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A Man Ruthless}/ Slays
His Wife.
A Horrible Scene—The Woman
Shot Five Times in tbe
One of the most fearful, deliberate
and foul murders ever committed in
Log Angeles county, or on the (.'oast,
horrified this community yesterday.
Ahout 6 o'clock a telephone message
reached the police office that a man
had killed his wife out on Alameda
street. A Herald reporter got the
news quickly, and procuring a team
drove rapidly to the scene, corner of
Alameda and Jellerson streets.
A jabbering crowd of Mexicans of
both sexes and of all ages was land
ing along the street in front of the
scene of the tragedy. Arriving at the
gate the reporter met a sight which he
had seldom seen before. Lying upon
the ground, in a large puddle of blood,
lay tiie prostrate form of the unfortu
nate woman. Blood was flowing
in a slow stream from her mouth,
and her back, between the shoul
der blades, was riddled with bullets.
Her two little girls were tripping
lightly around the inanimate form of
the mother who had once smoothed
their tresses with a gentle touch and
whose fond kiss had so often relieved
their pain. The older one is eleven
years of age and »the youngest an in
fant of four years, They did not ap
pear to realise their loss. They were
petted and eared for by tho Mexican
friends, who did all in their power to
aniline them.
leaning upon the fence was an aged
Mexican named Urios, who, by
his deep intelligent expression,
suggested that he knew something
about the case. He was approached
by the scribe and after some little per
suasion in Spanish he told the follow
ing story:
•'I was about here this afternoon
ahout 3:110 o'clock when I
saw Mrs. Calzada standing
on the stoop with her children
standing by her side. The husband,
Francisco Calzada, came along aud be
gan talking to her and I paid no more
attention to them. In it few moments
1 was startled by a shot . Looking up
I saw Calzada standing in the garden
with the youngest child hi his arms.
His wife had fallen to the ground and
he deliberately bent over her and
fired five more'shots into her back.
He then started down Jelterson street
still carrying the infant in his arms.
At the corner a young man named
Ygnacio Jelomcnes grablied the pistol
from his grasp and .placed him under
arrest. He tied his hands with a
piece of rope and left him in my
charge while he went on horseback
after an otliecr."
Oificer Gilbert arrived shortly after
ward and conveyed the man to the
City Prison where he was charged
with murder.
The reisjrter remained until Coroner
Meredith arrived and took charge of
the remains.
The City Prison was visited and the
murderer was found locked up in one
of the cells. He was called out. He
is a Mexican, rather small in stature,
and of very dark complexion. He has
a soft, gentle voice. He told the fol
lowing story:
"My wife and 1 separated two years
ago and we have not lived together
since. Boon after I went away to San
Francisco she went to live with an
other num. 1 asked her frequently to
let me have my little girls, so that I
could place them where they would lie
educated and brought up in decency.
She persistently refused. To-day
I went out to see my little,
girls. I did not go out to kill her.
She was in the yard and I asked her
to bring out the'children. She said
she would not do it. Presently I no
ticed my little girl, and I went up and
kissed her. I told her to bring her
little sister to me and she did ho. I
took the little one in my arms, but
my wife did her best to pull it away
from me. I then took my pistol out
of my belt and
"Yes, I urn sorry for it all, but it is
dove now. 1 thought it was liest to
kill her for my children's sake, and
that is why I did it. 1 did not want a
a woman who was not decent to bring
up my children. I brought suit twice
ih the Superior Court to get the chil
dren, but each time I lost. 1 met and
saw my lawyer yesterday about try
ing it again ;'but there is no use talk
ing about it now—it is all over."
The prisoner went back to his cell
and stretched himself out on the
bench as unconcernedly as though
nothing unusual had liappcned. Thfc
brute was armed with a Remington
45 pistol, and had a belt full of car
tridges. This looks as if he went to the
house with no good intentions.
Twelve years ago Francisco Calzada,
the murderer, anil Inez Comercey, the
victim, were married in tlie city of
Mexico. They lived happily for some
years and then moved to California,
first settling at San lluenavontura
where three children were born. After
sometime a cloud came over their hap
piness antl an estraugment ensued
This was made up however and the
couple moved to I>js Angeles street
and settled in the cottage where the
tragedy took place. Calzada secured
work in Wright's vineyard near Ver
nondale and everything for a time
went well with tho pair. About two
years ago however Calzada accused
his wife of infidelity and taking his
little boy left for Santa Barbara where
he put the boy ut school. Ho then
returned to San Fernando and got a
job of herding horses for A. Bubio.
caizada's wkonob.
To Uubio.about two weeks ago he
stated his whole family history. He
reviewed the fact at his separation and
deeply deplored the fact that he and
his wife could not agree. EH said
that he loved her even Btill as fondly
as he did on his wedding day, but he
said that her virtue was v thing of the
past. Since they parted she hud
taken into her affections a iiergonage
named A. Uomanero, with whom she
had since been living. Ho said that
he could not have his little girls domo
cilcd under the same roof of iniquity.
They were young and still virtuous and
he predicted a aad late for them in after
life if they were reurwd under the guM
ariee of a mother who had fallen. Re I
said that he intended coming to this
city and secure the children if he
could. Last Sunday night he arrived
here and took a room at the Italian
hoarding house on Alameda street.
He remained around the streets al
most continually until yesterday after
noon, when he decided to call out and
see his wife and try and get possession
of tho girls.
What occurred on his arrival at the
house of his former wife is related
above. It is the most horrible mur
der on record, and it was by tt scratch
that Calzada reached the jail alive.
He said that he wanted to die for
what he had done, and was perfectly
willing to Ixj lynched. An autopsy
will be held this" morning by Dr. Muc
tiowan, and at 10 o'clock the Coroner
will hold an inquest.
A t'lowinir Well of Uoea Water,
Another Pile-Driver Ordered.
A fine flowing well of sweet water
has lieen struck at La Ballona at a
depth of eighty-seven aud one-half
feet. This is important for the Har
bor Improvement Company, ns the
water in the surface well used in the
steam boilers was a little brackish and
might make mischief alter a long use.
Kx-Governor Perkins is much
pleased with the work at that place,
and says that if the managers go on
as they are now going they can send
in light-draught steamers in two weeks
from date. He and Capt. Goodnll
will return in a short time fur further
One of the largest coal dealers in
the State is here to ascertain on what
conditions he can get sufficient wharf
room for his business at tlie harbor.
Another pile-driver has lieen or
dered and will soon be at work, as tbe
present driver, although doing well,
cannot do all the work in tho time re
quired. The dredger is doing a good
work and is the finest on the coast.
The work of track-laving on the
Ballona branch of tbe California Cen
tral is going on steadily, and from the
present progress of tlie work, will
reach tidewater this week. From
present appearances much of the
freight now landed at San Diego for
tlie interior stations on the California
Central will be landed at Ballona
within a few weeks. That will create
a large change of business, as the line
from Ballona to Pasadena and other
places east to San Bernardino is 130
miles shorter than from San Diego.
The Tustin Auction Sale.
About four carloads of people wont
from this place yesterday to the auc
tion at Tustin. Among the number
were many who had never before vis
ited Tustin or the Santa Ana valley.
To say that they were charmed iH but
It) feebly express tlie feelings of those
who first looked upon this wonderful
valley and its ■'t'ume" town —Tnstin.
The excursionists were met at the
train by carriages and street cars
which conveyed them from Santa Ana
to Tiistin. Here all arrangements had
been made for the reception of the vis
itors. At the (/rounds H. H. Matlock
& Son, the i>opular auctioneers, cap
tured tlie wanderers and held them
captive for an hour and a half. In
that time they disposed of all the lots
— Tl in number —at ham Me auction,
for about 125,000. While the lots were
sold at fair figures, they were, never
theless, reasonable enough to (rive
each purchaser an opportttnfty to make
money on his investment. This pur
chasers will surely do, as in the judg
ment of all lots in TiiHtin will double
in value within four months from this
date. The unexcelled lieauty and pro
ductiveness of the locality warrants
such a prediction. In conclusion, it
may be well to say that great credit is
due to J. W. Gardner, as manager,
and H. H. Matlock it Son, as auction
eers, for the highly successful manner
in which both excursion and auction
sale was managed.
The Public Administrator.
Mr. Z. Decker, the Public Adminis
trator, was in the city yesterday. Mr.
Decker says that the little late un
pleasantness lietween himself and the
Grand Jury resulted from his failure
to each month make a report to the
County Clerk of the business trai s
acted in his office. Mr. Decker says
that he. was entirely ignorant of the
existence of such law, and the County
Clerk says that such law has not been
observed by any previous Administra
tor. The money receivod by Mr.
Decker was deposited with the County
Treasurer. As to the published rumor
that Mr. Decker had used a portion of
the public funds coming into his hands
for the pnqiose of speculating in real
estate, the gentleman is happy to state
that he was provided with sufficient
funds of his own, and was not obliged
to nor did lie draw upon the trust money
in his ham Is for real estate speculation.
He says that his bondsmen were will
ing to obligate themselves in any ad
ditional amount required. Decker
isn't built like people who do wrong
tilings intentionally, and his little neg
lect of making his report to the County
Clerk cost him the small sum of $25.
Nobody thought* nor does anybody now
think that Mr. Decker was guilty of
any intentional wrong. Mr. Decker's
statements are carried out by the facts
and the I Ikkai.h is glad to do him sub
stantial justice.
Cinderella at the Opera House.
Next Monday, the Kth, Manager
Wyatt has Mrs. Benton's spectacular
opera of Cinderella interpreted by five
hundred of our little misses varying
in age from three to twelve, and
young ladies from fifteen to twenty
years. Mrs. Benton comes endorsed
and recommended in the highest
manner by the management of the
Madison Square Theater, New York,
and otner first class managers, and by
private, citizens of high social position,
all of whom join the public press in
admitting that Cinderella is one of the
most magnificently mounted and ex
quisitely managed spectacular and
musical efforts ever attempted. The
sale of seats commences on Thursday
morning, popular prices prevailing—
7. r i cents and BO cents.
New Vernon
Concert August 3d.
Santa illouicn.
(let aboard, 20 cars, lunch and music
room for everybody. Wednesday. August
10th. lieu H. Ward, for (nil partlcks.
tor Program men
Of concert '. tbo Seventh Infantry Battel'
ion band, August ad, call at tWO S. Main
street. W. B. Hckk.
A Nen.Ukln tor Vopr Wife.
Buy a lot. Where. Santa Monica, Wadncs
day, August 10th; til) cars; gland time. Prof,
Its in 80 days will get your w ifo a sealskin.
See large ad. and Ben K. Ward, Auctioneer,
j 4 Court street.
Cheap Late and Kaay
Terina at Doll Yale. Particulars at 106
Commercial street.
Selection and Anlgnmrnt of the
! The Board of Education met last
evening in the chambers of the City
Council, T. S. Graham in the chair
and Mrs. A. S. Averill, C. I*. Thurs
|ton,C. N. Karl and Superintendent
j W. M. Kriesner present.
On motion of Mrs. Averill it was de
cided that bills be audited only ut the
■ first meeting of each month.
! Resignations were received from
Hose Hardenburg, Looiaa Williams
' and Maggie Phillipson. Accepted.
! A communication was received from
' a number of residents, asking for the
use of a room in the Spring-street
building during vacation. Denied on
the ground thai the building is about
to lie repaired.
| A communication was received from
| 0. Dueommun, asking co-operation in
his effort to keep the Chinese from
settling near the Amelia-street school.
On motion of Mr. Earl the following
were appointed as a committee to pre
sent the matter to the Council and to
wait upon Hellman, Haas A Co.: Dr.
Kurtz, Mrs. Averill and Siqierintend
ent Kriesner.
A bond Wiis received from Miss
Eva L. Earl. Approved and filed.
A numlier of acceptances from jani
tors appointed at the last meeting
were received and filed.
Miss Ada Sehuber was elected to
the position of janitress vacated by
Mrs. Watson.
Several application* for positions an
teachers were received and referred
to the Committee on Teachers.
The following were elected teachers
in the Department: Mr. (ieorge How
land, Miss Ella Toy, Miss M. K.
Kooßer, Miss Seliritt Burston, Miss
Ida Teed, Miss May Cowan, Miss
Nettie M. Dick, Miss Leonora llassler,
Mrs. L. M. Korston, Miss Ella Mad
drill, Miss Delia Watkins.
Mrs. Averill moved that tlie school
year open on the first Monday in Oc
tober and continue in session thirty
six weeks, not including vacations.
Air. (iraliam introduced a resolution
making the election of feaehwi for
the term of two years, instead of one.
The following assignments of teach
ers were announced:
Highland View School—Principal,
Miss Libbie Snyder; assistant, Miss
Mary (Slower.
Hellman Street —Principal, Mrs. A.
E. Raker; assistants, Miss Mary
Henderson, Miss Alice C. (irav, Mrs.
A. E. Baker, Miss Annabel "Titttle,
Mrs. ML K. Blake, Miss Dora A.
Perry, Miss K. MeGraw, Miss Bertha
E. Gordon.
Griffin Avenue—Principal, Miss
Mattie Hale; assistants, Miss Linda
Watson, Miss Helen Hunt, Miss Fan
nie O'Hanlon, Miss Ada F. Hutchings.
Brooklyn Heights—Principal, Miss
Jennie Haas: assistants, Miss Francis
V. Harrow, Miss Minnie M. Perley,
Miss May Holmes.
Boyle Heights—Principal, Miss Jen
nie Krater; assistants, Miss M. E.
Mvtrdock, Miss Olivia Day. Miss Anna
('. Murphy, Miss Carrie E.Remington.
Detxit School—Principal, M. C. Bet
tinger; assistants, Miss Helen Henry,
Miss Jennie C. Gould, Miss Eva Hol
brook, Miss Nora L. Desmond.
Amelia Street—Principal, Miss C.
Murray; assistants, .MissNettieGetch
ell, Miss Jennie McCarthy, Miss Car
rie Roberto, Miss Alary A. Cook, Miss
Nellie Fitzmier, Miss Christie Mueller.
Garey Street —Principal, Mia*Lattie
A. Bowers; assistants, Miss Ella
Dixon, Mrs. Emma A. Hanchette,
Miss Anna Harris.
Seventh Street—Principal, Miss
Maggie Trace; assistant, Miss Nora
.n.._ i>—:....:.... i m..- i 1 ii
Caatellar —Principal, Mrs. ( . I*.
Dubois; assistants, Mrs. Fit/. Gerald,
Mrs. Julia Horn back, Miss Adeline
Verlian. Miss 1.. I*. Keller, Miss Cora
M. Getchell, Miss Jessie Gibson, Miss
Mary McDonald.
Temple street. —Principal,H.G. Hur
nett; assistants Miss Fannie Wright,
Miss Lucy D. McConnell, Miss Mattie
V. Paul, Miss Helen H. Field.
Sand street. —Principal, George D.
Howland; assistants Miss Cora S.
Slack, Miss Grace Murdock, Miss M.
M. Hewes, Mrs. It A. P. Smith,
Miss Mary J. Brown, Miss M. Helen
Wooster, Miss Belle Overman, Miss K.
Pearl street.—Principal, Mrs. M. A.
White; assistant Miss Hattie 1'".
Normal Training.—Principal, Miss
M. A. Knapp; assistants Miss Fannie
Quesnal, Miss Clara Stottenburg.
Spring street. —Principal, A. W.
Plmnmer; assistants Miss E. J. Gib-
Ma, Miss N. F. W. Pond, Miss Clara
Bruere, Miss Maggie Desmond, Miss
Mattie H. Wilson. Miss Mabel Korick,
Miss Nellie T. Ray, Miss Cecilia
Auld, Miss Regina Weinshank, Miss
Kmma Fleishman.
High School.—Principal, Fred H.
Clark ; assistants Miss 1.. A. Packard,
Mrs. M. J. Frick, Miss F. A. Dunham,
Mrs. M. A. Chapman.
Eighth stre t—Principal, Miss M.
K. Scott; assistants, Mrs. M. B. Gar
butt, Miss Minnie Baxter, Miss Min
nie Devin, Miss M. A. Parmelee, Miss
A. G. Sharp. Miss Besta Ohnstead,
Mrs. Isaliella Conn, Mrs. Maml
Montgomery street —Principal, R.
F. Bailee; assistant, Miss F.va Holt.
Morris Vineyard—Principal, Miss
Janet Henderson; assistants, Miss
SaraC. Ruse, Miss Ida McCorniick.
San Pedro street —Principal, Geo.
On motion of Mr. Graham the Pres
ident and Secretary of the Board were
authorized to draw warrants for labor
Mr. F.arl was granted a leave of ab
sence for two months, after which the
Hoard adjourned.
The Porter Land and Water
Mean Business. They are niakiug immense
Improvements at San Fernando and the
Ruucbo Ex-Mission. They have been hav
ing immense sales The property has un
usual merit and deserves all the success it
is meeting with. That section is one of the
few where scale bugs do not exist.
All Large Syndicates
Employ liurliiigame, the contractor, to im
prove their tracts. Biirllngaine is the boss
contractor, ami don't yon forget it.
Hetter iccsanisiiMloui.
More Pullman palace cars are now arriv
ing vfa the Santa Fe route, whloh are to
be used between Los Angeles and Kansas
Olty to accommodate the increased travel
eaat bound. This company Is also running
dally emigrant tourist oars direct from Los
Angelea to Kansas City.
Hurbauk Improvements.
Street railways ami buildings to be built.
By a resolution passed by tlie Board ol Di
rectors a atreet railway Ia to be oommenoed
Immediately on Olive avenue, and com
pleted aa soon as possible; also tarn mot*
new buildings to be oommenoed and com
pleted aa last as men and material can be
provided, aa tbe demand lor buildings Is
isiin sxeesa ol the supply.
tl. C. Isoutrhertr Retiree on Ac
count of 111 Health.
The Turf Club saloou at 115 North
Spring atreet has undergone a business
(-flange by the wlthdrawalof H.C. Dougherty.
The house wlch Is one of the very best class
was owned for seveial yeais by If. C. Dough
eityand Fl' ('lenience. It Is also popularly
kuown as "Clem & Harry's." For some time
past Mr. Dougherty's friends have lieun
pulitcd to sco th* unfavorable turn in his.
health. Ills many trips to the country did
him but little good and acting upon the ad
vice of his phvsielan he disposed of his in
terest to his partner, F. I*. ('lenience, who is
now tlie sole proprietor. Mr. clemcnce has
always kept the house well (soaked with the
tießl of liquors and goods lv liiH line. The
house lias recently been entirely renovated
and iiiiinv new additions made for the case
and comfort of his patrons and the public lv
general. Mr. Dougherty still retains Ills in
terest in the 'furl Club saloon at Santa Mon
ies a ben be is at present rusticating It
J. Alonzo Fisher. A. If., I'll. P., from Johns
Hopkins University. Baltimore, will shortly
o giuiize, in l.os Angeles, Kirk wood Acad
enn—an undenominational school of high
grade, modeled after the (lei man gymna
sium. In the commercial and collegiate de
part incuts. Dr. Fisher will be aided by Pro
fessoi Char MM Davidson, M. A. (from Vale),
founder of the Minneapolis Aeadeniv. tho
Chevalier F. L. «. Roehrlg, Ph. I). (Lelpsle),
of Los Angeles, and others.
First—Advanced classes, for boys only,
will Ik- organized Wednesday. September
14th, at 702 S. Olive St., near hlghtli.
Second—Kirkwood ' rimury School, for
both Ihivs and girls, will la- organized by n
competent lady, Monde , August 15th, in
theOerinnn Lutheran Church on Olive St.,
between Seventh and Kightll.
Third—Kirkwood Kindergarten is how in
session at the church, dally, till It! M., under
the direction of Miss Hi He Pendleton, who
will enroll kindergarten and primary pupils.
Realdence, Tenth and Flower streets.
Hoarding pupils accommodated.
Fur further Information address the Prin
cipal at 38 s. Olive St., near Second. agH In
I'rce Carriages
Will leave every nour during the day from
the Los Angeles Land Bureau to view the
benatlfal property to be sold on Thursday,
the 4th lust.. In the Vernon district, only
one fourth mile from city limits, on the cor
ner of Central and Vernon avenues. Sale
will be on the grounds. Free lunch will be
served. Knston, Kldrige & Co., auctioneers.
A Fine Investment.
Stock in the company organized to pur
chase 11,#00 ucres in the famous Lankcr
shim ranch in the Sun Fernando Valley
adjoining the high priced Providencia land.
Oal, aafl per acre to purchasers of stock.
See ads. or call on Byrum & I'oiiulcxter, No.
27 West First sti eet or Burch & Boal, 130
West First street. If
lii for inn Hon Wulltcd
of f. D. (Ireful wh» left Itewhe.ll. Lob
Aimeles county, on horseback on July 1 Bth,
intending to ko to Uis Angeles and invest
money In land, but ns no word has been
received from him since his departure ft Ib
feared something is wrong. He wore a
black suit of ready made clothes, black stirl
hat and ■ full, thin, sandy beard. Ko* a
good looking dapple gray mare, slightly
lame in one hind foot. He could be noticed
while standing. Ids knee landing backwards
and bad a ha bit of laughing slightly while
in common conversation. Very muscular
looking, live feet two inches tall and thirty
five years old. Information thankfully re
ceived by bis wife, Mrs. F. D. UraMat, New
hall, l.os" Angeli s county, Cat
Los Av.i.i.r.s. Cal., Aug. 1. IHB7.
./. »: etardaer, /■>;..•
Take notice that I hereby withdraw and
revoke any and all authority you may ever
have hud from tuetoiiet as my agent in the
s:lliugof forty acres of land situated near
Fulton Wells, in this county, belonging to
me and bounded on the north by I halt'ee, on
the east by A T. AS. F. K. H. Co.. on the
south by Mill tract and Frilton Wells, on
the west by ('.«'. Mnson.
T. at. I'KUKINS.
t»3300, Undid Avenue
lot lv Loiigstreet Tract—ttto only 10l that
can be bought for this money to day. Sher
man and .V Short, 184 W. First Street.
Look Out for Vernon Park.
Highland Rrand <"oiidrn*t-d Milk
Is cream. Try it instead of cream on fruits.
It can be used for any purpose of liquid
milk- by addition oi water, lor oyster stews
it is unexcelled, lv ten, eofl'ee or chocolate,
equal to cream. For sale by all grocers and
Smokers Beware.
Unprincipled imitatiors are endeavoring
to do business on the reputation of our Daily
Herald Viaam by placing goods of similar
stvlc and iisme on the market, but of very
inferior quality, in order to protect smokers
of the original Dafla Herald cigars we use
this menus of calling their attention to the
imposition. See that when you call for the
Daily Herald yon receive no other and be
sure that each box is guaranteed by our sig
nature M. A, N'kwmakk m 80.
Saturday* Real Estate Auction
The fifth r gulnr sale of real cßtnte at auc
tion tnkcß place ou Saturday next at the
large salesroom of the Southern California
Land I'otnpaiiy. Baker block.
Highland Brand Condensed milk
This is absolutely pure milk. A'o sugar.
,Vo chemicals. It is simply preserved by the
destruction of nil yorms 11/ fermentation
For children It Is unexcelled, for sale by all
grocers and druggists.
('our Lines off Hoad,
With a poslbility of five, will be running
into Santa Monica by another season. Buy
now sad bold; you will double up the mon
ey. No city bus v battel future. Wednesday,
August 1 Oth. will witness the sale of the
prettiest property ever offered. See large ml.
Ben. K. Ward, Auctioneer.
Mrliarr) Tract,
Sear the new passenger depot, of the South
ern Pacific railroad company. Sale now go
ing on at the ofnee of Staunton &. Matthews,
So. ;t Sorth Main street.
See Larger Ad.
Stone walks; water piped; "Santa Fe "
tract ut tan la Monica. Brand peremptory
credit sale. See law ad. Ifen. K. Ward, or
Tanner, Lewis & CO,, owners and agents,
Santa Monica.
Hotel for .Sale.
Tbe new hotel at North Ontario, or Mag
nolia, will be told to the firat cogy toe the
contract pile-of thi bull ing. M 6.000, OJ
easy terms. A whole block ol land, worth
$10,000, will be thrown In. <>\er nn>
rooms, For the dUys .inly. ...... „.,
. KAU, sun Beruardiuo, Lai.
Telephone 39.
look Out for ternon Parla.
Professor Geo. Bartholomew,
who has been entertaining us witli his
trained horses, has purchased lot 1, block 2,
in '•Wells Tract," through J. M. Green 4 Co.
lis West Flißt street, where he prolines to
erect n handsome residence on ills return
from his tour through Mexico. The Profes
sor leaves us to-morrow morning.
Do not Fail to Buy
One of those tffM lots. The bus leaves (fare
flve ccuts) at 8 a. m. and t v. M. to sen them.
Ureal, bargains, near in and selling very fust.
This Is something new. Cull early ami Hud
Chas. Victor Hull, 41 South Spring street.
J exiting between the undesigned under
the tlrm name of .Weliistmrik 4 ktiox has
this day lieen mutually dissolved; sulci Knox
to continue the business. Mr. Knox will
collect sll bills due the flrai, and pay nil lia
bilities of the firm
Dated Los Angeles. .VN K.
an'J lmo D KNOX.
, Owing to the Illfficnlty
In procuring passenger oars the sale ol lots
fbrNew Vernon will be held at Armory
Hall August 3d.
Auction Sales
Real Estate.
224 N. Mnin St., linker Block,
Saturday, Aug 6, at 11 a.m.
Asthos" sales are intended to be legitimate
anri iKjna llile, establishing fair prices and
keeping down ruinous inflation, every care
will be taken to protect the purchasers from
inside bidding and unfair competition.
All property for this sale must be placed
with us bj 12 M. of the 4th. Catalogues on
Mo. I—Very Valuable Central Lot
on the Chi Ids Tract.
That flnelj located lot on the north ride
of Sautce street, adjoining the northeast
comer of Eleventh trect, two blocks only
from Main street, being one of the best res -
deuce lots in the city, surrounded by elegant
homes. Size, 50x150. Sale positive; terms
No. 2—Very Desirable Lot on the
I'rmston Tract.
I,ot 3, Block 6, on the Urmston tract'
fronting on Clinton avenue 50x118, near
Hoover street. Plank sidewalks, electric
lights, etc.
Sale positive: terms cosh.
Bin. 3—Valuable Lot* on Washing -
ton Street.
I<ot fronting, 50x150, on Washington
street, 400 feet east of San Pedro, being No.
Sin the Washington tract. Horse car lines
and the cable system will pass in front of
this property on both streets. It will without
doubt rapidly increase in vnlue and pay
largely as an investment. Terms one
third cash, balance in payments.
No. 4—Lot 9, Adjoining. Maine
No. 3—Lot 10, Adjoining. Same
\o. b Valuable Lot on Eleventh
Uit on south side of Eleventh street, 100
feet east of Vernon avenue, fronting 50x
122} 2 ft. I'lank sidewalk- aad electrlclights:
adjacent to the Pico street ars, and the
rear] street line. This is a very desirable
residence lot. Sale positive; terms cash.
No. 7 —Line lot on the I rmstan
lxit 2D, Block t>, on the Urmston tract,
fronting 50 feet on Forrester avenue, by 118
feet, l'lank sidewalks and electric lights.
Lots in this locality arc dully appreciating in
value. Sale positive: terms cash.
£)>3r-This list will be added to daily until
hd*JaM iigj-tf
11. c. Wvatt Manager.
ON I WEF:K, Commencing MONDAY,
Orand Spectacular Opera of
C'lN DEUEL 1. At
500 most Talented Children of Lo Angeles.
Under the direction of
The originator of Juvenile Opera in America.
Nkw Music! Obanii Marciif.sl!
Nkw Sonus! Pklitv Waltzes!!
Magnificent Amazonian Marches and Great
Transformation Scene.;.
Admission 75 cents aud 50 cents.
11. 0, W yatt lessee and Manager.
| Q D 1 X I P A R A D O X.
~*2o - EDLCATED HORSES - «0~ !
Absolutely the Most Marvelous Exhibition
of the Nineteenth Century—Wit- ■
Beaeed the Past Week by i
More Than I
7000 PEOPLE.
Nora—Owing to the enormous business
and In compliance with numerous requests,
the management have arranged with PROF.
BARTHOLOMEW to postpone his engage
ment at San Bernardino until Thursday next.
Children to Ihc Matinee ouly 25 Cents.
£ajr-<>» ritl< H IAHfI !■«
tf II
11 »
This la the Largest Ostrich farm.
Forty magnificent birds from 18 months
to 10 years old always on view.
Also a large Collection of Animals and Birds.
Ost rich farming in all its branches.
By Memo's Military Baud
Cornet Solos by Mr D. W. DouoLii, late of
Open dally. Admission 26 and 10c The
Maln-atreet cars slop at tne gate*.
mjlO—«in OAWBTON A FOX, Props.
Battle of 4 <iettyabnrg I
M •■ tt
Open dally from 10 a. m. tot a. aa., and
f rem 7 JO to 10 o'olook every evaalae, ■oath
Main street. Can stop al the lmasaaa **»
city »r pa mm. ~r " '
Spring and Smnmer, 1887, Novelties.
I ■• • .'ll**.
IMPORTfit) 1 '
Dress Goods and Trimmings
mtH -to—
The European H_l IS ' EXAMINE
-*■»— —oo»—
Eastern Markets. New Stock of Goods,
The Peerless Dry Goods Emporium of SottLwri Calitaila, -
Room 3, No. 10 Court Street,
J L_ ! I_
_ ____________________
g 21 $000 $UOO 16 S
g 22 $700 $700 15 | S
w ________ '6
ff c 23 $800 $800 14 g ?
c d
« g 24 $1000 $1000 13 * Se
a I SB
g g 25 $1000 $1000 12 % ©
% 20 $900 $000 11 %
1 rppoc'f ritrpft. I stiff. Uar fine '"''"' rT ~"
□_l :
Centrally Located, Comraaiidinrt Lovely, Vlowa, and MaWnaaea I* the City tor (MM
Building Sites, now offered for sale acwately atirery lew fn"!* „ ' _
terms—One third caeb; out third In etx awata; HMW s***»iYe months; wttk M
per cent Interest. Krt-e carrta«e from eatee of

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