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Called states Signal Service. ,
Report of observations taken at Los An
geles. CaL, August 31, 1887, by War Depart- 1
tent: 1
">iolncri „„ ' T)ew WH !
Tlme I Bar. |Ther. |p oln t|^ d [lc'y| ther.
4*7 A.M.|29.88 59 57 iNWi i Cl'Uy
12:07 P.M. 29.90 76 63 SW! 8 Fair
7:07 p.m. 129.85 65 62 IW| 6 I Clear ,
Max. temp., 78; mm. temp., 56.
Solicitor Wanted.
An advertising solicitor Is wanted at the
Hkrald Ofpice. He must have had some
experience In this line. Call between one
and three o'clock p. at.
News Notes.
transient oi rcai estate yeßwiuay
amounted to (385,427.
The Grand Army edition of the Il
lustrated Hkrald is nearly ready
for delivery. It will be a good publi
cation to Bend abroad.
To-day is the day set for the visit of
the City Council to the property of
Hellman & Haas on Labory lane, on
which it is proposed to build quarters
for the Chinese.
Some unknown person thought he
saw an incipient blaze in Chinatown
last night and turned in an alarm
shortly after 0 o'clock. When the
fire department arrived on the spot no
fire was to be found, nor was the in
dividual who turned in the alarm from
box 04.
Mathews Bros. & Bartning, the com
mission merchants, are removing from
their place, at 18 South Spring street,
to 252-54-56 South Spring street. These
gentlemen are at the head of the com
mission business in Los Angeles, and
it is well that they have moved into
larger quarters.
Mr. R. Ashley and wife, who for
merly kept the Ashley House, which
was recently destroyed by fire, have
returned from a six-weeks' trip to
Portland and other points in Oregon
and Washington Territory. Mr. and
Mrs. Ashley visited many friends on
tlieir trip and were glad to get back to
Los Angeles, which they think is the
loveliest city in the world.
Pile-driving on the levee between
the covered bridge and Aliso street is
proceeding rapidly, and the piles are
all on hand and strewn along the west
bank of the river for miles below. The
City Council did the proper thing on
on Monday in ordering the piles set
the east side of the river from the
official bed of the river to Kuhrts
street. It cannot be done too soon.
Eugene Gamier has sold the noted
Encino rancho to M. L. Fish, W. H.
Carlin, F. C. Garbutt, James S. Ton
ner and R. C. Shaw for $334,000. He
got in cash $500 to bind the bargain.
The Encino rancho belongs to the Ox
arart estate and the attorneys who
have that estate in charge claim that
Gamier can give no title at all. How
ever, as Gamier has set up a claim,
the attorneys for the Oxarart heirs
have brought suit to quiet title, and it
will be heard on Sept. 10th.
Personal Mention.
Mayor Workman is expected back
Mrs. J. M. Krdman left for the East
J. C. Hittcl, the historian, is at the
Pico House.
Geo. H. Bixby went to San Fran
cisco yesterday.
R. N. Loucks, of I'omona, is stoi
ping at the Nadeau.
Hon. John G. ('apron left for San
Francisco yesterday.
W. Rolfe, City of Mexico, is regis
tered at the St. Elmo.
Hon. Drury Malone returned to San
Francisco yesterday overland.
L. Englander, a prominent criminal
lawyer of San Francisco, is registered
at the Nadeau.
H. A. Van Amringe, of Samuel
More & Co., of San Francisco, is in
the city on a short visit.
■ .M. V. Biscailuz, Esq., has been ap
pointed by Judge Ross to defend Gal
lagher, a poor devil who is charged
with selling whisky to Indians.
Judge J. D. Bicknell returned yes
terday from a vacation which he has
been spending in the northern portion
of the State. The Judge is much im
proved in health and spirits.
Cy. Lyon, one of our old-timers,
who has been very sick for a long time
past, is getting around again and gain
ing strength quite rapidly. His num
erous friends are glad to grasp Cy.'s
honest hand once more.
Mrs. Henry Baer was one of the
ladies in tbe carriage at Santa Monica
which was run down by the " Tally
Ho" coach. She was somewhat
bruised, but her friends are rejoiced
that she received no serious injuries.
The Coming Man in the Dim,
Distant Future.
Now that J. K. Skinner lias been
nagged into resigning his position as
Chief of l'olice, tlie Republicans who
were instrumental in forcing him to
take this step are at a loss to rind a
man who will acceptably fill his place.
The Republicans are short of timber.
Of course they can pick up fellows in
their ranks who would accept the
position. Possibly some two or three
thousand of the faithful stand ready
to walk up to the rack and allow
themselves to be persuaded to be sworn
in. The Republican Council, how
ever, is possessed of some sense. It
-wants to put a man in who will last
longer than two weeks. The following
able and distinguished rustlers in the
Republican ranks are spoken of,
Captain P. M. Darcy, Capt. Tyler,
Capt. Thornton, Doc Dunlap and
numerous otherß. Tlie best man the
Republicans can put in the position is
-James Meredith, the present very
efficient Coroner of this couuty. It is
not probable that Dr. Meredith will
accept the olHce unless it is forced
upon him. In the first place he
is doing very well in tiie
Coroner's office and making some
money. In the second place
Jim lias it in his head to rim for
term and will lay for the
Republican nomination. This brings
the Council to a standstill, but it will
not surprise people very much if Mer
«dith is elected by acclamation and a
party pressure brought to bear upon
him that will make him accept the
If the Council had tiie best interests
<A the city at heart it would disregard
the question of politics and elect
Tom Caddy as Chief, Kvervbody
known that the city has never liad a 1
Chief of JPolice since Cuddy retired.
It is not at all sure, however, that
Cuddy would accept the office. All
know that Cuddy has the police
business down finer than any man in
California. He commenced as a dep
uty zanjero and worked his wav up to
Chtef of Police.
Commodore Haiues of the Western
I it ion Steps Out.
The business community of Los An
geles will regret to learn that Mr. R.
R. Haines, the head of the Western
Union telegraph office in this city has
resigned his position. Of course every
body has a grievance against the tele
graph office as they have with the Post
master, but Commodore Haines has
given universal satisfaction in tlie po
sition of superintendent of the Wes
tern Union office in this city since
1881 and hence the regret. He re
signed because the work was too hard
for him. Business has increased at a
wonderful rate, and the "old man"
wanted a vacation. He wanted to go to
the seaside and recuperate. This re
quest was denied him. The company
for which he worked took it
as a personal insult that he should
think of leaving his post unless lie
was carried away in a coffiu. The
Commodore, however, has sense like
a hired man and he saw that the work
was telling on him to such a degree
that his health was seriously im
paired, and he sent in his resignation.
The following extract from a letter
written by Frank Jaynes, the General
Manager of the Western Union com
pany, will show in what great esteem
the "old man" was held.
" Your letter of the 23d, containing
your resignation, to take effect on the
27th, received. I fully appreciate
your reasons for leaving tiie service.
Personally it is with regret that I ac
cept your resignation, and I have lieen
in ho]>es that arrangements could be
made to make your position easier
and more profitable. You being al
most the last one of the old guard, I
feel in parting with you as lieing left
alone in tbe wilderness."
Mr. E. A. Beardslee of Sacramento
will assume the position of superin
tendent of the Los Angeles office; anil
while he is a clever, pleasant and
competent gentleman, he will have to
do lots of work to fill acceptably the
shoes of the " Ancient Mariner."
The Injured Parties all Doing
Well and Recovering Rapidly.
The accident to General Miles and
party as correctly reported in the
Herald yesterday caused much cont
inent. It can now be stated that the
injured parties are doing well and that
iv a few days ali of them will lie out.
Captain Will. Banning was not on the
coach when tho accident occurred and
lie escaped both injury and comment.
One of the horses in the lead was so
badly injured that it died yesterday.
It was the finest horse in the outfit.
Dr. K. D. Wise, who attended the
unfortunate victims of the Santa
Monica, on Tuesday, returned yester
day. He states that treneral Miles,
whose left ankle was fractured, is
resting very easily and is doing as
well as could be expected. Miss
Stoneman is also progressing favor
ably, as are also all the other mem
bers of the party.
People's Store.
We have on special sale to-day a beautiful
line of ladies' skirts at 75c each. This line
includes striped chambray. fancy satine
styles, etc. Some are worth as much as
$1.50; to-day they will sell at the uniform
pi ice of 75c.
We have on special sale to-day an extra
size, heavy Marseilles quilt at $1.25 each.
These quilts are large enough for any dou
ble bed and a heavier quality than is gener
ally sold at $2.
In our dress goods department we will
have on special sale to-day a large line of
fancy brocaded dress goods at 10c a yard.
They comprise desirable shades of gray,
brown and tans, etc. This quality has al
ways been sold at 20c.
We have just opened a new line of heavy
weight, black luster Sicilians which we
place upon our dress goods counters to-dsy
nt SOc a yard. We will compare this qual
ity with any sold in this city ai 75 cents a
An extra special bargain in ourdrcssgoods
department to-day is a line of extra heavy
Faille Fran call dress silks in a few desirable
shades at 75c. These goods have always
been sold nt $1.25.
In our underwear department we have on
sale a line of lace and insertion trimmed
dressing Means* at SOc each: goods that
have always been sold at $1.50 and $1.75.
Tain o'Shanter shape lace caps 75c each,
worth $1.50.
In our domestic department we have on
special sale heavy white lawn, suitable for
dresses and aprons. 4c a yard, worth BC£c.
Cornice poles, all varieties of woods, with
fixtures complete, at SOc each. Drapery pins
5c a dozen.
In our furnishing goods department we
have on sale figured pique shield shape
neckties, 15c a dozen; a large assortment of
I our shoe department we have on sale
four extra fine bargains:—
First— Infants' glove kid, patent leather
tip button shoes. 75c; good value at $1.00.
Second—Ladies' pebble goat button shoes.
$1.50; regular price, $2.00.
Third—MissesC'urocou button shoes $1.75;
regular price. $2.50.
Fourth—Ladies' Curocoa kid opera toe but
ton shoes, $2.75; regular price, $3.50.
People's Store.
Will Re Stopped at Noon.
The stockholders of the Barton Land and
Water Company met to-day and will stop
the sale of stock. It lias proved one of the
best selling stocks ever placed on the mar
ket. The opportunity to get it at first hands
will cease at noon to-day. It is a splendid
investntent for you. Call at No. BN. Spring
street, before noon. Day, Hinton »fc Mathcs.
What is Silent
Vail <t McFarland doing adjoining Meadow
Park? Ask any of the real estate men? Take
advantage of this pointer for a few days only.
Resident lots $75: business lots $100. Moss
& Ward, 134 N. Main street.
The New Depot.
Reliable Information has been received
from Mr. Towne, General Manager of the
Southern Pacific Railroad Co., agreeing to
situation of railroad and station on the east
aide of the Seitz Tract, as shown ou the maps
of the same at the office ■ f Russell, Cox &
Co., 132 West First street.
To All Concerned.
-The contractor, Mr. Burllngame, who is at
W'oriCson the massive levee along the water
frout or\thc Seltz Tract, is under bonds to
have theNwork completed by November the
15th nexK Those wishing to secure lots
cheap had Netter buy before that time, as
the prices are then bound to ndvance. Rus
sell, Cox 4 ffio., 132 West First street.
Ocenn| Breeze ut Roarcrans
Only six miles from Los Angeles. Carriages
leave dally from our otlice, Wilson Block,
31 W. First itreet,
Q.( I c.
"gain Set" lain the
Thermal belt,! above fog, and no frosts. It Is
ten minutes' rlide to the ocean. Sale Mon
day, August lath. Room lti, over Los An
geles Natloualt Bank, up stairs.
\ E.E. Hall, Secretary.
SIIILOH'SCtyUOH and Consumption Cure
is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Con
sumption. C. f . Heinzeman agent, Los An
geles. (
A FVne View of
Sun Set can be had from Asgeleno Heights.
Sale of lot* in Bc;n Set begins Monday, Au
gust 15th. Rooun 18. over Los Angeles Na
tional Bank. £. E. Hall, Secretary. '
In Set
t Will have plenty of pure, cold mountain
i wate- piped to every lot. Sale begins Mon
-1 day morning August 15th. at Room 16, over
3 Los Augeles National Bank,
j K. E. Hall, Sect'y.
Cirandest View
' In Southern California at Rosecrans, only
six miles from Los Augeles.
Get Rich thi* fall
By buying at Rosecrans.
o. i. c.
How sad to see one gifted with youth and
beauty, a pleasant home, surrounded by toy
' ing friends, aud everything that makes life
I desirable and enjoyable, fading away day by
day, with no hope of release save in death.
• It was only a slight col lat first. A single
. dose of Frcse's Hamburg Tea would have re
moved the obstruction, restored the ctreula
- tion. Biid given back to society one of its
q ightest ornaments.
"Sun Set."
Call at the company's office and see plnns
' and design for tbe large hotel at Sun Set.
Sale of lots begins Monday morning. Augusl
' 15th. Room lti, over Ix>,; Augeles National
, Bank. X. E. Hall. Secretary.
"Suu Set."
I Ono of the grandest siglite is to stand ou
any one of the Sun Set lots and see the
! suu set in old I'aciiic with golden splendor.
Sale of Sun Set lot* begins Monday, August
i 15th, at room lti. over Los Angeles National
Bank. E. E. Hall. Se<■eetary.
Hosecrans in the Cheapest
And best place for investments and specu
lation. Why ' Because you can treble your
money this'fall; buy before the myriads
flock from the east and buy up all the
choice locations. Tbe motor road to Rose
crans will be built at once.
o. T. c.
Hurry Ip I !!
And secure lots in the Seitz Tract. a number
of the purchasers are buying with the in
tention ofbuilding on tlie Tract. Free ride
from the office of Kussell, Cox A Co., 181
West First street.
S3-50 Round Trip
To Lucerne. Lake, Elsinorc and Murrietta.
Leaves A. m P. depot at il:05 A. M. Friday,
Sept. 2d. Returns next day. Be rare and
go and see new town, mines, nianufncturics,
hot springs and tine binds. Only .50 tickets
will be sold.
H Propo-cd%i: n X li!»hp<'lup.
'tt is proposeTl to form in l.os Angeles an
English Club, for the social intercourse and
comfort of British born residents. The
term., suggested are ifio entrance and $10
annual subscription. Gentlemen who would
be willing to join such a club are requested
to send their names to Mr. H. I). Johnson,
16 South Main street. Honorable Secretary
pro tern.
The Mexican remedy for diseases of the
kidneys aud bladder is Damiana Bitters.
Michel Levy & Co., wholesale ratos.
Highland Rrand Condensed "M ilk
Iseream. Try it instead of cream on fruits
In tea, coffee or chocolate, equal to cream..
o" 1. c.
" Westward" Ho!
The Star of Empire takes its way to "Sun
set." Sale of lots begins Monday. August
15th, nt Room 16, over Los Angeles National
Bank. E. E. Hall, Secretary.
A Feast.
A nunber of delicious courses of Adams
street tid-bits have already bceu served to
tickle the public palate. The banquet is
about to be completed. The desert and
champagne are now ready.—T. B. Brown is
subdividing his home place ou a generous
scale und intends giving bis friends lots—for
a consideration. Those wishing tirst choice
aril] be attended to in the order iv which
they leave there names with
Sole Agent, 91 Temple Block.
The Hotel Brunswick
At Santa Ana will open September Ist.
House entirely new. Elevutor, electric
bells and all modem improvements. Ele
gantly furnished throughout. Terms mod
erate" W. M. Ward, proprietor.
Catarrh, Hay or Rose Fever.
The cleansing, soothing and healing prop
erties of Darby's Prophylactic Fluid arc
experienced in the treatment and cure of
Catarrh aud kindred complaints. The Fluid
soothes and heals the inflamed membranes
aud removes the offensive odor that charac
terizes the disease. Should the inflamma
tion have reached the throat ÜBe the Fluid
as a gargle to allay the inflammation and to
O. I. c.
Cure for Sick Headache.
FV>r proof that Dr. Ounu's Improved Liver
Pills cure sick headache, ask your druggist
for a free trial bottle. Only one for a dose.
Regular size bottles, 25 cents. Sold by C. F.
Distribution of Lots.
First subdivision ol the townsitc ol Rose
crans will take place ut Armory Hall, Mon
day. September 5, ISM 7, at 1) A. M.
Lot owners only admitted.
D'ARTOU & WEBB, Owners.
How Is this for Cheapness?
$25, $35, and $50 a lot In the city. In
quire at No. 39 North Spring, room 14.
W3.50 Round Trip
To LnOernc, Lake, Eldnore and Murrietta.
Leaves A. A P. depot at 9:05 A.M.Friday,
Sept. 2d. Returns next day. Be sure nnd
go and see uew town, mines, manufactories,
hot spriugs and fine laud. Only 50 tickets
will be sold.
O. I. c.
Los Angeles College.
The fall term of the Los Angelas College
opens Wednesday morning. September 7th.
K>» catalogues apply to Rev. D. W. Hanua,
The Cheapest Lands in Pasadena
The reservoir, to cost about $10,000, v
the Raymond Improvement Company Tract,
in front of the Raymond Hotel, is being con
structed, and it is having the effect of creat
ing a boom in the lands surrounding that
Hotel. The Raymoud Improvement Com
pany has itß first subdivision ready, and they
offer the cheapest lots in Pasadena for sale.
The lots are selling very fast. Smith &
Jacobs, who are the shrewdest speculators in
Pasadena, purchased 115 lots on this tract
at one time, last week. They propose to
build houses and mark up the lots to about
double the Company's present prices, and
purchasers may look for a general marking
up in a short time. Fair-Oaks avenue is to
be widened to an 80-foot street, and Smith <fc
Jacobs intend to build a handsome business
block. Four elegant cottages already con
tracted for. An electric road, from Lob An
geles to this tract, is uuder headway, and
this Company has also agreed to give Ihe
right of wav and a bonus to another roud
which will run from the Raymond Hotel
through their laud, to Long Beach. Apply
to Raymond Improvement Company, Room
10, Los Angeles National Bank Building,
corner First aud pring streets.
O. L C.
Highland Rrand Condemned .'•1 Ilk.
This is absolutely pore milk. ,vo sugar
•Vo chemicals. For children it is uuexcellcd
GIVE YOUR CHILDREN, for Coughs and
Colds, Croup, Whooping Cough and Honrs.-,
uess, Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir. C. F
Heinzeman, agent, Lot Angeles.
Malaria when Gilmore's Aromatic Wine will
euro you.—C. F, Heinzeman, ageut, Los Au
i WILLIS L. CULVER, of Pavilion, N. V.,
. says that Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir cured
. him of a long standing throat und lung trou
ble. C. F. HEINZEMAN, agent, lajs An
ANSON HOUGH, of Blackberry, 111., says
! he owes his life lo Gilmore's Magnetic Elixir.
• Try it. For site by C.F. Heinzeman, agent
Los Angeles.
Damiana Bitters makes the old young and
the weak strong and healthy. M. Levy &
Co., wholesale liquor dealers' agents.
Damiana Bitters regulate the stomach'
Michel Levy A Co., wholesale liquor dealers'
' agents.
All Large Syndicates
Employ Burllngame, the contractor, to Im
prove their tracts. Burllngame is the boss
contractor, and don't you forget it.
•25 Down.
SO feet front, in the beautiful town site of
Meudow l ark. Apply to the sole anil origi
nal owners, Moss Si Ward, 134 N. Main St.
Naeau House.
Two hundred rooms—hot and cold water.
Only elevator In the olty. Twenty suites
with bath and closets. E. Dunham. Prop.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
purity and wliulcsomcness. More economi
cal than the ordinary kinds, nnd cannot In
sold in competition with the multitude of
low test, short weight, alum or phosphate
powders. BOLD only W cash. Kovai.
Bakinu PoWCKB CO., 106 Wall street, N. \ .
WM. T. COLEMAN £ CO., San Francisco,
OFFICE. No. 2, N.E. Cor. First and Main sts.
Branch office, in St. Elmo Hotel.
Lot on Spring st., runs through to
Mttiu, between 7th and Sth, per
foot 700
Lot on Spring St.. between sth and
tith, per foot 000
Lot on Main st., this side of Wash
ington, per foot 175
2 lots on Temple st, near Crescent
aye., for both 5500
lOacresou Central aye., highly im
proved, house, barn, wind mill
and tank, uear Jefferson st. 15,000
24. acres on Adams st, milo this
side of Alameda St., highly im
proved, elegant house, barn, wiue
liousc &c., well, windmill aud
tank, per acre 1300
House 5 rooms, Myrtle aye., near
7th st 4000
House 5 rooms, Earl St., near 7th st. 3500
Lot on Temple, near Olive, ncr foot. 200
Lot 50x110, 7th near I.os Angeles,
jier foot 150
Lot on Ward st., Knvs tract 1000
2 lots on 2d st., Mills' aud Wick 6'
addn, near Ist depot, each 2500
Lot on 4th St., 50x188, a bargain, 200
Lot cor. 2nd and Los Angeies St., per
foot. 700
Elegant residence, 10 rooms, lot
120x150, corner Main and Laurel
sts 30,000
House, ti rooms, York street, near Fi
gueroa 3500
Lot on Ruey are., Sanborn Tract 850
Lot on Ixis Angeles st., Kinney Tract 2000
Lot on Hill st., 50x147, near lithst. 4500
House, 5 rooms, 9th St., near Pearl 5000
Lot in Childs' Tract; corner: bargain 2000
Lots in East Los Anj-ielcs, cheap.
Ixits, acres and residences in Boyle
Heights, cheap.
Lot on Rowland st., Wcisendangcr
Tract 550
House, 5 rooms. Pine St., near Main. 4000
Lot on Willow st., nearvtu and Pearl 1200
Three line lots in Downey Tract, ou
4th st., ail for 2500
Lots in Montague Tract 1250
3 lots on King at., near Main, each . 1000
2 lots cor. 2(1 and Geary, a bargain,
both 0000
Lot corner Davis and Rose, 120x100 10,800
5 acres on Florence aye., bet. Main
and Wilmington aye., a bargain.. 2500
Pearl St., west side, bet. 11th and
12th, 100x292 9000
House nnd lot in Childs truct, a bar
gain 3000
Fine lots in Dimmiok tract, each 1350
5 acres on Main street, near Jefferson 11,000
Lot 17ti ft. on Dlmond street, 150 ft.
on Second street, aud 100 ft. deep.
This lot has three frontages, is ex
actly opposite the entrance to the
Second-st. Purk; .good for business. 2000
House snd lot on Carr st., near Main 3800
HouscO rooms, large lot, Kosas street.
5 minutes walk from postothee . 5000
Lot on Elvsian Park avenue, Wash
ington Heights Tract 650
House 5 rooms, Hewitt st., near First 3250
Lot on Lovelace aye., Park Villa Tract 2250
House and lot, Clement Tract 2000
House 5 rooms, Orange inc., nr Main 4400
Lot St;)., ft. front, cor. Main and Wal
nut aye, with buildings und flue
trees; a bargain 8650
1-otg on Myrtle st., Carter Grove Tract 750
Lot corner Rouluml and Bond streets,
GreeuwellTraet 1850
Lots in Myers street, Clement Tract,
One-fourth cash 850
Residence lOrooms, State slreet, noar
Temple; a bargain. This place Is
worth inspection 3200
Lot on Pico street, t'ity Center Tract. 1000
2 lotson Maple street, clean side, near
Washington, adjoining the Park
Villa Tract; each 1500
5 lots on Star street, clean side, each. 1500
Lot on Upper Main street, near Virgin,
fronts tsith Upper Main and Ala
meda streets; cash, per foot. ... 250
Lot corner Upper Main and College
streets: ! a cash, per foot 175
nvpey queen
All the rage East and West.
ALBERT MAU & CO.. 8. F., Sole Agents.
lilt; orvi.Y Hii.i tiu.lv
04 North Main ."treet.
If yim have de 'ccttvc eyes and value them,
go to the Ootical Institute for your Specta
cles and Eye olasses. it is tho only estab
llsnment ou tbe southern part of this coast
where thoy are measured on tncrougb scien
tific principles. Lenses ground to order if
necessary to correot each particular case.
No visual defect, where glasses are re
quired, too complicated for us. Wo guar
antee our fitting to be absolutely perfect
l.oa .tug.-lev Optical mutilate,
i;! rv. Main Street.
A full assortment of artificial eyes. jy7 lim
Son set
Has two railroads;only 20minutes ride from
IjOb Angeles, and 10 minutes to the ocean.
Do not miss the sale of lots. Sale begins
Monday morning, August 15tb. Room 16.
over Loa Angeles National Bank. E. E. Hall,
I Secretary.
■ IeWI liaW—lll
Thi* Ureat Strengthening Remedy and Nerve Tonic
Nervous and Physical Debility, Exhausted Vitality, Involuntary Weakening Drains upon
the system, no matter in what manner they may occur, Weakening. Lost Manhood in all
ita complications, Prostatorrhoea, and all the evil eflbcts of youthful follleß and excesses.
A Permanent Cure Guaranteed
Or five bottles for $10.00. Sent upon receipt of price or C. 0. D., to any address, se
cure from observation. Communications Strictly Confidential.
Call or address
No. 314 N. Main St., Op. New P. 0 Building-, Los Angeles.
N. B.—Also the Essence of Life Is put up in pill form. Price $2.50 per'box, or five
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V au3o-lm
Throat Dieeases. Bronchitis
Successfully treated
M. C. P S. 0.,
No. 273 N. Main Street,
A few doors South of the Postolßec.
X peculiar disorder of the nostril- nnd ad
jacent oarts. which prevails to an alarming
extent, and is productive of very serious
The most prominent and characteristic
feature is v morbid discharge from the head,
Varying In its nature at different times.
In some there is an almost constnut flow
of clear, acrid fluid, hut oftencrnn offensive,
purulent or mueo-purnlont, green ish-vellow
mutter is secreted, which accumulates in
the nostrils or drops Into the throat, neces
sitating its frequent removal hv blowing the
nose or expectoration, nnd dfteu by both
processes. Sometimes patients feel as
though their head was iv a state of rotten
ness, so great is the amount of mutter dis
charged nnd so fetid is its odor. The pa
tient is greatly annoyed by the constant
dropping into the throat of the morbid
matter from the head, and as a recumbent
Eosition naturally favors the How downward
Is rest is frequently disturbed from this
cause. Many sufferers are obliged to lie «ith
the head very much elevated in order to
sleep with some degree ot comfort.
In others v tough, viscid und offensive
phlegm collects behind and above the soft
imbue, in the passage between the throat and
head, adhering to the parts with gluish tenac
ity. Its lodgment embarrasses respiration
nnd creates a sensation of irritation nnd un
easiness in the affected locality, which gives
rise to a constant and almost irresistible de
sire to relieve that discomfort by drawing
the mucus into the throat bo as to eject it liv
the mouth. This practice, popularly known
ns-hawking," is characteristic of catarrh,
and proves as emLarrussing lo the one af
fected as it is disagreeable to those around
Again, the offensive mutter hardens and
deposits itself on the membrane in the shape
of dry, hard concretions, which are dis
charged hv way of the nostrils or throat In
lumps or fragments of a deep green tint. In
some cases these inciiistutions accumulate
to such an extent us to form a regular plug
in the nose, which obstructs breathing and
produce serious discomfort. So (Irmly do
these incrustation I adhere to the point of
attachment thnt their removal usually re
quires the most violent efforts; not unfre
qucutly they have to be torn from the mem
brane. Occasionally a solid past of notable
sine is expelled, on which there are gen. rally
truces of.blood, but in some cases the cast
presents a tubular appearance, being of exact
shape of the nnsnl cavity. This condition is
indicative of ulceration, which, iv time,
may destroy the bony structure of the nose
and produce a subsequent flattening of that
Cases are occasionally met with in which
a thick, viscid, slimy secretion coats the
membrane of the nHsal cavities nud then
putrefies, giving rise to a stench which is
really overpowering, and sufficiently fetid
to poison tiie atmosphere of a whole room;
nud there are others In which all the secre
tions of the membrane are suspended, caus
ing an unpleasant feeling of dryness, heat
and fevonslinoßs In the head and nose—a
condition popularly known as "Dry
The dlsense speedily extends to the air
cavities of the bones of the forehead and
face, giving rise to a dist.essing sensation of
heavyweight or compression over the fore
head, especially ill the region above and be
tween the eyes, and ton feeling ol fulness,
bent, irritation, sor, ness or pal in the nos
trils uear the root of the BOSS, as well us in
the upper part of the throat, above and be
hind the soft palate. Sometimes there is
pain obstinately fixed in some particular
iiurt, ns in the temple, on tlie top of the
head, nt the bnck of the neck, or behind the
orbit.-, nnd, occasionally, pain manifest!
itself iv the face of so severe a character
that it is frequently mistaken for neuralgia.
The breath Is always tainted, aud nt limes
assumes an exceeding fetid and sickening
odor. In some cases it becomes so revolt
ingly offensive as to render the sufferer nn
object of disgust to himself ns well us to
The nasal membrane is thickened and
contested, causing the nose to be stopped up,
Sometimes on one side, sometimes on tbe
other, and often on both, giving rise to a
disagreeable, stuffy sensation in the head,
and occasioning violent and prolonged
paroxysms of sneezing.
The voice Is weak, indistinct and huskr.
or of a nusul character, displaying a sort of
miffing quality. Oftentimes there is a con
tinuous hoarseness and discordance. There
is also v sense of irritation In the part,
und frequent attempts to clear the throat of
phlegm, producing the sound "hem," more
or less forcibly. In some cases patients
Complain of an uncomfortable feeling of
fullness, or a choky sensation in the throat,
nnd in others of a distressing and almost
constant dryness, for the temporary relief of
which they have to swallow frequently,
others; again, speak of a constant bad or
nauseous taste in the mouth or throat.
The stomach generally suffers more or less
nnd becomes weak and Irritable: the appe
tite is capricious and nearly always had In
the morning. The patient is languid, unable
to perform mental or physlcul labor with
the usual facility, is nervous, depressed in
spirits, at times fearful, timid, agitated and
inclined to drowsiness and sleep, the mem
ory weakened and permanent impairment
seriously threatened.
The mucous membrane soon becomes
morbidly sensitive to unfavorable influ
ences, and In spite of the utmost care be
comes affected from the slightest causes, so
that nt last a breath of wiud upou the lining
of the nose or throat becomes productive of
a cold, and gives rise to serious disturbances
of the respiratory organs. Thus the patient
is subject to frequent and repented colds,
each attack aggravating the disease by giv
ing it n new impulse and involving a larger
extent of surface than its predecessor. In
this miinnor the difficulty spreads from or
gan to organ, invading the throat, larnyx,
trachea and bronchial tubes, until, en-
Oroaohlng further and further, it reaches
the tiner rainilicatioUß of the bronchi, wheu
but n slight Impulse Is required to send it to
the lungs. Catarrh may, and often does,
affect other organs in the body, especially
those contain ug n mucous niembraue, such
ns the stomach, bowels, kidneys, etc.
By the employment of proper inhalations
in the form of medicated vapor (not steam
or spray) we nre able to produce immediate
and direct action upon the discensed surface
in the pharynx and nasal passages, for air
will find its way into the most remote and
intricnlc cnvltics, where It Is utterly impos
sible to make fluid applications. By these
means every case can be cured.
Persons desiring treatment by this system
nf practice can use the remedy ut home us
well ns nt our ollice, und which will cause
no inconvenience or hindrance to business
I have seen so many of these cases cured
that I do not consider uny case hopeless un
less the dlsense bus advanced to the chest
nnd that both lungs are seriously involved.
Even then the inhalations aid us in dis
solving the mucus and in contracting and
healing the cavities, which nothing else can
do with the same success. The very best
references from those already cured.
Those who desire to consult with me in
regard to their osaas had better call at the
office for consultation and examination,
hut, if Impossible to do so, can write for a
copy of my Medical Treatise, containing a
list of questions. Address
275 N. Main street, Los Angeles, Cal. Office
hours from 0:30 a. ii. to A r. tt.

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