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Los Angeles daily herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1884-1890, November 05, 1888, Image 7

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The Grand Republic Cigarros!
The Grand Republic Buffos I
Ask you dealer for these goods. Every enterprising dealer can get them. We guarantee the goods to be FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY RESPECT.
The Great Cigar of the Day is the GRAND REPUBLIC CIGARRO, 5 CENTS EACH.
As leading and responsible manufacturers we ask the confidence of the public to the truth \ ~NTT~) ~R TT! TO I >TT
of our statements. Lend us your ear until we can tell you of the great superiority of our •*- i»v~ -ms »>-»—J_»_Li_l_V> XJ i JD v_/0»
They are unquestionably the finest article yet produced in the smoking line. 1 They are ABSOLUTELY LONG HAVANA FILLER; clean, pure and aromatic as anything you ever smoked. The success of the BUFFOS is UNPARALLELED in thm
history of the weed, proving conclusively that the consumer knows a good article when he tries it. Smokers: It is only after thirty years of experience and vast outlay of money that we are enabled to place before you such meritorious goods as Om
A splendid 20 minutes' smoke for 2'a cents. They have no connection whatever with what are known as cheap cigars, but are something that FASTIDIOUS SMOKERS ARE SURE TO APPRECIATE. Originated and patented by
GEO. P. LIES & CO., Factory 200, Third District, N. Y.
KINGSBAKER BROS., 1400I 400 Wholesale Distributors.
CAUTION TO DEALERS AND RETAILERS.—We hereby notify the tradethat we will vigorously prosecute all imitations of the "Grand Republic Cigarros" or "Buffos" as regards to style of packages, red
seal and Veneer package. ' oH-eod-lm GrEO. F. LIES jp CO., N. Y.
List of Letters Remaining; I in allcd
For at the Los Angeles Postofflee
November 5, 1888.
Alinson, Miss Eva Allen, Miss Bess D
Amberson, Miss Lottie Armstrong, Miss Annie
Armstrong, Mrs Clarissa Arnold, Mrs Geo A
Amos, Miss Fannie Anderson, Nellie
Baker, Mrs J B Ballingcr, Miss May
Balenzula, Mrs Merced Baldwin, Mrs W J
Banjour, Mlbs J L Bare, Miss Laura
Barton, Miss Eva 2 Barlor.Madamc Pauline
Barton, Mrs Jessie H Bates, Mips Ira
Bay, Mrs I Bear, Mrs Scottie S
Bennetts, Mrs Jno O Birchtoid, Mrs Jno
Boss, Miss Hattie Bockins, Mrs Anna
Bnhler, Christine Buckham, Jennie
Burch, Miss Nannie
Comdre, Miss Mollie Coan, Helen E
Cornell, Mrs M A Cox, Miss Maggie
Cox, Mrs F E Cowleß, Miss Laura 2
Craig, Mrs C it Curtis, Mrs Chas
Curtis, Mary
Daintree, Miss Davison, Miss Olive
Davis, Mrs J E Dean, Mrs 8 J
De Camp, Mrs M B Deagilar, Tercs.ita
Dickerson, Mi>s Ada Diehl, Mrs Anna
Dolph, Miss Blanche Davies, Mrs Nettie"£ES
Dougal, Mrs Jack Douglass, Miss T E
Douglass, Miss Julia Dowd, Mrs Jas
Dnnson, Mrs Dunn. Mrs C II
Edwards, Anna B Elley, Mrs Lucy 2
Elliott, Mrs Imogene Emrey, Mrs SB
English, Mrs Belle Ewing, Mrs R 8
Evans, Mrs L M
Faulkner, Miss S Fay, Miss Maggie
Felton, Mrs Katie Ferrel, Ann
Figue(oa,.Francisco Flynn, Hanmh
Forsyth, Mrs R T Foster, Miss Lizzie
Foster, Mrs Bell Fanse, Mrs Posie
Franz, Mrs Geo Francisco, Miss P
Fraser, Miss Linda Frasler, Mary
Freer, Miss Libbie
Uarduer, Mrs H M Gazosway, Fannie
Gibbons, Mrs C C Guilfoyee, Mi's X
Glassell, Mrs V M Glun , Mrs Lottie
Gleason, Miss Martha Goodbrake, Miss Rosy
Uoodall, Miss Ella Gordon, Mrs J H
Gonzales, Josie Graton, Miss Emma
Grader, Miss Mine Gray, Miss Mary 1
Graham, Mrs H 0 Griffin, Miss Ova B '
Guenther, Mrs Alfred i
Hagerman, Miss Mary Hall, Mrs Lina 1
Hall, Mrs Amanda Hall, Mrs W E '
Hampton, Miss Ruth Hampton, Mrs Sallie 1
Harnett, Miss Libbie Hamlera, Miss Rosa '
Harmon, Miss Lulu Harwood, Minna '
Hawes, Mrs D A Hasshuden, Mrs D
Hazelton, Miss G Hazeltou, Miss
Hazeltine, Miss N B Hayes, Miss Joan
Hebbird. Mrs S A Hedding, Mrs Wm
Hensey, Mrs Allie M Henderson, Miss G
Hetrick, Miss Delia Hill. Mrs R T
Hodges, Miss C Hoffman, Miss Anna
Holeman, Amelia Holro-s, Miss Martha •
Hoover, Bell Howell, Mrs T J
Hubbcll, Mrs A B Hull, Miss Amanda 1
Hull, Mi s Ida Hunewell, Miss Carrie
Hunt, Miss Ella M Hunt, Miss Hattie
Hussey.MrsßF Hixon, Mrs Aunie •
■ de, Mrs Dr H C Irwin, Miss Mary
James, Mrs Ruben Jaynes, Mrs Isaiah ,
Jencks, Mrs Emma G Johneon, Mrs Laura
Judge, Mrs J W Juuius, Mm A ,
Julian, Mrs B F Jones, Miss Mary Ann ,
Jessen, Mrs Ingelorg
Kirner, Mrs Kate Keyes, Mrs J A
Kilpatrick, Miss M King, Mrs Hollie, 2
Kahn, Mrs E Koch, Mrs Anna
Kuhrts, Miss Emily Kearnov, Mrs E E
Lafallle, Mrs F II Langer, Mrs Ed
Lee, Miss Bessie Lewis, Mrs I N
Lightner, Mrs O P 2 Loud, Mrs H M
Loveall, Miss Aby Lothian, Miss Bella D
Loveall, Miss Mary Lovely, Miss Millie
Luce, Mies Grace Luna, Senora Jesus
Lewis, Mrs E
Marks, Hattie Marsh, Mrs Lizzie
Marshall, Miss Helen Mattson, Miss Hilda
Mattocks, Miss Georgie May, Mrs II
Msxwel', Alice L McCaulev, Miss Mary
McClintock, Jacintha McCormick, Mrs B J
McDowell, Miss Becky McDonald, Mlbs Myrtle
McEUen, Miss Lizzie McFadden, Miss Maggie
Mclnnis.Mrs McKesson, Orpha
Mack, Miss Ella 2 Malm, Mrs E -
Mand, Mrs C Mann, Miss Sadie
Mark!, Miss A Meagher, Miss Agnes
Mejia, Margarita Miller, Mrs
Minor, Mrs Mary Mills, Mrs Harriett
Moh ii. Mrs Josie Moir, Mrs Alex
Monsarrat, Mrs 8 E Muller, Mrs Clixoe
Murray. Miss Mary Myers, Miss Emma
McCarthy, Mlbs L A McKee, Mrs S E
Nachmeyer, Mrs Julia Neal, Sarah
Nawleth, Miss Winnie Newley, Mrs Sallie
Mebel, Miss Kate Niles, Mrs Nydia S
Norton, Mrs 8 H Kores, Margarita
Numann, Mrs 8
Olmsted, Mrs F H Olson, Mrs Mary
Olds, Mrs Amanda Orchard, Mrs
Orr, Mrs Anna Ortig, Miss Lola
Owen, Mrs 8 R
Page, Jennie 8 Palmer, Mrs M A
Parrent, M rs Harry Parsons, Mrs Jas 0
Pehm, May Perry, Mrs H J
Peddingtou, Miss M Pistor, Mrs Susie
Plunk, Miss Annie Plummer, Mrs M 0
Pope, Mrs Pool, Miss Drew
Pulliam, Seuonta Antonia
Ragland Miss Mattle Reynolds, Mrs A
Reynolds, Mrs Mary Roes, Mrß Ella
Reilley, Mrs J M Reilley, Mrs Delia
Reichard, Miss Alviue Keifsnider, Mrs Mollie
Records, Miss M B Reichard, Miss Myst
Rivera, Miss Lolita Robinson, Mrs C T
Robinson, Minnie Rogers, Mrs J A
Rossell, Mrs Anna Robb, Miss Rosa J
Rivard, Mrs Allie Ross, Mies Etta
Rushing, Miss Edna Russell, Mrs R B
Ryan, Mrs T F
Hchartel, Miss Katie Schrader, Mrs D
Schreiber, Mrs Jos 2 Scott, Mrß
Scott, Ann (Col) Bells, Mrs Lackay R
Seber, Mis* Lena Seger, Miss Erailine
Sepulveda, Mrs Josefa Shackels, Miss L H
Shaw, Mrs C H Sbepard, Mollie
Shermer, Miss H Shurley, Miss Leila
SUliman. Mrs W C Silva, Miss Susie A
Sieber, Mrs Chas Simmons, Mrs Mary
Simpson, Mrs F C Skinner, Mrs E E
Slaughter.Miss Frankie Slaughter,M sMernerva
Slade, Miss Fannie Smith, Mrs Ann H
Smith, Mrs Annie C Smith, Mrs I O
Smith, Miss Myra Smith, Miss M
.Smith, MissßallleM Smith, Mrs Millie
Snyder, Miss E M Snider, Mrs Elizabeth
Stanley, Mrs £ A Btelnbauer, Miss Lin
Stephens,MissCharlotte Stephens, Mrß A J
Stevens, Mrs Geo Stigman, Mra H R
Stone. Miss Lettie Stoil, Mrs Mollie
Strade, Mrs May Stron, Mrs Polly
Stewart, Miss 8 Button, Mrs Inez
Summers, Miss Mollie Sepulveda, Senora Pde
Tall man, Mrs I Thornburg, Mrs G L
Taylor, Miss Pearl Temp.c, Mrs Eno
Theobaldt, Mrs Anna Thomas, Miss Minnie
Thorn, Mrs Kate D Trask, Mrs Dr
Travers, Mrs Chas Trask, Mrs Lucy B
Townsend, Mrs Mary Totty, Miss Ella
Towell, Miss Esther Tobey, Miss I T
Tilley. Mrs
Valdelet, Mrs Vandeventer, Miss Vat
Vance, Miss Mary , ... „„ tie
Van Cleve, Miss M E Vergle, Miss N M
Yon Keith, Mrs Charlotte 3
Walters, Mrs 8 E Walters. Miss Gertrude
Walker, Mts L E Ward, Miss Aggie
Warnor, Mrs M M Wassnm, Miss Gracie
Weaver, Miss Rachel Weaver, Mrs Jennie P
Welstead. Mary Ellen Wellock, Mrs W
White, Miss Reta White, Mrs M
White, Abigail Woolworth, Mrs Julia
Wood, Mrs Kate Wood", Mrs 8 A
Wright. Mary M Wire, Mrs E
Winn, Mrs E J Wlnans, Miss Kate
Wilson, Mrs Nancy Wilson, Mr.
Widner, Mrs A Belle Widner, Miss Aggie
Williams, Millie A Williams, Mrs 8 A -
Willis, Mrs Jno Willis, Mrs
Williamson, Emely
Vorba, Mies Vicenta Yonng, Lizzie
A dam son, Richard Adams, Fred
Adams, Rev H Z Adams, Philip
Alversante, Domenico Allgren, Justic
Aldarson, E B Allshouse, Geo
Allyn, Dr John Allen, Jay
Allen, Willis 3 Augsburg, Mr
Anderson, Elder Anderson, Jss
Anderson, R W Anderson, Robt
Anderson, P B Andrews, H H
Aomlle, J M Arnold, Harold M
Atsn, Seagwiek Augst, August
Arpassen, St Da Jose
Bachman, Ernest Bahler, Geo W
Baker, W T Baker, Lewis
Balensuela, Ramon Baldwin, F H
Banks, Emanuel Barkley, Isaac
Barney, L Bartlett. Edmond
Bartlett, A B Barry, A A
B syncs, J H Bay field, E B, 2
Beckmarj, Willie Barklen, E J
Becker, Henry F Beck, Rev E F
Bell, Jas W Bengor, Laurence
Beuford, X B Benie, Chas
Benning, O F Bennett, Dr C F
Berta, Eliseo Bennan, E
Berry, C J Bicheno, Jno
Biggs, Arthur Bigelow, Harvey
Billmever, E F Bishop. S G
Blass, W Blake, Robt
Blanchard, David Blakeney, C J
Blackson, Wessie Boerstler, W L
Beckler, E J Bohanan, Chaß
Booker, H Bolander, 8 Ph
Borngardner, J W Bcse, Mr
Bouman, Jas Bowles, Rev J M
Bowers, Geo Bray, R F
Bredsgard, Chas Breed, Frank F 2
Bremer, Louis Bridge, Vt alter
Briggs, J D Brodersen, Hermann
Brock, A D Broomheal, Geo
Brown, All Brown, A H
Brown, Edward Brown, J M D
Brown, Herbert Browu, Lorenzo
Brown, Rev W C Buckley, Eev Dr J M
Burgesser, Geo Burrough, H J
Burke, CE Bush, A'.lred
Burchard, Frank Butcher Ja<i
Beesinger, W Barnes, Will
Cavalier, J N Cawston, Edwin
Castro, Jesus Cason, E M
Carson, Geo Carlisle, W W
Cardcnse, Gen Capron, Edmond
Campbell, Jno A Cameron, Dan A
Clohe, Carle Clesdening, Jos
Cleveland, Geo Clark, L W
Clark, Geo W Clark, Fiank
Cheney, F D Chace, Henry
Coburn, A C Cannon, D F
Comer, Patrick Compton, Chas 11
Coles, Frank B Collerum, Thos
Collar. Edwin Collier, Henry
Conn, Isidore L Coin, Will
Cochran, T C 2 Croweil. T T
Cross, Jno Crocs, W M
Creams, H B Crowder, Oliver
Crawford, M A Crane, Grant
Craig, Jas Cogne, A M
Cowell, (3 Lowell. M G
Courteaux, H Cottel, C C
Carmish, Fred Cooper, R
Cooper, Ed 8 Connell, G W
Conors, L 11 Confagha, Peter
( omey, Geo Connoly, Jas E
Contraido, Louis Conroy, Col J E
Curtis, G T Cumby, Morgan
Curtis, Geo H
Dunham, C A Damm, Andrew
Davis, Chas W Davis, T Franklin
Davis, Will Day, Jas T
Dean, Darcy Doan, W G
DeLacy, G DeLano, Geo
Dennißon, Jas R Denger Jas
Donate, Tde Deuel, CT
Dierktng, Wm Detz, G F
DiiilugUinn, W C Domingu?z, Jose
Douglass, 8 H Dougall, Jno
Dowling, J B Dranga, A A
Draglje, Luke Drake, J S
Drury, Arthur
Eaton, W H Edges, Samuel
Elgin, Chas Ellerson, Mr
Evers, J H 2 Ewlng, Jacob
Fabre, C Fain, Andrew J
Farneworth, Mr Ferry, J H
Fickle, Henry Fisher, H L
Fitzpatrick, Jno Flowers, Jos
Flanagan, J P Fleming, A J
Fleming, Albert Fletcher, Cutt
Forman, Dennis Fonts, Refufia
Fraim, G R Franklin, F B
Friss, Wm P Frost, Wm L
Fullor, H Funderburg, Frr,nk
Farrell. Jno.
Oallagher, D—2 Gallardo, F F
Gantier, A Gilroy, Her
Gilson. G C Gilmer, Jno R
Gugerica, Geo Glover, Jas
Glass, Anthony Goldman, L
Greer, W J Goldwater, J A
Gordon, A B Grave, W
Grant, Claude Grant, Jas W
Grant, Clarence G Green, Price
Griffin, J M Grfswold, Wm T
Gridley, E L Grover, F E
Grubbs, Thos Oruber, Geo
Guerrero, Dolores Gibbon, TE
Gunnels, LWL-2 Gohr, R
Green,O L
Hallowell, Wilmer B Hamblin, L B
Hanson, W J Harradine, F
Hanson, Henry Harriman, C C
Harrison, H H Hallonquist, Wm L
Hawius, O W Hawkins, G W
Harris, Tom Heckler, J M
Heck, Jno W Hedges, Jas
Heichman, A 8 Henderson, Louis
Herold, Louis Hess, B L
Hewlinges, Dr H A Hendricks, Bert
Hickox, Lory Hickin, W W
Hickox, R Heilt, Sam'l M
Hill, Dr R W Hinton, O 8
Hoagland, F G Hodges, W H
Hogan, 8 R Holenbeck, Al
Hollingsworth, F Honne, Wm
Hoon, W W Hopper, J W
Hostetler, 0 Hothertoll, Jas
Houston, W Hoover, A
Howata, J E Howard, Sam'l
Howard, J H Howe, W E
Howe, C Hoyt, Roscoe
I li.inter, O L Hughes, Waddy
Humphreys, Wm M Huntington, Jas
Hunt, O F 2 Husson, Chas
Ilea, Dr Thos J Ingmire, G W
Jackson, Frank H Jeffries, W X
Jessup, Geo Jeffries, G
Jlles, J B Joseph, Roger
Johnson, N S Johnson, Chas 2
Johnson, Jas Jones, Chas J
Jump, Billy
Kalm, S Kaom, J
Kennedy, M F Kramer. Ernst
Kingsbury, M J Klrkwood, Hugh M
King, D W Klmlek, Chas
Larsson, Pher Larenze, Geo
Lagrave, Momieur B Lathrop, F F
Latham, Harry W LaughHn, Ed
Laughlln, Rlcardo Lavelle, M
Lawrence, J Abbott Leonora!*, R H
Leneul, A F Leath. B W I
Leach, Smith Leehlitner, Geo W
Lewi«, B C Lewis, M N
Leibo, Librado Leonard, E B
Leslie, Robt W Lind, A B
Lippincott. F E Leberty. Henry F
Litchmontb.G W Litionot, Solomon
Livingston, 8 Llnnell, J 8
JUackel, Jas Magnll, W G
Maize, Henry J Megarry. Jas
Mealey, Michael Mayer. Michael
Maxey, N G Matthewson, J O
Marshall, D Marshall, Master Elroy
Martin, Noah Marsky. E
Martinoli C Marsh, Fred W
Mans, B G Manley, Arthur J
Manion, Thos Merrill, Jerome B
Merriti, W H Merritt. C L
Munth, J F Moeller, J R
Mutt, Geo D Moore Robt S
Mosliy. Jas Morse, Henry
Morrison, Dick Morrison, S
McClaln, Orlando McLean, Hector
McHerd, David S McGinn, Jno
McGutre, W C McGuff, Will
McCoy, Dr H F McCornwell, G
McWeeu, Mr McMurray, Byron
McMillan, Wiat McMillain, Robt
McNickei, Jas McNeill, Alexander
Mclnnis, Angus G Moreno, Francesco
Mesa, Juan Mends: hall, O J
Miiksou. N S Marr, Clarence
Morris, J M Morgan, L M
Morgan, Mr Majel, Josefa
Micorski, Jos Mickler, Wm
Millen, T W Miller, H M
Miller, Frank Miller, X
Monroy, Manuel Morton, Mr
Moreno, Mafias Morckio, Frank
Moreno, Alfonzo Mori- s, Chas M
Moonehan, Jas Moore, Jos
Moore, H C Myles, Thos
Musacchia, Gwaehino Murray, Dr C P
Murphy, H W MunsOH, J D
Muller, Jno Mul'.or, Modena
Noble, Moore Neal, David 0
Napier, Geo W Neal, A
Nelson, Sam Ncilson, F B
Neuhaus, Jos Newbammer, Jos
Newland, Harry Ncwlon, Sandford
Nicoll, Jno Noll, R
Norton, Chas Napper, Geo
Odd, R 2 O'Keefe, Jno
Oliver, R H Odell, Frank
Obradovich, Toms O'Day, Jos
Ortego, Adolph Osterhouse, Nick G
Osborne, S
Paeiorini, Guiseppe Page, Chas
Packer, Jno Page, Wm
Pierre, Rio Die Pickins, E F
Picket, Chas Philips, Wm Love
Philips, Wm Parett, M B
Parsons, H S Parks, II C
Paul, Geo E Patteison, Die
Patterson, Alex Perry, Horace
Pierce, Dr J G Pratt, Geo T
Powell, A A . Potteroff, Wm
Plotts, Thos Pruo, A E
Prottengeier, C Pumphrey, Jno I
Quidde, Robbie Qubler, Mr
Halston, Frank I, Ransom, Geo V
Rath, Gust Roardon, Master Fred
Bomamotto, N Reiner, Hans
Uidcont, W F Riddabock, Mr
Rivers, J A Rivas, Cirllo G
Bobbins, JuoE Italns, Cap
Rowel], Jno Rowell, Q H
Romel, Daniel Ross, F B
Rogers, Lee Rulopson, D B—2
Roadrick, Goo Rudy, Jno
Sanborn, F D Sanborn, O J
Sargent, O C Scheever, Ed
Schllesmann, Jno Schmull', Abraham
Scholes, Geo Sohuler, Jacob «
Schuman, Fred Schupp, Christ
S;ott, Dr Allen E Scott, Wm H
Ssberanoe, Dan'l New- Shattuck, F W
ton Sheerio, H X
Sllvani, Sicosro Simpson, M
Sloan, Wm Smith, Geo 2
Smith, Frank C Smith, Walter
Sonulor, C H 8:oU. I G
Stanton, E B Starrs, Mr
Steele, W W Steger, Chas
Sterner, T D Stephens, FM '
Stephens, JW Stuari, JL2
Btlfel, Otto F 2 Storms W J
Styger, Alex Sutton, P C
sutten, R Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, Jacob M Sprinkell, H M
Vernon, W A Villa, David
Vocince, Giuseppe
Taylor, R Temple, G
Thompson, F A Thompson, Stewart
Trafton, Miles Tueschmanu, Wm
Treat, Webster Trombatone, B
Tufts, Geo
Walsh, W J Walsh, Thos
Ward, W L Wadleish, J c
Wagner, Sam'l Way, Byron
Wicklem, George Willand, Mr
Williams, C J Williams, F E
Williams, E C Williams, Harry 0
Williams, Jsb Wilson, Carl
Wilson, J W Wilson, Thos J
Wilson, M N Wilson, M E
Winn, C P Winfriage, E
Wise, Geo Wishart, H
White, Lee White, Mr
White, Frank C Whiteside, Jackson
Whittle, Chas Weyl, Edward
Wetmore, Fred W West, Blrt 2
West, G M Weßt, Jno H
Wennerholm. Jno H Wendt, Hinrieh
Wells, Mr Welch, F
Webber, Mr Weaver, T
Wear, J B Wells, Ssm'l
Woods, Glovie Wolle, W P
Wiight, J W Wright, W
W iley. H J
Vanes, Gregono Yeiser, F
Yuel, W T Young, C H 2
Zinsii, Joham M
Bear, Mrs Scottie 8 Barrett, Miss Hannah
Barr, Miss Mary Cox, Miss Minnie
Johnson, Peter Parett, M B
■Pend'eton, G W - Philips, Wm L
WhitteJ, Mrs Anna M Hothersoll, Mr
Kunkel Bros Krutz & Barton
Silbristein & Lattler.
E, A. Prei'ss. Postmaster.
Go the American bakery, corner of First and
Main streets, for the beat bread, cream cakes,
pies, etc.
Physicians say that Hungarian food is ex
ceedingly nourishing. It can be fonnd at the
Vienna Buffet, oor. Main and Requena streets.
Mosgrove's Cloak
and Suit House,
31 South Spring Street.
U. 8 Land Office, Los Angeles, Cal., j
May 31, 1888. |
Complaint having been entered at this office
by J. Emil Schneider against Albert A. Court
ney for failure to comply with law as to Tim
ber-Culture Entry No. 596, dated December 24,
1883, upon the BWV Bee. 32, Tp. 7 N„ R 12
W., in Los Angeles County. Cal., with a view
to the cancellation of said entry; contestant
alleging that said Albert A. Courtney has failed
to comply with the Timber-Culture laws, inas
much as he has wholly failed «o plant, or cause
to be planted, with seeds, cuttings or trceß the
■kid tract, or any part thereof, since the date of ,
said entry, the said parties are hereby sum- ;
moned to appear at this office on the 28th day j
of November, 1888, at 10 o'clock A. m, to
respond and furnish testimony concerning sain
alleged fallme.
(Signed) H. W. PATTON, Register.
J . 026 30t*
■ I ' ,T f CA _JI!
To Democrats!
At Times Indicated.
Monday, November sth.
T. S. Scofield, J. Carpenter and others.
Cor. Rose and Davis streets. Speakers
announced later.
TJ. S. Land Office at Los Angeles, Cal., /
October 3,1888. |
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
commute and make final proof in support of
bis claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver at Los Angeles,
Cal., on December 3d, 1888, viz: Benjamin D.
Patterson, for the south-cast quarter section 12,
township 8 north, range 16 West, 8. B. M. He
names the followtug witnesses to prove his con
t nuouß residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: John Cusack, of Lancaster, Califor
nia, John Bradbury, Clarence Bradbury, Eu
gene Le Baron, of Maynard, Los Angeles county,
Cal H.W. PATTON, Register.
R. M. McC'ullocii, Attorney for Claimant.
028 30t
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Board of Directors of ihe North Riverside
Land and Water Company, held October 13,
1888, an assessment of $10 per share was levied
upon all of the Issued capital stock of said
company, payable immediately to F. C Howes,
Treasurer, at the banking House of the Los
Angeles, National Bank, Los Angeles City,
Cal. Any stock npon which such assess
ment shall remain unpaid, shall become de
linquent upon the 20th day of November, 1888,
and unless paid sooner, will be sold at public
auction upon the Btn day of De
cember, 1888, to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with costs of advertising
and expenses of sale. SHIRLEY C. WARD,
Location of office, Los Angeles,Cal. Secretary.
mil WW hi
Land Office at Los Angeles, Cal.J
October 2.1888. j
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
: to make final proof in supportof his claim, aud
1 that said proof will be made before Register
and Receiver at Los Angoles, on November 9
i 1888, vis.: tbe
i Firman Church. Pra. D. 8. No. 8,201. '*
jB% Sec. 4, Tp. 7 N.. R. 14 W„ 8. B »%. ...ove
He names the following wltnfV*!..?}- p a ,ton
his continuous residence ■pop. v i a
of. said land, viz.: A. J pSSnah, H. A. Johan
sen, John Dunn, Louis Besaemeyer, all of Maj
I n o 3 80t°- C ' Uton, H-. W. PATTON, Register.
Angeles Cable Railway Company.
Location of principal place of business, Los
Angeles, Cal.
Notice Is Hereby Given, that a meeting of the
Board of Directors, held at the office of the com
psny.on the 13th day of September, 1888,anas
seBsment (No. 1) of Four Dollars ($4.00) per
share was levied upon the Capital Stock of the
Corporation, payable Immediately in United
States gold coin to the Treasurer of said Com
pany, the Farmers and Merchants Bank, south
east corner of Main aud Commercial streets, in
the City and County of Los Angeles, State of
California. Any stock upon which this assess
ment shall remain unpaid on the 17th day of
October, 1888, will be delinquent, and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless pay
ment is made before will be sold Monday, the
sth day of November, 1888, to pay the dclin-
Suent assessment together with costs of ad ver
sing and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Secretary of the Los Angeles
Cable Railway Company.
Office: Room 9, Masearel Block.)
132 North Main Street, Los>
Angeles, California. ) sl4-td
Los Angeles Cable Railway Company.—No
tice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Directors held on the 16th day of October,
1888, that the time fixed for levying an assess
ment npon the capital stock of this corporation
be extended from October 17tb, 1888. the time
mentioned In the above notice, to which this Is
appended, to November 7,1888. And any stock
upon which the assessment shall remain uu
pal 1 on November 7,1888, will be delinquent,
and not before that time, and advertied for
sale at public auction, and unless payment is
made before will be sold Monday, the 26th day
of November, 1888, to pay the delinquent
assessment, with costs of advertising aud ex
penses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors,
Secretary Los Angeles Cable Railway Company,
office: Room 0, Masearel Block, 132 North)
Main street, Los Angeles, California. j
017 n7
Of the County of Los Angeles, State of Call
fornia. In the matter of Robert Eckert and
Herman Schoneman, co-partners doing busi
ness nnder the firm name and style of Eckert
A Schoneman, insolvent debtors.
In pursuance of an order of court this day
made In the matter afoiesaid, notice is hereby
given that Robert Eckert and Herman Schoue
man, heretofore doing business under the rirm
name and style of Eckert and Schoneman, in
solvents, have applied to this court for a dis
charge from their debts individually and as
co-partners as aforesaid, and all creditors who
have proved their debts against the estate of
said insolvents are hereby notified to appear be
fore this Court, Department No, 2 thereof, at
the Jones Block in the city of Los Angeles,
State of California, on the 7th day of Novem
ber, 1888, at the hour of 10 o'clook a. m. ol that
day and show cause If any they have, why the
said Robert Eckert and Herman Schoneman,
individually and as co-partners as aforesaid,
should not be discharged from their debts in
accordance with the statutes in such case
made and provided, and as prayed for in their
petition filed herein.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of said Court, this 4th
day of October, 1888.
[seal.] C. H. DUNSMOOR, Clerk.
By F. B. Fanmno, Depnty Clerk.
Thos. B. Brown, Attorney for said Insolvents.
Of the County of Los Angeles, State of
In the matter of the estate of Porilrlo Marti
nez, deceased. Order ol Publication of notice
to creditors.
It is ordered that notice to the creditors of
Porflrio Martinez, deceased, requiring all per
sons having claims against the said decedent,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to
the administrator of the estate of said decedent
at his place of residence or business, to be
specified in said notice, be given by said ad
ministrator by publication in the Los Angeles
Daily Herald, a newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county of Los Angeles, at least
once a week for four weeks.
Dated October 27th, A. D. 1888.
W. P. Gardiner. Superior Judge
Estate of Porflrio Martinez, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
Presentaeion Chavez, administrator of the es
tate of Porflrio Martinez, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the
necessary vouchers, within four months after
the first publication of this notice, to the said
administrator, at the office of M. V. Biscalluz,
attorney for said administrator, rooms 72 and
74, Temple Block, in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, State of California.
Dated this 27th day of October, A. D. 1888.
Presentacion Chavez, 1
Administrator of the estate of Porflrio Marti
nez, deceased,
M. V. Biscailuz,
Attorney for administrator. 028-sust
Of the County of Los Angeles, State of Cali
In the matter of the estate of Jnan L. Mar
tinez, deceased. Order of publication of notice
to creditors.
It, is ordered that notice to the creditors of
Juan L. Martinez, deceased, requiring all per
sons having claims sgainst the said decedent,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to
the Administrator of the estate of said decedent,
at his place of residence or business to be speci
fied in said notice, be given by ssid Adminis
trator by publication in the Los Angeles Daily
Herald,'a newspaper printed and published iv
said Coun'y of Los Angeles, at least once a
week for four weeks.
Dated October 27th, A. D. 1888.
W. P. Gardiner, Superior Judge.
Estate of Juan L. Martinez, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
Presentacion Chavez, Administrator of the
estate of Jnan L. Marttnez, deceased, to tbff
creditors of and all persons having cU U j I (
against tha said deceased, to exhibit tp:. :,.„ ! -
with the necessary vouchers, wi* „. M v
months after th« first publication^?®, 0 ; ".' r v "
to the said Administrator, atJF a ,?S" pttv „i '
Biscalluz, attorney for ..wck, in the Clt> ol ,
IT, Ang 7 e 2 le? n B d ta 7 te October, A. D., 18«8.
Tne oartnership heretofore existing .between
SSI,« f"
ednesi to said firm Rt a*
los Angeles, November 1, 1886. "3-0t
Charles E. Plttman, Frederick R. Plttmanant
Amelia A. Plttman, Plaintiffs,vs. KobcrtTurner,
James P McCarthy and Edward McCarthy, De
fendants—Sheriff's sale No. 7.351 Order of sate
and decree of foreclosure and sale —Under and
by virtue of an order of sa'e and decree of fore
closure and sale, issued out of the Superior
Court of the County of Los Angeles. State of
California, on the 2nd day of October. A. B.
1888, in the above entitled action, whereat
Char.es E. Plttman, et al., the above name*
plaintiffs, obtained a jndxment anddecreeof
foreclosure and sa'e oga'nst Robert Turner
et al., defendants, on the 28th day ol Septem
ber, A. D. 1888, for the sum of $15,804.40-10*.
In lawful money of the United States, which
said decree was, on the 29ih day of September,
A. D.,1888, recorded in judgment book Bof
said court, at page —, I am commanded to seH
all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land,sit
uate, lying end being in the county of Los An
geles, State of California, and bounded and de
scribed as follows:
Commencing at the southwest corner of the
i ten-acre tract belongitg to Kimball Hardy, a
point 42.05 chs 8. 20J.i° W. from the northerly
corner of the Vanderburg tract on the east lias
of said Rancho La Cienlga, and runningthensa
along the west line of said tract 8. 20|f\ W.
74.75 chs, to old post, thence 8. 2814°, W. 9 2*«
-100 chs. to stake, thence N. 61%°, W. 3.25 eba.
to post, thence in line of and along willow
fence 8. 264°, W. 31.18 chs, theDce 8. 17V W
-2 16.100 chs; still along said willow fence A
17° W. 2 chs., 8 15W' W. 1.80 chs., 8. 30° W
-1.08 chs., 8. 18V" W. 5 ths., 8. 25%' W. 1 em.,
to cross fence, thence 8. 25" W. 3.52 chs. to
Sost; the southwest corner of this tract, thence
. 74° E. 10 chs to post; tae southeast corner of
this tract, thence in line of and along willow
| fence to board fence N. 283,2° E. 45 49 chs. to
corner of board fence, thence along fence 8.68*
E 1 86 chs. to corner of board fence, thence M
30° E 10.45 chs. to old posi, thence N 14° «
| E 76.68 chs. to the southeast corner of the ten
acre tract of Kimball Hardy, thence N 75W" W
, 4.50 chs. to the place of beginning, contaiuina
; 129.48 acres of land as sin veyed by HansaS
i and Solano January 7,1877, being portion of
i the Vanderburg Tract and Rimpau Tract, ss
i called in said rancho and being also the saaeo
i lauds described as "Lot No. 1" and "Lot No. 7T
i and allotted to Amelia R. Plttman in de
cree of partial partition of the estate sat
1 Frederick R. Plttman, deceased, and alaa
(the tract described as "43.72" acres and
I allotted to Frederick R. Plttman, R.J. Pittmeo,
Charles E. Plttman and Elizabeth M Pittmaa
Iby the decree of final distribution of said es
j tate, the proceedings therein being case No.
708, late Probate Court of said county of Las
Angeles, excepting therefrom the northerly
| fifty acres of the 129 48100 acre tract not
j above described, and being a portion of said
tract lying outside the fence, together with all
1 the appurtenances thereto belonging.
Public notice is hereby given, that on Friday
the 26th day of October, A. I). 1888, at It
o'clock M. of that day, in front of the Court
house door of the conntv of Los Angeles, on
Spring street, I will, in obsdience to said order
!of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell
the above described property, or so much there
of as may be necessary to satisfy said iodjr
ment wi'h Interest and costs, etc., to the high
est and best bidder, for cash in lawful money
of the United States.
Dated this 2d day of October, 1888.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By Justin Williams, Deputy Sheriff. 03-fef
In accordance with Instructions from plain
tiffs' attorneys, the above sale is hereby post
poned until Friday, the 16th day of November,
A. D. 1888, at the same hour and place.
JAME3 C. KAYS, Sheriff.
October 26,1888. 027 nl«
Los Angeles Storage Commission and Lumber
Company, plaintiff, vs. John W. Ellis and Adah
R. Ellis, defendants.—Sheriff's Sale. No. 8007.
Order of Bale and decree of foreclosure anal
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale, Issued out of the
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles,
State of California, on ths 22d day of October.
A. D. 1888, In the above entitled actio*,
wherein Los Angeles Storage Commission aaa
Lumber Company, the above named plaintiff,
obtained a judgment and decree of foreclosure
and sale against John W. Ellis et al., da
fend ants, on the 12th day of October, A. a.
1888, for the sum of 1,399 45-100 dollars. In
gold coin of the United States, which said de
cree was, on the 17th day of October, A. D.
1888, recorded in judgment book 8 of said
Court, at page 620 et sen,., I am commanded to
sell all those certain lots.pieces or parcels of land,
situate, lying and being in the County of Los
Angeles, State of California, and bounded and
described as follows:
Being lots numbered eighteen (18) nineteen
(19) and twenty (20) ot block "D," according;
to map of J. W. Ellis subdivision of parts of
lots two and three (2 and 3), block 38, Han
cock's survey .recorded on page 88 of Book 10 Of
Miscellaneous Records of the Official Records
of Los Angeles County, State of California, to
which map and the reco d thereof reference is
hereby had for further and more particular de
scription. Said lots fronting on Silver street
; and being bounded on the east by Belmont
avenue, together with all and singular the tene
ments,hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given, that on Bator
day, the 17th day of November, A. D. 1888, at
12 o'clock M. of that day, in front of the Court
House door of the County of Los Angeles, oa
Spring street, I will, in obedience to said order
of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sen
the above described property, or so much there
of as may be necessary to satisfy said judgment
with Interest and costs, etc., to the highest aaa
best bidder, for cash in gold coin of the Unite*:
Dated this 24th day of October, 1888.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County, State of "
fornla. *
By Justih Williams, Deputy She^ 1
IN THE SUPERIOR COH««, State of Calf
.ae estate and guards
Of the county of lorriß, Ethel Morris, Anna
fornia, in the mC Morris, minors.—Order to
anship of Wapplication of guardian lor or-
D. Morils.rreal estate. ~.,„„ „« n r
Bhow calng and flling the petitioni orß. tj.
der,; the guardian of the estate of Walter JS.
.orris, Ethel Moiris, Anna Morris and Leata
I. Morris, minors, praying foran order of sale
if certain real estate belonging
wards for the uses and purposes therein sat
lO ltis hereby ordered, tha' the next pi kin <*
the said wards and on Tse?
„ a d WovlmW?"ABB'S: e?IJ
o'clock a aTatthe ejuit-room of this c urL*
°hecourt-room of Department 2 Jonesßutkt
ing, in the said city and county of L< s Angeles.
ib£n and there to show cause why an order
suould not be granted for the sate of sue.
6 And it is further ordered, that a copy of tUs
order be p-.blishedat least once a week i*r
three successive weeks before «£e -aid day «
hearina in the Daily Herald, a newspaper
printel'and published In said county of Lai
A rMtS'Ootober 30, 1888. p <;xRI)INEB-
D l-th3t ' Bnperior Jud|*

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