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The Grand Republic Cigarros!
The Grand Republic Buffos!
Ask you dealer lor these goods. Every enterpiising dealer can get them. We guarantee the goods to be FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY RESPECT.
The Great Cigar of the Day is the GRAND REPUBLIC CIGARRO, 5 CENTS EACH.
As leading and responsible manufacturers we ask the confidence of the public to the truth \ ""rNT~Tf T^TT , Xf^ l T^TTXT^TTV^a
of our statements. Lend us your ear until we can tell you of the great superiority of our V_a _a_v_4_:A—UN _try ** I -L 3 Li J r > l_J J? J? V^JO,
They are unquestionably the finest article yet produced in the smoking line. They are ABSOLUTELY LONG HAVANA FILLER; clean, pure and aromatic as anything you ever smoked. The success of the BUFFOS is UNPARALLELED in the
history of the weed, proving conclusively that the consumer knows a good article when he tries it. Smokers: It is only after thirty years of experience and vast outlay of money that we are enabled to place before you suqh meritorious goods as the
A splendid 20 minutes' smoke for 2% cents. They have no connection whatever with what are known as cheap cigars, but are something that FASTIDIOUS SMOKERS ARE SURE TO APPRECIATE. Originated and patented by
GEO. P. LIES & CO., Factory 200, Third District, N. Y.
KINGSBAKER BROS., N °cf^^£^ K _ TB ~~- > Wholesale Distributors.
CAUTION TO 1 tEALERS AND RETAILERS.—We hereby notify the trade that we will vigorously prosecute all imitations of the "Grand Republic Cigarros" or "Buffos - ' as regards to style of packages,red
seal ami Veneer package. 014-eod-lm CEO. P. LIES «fc CO. N". V
Xi t ommendatlom to be Acted rp«u
I tf.'lorrrni .
The Board of Public Works met yester
day morning at the Council Chamber.
The following recommendations were
passed to be referred to the Council:
That the contract for grading .Tudson
street be awarded to M. C. Marsh at $1.88
per lineal foot; that of grading West End
avenue to M.C. Marsh at $I.BS per lineal
loot; for grading Eleventh street to Alex
ander Dallas at $1.95 per lineal foot; for
paving Fifth street to W. R. Porter at 20
cents per square foot for paving and $1.20
per lineal foot for curbing; for laying
sidewalks on Downey avenue to Gray
Brothers at lo 3 4 cents per square foot
for walke and 42 cents per lineal foot for
curbs; for paving Third street to W. R.
Porter at 20 cents per square foot for pav
ing and $1.20 per lineai foot for curbs;
for the grading of Fourth street to W. R.
Porter at 20 cents per square foot for
paving and $1.20 per lineal foot for curb
That the petition from S. M. Perry and
R. B. Young asking permission to grade
Michigan avenue be filed.
That the petition of property owners on
Twelfth street asking that their street be
graded be granted and the City Attorney
be instructed to draw Resolution of In
tention .
That the claim of M. W. Dodd against
the city for $217 be referred to the City
That the petition of property owners
on Sunbury avenue protesting against
the widening of the sidewalks be tiled.
That the request of Eleventh street
property owners tiiat their street be
graded be allowed.
That the protest of Harris Cohen et
al,, against the proposed arrangement of
sidewalks on First street be tiled.
That the request, of George E. Johnson
et al., for crossings on Main street at
Morris and Celis street be referred to the
of Streets.
That the communication from the
Superintendant of Streets in relation to
the amount due the city from grading on
Virginia avenue be referred to the City
That the petition from Alabama-street
property owners asking that all action
heretofore taken toward the establish
ment of the grade of that street be
rescinded be referred to the City Sur
That the communication from the
Street Superintendent, detailing the
amounts due from the city for grading
Sixth street be referred to the City At
That the Superintendent of Streets be
instructed to communicate with the rail
road officials to ascertain whether they
intend to bridge their tracks on Aurora
street or not.
In the matter of grading on Eight
street Union avenue to Alvarado street,
referred to the Superintendent of Streets
to see if the assessment is large enough
to cover the grading, the Board received
the communication back with the report
that the rate of assessment is sufficiently
high to cover the work. The paper is
returned to the Council.
The Board then adjourned.
'f he Fire Commissioners.
Tne Fire Commissioners met yester
day afternoon at the Mayor's office. All
tbe members of the Board were present.
A petition was read from H. Clement,
asking permission to put up a boiler and
steam stone machinery on Keller street,
between Aliso and Macy streets, was
granted on condition that a spark ar
rester be put upon the chimney.
The Gas Consumers' Association was
allowed, by a vots of the Board, to place
their regulators on the engine houses
burning gas.
Chief Moriarty was instructed to notify
the foreman of No. ti Engine Company
that two extra men must sleep in the
The Chief Engineer waß instructed to
.ascertain the coßt of two bells for Temple
street and Boyle Heights engine houses.
Tuseday morning was set for the ex
amination oi theater exits.
The Kelleher-Cruciat contest over the
location of the planing mill in East Eos
Augeles came up again, and occupied the
time of the Board until their patience be
gan to flag. It was finally decided that
Chief should be appointed a committee
of one to make a last effort to reconcile
ttie contestants.
A Crazy Quilt.
The ladies of Stanton Relief Corps
have decided to give the people a chance
to give a handsome quilt to the one of
the candidates for Sheriff who shall re
ceive the most votes. The quilt is on
exhibition at No. 8 North Spring street
and is a very handsome piece of work.
Not only is the quilt attractive, but two
very pleasant ladies will be in attendance
at the same place to receive all the votes
cast at ten cents each. The vote will be
counted on the evening of the election
and the candidate for Sheriff who re
ceives the most votes will be awarded
the quilt.
A Broken stone.
It was stated yesterday that Mr. Ellis
Georges had destroyed the lithograph
ing stones on which a fac-simile of the
letter from Lord Sackville-West was be
ing engraved. It appears that Mr.
Georges visited the office where this
work wa3 being done, and seeing the
stones with the letter on itß face, became
indignant and broke the stone.
Saturday, October 27.
Department No. 9. — tiarfllner, .1.
Estate of Joseph Buck, deceased—Pe
tition for letters ot administration grant
ed ;W. C. McCiay sworn; bond if 15,000.
EBtate of H. 0. Graham, deceased —
Petition for letters of administration
granted, Mrs. Graham, petitioner, sworn i
bond $,400.
Estate and guardianship of J. M.
Johnson, insane—Petition for sale of
personalty granted.
Estate and guardianship of C. C. Lips,
incompetent—Account approved except
funeral expenses.
Estate of L. A. de Conea, deceased-
Account settled.
Craig vs. Craig—Continued till Mon
In re Frank Schram, insolvent —Ord-
ered that sheriff sell property of estate, :
stock of goods and house.
Estate of Thomas M. Shaffer.
Estate of M. H. Forrest.
Estate and guardianship of Kenneth.
King vs. Starr et al—Foreclosure.
Suro vs. Baker.
Estate of M. A. de Arnaz.
Department No. 4—Button, J.
Pierre vs. Kays—Ten days further
time to plead.
L. A. Storage, Com. A L. Co. vs.
Shively—Plaintiff granted ten days
further time to amend complaint.
Niedt vs. Niedt Soap Ohem. Manu'f'g.
Co —Defendants allowed until October
29th to file points.
McFarland vs. Spencer—Statement on ,
motion for new trial amended.
Lightfoot vs. Lightfoot—Continued to
October 29th at 2 P. M.
May vs. May—Cause called and con- |
tinned informally.
Mariner vs. Clark —Cause called ; de
fault of defendant entered; decree as
prayed for; term of payment sixty days.
Auzel vs. Electric Railway Co.—Cause
called; default of defendant entered ; de
cree of foreclosure ordered for plaintiff
iv amendment with waiver on file.
Scattergood vs. Scattergood — Cause i
called for hearing; testimony as taken'
by Court Commissioners heard and de
cree ordered.
Hayes vs. Hayes—Cause resumed,
submitted and decree ordered.
Glidden vs. Glidden—Cause called;
default of defendant ordered, decree or
Clark vs. Clark—Cause tried, sub
mitted and taken under advisement.
Rose vs. Bell et al. —Cause tried; de
fault of defendant entered; decree or
dered; time for payment ninety days.
Gilbert vs. Westfall —Motion to set
aside default granted ; ten days to answer.
Hall vs. Weyse—Motion to reopen
Beaver vs. Beaver —Cause tried; default
of defendant entered ; decree ordered.
Howard vs. Howard—Continued to Oc
tober 29th.
Crandall vs. Crandall—Cause tried;
default of defendant entered and decree
Harmon vs. Harmon— Same.
In re application of Christian Hartnac —
Admitted to citizenship.
Jacobs vs. Roth A Son —Motion con
tinned to November r >th at 2p. m.
Wright vs. Wright—Motion of defend
ant for an allowance on account of alimony
and for a stay, granted.
Bigelow vs". L. A. City—Demurrer to
complaint overruled ; ten days to answer.
Winter vs. Logici—Demurrer of plaintiff
to defendant's cross complaint sustained
and cross complaint ordered dismissed.
Demurrer of plaintiff to defendant's an
swer overruled.
City, Justice Court No. 2—King. J. ;
I'usich vs. Smith—Continued, by con
sent, until 2 P. >!. on Saturday, Novem
ber 3d.
M.L. Clauson et al. vs. J. C. Meza —
Testimony partly heard and hearing con
tinued until Wednesday, October 31st,
at 2 P. M,
People vs. R. Verdugo, perjury—Ex
amination at 10 A. M,
People vs. F. L. Mefford, embezzle
ment—To plead at 10 a. m.
People vs. C. H. Allen— Examination
at 2 i>. m.
New Cases.
Jas. McLaughlin vs. Henry Clauson—
Complaint on promissory note, $400 with
interest, etc,
Lewis Shively vs. L. Larivee and H.
Hiller—Complaint alleges that on the
28th of September, 1887, defendant Lori
vee entered into contract with plaintiff to
build plaintiff a house, the agreement
being that said building should be com
pleted by January 15th, and if not com
pleted then the contractor was to forfeit
$20 a day for every day after that date
that the building remained uncompleted ;
and further, Mr. Hiller went on Larivee's
bond as surety for the carrying out of the
agreement, it is now alleged that the
building was not completed before June
4, 1888, wherefore plaintiff asks judg
ment against the defendants for $2,840,
being the amount of forfeit agreed upon
at $20 a day.
Depot Jotiiiigrs.
j Colonel A. B. Hotchkiss, of the Eti-
I wandas, made a flying ttip to town yes
i terday.
The freight receipts of the past week
show an improvement on those of the
previous week.
Mr. W. S. Baldwin, Pacific Coast agent
of the Vanderbilt system, is expected
back from the East to-day.
Mr. (i. O. Green, the cordial telegraph
operator in the Santa Ec office on Spring
street, is suffering from temporary indis
When the Templeton road is com
pleted, there will oe two through trains
on each line between this city and San
The Northern Pacific has made a cut of
three cents per 100 pounds over its new
line, in and out of Winnipeg, below the
the tariff quoted by the Canadian Pacific.
It is rather hard work to find a Repub
lican railroad man in the working force.
■ Harrison's action in the railroad strike
of 1877 lost him all the trainmen's votes.
' Mr. John Clark, of the Union Pacific's
establishment in this city, will return
to-morrow. He has been transacting
business for the company iv Fresno and
San Francisco.
Pullman Paneugers.
The following Pullman passengers left
yesterday for San Francisco and the
By the 1:15 P. M. train —G. H. Shaw,
W. E. Dennison, Mr. ScherHer, E. S.
Lippitt, K. Cohn, Mr. Henderson, L. Van
Vleet, J. 0. AinßWorthy, E. Cummings,
N. M. Towne, C. D. Blainey, R. R.
Thompson, Mr. Henderson, J. Blum, J.
R. Farrell, Mr. Embody.
By the 10:110 P. m. tram—L. P. Lunt,
J. W. Bevans, Mr. Whitman, Mr. Holt,
G, 0. Mortimer, G. F. linker, Mr.
Smith, J. D. French and A. Bard.
Sunset Lodge No. 290, F. & A. M., was
instituted Friday evening with the fol
lowing officers: Charles Ira Mclntyre,
Aaron Schloss, Senior Warden; Wm.
Henry Perry, Junior Warden; Josiah
Johnson White, Secretary; Edward Lee
Stephens, Senior Deacon ; Charles Hor
ace Eason, Junior Deacon; Frederick
William Tyler, Marshal; William Burn
side Lyttle, Tyler.
Possible dial lenses.
Editors Herald—Put your detective
at work. A Democratic firiend of mine
was requested by a Republican with
whom he had made a bet, to call it off,
as the Republicans were preparing a list
of Democrats who had made bets with
view of challenging them, and he did not
wish to loose his vote. Yours,
To Wed.
The following persons were yesterday
licensed to wed:
Thomas M. Godfrey, of San Diego,
and Mary A. Gushing, of Savannah.
M. V. Gardner, of Ensenada, and
Mary E. Freer, of Kalamzoo, Mich.
Nicholas Martinez and Maria B. Avila,
of Los Angeles.
Go to Prospect Park to-day and Fee the
great game of baseball between the Los
Angeles and Colton clubs. Trains leave
corner Beaudry and Bellevue avenues ai
12:45, 1:30 and 2:10 P. M., returning im
mediately on termination of the game.
Round-trip tickets, including admission
to grounds, only 50 cents. Ladies ad
mitted to grounds free. Take Temple
street cable cars to Beaudry avenue.
At Auction.
Don't tail to attend the great art sale
at Beeson & Khoades' elegant sale-room,
121 West Second street, on Monday even
ing, October 29th, at 7 :30 P, M. One
hundred beauitful oil paintings will be
sold to the highest bidder, from the
easels of the finest painters. Ladies are
especially invited to attend.
Removal Notice.
The general business office of Lacy,
Ward & Co., and the Puente Oil has re
moved from 119 North Los Angeles
street, to rooms !», 10 and 11, Lanfranco
block, 118 North Main street.
Lost and Found.
Mrs. J. Watson, the lost milliner, for
merly of 15 West First street, can be
found at No. 115 1 .,' South Spring street,
where she will be happy to meet her old
I friends and customers.
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Dr. Kirk's German Pile Ointment has cured
Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles when all other
I Ointments have failed. It absorbs the tumors,
allays the itching at once, acta as a poultice,
gives instant relief. Dr. Kirk's German Pile
Ointment is prepared only for Piles and Itching
of the private parts, and nothing else. Every
box warranted. Sold by druggists, or sent by
mailon receipt of price, 50c. and $1 per box.
For Bale by C. H. Hance.
Painters' Supplies.
The only house here dealing exclusively in
St. Louis lead and Eastern oils. Fineßt quality
ready mixed paints. P. H. Mathews, 100 8.
Loa Angeles street, corner Second.
1888 Buck Wheat
Flour just in at Seymour & Johnson Company
The original Austrian- Hungarian Kitchen can
be fonnd at the Vienna Buffet, corner Main and
7 OAKS rositively cures catarrh.
New York, October 27—With the exception
of one stock, Heading, the market waß extreme
ly dull to-day and weak almost throughout,
the bears and traders hammering the list from
the opening to the close, which was weak at
the lowest prices.
Government bonds were steady.
Petroleum opened firm at B(ie., but after a
slight advance in the early trading became
very dull and Bagged oil' slowly, closing steady
at 85% c.
New York, October 27.—Money on call easy;
closf-d offered at 2 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, i%(g,o.
Sterling exchange dull anil steady at $4.83i'4
for sixty day hills; $4.87';. for demand.
Bar silver, 94c.
The weekly bank statement shows that the
banks hold $15,1Tiu0.000 in excess of the legal
New York. October 27.—Closing quotations:
CJ. 8. 4s, coup 127k N. P. Preferred 81%
Pacific (Is 121. Northwestern 111%
American Ex . . 111 Oregon Imp't 72.,
Canada Pacific... 56 Navigation 94 I
Canada Sou 54% Transcontinental. 30 ,
Central Pacific... 30 Pacific Mail 36% i
Buriineton 110 Reading... 50'' B
D. L.& W 139% Rock Island 107!^
Denver .Si Rio Gr .118 Bt. Paul 00%
trie 28' B it. Paul St Omaha 38%
Lake Shore 103 r '„ it. Louis St 8. F... 28-\'
L. AN 60 .Texas Pacific 24
Mich Central 89 Union Pacific 66%
fans <St Texas .... 111' 20. 8. Express .... 78! ■„
N.Y. Central 108';„ Fargo 138
NorthcrnPac. . 20' 2 Western Union... 84%
Ban Francisco, October 27.—The following
are the closing prices:
Best it Belcher. 8.37',.; Peer 65
Crocker 1.00 Peerless 1.85
Chollar 4.10 Potosi 400
Con.Virginia. 11.75 Savage 5.75
Confidence .21.00 Sierra Nevada.. 4.80
Gould tt Curry.. 5.12., Union Con 4.60
Hale St Norcross 0 62., Yellow Jacket.. 6.75
Ophlr ... 8.12 V.,
New York, October 27.—Mining shares closed
as follows:
Amador 2.00 >I Belle Isle. .. 2.40
Caledonia B H.. 2.70 Ontario 3150
Con. Imperial.. 1.00 Savage 9.25
Dunkln 95 standard 1.15
Eureka Con ... 3.00 Union Con 440
Homestake. .11.00 Yellow Jacket. 6.50
Navajo 2.40
(iraln Markets.
CHICAGO, October 27.-1:15 p.m. close-
Wheat — Steady. Cash. $1.16 per bushel;
November, 91.10%; December, $1.18; May.
$I.IBJ- 8 .
Corn—Steady. Cash and November, 40 15-10 c
per bushel: December, :KM«c.; May, 39%e.
Oats-Steady. Cash, 24,' 4 e. per bushel; No
vember, 24'.jC.; December, 25'sc.; May,
29 5-16 c.
Rye—Unlet. 60% C per bushel.
San Francisco, October 27.—Wheat—Very
sow. Buyer '88, $1 69 per cental.
Barley—Very dull. Buyer season, $1.01%
per cental; buyer '88, OlJ^c
Live siock ifiamet.
Chicago, October 27.—Cattle-Receipt*, 2,000.
Nominally steady. Beeves, [email protected]; stack
ers and feeders, $1 [email protected]; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1.35(g>2 80; bulk, [email protected] 45; Texas
cattle, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts, 9,000. Steady at an average
decline of 10c Mixed, [email protected]; heavy,
[email protected]; light, [email protected]
Bheep—Receipts, 1,600. steady. Natives,
»2 50(a)3 90; Western, $2 [email protected]; Texans,
[email protected]: lambs, [email protected]
Oenerai Market*.
DENVER, October 27.—Ore sales to-day at the
Union Sampling Works, nineteen cars; receipts,
flfteeu cars. Prices on lead, 30 to 60 cents per
unit; on silver, 95 per cent. New York quota
tions on gold, $19 per ounce; on copper, $1.50
to $2.65 per unit. Smelting charges, $7 to $12
on concentrates, $2 to $10 on ores.
San Francisco. October 27.—Wheat—StaHd
ard quality. $1.00(0,1,01! 4 .
Barley-No. 1 feed, 82!- v (o)85e.
Oats-Milling, gray, $1.05®
Hay-Wheat, and vat, $11.00(3)14.00; wild
oat, $10.50(412.50; barley, [email protected]; al
falfa, [email protected]
New York, October 27.—Hops—Steady and
Coffee—Options steady. Sales, 24,500 bags,
Including October, $13.85(0)13.90; December,
$13 [email protected]; January, $13.10(g;13 15; March,
$13 [email protected] Spot lilo quiet and steady; fair
cargoes, 15%e.
Sugar—Raw dull aud nominal; refined quiet.
Tin—Easier. Straits, $23.10.
Chicago, October 27.—Whiskey—$1.20.
Shoulders, $8.0008.28: short clear,
8.25; short rib», $7 [email protected]
Pork —Steady. Cash, $14 50; November,
$14.40; January, $14.4214; May, $14.70.
Lard—Steady. Cash, $8.12';,; November,
$8.00; January, May, $8.20.
Published by the Abstract and Title
Insurance Company of l.on An.
Sati rday, October 27,1888.
Nathan Jacoby, Isaac Nathan Jacoby, Chas
Jacoby, Abraham Jacoby aud Lesser Jacoby of
firm Jacoby Bros to Carl A Johnson—Agree
ment to convey lot 21 and I end of lot 16 blk
B, Marengo trt; $3750.
L L Bradbury, F N Myers, J F Saitorl, C R
Cambpell, E L Buck and M H Frame to Ada F
autchings—Lots 1 and 2 blk B Pacific View trt
Ho Azusa de Duarte $1000.
J A Crane to J Cubbon—Lots 2 and 4 blk B,
Dr Cranes trt Santa Ana: $2000.
Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill & Lumber Co to John
Weber- Lots 3 and 4 blk 35 Pomona; $1100.
J Stewart to C Ehrenfeld—Lots 18 and 19 Gal
braith & Thomas tit Pasadena; $4887.50.
0 Ehrenfeld to Albert Baylor—Lot* 18 and 19
Galbraith & Thomas trt Pasadena; $11,475.
Clark 8 Gilbert to George Armbuster—Lot 10,
Anaheim Homestead tract: $1800.
A F Snell to Augustus T Morgan—Agreement
to convey uud 2 4 hit E part lot 3 sec 28, Azusa
de Duarte Ko; $5,320.
Cnarles D Morgan to Erastus G Morgan—Lot
17 block M, Monrovia; $3,000.
B Marshall Wotkyns and Webster Wotkyns to
M E Willis—Lot 11, Locke-Haven tract, Pasa
dena: $4,500.
Anna G Porter to M H LaFetra—Lois 19 nrjd
21 block 107, Long Bench; $3,000.
E O Mi tmote to J A Barrows—Lot in block V,
W L A tract; $2,500
A G Cook to C W Ward—Ag-eement to con
vey W % of W %, farm lot 89, AlamitOß tract;
A G Cook to C W Ward—Agreement to convey
X 'A of W % ot farm-'ot 89, Alamltos tract;
I A G Cook to Mary Ann Hamon and Elizabeth
J Hamon—E % of E' ~ farm-lot 89, Alainitos
tract: $2,500.
I A G L ook to Jacob Hisey—Agreement to con
vey W % of E % farm-lot 89, Alamitos tract;
I $2,500.
I Alamitos Land Co to A G Cook—Agreement
to convey farm-lot 90, Alamitos Land Co s
I tract; $8,000.
i Hattie 8 Hill to N E Swartwout—Lot 7, I M
I Hill's sub, Pasadena; $1,500.
N E Swartwout to Herbert E Rose—Lot 7, I
M Hill's sub, Pasadena; $1,400.
: Same to Bettha Ziska—Loi6 14 aud 15 block
!15 and lot 3 block 13 Boston Heights tract;
i A G Hinckley to Cyrus A McCallum—Agree
ment to convey lot 9 block 4 Park tract oityi
$3 300.
i Albert P Tower to Samuel Stewart and Mary O
Aten—Lot 19 Mosher tract Pasadena; $2,500.
Joseph Gastreieh and Pauline Gastreich to
George Schneider—Lots 17 and 18 block A, J D
i Bicknells add to Monrovia; $1,300.
David S Barmore and David A Kughen to
John G Bchwaiz—Lots 18and 19 sub lot 1 block
H San Pasqual tract; $12,000.
8 Washburn and A M Underwood to J H
; Brown—Lots 7 14 and 15 AlOBta; $1,000.
| W W Murray and Henry Arnold to Eliza E
i Armetrong—W 50 ftet lot 1 W 8 Aliens sub
part lot 3 block B San Pascual tract: $1,750.
Joseph Hardie to Margaret J Hardie—l nd.,
int in 10 acies in SW' 4 Sec 7. Tp 18, R 13 Wi
I $1,500.
I H G Bennett, trustee, to Clarence S Martin,
adm estate Ella F Martin, deceased—Lots 5 and
6 Syndicate sub lots 4 to 11 mcl, Dr Congart
tract Pasadena; $10,200.
Same to Same—Lots 2 3 and 4 Syndicates
sub lots 14 to to 20 mcl of raplatof McQuillings
sub Pasadena; $15,000.
Elmer E Mellette to J N Hewes—Lot 15 block
B, Toppans sub part lot 4 block 39 H S; $1,000.
G G Bishop to Caroline Murphy Reynolds,
wife of Thomas H Reynolds—Lot 2 block 3 C M
Wells tract; $1,250.
Gay W Brown to Mrs X A Damilson—Lot 22
Park Villa tract city; $1,250.
James H Dodge and William B Billiard to E
G Northup—Lot 52, Western sub of Lick tract,
except lots 3 18 21 31 51 53 62 63 and 83,
Chamberlaud tract; $8,500.
Ezra Dane to W II X Montague and N 8 Mon
tague—7o acres in Colina tract; $1,100.
H X Stevens to Geo A Stevens—Lots 371 to
375 inclusive, Johansen tract; $1,000.
Mary E Look and P H Look to T D Huff-Lots
II and 12, block B, Blees second add Santa
Ana; $19,000.
August Renter to Albert B Lewie, W 8 Taylor
and J L Barton—Lot 10, block 18, Santa Ana.
Will S Taylor to Charles Welsh—Lot 2. block
A, Mall's add to Santa Ana: $1,500
G W Tubbs, Mrs Jode Mauphi and J W Bowen
to Mrs Hauuah E Braffet—Lot 7, Grand aye add
to Maskell tract, city; $2,000.
Numberof transfers above $1,000 each. 37.
Total amount of consideration, $145,778.
Number of transfers under $1,000 each, 33
Total amount of consideration. $14,802.
Transfers for a nominal consideration, 19.
Aggregate of day's transfers,sl6o,63o.
Note—Transfers of which the consideration
is less than $1,000 are not published in the
above list.
Swedish Services in First Baptist Church-
Sunday: Sermon at 3:30 P. >t., by Aug. 01; on,
pastor. After the sermon baptism will be ad
I'nion Gospel Meeting in the large Taber
nacle. Nicely warmed and lighted. Canvas
seats. ( orner Fourth snd Los Angeles streets.
Services at 10 a.m. 3 and 7:30 p. M. W. T.
Ellis in chatge.
Reorganized <'hurch of Jesus Christ of L. D,
8. —Elder J. F. Burton of Australia will preach
at 11 a. M„ iv K. oi P. Hall, 24 8, Spring street
Prayer meeting at 10 a. m. Sunday School at
12 m. All are invited.
First Presbyterian Church—Corner Fort and
Second streett.Rev.M.N.Cornelina.of Pasadena,
will preach at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-
School at 12:30 P. m. Young People's meeting.
6:30 p. M. All are cordially invited.
Cathedral. — Saxaphone Solo Religious,
played by Mr. W. F. Arend. Mr. L. V. Hofe
chants Aye Maria in duett with the saxaphone,
and organ accompaniment by Prof. A. G. Gard
ner. Tne choir will sing Le Jeals masß.
Christian Union—Dr. and Mrs. Emma Hill
Truesdell will speak this morning at 10 o'clock,
in Masonic Hall, No. 29;., r-'outh Spring street,
on the "The Impending Moral Revolution."
Free Christian Healings at the close of the dis
First Congregational Church—At the Grand
Opera House. Preaching by the pastor. Rev
K. G. Hutchins, D.I), at 11 a.m. Subject:
"The Momentum of Christianity." Sunday
school at 12:30 p. Every one cordially in
vited. No evening service.
Immanuel Presbyterian Church meets in the
hall of the Lob Angeles College, cor. Hop; and
Eighth streets. Rev. W.J. cnichester, pas'or.
will preach at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 9:30
a. m, Church prayer nueting Thurßday even
ing tit 7:45 p. K. All are cordially invited.
East Los Angeles Congregational church—
j North Daly street. Rev. J. H Phillip-, pastor.
| fcermou at 11 o'clock a. m and lecture at 7:30
p. m.; subject, "Christianity a Check to Intel
lectual and Scientific Progress." Suuday-scnuoi
!at 9:30 a.m. Young People's metting at 6:30
j p m. Everybody cordially Invited to this
East Los Angeles Presbyterian Church—Rev.
R. Majne Irvine, LL.B., pastor, will preach at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. M, Morning subject,
"Heaven Without a Temple." At , .30 tncre
will be a Sabbath-school concert. Sabbath
School, 9:30 a. m. Young people's meeting at
6:45 p. M Week night service, Thursday,
7:30 p. M.
First, I'nited Presbyterian Church, corner of
Eighth and Hillßtreets—Rev. Henry W. Crabbe,
pastor. Services each Sabbath at 11 a. m. and
7:30 I' M. Sabbath school at the close of the
morning service, Youug People's meeting at
0:30 r. M. Thursday eveuing prayer meeting
at 7:30 o'clock. Seats tree. A cordial invita
tion to all.
The New Church—The First New Church So
ciety of Lob Angeles meets in Grand Army Hall,
McDonald block, No. 25 North Main street.
Sunday School at 10:30. Services at 11 a. k.
Subject: 'The Necessity for New Knowledge of
Divine Truth." All persous interested in the
writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, or desiring
information in regard to the "Heavenly Doc
rines," cordially invited.
Young Men's Christian Association —Hi v. J
Spencer Kennard, D. !>., Evangelist from New
York, will give a special address to young men
at the Young Men's Christian Association »
Gospel Meeting, for men only, in the Opera
House Hall, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mr.
Kennard is a pleasant and powerful speaker,
snd will not fail to interest the audience. Mr.
F. L, Scott, baritone soloist,will sing a selection
from Mendelssohn's "Saint Paul;'' albo dutt by
Messrs. F. E. Nay and George Bradbeer. Sink
ing led by the Associa ion Orchestra. All youug
iLci are cordially invited.
Church ol the Epiphany—Corner of Slchel
and Patrick streets. East Los Angeles ,-ni.
--i day Berviceß at 11 a m and 7 p v Sunday
1 school at 9:30 a. m. Bap-.ism and Holy Com
I mnnion on the fourth Sunday of each moutu
'and on Holy days Thursdays. 7r. M., choir
| practice. Fiidayß, from 2t04 r. x., the guild
meets and tbe parish library ODen, free. Fri
days at 4T. M , Litany. Rev. Henry Scott Jef
ferys, Pastor. Residence, Summit avei ue.
North Johnston street. Subject of sermons
I Morning: "The Morning Star of the Dawning
Day of Re-Union." Evening,: "The Bin of
i Schism and Secession." Twenty-three vales
able volumes have b'en added to the Parish
Library, the gift of the Bishop White Associa
tiou of Philadelphia.
St. Charles Hotel—W Chaff-r. Oal; A
Sibby, Santa Monica; A Parker, Mrs Parker,
Perry, Iowa; M Thompson and wife, Cai;C
Wright, Spadra: 11 Cnhn, Santa Barbara: H
Savis, M Savis, Colorado; G Barm, Wilming
ton J Harbut, Anaheim: J Paton, Pleasant
Valley; J Range and family, Hollister; G
Delpy, Alpine; J Neil. <'range; Mattie Johnson.
Santa Monica; J Easton, San Fernando; G Col
bun, San Francisco; J Burnright, J Ward, Cal;
E Flood, San Francisco; J Sweney, D Slack, D
Murphy, Cal; P O'Malley, Limerick; M Jack
son, can Francisco; Jennie Ford, Riverside; J
Henderson, Santa Monica: J Andrews, Mil
waukee: Mrs Robinson and daughter, Santa
Ana; J Crooks, G M Ellington, San Bernard
ino; D Barrows, San Francisco: W Davis, San
Fernando; S Smith, Cal; M Millar, Santa
liilon Pacific Overland Excur
Free sleeping cars through to the Missouri
River without change. First-class equipment;
colored porters. Leaving Los Angeles every
Wednesday. For tickets, berths and other in
formation call on or address A. J. Hechtmaat,
Freight and Passenger Agent, No. 236 Nortk.
Main street.
Dealers and Consumers of Beer
Will find it to their advantage to call on Phila
delphia Brewery, Aliso 6treet, for the best lager
or steam-beer, good on draught for weeks at
lowest prices. Bottled lager $1.20 per dozen. If
bottles returned. Delivered to any part of the
ity. Telenhonn 91.
CLEMENT In this city. Jennie ClementT^i
native of France, aged 76 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, Monday, Octo
ber 2.1878, at9:3o a. m., from residence cor
ner Fine and San Pedro.
i Mosgrove's Cloak
and Suit House,
21 South Spring Street.
Of tbe County of Loe Angeles, State of Cali
In the matter of tbe estate of Juan L. Mar
tinez, deceased. Order of publication of notice
to creditors.
It is ordered (bat notice to the creditors of
Juan L. Martinez, deceased, requiting all per
sons having claims against the said decedent,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to
the Administrator of the estate of said decedent,
at his place of residence or business to be spec*
fled iv said notice, be given by said Adminis
trator by publication in the Los Angeles Daily
Hbbald, a newspaper printed and published iv
said ( oun'y of Los Angeles, at least once a
week for four weeks.
Dated October 27th, A. D. 1888.
W. P. Gardiner, Superior Judge.
Estate of Juan L. Marine/, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
Presentation Chavez, Administrator of the
estate of Juan L. Marttuez, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having claims
against th 3 said deceased, to exhibit the same
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this notice
to the said Administrator, ar, the office of M. V.
Biscailuz, attorney for said Administrator,
rooms 72 and 74 Temple Block, in the City of
Los Angeles, State of California.
Dated this 27th day of October, A. D., 1838.
Presentation Chavez.
Administrator o! tne estate of Juan L. Mar
tinez, deceased. M. V. Bisi ailuz,
Attorney for Administrator. c2B-sust
Of the County of Los Angeles, State of
In the matter of the estate of l'orfirio Marti
nez, deceased. Order ol Publication of notice
to creditors.
It is ordered that notice to the creditors of
Porfirio Martinez, deceased, requiring all per
sons having claims against the said decedent,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to
the administrator of the estate of said decedent
at his place of residence or business, to be
specified iv said notice, be given by said ad
ministrator by publication In the Los Angelas
Daily Herald, a newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county of Los Angeles, at least
once a week for four weeks.
Dated October 27tb, A. D. 1888.
W. P. Gardiner, Superior Judge.
Estate of l'orfirio Martinez, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned!
Presentation Chavez, administrator of thees
tateof Porfirio Martinez, deceased, to tbe cred
itors of and all persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the
necessary vouchers, within four months after
the first publication of this notice, to tne said
administrator, at tne office of M. V. ftiscatlut.
attorney for said administrator. rooms 72 and
74, Temple Biock, in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Augeles, State of California.
Dated this 27th day- of Oct ber, A. D. 1888.
Presentation Chavez,
Administrator of the estate of Porfirio Marti
nez, deceased.
M. V. Biscailuz,
Attorney for administrator. 028 mot
V. S. Land Office at Los Angeles, CaL,{
October 3,1888. t
Notice is hereby given that the following;
named settler baa filed, notice of bis intention to
commute and maze finai proof iv support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Regißter and Receiver at Los Augeles.
Cal., on December 3d, 1888. viz: Benjamin Ol
Patterson, for the south east quarter section 12.
township 8 no'th, range ICS nest, 8. B. M. Ho
names tne following witnesses to prove hlaeoat
t nuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz John Ctisaek. of post offices, Lancas
ter, John Bradbury, Clarence Bradbury, Bay
gene Le Baron, Maynard, Loa Angelea county-
Cal H. W. PATTON. Register.
R. M. Mcl ' Li.oeii, Attorney for Claimant.
028 30t

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