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exchange review.
New York, August 29.—The Btock market
was more active to day, but was feverish, and
late in the day weak, which wiped ont most of
the gains recorded in the early dealings and
left the majority of tho active list fractionally
lower than last evening's prices. The decision
of Judge Fairall against the Town Railroad
Commission wsb regarded as a great bull card,
snd though there was some yielding at first the
demand for stocks was such that the prices,
with many reactions, slowly advanced until
the last hour. Realizing sales also played an
important part and in the last hour became so
numerous that almost everything was forced
below the level of the opening prices. Coal
stocks were again a great feature, though the
lowa decision brought the grangers more prom
inently to the front.
Government bonds were dull and steady.
P jtroleum opened strong at 92c, but after a
Blight advance reacted to 92!$c. A sharp ad
vance then carried the price to 92?«e., after
which another reaction occurred, on which the
market closed steady at 92J.sC.
New York, August 29.—Money on call easy;
ljjj per cent.
Prime mercantile paper [email protected];s.
Sterling exchange $4.84.; for sixty day bills;
$4.87., for demand.
Bar silver, 91% c.
San Francisco, August 29.—Silver bars, 91V$
012 c. per oz.
Niw York. August 29.—Closing quotations:
D. 8.45, reg 128!$'N. Y. Central 108 :1 4
0". 8. 4s, coup 128'.j Northern Pac 26>/$
V. 8. 4'.;S reg . .lOli'jj, Preferred 50«4
U.S. 4>.,seoup 107? i Northwestern— 1141$
Pacific 6s 120 (Oregon Imp't .... 07! i
American Ex. ...109 INavigation 93
Canada Pacific... 57 ITrans-Con 127%
Canada Sou 52%' Pacific Mall 30%
Central Pacific... 34..Reading... 62%
Burlington 114' 4 : Rock Island 110«
D. L. & W 142U 3t. Paul 72%
Denver&RloGr.llS'., -it. Paul & Omaha 4lk
Erie 28 it Louis &S. F... 32U
Lake Shore 97' i Texas Pacific 26%
L.AN 68 Union Pacific 00} i
Mich Central 85' 2 CJ. 8. Express 79
Missouri Pacific. 80!,; Fargo 136
Kans<bTexas ...113 Western Union... 83
San Francisco, August 29. -The following are
the closing prices:
Best & Belcher. 3.10 Hale St Norcross 430
Crocker 70 iPotosi 2.50
Chollar 2.50 iSavage 2.20
Con. Virginia.. 8.50 ;Sierra Nevada.. 3.00
Confidence 10.37!-$ Union Con 3.05
Gould & Curry . 2.65 [Yellow Jacket. 3.35
Oram ;f!arKets.
San Francisco. August 29.—Wheat—Inactive.
Buyer '88, 91.76%.
Barley—lnactive. Buyer season, f1.03% per
Corn—White, [email protected] per cental; yellow,
[email protected]
Chicago, August 29.—1 p. m.—Wheat—Weak
and lower. Caßb, 92 ;, K e. per bushel; Sep.ember,
92>$c.; October, 01%0.
Corn—Easy. Cash, 45c. per bushel; Septem
ber, 45! 5 c.: October, 45! ,;c.
Oats—Steady. Cash, 25c. per bushel; Septem
ber, 24?* c; October, 24%0.
Bye—Firm; 51c. per bushel.
Liverpool, August 29. — Wheat —Strong;
holders offer sparingly
Corn—firm; holders offer spariugly. New
mixed western, 4s. 11., 1. per ceutal.
Live siock market.
Chicago, August 29.—Cattle—Receipts, 1,000,
Market slow and 10c. lower. Beeves, $6.00®
6.40; Bteers, $4.00{g15.90; stockers and feeders,
10: Texas cattle, $1.75(iu,3.75; Western
rangers, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts 10,000. Five ccitfi higher.
Mixed, $6.00®0.50; heavy, [email protected]; light,
Bheep—Receipts, 7,000. Slow and sc. lower.
Natives, $2.80(0)4.50; Western shorn, $3.20(a)
3.85; Texas shorn, $3.00(83.80.
Calltornla Fruit.
Chicago, August 29.—Montgomery & Co. sold
four cars ol California fruit. The market was
firm. Grapes, Muscat, [email protected]; Tokay,
$2.05. Peaches, Salwav. $1 15; Orange Cling,
$1 05(W1.10; Honey Cling, $1.10; Strawberry
Cling, $1.20; Freestone. $1 20 Pears, Duchess,
$1 75: Beurre Clairgeau, $l.i« 0; Bartlett, $3.10
The Earl Fruit Company sold one car of Cali
fornia fruit. Excepting lekwith plums the fruit
was ovcripe aud iv bad coudition. Average
prices: Pears, Mountain Bartlett, $2.15; Beurre
Clairgeau, $1.75. Peaches, !»7c. Piums, Golden
Drop, $150; lekwith, $1.40.
(•cneral Market*.
New York, Angust 29.—Hops—Strong and
moderately active.
Coffee—Options opened barely steady with a
light business, closing steady. Sales, 27,000
bags. August, $11.15®11.25; September,
[email protected]; October, $10.30®10.35. Spot
Rio steady but quiet; fair cargoes, 14J.se.
Sugar—Raw firm with light demand; Centri
fugal 9G test, o;^c.; refinea inactive, demand
Copper—Quiet and steady. Lake, If 10.85.
Lead—Unsettled. Domestic, $4.08/$.
Tin—Quiet and steady. Straits, $21.00.
Chicago, August 29.—Whiskey—$1.20.
Shoulders, $7.50®7.75: short clear, $9.00
@9.25; short ribs, $8.40®8.42?£.
Pork—Lower. Cash and September, $14.20;
October, $14 25.
Lard—Firm. Cash, September and October,
Eggs—Firm; 15c. per dozen.
Los Angeles, August 29.
Wheat—Good demaud; $1.30®1.35.
Barley—Fair demand; 80®90c.
C0rn—[email protected]
Hay—Barley, $10,[email protected]; alfalfa, $10.00
(S11.50; oat, $12.00®13 50; wheat, $13.00®
Seed—Alfalfa, 9c.
Oats—sl [email protected] 75; Oregon [email protected] 00.
Flour—Extra Capital Mills, roller process,
94.75 bbl; Los Augeles xxxx, roller process,
$4.75, less 15c. for cash.
Mill Feed—Bran, 90c; shorts, $1.20;
cracked, ground and rolled barley, 95c;
cracked corn, $1.25® 1.30; mixed feed, corn
and barley, $125; feed meal, $1.30; oil cake
meal. $2.25.
Grain Baos—M. S. 22x30, 8Uo.; 1887, Cal
cutta spots, 9<4C.; potato sacks, sc; mill sacks,
Oranges—Fair supply: seedlings, $1.50®
Green FRUiTs-Strawberrles, [email protected] lb.
raspberries, 12! ;,®lsc per lb.; plums, [email protected]
$1.00 per box; peaches, l®3c. per lb.; piuues,
$1.00®1.25; grapes, [email protected] perib.; figs. 4®sc.
per lb.
Lemons—Lisbon, sweated, $3.50; Eureka,
sweated, $5.00.
Limes—Bs®9oc. per 100.
Baisins—London layers, [email protected]; Sultana
seedless, $1.05; loose Muscatels, $1.00.
Apples—Sun dried, o®7c ; sun-dried, sliced,
evaporated, 12® green, 11%
Apricots—Sun-dried, 12U®15c; evaporated,
[email protected]
Peaches—Extra fancy peeled, fancy
peeled, 2Gc; extra fancy unpeeled, 20c;
fancy unpeeled, 17c ; choice unpeeled, 15c;
sun dried unpeeled, 12!-£c,
Nuts—Walnuts, s®7c; solt shell almonds, 15
?18c ; large pecans, [email protected] ; Brazils, 12;, c:
berts, 15c; peanuts, 6®7c
French Prunes—Evaporated, 13®15c.
Plums—[email protected]
Elos-California, 31®33c; Eastern, [email protected]
Butter—Good supply; choice fresh roll, 62U
@65c. per loll; fair to good, 50®55c; good
roll, [email protected]; California firkin, 24®20c. per
lb ; Eastern firkin, 22®25c per lb.
Cheese—Good supply; new, [email protected]; Young
America, 15® 10c; A lam it os, 3-lb hand, 18c.
Potatoes-Early rose, 50®65c: pink eyes,
Onions—Yellow Danvers, 80®95c.
Beans—Small navy,[email protected]: large white,
$3.25; small butter, $3: Lima, $350; pink
$2.5U®2.75: red, [email protected]; Bayous, $2.40;
Garvanzos, $0®6.50.
Beeswax—[email protected]ßc
Honey—Comb, 21b frames, extra white, 15
@16c: medium, 12J-|@lsc; extracted, 601b.
tins, extra white, s®■">■ 2 c.; extra amber, 4®sc;
amber, 3®4c,
Poultry—Fair demand; hens, [email protected];
old roosters, [email protected]; young roosters, $5.55
®6.50; broilers, large, $3.50®4.00; broilers,
small, $2.50®3.00; turkeys. 10®18c; ducks,
large, $7.00; ducks, small, $5.00.
Ham and Bacon—Eastern, 16c; Lily, 18c;
Whittaker hams, 17c; Lily bacon, 17c.
Lard—Refined, 3 lb pails, HUe; 5-lb palls,
Hike; 10-lb palls, 11c; barrels, lie; extra lard,
3-rb pails, 12'ic; 5-lb pails, 1214 c; 10-lb pails,
TThe following quotations are for dressed
treats In whole carcasses. For round lots on
the hoof, 50 per cent off from these prices may
Beef—American, dressed, [email protected] per lb;
Arizona, [email protected]
Veal—American, ti® 10c.; Arizona, 9c
Mutton—Ewes, [email protected]; wethers, [email protected]^c
Fresh Fish — White, 10c; flounders,
13c; salmon, [email protected]: Lake Tahoe trout,
26®35c; rock cod, 8®10c; smelts, [email protected];
herring. 8® 10c; baracnta, 8® 10c; ttur
geon, B®l2}<ic; soles, 12% c; pompano, 12V 2
®25c; sprats, [email protected]; mackerel, 12!,@15e ;
oysters, cans, [email protected]; oysters, shells, $1 per
100 -
Wool—Fall wools, 6®7c.; spring clip, [email protected]
Hides—Usual selection, 14c; sheerlings,
20c.; medium, 130 c; long wool, 75c.
Published by the Abstract and Title
Insurance Company ol L,os An
geles. Wednesday, August 29, 1888
C W Grcgorv to S X Mclihenny—l.ot 1 C W
Gregorys sub in F H Lowells sub of SchiefTelin
tract; $5,000.
8 X Mcllbennv to John C Scott-Lot 1 0 W
Gregorys sub iv F H Lowells sub of Schieti'elin
tract; $6,500. , , _
Charles French to R J Brown—Lot 5 block B.
Firey, French and Khorers sub of 8 20 acres of
Burbank tract; $1,150.
J W Heckman to Geo Heath—Lot 3 and A
block A, Lambiesub of block 155 Pomona;
R M Widney to Mrs Dorethea Lummis—Lots
43 and 43 block 120 Long Beach; $1,250.
M Augustine and J Downey harvey to J W
Byrne—Lot 11 Harveyssub of lot 18 block E,
Oak Knoll tract; *1,500.
Mrs Elrnlna A Fisher and James H Fisher to
W B Johnson-Lot lti 17 18 and 19 block 35,
lots 2 3 aud 24 block 20 and lots 18 19 24 aud
25 block 34 Cahuenga; $3,000.
Mrs Elmina A Fisher and James H Fisher to
W B Johnson —Lots 78 95 and 90 McDonald
tract le»s lot 5 block 7, lots 15 10 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 28 and 29, block 3 Wright's BUbdn
Broadacres; $14,400.
A C Hiscock, Chas A[Smith and Lorenzo Yon
der Leek to William Woodbury Lord—Lots 102
105 100 107 108 aud 107 Hiacoeksand Smith's
first oddn city; $2500.
Santa Ana, Falrview & Pacific Railroad Co to
J G Bailev—Und U int in 8 !$ of tract in see 18
TSBR9 W:$7000.
James W Norcross to Wm Sharpies and C N
Frazier— of lot 3 Lotspeich <s Co's tract Ro
Santiago de Santa Ana; $2,500.
Mrs Otiska A George to Mrs Barbara Luch
singer—Lot 142 Goodwin tract; $1000.
John Hassheider to W 8 Russell—s acres in
N E., sec 14 T5 8 RlO W; $3000.
M A Rogers to M A Yarnell—Lots 3 and 4 blk
8, Garvanza; $1,000.
Mary C Saunders and Charles W Saunders to
W L Woodward-Lots 7, 7, 8, 9, and 10 block B,
J D Yocums subd In Grogau tract; $4,500.
Milton Thomas to Fredrick Neilson—Lat 53
Parcels subd of John M Thomas tract; $1,200
Elizabeth F Thome aud L R Jenkins to R S
Cantine and D SjGrant Glick—Mining location,
Elizabeth Thome and Lewis Thome to Freid
rich Guenther—Bond for deed to lot 2 Drew
tract; $1,800.
John Mac Vine and Elizabeth Bury Mac Vine
to F H Barclay—Lot 67, and S 10 acres of lots
08 69 and strip Bof lot 07, Monte Vista tract;
R J Richmond and G W Wilmore to W A
Freese—S 50 feet of lot 14 Patten Bros subd of
Pasadena; $1,350.
G D Patten and C C Patten to W A Freese—
8 50 feet of lot 14 Patten Bros subdn Pasadeua;
John Case and B J Lobdell to 8 F Ashlcv'and
H E Phelps—Lot 11 Ept of Bush & Crawford
subdn in lot 6 block 2 H 8; $1300.
Walter E Axford and D F Smith to George D
Sanford—Lot 25 D F Smith's subdn of block L,
Whittier; $1200.
William E Rogers to Ralph Rogers—All int in
property bk 464 p 202 of deeds less W 40 feet
of lot 22 block 15, subdn of lot 2 block 39 H 8,
lots 1 2 3 4 20 21 22 23 24 and 25 block 23.
subdn of lot 3 block 39 H 8, und % int in lot 37
Child's tract, lot on E side of Union aye and all
int in Clarabelle tract: $20,000.
John J Charnock to Charles Charnock—Lots
1 3 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 19 21 and
22 block A, and lots 1 2 5 7 10 11 13 14 15
16 and 18 block B, Soto Street trsct $4470.
Frederick J Chamberlain to J E Gordon—3o
acs in Ro Rincon de la Brea; $20,000. y~
Mrß L E Hensler to Jameß E Gordon—Lots 12,
13,14,15, 10, 21 and 22 block 35, lots 21 and
22 block 48, San Fernando; $2,700.
Catherine Bettner, Robert L Bettner and
Louis Bettner to Abbot Kinney, P Robertson
and D Galbratth—Tract in Ro Boca de Banta
Monica conveyed to Abbot Kinney trustee by
Francisca de Kios de Peua and Frederico Pena;
H W Stanton, Frank E Williams and J M
Creamer to Frank E Williams and Mary Per
kins—Lots 6, 7 and 8 block A, New Electric
Road tract; $1,500.
R Ball and James Hanley to A J Cobb—Lot 4,
Ball & Hanley's subd of lots 11, 12 aud 13 block
11, Woolen Mill tract; $1,150.
A B Hawkins to Alberlina Seholteus—Agree
ment to convey N l .; of E>s of lot 7, W part of
Lick tract; $3,000.
A L Scoiield to Nellie C Cole—Agreement to
convey N 00 feet of lot. 10 resub of E Turner
tract, Pasadena; $6,500.
Abbot Kinney, trustee to Mrs Catherine Bett
ner— Lots 7 and 8 block 88, Santa Monica
Heights; $2,000.
William C Mosher and Mary S Mosher to H A
Reld—Lot 18, Mosher tract, Pasadena: $1,040.
M Augustine and J Downey Harvey to Felici
tas de Estudillo—Lot 17, Harvey's sub of lot 83
bock E. Oak Knoll tract; $1,500.
Alfred James and Julia James to C G Harri
son—Lot NW cor of Ban Pedro and Fifth streets;
William John Scholl to Johu H Bryan and H
B Strange— Lots 27 28 and 29, Millard's sub of
Garey Place tract; $3,900.
T B McDonald to Harriet M Douglass—Lots B,
D, F, H and J, blk 107, Long Beach; $3500.
Burdette Chandler to Chas W Davis—Undi
vided half interest in m.j of sec 20. T 2 8, R 11
W: $8000.
Julius C Brown to Marshall McCollum—Lot
22, Schieffelin tract; $5000.
Geo Turner to Mrs Sarah L Dyer—Let 19,
Legg's lower tract, Pasadena; $1500.
Number of transfers above $1,000 each, 38.
Total amount of consideration, $215,220.
Number of transfers under $1,000 each. 40.
Total amount of consideration, $17,102.
Transfers for a nominal consideration, 28.
Aggregate of day's transfers, $232,350.
Note—Transfers of which the consideration
is less than $1,000 are not published in the
above list.
St Chari.es Hotel—J H Kcolle, Gorman Sta
tion; A H Rae Brown, McPherson; F Dis. San
Francisco; C Molofski, Almos Rock. Wm Olseu.
John Rttly, Cal; W E R Lane, Tnlaie; J W
BrynesJ London: W Henderson. Santa Monica;
J O Siiles, New York; C Clark, W T Welsh, San
ta Ana; L Cams, Cal; D Barrow. Riverside: H C
Granary, Colton; J 8 Langhton, Nashville; F G
Burzell, H Howell, B O Morley, H Myers, Cal; L
WClanod, EC Webb, Florence; W Harvery,
Pomona; P F Vanclive, Cucamonga; D W Rich
ardson, Cal; Jas C Peacock; Colton; 8 Brown
ston. San Francisco, H Osborn, W E Hughes.
Tucson: W Robinson and family, Santa Ana; T
Robinson, Santa Ana; Jas A Small, San Bernar
Speeches ami Documents.
The political campaign, which has now
fairly liegun. will appeal largely to the in
telligence of voters through printed docu
ments. The Herald Book and Job De
partment is prepared, with new type and
new presses, to print speeches and cam
paign documents by the thousand or mil
lion, in good style, at reasonable prices.
GRIFFITH—In this cltv, August 29, 1888, to
the wile of G. J. Griffith, a son. He kicks the
beam at 12 pounds, Jubilate.
Mosgrove's Cloak
and Suit House,
31 South, Spring Street.
Estate of Charlotte A. Thurber, deceased. No
tice is hereby given by the undersigned admin
istrator of the estate of Charlotte A. Thurber,
deceased, to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against the said deceased to ex
hibit the same with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after tho first publication
of this notice to the said administrator at his
residence on Cbappell street, near Gi aud ave
nue, in Alhambra, in the County of Los An
Dated this Bth day of August A. D. 1888.
Administrator of the Estate of Charlotte A.
Thurber, deceased.
Julius Lyons, Attorney for Administrator.
Plru Oil Company, principal place of busi
ness, Los Angeles, Cal.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the directors held on July 19, 1888, an assess
ment of seven dollars per share was levied uo
on the capital stock of the corporation, payable
immediately to the Los Angeles County Bank
at Los Angeles. Any stock upon which this as
sessment shall remain unpaid on the 23d day
of Angust, 1888, will be delinquent and ad
vertised for sale at public auction; and, unless
payment Is made Defore. will be sold on Sep
tember 22, 1888. to pay the delinquent assess
ment, together with costs of advertising andex
penses of sale.
Office, 77 Temple Block, Los Angeles.
iv 26 thot
In the Superior Court, Los Angeles County,
State oi California
Iv the matter of the Esta'e and Guardianship
of Kirk E. Smith, Dora A. Smith, Zera B. Smith
and Birdie J. Smith, minorß.
Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of
an order of the Superior Court of tne County of
Los Angeles, Btate ot California, made on the
18th day of August, 1888, in the matter of the
Estate and Guardianship of Kirk E. Smith, Dora
A. Smith, Zera B. Smith, and Birdie J. Smith,
minors, the undersigned, the guardian oi the
estates of said minors, will sell by private sale
to the highest bidder, on the terms hereinafter
mentioned, and BUbject to confirmation by said
Superior Court.on or after Thursday, the 13th
day of September, 1888, all the right, title, int
erest and estate ol said minors in and to that
certain real property situate in the said County
of Los Angeles, State of California, and bounded
snd described as follows, viz.: The undivided
one-half of the west one hundred acres of the
northwest one-fourth of Section 24, Township
one south, Range fourteen west, San Bernar
dino base aud meridian, said tract being a
right-angle parallelogram in shape and being
bounded on the easterly s'de thereof by land
conveyed to Ferdinand Luhring by Zera B.
Smith, by deed recorded in book 64, page 286,
records of deeds of Los Angeles County, and be
ing part of the B. C. Lattin tract.
Terms and conditions of sale: Part cash, bal
ance in deferred payments, the credit on said
deferred payments not to exceed three years
and to be secured by notes and mortgage.
Bids or offbrs may be made at any time after
the first publication of this notice and before
the making of the sale.
All bids or offers must be in writing and left
at the office of Anderson, Fitzgerald & Ander
son, attorneys-at-law, rooms 5 to 11, Law
Building on Temple street, in the City of Los
Angeles, said County and State, or delivered to
the undersigned personally.
Dated August 25th, 1888.
Guardian of the Estates of Kirk E Smith. Zera
B. Smith, Dora A. Smith and Birdie J. Smith,
E. E. Galbraith,
Anderson, Fitzgerald & Anderson, Attorneys
for Guardian. au2B 14t
In the matter of the application of the Central
Baptist Church of Los Angeles, a religious cor
poration, for aa order to Bell real estate, this is
to give notice that an order has been made by
the Hon. H. K. O'Melveny, Judse of the Su
perior Court of Lob Angeles County, fixing Fri
day, the 31st day of August, 1888, at 10 o'clock
a. m. of that day, at the courtroom of Depart
ment No. 3 of said Court, in the Courthouse of
said County of Los Angeles, as the time and
place for hearing the application of said cor
poration for an order to sell the real estate de
scribed in the petition on file in my office.
Dated August 24,1888.
CHAS. H. DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
By F. B. Fanning, Deputy.
Scarborough & Waterman, Attorneys for Pe
titioners. au2s St
Land Office at Los Angeles. Cal., j
August 12, 1888 i
Notice Is hereby given that the followlDg
named settler has bled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Ktgisler
and Receiver at Los Angeles, Cal., on Septem
ber 30,1888, viz :
Thomas G. Marple, Pre. D. 8 No. 5,091, for
the NEJ4 of NEVi Sec. 4, Tp. 4 N., R. 17 W., 8.
B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz.: Lyon 8. Snuffen, John H.
Forthman, Wm. O.Chormicle.Wm. Lineberger,
Newhall, CaL
au2l 30t 11. W. PATTON, Register.
U. 8. Land Office, Los Angeles, Cal., j
February 2, 1888 j
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Henry Houx against Charles B. Sanders
for abandoning his Homestead Entry No.
4004, dated June 23, 1887, upon the NE'4
Bee. 24, Tp. 8 N., R. 1(1 W., 8. B. 11., in Los An
geles County, Cal., with a view to the cancella
tion of laid entry; the said parties ore hereby
summoned to appear at this office on the Oth
day of October, 1 888, at 10 o'clock A. BC, to re
spond and furnish testimony coucerniug said
alleged abandonment.
J. D. BETIIUNE, Register.
auB 30t* 1. H. POLK, Receiver.
Water Company, Los Angeles, Cal., August
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Di
rectors of the Lis Posas Land and Water Com
pany Intead to change and remove the princi
pal place of business of the corporation from tho
City of Los Angeleß, in the County of Los Au
geles, California to the Rancho Las Poßas in
the County of Ventura, and State of California;
the consent in writing of the holders of two
thirds of the capital stock of the corporation to
such change and removal having been obtained
and filed in the ofiice of the corporation. By
order of the Hoard of Directors,
aul3 21t T. W. T. RICHARDS, Secretary.
Land Office at Los Angele», Cal., July 23,1888.
Notice Is hereby giveu that the lollowing
named settler has filed notice of his iutention to
make final proof in support of his claim.and that
said proof will be made belorc Register and
Receiver at Los Angeles Cal., on August 23d,
1888, viz., Robert H. MacDougall, pre
emption D. 8., No. 5.121, for the S.E. \i Section
28, 8 N. of Range; 14 West.
He names tho following witnesses to prove
his continuous resideucc upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz,: Firnam Church, of Maynard
P. 0., Cal.; A. J. Hannah, of Maynard P. 0.,
Cal.; R.R. Lander,of Maynard P. 0., Cal.; John
Dunn, of Maynard P. O , Cal.
jy23 30t* H. W. PATTON, Register.
Land Office at Los Angeles,Cal.,)
August 3, 1888. \
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of hfs intention
to make final proof iv support of his claim, aud
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Los Angeleß, Cal, on Friday,
September 7,1888, viz :
John G. Church, Pre-empt. D. S. No. 5,197,
fortheNWK Sec. 30. Tp. 8 N., R 15 W.,8. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz.: George Stanuard, John V.
Bradbury, John W. Cusack, Clarence W. Brad
bury, all of Maynard P. 0., Los Angeles County,
au4 30t» H. W. PATTON, Register.
Office of the North Riverside Laud and Water
Company 86 Temple Block, Los Angeles. Cal.,
Nocice is hereby giveu that at a meeting of
the directors of the North Riverside Land and
Water Company held ou the 18th day of July,
1888, an assessment of six ($6) dollars per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the
corporation then issued, payable immediately
to F. C. Howes, the treasurer of the said com
pany, at the banking house of the Los Angeles
National Bank, at Los Angeles City, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 30th day of August 1888,
will be delinquent and advertised for sale at
public auction, and unless payment is made
Before, will be sold on the 20th day of Septem
to pay tho delinquent assessment, together
witn cost of advertising and expenses of sale.
SHIRLEY C. WARD, Secretary.
86 Temple Block, Los Angeles, Cal.
jy3l lew 5w
probate of will.
Iv the Superior Court ol the County of Los
Angeles, State of Calllornta.
In the matter of the estate of J. P. Fuller, de-
Notfce is hereby given that Wednesday, the
29th day of August. 1888, at 10 o'clock a. h. of
Baid aay, at the courtroom of Department num
ber Two of said Court, in the Jones Bnilding, on
Spring street, in the City and County of Los An
geles, has been appointed as the time at said
place for heating the petition of T. Hardy Smith,
praying that a document now on file in this
Court, purporting to be the last Will aud
Testament of J. P. Fuller, deceased, be admit
ted to probate, and that letters testamentary be
issued thereon to him, the said T. Hardy Smith,
at which time and place all persons interested
therein may appear and contest the same.
Dated this August 15.1888.
C. H. DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
aulGtd By F. B. Fanning, Deputy.
Caknp Valley lIH
On and after August 12th trains will
Leave Diamond St. Leave Hollywood
(end of Second-st. (foot of Cahuenga
Cable R. R.) pass.)
6:15 A. it. (except 7:00 a. h. (except
Sunday.) Sunday)
8:15 " 9:00 "
10:00 " 10:45 "
11:30 " ( (Sunday 12:15 p M.j (Sunday
1:45 p.h.l only) 2:30 " i only)
2:00 " (except 2:45 " (except
Sunday) Snnday)
3:30 " 4:15 "
5:30 " 6:15 "
Fare to Weed 5c.: to Weyße's Corner 10c; to
Hollywood and points beyond Weyse's Corner,
Commutation tlcke ft issued to holders of the
Company's agreement therefor at 100.
A stage will meet trains at Hollywood and
carry passengers to the Cahuenga Pass Hotel
and other points In the Valley.
H. W. Davis,
SoDtherD Pacific Oompy
ATJGrTJOT~26, 1888,
Trains leave snd are due to arrive at
Lob Anoeleb Daily as Follows:
Leave For.| destination. Arr. From
4:35 r. x Banning 9:20 a. x.
7:40 p. m Banning 8:50 p. x.
J 9:00 a. m Colton J 4:30 P. x.
4:35 p.m Colton 9:20 a. x.
7:40 r. ji Colton 8:50 p. m.
7:40p.m . Fleming and East... 8:50 p. x.
7:40 p.m El Paso and East.... 8:50 p.m.
1:30 p.m Long Beach 12:35 p.m.
*8:00 a. m I (Long Beach andj *8:15p.x.
9:40 A. m. ) San Pedro. I 4:25 r. X.
6:15 P. „., BDd i 8:45 A. X
1:15p.x. 1 __, A m __, 8:00 a.m.
9 :30 p.m. |i Ogden and East j 8 :OOa. m.
9:30 p. M.I Portland, Or 8:00 a.m.
9:00 a. x. j ... Ban Bernardino 4:30 p. x.
4:35 p. M. 1 ... San Bernardino 9:20 a. m.
sau Bernardino 8:50 p. X,
1:15 p. M. San Fran, and Bacr -I'to 8:00 A. M.
9:30 p. x. Sau Fran, and Sar rn'to 7:0O p. x.
9:20 a. m. Santa Ana and Anaheim 3 :45 p. x.
5 imi y. m Santa Ana and Auahcim 8:35 A. x.
9:30 a. M.I I a „,„ I 4:35 p.m.
3:30 p.m. I BuaU Barbara ) ; 9 . 15 P . „.
+9:30 a. m. Santa Monica i+l2: 10p.m.
1:00 p.m. Santa Monica +4:20 p.m.
4-5:10 f. m. Santa Monica i 6:50 a. m.
6:30 p. x.j Santa Monica +8:20 A. X.
*8:O0a. m. Santa Monica 1*7:45 a. m.
* 9:00 a.m. Sania Monica i*9 45 a.m.
•10:00 a.m.! Santa Monica *10:45 a.x.
*11:00 a.m. Santa Monica 1*3:45 p. m.
*4:00 p. m Santa Monica j*4:45 p. x.
•5:00 p. m Santa Monica. • 5:45 p. m.
Santa Monica • 6:45 p. m.
9:50 a.m. I „ k , M ,., ) i 3:45 p. x.
SjOOp.x. I WhltUer. j | 8;55 A M
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon ap
plication to C. F. SMI RK, Asst. G. Pas. and Fr't
Agt., No. 202 North Main street; CHARLES
SEYLKR, Agent at Depot.
♦Sundays only.
+Daily except Sunday.
t Tuesdays and Saturdays, to and from Beau
A. N. TOWNE, General Manager.
Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Agt, San Francisco.
Iyl-3m Superintendent, Los Angeles.
Pacific Coast Steamship k
QOODALL, PERKINS & CO., General Agents,
Embrace lines for Portland, Or.; Victoria, B. C,
and Puget Sound, Alaska and all coast points.
Time Table for August 188 S.
COMING south, going north
t £
■ 5 l! S3
STEAMERS. Bi H r. < H <
g,™ fa.o) nit)
"DC oo° O 00 g X
ogg go g
Pomona July 29 July 31 Aog. 1 Aug. 4
Santa Rosa ... "31 Aug. 2 *' 4 " 6
Eureka Aug. 2 " 4 " 5 " 8
City of Puebla " 4 " 6 " 8 " 10
Pomona " 6 " 8 " 9 " 12
Santa Rosa .... " 8 " 10 '• 12 " 14
Enreka " 10 " 12 " 13 " 16
City of Puebla. " 12 " 14 " 16 " 18
Pomona "14 "16 "17 " 20
Santa Rosa ... "16 "18 " 20 " 22
Eureka. "18 "20 " 21 " 24
City of Puebla. " 20 " 22 " 24 " 26
Pomona " 22 " 24 " 25 " 28
Santa Rosa. .. "24 " 26 " 28 " 30
Eureka "26 "28 " 29 Sent. 1
City of Puebla. " 28 " 30 Sept. 1 '* 3
Pomona " 30 Sept. 1 " 2| " 5
The steamers Santa Rosa
and City of Puebla leave San Pedro for Ssn
Diego ou tho dates of their arrival from BaD
Francisco, and on their trips between San Pedro
and San Francisco call at Santa Barbara and
Port Harford (San Luis Obispo) only. The
Eureka and Pomona call at all way ports.
Cars to connect with steamerß leave 8. P. R. R.
depot, Los Angeleß, as follows: With Queen oi
the Pacific, Santa Rosa and City of Puebla at
9:40 o'clock a. m. With Pomona and Eureka
going north at 5:15 o'clock p. x.
jTJrJF-For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from
All Important Points In Europe,
W. PAIXRIS, • cling Agent.
Office: No. 8, Commercial Bt., Los Angeles.
California Central Railway,
On and after Sunday, August 12, 1888. trains
will leave and arrive at First Street Station as
Leave, I Los Angeles. Arrive.
10:00 p. x.iA Overland (A 9:36 p.m.
8:00 a. M.i A .San Bernardino. A 9:55 a.x.
4:00 P.M.] A Ban Bernardino. A 4:24 p. M
10:00 P. M.I A .San Bernardino. A 9:36 p.m.
10:30 A. m.B Glendora B 2:13 p. x
5:15 p. miß Duarte B 7:30 a.x.
(1:19 r.M.|S Duarte 8 9:16 a. x.
11:30 p. M. C Duarte theatre tr'n C 7:40 p. x.
8:00 a. X. A Colton A 9:55 A. X.
4:00 P.M. A Colton A 4:24 p.m.
8:00 A. m. A Riverside A 9:55 a. m.
4:00 P. x. A .. ..Riverside .... A 4:24 p.m.
8.00 a. x A Redlands-Lugonia A 9:55 a.m.
4:00 p. X. A Redlandß-Lugonia A 4:24 p. M.
8:00 a.m. A ...San Jacinto. .A 4:24 p.M.
8:00 A.M. A Elßinore A 4:24 p. X.
8:15 A.M. A ... San Diego... A 12:54 p.M.
10:37 P. M, A San Diego .... A 9:24 P.M.
8:15 A. M. A ... Eseondido .' j A 'gilt
8:15 a. m. A San Juan A 12:54 p. m.
10:37 p. X. A San Juan... A 9:24 p.m.
8:30 A. M. 8 Ban Juan S 6:00 P. M.
8:15 A. M A Santa Ana A 12:54 p. x.
8:30 a. M. 8 ...SantaAna 3 6:00 p.m.
9:50a.x.8 ...SantaAna... B 9:00 a. m.
500 p. M. B ... Santa Ana B 2:30 p. M.
10:37 P. M. A ..SantaAna A 9:24 P.M.
7:00 A. N. B ...Port Ballona... IB 9:05 a.m.
8:00 a. X. 8 ...Portßallona. .13 3:35 P.M.
4:55 p. m.B ..Portßallona... B 7:00 p.m.
9:30 a. m. A .Redondo Beach. A 3:50 p.m.
11:15 a.m. 8 Redondo Beach.lS 5:55 p.m.
Redondo Beach trains will leave Dowuey
Avenue Depot daily (except Sundays) at 9:15
a. m . and on Sundays at 9:06 aud 11:00 a. m.
Returning, will arrive at Downey A venue De
pot daily (including Sundays) at 4:00 p. m.
Also on Sundays at 6 25 p. m.
Trainß leaving Los Angeles at. 8 a. m. and ar
riving at 4:24 p. x., connect at San Bernardino
for all points south to Oceanside.
A, daily; B, Dally except Sunday: C, Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays only; 8, Sundays
Depot at foot of First street.
City Ticket Office. No. 29 North Spring street
D. McCOOL, General Manager.
H. B. WILKINB, Gen. Pass. Agent.
Santa Catalina Island!
Steamer will Leave San Pedro and
Return as Follows:
aThursday Aug. 2 dWednesday...Aug. 1
aSaturday " 4 (/Friday " 3
c3unday " 5 /Saturday " 4
oMonday " 0 (Sunday *' 5
aWednesday... " S (/Monday '• 6
aFriday " lOoThursday " 9
aSaturday " 111/ Friday •' 10
cSuuday " 12iTSaturday " 11
bMonday " 13 . Sunday " 12
aTuesday " 14!<(Monday " 13
aThursday " 16 ((Wednesday... " 15
aSatu.day " 18jdFriday " 17
eSunday " 19|/3aturday " 18
iMonday " 20jeSunday " 19
aWednesday... " 22 (/Monday " 20
aFriday " 24k<ThurBday .... " 23
aSaturday " 25 ("Friday " 24
(•Sunday " 26if8aturday ... . " 25
/iMonday " 27reSunday " 26
aTuesday " 28 dMonday " 27
aThursday " 30 dWednesday .. " 29
IdFriday " 31
aConnects with 9:40 A m. train from Los An
b Leaves San Pedro 7 a.m.
(•Connects with Ba. M. cial train, return
ing same day.
dConnocts with 3 p. M. tram from San Pedro.
(Connects with 7 p. m. special train from Ban
/Arriveß at San Pedro 7:00 p. M.
gmw~ Round trip ticket from Los Angeles, $2.75.
On Sundays, good for day only, $2.60.
For furtner particulars apply to
C. A. SUMNER & CO., 54 N. Main street
will strictly enforce the following rule: The
hours for sprinkling are between 6 snd 8
o'clock a. M. and 6 and 8 o'clock p. h. For a
violation of the above regulation the water
wiU be shut off and a fine of two dollars will
be charged before water will be turned on
And all the various diseases of the
Head, Throat and Chest,
Together with the
Saccessfully treated by
M. Hilton Williams
M. D., M. C. P. S. 0.,
And associated with him his brother,
Physician ana Surgeon,
Late of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Specialist in
Female Complaints, also all forms of
Chronic Diseases of the Blood, etc.
Cor. Second and Spring Stß., Los Angeles, Cal.
Acute Bronchitis.
This is an inflammation of the Mucous Mem
brane lining the Bronchial Tubes, and is one of
the most common of all the pnlmonary dis
eases. It is a dangerous disease, as it prevents
the oxygenation oi the blood, and in many
cases, particularly after it passes Into the
chronic stage, the substance ol the lungs be
comes seriously involved, giving rise to what
is very properly called Bronchial Consumption.
In the acute form there is a sense of tightness
or pressure acroßS the chest, with considerable
wheezing, severe cough and expectoration.
This is at first a white glairy mucus, which
after a time becomes purulent. Tbe patient in
some eases is oDliged to tit np in bed, the op
pression across the chest is so great, and the
skin is clammy and prostration rapidly sets in,
and in fatal cases there will be muttering de
lirium, coma and death.
Chronic Bronchitis.
Chronic Bronchitis is also an inflammation of
the mucous membrane of bronchial tubes. But
this form more often oceurß later in life. When
a cold settles on the luugs the disease either
ends in bronchitis or pneumonia. If It ends in
bronchitis it usually passes off as a cold in the
chest, and still the patient dees not feel entire
ly well. He feels tired and languid, and is in
capable of taking his usual amount of exercise,
and experiences a shortness of breath, with
more or less warmth in the palms of his hands.
Soon after this a congh appears, accompanied
by an expectoration of thick mucus, followed
by a hectic flush, loss of flesh and strength, and
night sweats continue, when the patient as
sumes all the appearance of having a genuine
case of consumption. But this is simply catarrh
of the lungs or chronic bronchitis.
In the latter stages of the disease the mucous
membrane of Ac larger bronchial tube softens,
while in the smaller tubes and air cells of the
lungs the mucous membrane becomes con
gested and inflamed. There are no cavities or
tubercles in tbe lungs, but merely a wasting
away of the larger bronchial tubes, and death
takes place from obstruction of the bronchial
tubes and air cells of the lungs. The patent
dies from exhaustion and suffocation, being
unable to expectorate the mucus which accu
mulates in the passage leading to the lungs,
which in some cases is sticky and small in
quantity, but more commonly copious of a
light straw or yellowish green. Oftentimes
streaks of blood make their appearance in the
mucus, and at times there is a disagreeable
smell. Persons thus afflicted are very liable to
take cold, at which times the mucus becomes
clear and frothy, and it is not uncommonly the
case that the patient dies in one of these attacks
Humid Bronchitis
(Fiom austere, to be moist) is bo called from the
profuse quantity of watery secretions which
comes from the air passages of the lungs. At
timoß it becomes ropy like the white of an cog.
This form of disease usually attacks old people.
Dry Bronchitis.
This disease, the very opposite of the above,
iB a very common affection. Very many peo
ple who regard themselves as quite ' ealthy are
to day under its influence, and are slowly but
surely becoming the victims of this treacher
ous complaint This is the most insidious of
all pulmonary diseases. There may at first be
a slight hacking cough, and an expectoration
of a bluish-white mucus. And herein lies the
danger. The mucus inhabiting the air cells of
tbe luugs, being difficult to raise, after awhile
becomes solidified, permanently obstructing
portions of the lungs, causing shortness of
breath and a feeling of oppression on the chest,
particularly after meals or a slight exertion.
After a time tbe cough becomes more severe
and comes on in paroxysms, and as tbe short
ness of breath lncieases, it almost assumes the
character of asthma. The mucous membrane
also becomes more and more thickened, which
arises from the frequent fresh cold, aud the pa
tient at last becomes aware of the terrible
changes that have taken place and the inevita
ble results that are sure to follow.
Inhalation is the only system which will cure
these diseases, and yet the treatment of the two
forms are entirely different. In the one we
must allay the irritation, while in the other we
must Btimnlate a healtny action.
This will convince us of the necessity of fully
understanding the system ol Medicated Inhala
tions in the treatment of tbe various diseases of
the pulmonary organs, for when properly ap
plied there 1b no system of medicine to be com
pared to It.
Persons desiring treat cent by this system of
practice caa use the reiaedfes at home as well
as at our ofiice, and which will ccuse no incon
venience or hindrance from business whatever.
I have seen so many of these cases cured that
I do not consider any casa hopeless, unless both
lnngs are seriously involved. Even then the
inhalations aid us In dissolving the mucus and
in contracting and healing the cavities, which
nothing can do with the same success.
The very best reference from those already
Those who desire to consult with me la regard
to their cases had better call at the office lor
consultation and examination, bnt if impos
sible to do so, can write for a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a list of questions
Corner Second and Bpring sts.. Los Angeles.
Office hours—B:3o a. m. to 8:30 p. v.
. BA\Kl\(i IaOVSKK. !
Cor. Fort and Second Sts., Los Angeles.
Subscribed Capital 8500,000
Paid np Capital $300,000
Snrplns $10,000
Hervey Lindley, J. C. Kays, E. W. Jones,
Juan Bernard, J. Frankenfield.
H. G. Ncwhall President
H. C. Witmer Vice-President
T. J. Weldon, Cashier.
General Banking and Exchange Bnsinesa
transacted. jy4-4m
Isaias W. Hellman President
L. C. Goodwin Vice-President
Capital, - - - - $500,000.
Surplus and Undivided Profits 700,000.
Total, - $1,200,000.
0. W. Childs, Cameron E. Thorn, Jose Mas
card, John S. Griffin, James B. Lankershim,
C. Dncommun, Philip Gamier, L. C. Goodwin,
Isaias W. Hellman.
O. W. Childs, L. L. Bradbury. Philip Gam
ier, Louis Polaski, John B. Griffin, Jose Mas
carel, James B. Lankershim,Chas. Ducommnn,
Cameron E. Thorn, Andrew Glassell, Domingo
Amestoy, L. C. Goodwin, Prestley C. Baker, L.
J. Rose, Frank Lecouvreur, Oliver H. Bliss,
Sarah J. Lee. Estate D. Solomon, Chris. Henne,
Jacob Kuhrts, Isaias W. Hellman. aul
COR. First and Spring Sts.
Capital $500,000 00
Sorplcs and Undivided Fbofits. 50,000 00
Total $550,000 00
JOHN BRYSON, Sb Vice-President
F. C. HOWES Cashier.
Dr. W. G. Cochran, H. H. Markham.
Perry M. Green, John Bryson, Sb.,
De. H. Sinsabaugh, F. C. Howes,
George H. Bonebbaeb.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cities
of the United States and Europe. jyB
RESERVE $205,000.
SURPLUS 100,000.
E. F. SPENCE President
J. D. BICKNELL Vice-President
J. M. ELLIOTT Cashier
Directors—J. D. Bicknell, J. F. Crank, H
Mabury, E. F. Spence, William Lacy, 8. H. Mott
J. M. Elliott.
Stockholders—Estate of A. H. Wilcox, O. 8.
Witherby, 8. H. Mott, J. F. Crank, A. L. Lanker
shim, E. Hollenbeck, E. F. Spence, H. Mabury.,
F. Q. Story, L. H. Carlton, Jas. McCoy, J. D.
Bicknell, William Lacy, J. M. Elliott. aul
JOHN I. REDICK President
L. N. BREED Vice-President
Paid in Capital $200,000
Scrplcs 14,000
Authorized Capital 500,000
Directors—L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, H. A.
Barclay, Charles E. Day, Ben E. Ward, D. M.
Graham, E. 0. Bosbyshell, M. Hagan, Frank
Rader, William F. Bosbyshell, John! Redick.
Temple Block, Los Angeles, Cal.
Capital Stock Paid Up, $100,000.
Reserve Fund, $100,000.
JOHN E. PLATER President
R. 8. BAKER Vice-President
H. L. Macneil, Jotham Blxby,
John E. Plater, Robert S. Baker,
John A. Paxton, Geo. W. Prescott,
Geo. H. Btewart.
Buy and Sell Exchange on San Fran
cisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and
Buy Exchange on all parts of the United States
and Europe.
Receive Money on open account and cer
tificate of deposit, and do a general banking
and exchange business.
No. 119 New High street.
CAPITAL STOCK PAID UP - - - - $100,000
R. M. WIDNEY - ~~- - - President
GEO. L. ARNOLD .... Cashier
Eight per cent, bonds secured by first mortr
gage on real estate, with interest payable semi
annually, are offered tp investors of $250 and
R. M. Widney, W. H. Workman,
D O. Miltimobi, C. M Wslls.
8. W. Little, L. J. P. Morrill,
D. R. Risley. aug9-tf
CAPITAL $300,000
L. C. GOODWIN President
W. M. CASWELL. Secretary
I. W. Hellman, John E. Plates,
Roberts. Baker, John A. Paxton,
L. C. Goodwin.
Term deposits will be received In sums of
$100 and over. Ordinary deposits in sums of
$10 and over.
Money to loan on first-class real estate.
Los Angeles, July 1, 1884. aultf
. Office, rooms 11 and 12, Bryson block, cor.
First and Spring sts. Residence, 538 8. Pearl
st. Office houts, 10 to 12 a. m. and 3tosp. m.
Telephone Nos,: Office 597: residence 577.
men a specialty. Dr. Smith has the exclu
sive use of the Brinkerhoff painless system of
treatment for rectal diseases of L. A. city and
comity. Office, cor. Spring and Second sts., Hol
lenbeck block. aug24tf
Surgeon to the New York Hospital. Bur-
Scry (Including genito urinary diseases) and
incases of the nose, throat and chest 75 N.
Spring st. Hours, 9to 12, 2to 5. aug24tf
sexual, rectal and skin diseases a specialty.
Hours, 10 to 12, 2t05,7 to 8. Telephone, 491.
lst, 107 8 Bpring St., Hollenbeck block, Los
Angeles. Office hours, 9a.m.to 12 m. and 2to
4 p. M. aug24tf
7% N. Main st, rooms 8 and 9TBpecial at
tention paid to obßtetrics, gynecology, diseases
of chest and throat and children's diseases.
Office hours, 9 to 11 a. m. and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9
p.m Telephone, No. 513. Night calls promptly
answered. aug24tf
• Spring st, rooms 33 and 34. Hours from
11 a. m. to 2p. M. Specialty—Skin and sexual
diseases and chronic diseases in general. a24tf
For Recreation, for Business,for Fnn
The best is tbe cheapest,
ano - we are prepared to
ill show you that
V . B,c » rcle, » TrlCTC,e '
Safety Bicycles
In tne World. Illustrated catalogue free.
P. ABELi 30 B. Sprins; St.

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