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The Outfall Sewer Question
Laid Over.
A Proposition to Limit the Number
of Saloons in the City
To 218.
The City Council met yesterday
morning, Fresident Humphreys in the
Chair and Councilmen Barrett, Moriarty,
Gibbs, Book, Cohn, Teed, Collins, Hil
ler, Sinsabaugh, Bosbyshell, Mathews,
Chandler and Hanley present.
Mayor Workman stated that he had
received many complaints oi the serious
damage to chimneys and walls of houses
in the vicinity of Orange street, through
heavy blasting by the contractor improv
ing a street there. He suggested that
immediate steps be taken to check the
careless blasting, and that an officer be
designated whoso duty it should be to
give permission for this kind of work.
He also asked that the City Attorney
draw an ordinance covering this ground.
On motion of Mr. Collins the City Attor
ney was instructed to draw the ordinance
as requested.
Mayor Workman sent in a message in
closing a notice of injunction, which had
been served on him to restrain the city
from beginning work on the proposed
hospital on the tract set aside by the
Council for that purpose. He asked.that
the City Attorney be instructed to answer
for the city in the matter on July 9th.
Referred to the City Attorney.
The following message was received
from the Mayor: "During the past week
a deed has been presented to me for sig
nature, the same being in favor of Thos.
Kelley and others, for a portion of the
bed of Reservoir No. 4 and to other land
to which I believe the city has the per
petual right to overflow. The deed came
to me unaccompanied by either the report
of the Land Committee, opinion of the
City Attorney, notice of legal publica
tion, or even official notification that you
had referred the matter to me. The only
abstract I have received is one prepared
by the firm of Pickett & Kelley, the lat
ter gentleman being the principal claim
ant for the deed. I would beg of you
before I can take other action, that the
missing documents be furnished me."
Capt. Barrett moved that the necessary
papers be given to the Mayor. He be
lieved that a wrong impression was go
ing around in regard to this matter. The
city was getting the best of the bargain
lor the absolute title to 40 acres would be
obtained by the exchange of deeds,
whereas at the present time the city has
only the ricrht to overflow the land.
Mr. Book said that he found there
were some conditions in regard to the
law which he did not understand when
he signed the report of the Lacd Com
mittee, and he hoped the matter would
be carefully considered.
Dr. Sinsabaugh agreed with Mr. Book,
and thought that the title should have
been passed upon by some other firm
than Pickett & Kelly.
Mr. Cohn moved that the Mayor be
given 30 days' time to investigate the
matter. Carried.
Mr. Cohn presented tlie report of the
Sewer Committee, as follows:
Gentlemen : Your Sewer Committee
beg leave to report that an outfall sewer
can be constructed to the Ballona lake,
a distance of fourteen miles; the cost
will not exceed $250,000. This line can
be finished and ready for use by January
1, 1889, if the people* of the city so desire
it. In order to proceed legally in the
matter, we hereby present to you for
your approval:
First —An ordinance in regard to the
necessity for an outfall sewer for the
city of Los Angeles.
Second—An ordinance calling a special
election of the qualified electors of the
city to submit to them the question of
issuing permanent municipal improve
ment bonds. Said ordinance calls for
$250,000 bonds and describes the route
in detail. We further present for your
adoption a resolution of intention to lay
a sewer on Main street from Ninth to
Washington. Said resolution is only an
amendment to one you have passed at
the last meeting, which resolution was
not in conformity with the plan adopted
by your honorable body for sewering the
In conclusion we say that the right of
way j has been secured four-fifths of the
way and in a very few dayß we think to
have the whole route without any ex
pense to the city. Our main aim is to
run from Ballona to the Lake in an open
ditch; if so, the city will derive some
benefit, as the sewage can be used on
said lands for irrigation—if not, the
whole fourteen miles will have to be
piped. Respectfully submitted,
B. Cohn,
J. H. Book.
Dr, Sinsabaugh asked if the plan pro
vided for an open ditch, because if it did
there would be an objection raised by the
people in the vicinity of the ditch.
Mr. Cohn replied that the plan pro
vided for piping the whole distance of
fourteen miles to Ballona Lake. But if
the property owners would permit, money
would be saved by running the sewage
in an open ditch from the Eight Mile
House to the Lake.
Clerk Teed then read an ordinance
presented by Mr. Cohn,declaring the ne
cessity of constructing an outfall sewer.
Mr. Humphreys asked if the sewage
running into the lake would not create a
nuisance there.
Mr. Cohn replied that it would not.
The City Surveyor said that the route
selected was all right, except that the
city ought to acquire an additional strip
of land for a portion of the right-of-way.
Dr. Sinsabaugh asked if the cost as es
timated was right.
Mr. Lambie, the City Surveyor, said
that he had not estimated the cost, but
this route was much cheaper than the
one proposed by Mr. Eaton.
Dr. Sinsabaugh thought that if $250,000
was not enough the amount should be in
creased to $300,000.
Mr. Cohn said that if it was found that
a 30-inch sewer was not large enough
when the city had grown another 30-inch
sewer could be run down the Wilmington
route. If the ordinance was adopted the
outfall sewer would be built by January
Capt. Barrett said that a 33-inch sewer
would carry all the sewage tor a city of
150,000 people, and this would not cost
more than $250,000.
Mr. Humphreys asked for further in
formation in regard to the effect of the
Bewage on Ballona lake and the cost.
Mr. Cohn said that an estimate had
been made by a contractor and the cost
would be about $215,000, leaving a mar
gin tt $35,000 for emergencies. The
question was, whether the Council
wanted to build an outfall sewn or not.
If it did not, then there was no use in
talking over the matter.
Mr. Chandler wanted the matter sub
mitted to the City Attorney to pass on
the legality of the proposed issuance of
the bonds.
Capt Barrett said that there was no
question about the power of the city to
issue bonds. This matter had been
decided by the best legal talent in the
The ordinance declaring the necessity
of constructing the outfall sewer, and de
scribing the route was again read.
Mr. Chandler thought the matter
ought to be further considered because
there were no figures on file showing that
the cost would be less than $250,000, or
the right-of-way had been secured.
Mr. Cohn said he would give bonds to
do the work, and then read a list of tbe
property owners who had given the right
of-way without the cost of a cent to the
Dr. Sinsabaugh said that he thought
that something should be done in the
matter right away, and that if the out
fall sewer could be built for $250,000 the
ordinance ought to be passed.
Mr. Chandler asked the City Attorney
as to whether the proceedings were legal.
If they were not he did not want to vote
for the sewer.
City Attorney Daly said that if the
ordinance was adopted as read it meant
that the outfall sewer of brick, as pre
viously provided, would have to be built
for the reason that there were no other
plans on file. The proper way to pro
ceed was to repeal the other ordinance
providing for a brick sewer first and
then file an estimate and plans.
Mr. Cohn then said the Sewer Com
mittee desired to withdraw its report.
Mr. Chandler moved that the City At
torney bring in a report showing the
correct way to go to work, and that the
matter be referred to a committee to re
Mr. Cohn asked that Mr. Chandler be
appointed as chairman of the committee,
for the Sewer Committee would not act
in the matter. The Sewer Committee
brought in a report showing that a sewer
could be constructed for $250,000. The
report had been rejected, and the people
know that the Council was responsible
for the fact that there would be no out
fall sewer by January 1, 1889.
The Finance Committee reported ad
versely to the paying of a percentage for
the sale of the school bonds. The Com
mittee had proposed a plan to the Board
of Education whereby additional build
ings could be built each year. Recom
mendation adopted.
Dr. Hagan appeared before the Coun
cil and stated that there was danger of a
washing out of a portion of Seventh
street, near the Seventh-street Park.
Captain Barrett said that the Zanjero
had been notified to turn off the water
and this should be done.
Mr. Collins said that the Zanjero had
turned the water off, but the people had
turned it on.
Captain Barrett moved that the Zan
jero put locks on the gate to prevent the
people from turning on the water. Car
Mr. Chandler said that a Chinaman
named Wong Gong desired to make some
statements to the Council, and asked that
he be heard.
The Chinaman, who had been seated
in the audience appeared and said that
some time ago thirty-four games of tan
and lottery were running in the city. All
but three" or four of these paid $30 a
week into the corruption fund or to peo
ple who said the money was to help pay
the expenses. The three or four
games refused to pay their propor
tion and then came the order to
close the games, and the thirty games
had furnished Chinamen to help in keep
ing the other games closed. Now the
Chinese wanted to know whether
they could go on with the
games. They were willing to pay $30
per week into the city, but did not want
to pay it into the corruption fund.
Mr. Cohn asked who the money had
been paid to, and was told to Ah Mow,
Ah Toy and Ah Him. The payments
stopped only three weeks ago, since
which time the games have been closed.
Having demonstrated that the games
could be kept closed with the assistance
of Chinamen the Chinese gamblers
wanted to be paid for the men they fur
nished or to be allowed to pay $30 per
week per game into the City Treasury.
Captain Barrett said that the Council
had no more right to allow a tan game
to run than any other kind of a game.
The matter was dropped when it was
stated that there was no use in even
talking over the proposition.
Major Bonebrake appeared on behalf
of the Fourth of July Committee and
asked that $500 or $600 be appropriated
for the celebration.
Captain Barrett moved that $500 be
appropriated from the salary fund for
this purpose. Lost by a vote of 7to 6.
Mr. Gibbs offered an ordinance requir
ing that buildings, public halls, etc.,
keep fire-escapes and" fire-extinguishers.
Recess until 1:30 o'clock.
Afternoon Session.
The City Auditor reported as to the
amounts of money in the various funds
on June 30th. Referred to the Finance
The Clerk of the Council reported the
issuance of licenses amounting to $17,779,
and the collection of licenses amounting
to $16,257. Referred to Finance Com
The City Tax Collector reported the
collection of licenses amounting to
$10,257, and the issuance of thirty-six
dog tags. Referred to Finance Com
The Mayor reported sales of water
amounting to $1,452.50 in June. Re
ferred to Finance Committee.
The Zanjero reported receipts of
$1,397.30 for water and permits to fish.
An ordinance making it unlawful to
blast rocks without a permit from the
Police Commission, was read and
Mr. Chandler moved that $299 be ap
propriated for the celebration of the
Fourth. He had voted against the ap
priation of $500 because he thought it too
much. Motion carried.
Captain Barrett moved that $150 be al
lowed the Fire Department for expenses
on the Fourth. Carried.
A contract to put in a 30-inch storm
water drain at the Seventh Street Park
was read and approved.
The report of tlie Board of Health, as
published in Saturday's Herald, was
read and adopted.
The office of Police Surgeon was de
clared vacant, and Dr. J. J. Choate was
elected to fill the vacancy.
Chief Cuddy called attention to the
rules lately applied by the street car
companies, and especially by the Second
Street Cable Co. The rule of the Police
Department require that all police offi
cers attend fires, and the street car com
panies are required to allow the officers
to ride free. Yesterday an alarm of fire
was sent in from the Ellis College, and
four officers had started to ride out on
the Second Street Cable Road, and were
requested to pay their fares or get off.
The Chief naked that some action be
taken to see whether the company could
not be punished, or charter forfeited.
Referred to the City Attorney.
Mr. Chandler said he had found that
there had been 218 liquor licenses grant
ed during June. Of these, IS were new,
and according to the census there was
one saloon for every 217 people. He asked
that the Clerk be instructed to notify the
Police Commission to grant no more li
censes this year.
Capt. Barrett moved to lay the motion
on the table.
Lost by a vote of 7 to 5.
Mr. Chandler said that he had heard
the Chief of Police say that one hundred
of the saloons now in operation were dis
Mr.'Collins thought these should be
suppressed, and the good men should not
be shut out because a few bad men were
in the business.
Dr. Sinsabaugh was in aym pathv with
Mr. Chandler's motion, and said that
the Council was Democratic, and it was
lor the Democrats to say whether the
saloons should be multiplied or not.
Captain Barrett replied that the in
creasing of saloons was not a Democratic
measure, and the attack upon the Dem
ocratic party was as should have been
expected from a party of fanatics who
had done nothing but talk about gamb
ling and saloon licenses. There was not
a gentleman present who did not keep a
bottle of whisky in his house, and it was
not right that the blame should be put
on the Democratic party. The issuance
of licenses was discretionary with the
Police Commission and that body should
see that improper places should be
closed, but other good men should not
be kept from getting licenses.
Mr. Bosbyshell said he belonged to no
temperance society, would take a drink
if he wanted it, but he was opposed to
the too free use of liquors and the multi
plying of saloons.
Mr. (iibbs thought it was the duty of
the Police Commission to close up "the
bad places and not to prevent others
from obtaining licenses.
Mr. Book said it took 3 policemen to
take care of each saloon, and there was
therefore no profit in the $50 licenses.
The fewer saloons the better.
Mr. Collins disproved the statement of
Mr. Book by stating that there were ouly
seventy policemen of 000, as he would in
dicate when he said that there were
three to each saloon. He agreed that it
was the duty of the Police Commission
to close disreputable places, but was not
in favor of shutting other applicants out.
The vote on Mr. Chandler's motion
was as follows:
Ayes—Messrs, Bosbyshell, Chandler,
Book, Mathews, Sinsabaugh, Teed and
Noes—Messrs. Barrett, Collins, Gibbs,
Hauley and Moriarty. Motion carried.
Captain Barrett changed his vote to
aye and gave notice to reconsider in two
Mr. Gibbs moved that the Chief of Po
lice be instructed to investigate the con
dition of all the saloons in the city and
report to the Police Commissioners.
The report of the Board of Public
Works as published in Sunday's Herald
was read and adopted.
The Committee on Naming Streets re
ported that a number of instances had
been found where several streets had re
ceived the same name. Referred to
Mr. McLaughlin to arrange the details
of renaming the streets.
The City Clerk was instructed to notify
the Electric Railroad Company to place
its track on Seventh street on the grade
of the street.
Dr. Sinsabaugh moved that the matter
of the construction of the outfall sewer
be referred to the City Attorney, City
Surveyor and the Sewer Committee.
The Secretary of the South Side Irri
gation Company appeared and asked
that it have half of the water of Zanjas
No. 2, 3 and 4. Referred to the Zanja
Capt. Barrett moved that the Street
Superintendent repair the Downey
avenue bridge, so that people can cross.
The City Attorney filed an opinion
stating that he knew of no legal obliga
tion resting upon the city to force it to
take the sewage from the South Side
Irrigation Company.
On motion of Mr. Chandler the propo
sition of the Company to turn the sew
age over to the city was rejected.
Dr. Sinsabaugn was appointed in Mr.
Lovell's place on the Sewer Committee.
The recommendations of the Fire Com
missioners, as published in Sunday's
Herald, were adopted as read.
The Police Commissioners asked per
mission to increase the force two men.
Capt. Barrett moved that disabled
policemen be allowed half pay during the
time they are laid off. Carried.
Dr. Sinsabaugh moved that the Police
Commission report the length of resi
dence of each member of the force in this
city, with a view of ascertaining as to
whether there are not some officers who
have not resided here the required time.
The following petitions were received
and referred to the proper committees:
From Daniel Freeman to use the areas
beneath the sidewalk on corner of Sixth
and Spring streets; Alfred Moore against
the erection of a sprinkling hydrant in
front of his house; D. McGarry to have
line of Eighth street defined j J. O. East
erly to deposit building material on
Second, near Fort street; California Cen
tral Railroad Company to have the
boundaries of its land defined; Southern
California Lumber Company to construct
a switch; (i. L. Pierce to change the
grade of Figueroa street; A. J. King
demanding payment of his salary; Frick
Bros, for balance due on city work; R. A.
Crippin against the issuance of a license
for a saloon in the Pavilion; L. Thome
protesting against the widening of Los
Angeles street, between Pine and Wash
ington, to 80 feet.
Coal, Wood, Charcoal and Coke.
Wellington coal $1(5 per ton; Coos
Bay coal $11.50 per ton; Welsh steam
coal $12.50 per ton; Screenings $7 per
tor. Special rates for the above in ten
ton iots. Charcoal from 60 cents to 75
cents per sack. Reduced prices for oak
and mesquit wood for brick yards in car
load lots. Walter 8. Maxwell, office No.
8 Court street, telephone 33; yard Ala
meda and Jackson streets, telephone
Government lands located. Cheap
farming land for Bale. Houses, lots, on
easy terms. Baylis & Co., 118 West
First street.
California, the Land of Discoveries.
Why will you lie awake all night, coughing,
when that most effective and agreeable Cali
fornia remedy, Santa Abie, will give you im
mediate relief? SANTA ABIE is the only
guaranteed cure for Consumption, Asthma and
all Bronchial Complaints. Sold only iv large
bottles at $1.00. Three for $2.50. C. H. Hance,
77 N. Spring street, will be pleased to supply
you, and guarantee relief when used as
directed. CALIFORNIA CAT-ROURE never
falls to relieve Catarrh or Cold in the Head.
Six months treatment, $1.00. By mail $1.10.
The Vienna Buffet is the leading place in the
City (or refreshments,
'list I I I \M <M V.
Alexandre Weill
Between Eighth and Vejar Sts.
This beautiful tract, situated near the
heart of the city, was cut up and thrown
upon the market after the so-called big
boom of last year had
"folded its tent like the Arab
And silently 6tolen away."
But owing to its splendid location, mod
erate prices and liberal terms It has en
joyed a healthy
From the moment when it was first
placed before the public. It is the gen
eral favorite among the many beautiful
subdivisions of the City of the Angels,
and nothing will be left undone by the
owners to make the tract the most at
tractive residence property east of Fig
ueroa street. When all the improve
ments now under way and in contempla
tion will have been completed, some
future Wordsworth, standing at the corner
of Eighth street and Central avenue, and
seeing the beautiful young settlement of
lovely homes on the Weill tract, and the
grand old mountain range of the Sierra
Madre looking down proudly upon it,
may well exclaim: ,
"Earth has not anything to show more fair;
Dull would he be of soul, who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty,"
Full particulars in regard to prices and
terms of the Alexandre Weill Tract, can
be obtained at the office of the under
signed, who will be most happy to give
intending purchasers a free ride and
show them the property.
Richard Altschul,
Between Main and Los Angeles Sts.
P. 0. BOX 1185,
Santa Catalina Island
Returning Same Evening.
The rush this season for accommodation at
this favorite resort has so far exceeded all ex
pectations, that Mr. Shatto has resolved to give
all a chance of obtaining a lot at their own val
uations, and for one day will have NO SCHED
The Auction Sale will commence shortly after
the arrival of the steamers Eureka and Falcon,
which have been chartered for this occa-ion,
and will connect with a special train leaving
Los Angeles at s a.m., returning in the evening.
As the nnmber of passengers is of necessity
limited, tickets should be secured at oßlce.
PRICE, 1*2.75.
Apply to
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, 54 North
Main Street. jel7tf
Insurance Commissioner
Ban Francisco, June 28,1888.
Satisfactory evidence having been furnished
me that a company calling itself the North
western Insurance Company of Wahpeton, Da
kota, is soliciting insurance iv this State, I
hereby give notice that said Insurance Com
pany is not authorized to transact business in
this State, aud any one soliciting business for
it is liable to prosecution under the law. From
the information furnished me I am satisfied
this Company is fraudulent, and has no inten
tion of paying any loss that might occur under
its policies, and advise all persons t > be ou their
gv.ard agtinst W, G. Whitcomb and Frank Me
Guire, who have been soliciting bU6ines*and
issuing reticle 1 for the said Company, but can
not now be found by this department. ,
jyl ~t \ Insurance Commissioner.
%. 0. FDEEEY,
"Famous" Rubber Hose.
Los Angeles.
And as low as can be bought anywhere, Sani- ]
tary Plumbing, Metal Roofing, New Model Me- ,
dallion Range. Artesian Well Pipe a Specialty. i
Electrical works, such as Bells, Annunciators, j
etc., at 61 North Spring street Los Augeles. 1
jell-tf. J
• i
Cor. Fort and Second Sts., Los Angeles.
Subscribed Capital $500,000
Paid up Capital $30o!oo0
Hervey Lindley, J. c. Kays, E. W. Jones,
,r „ « Jua J ll ? uruftrd ' J. Frankenfleld.
" p/New-hall Prcslicut.
ILL. Witmer Vice-President.
T. J. Weldon, Cashier.
General Banking aud Exchange Business
transacted. 8 m y4-Um
Isaias W. Hellman President.
L. C. Goodwin Vice-President.
Capital, - $500,000.
Surplus, ----- 500,000.
Total, - - - $1,000,000.
O. W. Chllds, Cameron E. Thorn, Jose Mas
carel, James B. Lankershim, John 8. Griffin,
Chas. Ducommun, Phillipe Gamier, Isaias W
Hellman, L, C. Goodwin.
0. W. Childs, Phillipe Gamier, L. L. Brad
bury, Jose Mascarel, James B. Lankershim, L.
C. Goodwin, Johns.Griffin, L. J. Rose, Domingo
Amestoy, Cameron E.Thom,Chas. Ducommun,
Isaias W. Hellman, P. C. Baker, Andrew Glas
sell, Louis Polaski, Frauk Leeouvreur, Oliver
H. Bliss, Jacob Kuhrts, Estate D. Solomon,
Estate Chris. Henue, Sarah J. Lee. jyl.
Temple Block, Los Angeles, Cal.
Capital Stock Paid Up. $100,000.
Reserve Fund, $100,000.
JOHN E. PLATER President
R. S. BAKER Vice-President
H. L. Macneil, Jotham Bixby,
John E. Plater, Robert S. Baker,
John A. Paxton, Geo. W. Prescott,
Geo. H. Stewart.
Buy and Bell Exchange on San Fran
cisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and
Buy Exchange on all parts of the United States
aud Europe.
Receive Money on open account and cer
tificate of deposit, and do a geneial banking
and exchange business.
Cor. First and Spring Sts.
Capital $500,000
surplub and undivided profits $100,000
Total . .$OOO,OOO
GEO. H. BONEBRAKE... .president
JOHN BRYSON, Sr ..' '.vice-President.
F. C. HOWES Caßhier.
Dr. W. G. Cochran, H. H. Markham.
Perry M. Green, John Bryhon, Sr.,
Dh. H. Sinsabaugh, F. C. Howes,
George H. Bonbbhakb.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cities
of the United States and Europe. m 8
SURPLUS 100,000.
E. F. SPENCE President.
J. F. CRANK Vice-President.
J. M. ELLIOTT Cashier-
Directors—J. D. Blcknell, J. F. Crank, H
Mabury, E. F. Spence, William Lacy, S. H. Mott,
Stockholders—Estate of A. H. Wilcox, O. S.
Witherby, S. H. Mott, J. F. Crank, A. L. Lanker
shim, E. Hollenbeck, E. F. Spence, H. Mabury,
F. Q. Story, L. H. Carlton, Jas. McCoy, J D.
Blcknell, William Lacy, J. M. Elliott. jyl
JOHN I. REDICK President
L. N. BREED Vice-President
Paid in Capital $200,000
Surplus 14,000
Authorized Capital 500,000
Directors—L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, H. A.
Barclay, Charles E. Day, Ben E. Ward, D. M.
Graham, E. C. Bosbyshell, M. Hagan, Frank
Rader, William F. Bosbyshell, Johul. Redick.
No. 129 New High street.
capital stock paid up - - - - $100,000
R.M. WIDNEY 7 i - . President
GEO. L. ARNOLD .... Cashier
Eight per cent, bonds secured by first mort
gage on real estate, with interest paysble semi
annually, are offered to investors of $250 and
R. M. Widney, W. H. Workman,
D O. Miltimorb, C. M Wells.
8. W. Little, L. J. P. Morrill,
D. R. Risley. m9-tf
CAPITAL $300,000
L. C. GOODWIN President
W. M. CASWELL Secretary
I. W. Hellman, John E. Plater,
Roberts. Baker, John A. Paxton,
L. C. Goodwin.
Term deposits will be received in sums of
$100 and over. Ordinary deposits in sums of
$10 aud over.
Money to loan on first-class real estate.
Los Angeles, July 1, 1884. jeltf
Showing its financial condition on the morning
of July 1, 1888.
Bonds $ 2,300 00
Loans on Real Estate 245,843 00
Cash on hand , 5,537 17
Due from Banks and Bankers 30,98141
Furniture and Fixtures 3,582 27
Expenses 3 064 95
Taxes 204 81
Total Resources $297,513 01
Capital paid up $ 25,000 00
Profit and Loss and Contingent
Fund.... 16,253 10
Due Depositors 256,260 51
Total Liabilities $297 513~61
County of Los Angeles, |
We do solemnly swear that we have (and each
of us have) a persoual knowledge of the mat
ters contained in tbe foregoing report, and '
every allegation, statement, matter and thing
therein contained is true to the best of our
knowledge and belief.
L. C. GOODWIN, President.
„ ,v W. M. CASWELL, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to Dtfore me this 2d
day of July, 1888.
iy3 lot Notary Public.
Or the Liquor Habit Positively 1
Cured by Administering Dr. 1
Haines' Golden Specific. ~
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea ■
without the knowledge of the person taking
It; is absolutely harmless and will effect a
permanent aud speedy cure, whether the
patient is a moderate drinker or an aloo
hollo wreck. Thousands of drunkards have
been made temperate men who have taken
Golden Specific in their coffee without their
knowledge, and to-day believe they quit drink- i
ing of their own free will. IT NEVER FAILS v
The system once impregnated with the Specific'
it becomes an utter impossibility for the Hauor
appetite to exist. For sale by R. W. Ellis & Co
Druggists, 27 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. i
my9-eod-4&wkiy ly
„ »^NJJ«J[>FjrHAVEE.
Southern Facile Company.
MAY~2(S7 1888,
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Los Angkles Daily ah Follows:
Leave For.] destination. |Aw. From.
+ 8:30 a. m i Beaumont f4:oop. m.
*-25 v. MBanning 9:25 a.m.
|00 P.M. Banning . 8:50 p. m.
8:30 a.m. Colton 4:00 p.m.
p. » I Colton 9:25 a. m.
8:00 p. M.i ...Colton 8:50 p. M.
8:00 p. m.j Deming and East... 8:50 p. M.
8:00 p.m. ....El Paso and East.... 8:50 p. m.
•n :3op - ton* Beach 12:35 p. M.
*8:uO a. M.j (Long Beach and( 1*8:15 p.m.
9:40 a.m. I San Pedro. ( 4:25 p. M.
5:15 p.m. andj 9M __
I Ogden aud East j 8:00 a.m.
0:30 p. m Portland, Or 8:00 a. m.
8:30 a. m Ban Bernardino 4:00 p.m.
4:25 p. m San Bernardino 9:25 a.m.
San Bernardino 8:50 p.m.
12:45 p. m. -San Fran, and Saeram'to 8:00 a. m.
9:30 p. m. San Fran, and Saeram'to 7:00 p. H.
9:20 a. m. ISanta Ana and Anaheim 3:45 p. m.
5:00 p. m [Santa Ana aud Auaheim 8:35 A. v.,
lilofcS: } Santa Barbara j
9:30 A. M.l Santa Monica 12:10 p. m.
1:00 p. M.l Santa Monica 4:20 p.m.
5:10 p. ji.: Santa Monica. .... 6:50 a. m.
6:30 p. M.l Santa Monica 8:20 A. M.
*9:40 A. M.: Santa Monica * 4:30 p. M.
•10:00 a.m. I Santa Monica *7:00 p. m.
I\&}:Z.\ 1 Whittle, J g*_ A .M.
•(-Tuesdays aud Saturdays. 'Sundays only.
A. N. TOWNE, General Manager.
„ „ T. H. GOODMAN,
Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Agt, San Francisco.
Superintendent, Los Angeles.
. „ , C. F. SMORR,
al-.tm Asst. G. P. aud F. A., Los Augeles
Pacific CoasjSjeailiip Co.
GOODALL, PERKINS & CO., General Agents
Embrace lines for Portland, Or.: Victoria, B. C.
and Puget Bouud, Alaska and all coast points.
Time Tabic for July. ISSB.
COMING SOUTH.[ going north.
zf~\ _\ £ 9& '
BTEAMERS. E< I reJ ! r?< §3"
a &* » w |3
2rß ok om vi zn
Sid w » w » »
°B_l 5j g »g
Santa Rosa ... . lJune29 July ljuly 3 July 5
Eureka July 1, " 3' " 4 " 7
City of Puebla. " 3 " s'" 7 " 9
Los Angeles... " 5 " 7 " 8 " 11
Santa Rosa " 7 " 9 " 11 " 13
Eureka " 9 " 11 j'• 12 " 15
City of Puebla. " 11 " 13 " 15 " 17
Los Angeles. .. " 13 " 15; " 16 " 19
Santa Rosa "15 "17 " 19 " 21
Eureka. " 17 " 19 " 20 " 23
City of Puebla. " 19; " 21 " 23 " 25
Los Angeles... " 21 " 23 " 24 " 27
Santa Rosa. .. "23 " 25 " 27 " 29
Eureka "25 "27 "28 "31
City of Puebla. " 27 " 29 " 31 Aug. 2
Los Augeles ... "29 " 31 Aug. 1 " 4
Santa Rosa "31 Aug. 2 " 4 " 6
The steamers Santa Rosa
and City of Puebla leave San Pedro for San
Diego on the dates of their arrival from San
Francisco, and on their trips between San Pedro
and San Francisco call at Santa Barbara and
Port Harford (San Luis Obispo) only. The
Eureka and Los Angeles call at all way ports.
Cars to connect with steamers leave 8. P. R. R.
depot, Los Angeles, as follows: With Queen of
the Pacific, Santa Rosa and City of Puebla at
9:40 o'clock a. m. With Los Angeles and
Eureka going north at 5:15 o'clock p. m.
«SSJ-For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from
All Important Points In Europe,
H. fIIcLEEEAN, Agent.
Office: No. 8. Commercial St.. Los Angeles.
California Central Railway,
On and after Tuesday, June 26. 1888, trainß
will leave and arrive at First Street Station as
Leave. | Los Angeles. I Arrive.
10:00 p.m. ! A Overland A 9:30 rTu.
8 :50 a.m. 8 ... San Diego IS I 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. m.B ..San Diego .. B i 4:50 p.m.
7:00 p. M. A San Diego ... A I 7:24 A.M.
7:41 A. M. B San Bernardino B j 6:10 p. m
8:50 a. m. S San Bernardino S 1 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. M B Sau Bernardino 8 1 4:50 p. M
4:00 p.m. A San Bernardino. A 9:55 a.m.
7:00 p.m. A San Bernardino. A 7:24 a.m.
10:00 p.m. A San Bernardino. A 9:36 p.m.
8:50a.m.S Colton 8 5:13 p.M.
9:00 a. M.B Colton B 4:50 P.M.
4:00 p.m. A Colton A 9:55 a.m.
7:00 p. M. A Colton A 7:24 a.m.
9:31 a. m. B Lam'daP'k acc'm B 11:25 a.m.
12:25 p. m:B Glendora ac'md'n B 3:43 p. m.
5:15 p. M.jß Duarte accomd'n B 8:05 a.m.
6:15 p. m 8 Duarte accomd'n 3 9:14 a.m.
11:30 p. m. C Duarte theatre tr'n C 7:40 a.m.
8:50 a. M a Redlands-Lugouia 8 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. m.B RedlandsLugonia B 4:50 p.m.
4:00 p. m. A Redlands-Lugonia A 9:55 a.m.
8:50 a. m. 8 Mentoue S 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. m.B Mentone B 4:50 p.m.
4:00 p.m. A Mentone A 9:55 a.m.
8:50 a. m. s Riverside .... 8 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a.m. B Riverside B 4:50 p.m.
4:00 p. m, A Riverside ... A 9:55 a.m.
8:50 a. m S ... San Jacinto ... 8 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. M.B ... San Jacinto ... li 4:50 p. m.
8:50 a. m. S .... Escondido .. 9 5:13 p.m.
9:00 a. M. B ... Escondido ... B 4:50 p. m,
7:00a.m.8 ...Port Ballona... B 9:00 a.m.
5:00 p. mH . .Port Ballona.. B 7:00 p.m.
8:00 a. m. 8 Port Ballona... 8 3:35 r. m.
930 am A (Redondo Beach B 3:50 p.m.
v .ou A. m. a j Redondo Beacb 3 6:00 p. m.
A, dally; B, Daily except Sunday: C, Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays; S, Sundays only.
Depot at foot of First street.
City Ticket Office, No. 239 North Main street.
D. McCOOL, Gen. Manager, San Bernardino.
H. B. WILKINS, Gen. Pass. Agent, San Diego.
WILLIAMSON DUNN, Gen. Agt., Los Angeles.
Santa Catalina Island!
Steamer will Leave San Pedro and
Return as Follows:
f/Monday July 2riMonday July 2
aTuesday " 3tfTuesday <• 3
aThursday " 5 dFriday... « «
aSaturday " 7 /'Saturday " 7
cSunday •• 8 eSunday " 8
SMonday " 9 ./Monday •■ 9
a Wednesday... " lli<iThursday. " 12
aFriday " 13|/Friday •• 13
aSaturday " Ufoaturday " 14
cSunday " 16fe8unday " 15
(/Monday " 16 -/Monday " iv
aTuesday " 17ldWednesday ' " 18
aThursday " 19 dFriday " 20
aSaturday " 21 ... " 21
cSunday " 22[eSunday " 22
(/Monday " 23|rfMonday " 23
aTuesday " 24lfTuesday " 24
aWednesday... " 25WThursday .... ■• 26
aSaturday " 2878aturday .... " 28
cSunday " 29reSunday " 29
" 30 ((Monday " 30
aTuesday " 31ldWedne8day... Aug. 1
(iConnects with 9:40 A M. train from Los An
(/Leaves San Pedro 7 A. m.
cConnects with 8 a. m. special train, return
ing same day. '
dConnects with 3 p. m. train from San Pedro
Pedro' 11160 "' WUh 7 P " *' specUl train from San
/Arrives at San Pedro 7:00 p. m.
If" Round trip ticket from I.os Angeles, $2.75.
On Sundays, good for day only, $2.60.
For furtner particulars apply to
C. A. SUMNER & CO.; 54 N. Main street.
. ma22-tf
The fine yacht Nellie, 14 tons, of San Pedro,
can be chartered for excursions and pleasure
parties to and from Catalina Island. Will be at
the wharf every Sunday morning.
For particulars, address H. A. CROCKER,
owner and master, San Pedro, Cal, or WM
BARNETT, cigar dealer, corner Los Angeles and
Commercial streets. Lob Angeles, CaL jel9tf
Swanfeldt & Robinson,
Corner San Pedro.
Call or write tor price*, je!9-lm

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