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_t_ temp.. 810; mm. temp., 50.0-
The Illustrated Herald.
A fall supply of the annual Hbbalds
aro now on hand. Newsdealers and others
should avail themselves st once to send In
their orders. No better evidence of Bouth
•rn California'! advantages could be s«nt
to Eastern friends.
News Notes.
Judge Cheney has ordered that a grand
jory te drawn to day.
It i* rumored that the town depot for
the dummy foothill line will be 100 ated
in Souoratown, on V irgin atreet.
Jake Phillippi's old Newfoundland
dog, one of the pioneers among the ca
nine settlers of Los Angeles, died Thurs
day night.
Burglars forced an entranoa to Pierces
restaurant on Spring street on Thursday
night and stole $1.40, all there was in
tha money drawer.
J.C. Burr, for a long time postal
agent between this city and Doming,
has resigned his position and will engage
ia other business in Los Angeles.
Clerk Teed, of the City Council, yes
terday sold lot 1, block F, of the Fort
Hill traot, at auotion and Geo. S. Pat
ton was the purchaser at $0505.
The Board of Public Works will meet
this morning at 9:30 o'olock to take ac
tion important matters, and
the Land Committee will meet at 1
Ah Ling waa arrested yesterday for
•sealing water from a zanja running
through Hunter's place. It appears that
he tapped the zanja without the con
sent of the Zinjero.
The matter of the adjustment of the
various franchises owned by Messrs.
Crank, Silver, et al.. has not been defi
nitely settled as yet and will come before
the Board of Public Works this morning.
James McClosky and Archibald Rust,
who were caught by Officer Loomis in
the act of stealing four bottles of bitters
from Meanager's liquor store, plead
guilty yesterday and were sent to jail
for fifty days.
W. H. Cannon reported at the police
station last evening tbat a silver watch
had been stolen from his vest while at
work on a new building on Los Angeles
street. The initials "W. C." were
scratched on the inside and outside of
the case.
S. H. Moll, of San Diego, is at the St.
Charles. Mr. Moll has oome over to
look after that charge of smuggling
which rests against him. If Moll bad
smoked a few of tho two hundred cigars
whioh he is charged with smuggling, be
wonld not be here to-day to tell the
Ta Chong swore out a complaint, yes
terday, before Justice Austin, charging
an unknown boy with battery. It ap
peared tbat on Wednesday evening a
young hoodlum hit Choug on the eye
with his list and raised a swelling several
inches around. Chong thinks he can
find the boy.
The Young People's Societies of the
various churches in this city will hold
Union Services to-morrow (Sunday)
evening in the First Presbyterian
Church, corner 21 and Fortst. Services
begin promptly at 5:45 aud close at 7:15
•harp. All young people are cordially
invited to attend.
Great preparations are being made for
the Examiner balloon ascension at the
Bixth street park to-morrow. There
will be three entrances,and it is expected
folly 4000 people will be iv attendance.
A full corps of constables have beeu
engaged to usher the vast crowd to seats
and to prevent any disorder.
Thursday night tho Bervant girl at the
residence of Charles F. Rut an, 305
North Pearl street, placed a lighted
lamp too near the window curtains and
the result was a small coutlag ration.
Mr. Rutsn rushed in the room and with
rare presence of mind seized a quilt and
extingvished the incipient flames.
There will be lively times in Fresno
county this fall. The grain farmers will
get something like 82,500,000 for their
crops; the wine, raisin and fruit men
about $2,000,000 for their products,
while the miners, wool growers and
lumber men will come in with a couple
of million more, or say about $6,000,000
for the whole connty.
John Hansha, who was formerly the
head waiter of the United States hotel,
but recently tbe proprietor of the New
York restaurant at Pasadena, drew
$1300 from bank, took '$100 from the
money drawer aud started for Los An
geles on Tuesday last. Since that time
nothing his been heard of him, and his
relatives aud friends are anxious to find
oat his whereabouts.
Albert E. Wray, Wm Burrows and
Henry Atkinson who were held to
answer at Wilmington by Justice
Weeks on a charge of grand larceny
for stealing a boat, obtained a writ of
habeas oorpus from Judge Cheney yes
terday returnable on the 28th instant
at 10 o'clock. It is alleged that the
commitment was not regular.
Payton ft Spencer, attorneys, have
filed a motion for a new trial in behalf
of Frank Ayers, who was lately con
victed of manslaughter for killing the
Cowles baby. They base their appli
cation on the judge's charge to the jury
and also allege that they have discov
ered new evidenoe material to the
prisoner. Ayers' sentence was contin
ue 1 to June 30lb.
A. N. Towns, of the Southern Pacific,
will arrive in this city to-day. It is
probable that while here Mr, Towne
will make a selection of grounds for a
passenger depot. Where the new depot
will be located is a mooted point. Many
think it will go towards Seventh street,
bat others o'.iug to the idea that the
Sisters' School property, corner of Ala
meda and Macy streets, will be selected.
The California Centralis preparing a
new time table that will be made public
to-morrow. It is probable that they
will extend the train that now runs to
the Azusa to Han Bernardino and will
6 at on another through train to San
ernardino, or rather Colton. This will
give four trains eaoh way everyday be
tween Colton and this city. The South
ern Pacific is not behind in doubling up*
its trains and there is now a movement
on foot to establish automatic gates and
watchmen at every oounty road crossing
between here and Colton.
D. H. Arnold, wife and two daught
ers. Misses Josie and Geneva, arrived
from their old home in Colusa, on
Wednesday, and are stopping at the
Nadeau. Mr. Arnold was the Sheriff of I
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel
purity an i wholesoineuess. More econom
ical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be
sold in competition with the multitude of
low lest, short weight, aium or pbospnnte
powders. Sold (all in cans. »oyal
ha a; no Powder Co.. 10S Wall street, M. Y.
Xo. 19 N. Spring St.
Choice Lots fronting on Temple
Street cable road, $1100,
Lot on Washington Street, with
cement sidewalks, etc., $.'!000.
140 feet fronting on Figueroa Street,
nsxt to costly mansion, if 10,000.
Lots in Monterey Tract, joining
Bonnie Brae Tract, near Ninth Street,
only $1000.
U beautiful lots on Boyle Heights,
only IU60; worth 16800, or $550 a lot.
Lots sold lately in same block for
Lots in Los Angeles Improvement
Company, only $090.
House of 6 room?, on Florida Street,
with lot 50x130 feet, $2780,
4"i feet on Main Street, near Ninth
Street, $7500, for to-day only.
Beautiful Residence on • Hive Street,
Lot in Arlington Tract, $2500.
Lot in University Tract, on Florida
Street, $850.
Lot in Fairview Tract, $ISOO.
Lot in Kays Tract, $2000.
Lot in Orange Heights Tract, $1000.
Very choice Residence, in select
and fashionable locality, .til,ooo.
Santa Ana Lots, in center of town,
$400 each.
18 acres, four miles from Court
House, on (jlendale Road; 15 acres
in five-year-old vineyard; two acres
in orchard; seven acres in alfalfa;
$12,000. A great bargain.
Lot in Judson Tract, very cheap.
A Corner Lot, with ISO feet front
ing on Figueroa Street, at a bargain.
WANTED—Lots on Washington,
Grand Avenue, Hunker Hill Avenue,
Hope, Pearl, Fort, Main, Spring,
Temple, Second, Olive, Los Angeleß
and Santa Fe Street. Immediately.
No, 19 N. Spring St.
Thejouly Optical Manufacturing Establish
ment ln Southern California,
Los Angeles Optical Institute,
Manufacturing and Scientific Opticians
Importers and Dealers in
Optical & Matnematical Inslrimieuts.
Adjusting of Spectacles and Eye Glasses,
and Grinding of Lenses to order our Spe
cialty. Tbe most complicated cases of dt
fective vision thoroughly diagnosed free of
Hiipairliiff of All Kinds Dose.
64 NORTH MAIN ST. P. O. BOX NO. 104.
je6 1m I.OM ANUELEB, OA!..
Is 70 miles tbe Shortest.
Twenty-four hours' travel the less, and >2Q
less ln fare thau any other
:s •! N. main St., fLos I nirelcs.
TIIOS. T. WALTON. Gen. .« gt„ 112 Mont
go cry St.. Sau Frnuclico. le23tf
School of Elocution,
MtlljfAl. SCHOOL Bl mux..
Beginning July 11 ending August IS. Con.
duou-d by MR and MRS. HENRY LUDLAM
For particulars, address P. O. Box 46, Los
Angeles, California. je2s-lm
Colusa county for two terms, and for
twenty years was one of the most ener
getic men in the oounty in the develop
ment of tho lands of that seotion. Mr.
Arnold visited this city and after invest
ing twenty thousand dollars here, in
oity property, concluded to move his
family here and make this his perman
ent home. He brings a capital of two
hundred thousand dollars, and will,
with bis accustomed dash and business
qualitto itions, soon make himself felt as
one of the live men of Southern Califor
Personal Mention.
W. H. Mintzer of Coltou, is at the St.
F. A. Miller, of Riverside, is at the
Depot Hotel.
Col. Albert Jenks and wife were at
the Nadeau yesterday.
C. A. Barcham, of San Bernardino,
was in the city yesterday.
Chas. P. Thurston and P. L. Wash
burn left last evening for Tulare county.
E. Benninghoven, of the Stools Zei
fata, of Chicago, is registered at the
SMr, and Mrs. A. L. Bath have gone
out to Arrowhead Springs Hotel for a
little vacation.
Rev. S. J. Fleming of Long Beach,
has returned from his trip to Alaska,
and looks well alter bis vacation iv the
far north.
M. V. Biscailuz, Esq., returned yes
terday from Yentura county, where be
has beeu atttuding to importaut legal
Mr. Seitfert, a prominent musician of
New York, is in the city. It is his in
tention to take part in a concert to take
place next week.
John Robarts, the distinguished attor
ney, has returned from Ventura, where
he oonducted a case to a successful
issue. Ho reports that place in the lirst
stages of a big bjom.
William VYatkins, an old time resi
dent of Joplin, Missouri, arrived in the
city yesterday and will make this city
his home. Los Angeles couuty can
staud lots of Missourians.
W. W. Conant, in company with R.
Woodwortb, the champioutive mile bicy
clist, left last evening for Santa Cruz,
whtre the annu tl races of tbe bicj lists
will take place on July 4th.
Mr. Jules Renleau, Consul General
for Belgium in the Uuited States is stop
ping at the Nadeau House. He has
been visiting the neighborhood for tbe
last three or four days, accompanied by
Mr. Charles Raskin, editor of tbe Pro
gres. He will leave this morning for a
trip to San Diego.
Mrs. Aurelia Griffith, who for 24
years has been principal of schools in
Sau Francisco and for a long time waa
treasurer of the Slate Teachers' Associa
tion, and has taken a prominent part in
educational matters of the State, came
to Los Angeles yesterday, on the steamer
Queen of the Pacific.
Yesterday Mrs. H. Jay Hanchette
and her two lively boys arrived from
San Francisco t> join her husband in
this city. Mrs. Hanchette has beeu a
prominent teacher in tho pulilic schools
of the Bay city for several years and the
social and educational circles of Los
Angeles are to be congratulated upou
her resolution to make her home in this
Mrs. Zimeua Conuut, who is eighty
seven years of age aud the
grandmother of Frauk W. Conant,
treasurer of the Grand o,.era House,
and W. W, Conant, assistant
treasurer, arrived in Los Angeles yes
terday. Mrs. Conant was the wife of
the oldest Metludist preacher in the
United States at the time of his death,
which occurred after the death of Peter
Cartwright, who w.is, during his latter
days, the oldest itinerant.
People's Store.
ro-day we offer a long list of specials. In
consequence of 'their length we cannot
comment ou them, but would merely sug
gest that you call early iv the day, rb we
expect to run out of some lines before the
close of the day.
50 new pieces of figured and plain white
lawns, 5c a yard.
Solid colored csnvae cloths, oc a yard.
A line of skirting aud light colored prints.
5c a yard,
Marble anl fancy colored table oil cloth,
25c a yard
The largest all-linen towel made. 45
Inches long by 25 inches wide, 253. These
srtlcles that we iiuote are about one-third
their real value.
Reversahle dress goods, plain on one side
and plaid on the other, 15c a yard.
Double fold all wool, gray aud brown
mixed burnings, 25c.
Black all wool double fold shudati, 49c a
Oblong tidies for splashers at 25c.
Doited Swiss fancy dots 25c a yard.
Box dress robes, embroidery to match,
4-iuch embroidery, 51.75.
Children's corset waists, 35c.
I.a,lies bathing shoes. 65c.
Ladles' French kid shoes, 13.50.
Men's and boys' canvas shoes, 90c.
Shopping baskets, 10c and 15c each.
Gents' colored percale hhlrts, 49c.
Lawn ties, 10c a dozen.
Gents lawn knot ties, 10c each.
Men's gauze under shirts, 25c.
Gent's colored socks, r »3 a pair.
Ladies' Venetian lisle gloves, 25c.
Ladles' black aud colored Jersey mitts,
25c a pair.
Ladles' real Milanese silk mitts 49c a
Ladles' 4 button undressed kid gloves, 75c
s pair
Ladles' 4-button kid gloveß, 85c a pair.
Men's and boys' straw hats, 42c each.
Canvas rucbing with satin edge, 25c a
Striped satteen parasols, 75c.
Plain p ugee paissols, 75c.
Boys' Norfolk suits, »2.58.
Boys' corduroy velvet suits, 15.00.
Chlldrens' psrasols, 150.
Ladies' shade hats, 50c.
Children's Bailor hats, '.sc.
People's Store.
Nadeau House.
Two hundred rooms—hot and cold water.
Ouly elevator ln the city. Twenty suites
with bath and closets. E. Dunham, Prop.
TI'LLIS—At Santa Monica, California, on
June 24,1887, to the wife of O. G. TulUs,
a daughter; weight, 8 pounds.
California Central Railroad,
Daily Examiner Excursion Train
Will leive snd return according to tie lol
lowlng sche lule.
leave. ahiiive.
Han Bernardino 10:00 am. 7:46 P, at,
Palomares,connect-) , r „ _A. „
lug with Pomona. I 1U ,J 7 00
Monrovia 11:20 " 6:21 "
I.amanda Park 11:40 " 6:05 "
Pasadena 11:55 " 5:50 "
Los Angeles 12 30 i.m. 6:15 t. sc.
tTsV*Round Trip fsres from San Bernar
dino to Los Angeles and lntermediste
points, including admission to Balloon As
cension aud Base Ball Game, lower than
excursion rates. i je2s-2t
To their new spring stockof READY-MADE
Wash Suits, at remarkably low prices.
White Lawn Suits for a:t.ao
White Emb'd Lawn Suits for as.OO
Percale Suits for Wt.s<>
Cambric Suits for 85.00
Sateen Suits from tVT.ftO to SIU.OO
Just opened, our new spring stockof Jer
seys at uuusually low prices.
100 doz. all-wool coat-back Jer
seys, for (LOOcach
75 doz. all-wool, coat-back, tai
lor finished Jerseys, iv black,
gnruet, navy, seal-green,car
dlual aud tan tor Si.so card
The latest Eastern craze, the now Beaalde
Jersey, in all the leading colors in stripes
and checks, something very nobby and
eutirely new, at nti.so each. These
goods to be had ouly from
Cloak and Suit House,
21 South Spring St.,
my2l Adloiuing the Nadeau Hotel.
IV. COIN 111
And whose power ls most potently seen
at our establishment, where a little
??? COIN ???
Buys a great deal of good, fine shoe
leather We are still driving those really
elegant Ladles' French Kid Button Shoes at
S3, and we are raking ln
??? COIN ???
By selling Ladies' Goat Button Shoes at
$1 It, and a little
??? COIN ???
Only $1 75, will buy a Gents' Congress
Gaiter, and only 50c worth of
??? COIN ???
Will buy au Infant's French Ki.l Button
Shoe at the only
i5 reau. Oflice, No. 25 Temple street.
P O. Box 401. Engineering, Surveying,
Drafting aud Blueprinting. Je7—lm
$200 Per Acre in the City of Los Angeles.
104 Acres Improved Land at $200—One-half cash.
THIS BEAUTIFUL T,RACT lies on the proposed extension of Griffin avenue, and comprises the most
picturesque slopes facing the Arroyo Secoand the Pasadena road. It is all fenced; fine spring; large olive or
chard; 7000 eucalyptus trees; cotta c and stable. Near the mains of the MOUNTAIN WATER, which can be
piped over the tract at very small expense. Magnificent graded site for a hotel. For sale entire. A rare chance
for capital.
FIFTY ACRES IN CITY LIMITS for $7500. Also, five lots in block which faces on Downey avenue. On
corner; fruit and ornamental trees; commanding view. A charming location for a residence—s lots for $3000;
one-half cash.
GEO. W. JOHNSTON, Downev Avenue and AAta, Street,
~?m EI. XIO W AN, 114 Nortli Sprlna; Street.
lea— lm
Pure Water in Los Angeles.
One Block from the Horse Cars, uear the Center of Town;
Lota High and Sightly at Less than Acre Prices.
Lots Sl5O to ft 3O O !
tW An abundant supply ol PURE WATER at high pressure laid In front of each
lot without extra charge. the ouly tract vow on sale in the city which commands, a
bountiful supply of pure water. For maps aud free carriage, see
lO COI'KT STKEKT, lIOO'IS 11 AND 12, I.OS »Mltll| C'AI..
je9— lm
Bea iitiiul! Beautiful! Beaiatitul!
Only n mica from Plinrnix, Arizona.
Acres of Fiucst Fmlt Lnuil, VIM acres partly lv cultivation. Title to water perfect.
oar ■• ■ ■ wo r a » «> ou v -»i
Abundance ol water fo- cacti and every nw. A second Rlver«idp. Price rea.ou
able. Terms to suit A persona! lutpectlou»courtcJ. Largo and mall blocks of Fruit
and Vine Laud. Apply to
tW Ot SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LAND BUREAU, :tli; North Main street, Los
Angeles. my 27— lu.-eod FSuTu
MESSUS. K.AHN * Proprietors: of The I.ace House,
extend a cordial invitation to the LADIES of Los tneeles to call and iu-pect
the ELEGANT LINE OF GOODS Just opened at their uew store.
Laces, Trimmings, lancr linotlw, Curtain*, tnil I.utile*.'. Children's
ana Infanta' made-up white stood*.
Offloe lr\ 8t Elmo Hotel, 249 North Main
street. P. O. Rex 1621. r i|, sell and Handle
on commiaslou choice real estate of every
description. Loans negotiated.
Cottage fl roims, Angelino st , near
Beaudry, 1 lilk from Temple 2750
Lot ou Pearl str.et, HUM, near Uth,
West Side 38C0
House of a rooms on Hill street, bet.
Niutn and Tenth 10,500
Lot on Turner st'eet, nr. uew depot .. 12:0
Lot on Yale street, flee minutes' walk
from Postomce. JOOO
Lot corner Hill and Carr sta, 100xi5u MOO
House 8 rooms, and lo'. *5x2CO, Ninth
street 6500
House 10 rooms, lot 120x110, corner
Malu and Laurel streets 20,000
Lot cor. York street aud Grand aye.,
110x110 5000
Lot on Klower st.. ur. Pico, cheap 2100
Lot floxlso, Alcantara Grove tract 700
Five lots on St John st, a bargain 5000
Lot ou M mi street, near Washing
ton, 62x16< 4000
Klit hi duo lots jus.off Main street, bet.
Walnut nve and Adams st., each... COO
Two lots on Courtttreet, bet Virginia
and Ohio, each 600
Three lots on Brent St., 50x150 each,
150 foet Irom Temple street, each 600
Lot ou Temple st , near Beaudry .., 2UOO
Two lots on t arlyle street, 61x152:*.
each 1000
Two lots ou Second street, (Mills At
Wicks' addition), each 2500
Two lots Martin st, (Martin trt.). each 950
Lot ou Vernon aye , Fairviow tract... ISOO
Lot 2.1x200, Second street (Mills and
Wicks' addition) 3000
Cottage. 6 room. Flower St., between
Eighth and Niuth SSOO
Lot ou Eleventh st., 60 feet front, near
Pearl 1600
Lot on Arnold st., near Lucas, mi feet. 1600
Lot on Nevada st., 2 fronts 2000
Two lots ou Maiu st., near Washiug
ton, per front foot, corner.s 75.00
lot ou Main st, corner, per foot.. 75.00
Lot ou Seventh street, corner Los An
geles; 84x112. Large building and
Planing Mill tnachiuery. Now rents
for *15fi per month 16,000
Lot 63xl50.house 7 rooms,Lo* Angeles
street, between Fifth and Sixth 10,000
Lot 60x140, Seventh street, near Los
Angeles street, per frout foot 100
Lot corner Chestnut street and Dar
win aveuue. 55x165, East Los An
geles.per front foot 800
acres, highly improved, just off
of Washington street, per acre 1500
Lots in Ellis tract, Thompson street,
each 1250
House, 8 rooms, lot 50x130, Malu St.,
near Washington 6000
House, 6 rooms, Myrtle avonue, uear
Seventh; a bargain 3050
House, 5 rooms, Earl stroet, near Sev
enth; a bargain 35C0
House, 5 rooms Florida street, head
of Dana 2500
Lot on Hoover street, 1 block from
Washington 600
House, srooms, Boston avenue, Boyle
Heights; lot 75x180 2000
Lots ln the Goodwin tract, cheap.
Lots in the Kelfer tract, cheap.
Lots in East Los Angelos cheap.
Mmf ltemembcr the place.
249 North Main Street
onder St. Elmo Hotel, P. o. Box 1621.
San Juan-By-The-Sca.
Which will be Ready Soon.
Pacific Land & Iniprovemsnt Co
W. H. HOLABIRD, Gen. Agt.
— itoo.n 21 Wlf — uiiOCK, —
I.os Angeles, Cal.
The Largest I
and Cheapest
Elegant Lines of Boots and Shoes,
At less price than common trash has been
sold heretofore in this city.
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis. Asthma
Together wltn diseases of the
Eye, Ear and Heart;
Successfully treated by
M.Hilton Williams, M.D.,M.C.P.5.0.
No. 878 'lulu Street,
A few Doors South of the New PostofHce
All diseases of the respiratory organs
treated by the most Improved Medicated
Inhalations, combined with propel constt
t'ltioual remedies lor the liver, stomach,
blood, etc.
Probably uo system of practice ever
adopted tins been so universally successful
as that introduced by Dr. Williams for the
cure of Catarrh, Throat Disoases, Bron
chitis, Asthma and Consumption.
Over 7.'>,000 oases treated during the past
twenty years for some form of head, throat
or luug trouble.
To those who aro ft filleted with any of the
different forms of Catarrh, we would say,
there is uo disease which presents a greater
diversity of symptoms, uooe more loa'.bsouie
iu-idlo'.t- ftud dantte 1 ous Hint, Nasal I atari ft,
especial yii complicated,as it ttlmo,t alw iys
ls, even from its rirst appearance, witn au
affection of the throat.
From the earliest symptoms (which are
generally attributed to a "old ln the head". 1
to tbe various ugly aud distressing stages
through which the disease passes, the pa
tient (■ hopeful of recovery, aud rarely
gives It propel attention tin.ll oerttlu
alarming Symptom* preseut themselves.de
uotiug unmistakably the rapid advance of
the malady to the lungs. Indeed, so various
are the symptoms that the presence of the
dlsear-e ls not always known or even sus
pected, until It has reached a stage ditticiilt
to arrest. The diseate may or may not be at
tended by a discharge from the uostrlls or
throat, but. there ls usually present a mor
bid tecretlon and a frequent disposition
(especially iv tne morning) to clear the
throat, and the effort to do so is often,
though not always, attended by expectora
tion; there ls a sensation of heaviness in
the f'ontal part ot the Lead, and the brain
sometimes suffers to nu extent producing
headache, vertigo nud confusion: It be
comes dißeull to think Clearly, mid to con
centrate tbe mind: the memory becomes
impaired and the intellect euleebled; de
spondency of spirit snd an excimbie condi
tion of the nervous system. Such is the ef
fect of the disease, arid if to this tralu of
Kjmpioins (which not infrequently leads to
to Insanity or Idiocy) we add many of the
«rore loi'hsome physical effects, as cassias,
or rottenness of the t ones of the face and
head, a most offensive smell to the breath,
and corrupt, morbid nud poisonous secre
tious, destruction or the serious injury of
tlie sense of smell, hearing, sight and taste,
we have a catalogue of horrors which would
lead any person to make early and proper
efforts to eradicate the disease from tbe
system. Every case of Catarrh is curable if
properly treated.
Acute IressfthlUs is au lullnrnmatirn of
the mucous membrane of the brouchial
tunes, ami is one of the most common of
tbe pulmouary diseases. It ls a dangerous
disease, as it prevents the oxygenation of
tbe blood, aud in many cases, particularly
after it passes into the chronic stage, the
substance of the luugs becomes serious
ly involved, giviue rise to what is very
properly called Bronchial Consumption,
lv .he acute form there is a sense of light
ness or pressure across tbe chest, with con
siderable wheezing, severe coughs and ex
pectoration, 'ibis is at first a white glary
mucous, which, alter n time, becomes pur
ulent. The patleut lv some eas*s is obliged
to sit up In bed, the oppression across the
chest is so great: the >kiu is clammy and
prostratiou rapidly sets in, and in fatal
cases there will be muttering deliriuru.Cums
nud death.
Chronic Bronchitis.
Chronic Bronchitis Is also an inflamma
tlon of the mucous uiembraue of the bron
chial inn. s. When a cold settles ou the
luugs the disease either ends in bronchitis
or pneumonia, if It ends In brouchitls it
usually passes <Tt" as ■ coid on the chest,
aud still the patient does v t feel entirely
well. He feels tired and languid, and is iu
capaMenf taking his usual amount of exer
cise, nnd expeiieuces a sl.ortnes. of briatb
with more or less warmtli lv the palms of
his bauds. Soou afUr this a cough appears,
accompanied by an expectorotlon of thick
mucus, followed by a luciic Hush, loss of
llesh and strength und night sweats con
tinue, when the patient assumes sll the ap
peiiraufes of having n gcutiftie case of con
sumption. But this is simply catarrh of the
luugs or chronic Bronchitis.
In the later stage of the disease the mucus
membrane of the larger brouchial tube
softens, while lv the smaller tubes and air
cells oi the lungs the mucus membrane be
comes congested and lntlanimed. There
are uo cayaties nor tubercles iv the lungs,
but merely a wasting away of the larger
bronchial tubes, and death takes place
from obstrtictlou of the bronchial tubes aud
air cells of the luugs. Tho patient dies
from exhaustlon aud suffocation, being
unable to expectorate tho mucus which
accumulates iv the passage leading to the
luugs, which lv some cases is sticky ami
small in quantity, but more commonly
i-oplous, of a light straw or yellowish greeu.
Ofteullines streak *of blood make their ap
pearance iv the mucus, and at times there
is a disagreeable smell. Persons thus af
ilicted are very liable to tnks a cold, at
which time the mucus becomes clear and
frothy, and it is not uueommmly the easy
that the patient dies lv oueof theso attacks
From consumers, "to waste away,'
usually applied to the advauced stage of
lung disease.
The following are prominent symptoms
In the first stage, aud wherever any of them
exist a thorough examination should be
made, with a view to arresting the disease
as shown to exist: There ls usually a seuse
of weariness upon a little exercise, a dlspo
sitlou to remain passive aud idle, despoud
eucy, otteu from noappireut cause, a pc
cutiar sensitiveness to the effect of cold,
and a breathlessne>g upon moving quickly
or descending a hill or stairs, a slight hack
ing cough, with or without expectoration,
excitability upon slight occasions, Hying
pains through the chest or back, or under
the shoulder blade., The symptoms are
more noticeable toward or duriug the
night, slight fever ln the afternoon, cold
feet or hands, or. in many cases, blue livid
ity of the lips and roots of the finger-nails.
Constitutional or tubercular consumption
Is n common form of lung disease. The
projress ls slow, but if left to Itself is no
less sure. It usually begins with a dry
cough. At first these tubercles are exceed
ingly minute, the patient not at all suspect
ing their presence. Gradually they develop
into more active disease, aud tbeu follows
the train of symptoms which leaves no
doubt as to Its tru-j character. Sometimes
spitting of blood or slight streaks iv the
mucus is the first Indication of tubercular
deposits, or it may be a chilly sensation in
tho back, followed by more or less beat in
tbe palms of the hands, or an afternoon
Hush ou the cheeks. The slow and gradual
Inroads of this form of consumption leave
the stomach and appetite undisturbed for a
considerable time. Fiually, however, hectic
fever and tttght sweats supervene, preced
ed by diarrhoea. Then the loss of llesh and
strength becomes rapid,the chest contracts,
the features sharpen, the eye attains au un
usual brilliancy and the patleut begins to
rea'.iz! that he is lv the last stage of cou
firmed constitutional consumption.
Inhalations are applicable to all disease
of the respiratory organs, Including catarrh,
throat diseases asthma, brouchitls, con
sumption, nnd thcusauds of cases can be
cured by this mode of treatment when
nothiug else can euro them.
We would particularly urge upon our
eastern friends the necessity of direct
medication--Inhalation—as well as the
most favorable climatic iulluences, if you
wish to avoid the snd experience of hun
dreds of Invalids who depend on the cli
mate alone, as nine cases out of ton die iv
consequence of this very thing.
Persons desiring treatment by this sys
tem of practice can use the remedies at
home as well as at our oilloe, and which
will causo no incouveulonco or hindrance
to business whatevor.
I have seen so many of these cases cured
that I do not consider any case hopeless
unless both luugs aro seriously involved.
Even then the inhalations aid us lv
dlsolvlng tlie mucus and in contracting
and healing the cavities which nothing
else can do with tho same success.
The very best references from those
already cured.
Those who desire to consult with me ln
regard to their cases had better call at the
itliee for consultation and examination,
but, if Impossible to do so, can write for a
•opy of my medical treaties, containing a
;lst of questions. Address,
27ft North Main St., Los Angeles, Cal,
Offloe hours, from 'J, ;o a. at. to t r. tc.

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