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Operator Stephenson's Mur
derer Confesses.
Another Batch of Santa Fe Officials
Established in the Phillips
The news was telegraphed up from
Yuma yesterday that the Mexican who
was arrested on suspicion of killing Op
erator Stephenson at Glamis has con
fessed the crime, but no details are given
as to why he did it. He is at present
confined at Yuma, but will bo taken to
the San Diego county jail without delay.
Stephenson's remains will probably be
interred at Glamis, where his wife now
is, she having left for the scene of the
tragedy on Sunday evening.
Departure of the Southern Pacific
Messrs. Fillmore, Curtis and Lawrence
arrived from Santa Monica yesterday
morning and left at 8:30 for Sana Bar
bara, where they will see about the gap
between Ellwood and Templeton. Tliey
were joined here by Mr. H. J. Urquhart,
Superintendent of the Los Angeles
Division, and Mr. 11. J. Small, Superin
tendent of machinery, and all proceeded
together on their northern journey. Mr.
Fillmore expressed himself as satisfied
with the way in which the work is pro
gressing at San I'edro, and said that the
creosoting works will be established
there in a week or two. The new
Tustin branch would he said be put in
operation in a week or so. It transpired
that the Southern Pacific intend to build
a new carshop and roundhouse at Sum
ner, at which all repairs for a convenient
distance north and south will be made.
The structure is to be 250 feet long, and
work on it will be commenced immedi
ately. It is ptobable that Mr. Urquhart
will remove his headquarters from Mo
jave to Sumner, as soon as this work is
completed. Mr. Fillmore held out no
hopes of work being commenced on the
Pomona and Elsinore road just yet.
Pullman Passengers,
The following Pullman passengers left
yesterday for San Francisco and the
By the 12:45 p. m. train: F. L. VVeath
erbee, Mr. Walker, Mr. Gibson, Mary
L. Evans, Mrs. Palmer, A. H. Hamil
ton, Mr. Powelson, Mr. Ward, S. R. Mc-
Farland, Mr. Gibson, A. Hilton, C. P.
Dazzell, M. Bathe, D. B. Cherry, Mr.
Braley, Jos. Connor, Mr. Powers, Mr.
Reinhart, Mrs. M. Loud, E. F. Spence,
Ben. E. Ward, W. H. H. Russell, J.
Maltman, Miss Stewart, G. D. Cole, J.
G. Fronk, W. Shelton, Mr. Evans, W.
H. Mintzer, Mr. Unger, N. Griffin, Mr.
Ellis, O. T. Basselt, Mrs. Topp, A. Stet
son, Mrs. Morris,'A. M, Rawson, J. M.
Ordway, F. E. Burnett, J. C. Norcross,
Mrs. Malone, F. C. Short.
By the 9:30 p. m. train :A. Rosenweld,
Mr. Newman, A. Yarra, A.J. Buffet, H.
Schlesinger, F. H. Lamb, C. M. Shafler,
J. Walker, J. A. Brown, 0. W. Reynolds,
A. Stine, J. Tavlor, H. Kohler, M.
Chase, H. Wolf, "C. H, Fowler.
Santa ft'e Changes.
Mr. Herman Silver, Treasurer of the
California Central and California South
ern, accompanied by his son, Mr. H. L.
Silver, paymaster for the same com
panies, and their four clerks, moved into
their new quarters in the Phillips Block
yesterday. Dr. Ross, medical director,
and Judge Brunson, legal adviser, are
already there and Mr. Dan McCool, gen
eral manager, and his clerical establish
ment of forty men, will be transferred in
a day or two, as soon as the elevator is in
operation. Mr. A. B. Wilkins, the gen
eral freight and passenger agent, is ex
pected this week, and then Mr. William
eon Dunn will probably go to San Diego.
The Rapid Transit Road.
Work has not yet been commenced on
the tracklaying between Ramona and
Mission road on the Rapid Transit line.
The reason for the delay is that not
enough of tbe rails are on hand, for
although a quantity arrived a short time
ago there were not sufficient to complete
the road, and the contractors do not caro
to start in until all the material is on
hand. It is expected that the remainder
of the supplies will be on hand in a few
A Rood for the Orphans.
By invitation of the Southern Pacific
the inmates of the Orphans' Home to the
number of seventy-five or eighty will go
to Santa Monica to-day, and will remain
there until Thursday. The railroad com
pany, in addition to providing free trans
portation, will furnish the little ones with
sleeping accommodation. This is an an
nual affair of the S. P.'s, and the outing
is highly enjoyed by all who participate.
Reduced Rates.
The Southern Pacific has made a $1
rate for wine to New York, and a cor
responding reduction is to be made in
brandy. These changes will go into
effect at an early date, due notice of
which will be given to shippers.
General Gleanings.
The Santa Fe overland train was nine
hours late yesterday.
The Santa Fe pay car will run over the
California Sonthern road to-day and the
California Central to-morrow.
A Burlington excursion will leave this
city on Thursday night, and it will take
a special train to convey all the tourist;).
A Sunset excursion from Boston and
other Eastern cities arrived here last
night. One car-load went to San Fran
To-day is the last day on which those
holding excursion tickets to the Teachers'
Convention can use them on the upward
About 10 o'clock one evening, at a house just
out of town, the domestic detected a boy effect
ing an entrance through a window. Without
raising an alarm, she watched the little fellow,
who went direct to a closet, and, taking some
thing from the shelf, was about to make his
escape, when the servant arrested him with the
plunder in his possession. She had no heart to
punish him when sha found tho object of his
burglary was a package of Frese'a Hambnrg
Tea, which he said he had taken for his little
sister, who was ill o( a fever. She very proper
ly told him he had acted very wickedly. Even
if there was no money at home, some kind
neighbor would have given him a little Ham
burg Tea if he had asked for it.
Dealers and Consumers of Beer
Will find it to their advantage to call on Phila
delphia Brewery, Aliso street, for tho best lager
or steam-beer, good on draught for weeks a!
lowest prices. Bottled lager $1.20 per doxen, if
bottles returned. Delivered to any part of the
city. Telephone 91.
WHY WILL YOD cough when Shiloh's Cure
wLU giTe immediate relief 7 Price 10 eta, 50
cts., and 91.
New York, July 10.—The feeling In the stock
market to-day was again fairly active,but it ex
hibited general decreasing tendency, especlal
y during the forenoon, when marked declines
were established In many of the active stocks,
and though there was a moderate roily in the
afternoon the market closed and offered from
one half to one por ceut generally off.
Governments dull and steady.
Petroleum opened steady nt and after
a Blightdecline in early trading became strong
and advanced to 83% c. Heavy selling orders
from the West then caused a Bharp decline in
which the market closed wenk at 81c.
New York, July 16.—Money on call easy:
[email protected]£ per cent.; laitloau, 1; closed offered 1
Prime mercantile paper [email protected]>4.
Sterling exchange dull and steady; $4.86%
*>r 60 clay bills; $4.88V> for demand.
Bar silver, 92J-£c.
Ban Francisco, July 10.—Silver bars, 91V£@
92c. per oz.
Nbw York, July 16.—Closing quotations:
CT. S. 4s, reg 127'ijN. Y. Central 106
(J. S. 4s, coup 127>.,|Northern Pac 2514
0. 8. 4U reg 107?jJ Preferred bt>%
V. S. 4j|coup .. . 107 : VNorthwestern.... 100*;
Pacific 8s 110 Oregon Imp't .... 65'/„
American Ex. .. .108 Navigation 94
Canada Pacific... 125
Canada Sou 51»j Pacific Mail 35W
b'entral Pacific. .132", Reading 61J£
Burlincton 115 ißock Island 106
D. L.&XV 132% St. Paul 70
DenveritßioOr.llB .St. Paul & Omaha 375«
Erie 25% -t. Louis & 8. F... 31
Lake Shore 92 , Texas Pacific 23
li. & N 58) i! Union Pacific 55? H
Mich Central 80 j U.S. Express 73V£
Missonri Pacific. 7ti% Fargo 138
Cans & Texas... Western Union... 77%
San Francisco, July 16.—Die following are
the closing prices;
Best & Belcher.. 3.55 Ophir 6.12 V,;
Crocker 95 Peerless 1,95
Chollar 2.65 Potosi. 265
Con Virginia. 9.00 Savage 3.65
Gould A Curry . 2.00 Sierra Nevada 3.05
Hale & Norcross 0.02U Union Con 3.30
Locomotive. 10 Yellow Jacket.4.lo
Grain Markets.
San Francisco, July 16.—Wheat—Quiet.
Buyer '8%, $1.52; i per cental.
Barley—Steady. Buyer season, $1.01 buyer
'88, 94! „c. per cental.
Corn—Whit?, [email protected]; yellow, $1.30.
Chicago, July 10.—1 p. m.—Wheat—A shade
firmer. Cash, 81';Sc. par bushel; August, SOJic;
Corn —Easy and lower. Cash 4GJ a c. per
Dushel; August, 46 15-lGc.
Oats —Steady. Cash, 30J a c. per oushel; Au
gust, 25% c
Rye—s3e. per bushel.
Barley—G2(g,G3c. per bushel.
Live stock Market.
Chicago, July 10.—Cattle—Receipts, 11,000.
Steady aud lower. Beeves. [email protected] 25; stoek
crs and feeders, [email protected]; Texas cattle,
[email protected]
Hogs- Receipts, 25,000. Opened sc. higher,
closed st-ong. Mixed, $5 5500,85; heavy.
[email protected]»5.i light, sri f,5( 4 0.90.
Sheep—Receipts, 5,000. Actlvo and steady.
Natives, western, $3 [email protected]*4.10;
Tcxans, [email protected] 00.
General Markets.
New York, July 16.—Hops—Steady, quiet.
Sugar—Quiet, firm; muscovado, SJjC; fair
refining quoted at SJ.Sc.; refined Btrong, "C,"
0V«.«-,e ; extra "(.'," U'viJGJjc; white, extra
"C," 6 [email protected]<i%c; yellow, «i.jfa)BJ-ic; off "A,"
81-100e; confectioners "A," 7>£c;
granulated, 7 r ; B @7 11-lGc.
Copper—Quiet; Lake, $16.80.
Lead—Dull; domestic, $3.95.
Tin—Quiet and stendy; straits, $18 90.
Coffee—Spot, fair; Rio, $5.14V£. Options
dv 1, closing steady. Sales, 31,P00. July, $5;
August, $5.50; September, $5.95.
Chicago, July 10.—Whiskey—$1.20.
Po.-k—Firm. Cash and August, $13 37K.
Lard—Firm. Cash, $8.30; August, $8 32V.,'.
Shoulders—s6.sot<r,sU.o2', : short, clear, $8.10
@8.15; short ribs, $7.65(c857.70.
Published by the Abstract and Title
Insurance Company of Los An.
MONDAY, July 16, 1888
M D Hnlladay, H C Jennings, E I) Cooke, W P
Hard and J C Galloway to George H Barse—Lots
10,11 and 12 block B, Halladay's addn Santa
Ana; $1,275.
Daniel Halladay and W rs Benedict to J W
Maxwell—Lois 1 and 3 block 11, W G Benedict's
subdn of Halladav tract; $1,100.
W I Keese to J H iiellan and A J Fcchette—
Lots 13 and 14, Milton Davis subdu Pasadena;
Charles D McGown to Sidney M Smith—As
signment of agreement to convey bk 308, p
243 of deeds; $1,050.
A C Shafer and A O Daman to A C Shafer—
Lots 1 and 2, Daman and Ml lard tract; $6,764.
A C Hiscock, Chas A Smith and Lorenzo V»n
der Leek to W T Merchant—Lot 50, Hiscook &
Smith's first addn city; $1,000.
Estate of Chas H Toll, deed, to Mrs Mary J
Weeks—Lots 12 and 23 blk 1, lot 32 blk 2, Jef
ferson st tract; $1,160.
H H Liuville to Smith James -Part of lot 7,
subd of B F Ball's Home Place, Pasadena;
Mrs Annie Gray to Frank C Wolf—Lot 3,
Goldsworthy l£ighth-st tract; $2,500.
Emily A Billings aud H G Billings t3 F D
Collins and G H Wadleigh—Blk 2 Schmitt tract;
Los Angeles City Wator Co to Fred'k F Low
and C E Thorn, trustees—All properly of first
party; $300,000.
Robert D Wade and T S Hamilton to Julius
Lyons—Tract in SE.'i Sec 7, T 2 S, R 13 W;
Wm Vickery to Margaret. E Miller—Lots 11
and 13 blk 11, E L A; $10,000.
Robert D Wade and T S Hamilton to George
P Love—Uhdivided half into, est in tract in SE'4
of section 7, T 2, S R 13 W; $1,280.
Bradley Butterfield to Robert Butcher—Lot
13, Myrtell's sub of MesMck tract: $2 200.
George W Hayes to Mathias Wilson—Lots 13
and 14, G W Hayes' resub Pasadena; $2,130.
Bettie C Farrell and Patilck Farrell to John
Rergdohl—Agreement to convey lots 1 and 2,
block 2, Hutcbinsos tract; $2,100.
Mary C Mattocks McKelvcy and John Jay Mc-
Kelvey to George A Marsh—Lots 16 and 17, and
7 anc 8, block C, Sherman tract; $4,000.
B B Biggs to II H Dobbins—Lot 2, block G,
Crescenta Canada; $3,000.
J 8 Vosberg and J O Vosberg to E R Maxwell
-Lots 66, 67, 68 and 69, Vosberg trt; $4000.
Charles McCarthy to C M Howlet—Lots44,4s,
47,48, 49 and 50, E Avery McCarthy's Bub In
blk 230 Maclay San Fernando Ro; $1000.
M P Snyder, M Sanders and Robert S Moore
to C X Lambie—Lots 6 and 7, blk 2, Angeleno
Heights; $3400.
Eliza W Lowe to John O Lowe—Lots 23 and
25 Darracott's sub, Pasadena; $1000.
Louis E Hilien to N J Stanley—NU of SWV£
of sec 10. T 8 N, X 13 W; $2400.
Manuel s Hellnuin to tMilium de X Birch-
Lot 11, blk 17, Angeleno Heights; $1500.
A J Rocha to Adelaide Gifford—N 40 feet of
lot 25 block 2 of lot 8 block 39, H S; $1,000.
p Beaudry to D D Webster—Lot 17 block 15,
Park tract; $1,675.
H M Ryan to Frank Records—Lot 25 to 48 in
cluding 19. Seabright; $10,000.
E W Jones to G A Dobinson and J A Fair
child—Lot 21 block A, Treat tract; $1,000.
H F Goodwin to H G Harper—Lot 42, Mas
ters subd, Pasadena; $1,750.
John Wide to O 8 Hawley and F W Shaw-
Lot 28, Wildes subd, Monrovia; $1 000.
John Wilde to C S Hawley and F W Shaw-
Lots 13 and 16 block C, Pacific View subd;
Robert Balfour to Bertha E Gordon and A
Genevieve Shorpc—sacres in lot 59 Watts subd
Rancho San.Kafael; $3,000.
Joseph W Wolfskin to Antorio (landino—Lot
41 block 10, Wolfskill Orchard tract: $1,700.
Same to John Leo—Lot 40 block 16, Woifskill
Orchard tract; $1,700.
R L Crowder to Horace G Jacobs—Lots 77 and
78 C Z Culver Home tract, Orange; $1,050.
Sidney M Smith to Charles A Doyle—Lots 115
116 and 117 May tract; $1,050.
Celestia E Miller and L F Miller to T L Hong
—Lot 9 Miller and Carter- subd in lot 12 block
1, San Pascual tract; $1,100.
Number of transfers above $1,000 each, 34.
Total amount of consideration, $396,4i3.
Number of transfers under $1,000 each, 32.
Total amount of consideration, $14,233.
Transfers for a nominal consideration, 24.
Aggregate of day's transfers, $410,670.
Note—Transfers of which the consideration
is less than $1,000 are not published in the
above list.
Strangers and visitors never fail to meet
friends at. the Vienna Buffet, corner Main and
Requena streets.
Physicians Bay that Hungarian food is ex
ceedingly nourishing. It can be fonnd at the
Vienna Buffet, oor. Main and Requena streets.
The be., c meal in Redondo Beach 1b at the
Dew Drop. Twenty-five cents.
When you want choice candies call at
Spence's, 46 South Spring street.
BARNETT & CO., the only exclusive whole
sale cigar and tobacco house in the City, corner
of Lob Angeles and Commercial streets.
The \ lenna Buffet, with its energetic man
agement and excellent kitchen, is the leading
place in the city.
Overland Excursion.
Passengers joining these parties are In tlx
hands oi a responsible railway company, no:
an ''excursion agency," its employes are itf
representatives, and accustomed to serving thi
Dates.—Trains leave Los Angeles on Thnrs
dftys and San Francisco on Fridays, meeting al
Sacramento Friday afternoon. Dates are as fol
lows: From Los Angeles— July 19th; Aug. 2(1,
10th, rtOtb; Sept. 13th, 27th; and day follow
ing from San Francisco, Sacramento, Tulare,
Fresno, Merced, Lathrop, San Jose, Stockton,
Davis, Marjsville, Colfax a: d Reno.
First class these excursions undoubtedly are
In every respect, as no objectionable people are
received, and each party Is in charge of Bur
lington agents through to Chicago.
Free sleeping cars, properly provided with
curtains, mattresses, blankets, etc. No extra
charge for this, or any other service.
Rates, 835.00 is the price of a ticket from
Los Angeles, San Francisco and most California
stations to any Missouri river point, and only
slightly more to points further east.
Scenery by daylight is a great feature, as
these excursions will stop twenty-four hours in
Salt Lake, and go by daylight through the
Black Cation or the Gunnlßon, across the Con
tinental Divide, through the famous Marshall
Pass, thence down the valley of the Arkansaw
through the Grand Canon of the Royal Gorge.
Further particulars are contained in Burling
ton route excursion folder, to be had at any
ticket oHires of the Southern Pacific and other
railways, and at Burlington route offices be
W. D. Sanborn, General Agent, 32 Montgom
rey street, San Francisco, Cal. J. B. Quiglev,
Freight and Passenger agent, 112 North Spring
street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Nadeau House.
Two hundred rooms, hot and cold baths,
only elevator in the city, twenty Buites with
bath and closets.
cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth.
——— — ■ ~
H. C. Wyatt, Lessee and Manager.
Six Nights and Saturday Matinee.
First appearance in this city of the renowned
and Her Own Company,
Presenting Victorlen Sardou s Masterpieces.
Monday, > FEDORA.
Tuesday and > Fanny Davenport as Prin-
Wednesday Ev'gsJ cess Fedora.
Thursday, i LA TOSCA.
Friday and > Fanny Davenport as La
Saturday Ev'gs ) Tosca.
Saturday only, Davenport Matinee.
Seats now on sale. jyll
T. W. Okey, Lessee and Manager.
(Formerly Hazard's Pavilion.)_
♦Maunder New
Grand Opening Night, SUNDAY, JULY 15,
Engagement for one week of the charming
Comedienne, pretty, piquant, petite
"The Little Electric Battery," and a carefully
selected company, in the following repertoire:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday
Nights — The ilcturesquo Comedy-Drama,
FOGG'S FERRY. Lizzie Evans In her famous
character of ' Chip," introducing new songs,
dances, medleys, etc.
Wednesday and Thursday Nights—The Ro
mantic Comedy, OUR ANGEL.
Friday Night and Saturday Matinee —The
boantiful Ameiiean Comedy, MAUD MULLER.
Prices—2s and 50 cents. No extra charge for
reserved seats, now on mile atSwartz & Whome'd
Stationery Store, 113 street, Hollen
beck Block.
Doors open at 7, curtain rises at 8 sharp with
out fail.
_UW(itand Mi tinee Saturday Afternoon. jyl2
North Main Btreet, near First.
Wei:k Commencing Saturday, July 14.
Representing the arts and sciences of Japan—
A number of skilled artißts in native costume,
producing bronze, porcelain, enamel, silk, ivory
and other art goods, making a comprehensive,
instructive and Interesting . xliibit of the prod
cuts of that remarkable people.
In a full minstrel performance.
Doors open from 10 1,. m. to 10 rm.
Admission 10c. Reserved seats 10c. extra.
Most Picturesque Pleasure Report
Near Lob Angeles. Unlimited space for picnic
partieß, for whicn special rates will be given.
Apply C. A. Sumner & Co , 54 N. Main street.
/.amission 25c. Sundays 10c. Bound trip
25c. Take Temple street cable to Beaudry
aye., and earn from Sisters' Hospital.
is the SIEGE OF PARIS I Main and Third
sts. Open daily (including Sundays) from 9A.
M. to 10 P.M. Admission-250. je7-lm
FUNERAL notices one dollar.
SHIELDS—At his residence at 205 North Fig
ueroa street, July 16, James A. Shleld.age 64
years and 5 months. Friends invited with
out further notice.
Funeral from residence, 205 North Figueroa
street st 10 a. m., Wednesday 18th.
Mosgrove's Cloak
and Suit House,
31 South Spring Street..
Mammoth Auction Sale!
At 10 A. m. sharp,
In the Spacious Salesrooms
over Nos. 227, 229, 231 and
233 South Spring Streets.
The following list of elegant goods:
Upholstered—lo elegant parlor sets in mo
hair, crimp and wool.
20 easy chairs in fine silk plush, spun silk and
moaair plush.
40 splendid bed lounges in crimp plush and
spun silk.
Walnut lounges, camp rockers, etc.
15 beautiful bedroom sets, consisting of black
walnut antique oak and cherry.
10 rolls carpets in tapestry and body brussels
and fine lugrain carpets of all styles.
Do not fail to attend this grand auction sale,
as the goods are all new and first-class.
They will be sold to the highest bidder with
out reserve.
Ladies are Invited to attend. The greatest
pains will be taken to make it pleasant for sill.
Goodi will b3 on exhibition at the salesroom
Monday, July 16.
Sale to commence Tuesday, July 17, at 10
A. m , aud continue until all goods are sold.
jyl2 Bt Auctioneer.
Tacit; "MfcSsT
—Manufacturers of—
SODA WATER of all kinds,
And the Celebrated Frut-jntz.
Our bottles aro provided with the only perfect
external stopper in the market.
Orders promptly filled.
Telephones!. w. lammersen &. CO.
V>22 lm*
s The tbove cut represents McKoon's I mi
i proved "a" Tent, or Tlie Camper's t'u
; vorlte.
- Parties desiring tents of any kind wiil do well
1 to addresß
j Jvlll4twklyl t ICa3OD - e,>PDIegOCO - Cal
r Sale of Bonds I
; Ceatral Irrigation District,
Colusa County, Cal.
j Notice is hereby given by tbe Board of Direc
tors of Cent:al Inigation District that Bald
board will, at its oflice in the town of Maxwell,
I in the county of Colusa, State of California, on
; the Bth day of Augrst, in the year ISBB, at 2
o'clock r. m. of said day, sell to he highest re
, sponsible bidder for cash, in gold coin of the
United States, five hundred bonds of the said
district, to the amountof two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars, bsing ratt of an issue of
bonds aggregating the snmof seven hundied
and fifty thousand dollars; that sealed propos-
als for the purchase of said bonds will be re
ceived by said board at the r office till the day
and hour aforesaid, at which timo said board
i will open the proposals and award the purchase
of said bonds to the highest responsible bidder;
but said board reserves the right to reject all
bids, and will in no event sell any of saldboudß
for less than ninety per cent, of the face value
thereof; tald bonds are dated the first day of
July, in the year 1888. and bear interest at the
rate of six per cent, per annum, payable semi
annually ;'any interest accruing between said
date and the date of the sale a id delivery of Eaid
bonds shall be credited, before delivery, on the
first maturing coupons attached to said bonds.
R. DE LAPPE, Secretary of said Board.
Maxwell. Cal., July 10,1888. jyl3
The parasites, of which we give cut below, dis
covered by us, aro the direct cause of Catarrh
and Consumption, also many other diseases. ,
Magnified j6o Times.
Imagine millions of those animalcules intha
nose, throat and lungs, as well as the minute
eustachian tubes leading from the back part
of tho throat to tbo middle ear, and you will
imagine tho misery they can produce. Thou
sands aro swallowed when the patient is asleep,
causing kidney and liver trouble, headache,
blood poison, general debility, etc. We have a
specific for destroying them and expelling tho
poison from tho blood. Uso the CALIFORNIA PQSI
stomach is bud, use tho CAUFOnM POSITIVE AND
system and purines tho poisoned blood. They
are manufactured from roots, herbs and flowers
that grow in California, and are safo for child
ren. They never fall. The Cough Cure is ex
cellent for Coughs Colds, v*_rtaKKm-£Sti
Croup, Ac, nocbildwilleverMaSßiaafcjK'sj
die with croup when this la 1J H
used. oiirLiuimentkill.spaiuHßtj3BBBE~ tt»
instantly. SeeourVrado Mark <! riiWjQlKs?? h
on every wrapper. Sold by ,2 rJ
all druggists. P3 __W_\_\,f__ V
Creasinger & Co., Props. Sra'fs&tW•
0, B. FULLER & CO~
(Successors to McLain & Lehman.)
Truck and Transfer Co.
No. 3. Market St.
Telephone 137.
C, S. k L P. Transfer Co.
Removed to 116 W. First St.,
Telephone 249. jy4 lm
Office of the Clerk of Board of Supervisors Los
Angeles County, California, March sth, 1888.
reglstration of the voters of tho County of
Los Angeles, State of California, has this day
been ordered in accordance with section 1094
et seq. political code.
By order of the Board of Supervisors of Lob
Angeles County, California.
j°7-7m C. H. DUNSMOOR, Clerk
, ~eWin ~X rice &~co.,
Special Peremptory Auction
■ By order of Messrs. Raymert A Messmore, con
signors, we shall Bell to the highest bidder, at
I public auction without reserve,
I On Wednesday* July 18th,
At 10 o'clock a. m sharp, at our salesroom, 114
. West First street, the followtDg property, to-wit:
' 5 bedsteads, 4 dressing cases, 4 commodes, 8
, chairs, 3 rockers, 1 banging lamp, 3 lamps, 3
tables. 4 toilet sets, 19 towels, 3 spring mat
tresses, 1 spring, 8 sheets, 3 blankets, 1 lot bed
ding, 4 carpets, 6 pillow and pll ow slips, 2
mattresses, 1 lot matting, 1 cooking stove, 1
looking glass, 3 cots, etc., etc. At the same
time and piece we shall sell a lot of new furni
ture, consisting of parlor and bedroom mites,
i gasoline stoves, ranges, etc. The goods unsold
at morning sale will be sold at 2 o'clock r. M.
i jyl3 1m EDWIN A.RICE Si CO., Auctiono-ra.
liprters and Wholesale Grocers.
Soli Agents Los Angeles.
On Account of
To Spring and First,
Sale beginning Monday, July 16,
Porcelain SO per cent.
Folding Screens. .28 " "
Bronze Goods 25 " "
Ivory " 20 " "
Leather " 33K " "
Basket " 20 " "
Silk Panels 20 " "
Silk Handk'chiefs IO "
Silk Wrappers.... IO " "
Silk Embroideries 20 " "
Bamboo Work .. 20 " "
Lacquer 28 " "
Toys 28 " "
Satsuma 20 " "
Cloisonne 20 " "
Fans 28 " "
Sandle Wood 20 '* "
California Goods. 20 " "
Kan-Koo, 238 N. Main St.
iv! 4 15 16 18 20
cate of Copartnership.
Notice is hereby given to all whom it may
concern that tho retail clothing flrrr eretofore
existing under Ihe name of the !on ni Cloth
ing Company, L. Harris & Co., proprietors, do
ing business in the City of Loa Angeles, Califor
nia, composed of Leopold Harris and Benno
Jastrowitz, each having an equal intere.-t there
in, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The
said Benno Jastrowitz withdraws from said firm
and Herman W Frank succeeds to all his in
terest therein. The said Benno Jastrowitz and
tbe said Leopold Harris continue as copartners
iv the wholesale clothing busUess hitherto and
now carried on under tlie name of L. Hairis i
Co., and the said wholesale aud retail business
are irom the date hereof to be curried on as sep
arate and distinct businesses, and independent
tho ono from the other.
The said new firm of the London Clothing Co.
assumes all debts and pays all liabilities, and
will collect ell accounts, said old firm hereby
dissolved having assigned said accounts to said
new firm.
And the said Leopold Harris and Herman W.
?rank, whose name tar (hereunto sitscribod,
lo heraby certify t'nat they constitute a part
aarship transacting a retail slothing businassat
tne City of Los Angeles, County of —oa Augeles,
State of California. Its principal place of busi
ness is Los Angeles, California. Its name is
London Clothing Company, Harris & Frank,
proprietors, and the full names of all the part
ners are as follows, to-wit: Leopold Harris,
Herman W. Frank, and they and each of them
reside in the City of Los Angeles, County of
Lo« Angeles State of California.
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles.
Dated Los Angeles, Cal., June 4, 1888.
County of Los Angeles, j "
On this 27th day of June, one thousand eight
hundred and eighty eight, before me, Friend
E. Lacev, a Notary Public in and for Los An
gvles Connty, State of California, icsidingtherc
iu, duly commissioned and sworn, personally
appeared Benno Jastrowitz, Leopold Harris and
Herni'in W. Frank, known to me to be the per
sons described iv and whose names are sub
scribed to the within instrument, and acknowl
edged to me that tbey executed the same.
In witness whereof, f have hereunto set my
hand aud affixed my official seal, the day and
year first above written.
jc2B 30t Notary Pubi c.
U. 8. Land Office, Los Angeles, Cal.J
June 22,1888. j
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Charles Whltted against Eben. 8. Brown for
failure to comply with the law sb to Timber
Culture Entry No. 977, dated February 20,
1885, upon the xMK Sec. 2, Tp. 8 N., R. 15 W.,
S B. M.,in Los Angeles County, CaL, with a
view to the cancellation of said entry. Con
testant alleging that ssid Eben. S. Brown has
failed to plow, or cause to be plowed, rive acres
of land the ft ■Bt year; also tailed to plow five
acres second year; and, in fart, has wholly
failed to do anything upon said land to this
date. The said parties are hereby summoned
to appear at this office on the 22d day of Aug
ust, 1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., to respond and
furnish testimony concernieg said alleged fail
ure. H. W. PATTON, Register.
Jyl7 30t*
Land Office st Los Angeles, Cal,, t
July 10. 1888. j
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before tho Register
and Receivor at Los Angeles, Cal., on August
16, 1888, viz.:
John R. Brock, Pre. D. 8. No. 4 958. for the
N. \_ of SE.'.; and 3. Mof NE. \± Sec. 18, Tp. 8
N., R. 18 W., 8. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz.: William Davis:on. J. Edgar
Alden, John Walter, Joseph Brock, of Gorman's
Statiou. H. W. PATTON, Register.
Jyll 30t*
U. S. Land Office, Los Angeles. Cal.,|
February 2, 1888 |
Complaint having been entered at this office
by John R. Hollamby against Charli s T. Mitch
ell for abandoning his Homestead Entry No.
1552, dated February 1,1884. upon the NW '4
Sec. 14, Tp 7 N., R. 13 W., 8. B. M , in Los An
geles County, Cal., with a view to the cancella
tion of said entry; the said parties are hereby
summoned to appear at this office on the 3d
day of Angus', 1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged abandonment
(Bigned) J. D. BETHUNE, Register.
(Signed) I. H. POLK, Receiver.
)c2O SOt
Land office at Lob Angeles, Cal, July 9,
1888. Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to comma's and make final proof in sup
port of bis claim, and that Baid proof will be
made before tbe Register and the Receiver at
Los Angeles, Cal, on September 11,1888, viz:
John C.ThiD.for theSWK Bee. 14, Tp. BN, R.
16 W., 8. B. M. He names tbe following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of, said, land viz: David Kid
son, William Menzie. Peter Morris, Henry
Schuidei,all cf Maynard, Loa Angeles county,
CaL H. W. PATTON, Register.
iylO tues 6t*
Land Office at Los Angeles, Cal.J
July 10,1888. (
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of hfs intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Rt gister
and Receiver at Los Angeles, CaL, on August
18,1888. viz :
J(. Edgar Alden, Pre. D. 8 No. 5,420, for the
SW. M Sec. 18, Tp. 8 N., R. 18 W., 8. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said laud, viz.: William Davisson, John R.
Brock, John Walter, Joseph Brock, of Gorman's
Station. H. W. PATTON, Register,
jyll 30t*
Land Office at Los Angela?. Cal,)
July 10,1888. i
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his Intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, aud
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Los Angeles, Cal., on August
16.1888, viz.:
William Davlsson, Pre. D. 8. No. 4.957 for
the NW. M tec. 18, Tp. 8 N., K. 18 W., 8. B. M
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and csltlvatiou
of, said land, viz.: John R. Brock, J. Edgar
Alden, John Walter, Joseph Brock.of Gorman's
Station. H. W. PaTTON, Register.
Jyll SOt*
, Of the County of Loa Angeles, Btate of CaU
"* fornia.
In the matter of Robert Eckert and Herrman
de-bo saeman, paitners as Eckert & Schoeneman.
Insolvent debtors.—Order Adjudication of la
Robert Eckert and Herrman Schoeneman
having filed in this court their petition, sched
ules and Inventories in insolvency, from which
lt ,?L ,pe ,', rl! 'hat they are ani have been residents
of the County of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, for more than six months next preceding
the tiling of their petition, and that they have
S£l n J" mr! , ci a s i a ,rade ULder tne fl "» name of
Eckert and Schoeneman, and as such partners
as well as individuals, they owe debts exceed
ing in amount the sum of $500, and that ther
are as partners, as well as individuals, insolvent
debtors, as they are hereby declared to be in
h£5E. S nf iff . °J . tne ? ountv of Los Angeles Is
hereby directed to take possession of all the
Joint stock aud property of the partnership, and
also all the separate- estate of each of ssid part
} ners, excepting such parts thereof as may be
exempt by ltw, and all deeds, vouchers, books
of aco.uutand papsrs, botbc ,n»rtneisblp
and of said partners individually, aSa to keep
the same safely until the appointment of an as
> signee in this matter.
• All persons are forbidden to pay any debts to
the said insolvent debtors, jointly or individu
ally, or to deliver any properly belonging to
them, or to either of them, or to any person,
firm, corporation, or association, for their use
or that of either of them; and the said debtors,
jointly and severally, are hereby forbidden to
transfer or deliver any property until the fur
ther order of this Court, except as herein or
It is further ordered that all the creditors of
the copartnership aforesaid be and appear be
fore the Honorable W. P. Gardiner, Judge of
the Superior Court of the County of Los A
ngeles, in open Court, at the courtroom of said
Court, Department No. 2, Jones Block, In the
City of Los Angeles, on the second lay of Aug
ust, 1888, at 10 o'clock A. m. of tiat day, to
prove their debts and choose an ssslgnce of the
estates of said deb' ors.
It is further ordered that this crier be pub
lished in the Los Angeles Daily Hebald, a
newspaper of general circulation, published in
the County of Los Angeles, as often as the said
paper is published, before the said day set for
the meeting of creditors.
And it is further ordered that in the mean
time all proceedings against the said insolvents,
or against either of them, be stayed.
Judge of the Supei ior Court.
Dated Los Angeles, CaL, June 2i>, 1888.
le3o 34t
C. C. Cbs?, plaintiff vs. Edward Records. A.
G. Hinckley and Henry T. Hazard, defen
. dants. Sheriff's Sale. No. 7532. Order of Sale
and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. Under and
, by virtue of an order of sale and decree of fore
, closure and sale, issued out of tho Superior
. Court of the Couuty of Los Augeles, State of
. Caliiornia, on the 7th day of July, A. D. 1888,
, in the above entitled action, wherein C. C. Case,
, the above named plaintiff, obtained a judgment
. and decree ol foreclosure and sale against
, Edward Records et al., the above named defen
; dants, on the 3d day of July, A. D. 1888, for
. tho sum of $1,511.23-100. in gold coin of the
I United States, which said decree was, on the 3d
j day of July, A. D. 1888, recorded in judgment
I book 8 of said Court, at page —, I am com
. mande d to sell all that certain lot, piece, or
\ parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the
. County of Los Angeles, State of California, and
, bounded and described as follows:
Tho northwest quarter (N.W. \i) of the north
east quarter (N. E Ji)of the northwest quarter
j (N.W. li) of section number thirty-one (31), Tp,
, one (1) south, range twelve (12) west, Ban
I Bernardino Meridian, being ten (10) acres,
more or less, expressly reserving from the ef
fect of this mortgage, three (3) lots, 50 feet
each, hereintofore sold by said Hinckley to
! James R. Townsend, to which contract of sale
. reference is hereby made for more particular
description,being the same lOlots reserved from
! conveyance by said Hinckley to said Records of
j the property hereby mortgaged.
Together with all and slngu'ar the tenements
! and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in
any wise ai>pertaiuing.
[ Public notice is hereby given that on Wednes-
I day,the Ist day of August,A.D.lBBB,at 12 o'clock
m. of that day, in front of the Court House door '
of the Couuty of Los Angeles, on Spring street,
I will, in obedience to said order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof as may
be necessary to satisfy said judgment, with In
terest and costs, etc., to the highest and best
bidder, for cash in gold coin of the United
Dated this 7th day of July, 1888.
. Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Btate of Cali
fornia. jyB4t
U. 8. Land Oflice, Los Angeles, Cal., February
. 2,1888.
Complaint having been entered at this oflice
by Perry Olmstead against Patrick Crowe for
failure- to comply with law as to Timber-Cul
ture Entry No. 044, dated January 17,1884,
upon the SE. ; 4 Sec. 30, Tp. 8 N., R 15 W., in
Lob Angeles County, Cal., with a view to the
cancellation of said entry; contestant alleging
that said Patrick Crowe has not done any plow
ing or planting on said tract, and that the same
i6in a state of nstnre, the said parties are here
by summoned to appear at this office on the
20th day of July, 1888. at 10 o'clock a. m , to
respond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged failuie.
J. D. BETHUNE, Register.
I. H. POLK, Receiver.
F. Jordan, Plaintiff's Attorney. je2l 30t
M. G. McKoon, plaintiff, vs. James Gardiner,
defendant — Sheriffs sale. No. 7,272—Order
of Bale and decree of foreclosure and
sale-U ider and by vlitue of an order ol
sale ai i decree of foreclosure and sale,
itstied iut c:t le Ruperior Court of the
County >f LrsAigßles, State of California, on
the 23d lay of Jans, A. D. 1888, in the above
entitled action, wherein M. G, McKoon, tbe
above named plaintiff, obtaiued a judgment
aud decree of foreclosure and sale against
James Gardiner, the above named defendant,
on the 13th day of Juno, A. D. 1888, for the
Bum of $1,482 in gold coin of the United gtates,
which said decree was, on the 21st day oi June,
A. D. 1888, recorded in judgment book 8 of
said court, at page 407 et seq., I am command
ed to Eell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land, situate, lying and being in the county of
Los Angeles, State of California, and bonnded
and described as follows: Lot forty-four (44),
Orange Heights, iv the city of Los Augeles, ac
cording to a survey and plat of said tract made
by G. E. Pillsbury, which map is entitled
' Orange Heights," and Is recorded In book 18,
page 63, of tbe Miscellaneous Records of Los
Angeles County, said State of California.
Public notice is hereby given that on Wednes
day, the 18th day of July, 1888, at 12 o'clock m.
of that day, in front of tbe Court House door of
the County of Los Angeles, on Spring street, I
will, in obedience to said order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof as may
be necessaiy to satisfy said judgment, with
interest and costs, etc., to the highest and best
bidder, for cash in gold coin of the United
Dated this 23d day of June, 1888.
Sheriff of Los Angeles connty.State of California.
Land Office at Los Angeles, Cal., June 10,1888.
Notice is hereby given that tbe following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to commute and make final proof in support of
bis claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver at Los Angeles,
on August 18,1888, viz : Henry Prentiss King,
H. E. No. 3539, for the NE. Sec. 4, Tp. 8 N.,
R 13 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, Baid land, viz.: W. H. Marriott and John
' Savage, of Lancaster P. 0., CaL, B. A. Parker
and Ira Ballard, of Mavnard P. 0.. Cal.
_je22_3ot* H. W. PATTON, Register.
lfornia, County of Los Angeles, ss.
In the matter of the Estate of Isaac Banta,
deceased. Notice for publication of time for
proving will, etc.
Notice is hereby given that Wednesday, the
18thdayof July, 188S, at 10 o'clock a.m. of Baid
day, at the courtroom of this Court, Depart
ment Two thereof, In the Jones Block, Cltv of
Los Angeles, County of Les Angeles, and State
of California, has be< n appointed as the time
and pine for hearing the application of Wil
liam Peirce, praying tnatadocumon now on
: file in this Court, purporting to be the last
', Will aud Testament of the said deceacsd, be ad
. miit:d to probate, and that L'tSers testamentary
' bo lisued thereon to him, at which time and
place all persons interested therein may appear
' and contest the same.
Dated July sth, 1888.
C. H, DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
1 jy6 13t By M. J. Ashmore, Deputy
U S. Land Oflice, Los Angeies, Cal,, February
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Thomas Downing against Stephen 8 Black
for failure to comply with law as to Timber
- Culture Entry, No. 585, dated December 17,
i 1883, upon the BW. \i Sec. 8, Tp. 6 N, R. 12 W.,
i 8 B. M., In Los Angeles county, CaL, with a
r view to the cancellation of said entry: contest
t ant alleging that said Stephen S. Black has not
pHr.tt d 10 acres of seel a, trees or cuttings upon
r said land and has not Broken or cultivated 10
acres or any portion of said laid, tbe said par
e ties are hereby summoned to appear at this
v sffloa on the 23th day of July, 1888, st 10
r o'clock a. m. ,to respond and furnish testimony
b concerning said alleged failure.
J. D. BKTHUNK, Register.
1 je27 30t« I. H. POLK, Reoelver.

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