid
by the county for whioh he Is elected. The
annual salaries of the Justices of the Su
preme Court shall be seven thousand five
hundred dollars (J7500) each, and the Su
preme Court C?mml«6loaers s'x thousand
dollars (16000) each. Until otherwise
changed by the Legislature, the Superior
Court Judges shall receive an annual salary
of three thousand dollars each, payable
monthly, except the Judges of the city aud
county of Bin Francisco, aud the counties
of Alameda, Los Angeles, Santa Clurs, V'.lbs
and Suitor combined, Sacramento, Butte,
Nevada, San Diego, San Bernardino, Co osa
and Tehama, who shall receive five thou
sand dollars, and the Judges of the cou'.tfeß
of Tulare, Monterey, Sonoma nnd San Joa
quin shall receive four thousand dollars
A Resolution to propose an amendment to
section eight, of Article XI, of the Con
stitution of the State of California, re
lating to the franilug of a charter for
cities of more than one hundred thou
sand and for cities of over
ten thousand and 1-ss than one hundred
thousand inhabitants.
Reto'.rtd, That the Legislature of the
State of California, at i's regular session,
commencing on the third day of January,
eighteen buudred and eighty-seven, twu
thirds of all the members elected to each of
the two Bouses ol said Legislature voting
In favor thereof, hereby propose that sec
tion eight, of Article XI, of tbe Constitu
tion of said State, be amended so as to read
a" fo'lows:
Section fl. Any city containing a popula
tion of mere than one hundred thousand
Inhabitants may frame a charter for its own
government, consistent wilb and subject to
the Constitution and laws of this State, by
causing a Boaid of fifteen freeholders, who
shall have been for at least Ova years quail
fled electors thereof, to be elected by the
qualified vo'ers of such ci:y, at any general
or special election, whose duty it shall be,
within ninety days after such election, to
prepare and propose a charter for such city,
whish shall be signed iv duplicate by the
members of such hoard, or a majority of
them, and returned, one espy thereof to the
Mayor, or other chief executive
officer of such city, and the other
to tbe Recorder of Deeds of the
county. Such proposed charter shall
then be published iv two daily papers of
geueral circulation in such city, for at least
twenty da>s; and within not less thau thirty
days after such publication It (hall be sub
mitted to the qualified electors of such city,
at a general or special election, and if a ma
jority of such qualified electors voting'
thereat shall ratify the same, it shall there
after be submitted to tho Legislature lor its
rpproval or rejection as a whole, without
power of alteration or amendmeut; aud if
approved by a majority vote of the members
elected to each House, it shall become the
cha ter of such city, or if such city be con
solidated with a county, then of such city
and county, and shall become the organic
law thereof, and supersede any existing
charter, and all auieuc'nieuts thereof, snd
all special laws inconsistent with such char
ter. A copy of such charter, certified by the
Mayor, or chief executive officer, and au
thenticated by the seal si such city, setting
forth Ihe submission of such charter to the
electors, and its ratification by them, shall
be mnde In duplicate, and deposited, one In
the office of the Secretary id State, the other,
after being recorded in the otlice of ibe Re
corder of Deeds of the county, among the
archives of the c'.ty. All Courts shall take
judicial notice thereof. The charter so
ratified may be amended at Intervals of not
less than two yeais, by proposals therefor,
submitted by leg'slativc authority of the
city to the qualified voters thereof, at a gen
er il or special election held at least sixty
days after the publication of such proposals,
and ratified by at least three-fifths of tbe
qii-'llned eiectors voting thereat, and ap
proved by the Legislature as herein pro
vided for tbe approval of the charter. In
submitting any such charter, or amendment
thereto, any alternative article or proposi
tion maybe presented for the choice of the
voters, and may be voted ou separately
without prejudice to others. Any city
containing a population of more
than ten thousand and not more
than one hundred-"thousand Inhabi
tants may frame a charter for its-own gov
ernment, con istent with and subject to the
Constitution and laws of this State, by caus
ing a Board of fifteen freeholders, who shall
have been for at least five years qualified
electors thereof, to be elected by tne quali
fied v.-ters of said city, at any general or
special election, whose duty it Bhall be,
within ninety days after such election, to
ptepare and propose a charter for such city,
which shall be sigued in duplicate by the
members of such Board, or a majority of
them, and returned, oue copy thereof to the
Mayor, or other chief executive of said city,
and the other to the Recorder of the county.
Such prcposed charter shall then be pub
lished ia two dally papers of general clrcu
Sal on in such city, for at least twenty days;
aud the first publication shall be made
within twenty days after the completion of
the charter; and within cot less than thirty
days after such publication It shall be sub
mitted to the qualified electors of said city,
at a general or special election, and if a
majority of such qualified electors voting
thereat shall ratify the same, It shall there
after be sub-ailited to tho Legislature for its
approval or lejection as a whole, without
power ol alteration or amendment, aad if
approved by a majority vote of tho members
elected to each House, it shall become the
charter of such city and the organic law
thereof, and shall supersede any existing
charter, and any amendment thereof, aud
allspccial laws inconsistent with such char
ter A copy of such charter, certified by the
Mayor, or chief executive oflieer.aud authen
ticated by the seal of such city, setting
forth ihe submission of such charter to tbe
electors, ond its ratification by them, s'aall
be made in duplicate au t deposited, one iv
the office of Ihe Secretary of State, and the
other, after b lug recorded iv said Kecor
der's office, shall be deposited in the arch
ives of the city; and thereafter all Comts
shall take judicial notice of safd charter.
The charter so rati-aed may be amended, at
Intervals of not le s than two years, by pro
posals therefor, submitted by the legislative
authority of the city to the quallrcd electors
thereof, at a general or special election
held at least sixty days after the publication
of such proposals and ratified by at least
three-fifths of the qualified electors voting
thereat, aud approved by the Legislature as
herein provided for the approval of the
charter. In snbmittin? any such charter, or
amendment thereto, auy alternative article
or proposition rffcy be presented for tho
choice of the voters, and may be voted on
separately without prejudice to others.
Now, therefore, pursuant to the provisions
of tbe Constitution, and an Act of the Leg
islature, entitled "An Act to provide for the
submission of certain proposed amend
ments to the Constitution of the State, here
inafter named, and which have been pro
posed and adopted by the Legislature oi the
State ol California, st the seß.ion beginnlug
on January third, eighteen hundred and
eighty-seven, to the qualified voters of said
State, at a special election to be called by
the Governor for tho twelfth day of April
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven," ap'
proved Marcb lath, 1887, the said amend
ments are submitted to be separately voted
up n, by ballot, by the qualified electors of
the State, on
TUESDAY. APRIL 12, 1887.
The said amendments are respectivslv
designated: »
"Amendment Number One."
"Amendment Number Two —
"Amendment Number Tbree "
And will, If adopted, be respectively dcs
ignated amendments numbers four, five
"P* .*i! x V ,n ii tne ora ? T ot tne,r "nbmission:
aud the ballots used at such election must
contain the words: w
"For the Amendment Number Ooe "
"For the Amendment Number Two "
"For the Amendment Number Three "
Or the words;
"Against the Amendment Number Ooe "
'Against the Amendment Number Two "
'•A gainst the Amend ment N umber Three' "
Written or printed thereon.
Ard the Boards ol Supervisors of esch of
the respective counties of the State are
hereby directed to appoint officers of elec
tion and cause the polls to be opened by
proclamation, on said 1
TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1887,
At eaoh of the election precincts of their re
spective counties, pursuant to the statute
of the State In such case made and pro
vided; said election to be conducted, and
tbe returns thereof duly certified to the
Secretary of State, at the State Capitol, Sac
ramento, In like manner as Is provided by
law In the election of State officers (other
than Governor snd Lieutenant-Governor).
Aud I do hereby offer a reward of one
hundred dollars for the arrest and convic
tion of any snd' every person violating any
of the provlslonii of Title IV, Parti, of the
Penal Code; such rewards to bo paid unt'l
the total amount expended hereafter for the
purpose reaches tha sum of ten thousand
dollars. .
Witness my hand and tbe great seal of the
State, the da snd year first written.
I ska i.l Governor.
Secretary of State.
By H. B. DAVIDSON, Deputy. mlBtd
Aiplilt ttmi.fo, Cotcrtte Mmw.
Side snd Lawn Walks, Basement Floors,
Work Guaranteed Satisfactory In All Cases,
Gravel. Sand and Paving Stones supplied.
main Street, rppo»ite Mncy.
119-M W<ksat-3m
J. San Franclsoo wllh a very large and
Fine stock of Mllllucry Uoods,
Wh.ch I srflll offer st very LOW PRICKS.
Please call an ' examine before buying
cl-ewher-. MISS L. J HAMMOND,
mr-20 lm He South Spring Strett.
Eta k of California, )
Executive iif.vahtmkst. >
B.URAMENIO, MlllCll IS, 1587.J
Wiiekeas, the Legislature of tho State of
Calitornla, at ita twenty-seventh session, be
ginning ou the third day of January, A. D.
eishtcen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirrls of all the members elee'td to each of
the two Houses of -aid Legislature voting In
favor thereof, propostd the following de
scribed (intendments to tbe Constitution of
the State ot California, to wit:
To propose to tho people of the State an
amendment to the Constitution of the
State, relative to the Judiciary Depart
Rewired, That the Legislature of the State
of Cnllioruin, a: its regular tessiou, cora-
on the third day of January, A. I>.
eighteen hundred and eighty seven, two
thtrds o£ all the members elected to each of
the Houses of mid Leglsluture voting in fa
y i thereof, hereby propose that sections
two and three of article VI, of the Constitu
tion of said Sta.e be amended to read us
Section 2. The Supreme Court shall con
s'st of seven Justices. The Associate Jus
tices of th« Supreme Court, in otlice at the
time of the adoption of this amendment to
the Constitution are hereby continued In
oßice as Justices ot the Supreme Court fur
the remainder of the tcnns to which tbey
' Wire rtspecil»ely elected. The Justices
shall elect one of their number to he Chief
Ju-tice, aud hi shall hold ihe office of Chief
Jus ice of said court, for a term of two
years At tho expiration nf the terra of the
Chief Justice first elected, and every t*o
• years thereafter the Justices shall elect a
Chief .lustsce for a like term of two years.
, An entry of the election of such Chief Jus
■ tice shad be made in the minutes ot the
court snd signed by four Justices. When
. ever thereafter a vacancy occurs intheof
' tice of Chief Justice, a like election shall
be had to till such olliee for the unexpired
f term. 1 he Supreme Court may sit lv de
. psrtments or in bank, and shall always be
. open for the transßClion of business 'I here
■ sua 1 be two departments, denominated, re
' spectlvely, nepartrae'itOueand Department
: two. The Chief Justice shall assign three
of the Justices to each department, nnd
' -uch assignmeut may be changed by hira
; from time to lime. Ihe Justices shall be
i comoetent to sit in either department, and
, may'interc'tapge with esch other by agree
ment among- themselves or as ordered by
1 the Chief Justice. Each of the departments
I shall have the power to hear and determine
. causes aud all questior.s arising therein,
, subject to the provisions hereinafter con
; talued lv relation to the Court in bank. The
I presence of three Justices shall be necessary
to transact auy business. In either of the de
partments, except such ns may he done at
chambers, and the concurrence of two Jus
tices shall re necessary to pronounce a
' judgment. The Chief JUEtice shall apportion
' the busiuess to the departments and my,
' |n his discretion, order any cause pendinc
, before the Court to be heard and decided by
' the Court iv bank. The order may be made
i before or after Judgment pronounced by a
. department; but wnere a cause has been al
lotted to enc of the department*, and a judg
• ment prououi ced thereon, the order must
be made within thirty days after such judg
a ment and concurred in by t wojustietts, snd If
I so made it shall have the effect to vacato and
set aside the judgment. Any four Justices
' a may, cither before or after judgment by a
t department, order a case to be heard in
, bauk If tne order bo not made witain the
time above limited, the judgment shall he
• final. No judgment by a department Hball
p become final until tho cxpiratiou of the
period of thirty days aforesaid, uu'ess ap
-0 proved by the Chief Ju-tice. In writing,
with the concurrence oi two Justices. The
Chief Justice may conve ao the Court Iv
s bank at any time, and shall be the presiding
Justice of the Court wheD so convened. The
1 concurrence of lour Justices present at the
• argument shall he necessary to pronounce a
J Judgment in bank; but if four Justices, so
• present, do not concur in a judgment, then
all the Justices qualified to sit iv the cause
' saall hear the argument; but to render a
i jiidgm?ut a concurrence of four Judges
shall be necessary. In the determination
. of causes all e'ecisious of the Court in
bank, or in department?, shall be given
• in writiup and the gronuds nf the decision
i shall be stated. The Chief Justice rnny sit
| iv either department, and shall preside
when so sitting, hut ihe Justices assigned
; to eaci department shall select one of their
t number as presiding Justice. In case of
I the absence of the Chief Justice from the
. pl-ce at which the court is held, or his iaa
' bllity to act, the Associate Justices shall se
lect one of the r own number to perform
• the duties aud exercise the powers of the
■ t Chief Jus'.ic dsiring such absence or ina
bility to act. The Supreme Court Ccmmis
- sion, created by the act of the Legislature,
i approved March twelfti, eighteen hundred
. and eighty-live, shall coatiuu - and be a 3u
t preme Court Commission for four years af
ter Ilia adoption of this amendment. Said
i commission may be continued for such
1 time thereaft r hs maybe fixed by an set
. passed by a vote of two-thirds of thoelected
memhersof each House of the Legislature,
• and approved by the Governor. The mem
. bi-rs thereof and Sacretary shall be ap
. pointed as iv said act provided; and such
• commissioners shall be subject to removal
■ in like manner as the Judges of the lo
e preme Couit Said commission shall have
. the same power to hear and determine
causes possessed by a department of the
Supreme Court, aud causes maybeassigned
v to the commission in the same manner they
0 are assigned to a department, and after de
- cision tbey may be ordered heard in bank
in the same way, and with like restrictions
as if decHed in denarii,tent. The Judg
ments of the commission shall be entered
1 as the judgments ef the court. The com
mission shall sit at such times and places as
1 may be designated by the court, but such
commtssioutrs shad not exeicise any
. judicial functions except when agsem
' bled as a commission, and then they
snail only have power to hear and deter
mine such causes as may have been assigned
to them,
Section:?. The Justices of the Supreme
Court shall be elected by the qualified
electors of tbe State st large, at the general
State elections, and the times end places at
which State officers are elected; and the
term of office shall be fwelve years from
and after tbe first Monday after the first
day of January next succeeding their elec
tion. Three Justices shall he elected for
the full term at the general State election
held In eighteen hundred and ninety; and
at the general election held every fourth
year thereafter, two Justices shall be elect
ed for full terms of twelve years, exoept
that in every twelftb year thereafter, three
Justices'hall be elected for full terms. If
the Chief Justice, or any Ju-tice, becomes
permanently disqualified, telther mentally
or physically, to perform the duties of his
office," and such fact is certified to the Gov
ernor by five Justices, one of whom may be
the Chief Justice lv case of the disability of
a Justice, tbe office of such disqualified
E arson becomes immediately vacant, and
c shall be paid a retiring salary of two
hundred snd fifty (MO) dollars per month
for tbe remainder of his term. If a vacancy
exist or occur In the offioe of a Justice, the
Governor shall appoint a person to hold tho
office for the remainder of the unexpired
term. The Governor shall appoint a Justice
to bold office as Justice fo» tho unexpired
term of tho late Chief Justice.
To propose to the people of the State an
I amendment to the Constitution of the
State, relative to tbe salaries ot tbe
I Judiciary Department.
I He—lvtd, That the Leglslsturs of ths Stats
" ' made In taking assessments nf property, by tbe owners not belDg familiar with
making out statements, or not having time to attend to doing so, I hare eoneluded to
make a specialty of that branch of business, and will take charge of the property of all
who wish, at a reasonable fee, Having had
In the assessing of property and tbe collection of taxes, I feel that I can watch after
the interests of those wh > employ me perhaps better than they could themselves aud
save them time and money. Thoso who wish to leave their property lv my hands
will pleaso call at the office of PARCELS AGUIRRK A CO., 12 Court Streef, or ad
dress me at above place. 11. S. PARCHES,
mrS-lm Ex-City Tax Collector.
Near the depot grounds of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.
Also, 1000 acres near Ballona Harbor.
Two business lots on North Main Street.
One lot on Upper Main Street.
Two lots on Fourth Street.
Shipping and Commission Merchants,
San Francisco, New York, Chicago.
London, Liverpool, Astoria, Or., and Los Angeles.
With agents and brokers In every commercial city of prominence In the Union.
Makes a specialty of handling the products of Southern California.
JEs%r""Agents for Re al Baking Powder, Walter Bake! A Co'a Chocolate,
Kingsford's Oswego Starch.
Also, agents for American Oil Company* Whale Oil Soap,
WM. L. LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency,
700 Acres in Los Angeles
1300 LOTS!
Up to 100 Feet Front, $ISO. Half-acre Lots, $200.
From 1-2 to 1 Acre, $300. From 1 to 4
Acres, $400. S Acre Lots, $750.
TERMS—Onc-flfth cash, balance in eight equal monthly payments, with
out interest
These prices will continue only until June 1,
1887, when they will positively be advanced. All
who purchase before that date will have the benefit
of the advanced prices.
The entire tract is beautifully situated, with a
charming view, pure air and water and perfect
drainage. The Ostrich Farm Dummy Railroad
runs through the tract, with a five-cent fare guaran
teed to and from the center of the city. This road
will be completed to the tract July 1,1887. Pure and
abundant water will be piped through all the streets.
The title to tne property is absolutely perfect. A
complete abstract will be kept in the office of the
Company for the inspection of all purchasers, and a
certificate of title will be furnished to each buyer
with his deed.
This tract is situated upon the hills, %vhich are
rapidly becoming the most desirable residence por
tion of the city. The soil is a warm, sandy loam,
free from frost, being in what is known as the
warm belt. The elevation is such that the tempera
ture is more even than in the city.
Free carriage to the tract every day from the
office of the agents, at 9A. M. and 1:30 P. M. Maps
and circulars and all information can be had from
Byram & Poindexter, Managers,
Reference, by permission: Los Angeles National Bank. 6m
Cold Storage Beef at GMno Eanch Market,
40 South Spring Street,
Nearly opposite New City Hall.
BhiS^n^a^if^^f^ o^ Cwno Ranch, killed at the celebratea
Kstudlllo A Pico) near town, and placed in the
finrlas w % nco " 18 delivered to customers direct, after
a»a»aSa h Gusranteedto be prim,
r». tracts of improved grape, fruit snd
farmlands iv the county; Saw
railway station, only 16 miles from Los
A „ a * el , a «. lota of 5, 10. 20, no. Cm
acres to suit Within the -ear thai win v S
worth double the prices °
Select, numerou « bom whioh to
J. W. VanSlyek, Agent,
/AMdawtf Noiwalk, Cal.
J ceased. —Notice is hereby giveu by the
undersigned, sdministridor of ihe estate of
Susan Goodwin, deceased, to the creditors
of, and persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them with tse
necessary vouchers, within four months
after tho publication of this notice, to the
said administrator, at tbe office of Smith &
Clark, Rooms 92 and 93, Temple Block, in
the city and county of Los Angeles.
Adm'nlstrator rf the estate of Susan Good
win, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, March 8,1857.
Notice Is hereby given by tho under
signed, Administrator of the estate of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four mouths after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at tbo office of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of
s.iid estate iv the county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, March 1,1887.
17lilted States Uoveramciit Bnild
inar Site.
Revenue, Los Angeles, California,
March 18, 1887.
Sealed proposals will be received at (his
office until 12 o'clock noou on the 18th day
of April, 18S7, for the sale of property suit
able as a site for a public building, author
ized to be erected in this city.
The dimensions of t"o lot Bhould approx
imate. If a corner lot, notlessthan oue hun
dred and fllty (150) by one hundred and ten
feet (110); If not a corner lot, tho dimensions
should be not less than one hundred aud
ninety (190) by o ,c hundred ond ten lect
(110), the one hundred nnd ninety feet (190)
to he street frontage. If alleys sbutoneither
side, tbe width of such alleysacau be de
ducted from the above dimensions. Build
lugs on property selected to be retained and
removed by the owner. The Department
reserves the right to reject all proposals.
Proposais to bo marked "Proposals for sale
of property for a site for a Public Building
to bo erected at Los Angeles, Calltnmia,"
aud addressed to E D Gibson. Deputy Col
lector of Internal Revenue, 108 North Main
street, room 4. ml9eodl4t
Lo« Angeles—lv the matter of the estate
of William E. Bay'ey, dece-sed—Notice for
publication of time for proving will, etc
Notice Is hereby given that Monday, the
28th day of March, 1887, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, at the courtroom of this court,
in said county of Los Angeles has been ap
pointed for hearing the application of Mary
Barr Beyley praying that a document now
on file in this court, purporting to be the
last will and testament nf William K. Bay-
Icy, deceased, be admitted to probate, and
tbat letters testamentary be Issued thereon
to said Mary Barr Bayley, at whioh time
and place all persons Interested therein
may appear and contest the same.
Dated Maroh 16,1887.
County Clerk.
By L. J. Thompson, Deputy. mrl7-td
lowlng varieties: Berger, Zlnfandel,
Trousseau, Granache, Mataro, Carrignan,
Petite l'enot, or Black Burguudv, Ganay,
Hantaan- Apply to c. l. mayiikrry,
Ran Onhrfel. (!»l
Popular Pleasure Parties for all
Points Basel
Leave Los Angeles March 10 and B', April
14and 28, Call on or address A. PHILLIPS
,t CO . 134 N. Main St.. I osi Angeles, tnl-lm
, First and Main streets. The trade sup
plied. jal 6m
tlve cure for Catarrh, Dlptherla und Canker
Mouth. C. F. Heinzeman, agent, Los An
—Successors to—
MeKoon & Brodtbeek,
Have a large Hit of bargains in cbolce
City ma Country Property
Which they will be pleased to show to
their customers.
They also have
on '1 uesday. the 29th day of March, A. D
1887, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon ni said
day, application will he made to J. Ham
Harris, Laud Agent of the University of
California, at his office, at tbe State Uni
versity In Berkeley. Alameda county, Oali
foru'a, for a Duplicate of University Cer
tificate of Purclnse, No. 95, dated November
20,1872. and Issued io Francisco P. Forster
for the fractional sec lon 15 and lots 1 and 2
of section 21, in township I south end of
ran<e 7 west, San Bernardluo meridian
The said original certificate ol purchase
has been lost or destroyed, and Is beyond
the control of the eßtate of Joon Forster, de
ceased, which said estate is the ownerof the
same and of tho laud therein described
Given utidcr my hand this 21st day ot Feb
ruary, A. D. 1887. M. A. FORSTER,
Administrator of the estate ol John Forstor,
deceased. f24-30t
on Tuesday, the 29th day of March,
A. D. 1837, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of
said day, application will be made to J.
Ham Harris, Land Agent of the University
CI Cj!i.if*k»i at bis odlce, st the State Uni
versity at Berkeley, <o Alameda county,
California, for a Duplicate ot University
Certertlflcatc nf Purchase, No. 94, Issued on
and bearing date ot November 20,1812, to
John Fors.er for the ard fractional
south half of sectic i 4, the whole ol sect l ',:
3, fractional west half of section 2, B*Woi
Nr.'., snd frsctionel south half of section 9,
the whole of section 10, fractional west half
of section 11, lots 1 and 2 of section 14, all In
township 9 south and of rango7west, San
Bernardino meridian. Tho said original
certificate of purchase has been lost or de
stroyed, and is beyond the control of the es
tate of said Johu Forster, now deceased,
which said estate Is the owner of 'he same,
and of the land thcreiu described.
Given uuder mv baud this 21at day of
February, A. D. 18S7 If. A. FOBS I Kit,
Administrator of the estate of Johu For
ster, deceased. f24-3ut
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
plaintiff, vs. Benjamin B Handy, ad
ministrator of the estate of Chas. Handy,
deceased, li. F.. Edwards and Tilman Bush,
defendants.—SheiHTs sale No. 184)9—Older
of sale end decree ot foreclosure and sale.
Under and by virtue of au orderof saleaud
decree ol foreclosure aud sele, issued out oi
the Supeiior Court of he county ol Los An
geles, State of California, ou the 2-l;h day of
February, A. I). 1887, n the above entitled
action, wrcrciu Commercial Bank of Sania
Ana, the above-tor mcd plaintiff, obtained a
judgment nntl decree of foreclosure and
lale against Benjamin B. Bandy, adminis
trator of the estate of Chas. Handy, de
ceased, E. K. Edwards and Tilman Bush,de
fen lams, ou the 3d .lay nf February, A. I>.
1887, for t're sum of 11907 20 100 dollars, in 11.
S gold coin, which said decree was, on the
sth day of February, 1887, recorded in judg
ment took 7 of said court, at page 414 et*eg.
I am commanded to sell all that certain lot,
piece or parcel of land situate, lying aud
being in San Joaquin township, county ol
Los Augeles, Siato of California, aad
bounded aud particularly described as fol
lows, to-wlt:
Commenclrg at the southwest corner of a
certain trnct of land containing 49 07 acres,
conveyed by Joseph Fisher to Willie by and
dated April 11, 1870, aud recorded lv book
No. S4 of dcedr, page 7, Records of Los An
geles County, running thence east along the
south line of said tract fourteen cbaius snd
fifty-four links; thence at right angle north
ten (!0) chnius and twenty-two liuks;thence
at right angles west on a line parallel with
first line herein described fourteen (14) I
chains and fifty four (54) links to the west
Un* of said 49.67 aero iract, thenoo south
a long the said line teu(lo)chains mid twenty
two links to the point of beginning, contain
ing fourteen (14) and eighty-six-liundreuths
acres, a iltt'e more or less.
Public notice is herc-bv given thstonMon
day, the 21tt day of Marco, A. D. 1887, at 12
o'clock M. of that day, In front ol trie court
house door of the county of Los Antelcs, on
Spring street, I will, In obedieueo to said or
der ol sale and decree of foreclosure and
sale, pell the above-described property, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said Judgment, wiih interest and
costs, etc ,to the highest snd best bidder,
for in gold coin ot tie United States.
Dated this 24th day of February. IFB7.
feh2std Sheriff of Loa Angeles ennurv.
To tho Stockholders of the Los Angeles Oag
Company and to all others interested.
Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of
the stockholders of tbe Los Angeles Gas
Company has been called by tbe Directors
of ssid Company t > bo held at the office of
the Company at Number 9 Souora street, in,
tbo city of Los Angeles, California, at IO 1
o'clock a. m., on Tuesday tbe 29th day of
March, A. D., 1887, for the purpose of taking
into consideration and if deemed necessary
Or advisable to provide for the calling In or
redemption of the present outsiaudlng
bonds of the Company and tbe Issuance of
other or new bonds in lieu thereof, and also
for the Issuance and sale of other and addi
tional hoods of said Company to raiso
money with which to pay off and discharge
the Indebtedness of said Company acorued
and to accrue for and on account of the en
largement and improvements of the works
and "plant" of said Company made or being
made. That the amount to which It is pro
posed to increase such bonded indebted
ness is tho sum of one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.
By order of the Board of Directors this
SSFJBSW aated Lo" Angeles, California,
the lbth day of January, A. 1) , 18S7
td Secretary of Los Anvles Gi- Company
Notice for Publication.
ruary 10, 18S7-Nolice Is hereby given
mat the fo lowing named settler has filed
police of bis intention to make final proof
In support ol his claim, snd that said proof
will be made before the Keglster and Re
ceiver at Los Angeles, Cal., on April 16.
1887, viz :
Homestead Application No. ICO7. for the lot
>, V.% of lot S, and of lot 1, section 4,
township fa uonh, 12 west, S. 11. M.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, tutd laud, viz: J Watkius, Geo
Delph, C. C. Jeffries, H. Marteeu, oi Alpine
Station. J. U. BETHUNE, Kegister.
Temple Street Cable Railway Com
business, Loa Angeles, California.
Notice is hereby tlven that at a meeting of
the Directors, held on the 25 th day of Feb
ruary, ISB7. an assos.smeu- ol two doll ATS and
tifry cents per share waß levied upon the
capital stock of the corporation, payable
Immediately to the Becrctare of ssid Com
pany, at his offlco, No. 25 Temple street,
city of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid ou the Kth day of
March, 1887, will be delinquent aud adver
tised for sale at public auction, Hnd unless
payment ts made before, will be Bold on the
20th day of April, 1887, to pay the delin
quent assessment together with costs of ad
vertising aud expenses of sale.
Secretary Temple Street Cable Railway
Company. Otlice,2S Temple Street.
127 td
Notice of foreclosure sale No. 5273.
tItVs, vs. Geo. K. Porter et al, defend
ants—Siaeritt's tale under decree of fore
Under and by virtue of an execution is
sued out of the Superior Court of the county
of l.os Attgtltl ou ihe 2d day of Mai eh, A. D.
1887, upon a decree of foreclosure of a mort
gage !'■ the above entitled action, in which
sold action a decree was rendered and en
tered on the 16th day of May, 1-81, against
George K. Porter et al, ior toe foreclosure of
a mor'gage for the sum of $;7M 44, ar»d upon
which lliere was paid on the 16th day of
May, 1864, the sum of £6948.32, leaving a
balance due of U77612, with interest irom
said date ot 7 per cent, per anuuin, 1 am
commanded to sell all the right, title and
interest which the taid George X Porter
had on the 14th day of J one, 18*6, or which
he has since acquired in that certain tract
of lnud iv the county of Los Angeles, State
of Caliieruia, and being that portion of tbe
Raucho Ex-Mission San Fernando, de
scribed as follows, to wit:
Begluntrtgnt the point Whirs the south
line of section twenty-nine (29), township
two (2) north range fourteen (14) west San
Bernardino meridian, intersects the caßt
boundary line of s Id raucho; thence north
8° we-t ihreo hundred and loriy-two (342)
chains to station number three (;») of final
survey of sui i rauer.o as mado by the Gov
ernment of the United Sta'esand shown by
the patent of said raucho; thence south |jp
■ west ten aud fifty-nuudred,lis (10 60-100)
chaiusto station number four (4) of sold
survey; thence north 8-!a° west twenty-one
j and fifty-huudredths (21 60-10X1) chains to
, station number (5) of said snr ey; thence
. north 74J4 3 west sixry-lour (64) chains to
station number six (6) or said survey;
thence south S2!<,° west forty-nine 50-100
(49 50-100) chains to station number seven
(7) ot said survey; thence north 41° we6t
. tw_-nlytwoto 100 (22 50-100) chains to sta
tion number eight (8) of stiid Kiirveyjtheuc©
uorth'-iO 0 west twelve (12) chains to station
number nine (9) of said survey; thence
north three (3)' degrees wett fifty-three
5..-100 (53 SO-IOoJ-cl-aius to station number
teu (10) of said survey; thence north 50°
east six (6) chains to st ttiou number eleven
(ll)of said survey; iheuce ninth one
huudredand five (105) cln.ins in stution
number twelve (12); thence north 6o° west
(80) eighty chains to station number thirteen
(13)01 ssid survey; thence southBo° west two
hundred aud seveidy-six (276) els ins to
staticu fourteen (14) of said survey; thence
north 54J4i" west one liundred and
thirty-two (183) chaius to station
nuniuer fifteen ()6) of said survey;
Thence south ir}f of st, twenty (20) chnius
to the point where the said i.st line of the
heuudary of said r.iueho inte-scetsthe east
erly line of the lauds of the right of way of
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through said raucho. Thence following
sa d easterly line of said right of way until
the sa 'ie intersects tie souih lino of section
twenty-niue (29), township three (3) north,
range fifteen (15) west, San Bernardino
meridian, 'iheuce south on the section
line three (3) miles to section corner 10-11-14
-15, township two (-) north, range fifteen (15)
west, Sau Bernardino meridian. Thence
west ouo mile to section comer 9101015,
lownship two (2) north, range fifteen (15)
we-t, San Beruardino meridian. Thence
south three (8) mi'cs to section corner 28-27
-33 34. Thence east on the section line four
(4) miles and sixty (60) chains to tbe place of
beginning, eoutaiuiug sixteen thousand and
fivo hundred (16,600) acres, a little more or
less, excluding therefrom the right of way
of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through siid tract, the same being a portion
of the lands described iuthe mortgage fore
closed iv this action.
Public notico is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the sth day of April, A. D, IFB7,
at 12 oCock m. of tun', day, in iront of the
Courthouse door of the Couuty of Los An
geles, on Spring street, I tvill, iv obedience
to raid order of sale and decree of fore
closure and sale, sell the above described
property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with
interest and costs, etc., to tac highest and
best bidder for cash, in lawful money of
the United States.
Dated this 9lh day of March, 18S7.
Sheriff of Los Augales Couuty._
1 os Angeles—ln the matter of the estate
of Edwin beavis, deceased; notice for pub
lication of time for proving will, etc. nir
■ limit to an order of this Court, made this
day, notice is hereby given that Monday,
the 51st day of March. IJB7, at 10 o'clock: A.
m. of said day, at the courtroom of said
Court, in said county of Lns Angeles has
been appointed for bearing the application
of Benjamin H. R-avls. praying that a doc
ument now on file in this Court, purporting
to be the last will and testament of Edwin
Ileavls, deceased, be admitted to probate,
and that letters testlmeutary bo leaned
thereon to said Benjamin H. Reavis, at
which time and place nil persons interested
therein may appear and contest the same.
Dated March 7,1887.
County Clerk.
By F. B. Fanning, Deputy.
V. Montgomery, Attorney for Petitioner.
MS lOd
Los Angeles, lv the matter of the estate
of Philip Moser, deceased—Notice for pub
lication for time for proving will, etc.—Pur
suant to an order of this court, mado this
day, notice is hereby given that Monday,
the 21st day ot March, ISB7. at 10 o'clock a.
m. of said day, at the courtroom of this
court, in said county of Los Angeles, has
been appointed for hearing the application
of Mary Moser, praying that a document
now on file In this court, purporting <o be
the last will and testament of Philip Moser,
deceased, be admitted to probate, and that
letters testamentary be Issued thereon to
8"ld Mary Moser. at which time and place
all persons Interested therein may appear
arid contest the samr".
Dated March 11. I«*7. ' .
CHAS. H. DUNSMOOR. Connty Clerk.
By F. B. FANNING. Deputy. ml2tlo
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