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n aw Plan f»r s«.>laf Dinner at
the festival Mall.
The dining-room, whioh the mar agers
are preparing with every possible care,
is to be run upon the European plan.
Great surprise was expressed last year
that snob bountiful lunches were served
for two bits, and many generous-hearted
people wished to pay double that sum.
which the ladies felt unwilling to allow.
Judging by this experience, they have
tbeaght it advisable to have regular
bills of fare, with v™« of "iielet to be
served eaoh day. Those who wish for
coffee and bread or cake alone, can be
accommodated; while those whose appe
tites are normal, or who c purses are
S boric, will have no difficulty in turn
aaoodlysum into tie diumg-room
m. The prices will be moderate,
the viands will be of the best that oui
.onerous housekeepers can provide, and
by the system of paying for what one
fsta, much choicer articles of food can
be served than upon the last years
The Hew TewM on the Southern
Pacific I>lne.
The Providencia Rancho, consisting of
17,000 acres of fine land, which is only
mix miles from Los Angeles and on the
main line of the Southern Paoifio rail
road, has been placed on the market by
n syndicate of capitalists composed o!
George W. King, H. L. Macneil, E E
Hall, L. T. Garuey. J. Downey Harvey,
W. H. Gouoher and D. Burbank. These
enterprising gen lemen intent to make
this splendidly located place one of tbe
banner towns of the county. The town
to be laid out will be called Burbauk.
An elegant and costly hotel and nine
fine business blocks are now b-iuj:
erected. The town has already beeu
surveyed. Tbe stree'B are being gradeu
■Ml water will be piped to every lot.
The lands surrounding the town embrace
both foothill and valley property, aud
for quality and fertility are as fine a<
there is in the county, and are well
adapted to the growth of oratgos,
lemons, limes, olives and other fruits.
A Good Nurse
Should not hesitate to wait upon those ill
with such diseases as Sm illpox, Cholera or
8c irlct Fever. There is little to be feared
by per-ons waiting on the s'Ck if they will
tue Darby's Prophylactic Fluid freely. In
sick rooms it should be exposed ou a pate
or saucer, and the patient sponged off with
tbe Fluid diluted For safety, cleauliuess
and comfort in the sick-room the Fluid is
Indispensable. ,
Sootbes and Heals
The combination of Abietine Balsam and
Mountain Balm in Santa Abie soothes and
malm the membrane of the lungs, intlamed
cud poleonea by disease. It prevents, night
sweats and tightness across the chest, cures
Boughs, croup, asthma, phthisic, pneumo
nia, hoarseness, loss of voice, and allied
complaints Use as directed; if the effect
desired is not produced, money will be re
funded by C. Id. Hance.
Excursion by the Denver and Hio
tiransc Railroad.
Do you wish to sec the grandest scenery
across the continent, go east with excursion
of Geo. D.>htllips. Office. 2*3 North Main
street, Los Auge .es.
tunes lilvcu Away
To esch purchaser of a hat at the Chicago
Hat Store, fi N. Main street.
Betide choice bargains in lots and colony
lands, has 500 lots on the installment plan—
$10 per month after the first payment, with
out interest-
BHILOH'S CURE will immediately re
HeTe Croup, Whooping Cough sud Bionch
His. C. F. Heinzemau, agent, Los Angeles
Damiana, Bitters regulate tne stomach
Michel Levy & Co., wholesale liquor deal
er!, agents.'
E E. CARR, of Paggetts Mills, Pa., sayshe
eared the life of his child with cronp by
using Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir. C. I.
Heiezeman, agent, Los Angeles,
If y v want a good appetite drink Dami
sst Bitters Michel Levy & Co., wholesale
liquor dealers, agents.
GIVE YOUR CHILDREN, for Coughs and
Colds, Croup, Whooping Cough and Hoarse
ness, Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir. C. F.
Houseman, Rgeut, Los Angeles.
A positive cure for dyspepsia -Pamiana
Bitters. Michel Levy <& Co., wholesale liq
uor dealers, agents.
tive cure for Otarrh, Diptheria and Canker
Mouth. C. F. Heinzeman, agent, Los An
AH respectable dealers keep Pam'ana Bit
ters. Michel Levy <& Co., wholesale liquor
dealers, agents. |
LADIES, is life and health worth preserv
ing? If you think *o, use GilD;ore's Aro
matic Wine. C. F. Heinzemau, agent, Los
The Mexican remedy for diseases of the
kidneys and bladder is Damiaua Bitters.
Michel Levy A Co., wholesale rates.
THE RKV. GEO. If. THAYEx, of Bour
bon, Ind .says: "Roth myself and wife owe
CURB." C. F. Heinzeinan, agent, Los An
Ladies who arc troubled with cramps an .
nervousness should drink Pamiaua Bitters
It Is pleasaut to take.
WE WARRANT Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir
to relieve the Asthma iv oue minute. C. F
Heinz,to in, agent, Los Angeles.
"HACKMETACK"s lasting and fragrant
perfume. Price 2i and 60 cents. C. F.
Heinzemau' agent, Los Angeles.
Large assortment of traveling and tour
ists' shir's at Eaglesou & Co.'s, SO N. Spring
street. Shiloh's
WHY WILL YOU rough when Price
Cure will give immediate relief. -,
ets., 50 cts , and (1. C. F. Heiuzcman
Los Angeles.
REV. H B. EWELL, of Pavilion, N. V.,
Bays of Gilmore's Arematis Wine: "I be
lieve it to be the a most desirable remedy to
he placed in every family." C. F. HEINZE
XAN, Agent, Lo - Angeles.
quickly cured oy Shiloh's Cure. Wo guar
antee It. C. F. Heinzeman, agent, Los An
FOR DYSPEPSIA and 1 iver Complaint,
you have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. It never falls
to cure. C. F. Heinzemau, ageut, Los An
Every well drcs'ed man should wear
Esgleson's perfect fitting shirt-ccllara, cuffs
anc neckwear
Certificate of Partnership.
a partnership transacting business in
this Stae. Us principal place of r.uslnrss
Js McPherson, California. Its nao;e is Mc-
Pherson Brother!.
The full names aud respective places of
residence of all Its members are signed
Dated February 16.1887.
McPherson, Los Angeles county, Cal,
McPherson, Los Angeles county, Cal.
County of Los Angeles, j
On this 16th day of February, in the year
one thousand eight hundred and eighty
seven, before me, Wm. S. Waters, a Notary
Public in and forthe said county of Los An
gsies, personally appeared Robert McPher
son, known to roe to be the person whose
name is subscribed to and who executed
the within instrument, and he duly ac
knowledged to me that he executed the
In witness whereof I hive here
unto set my hand and affixed my
official seal, at my office in the
(l»s.| said county of Los Angele«, the
day and \ ear in this certificate
first above written.
Wm. S. Water",
Notary Public.
County of Los Angeles | ;
On this 2Mh day of February, A. D. one >
thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, 1
before me, Wm. B Waters, a Notary Public i
In and frr the said connty of Los Angeles, 1
personally appeared Stephen McPherson, 1
personal y known to me to be the same per
son described in, whore name is suhserlbed
to tbe witbin instrument, and he duly ac
■SMiwledged to me that he executed the
same. ,
In witness whereof I have here- t
nmo set my band and affixed my
offiolal teal, the day and yeai iv (
11. s.| this certificate first abeve writ <
ten. j
Wn. 8. Waters, t
mI-W4w Notary Public I
ana after the first Monday after the first
dajr of January next succeeding their elec
tion. Three Justices Bball he elected for
the full term at the general State election
held In eighteen hundred and ninety; and
at the general election held every fonrth
year thereafter, two Justices shall be elect
ed for full terms of twelve yeai s, except
that in every twelfth year thereafter, three
Justices'hall be elected for full terms. If
the Chief Justice, or any .Ju-tice, becomes
permanently disqualified, (either mentally
or physically, to perform the duties of his
office, and such fact Is certified to the Gov
ernor by five Justices, one of whom rosy he
the Cblef Justice lu case of the disability of
a Justice, tbe office of such disqualified
person becomes immediately vaoant, and
he shall be paid « retiring salary of two
hundred and fifty (260) dollars per month
tor the remainder of his term. If a vacancy
exist or occur in the office of a Justice, the
Governor shall appoint a person to hold the
office for the remainder of the unexpired
term. Tbe Governor shall appoint a Justice
to hold office as Justioe for the unexpired
term of the late Chief Justice.
To proposo to the people of the State an
amendment to the Constitutiou of the
state, relative to the salaries of the
Judiciary Department.
Rcmlved, That the Legislature of the State
of California, at its regular session, com
mencing on the third day of January, A, D.
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all members elected to each of the
two Houses of said Legislature voting in
favor thereof, hereby propose that section
seventeen, of Article VI, of tbe Constitution
of said State, be amended so as to read as
8ectionl7. The Justices of the Supreme
Court, and Judges of the Superior Court,
shall severally, at stated times during their
continuance In office, receive for their
services, compensation which shall not be
Increased or diminished aiter their election,
nor during the term for which they shall
have been elected. Tho salary of the Jus
tices of the Supreme Court shall be paid by
the State. One-half of the salary of each
rtupeiior Court Judge shall be paid by the
State; the other half thereof shall be p*id
by the county for wi ich he Is elected. The
annual salaries of the Justices of the Su
preme Court shall be seven thousand five
hundred dollars ($7500) each, and the Su
preme Court Commissioners six thousand
dollars ($6000) each. ('mil otherwise
changed by the l egislature, the Superior
tlourt Judges shall receive an annual salary
of three thousand do'.lars each, payable
monthly, except the Judges of the citv aud
county of San Frauciseo, and the counties
of Alameda, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Yuba
and Sutter combined, Sacramento, Butte,
Nevada, San Diek'o, San Bernardino, Colusa
aud Tohamn, who shall receive five thou
sand dollars, and the Judges of the counties
of Tulare, Munterey, Sonoma aud Sau Joa
quin shall receive four thousand dollars
AResolution to propose an amendment to
section eight, of Article XI, of the Con
stitution of the State of California, re
lating to tho framiug of a charter for
cities of more than oue hundred thou
sand Jinhabitants, and for cities of over
ten thousand and less than oue hundred
thousand inhabitants.
Resolrtd, That the Legislature of the
State of California, at its regular session,
commencing ou the third day of January,
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all the members elected to each of
the two Houses of said Legislature voting
in favor thereof, hereby propose that sec
tion eight, of Article XI, of the Constitu
tion of said '.ate, be amended so as to read
as follows:
Section 8. Any city centainlng a popula
tion of mere than one hundred thousand
inhabitants may frame a charter for its own
government, consistent with and subject to
the constitution »uj laws of this State, by
causmga Board of fifteen freeholders, who
shall have been for at least five years quali
fied electors thereof, to be elected by the
qualified voters of such city, at any general
or special election, whose duty it shall be,
within ninety days after such election, to
prepare and propose a charter for such city,
which shall be signed in duplicate by the
members of such Board, or a majority of
them, and returned, one copy thereof to the
Mayor, or other chief executive
officer of such city, aud the other
to the Recorder of Deeds of the
county. Such proposed charter shall
then be published in two daily papers of
general circulation in such city, for at least
twenty da:, s; and within not less than tuirty
days after such publication it shall be sub
mitted to the qualified electors of such city,
at a general or special election, and if a ma
jority of such qualified electors voting,
ihcreat shall ratify the same, it shall there
after be submitted to the Legislature tor its
approval or rejection as a whole, without
power of alteration or amendment; aud If
approved by a majority vote of the members
elected to each House, it shall become the
cha ter of such city, or if such city be con
solidated with a county, then of such city
and county, and shall become the organic
law thereof, aud supersede auy existing
charter, and all amendments thereof, and
all special laws inconsistent with such char
ter. A copy of such charter, certified by the
Mayor, or chief executive officer, and au
th- uticated by the seal of such city, setting
forth the submission of such charter to the
electors, and its ratification by them, shall
bo made in duplicate, and deposited, one In
the olhce of the Secretary of State, the other,
after being recorded iu the office of ihe Re
corder of Deeds of the county, among the
archives of the city. All Courts shall take
judicial notice thereof. The charter so
ratified may be amended at intervals of not
less than two years, by proposals therefor,
submitted by legislative authority of the
city to the qualified voters thereof, at a gen
er U or special election held at least sixty
days after the publication of such proposals,
and ratified by at least three-fifths of the
qualified electors voting thereat, and ap
proved by the Legislature as herein pro
vidtd for the approval of the charter. In
submittiug auy such charter, or amendment
thereto, any alternative article or proposi
tion may be presented for the choice of the
voters, and may be voted on separately
without prejudice to others. Auy city
containing a population of more
than ten thousand aud not moM
thau oue huudrsd thousand inhabi
tants may frame a charter for itsiowu gov-
I rumeut, cou istent with and subject to the
Constitution and laws of this State, by caus
ing a Board of fllt"en freeholder, who shall
have been for at least five years qualified
electors theroof, to be elected by the quali
fied V'ters of said city, at any general or
special election, whose duty it shall be,
within ninety days alter such election, to
pienare and p:oj»ose a charter for such ci r y,
which shall be signed in duplicate by the
members of such Board, or a majority of
them, aud returned, one copy thereof to the
Mayor, or other chief executive of said city,
and the other to the Recorder of the county.
Such proposed charter shall then be pub
lished in two daily papers of general circu
lation In such city, for at least twenty days;
aud the first publication shall be made
within twenty days after the completion of
the charter; and within cot less than thirty
days after such publication it shall be sub
mitted to the qualified electors ol said city,
at a general or special eltctiou, and if a
majority of such qualified electors voting
thereat shall ratify the same, it shall there
after be submitted to tho Legislature for its
approval or rejection as a whole, without
power of alteration or amendment, and if
approved by a majority vote of tho members
elected to each House, it shall become tbe
charter of such city and the organic law
thereof, and shall supersede auy existing
charter, and auy amendments thereof, Rud
ad special laws inconsistent with such char
ter. A copy of such charter, certified by the
Mayor, or chief executive offieer.and authen
ticated by the seal of such city, setting
forth the submission of such charter to the
electors, and its ratification by them, shall
be made in duplicate, aui denoslted, one in
the office of the Secretary of State, aud tne
other, after being recorded iu said Recor
der's office, shall be deposited in the arch
ives of the city; and thereafter all Courts
shall take judicial notice of said charter.
The charter so ratlled may be amended, at
Intervals ol not last ihau two years, by pro
posals therefor, submitted by the legislative
authority of the city to the qualit ed electors
thereof, at a general or special election
held at least sixty davs after the publication
of such proposals aud ratified by at least
three-fifths of the qualified electors voting
thereat, and approved by the Legislature as
herein provided for the approval of the
charter. In submitting any such charter, or
amendment thereto, any alternative article
or proposition may be presented for tho
choice of the voters, and may be voted on
separately without prejudice to others.
Now, thorefore,pursuant to the provisions
of the Constitution, and an Act of tbe Leg
islature, entitled "An Act to provide for the
submission of certain proposed amend
ments to the Constitution of the State, here
inafter named, and which have been pro-
Sosed and adopted by the Legislature of the
tate of California, at the session beginning
ou January third, eighteen hundred and
eighty-seven, to the qualified voters of said
State, at a special election to be called by
the Governor for the twelfth day of April,
eighteen hundred and eighty-seven,''ap
proved March 15th, 1387, the said amend
ments are submitted to be separately voted
upnn, by ballot, by the qualified electors of
the State, ou
TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1887.
The said amendments are respectively
"Amendment Number One."
"Amendment Number Two "
"Amendment Number Three."
And will, if adopted, be respectively des
ignated amendments numbers four, five
and six, iu the order of their submission;
and the ballots used at such olection must
contain the words:
"For the Amendment Number One."
"For the Amendment Number Two."
"For the Amendment Number Three."
Or the words;
"Against ihe Amendment Number One."
Sedentary habits, mental worry, nervous
excitement, excess or imprudence in eat
ing or drinking, and various other causes,
induce Constipation followed by general
derangement of tho liver, kidneys, aud
rtomnch, in which the disorder of eucb
organ increases the Infirmity of the others.
The immediate results are Loss of Appe
tite. Nausca,Foul Breath, Heartburn, Flat
jlonoe, Dizziness, Sick Headaches, failure
>f physical and mental vigor, distressing
sense of weight nnd fullness in the stomach,
<nd Increased Costivencss, all of which are
known under one head as Dyspepsia.
In every instance where this disease docs
not originate from scrofulous taint in the
jlood, Ayer's Pills may be confidently
relied upon to effect a cure. Those cases
not amenable to the curative influence of
Ayer'B Pill* alone will certainly yield if
:he Pills are aided by the powerful blood
purifying properties of Aykr's Sarsapa
rilla. •
Dyspeptics should know that the longer
treatment of their malady is postponed,
the more difficult of cure it becomes.
Ayer's Pills
Never fail to relieve the bowels and pro
mote their healthful and regular action,
and thus cure Dyspepsia. Temporary
palliatives all do permanent harm. The
fitful activity into which the enfeebled
stomach is spurred by "bitters," and alco
holic stimulants, is inevitably followed
by reaction that leaves the organ weaker
thau before.
"Costivencss. induced by my sedentary
habits of life, becamu chronic; Atbb's Pills
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Headache, from which I had long been a suf
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Rev. Francis B. Harlowe, Atlanta, Ga.
"The mo<t effectivo and the easiest physic 1
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"A sufferer from Uver Complaint, Dys
pepsia, anil Neuralgia for the last twenty
years, Ayer's Tills have benefited me more
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ItooißS, Xeedmore, Broicn Co., Ind.
"For Dyspepsia they arc invaluable." J. T.
Haves, ilexia, Texas.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LoweU, Mass,
Sold by all Druggists.
Sta-k or California, j
BACRAiiENio, M:'.:eh 15, 1.W.1
Whereas, the Legislature of the State of
California, at its twenty-seventh session, be
■ ginning on the third day of January, A. D.
' eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two
thirds of all the members elec ed to esch of
1 the two Houses of <aid Legislature voting in
favor thereof, proposed the following de
! scribed amendments to the Constitution of
[ the State of California, to wit:
amendment number one.
To propose to the people of the State an
amondment to the Constitution of the
State, relative to tho Judiciary Depart
Rr.tolved, That the Legislature of the State
I of California, at, its regular session, com
- mencing on the third day of January, A. D.
• eighteen hundred and eighty Feveu, two
thirds of all the members elected to each of
the Houses of said Legislature voing iu fa
e vor thereof, herebv propose that sections
1 two and three of article VI, of the Constitu
■ tiou of said Sta.e be amended to read as
i follows:
1. Section 2. The Supreme Court shall con
sist of seven Justices. The Associate Jus
tlces of the Supreme Court, in oflice at the
, time of tbe adoption of this amendment to
f the Constitution are hereby continued in
' office as Justices of the Supreme Court for
toe remainder of the terms to which they
Were respectively elected. The Justices
6 shall elect one of their uumber to be Chief
Juitice, and h 1 ? shall hold the oilice of Chief
1 Jus ice of said court for a term of two
.- years At tha expiration of the term of the
'. Chief Justice first elected, and every two
years thereafter the Justices shall elect a
Chief Justscefora like term of two years.
An eutry of the election of such Chief Jus
tice shall be made in the m'tiutes ol the
court aud signed by four Justices. When
• ever thereafter a vacancy occurs intheof
r fice of Chief Justice, a like election shall
- be had to till such oflice for tho unexpired
term. Hie Supreme Court may sit iu de
. partments or iu bank, aud shall always be
r open for the transaction of business. There
sna.l be two department*, denominated, re
spectively, department Oueaud Uepartment
■ Two. The Chief Justice shall assign three
'" of the Justices to each department, aud
5 luch assignment may be changed bv him
from time to time. T he Justices snail be
' competent to sit in either department, and
may interchange with each other by agree
ment among themselves or as ordered by
■ the Chief Justice. Each of the departments
I shall have the power to hear and determine
I causes aud all questions arising therein,
- subject to the provisions hereinafter con
tained iu relation to the Court iu bank. The
. presence of three JustiC€.sshall be necessary
> to transact any busioc s in elttter of tlie de
partments, except such as may be done at
r chambers, and the ermeurreuee of two Jus
tices shall be necessary to pronounce a
judgment. The Chief Justice shall apportion
the business to tiie departments and miy,
1 in his discretion, order any cause pending
■ before the Court to be heard anu decided by
the Court in bank. T;ie order may be fade
- before or alter judgment pronounced by a
t department] but where a c;.use has been al
i lotted to cue of the departments, and a judg
ment pronounced tliereen, the order must,
be made within thirty days alter such judg
ment and concurred in by tvvojustices, and if
so made it shall have the effect to vacate aud
, set aside the judgment. Auy four Justices
- may, either before or after judgment by a
i department, order a c:ise to be he-ird In
- bauk. If the order be not made wit'In the
time above limited, the judgment shall be
. final. No judgment by a department s*all
become final until th.- expiration of tho
period of thirty days aforesaid, unless ap
proved by the Chief Justice, i i writing,
with the concurrence of two Justices. The
3 Chief Justice may conve-ie the Court in
' bank at any time, aud shall be the presiding
Ju-tice of the Court when so couvmed. The
concurrence of lour Justices present at the
argument shall be necessary to prououuee a
J Judgment in bauk; but if four Justices, so
s present, do not concur in a judemeut, then
all the Justices qualified to sit in the cause
- shall hear the argument: but. to lender a
Judgment a concurrence of four Judges
shall be uecessary. In the determination
of causes all decisions of the Court in
.- bank, or in departments, shall be given
,J in writing and the grounds of the decision
» sh ill be stated. The Chief Justice may sit
.. in either department, aud shall preside
when so sitting, but the Justices assigned
r to each department shall select one of their
i number ;'s presiding Justice. In case of
the absence of the Chief Justice from the
pi >ce at which the court is held, or his ina
bility to act, the Associate Justices shall se
lect one of the r own number to perform
' the duties and exerelEe the powers of the
Chief JustiCj during such absence or ina
' bilitytoact. The Supreme Court Commis
sion, created by tho act of the Legislature,
approved March twelfth, eighteen hundred
' aud eighty-five, shall contiuu > and be a 8u
' preme Court Commission for four years af
' ter the adoption of this amendment. Bald
commission may be continued for such
time thereafter as maybe fixed by an act
' passed by a vote of two-thirds of the elected
members of each House of the Legislature,
and approved by the Governor. The mem
bers thereof and Secretary shall be ap
pointed as In said act provided; and such
commissioners shall be subject to removal
In like manner as the Judges of the Su
preme Court Said commission shall have
the same power to hear and determine
causes possessed by a department of the
Supreme Court, and causes may be assigned
to the commission Iu the same manner they
are assigned to a department, and after de
cision they may be ordered heard In bauk
in the same wav, and with like restrlc'ions
as if decided in department. The judg
ments of the commission shall be entered
as the judgments of the court. The com
mission shall sit at such times and places as
may be designated by tho court, but such
commissioners shall not exercise any
ndlcial functions except when assem
bled as a commission, and then they
shall only have power to hear aud deter
mine such causes as may have been assigned
to them.
Sections. The Justices of the Supreme 1
Court shall be elected by the qualified
electors of the State at large, at the general
State elections and the times and places at
which State officers sre elected; and the
term of office shall be twelve years from
"Against the Amendment Number Two "
"Against the Amendment Number Three."
Written or printed thereon.
Ar»d the Boards of Supervisors of each of
the respective counties of the State are
hereby directed to appoint offljera of elec
tion and cause the polls to be opened, by
proclamation, on said
TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1887,
At each of the election preclnots of their re
sDactlve counties, pursuant to the statutes
of the State In such esse made snd pro
vided; said election to bo conducted, and
the returns thereof duly certified to the
secretary of State, at the State Capitol, Sac
ramento. In like manner as is provided by
law in the election of State officers (other
than Governor and Lieutenant-Governor).
And I do hereby offer a rewsrd of one
hundred dollars for the arrest and convic
tion of any and evt rv person violating any
of the provisions of Title IV, Parti, of the
Penal Code; such rewards to be paid unt f l
the total amount expended hereafter for the
Surpose reaches thu sum of ton thousand
Witness my hand and the greRt seal of the
State, the da and year first written.
[seal] Governor.
Secretary of State.
By H. B. DAVIDSON, Deputy. mlStd
The Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles
county hereby give notice, pursuant to the
proclamation of the Governor of tho State
of California, that an election will be held
throughout Los Angeles county on
Tuesday, the ISth llur of April,
The polls must be oiei.ed one hour after
sunrise ou the morning of the day of elec
tion, and must be kept open until sunset of
that day, when the same must bo closed,
at which electh u the qualified electors
throughout the couuty of Los Angeles arc
to vote on the following propositions, viz:
The amendments to the Constitution,
which are respeciively designated
"Amendment Number One."
" Amendment Number Two."
"Amendment Number Three."
And it is hereby ordered that the polls be
opened for the purpose set forth in the fore
going proclamation at the places herein
named, and the following named pertous
are hereby appointed Inspectors and judges
of said election, viz:
Anaheim—At Planters' Hotel; Theo. Rim
pau. Inspector; J. P. Zeyn and H. L. Paty,
Artesla—At rchoolhouse; James Hay, in
spector; J. K. Courtuey and A. K. Coward,
Azusa—At Central Schoolhouse; J. C.
We»t, inspector; John Sheltou and John
McNish, judges.
Cahueuga—At schoolhouse; Thos. Smith,
inspector; A. Rnhliug aud James L. Tucker,
Cortptou—At Haylock Hotel; A. P. Bent
ley, inspector; John A. Bullis and J. J. Mor
ton, judges.
Cienega—At Park Station; William Dry
den, inspector; F. R. Slaughter and S. M.
Davidson, judges.
Downey—At Cochran's office; I. N. Coch
ran, inspector; F. M. Mathews and W. T.
East, judges.
Duarte—At schoolhouse: A. G, Miller, in
spector; W.F. Wright and L. Barnes, judges.
El Monte—At Dodson's Hotel; M. 8. Wil
son, inspector; J. T. Haddax and J. C. Han
non, judges.
fcllzabeth Lake—At schoolhouse; David
Maxwell, inspector; M. H. Craiuo and Jas.
Hefner, judges.
Fafr oaks—At Fair Oaks Schoolhouse: M.
D. Painter, inspector; i. N. Sewcil and C. D.
Curtis, judges.
Florence—At schrolhouse; J. F. Durrell,
inspector; G. W. Judeu and G. A. Blakeslee,
Fountain Vojley—At schoolhouse iu W'il
lows; Patterson Bowers,. Inspector; J. M.
Chapman and Uriah Martin, judges.
Fruitlsnd—At schoolhouse; Ben. Colling,
inspector; J. W. Batcheller and J. M. Mont
gomery, Judges. «
Garden Grove—At schoolhouse: J. D .Trice,
inspector; Dr. U. W. Head and D. Webster,
Garvanzo—At hotel; A. W. Palmer, in
spector; Sam Corwin and F. M. Prince,
Lauceste'—At schoolhouse; J. G. Wicker
sham, Inspector; Shercr and George
George, judges.
Lang's Station—At schoolhouse; W. H.
Thomas, inspector; A. J. Smith and John
Lang, judges.
La Bilious—At schoolhouse; Auson Rose,
insp ctor: J. L. Machado and J. Saenz,
Los Nletos—At schoolhouse; C. A. Coff
mau, inspector; E. Poyoreno and William
Russell, judges.
Las Virgines—At Vejar Hotel; Dolores
Vejar, inspector; J. CrevUtou and B. Botil
ler, judges.
Long Beach—At Long Beach Hotel; E. A.
Tee!, inspector; J. W. Bixby and A. A. Lewis,
Lacuna— U schoolhouse; H. 8 Thompson,
Inspector; W. II. Brooks and K.J.French,
First Precinct—At East Los Angeles Hose
House, J. M. Thomas, inspector; D. W. C.
Fj ankiius aud R. II. Chapman, judges.
Secoud Precinct—At Southern Hotel, C. B.
Woodhead, inspector; Thomas Goss aud
Jos. Mnllally, judges.
Third Precinct— At White House, Frank
March, inspector; John A Uline aud R. Mo
louy, judges.
Futirih Precinct—At Court House, L Bix
by, inspector; Chas. E. Day and Charles
Coulter, judges.
Fiftu Precinct—At Confidence Engine, J.
W. Wolfsklll, iuspector; Jd. D. Barrows and
O II. Bliss, judges,
8ixthPrecinA— At Turnverein Hall, 3. B.
Caswell, iuspector, Charles Maltby and J.
A. Gra ves, jndg .-s.
Seventh Precinct—At Martin a Richen
bach's store, Capt. Win. Moore, inspector;
and George J. Dalton aud Charles Parcels',
Eighth Precinct—At Morris Vinevard
Hose House, J. H. Stewart, inspector; John
D. Youug and C. J. Ellis, judges.
Ninth Precinct —At Cummfugs' store, D.
E. Miles, inspector; George Cummiugs and
E. H. Sanderson, judges.
Tenth Precinct—At Sixth street car sta
tion, J. R. Tobermau, inspector; S. C. Hub
bell aud J. S. u'Keil, judges.
Monte Vista—At school house, E. G. Par
ish, inspector; T. Valdiz and J. 8. Simmons,
Newport—At Newport store; A P. Kuffel,
iuspector; A. Cole and J. U. Muetser,
Newlmll—At Boynton Hall: J. R. Murphy,
inspector; Ch. Learning and M .McCormack,
Norwalk—At Vance's shop; M. G. Settle,
Inspector; T. D. Sacketl and 8. G. Baker,
Old Mission—At Bayse's store: J. H. Tem
ple, inspector; J. D. Durfee and G. D. Mc
Craig, judges.
Orange—At Orango Hotel; N. Hamilton,
inspector; T. J Lockhart and E. W. Squires,
Pasadena—At Williams' oflice; B. Wil
liams, inspector; J. W. Wood and A. O. Bris
tol, judges.
Pomona—At office of J. E. McComas; J.
L. Overton, inspector; J. G. Reed and T. C.
Thomas, judges.
Raveua—At schoolhouse; D. A. Wagner,
inspector; James Kobcrlsou and G. D. Rush,
Rowland—At store; J. A. Haskell, in
spector; J. W. Hudson and Al Rowland,
San Fernando—At Maclay Hall; H. W.
Griswold, iuspector; A. C. Hall and II. c.
Hubbard, judges.
San Pedro—At Phillip & Eisen's store; Geo.
II. Peck, inspector; W. II. Moulthrop aud
Fred Burkle, judges.
San Autouio—At shonlhouse; N. M.Shir
ley, inspector; F. J. Barretto and F. X.
Cock, judges
San Gabriel—At Bayley'sHotel; R. J. Bay
ley, inspector; O. A. Stevens and J. a.
Cooper, judges.
Santa a mi---At Layman's Hotel; George
W. Freeman, inspector; K. II. Dibble and
II. Neill, judges.
Spadra—At hotel; A. H. Tufts, Inspector;
George M. Smith and James M. Fryer
San Juan—At schoolhouse; J. R. Congdon,
inspector; H. G. Risenbaum and M. A.
Forster, judges.
Santa Monioa—At Santa Monica Hotel;
George Bnehme, inspector; it. K. Tanner
and L. J. Glroux, judges.
Sepulveda—At Gleudale schoolhouse; J
F. Dunsmoor, inspector; JJ. T. Byram and
Robert Devlne, judges.
Sierra Msdre— At schoolhouse; P. T. Reed
Inspector; N. H. Hosmer and W. B. Crisp'
South Pasadena—At schoolhonse; O. R
Dougherty. Inspector; David Collier and L
C. Winston, judges.
Silverado—At schoolhouse; J. E. Pleas
ants, inspector; Isaac Harding and F. p
Carpenter, Judges.
Tustin—At Tustin's store; O. W. Wilcox
inspector; George Irvine and H. L. Eddy'
judges. "
Trabucco— At tchoolhouse; P. W. Straw
iuspector; J.E. Crane and W. K. Robinson'
judges. '
Vernon—At schoolhouse; R. Know I ton
inspector; James Haddock aud John Moore'
judges. '
Westminster—At schoolhouse; E 8 House
inspector; J. M. Clark and 8. J. Finlev'
judges. *'
Wilmington—At Railroad Salnon; John
Kennedy, Inspector; F. M. Butler and8 G
Thompson, judges.
Yorba—At schoolhouse; L. W. Kirby in
spector; Felipe Yorba and F. W. Hazen
judges. '
By order of the Board of Supervisors of
Loa Angeles county,California.
C. H. DUN8M00B, Clerk,
nude In taking assessments of property, by the owners not being familiar with
making out statements, or not having time to attend to doing so, I have conoluded to
make a specialty of that branch of business, and will take charge of the property of all 1
who wish, at a reasonable fee, Having bad
In the assessing of property and the collection of taxes, I feel that I oan watch after
the interests of those who employ me perhaps better than they could themselves and
save them time and money. Those who wish to leave tbeir property in my hands
will pleaso call at tho office of PARCELS AGUIRRE A CO., 12 Court Street, or ad
dress me at above place. • n. s. PAHCsSEh'
mrMm Ex-City Tax Collector.
Near the depot grounds of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.
Also, 1000 acres near Ballona Harbor.
Two business lots on North Main Street.
One lot on Upper Main Street.
Two lots on Fourth Street.
Shipping and Commission Merchants
San Francisco, New York, Chicago.
London, Liverpool, Astoria, Or., and Los Angeles
With agents and brokers in every commercial city of prominence In the Union.
Makes a specialty of handling the products of 3outhern California.
£WAgents for Ro'al Baking Powder, Walter Bakei & Co's Chocolate,
Kingsford's Oswego b'tarch.
Also, agents for Americau Oil Company's Whale Oil Soap.
WM. L. LOCKE. Manager Los Angeles Agency,
700 Acres in Los Angeles
1300 LOTS I
Up to 100 Feet Front, $150. Half-acre Lots, $200.
From 1-2 to 1 Acre, $300. From 1 to 4
Acres, $400. 5 Acre Lots, $7SO.
TERMS—One-fifth cash, balancein ei&flit equal monthly payments, with
out interest.
These prices will continue only until June 1,
1887, when they will positively be advanced. All
who purchase before that date will have the benefit
of the advanced prices.
The entire tract is beautifully situated, with a
charming view, pure air and water and perfect
drainage. The Ostrich Farm Dummy Railroad
runs through the tract, with a five-cent fare guaran
teed to and from the center of the city. This road
will be completed to the tract July 1,1887. Pure and
abundant water will be piped through all the streets
The title to tne property is absolutely perfect. A
complete abstract will be kept in the office of the
Company for the inspection of all purchasers, and a
certificate of title will be furnished to each buyer
with his deed.
This tract is situated upon the hills, which are
rapidly becoming the most desirable residence por
tion of the city. The soil is a warm, sandy loam,
free from frost, being in what is known as the
warm belt. The elevation is such that the tempera
ture is more even than in the city.
Free carriage to the tract every day from the
office of the agents, at 9A. M. and 1:30 P. M. Maps
and circulars and all information can be had from
Byram & Poindexter, Managers,
Reference, by permission : Los Angeles National Bank. 6m
Office, Room 4, Miuearcl Blocat, J 38 N. main St.,
IWTransact a GENERAL REAL ESTATE BUSINESS in California and
Secure privileges, concessions, grants and franchises iv Mexico. Survey,
segregate and colonize lands. Correspondence solicited. mIS-lm '
Santa Anita Stallions,
RCTOEKFOBD-fSlre of Lucky B
and Molly McCarthy's Last), »100, bo season.
GANO. b. h. by Grlnstead-Dam, 6anta
Anita, by Virgil; »50 tho season.
LEXINUTON, eh. h. by Lexlngton-
Dam, Volga, by Imp. Glenooe. one of the
test bred ndr«cslu America (tire of the dam
of Laredo); $50 the season.
Mares not proving with foal allowed to
return free In 18S8. ,
Money due at time of service.
Apply to office
67 North Spring St., Los Angeles, or
. c. W. ABY,
Santa Anita Ranch.
Catalogue on application. mlit-lm
Jim received from Europe.
The finest stock of the best makers In the
world, aud at prices which we defy compe- 1
tltion on the Pacific Coast. Double Barrel
Breech-Loa ling Shotguns from $14 up to 8330 j
e.ch. All guns guaranteed. Also, a full
line of Rifles, Pistols, Gnu Material and r
Ammunition of all descriptions, American t
and English. Repairing of the finest class t
and chockborlng a specialty. s
Sportsmen's Headquarters, 111 Main St. (
lllitf H. sLOTTfrIHUUfJE. C
Angelei, Cal., March 16, 18«7.—Com
plaint having been entered at this office by
HelnrlchScheel against Andrew MoFarland,
for failure to comply with law as to Timber
Culture Entry, dated January 26, 11-84, upon
the of Section 24, Township 8 N, Range
15W, In Los Angeles county,California,with
a view to the cancellation of said entry,
contestant alleging that said Andrew McFar
land has failed to break, plow, or cause to
be broken or plowed, auy land of said claim
whatever, the said parties are hereby sum
moned to appear at this office on the Brd
day of June, 18i7, at 10 o'clock A. M., to re
spend and furnish testimony conceraing
said alleged failure.
J. D BETHUNE, Register.
J. W. Havbrstick, Receiver.
m 29 80t
Notice lor Publication.
U ruary 16, 1887—Notice is hereby given
that the following named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make final proo
Iv support of his claim, and that said proo
will be made before the Reglbter and Re»
ceiver at Los Angeles Cal., on April 16
1887, viz:
Homestead Application No. 1007, for the lot
•i, K% of lot 6, and EH of lot 1, section 4,
township b north, range 12 west, 8. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous restdence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: J. Walkins, Geo
Dclph, C. C. Jeffries, H. Marteen, of Alpine
Station. J. D. BETHUNE, Register.
f2G '
Temple Street Cable Railway Co.
business, Los Angeles, California.
Notice is horeby given that at a meeting of
the Directors, held on the 25th day of Feb
ruary, 1887, an assessmen' of two dollars and
fifty cents per share was levied upon the
capital stock of the corporation, payable
immediately to the Secretary of said Com
pany, at his office. No. 2b Temple street,
city of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 30th day of
March, 1887, will be delinquent and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless
pavmcnt is made before, will be sold on the
20th day of April, 18S7, to pay the delin
quent assessment together with costs of ad
vertising and expenses of sale,
Secretary Temple Btreet Cable Railway
Company. Office, 26 Tevr pie Street.
Notice of Foreclosure Sale No. 5273.
tlft's, vs. Geo. K. Porter et al, defend
ants- -riberiil'3 sale under decree of fore
Under and by virtue of an execution Is
sued out of the Superior Court of the county
of Los Angeles on the 2d day of Match, A. D.
1887, upon a decree of foreclosure of a mort
gage iv tbe above entitled action, In which
said action a decree was rendered and en
tered on the 10th day of May, 1-84, against
George K. Porter et al, for toe foreclosure of
a mortgage for tbe sum of $7724 44, and upon
which there was paid on the 16th day of
May, 1884, the sum of 8f.948.52, leaving a
balance due of £1770 12, with interest I rem
said date at 7 per cent, per annum, I am
commanded to sell all the right, title and
interest which the said George K. Porter
had on the 14th day of June, 1870,.07 which
he has since acquired in that certain tract
of laud in the comity of Los Angeles, State
of California, and being that portion of the
Kancho Ex-Misslou San Fernando, de
scribed as follows, to wlt:
Beginning at tho point where the Bouth
line of sectiou twenty-nine (2u), townsbtp
two (2) north range fourteen (14) west San
Bernardino meridian, intersects the east
boundary line of s id rancho; thence north
8° wc.-t three hundred and forty-two (342)
chains to statiou uumber three (:J) of final
survey of said rancno as made by the Gov
ernment of the United State* aud shown by
the patent of said rancho; thence south 81°
webt ten aud fifty-hundredihs (IU 50-100)
chains to station number four (4) of said
survey; thence north west twenty-one
and fifty-hundredths (21 60-100) chains to
station number (5) of said sur ey; thence
north 74!4° west sixty-four (64) chains to
station number six (0) of said survey;
thence south 62;j° west forty-nine 50-100
(49 60-100) chains tv station number seven
(7) of said survey; thence north 41° west
t«enty-tWO 1.0 100 (29 60-100) chains to sta
tiou number eight (S) ofs'iid surveyjthenco
f north 20 J west twelve (12) chains to station
, uumber nine (9) of said survey; thence
north three (S) degrees wei>t fifty-three
SJ-IUO (53 59-K'u) chums to statiou uumber
ten(10)of said survey; thence north 60°
east six (0) chains to st-.tion number eleven
(ll)of said survey jthence north H>; s °east one
hundred aud five (105) chains to station
number twelve (12); t.;euee north 6.° west
(Su) eighty chains to station number thirteen
(lo)olsaid SUITS] ; thence sooth fewest two
hundred aud seventy-six (270) ch-ins to
station fourteen (li) of said survey; thence
north 54 1 3 ' J west one hundred aud
thirty-two (132) chains to station
number fifteen (16) of said survey;
Thence south 4754° i. est, tweuty (20) chains
to the point where the said t*st line of the
boundary of said rancho iutcsects 'he ca st •
erly line of the lauds of the right of way of
tho Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through said rancho. Thence following
sa.d easterh line ol sad rig.' t of way until
the save inters. c:» the Bottle line of section
twenty-nine (20), township three (3) north,
range fifteen (15) west, San lteruardino
meridian. '1 hence south on the section
line three (~) miles to section corner 10-11 14
-15, township two (') north, raiieeflfteen (15)
west, San Bernardino meridian. Thence
, westone mile to section c rner 9 10-16 15,
lowushlp two (.'; north, ranue fifteen (16)
west, San Bernardino lneiidian Thence
south three (3) miles to section eorncr 28 27
-33 34. Thence east on the section line four
(4) miles nud lixty(6o) chains to the place of
, beginning, containing sixieen thous tnd and
five 'bunated (16.100) sores, a little more or
leas, excluding therefrom the right of way
of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through s'.id tract, the same being a portion
of the lands described iv the mortgage fore
closed in this action
Public notice is hereby given that on-
Tuesday, the sth day of April, A. D. 1887,
atl2 o'clock m. of that day, in tront of the
Courthouse door of the County of Los An
geles, on Spring street, I will, in obedience
to said order of sale and decree of fore
closure and sale, sell the above described
property, or so B&OOh thereof as may bo
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with
interest and costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder for cash, In lawful money ol
the United States.
Dated this Uth day of March, 1897.
Sheriff of Los Aug: les County.
l l i ceased.—Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned, administrator of the estate of
Susan Goodwin, deceased, to the creditors
Of, and persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months
after the publication of this notice, to the
said administrator, at the otlice of Smith &
Clark, Rooms 92 and 93, Temple Block, in
the city and county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the estate of Susan Good-
Dated'at Los Angele», March 8,1857.
m 9 lm.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Administrator of the cstato of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhii.it them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at the office of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, the samo being the
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate iv tbe county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, March 1,1887.
ro2 4w SMITH & CLARK.
Los Angeles—ln the matter of the estate
of John N. Griffin, deceased—Notloe for
8011110.111(111 of time for proving will, etc
otlce Is hereby given that Monday, the
11th day of April, 1887, at 10 o'clock A. M, of
said dyty, at the courtroom of this Court, In
Department One thereof, In tbe county of
Los Angeles, has been appointed for hearing
the application of Eliza Griffiu, praying
that a document now on file In this Court,
purporting to he the last will and testament
of John N. Griffin, deceased, be admitted
to probate, and that letters testamentary be
issued thereon to said petitioner, Kllza
Griffin, at which time and place all persons
interested therein may appear and contest
the same.
Dated March 25, 1887.
County Clerk.
By F. B. Fahkino , Deputy. m26-10t
Iff ll l\ RE9T a victim o?youth V
MlinflOUU Ful E i'mprudenee, causing
premature decay, nerv
ous debility, lost manhood, etc., having
tred In vain every known remedy, has dis
covert a simple self-cure which he will
send FKFE tohl. fl".w sufferers Address
C. J. MASON, Postofflce box 3175, New York

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