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'ixtra Liability ta malarial Ist- s
lection. t
Persons whose blood It thin, digestion ,
weak aud liver sluggish, are extra-liable to |
S.rtt'aek.ol'«tia«i P«»sf '
trifling exposure may, under such co 'dl ,
Hons, infect a system which, if <
would resist the ntlasm*tto taint. The ooly i
SSwjSE Wool i
by uoihins so effectively as Hosteller's ,
S, y omacn BHters. whiei. long experience has
proved to be the most reliable safeguard
against fever sod ague nnd kindred disor
ders, as well as the best remedy for them.
The Bitters are, moreover, an excellent in
vigoraut ot the organs of urlnatlou, a id an
sctive depurent, eliminating from the
blood those acrid imp Titles which origin
ate rnenmatlc ailments.
Vnneceeaary Misery.
Probably as much mis ry comes from
habitual constipation as from any derange
ment of tbe functions of the body, aad it ts
difficult to cure, for the reason that no one
likes to take the medicines usually pre
scribed. Hamburg Frgs were prepared to
obvlue this difficulty, and they will be
found pleasant to the taste of women and
children. Twenty-five cents; at all drug
gists. J. J. Mack A 00., proprietors, San
Cong ti ■.
Brown's Bronchial Troches will allay irri
tation which lrduces coughing, giving re
lief in Bronchitis, Influenza, Consumptive
and Throat troubles.
Large sssoitmeu. of traveling and tour
ists' shirts st Kaglesou A Co.'s, 50 N. Spring
smperler Ca«rt-l>*P»«"»— — w
Batten) J,
Friday, March 25, 1887.
Harris Ye. Bmith-The jury found a
for the plaintiff on ape-aud »»ue.
2d the cause was then submitted to the
TOf £ Walsh-Final accent of
apeoial administrator allowed.
of Garbelino minora—Sale of
real estate approved.
an roR Saturday.
Walker vs. Walker.
Estate oi W. H. Stephens.
Bepartsaeut rws-atsmisn, J.
Barr vs. B.rr-Cause pasaed for the
""mmtUl Lodge vs. Klsworta et al—Ex-
recalled, stay of execution
iriated pending motion for a new trial
C.Uegia vs. Phillips et J-Passed for
a minor, vs. John H.
Nordbolt-R. A. Ling appointed guar
dian ad litem for the V^'ii.
Sepnlveda vs. Baugh et al-Decree
•for defendant.
Motions-Wait vs. Tasker; Martin vs.
O'Reilly; Browne vs. Browne.
jnstlrea' CMrtt.
People vs. Lawrence Clarke—Resist
ing an officer in the discharge of hm
duty; held to anawer; bail fixed at
People ye. Andrew Rhcude— Battery;
trial March 29th at 9 a. m. .
People v.. Hbg Chung-Malicious
taisohief; cause set for March 26th, at
11 A.M.
Two men Indulge In a Battle an
Upper main Street.
Yesterday afternoon about five o'olock
two men ran down Upper Main street,
and when they reached the City Ware,
house the foremost, who was a Mexican,
•anted around the corner, which is of
brick, and pulling a revolver tired at the
man who was pursuing him, who is said
to have been Wtn. Abbott. The Utter
was in the middle of the street and ex
posed to great danger. He pulled a re
volver, and for a few moments matters
were quite lively. The people who had
been attracted to that neighborhood by.
the chase scattered and dodged into the
doorways, out of barm's way. They
were too anxious to escape to pay close
attention to the shooters. Six shots al
together were fired, and Abbot was seen
to shiver aa if wounded. After the six
ahots had been tired the shooters turned
and ran in opposite directions, Abbott
tanning throogh the Chinese restaurant
next to the warehouse, and the Mexican
through a vacant lot. By the tine the
officers arrived they could not be found,
and although the officers searched the
haunts of Abbot he could not be found,
nor would any of tbe girls with whom
he associates tell anything about him.
If he was hurt, as was surmised, he will
be found sooner or later.
Flower festival Society.
A call for wild flowers for the festival
ia made by the society. Will the chil
dren, or other interested parties, gather
aU they can and send them, when per
fectly fresh, to Mrs. C. E. Day. 121
Gear, street, Los Angeles, to be pressed?
It would be better still if some of the
children would press the flowers with
great care, and then send them iv good
shape to tbe above address, mounted, or
in time to be mounted for the State curi
osity booth at the festival.
M. M. Fette.
Recording Secretary.
Whan baiiy was ska, »c her eastern,
Whan eha waa a Child she cried lot Castoric
When she bcrar.io Miss.rjhoclunK to Castona,
Whens/.e had Children,sb 1 1 avetr.un.Castonr
8t JseobsOll—"ed Btar Cough Cure. The
world's two benefactors.
Vmm Aasrelea Prannce market.
The following Is the official record of the
Los Angeles Produce Exchange, corrected
daily. In the quotations, unless otherwise
stated, it is to be understood tbat the first
figure is the highest price bid aud the last
the lowest price asked. These quotations
are for round lots from first hands; for
small lots out of store higher prices are
WHEAT—Australian No. 1, white, $1.65
asked; Rye, 51.50 ssked: Oold Drop,
$115 bid, 11.30 asked; White Russian,
BARLEY -Feed No. [email protected]
CORN—Large yellow, car load lots, [email protected]
old. small carload lots, 90/$51.05 asked.
FLOUR—Pioneer and Crown 15.25 asked.
MILL FEED—Bran. .21 asked; Snorts, 823
aaked; Mixed Feed, corn and barley, 41.25
asked; Cracked Corn. 11.15 asked: Cracked
Barley ,11.15 asked ;Ground Barley,Bllsa*ked
Rolled Barley. II l'< asked.
GRAIN BAGS—Grain Bags MS, 22x36. mfi
aaked; 18*6 Calcutta spot, 6>,,c asked; Potato
Backs, 3 asked: Mill Sacks, 5c asked.
SEED— Alfalfa, new.llc asked.
HAY- Bsrlev, WB No. 1, new, (14.50 asked;
Alfalfa W B. 314; vat, Vt. B. Sl7.
POTATOES—EarIy Rose. Northern, t-> CO
aaked: Peerless, 32.00; Humboldt 82.00;
Peach blows, 82.25; Early Rose seed, North
ern, 12 00.
BjfcfTEß—Fancy Roll, 180 per f* asked.
Choice Roll, 16c per tb asked; Fair Roll, per
lb, 14c asked: Mixed Store, 12c per tt> asked-
Pickled Roll, 12s%c per th asked.
CHEESE—Large, 14c asked; small, 15c
EGOS—Eggs, fresh, [email protected]
HONEY—Extracted linht, Joh
lots, 4asc asked; Amber, 3c bid; Comb, 10c®
ONIONS—YeIIow Danver, Northern, 13.50
BEESWAX—Beeswax. 17c(»19c.
VEGETABLES MlXED—Chiles per tb, 120
bid; Garlic: 6c; 8c asked; Cabbage per 100
lbs, 1.00rt951.25.
new crop. $1.50®1.80 bid, 12.00 asked: Lima,
52.705 A3.26; Navy, small, $2 25 asked;
Bloca-cved, $1 asked: Garvanzos, $3 asked;
Green Field Peas, *2 ARked: Lentils, $3.00
asked. Bayo s. $2 asked; Red Spanish, 82
POULTRY—Hens No 1. per aozen, $7.00
bid: Old Roosters, per dozen, 86 bid:
Yonug Roosters, per dos, 87.00 bid;
Broilers, large, per dosen, $6.01 bid, Broil
ers small, per dozen, 84.00 bid: Ducks,per
dozen large. 87.50, bid; Ducks per dozen,
small #6.5' i bid; Turkeys, per lb, 17c.
LIVE STOCK—Live Hogß, 3c®4C
DRIED FRUlT—Peaches, 8. D. No. 1, 10c
asked; do No. 2, 7*c asked; do, peeled, 15c
esked; do,B. D. peeled No. 2, asked;
pitted Plums.mjo asked;
asked- Prunes, cisl, French new crop,
sSICc: Prunes, Cal, German, "c asked; Apri
cots, evaporated, 25c asked.
APPLES —Evaporated Huntley's, 10c ask
ed; Hunt's Alden, 14c asked; Bun Dried
•Heed, 6e asked.
EAISINS—Uyers. $1.50 asked; Ex Lon
don Layers, new; $1.75 asked; Three Crown
Layers, new, 8L75 asked: Loose Muscatels
$1.50; Bulk Raisins, 5o asked. Dried grapes,
NUTS—Walnuts new, [email protected]; Peanuts,
Oal.No. 1. 6c asked; do, No. 2, 3c asked; do
Eastern, asked; Almonds, S. 8., 180 ask
ed; Almonds, H 8. 100.
CITRUS FRUITS — Oranges. 1.75 asked;
Lemons.seedllng per box, 82.00 asked; Lem.
ens, Eureka and Lisbon per box, 83.50 asked,
HIDES - Dry, 16c bid; Kip, 15c bid;
Oalf, 18Hc bid.
SKINS—Short wool, each. [email protected]; Lone
wool, each, $1 bid; Shearlings, each, 10c
WOOL—Spring Clip, per tb, [email protected]'oo bid.
PROVISIONS—Extra light bacon, clear,
lie asked; Light clear, 10c asked; Clear
medium, 100 asked; Medium bacon, Or ■
aaked; heavy bacon Be.
sLARD-40-lb :Ins, 8c per lb: Vid palls, BUc ,
per lb; slb pai s, t 4 i: pv- lb; 101b pail., 8c ,
HAMS-Eastern sugar cured, 15c; Cali
iorai*. l'2Kc. 1,
mi after the tint Monday after the flnt
lay of January next succeeding their elec
ion Three Justices shall he elected lor
ho full term at the general BUte election
leld ln eighteen hundred and ninety; and
it the general electlou held every fourth
rear thereafter, two Justices shall be elect
id for full terms of twelve yesis, except
hat ln every twelfth year thereafter, three
lustlces ihall be eleoted for full terms. If
;he Chief Ju tlce, or any Justice, becomes
permanently disqualified,'cither mentally
nr physically, to perfoim the duties of his
ifflce, and such (act Is oertifled to the Gov
ernor by five Justices, one of whom may be
the Chief Justice iv case of the disability of
s Justice, the offloe of inch disqualified
persou becomes immedlstely vacant, aud
he shall be psid • retiring salary of two
hundred and fifty (2*o) dollars per month
tor the remainder ot his term. If a vacancy
exist or occur ln the offloe of s Justice, the
Governor shall appoint a person to ho d the
office for tbe remainder of the unexpired
term. Tbe Governor shall appoint a Justice
to hold offloe as Justice fo' tho unexpired
term of the late Chief Justice.
T* propose to the people of the State au
amendment to tbe Constitution of the
State, relative to the salaries ot the
Judiciary Department
Resolved, That the Legislature of the Btate
oi California, at Its regular session, com
mencing on the third day of January, A. D.
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all members elected to eaoh of the
two Houses of said Legislature voting ln
favor thereof, hereby propose that section
seventeen, of Article VI, ol the Constitution
of said State, be amended bo as to read as
Beetlon IT. The Justices of the Supreme
Court, and Judges of the Superior Court,
shall severally, atßtated times during their
conttuuance tn office, receive for their
services, compensation which shall not be
increased or diminished ft ter their election,
uor during the term for which tbey shall
have been elected. The salary of tne Jus
tices of the Supreme Court shall be paid by
the State. Oue-half of the salary of each
Hupe'ior Court Judge shall be paid by the
State; the other half thereof shall be paid
by the county for wi ich he la elected. The
annual salaries of the Justices of the Su
preme Court shall he seven thousand five
hundred dollars (57500) esch, and the Su
preme Court Commi-sloners s'x thousaud
dollars ($0000) each. Until otherwise
changed by the Legislature, the Superior
Court Judgeß shall receive au anuual salary
of three thousand do lars each, payable
monthly, except the Judges of thecit> and
county of S,n Fr»ncls< o, aud the counties
of Alameda, Los Angele-. Santa Clara, Yuba
and Sutter combined, Sacramento, Butte,
Nevada, San Die/o, San Bernardino, Co usa
and Tehama, who shall receive *.ye thou
sand dollars, and the Judges of the counties
of l'nlsre, M nterey, Sonoma and Sau Joa
quin shall receive four thousand dollars
A Resolution to propose an amendment to
sectiou eight, of Article XI, of the Con
stitution of the State of California, re
lating to the framing of a charter for
cities of more thau one huudred thou
sand Jinhabi'ants, and for cities of over
ten thousand and l°ss than oue hundred
thousand lnhabi ants,
jefso'tfd. That the Legislature of the
State of California, at i's regular session,
commencing ou the third day of January,
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
■ birds of all tbe members elected to each of
the two Houses of said Legislature voting
In favor thereof, hereby propose that sec
tion eight, of Article XI, of the Coustitu
t on of said '.ate, be amended so as to read
as fo'lows;
Section 8. Any city containing a popula
tion of mere thau one hundred thousand
iuhahltauts may frame a chart r for its own
government, consistent with and subject to
tne Constitution and laws of thi- State, by
causing a Board nf fifteen freeholders, who
shall have heeu for at least five yearn quali
fied electors thereof, to be elected by the
qualified voters of such city, at any general
or special election, whose duty it shall be,
within ninety days alter sucb election, to
prepare and propose a charte' for such city,
which shall be signed in duplicate by the
members of such Board, or a majority of
them, and returned, one copy thereof to the
Mayor, or other chief executive
officer of such city, and the other
to the Recorder of Deeds of the
county. Such proposed charter shall
then be published in two daily papers of
general circulation ln >ucb city, for at least
twenty dais; and within not less than thirty
days after such publication it shall be sub
mitted i o the qualified elec'ors of such city,
at a general or special election, snd if a ma
jority of such qualified electors voting"
thereat shall ratify the same, it shall there
after be submitted to the Legißiature lor Its
approval o rejection as a whole, without
power of alteration or amendment; and if
approved by a majority voteof the members
elected to each House, It shall become the
cha ter of such city, or if such city be con
solidated with a county, then of sucb city
and county, and shall become the organic
law thereof, and supersede any existing
charter, and all amendments thereof, and
all special laws inconsistent with such char
ter. A copy of such caarler, certified by ihe
Mayor, or chief executive officer, and au
th nticated by the seal of such city, setting
forth the submission of sucb charter to the
electors, snd its ratification by them, shall
be made in duplicate, and deposited, one ln
the office of the Secretary of state, the other,
after being recorded in the office of i he Re
corder of Deeds of the county, smong the
archives of the city. All Courts shall take
judicial notice thereof. The charter so
ratified may be amended at intervals of uot
less than two yeats, by proposals therefor,
submitted by legislative authority of the
city to the qualified voters thereof, at a gen
eral or special election held at least sixty
days after the publication of such proposals,
a id ratified by at least three-fifths of the
qupfled electors voting thereat, and ap
proved by tbe Legislature as herein pro
vided for the approval of the charter. In
submitting any such charter, or amendment
thereto, any alternative article or proposi
tion may be presented for the choice of the
voters, and may be voted on separately
without prejudice to others. Any city
containing a population of more
than ten thousaud and not more
than one hundred thousand Inhabi
tants may frame a charter for ltsrown gov
rnmcnt,con Istent with and subject to tne
Constitution and laws of this State, by caus
ing a Board of fifteen freeholdeis, wno shall
have been for at lea-t five years qualified
electors thereof, to be elected by the quali
fied v ters uf said city, at any general or
special election, whose duty It shall be,
within ninety days alter such election, to
piepare and propose a charter for such ct'y,
which shall be signed in duplicate by '.he
members of such Board, or a majority of
them, aud returned, one copy thereof to tbe
Mayor, or other chief executive of said ely,
and tbe other to the Recorder of the county.
Such proposed charter shall then be pub
lished iv two dally papers of general circu
lat on in such city, for at least twenty days;
and the first publication shall be made
wlthm twenty days sfter the completion of
the cha-tcr; and within not less than thirty
days after such publication it shall be sub
mitted to the qualified electors ol satd city,
at a general or special election, and if a
majority of such qualified electors voting
thereat shall ratify the same, it shall there
after be submitted to the Legislature for its
approval or rejection as a whole, without
power of alteration or amendment, and if
approved by a majority voteof the members
elected to each House, it shall become the
charter of such city and the organic law
thereof, and mall supersede auy existing
charter, and auy amendments thereof, snd
a l special laws inconsistent with such char
ter A copy of such charter, certified by the
Mayor, or chief executive officer,and authen
ticated by the seal of such city, setting
forth the submission of such charter to tbe
electors, and its ratification by them, shall
be made ln duplicate au deposited, one in
the office of ihe Secretary of State, and the
other, alter b- ing recorded lv said Recor
der's office, shall be deposited ln the arch
ives of the city; and thereafter all Courts
shall take judicial notice of said charter.
The charter bo rail led may be amended, at
intervals of not le-s than two years, by pro
possls therefor,submitted by the legislative
authority of the city to the qualired electors
thereof, at a general or special election
held at least sixty days after the publication
of such proposals and ratified by at least
three-filths of the qualified electors voting
thereat, and approved by the Legislature as
herein provided for the approval of the
charter. In submitting any such charter, or
amendment thereto, any alternative article
or proposition may be presented for the
choice of the voters, and ma" be voted on
separately without prejudice to others.
Now, therefore, pursuant to the provisions
of the Constitution, and an Aot of the Leg
islature, entitled "An Act to provide for the
submission of certain proposed amend
ments to tbe Constitution of the State, here
inafter named, and which have been pro
posed and adopted by the Legislature of the
State of California, at tbe ses-iou beginning
on January third, eighteen hundred and
eighty-seven, to the qualified voters of said
Stste, at a special electlou to be called by
the Governor for the twel'th day of April,
eighteen hundred snd eighty-seven,'"ap
proved March 15th, 18S7, the Bald amend
ments are submitted to be separately voted
up n, by ballot, by tbe qualified electors of
the State, on
TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1887.
The said amendments are respectively
designated: '
"Amendment Number One.
"Amendment Number Two."
"Ameudment Number Three."
Aud will, if adopted, be respectively des
ignated amendments numbers four, five
aud six, ln tbe order of their submission;
and the ballots nsed at suoh election must
contain the words:
"Kor the Amendment Number One.
"Cor the Amendment Number Two."
"For the Amendment Number Three.'
Or the words;
"Against ihe Amendment Number One.
AspaUlt Sidewalkx Concrete mnmn,
Bide and Lawn Walks, Basement Floors.
Work Guaranteed Satisfactory in All Cases.
Gravel.) Sand and Paving Stones supplied.
maim Street, rpposlte macy.
f!9-M Wa*st-3m
Sta c of California, i
Executive Dep.rtment, >
Sacramento, Maich 15,1887.1
Whereas, the Legislature of the State of
California, at its twenty-seventh session, be
ginning on the third day of January, A. P.
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all the members elected to each of
the two Houses of -aid Legislature voting in
favor thereof, proposed the follow'ng de
scribed amendments to the Constitution of
the State of California, to wit:
To propose to the people of the Stste an
amendment to the Constitution of the
Stste, relative to the. Judiciary Depart
.Resolved, That the Legislature of the State
of California, at its regular session, com
mencing on the third day of Jsnuary, A. D.
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all the members elected to each of
the Houses of satd Legislature vo ing in fa
vor thereof, hereby propose that sec ions
two and three of article VI, of the Constitu
tion of said Sta.e be amended to read ss
follows: _ ,
Section 2. The Supreme Court sha'l con
sist of seven Justices. The Associate Jus
ttecsof the Supreme Court, iv office at the
time of the adoption of this ameudment to
the Constitution are hereby continued ln
offlce as Justices of the Supreme Court for
the remainder of tbe ie-ms to wbich they
were respectively elecied. The Justices
shall elect one of their number to be Chief
Ju'tice, and hi shall hold the office of Chief
Jus ice of said court for a term of two
years At the expiration of tbe term of the
Chief Justice first elected, and every t*o
years thereafter tbe Justices shall elect a
Chief Justsce for a like term of two years.
An entry of tbe elecdon of sucb Chief Jus
tice shall be made in the in times ol the
court and signed by four Justices. When
ever thereafter a vacancy occurs in the of
fice of Chief Justice, a like election shall
be had to fill such office for tbe unexpired
term. Ihe Supreme Court may alt iv de
partments or in bauk, and shall always be
open for the transaction of business 1 here
stia 1 be two departments, denominated, re
spectlvely, Department One and department
Two. The Chief Justice shall assign three
of the Justices to each department, and
such assignment may be changed by him
from time to time. The Justices shall be
competent to stt in either department, aud
may Intercuange with each other by aorree
ment among themselves or as ordered by
the Chief iustice. Each of the departments
shall have the power to hear and determine
causes aud all questions arising therein,
subject to the provisions hereiuafte r con
tained in relation to the Court ln bank. The
presence of three Justices shall be necessary
to transact any business in eitner of the de
partments, except such as may be done at
chambers, and the concurrence of two Jus
tices shall be necessary to pronounce a
Judgment. The Chief Justice shall apportion
the business to tbe departments and m y,
in bis discretion, order any cause pending
before the Court to be heard and decided by
tbe Court iv bank. The order may be made
before or after Judgment pronounced by a
department; but wuere a cause has been al
lotted to one of the departments, and a judg
ment pronounced thereon, the order mus
be made within thirty days after such Judg
ment and concurred ln by two Justices, and If
so made it shall have the effect to vacitc nnd
set aside the Judgment. Any four Justices
may, eith. r before or after Judgment by a
department, order a case to be he»rd In
bauk. If the order be uot mode wit in the
time above limited, the judgment shall be
final. Nn judgment by a department shall
become final until tba expiration of the
period of thirty days aforesaid, unless ap
proved by the Chief Justice, la writing,
with the concurrence of two Justices. The
Chief Justice may convene the Court ln
bank at any time, snd shall be tbe presiding
Justice of the Court when so eouvt tied. The
concurrence of tour Justices present at the
argument shall be necessary to pronounce a
judgment In bank; but If four Jus'lces, so
present, do not concur iv a judgment, then
■11 the Justices qualified to sit in the cause
snail hear the argument; but to tender a
Judgment a concurrence of four Judges
shall be necessary. In the determination
of causes all decisions of the Court In
bank, or in departments, shsll be given
in writing and the grounds of the decision
shall be stated. The Chief Just'Ce may sit
in either department, and shall preside
when so sitting, but the Justices assigned
to each department shall select one of their
number as presiding Justice. In case of
the absence of the Chief Jus'lce from the
pi cc at which the court is held, or his ina
bility to act, the Associate Justices shall se
lect one of the r own number to perform
the duties aud exercise the powers of the
Chief Justto during such absence or ina
bility to act. The Supreme Conrt Commis
sion, crested by the act of the Legislature,
approved March twelfth, eighteen hundred
aud eighty-five, shsll coutluu • and bo a Su
preme Court Commission for four years af
ter the adoption of this amendment. Said
commission may be continued for such
time thereaft r ss may be fixed by an act
passed by a vote of two-thirds of tbe elected
members of each House of the Legislsture,
and approved by the Governor. The mem
bers thereof and Secretary shall be ap
pointed as in said act provided; and such
commissiouers shall be subject to removal
in like manner as the Judges of tbe Su
preme Court Said commission shall have
the Bame power to hear and determine
causes possessed by a department of the
Supreme Court, and causes may be assigned
to the commission ln tbe same manner they
are assigned lo a department, and after de
rision they may be ordered heard ln bank
in the same way, and with like restrictions
as if decl'ed iv department. The judg
ments of tbe commission shall be entered
as tbe judgments of the court. The com
mission shall sit at such times and places ns
may be designated by the conrt, but such
commissioners shan not exercise any
|ndloi«i functions except when assem
bled aB a commission, and then they
ihall only have power to hear and deter
mine such causes as may have been assigned
Bectlon3. The Justices of the Supreme
Jouri shall be elected by the qualified
sleotorsof tbe State at large, at the general I
■Mh'c elections and the times and places at I
*hich State officers are elected; and the I
erm of office shall be .twelve years; from 1
"Against the Amendment Number Two."
"Against the Amendment Number Three."
Written or printed thereon.
A.-d the Boards of Supervisors of eaoh of
;he respective counties of the stste are
hereby directed to appoint officers of elec
ilon and cause the polls to be opened, by
proclamation, oa said
TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1887,
At eaoh cf the election precincts of their re
spective counties, pursuant to the statutes
of the State in such case made snd pro
vided; said election to be conducted, and
tbe returns thereof duly certified to the
sieorotary of State, at tbe State Capitol, Sac
rameuto, in like manner as is provided by
law ln the election of State officers (other
than Governor and Lieutensnt-Goveruor).
And Ido hereby offer a reward of ope
hundred dollars for tho arrest and convic
tion of any and every person vlolating auy
of tho provisions of Title IV, Part I, of the
Penal Code; such rewards to be paid ur ~)
the total amount expended hereaiter fo_ f tbe
Surpose reaches thu sum of ten thousand
Witness my hand aud Ibe great seal of the
State, the da aud year first written.
[ ska i.l Governor.
Secretary of mate.
By H. B. DAVIDSON, Deputy. mlBtd
The Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles
county hereby give notice, pursuant to tbe
proclamatli n of tbe Governor of the State
of California, that an election will be held
throughout Los Angeles county on
Tuesday, tne IStn Day of April,
The polls must be ojo..ed one hour after
sunrise on the morning of the day of elec
tion, and must ba kept open until sunset of
that day, when the same must be closed,
at which elect! n the qualified electors
throughout the county of Los Angeles are
to vote on the following propositions, viz:
Tbe amendments to the Constitution,
which nre respec lvely designated
"Amendmeni Number One."
" Amendment Number Two."
" Amendment Number Three."
And it is hereby ordered tbat tho polls be
opened for the purpose set forth in the fore
going proclamation at the places herein
named, and the following named persons
are hereby appointed Inspectors and judges
of said election, vis:
Anaheim—At Planters' Hotel; Theo. Rim
fiau, inspector; J. P. Zeyn and H. L. Paty,
Attests—At schoolhouse; James Hay, In
spector; J. E. Courtney and A. K. Coward,
Azusa—At Central Schoolhouse; J. C.
We-t, Inspector; John sticltou and John
McNish, judges.
Cahueuga—At schoolhouse; Thos. Smith,
inspector; A. Knhling and James L. Tucker,
Conpton—At Haylock Hotel: A. P. Bent
ley, Inspector ; John A. Hull is and J. J. Mo;
-ton, judges.
Cienega—At Park Station; William Dry
den, Inspector; F. R. Slaughter and S. M.
Davidson, judges.
Downey—At Cochran's offlce; I. N. Coch
ran, inspector; F. M. Mathews and w. T.
East, j idges.
Duarte—At schoolhouse; A. G, Miller, In
spector; W. P. Wright and L. Barnes, judges.
El Monte—At Dodson's Hotel, M. 8. Wil
son inspector; J. T. Haddex and J. C. Han
non, judges.
Elizabeth Lake—At schoolhouse; David
Maxwell, inspector; M. H. Cralue and Jas.
Hefuer, judges.
Fair aks—At 'air Oaks Schoolhouse; M.
D. Painter, ln pector; I. N Sewell and C. D.
Curtis, judges.
Florenoe-At schrolhouae; J. F. Durrell,
inspector: G. W. Juden and O. A. Blakeslee,
fountain Valley—At schoolbouse in vVil
lows; Patterson Bowers, inspector; J. M.
Chapman and Uriah Martin, judges.
Frultland—Al schnolhouse; Ben Colling,
Inspecor; J. W. Batcheller and J. M. Mont
gomery, judges.
Garden Grove-At schoolhouse: J. D. Price,
inspector; Dr. H. W. Head and D. Webster,
Garvanzo—At hotel; A. W. Palmer, in.
spector; Sam Corwin and F. M. Prince,
Lauceste'—At schoolhouse; J. G. Wicker
sham, Inspector; Sherer and George
ueorge, judges.
Lang's 8 ation—At schoolhouse; W. H.
Thomas, Inspector; A. J. Smith and John
Lang, judges.
La Balloua—At schoolhouse; Ansen Rose,
insp ctor: J. L. Machado aod J. Saenz,
Los Nletos—At schoolhouse; C. A. Coff
man, Inspector; E, foyoreno and William
Russell, judges.
Las Virgiues—At Vejar Hotel; Dolrres
Vejar. Inspector; J. Crevi.tou and B. Botil
ler, judges.
Long Beach—At Long Beach Hotel; E. A.
Tee , iuspector; J. W. Bixby aud A. A. Lewis,
Laguna— U schoolhouse; H. 8 Thompson,
inspector; W. 11. Brooks and E. J. French,
First Precinct—At East Los Angeles Hose
House, J. M. Thorn is, inspector; D. W. C,
Frank ins aud H U Chapman, judges.
Secoud Preciuct—At southern Hotel, C. B.
Woodhead, inspector; Thomas Qoss aud
Jos. Mullaiiv, judges.
Third Preciuot— At White House, Frank
March, inspector; John A Cliiie aud X Mo
lony, judge*.
Fourth Precinct—At Court House, L Blx
by, inspector; Chas. E. Day and Charles
Coulter, judges.
Fiftij Preciuct—At Confidence Engine, J.
W VVolfskill, inspector; H. D. Barrows and
O H. Bliss, judges,
Sixth Preciuct—At Turnverein Hall, S. B.
Caswell, inspic or, Charles Malt by and .1.
A. Graves, juugvs.
Seventh Preciuct—At Martin <fc Rlchen
bach's store, Capt Wm. Moore, inspector;
and George J. Lalton and Charles Parcels,
j idges.
Eighth Precinct—At Morris Vineyard
Ho-e House, J. H. Stewart, inspector; Jobu
1). Young aud C.J Ellis, judges.
Ninth Precinct —At Cummtngs' store, D.
E. Miles, Inspector; George Cuuimiugs aud
E. H. Sanderson, judges.
Tenth Preciuct—At Sixth street car sta
tion, J. K. Toberman, inspector; B. C. Hub
bell and J. S. O .Neil, judges.
Monte Vista—At school bouse, E. G Par
ish, inspector; T. ValdcZ and J. S. Simmons,
Newport—At Newport store; AP. Kuffel,
Inspector; A Cole and J. H. Muesser,
Newhall—At Boynton Hall; J. K. Murphy,
Inspector; Ch. Learning and M.,McCormack,
Norwalk—At Vance's shop; M Q. Settle,
ln-pector; T, D. Sackett aud S. O. Baker
Ol i Mission—At Bayse's store; J. H. Tem
ple, inspector; J. D. Durfee and G. D. Mc
Craig, judges.
Orange—At Orange Hotel; N Hamilton,
Inspector; T. J. Lockhart and E. W. Squires,
Pasadena—At Williams' office; B. Wil
liams, inspector; J. W. Wood and A. O. Bris
tol, judges.
Pomona—At offlce of J. E. McComas; J.
L. overtou, iuspector; J. G. Reed and T. C
Thomas, judges.
Kavena-At schoolbouse; D. A. Wagner,
inspector; James Robertson and G. D. Hush,
Kowland—At store; J. A. Haskell, iu
spector; J. W. Hudson and Al Rowland,
San Fernando—At Maclay Hall; ft, W.
Grlswold, inspector; A. C. Hall and H. C
Hubbard, ludges.
San Pedro—At Phillip A Eisen's store; Geo.
H. Peck, lnspecor; VY. H. Moultbrop and
Fred Burkle,judges.
Sau Antouio—At shool house; N. M.Shir
ley, Inspector; F. J. Barretto and F. K.
San Gabriel—At Bayley'sHotel; R. J.Bay,
ley, luspector: O. A. Stevens and J. A.
Cooper, judges.
Santa Ana—At Layman's Hot'l; George
W. Freeman, Inspector; R. H. Dibble and
H. Nelll, judges.
Spadra—At hotel; A. H. Tufts, iuspector;
George M, Smith and James M. Fryer,
Sau Juan—At schoolhouse; J.R. Congdon,
inspector; H. G. Rosenbaum and M. A.
rorster, judges.
Santa Monica—At Santa Monica Hotel;
George Buebme, Inspector; R. R. Tanner
snd L J. Giroux, judges
Sepulveds—At Giendale schoolhouse; J.
F. Dunsmoor, luspector; E. T. Byram and
Robert Devlne, judges.
Sierra Madre- At schoolhouse; P. T. Reed,
Inspector; N. H. Hosmer and W. B. Crisp,
South Pasadena—At schoolbouse; 0. R.
Dougherty, inspector; David Collier and L.
C. Winston, judges.
Silverado—At schoolhouse; J. E. Pleas
ants, Inspec or; Isaac Harding and F. P.
Carpenter, judges.
Tusttn—At Tustln's store; C. W. Wiloox,
inspector; George Irvine and H. L. Eddy,
Trabuoco—At •choolbonse; P. W. Straw
Inspector; J.E. Crane and W. K. Robinaou,
Vernon—At schoolhouse; R. Knowlton,
Inspector; James Haddock and Johu Moore
judges. '
Westminster-At schoolhouse; E 8 House
Inspector; J. M. Clark and 8. J. Finlev'
judges. "
Wllmington-At Railroad 8al"on; John
Kennedy, Inspector; F. M. Butler andS G
Thompson, judges.
Yorba—At schoolhouse; L. W. Kirby, In
spector; Felipe Yorba and F. W. Ilasen
Judges. '
By order of the Board of Supervisors of
Los Angeles county, California
C. H. DUNSMOOR, Clerk.
m ,n„. „„. ...tementr MmmtM °' P ro P» rt J r - b * tne owners not being familiar with
k mluiti Tf • *or not haTln « tlme t0 attend to doing ao, I have ooneluded to
mase a spec ity M branch of business, snd will take charge of the property of all
who wish, sta rear om^ftm Haying had
at IMsssr °' pro ' ,c, ' t y * nd th * eoUection of taxes, I feel that I csn watch after
the la ™ v ..ta of those who employ me perhsps better than they could themselves and
"nf * m l,mo < "" 1 moneT - Tho » 9 who wish to leave their property In my bands
wlu please call at the office of PARCELS AOOIRRE A CO., 12 Court Street, or ad
dr jss me at above place. H. s. PARCELS,
mrfi-lm Ex-City Tax Collector.
Near the depot grounds of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.
Also, 1000 acres near Ballona Harbor.
Two business lots on North Main Street.
One lot on Upper Main Street.
Two lots on Fourth Street.
WM. T. COLEMAN & C 0.,.
Shipping and Commission Merchants
San Francisco, New York, Chicago.
London, Liverpool, Astoria, Or., and Los Angeles
With agents and brokers ln every commercial city of prominence ln the Union.
Makes a specialty of handling the products of Southern California.
§3mf Agents for Ro' al Baking Powder, Walter Bakei & Co's Chocolate,
Kingsford's Oswego March.
Also, agents for American Oil Company's Whale Oil Soap.
WM. L. LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency,
700 Acres in Los Angeles
1300 LOTS I
Up to 100 Feet Front, $130. Half-acre Lots, $200.
From 1-2 to 1 Acre, $300. From 1 to 4
Acres, $400. 3 Acre Lots, $750.
TERMS—One-fifth cash, balance in eight equal monthly payments, with
out interest-
These prices will continue only until June 1,
1887, when they will positively be advanced. All
who purchase before that date will have the benefit
of the advanced prices.
The entire tract is beautifully situated, with a
charming view, pure air and water and perfect
drainage. The Ostrich Farm Dummy Railroad
runs through the tract, with a five-cent fare guaran
teed to and from the center of the city. This road
will be completed to the tract July 1,1887. Pure and
abundant water will be piped through all the streets
The title to tne property is absolutely perfect. A
complete abstract will be kept in the office of the
Company for the inspection of all purchasers, and a
certificate of title will be furnished to each buyer
with his deed.
This tract is situated upon the hills, which are,
rapidly becoming the most desirable residence por
tion of the city. The soil is a warm, sandy loam,
free from frost, being in what is known as the
warm belt. The elevation is such that the tempera
ture is more even than in the city.
Free carriage to the tract every day from the
office of the agents, at 9A. M. and 1:30 P. M. Maps
and circulars and all information can be had from
Byram & Poindexter, Managers,
Reference, by permission: Los Angeles National Bank. 6m
Office, Boom 4, Mascarel It lor k, 138 N. rfiaitt St.,
Secure privileges, concessions, grants and franchises in Mexico. Survey,
segregate and onlonise lands Correspondence sollc ted. mls-lm
A traote of Improved grape,
farmlands In the oounty, near Norwa.k
railway station, only 16 miles from Los
Angeles, in lots of 6, 10, 40, 30. 40 or {mire
acres to suit. Within the year they will be
worth double the prloes now asked.
To the numerous tracts from which to
J. W. Van Slyck, Agent,
Jal4dawtf aorwalk, CI.
—Successor! to—
McKoon & Brodtbeek,
Have a large list of bargains In choice
City and Country Property
Which they will he pleased to show to
their cu-.tomers.
They also have.
To the Stockholders of the Loe Angeles Ofts
Coaapany end to all others lntersate.il.
Notice Is hereby given that a meeting ot
the stockholders of the Los Angeles (Jas
Company has been called by the Directors
of Bald Company t» be held at the offloe ot
the Company at Number 9 Sonora street, In
the oity of Los Angeles, California, at 10
o'olock A. if., on Tuesday tbe 29th day ol
Maroh, A. D., 1887. for the purpose of taking
Into consideration and if deemed necessary
or advisable to provide for the oalllng lv or
redemption of the present outstanding
bonds of the Company and the issuance of
other or new bonds In lieu thereof, and aIBO
for the Issuance snd sale of other and addi
tional bonds of said Company to ralso
money with which to pay off and discharge
the Indebtedness of said Company acorued
and to accrue for and on account of the en
largement and improvements of the works
ana "plant" of said Company made or being l
made. That the amount to which it is pro
posed to increase such bonded indebted
ness Is tbe sum of one hundred aud fifty
thousand dollars.
By order of the Board of Directors this
day made, dated Los Angeles, California,
the 18th day of January, A, O , 1887
td Secretary of Los Angeles Oa - Company
Notice for Publication.
ruary 16, 1887—Notice is hereby given
that the fo lowing named settler has filed
notice of his intentl >n to make final proof
In support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Register and Re
ceiver at Los Angeles, Cal., on April 10,
1887, viz : r
Homestead Application No. 1607. for the lot
i, K% of lot (i, and E% of lot 1, section 4>
township t> north, ra..ge 12 west, 8. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said laud, viz: J. Watklns, Geo
Delph, C. C. Jeffries, 11. Marteeu, ol Alp ue-
Statiou. J. I). BETHUJSE, Register.
Temple Street Cable Railway Com
busluess, Los Angeles, California.
Notice Is hvrcby given that at a meeting of
the Directors, held on the 25th day of Feb
ruary, 1887. an assessmen of two dotlarsand
fifty ceuts per share was levied upon tbo
capital stock of the corporation, ptyable
immediately to the Secretary of said Com
pany, at his office. No. 25 Temple street,
city of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 3(th dsy of
March, 1887. will be delinquent aud adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless
payment Is made before, will be sold on the
20th day of April, 1887, to pay the delin
quent assessment together with costs of ad
vertising and expenses of sale.
Secretary Temple Street Cable Railway
Company. Office,2s Temple Street
Notice oi foreclosure Sale No. 5273.
tiffs, vs. Geo. K. Porter et al, defend
ants—Sheriff's sale under decree of fore
closure. .
Uuder and by virtue of an execution is
sued out of the Superior Court of the county
of Los Angeles on the 2d day of March, A. V
1887, upon a decree of foreclosure of a mort
gage iv tbe above entitled action, ln which
said action a decree was rendered and en
tered on the 16th day of May, 1-84, against
George K. Porter et al, for tne foreclosure of
a mortgage for the sum of $7724 44. aud upon
which there was paid on tbe 16th day of
May, 1884, the sum of $6948.82, leaving a
balance due of $1776 12, with interest from
said date at 7 per cent, per annum, I am
commanded to sell all the right, title and
Interest which the said George K. Porter
had ou the llth day of June, 1876, or which
he has since acquired In that certain tract
of land ln the county of Lns Angeles, State
of Caliiornia, and being that portion of the
Rancho Ex-Mlsslon aan Fernando, de
scribed as follows, to wit:
Beginning at the point where the south
line of sectiou twenty-nine 129), township
two (2) north range fourteen (14) west San
Bernardino meridian, intersects the east
boundary line of s id rancho; thence north
8° we-1 three hundred and forty-two (842>
chains to station number three (3) of final
survey of- said ranono as made by the Gov
ernment of the United Sta'es and shown by
the patent of said rancho; thence south 81°
west tea and fifty-hundred hs (10 50-100)
chains to station number four (r) of said
survey; thence uorth 82H° west twenty-one
and fllty-hundredtns (21 50-100) chains to
station number (6) of said sur ey; thence
north HW west sixty-four (64) chains to
station number six (ti) of said surrey;
thence south west forts nine 60-100
(49 50-100) chains to station number seven
(7) of said survey; thence north 41° west
twenty-two to 100 (22 60-100) chains to sta
tion number eight (8) of s»id survey;thence
north 20° west twelve (12) cbsins to station
number nine (9) of said .urvey; thence
north three (3) degrees we: t fifty-three
5 '-100 (53 50-100) chains to statlou number
ten (lv) of Bald surve,-; thence north ;.0°
east six (6) chains to station number eleven
(ll)of said survey ;theuceuotth lb%° east one
hundred and five (105) chins to station
number twelve (12); thence north 66° west
(80) eighty chaius to station uumber thirteen
(18) ol said survej; thence south 86° west two
hundred and seventy-six (276) eh ins te
station fourteen (14) of said survey: theuce
north SIV west one hundred aud
thirty-two (182) chains to station
number flfteeu (15) cf said survey.
Thence south 47%° ..est, twenty (20) chains
to the point where the said list hue of the
boundary of said raucho Intersects the east
erly hue of the lauds of the right of way of
the Southern Pacific Rai'road Company
through said rancho Thence following
said easterl) line of said rig: t of way until
the sa «c Intersects the sou n hue of section
twenty-nine (29), township three (S) north,
range fifteen (15) west, Sau Beruardlno
meridian. '1 heuce south on the section
Hue three (') mile* to section cartu r 10-11 Il
ls, township two (') north, rantre fifteen (15)
»est, San Beruardlno meridian. Thence
west one mile to sectiou comer 910-1616,
ownship two (2) north, ranee fifteen (15)
we-t, San Bernardino meridian Thence
south three (3) ml es to sectiou corner 28-27
-83 34 Thence east ou the section line four
(4) miles aud sixiy(OO) chaius to the place of
beginning, containing, sixteen thousand and
five hundred (Iii.EOO) acres, a little more or
less, excluding therefrom the right of way
of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through sild tract, the same being a poitlon
of tbe lands described In the mortgage fore
closed in this action.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the 6th day of April, A. D. 1887,
at 12 o'clock H. of tna day, lv front of the
Conn house door of the County of Los An
geles, ou Spring street, I will, in obedience
to said order of sale and decree ol fore
closure and sale, sell tbe above described
property, or so m. eh thereof ns may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with
Interest and costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder for cash, ln lawful money of
the United Slates
Dated this 9lh day of March, 1837.
Sheriff of Los Angles Couuty^_
J censed.—Notice Is hereby given by tbe
undersigned, sdmiliisir»tor of tbe estate of
Sus>in Uoodwin, deceased, to tbo creditors
of, aud persous having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them with the
uecessary vouohers, within L ur months
after the publication of this notice, to the
said administrator, at the office of Smith &
Clark, Rooms 92 and 93, Temple Block, in
tho city and county of Los Angeles.
Adm'nistrator of the estate of Susan Good
win, deceased.
Dated at Los Angele", March 8,1887.
m 9 lm.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed. Administrator of the estate of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to ex hi lit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at the office of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate in the county of Lob Angeles.
Administrator of the Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, March 1.1887.
Lo- Angeles—ln the matter of the estate
of William E. Bay ey, dccc Bed—Notice for
publication of time for proving will, etc
Notice Is hereby glveu that Monday, tbe
28th day of March, 1887, at 10 o'clock A. tf.
of smd day, at the courtroom of this court,
in said oounty of Los Angeles has been sp-
Eoiuted for hearing the application of Mary
arrßsyley praying thst a document now
on file in this court, purporting to be the
last will aud testameut of William E. Bay
ley, deceased, be admitted to probate, and
that le'ters testamentary be Issued thereon
to said Mary Barr Bayley, at which time
aud place all persons interested therein
may appear and contest tho same.
Dated March 16,1887. H DUKBMOOR
County Clerk.
By L. J. Thompson, Deputy. mrl7-td

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