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Train an Inspection of ttte Weil
Sewer System.
City Surveyor W. T. Lambie, who lias
just got back from a trip Kast with the
committee which went to investigate the
West Sewer System, was interviewed
yesterday by a representative of the
Herald, and questioned as to the jour
ney and the opinion formed by the com
mittee on the practicability of the system
lor the city.
"The trip was in every way a pleasant
one," said Mr. Lambie, "save that the
weather was bad a good deal of
the time. We went first to Chicago,
and from there visited the city of Pull
man. The system is in operation there
except that the water is not filtered, but
the sewage flows away merely relieved
of its evil odors. We did not look into
these works as carefully as we did those
at Atlanta City for the reason that Pull
man is a much smaller city than Los An
geles and the plan that it is proposed to
adopt here contains filtration as a neces
sary element."
"We spent considerable time at Atlan
tic City and thoroughly idspected all the
workings of the system. Tne population
of the city varies considerably between
summer and winter but the sewer
accommodations are for a place of over
130,000 inhabitants. As the country
around about it is flat, pumping works
add a considerable figure to the expanse
which here might be avoided. The
refuse pours into a well, the gas from
which is exhausted up a chimney by the
buoyant power of heated air. The stuff
then spreads out over a perforated floor
and is mixed with lime. No other deod
oriser is used."
"Is there any disagreeable smell about
this part of the performance ?"
"The whole establishment is per
fectly free from unpleasant smells.
The only odor that I detected
anywhere was a slight smell of
decaying wood. The concern has been
in operation about two years, and the
filter being constructed of wooden timbers
which are constatlysoaked in water,they
are beginning to decay a little. The filter
is formed of earth, which, as every one
knows, is nature's own machine for the
purpose. By the time the water has
passed through a succession of strata of
earth and gravel, it comes out perfectly
pure, leaving all the solid materials be
hind. The water as it flows away is as
pure and clear as that from a mountain
spring. We dipped up some in tum
"Did you drink any of it?"
"Well, no," said Mr. Lambie. "The
fact is prejudice under the circumstances
is very natural. The only running ex
pense of the system outside the item of
the pumping works, which latter could
be dispensed with here, as I said, is that
of removing and replacing the filtering
earth. It is carted away to the beach
and dumped down on the sand. There
is no unpleasant smell about it what
ever. In every respect the system
seemed to the committee to have accom
plished all that was expected of it."
"How about its application here?"
"Personally, I have no doubt," said the
City Surveyor, "that some such system
of filtration will be adopted here. If the
West system patents shut us out from
taking up any such scheme on our own
hook, we may come to accept that. Ido
not believe the plan of an outlet to the
sea either economical or healthful. We
cannot afford to waste such an amount of
water. Ihe proposition made by this
company seems to me a reasonable one.
I think I may add that the views which
1 express were for the most part enter
tained by the other members of the dele
Wedding of miss de Callhol to Mr.
Ira V. Jones.
The residence of Mr. 11. E. Sturgeon,
12 Rose street, was the scene of great fes
tivities on Wednesday night. The house
was filled with merry-makers assembled
together in honor of the marriage of Miss
Luisa A. de Cailhol to Mr. Ira L. Jones,
which took place at 8:30 p. m., the cere
money being performed by the Rev.
Will. A. Knighien. The bride looked
very pretty and Mr. Jones, who is well
known in town through his connec
tion with the electric light com
pany, is to be congratulated on
his good luck. Mr. Hess Brewster
filled the responsible position of best
man and Miss Hattie Mollere made a
very charming bridesmaid. A musical
evening to which a host of friends of the
contracting parties were invited followed
the ceremony, refreshments of all kinds
being liberally dispensed at intervals.
Among the many participants in the
revelry were: Miss S. E. Carr, Mr. and
Mrs. Denieur, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Speck,
Mr. J. Warren, Mr. E. Molloy, Mr. Nicola,
Mrs. M. A. Pausler, the Misses Amador,
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sturgeon, Miss Ida
Btine, Miss M. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. R.
J. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. T. Norman, Mr.
R. Rudolph, Mrs. Mollere, Mr. M.
Neurer, Mr. and Mrs. Afphe, Mrs.
Bnnker, Mr. H. Grassmere, Master J.
Sturgeon, Miss Fay and Roy Pensler. A
quantity of very handsome presents to
the lucky couple adorned one of the side
A Pleasant Reception.
The reception by Dr. Sarah I. Shuey
and Miss Treat, at the Sierra Madre San
itarium on Wednesday, was a most en
joyable affair for those who found it con
venient to accept the invitations. About
120 guests were assembled at the table-
when refreshments were served in the
spacious dining-room at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon. Among those present were
Mrs. C. W. Yates, Mrs. Flint, Mrs. Geo.
Pratt, Mrs. D. L. Whipple, Mr. and Mrs.
Palmer Reed, Mrs. Brigden, Mrs. Whit
taker, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shankland,
Mrs. Hall, Mrs. C. M. Richardson, Mr.
and Mrs. Abbot Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. J.
O. Vosberg, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Crank,
Dr. and Mrs. Dozier, Mrs. D. M. Gra
ham, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Conger, Dr.
and Mrs. B. F. Kierulff, Mrs. H. H.
Visscher, Miss Gertrude Visscher, Mr.
F. B. Weatherby, Mrs. Brigden, Mr. and
Mrs. Pavy, Mrs. Bierstadt.
A Tea Party.
This evening Mrs. S. A. Rendall will
throw open her doors for the benefit of
„ the Orphans' Home, and will give a
Martha Washington Tea Party. No
pains have been spared to make the
entertainment most pleasant to all who
attend. Mr. J. H. Brenner has arranged
a most interesting programme. The
society of Willing Workers will be well
worth seeing in the parts they take.
Mrs. Rendall's residence is on the corner
of Alverado and Ninth streets, and the
last car will leave from this place at 11
o'clock. Arrangements have been made
with the cars to accommodate the East
Side people.
New Engines.
Four new switch engines were re
ceived from the East yesterday by the
Jjbuthern Pacific for use in the yards
here. During the afternoon one of the
new engines was fired and gave enti •
satisfaction. The new locomotives aie
much heavier than the present rolling
stock, and are equipped with low backed
tenders. Two similar locomotives for
the Oakland yards were also received
during the day and sent on to their des
Kit 11 road Jottings.
The washouts are all repaired on the
The Central Pacific lost 4,150 feet of
snowsheds during the recent fires in the
Mr. J. J.K. Lindberg will not leave the
superintendency of the S. P. at Xl Paso
until Ist of November.
The Union Pacific has got out a handy
election card, giving many points re
garding the contest of 1884.
A large quantity of bituminous rock is
at the 8. P. depot to be used for'paving
the grounds about the Wblfskill station.
Three car-loads cf beans passed
through the city yesterday from Ventura
en route over the Sunset route for New
Mr. A. J. Hechtman, the affable rep
resentative here of the Union Pacific has
returned from a business trip to Santa
General Freight and Passenger Agent
H. B. Wilkins, of the Santa Fe, was at
his desk again greeting his many friends
Colonel J. A. Muir, oi the Southern
Pacific, went to El l'aso on No. 19 on
Wednesday night. He will be absent
about four days.
Two hundred men are at present en
gaged below Teinpleton on the the new
coast road. This force is to be trebled
in a few days.
A four-carload excursion over the Bur
liugton system and one equipped by
Warner Bros, over the Santa Fe, left for
the Kast last night.
The office of Messrs. Phillips it Co.,
the excursion agents, has been embel
lished by some very handsome engrav
ings of views on the Fitchburg road.
It is estimated by the Southern Pacific
officials that over 2,000 car-loads of
oranges will be carried eastward from
Southern California during the coming
Traveling Passenger Agent Henry
Steere, of the Southern Pacific, is on
deck again. He has been confined to his
home during the past ten dayß by an at
tack of quinsy.
Mr. W. A. Bisecll, General Freight
and Passenger Agent of the Atlantic and
Pacific, will arrive in the city this morn
ing. He will proceed to San Francisco on
the 1:15 p. m. train.
The Central Pacific is strengthening
its track in the Sierras. Forty miles of
steel are being laid above Auburn, the
material used weighing seventy-six
pounds to the yard, or sixteen pounds
heavier than what is down at present.
Within six months it is expected that
the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy will
have built into Utah. It is the object of
the company to build on to the Pacific
Coast, as the trans-Mississippi lines cen
tering in Denver are all leading in that
direction. The Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy will, it is said, pass 100 miles
south of Salt Lake City.
Official Changes.
The following circular was yesterday
received by Division Koadmaster H.
Hawgood of the Southern Pacific i
"Koadmaster E. J. Mulvehill in ad
dition to his present division will have
charge of the main line of Yuma Division
from Beaumont to the west end of the
Colton yard.
"KoadmasterC. K. Stephens in addi
tion to the main line of the Yuma Divi
sion between Colton and Los Angeles
will have charge of the Los Angeles yard
and all branches running from Los An
geles vice N. A. McDonald, resigned."
The Ulendale Extension.
President John A. Cross, of the Glen
dale motor road, is busy in San Fran
cisco, placing the bonds for the exten
sion of his road to Pasadena. As out
lined in the Herald some time ago the
line will leave the Glendale road at the
P>oulevard tract and proceed in almost a
direct line to Pasadena. The surveys
have already been made and the route
staked out.
'lore Visitors.
A carload of Kaymond excursionists
will arrive in this city from the North
either this afternoon or to-morrow morn
ing. They traveled from the East over
the Northern Pacific so as to visit the
Yellowstone Park. Yesterday they started
south from San Francisco, and were
transferred at Saugus to the Santa Bar
bara branch, where they will pass a day
before coming on here.
A Small Wreck.
The Banning local, due in this city at
0:20 yesterday morning, was nearly two
hours late when it pulled up at the San
Fernando-street depot. The delay was
caused by the breaking of a wheel in
the baggage car, which was discovered
as the train was leaving BrookEide, and
necessitated a good deal of labor to make
things straight again.
Another greatly superior quality possessed by the
Royal Baking Powder is that by which the preservation of
important elements of the flour is effected in raising tb
bread by the mechanical operation of the gas, without fo
Yeast, and all baking powders that produce the leav< ::
ing <r,as by fermentation, as is well known, destroy a po -
tion of the nutritive elements of the flour, and particular]'/
those which are the most healthful and the greatest aids to
a perfect assimilation of the food.
The Royal Baking Powder, while perfectly leavening,
retains without change or impairment all those elements
which were intended by nature, when combined in our
bread, to make it literally the " staff of life."
No leavening agent or baking powder, except the Royal
Baking Powder, possesses these great
R. M« Wldney Makes Answer to His
Open Letter.
Sir : In your open letter in the Herald
of October -'4th you do yourself and me
an injustice. First—When you came to
my office and had the only conversation
with me which I ever had, you, in your
excitement and probably unintentionally,
accompanied your statements and
requests with a personal threat. 1 told
you that under such a threat 1 would do
nothing. This is why no reply appeared
in the matter. You said you would call
the next morning, which you did not
do. I hoped you would have called
and based your request for such correc
tions as you might be entitled to upon
such grounds as would be proper be
tween us.
It would be difficult and nearly im
possible to state in a few words the
address as I delivered it, and from this
fact the brief newspaper notices which
you quote cannot in justice to you or
me be regarded as placing the address
in its proper meaning. The object of the
meeting was to discuss the condition of
the city in regard to certain vices and
crimes, as publicly reported. All the
speakers, including myself, specifically
referred to this, as shown by the news
papers published reports running over a
long period of time. Some of those I
read in which your name was used,
referring to your administration. My
remarks were based exclusively upon
this information, and was so stated
at the time. I discussed the
condition of men and things based
on this information except one or two in
stances wherein I stated that individuals
had told me certain things.
Even the sentence quoted by you in
your letter, as you will see by referring to
it, refers to "that kind of a man" and
not to you by name, and was based upon
the public information as I have stated,
and not upon my authority. As 1 told
you the other day I knew nothing tiers an
ally, and in my address I asserted noth
ing of my personal knowledge, aB I
stated at the time.
1 did condemn the condition of things
in this city in defense of the helpless
children and women, as report- 1 in the
press, and I condemn them without apol
ogy to any man, and I condemn the men
who are responsible for the published
condition of things. I do not assert who is
responsible for I do not individually
You asserted that the published state
ments and reported statements so far as
you are concerned are not rrue. I never
asserted them to be true; I only referred
to them as I found them before the pub
lic. Under your denial of the facts the
statements made by me do not apply lo
you, but apply to the men responsible,
and I would not do you or any one else
the injustice to apply remarks to you
when the facts did not exist on which the
remarks rested.
The construction and inferences you
place upon the words were wholly foreign
to my thoughts at the time of the ad
dress. I have conversed with parties
present, and they understood me in every
case as above stated. This statement is
made for two purposes, to correct any
error done you in my remarks and the
error done me in your letter. Yours, etc.,
R. M. Widnby.
Trains Leave the Rut It on the A.
and l*. Road.
The train that brought the Phillips'
excursionists over the A. and P. met
with very bad luck. The train was run
ning in two sections and when the first
section was five miles out of Belmont,
Arizona, it left the track, the baggage
car, smoker and three passenger coaches
being turned completely on their sides.
Two of the passengers were hurt, one re
ceiving a severe cut on the head, and a
child also got a few bruises. Part of the
train was pulled back to Belmont, where
it joined the second section and
after about twelve hours delay the train
started out again. On arriving at the
scene of the previous wreck there was
another catastrophe, two of the cars
running off and the trucks of a third.
This caused another wait of two and one
half hours, and on arriving at Williamß
one more wreck was encountered, this
time a freight train which had eight cars
off the track. On Tuesday night Bel
mont was the scene of still another
catastrophe, a freight train leaving the
rails and causing a temporary blockade.
Engineer Gillette Looks Over the
Mr. E. T. Gillette, Assistant Chief En
gineer of the Southern Pacific, arrived
in the city on Wednesday morning. He
came to look over the new right of way
that has been obtained from San Pedro to
Alameda streets, so as to permit an
entrance from the south to the
Wolfskill depot. When interviewed
as to the result of his obser
vations he said that the surveyor's
lines will be laid at once and that all
grading and tracklaying can be done in
ten days from the time the route is es
tablished. This means that the Wolf
skill depot will in al! probabilities be
opened for traffic by the middle of next
month. The track along San Pedro
street will then be at once removed.
Essence of Life!
Sold is Europe for 17 years and 13 years on
the Pacific Coast.
fJsT-This great strengthening rcmedv and
nerve tonic cnreß without fail Nervous and Pli vs
ical Debility, Exhausted Vitality, Involuntary
Weakening Drains upon the System no matter
In what manner they may occur; Weakness
Lost Manhood in all ita complications, and all
the evil effects of youthful follie9 and ex
cesses. Also impure conditions of the blood,
pimples and eruptions.
Price—s2.so per bottle, in liquid or pills, or 5
for * 10
109 IN. W. cor. I'lrtt and Spring !•«,
Room 13, opposite Nadean House.
Office Hocks—9 a.m. to 3r. m.; 6to 7:3 p. M.
Sunday—lo to 1 o'clock.
N. 8.-For tie convenience of patients, and In
order to insure perfect secrecy, I have adopted
a private address, under which all packages are
Great Vegetable
A positive cure and relief for all forms of
Kidney, Bladder and Liver diseases; Diabetes,
Gravel, etc,; Acute inflammation of the Kid
neys, frnm cold or injury, pain or heaviness in
the Back or Loins. Irritation at the Neck of the
Bladder, causing a freijuent desire to pass
water: Smarting or Burning after micturatlon;
Incontinence of I'rine; Calculi: Lack of Force
or Power to evacuate the Bladder; Stoppage,
Tide remedy is a purely vegetable compound,
free from mineral substances, and prepared
withgre*t care; this remedy is the best ever
put up to relieve immediate sufferings such as
Constipated Bowels, Sick Headache, pains in
the right side runniug through the shoulder
blades, sickness of the stomach. Giddiness,
Double Vision, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Foul
Breath, Sour Stomach, Water Brash, Heartburn,
and all the horrible diseases implied in the
Price, $1 per bottle. Sold at my office. 109
West Firs', street, and by Druggists. 527-tf
Diseases a Specialty
dltions of the RECTUM and INTESTINAL
TRACT poison the blood, interfere with diges
tion and assimilation, producing so-called
CONSUMPTION. By removing the cause we
continu* '"cure this when all others fail.
cers, cured without Cutting, legating, Burn
ing or Swallowing Medicine, by DR. A. W.
BRINKKRHOFF'S Sure and Painless System of
operating. No chloroform or ether U6ed.
OV-More than 150,000 operations and not
one death.
the old, painful carbolic treat
ment—it is dangerous.
I in- Vlt SMITH* M, D.
RACHEL 8. PACKSON, M D. Assistant.
Office—Hotel Hoilenbeck, cor. Spring and Sec
ond sts., Los Angeles. Rooms 12 and 13.
Do You Dream.
YOUNG MAN! Are you suffering from any of
the errors or indiscretions of youth, causing
lame back, tired feeling about the legs coated
tongue, bad tatte in the mouth, wind on stom
ach, or sour stomach, amorous dreams, vertigo
'dizziness), forgetfulness, loss of energy aud
pain in the side.' These are some of tie nu
merous s;mptoins o? Spermatorrhea. Let not a
sense of talse modesty prevent you from seek
ing relic! at once. This trouble will lead to loss
of Manhood, Insanity or death. The under
signed has treated many hundred cases such as
yours with never a failure.
Have you contracted any Piivate Disease
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Many cases can be cured in twenty-four honrs
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Syphilis (blood taint) whether of recent oi
leng duration can be entire y eradicated from
the system by the use of my vegetable remedies
without me'cury in any form. There is no
necessity of going to the Springs when you can
be cured as quickly aud permanently at home.
Are you troubled with Strictuer, or any other
ailment peculiar to the male sex Jf so, relief 1b
at hand The Doctor, by his studies and practice
in this country and abroad, has made himself
familiar with all Buch cases.
Drs. D. dt B. are a firm of physicians, one
specialist of which has charge of each depa't
ment. The above department is under the su
pervision of Dr Blakeslee.
Ho'irs: 10 A. If.to 6P. m., and 7toBp. U.
I)US. D. &. B.
Phillip* Block, X. Sprlnsr st.. r o»
Antreles, ( jit.
Ladies Parlors, >"ok 37 and 3S; Gentlemen's
Parlors. Nos 39 and 40.
the elevator at the First office floor.
oIS ly
Phrenologists and Pftysicanis
Who Cure Without Medicine.
PRor*f*j H."pa ' d..
Office—No. 243 North Main St.
Office—No. 109 South Main St. 012-1 m»
The Great English Remedy.
Free from mercury; contains only pure
Vegetable Ingredients. Agents, LANGLEY &
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Druggist and Chemist,
No. 182 N. JMstfn St., Eos Angeles, Cal.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded at Day
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Evan E.Evans
No. 10 South Spring St,
*?J J ',V 00 -. 114 fcreß rich, level land, located miles northeast
fttW JFflflßtV nrrUr'MlV 50 Ro ,' eß l? allal ' a - 7 «ops cut this year; family
KT**£l itAil ~" T' La! «»'' p f' f '"I'd «nc corn, vegetable or alfalfa land;
fl'l V *" !r ??., 0 ,' <jmbers hue flowing well; house of (i rooms,
Pjggßi I \WKggs£?~ large barn. Will take part exchange city property.
• 3 p»°PO A 20 acre orange grove; 1(100 orange trees, 10 years
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F. W. BRAUN & CO.,
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ol 3m
Carpet and Wall Paper House.
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