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City Taxes Will Be Delin
quent November 29th.
The City Not Liable for Street
Paving: Unless Under a
Regular Contract.
The City Council met yesterday morn
ing and, in the absence of President
Humphreys, Councilman Lovell was
called to the chair. The following
Gouncilmen were present: Messrs. Han
ley, Moriarty, Teed, Cohn, Gibbs, Col
lins, Bosbyshell, Barrett, Book, Chand
ler and Mathews.
During tbe reading ot the minutes Mr.
Humphreys came in.
Mr. Cohn moved that the ordinance
extending the time for the collection of
taxes to November 20th be read and
adopted. Carried.
Captain Barrett moved that the action
of the Council in prohibiting elections in
the city buildings be rescinded. Carried.
Mr. Cohn moved that the City Attor
ney draw a resolution calling an election
for city officers on Monday, December,
3d. Carried.
Captain Barrett moved that the Street
Superintendent place a catch basin at
the southwest corner of Spring and First
streets. Referred to the City Surveyor
and Street Superintendent with power to
Captain Barrett moved that the Street
Superintendent have power to move
building materials where the same inter
fere with the paving of the streets.
Mr. Book moved that the street car
company place the car tracks in proper
condition in front of the Bryson & Bone
brake block, on Spring street Carried.
Reports of officers were read and re
ferred to the Finance Committee.
City Attorney Daly filed an opinion in
regard to the city's liability for the pav
ing of Eighth street, which is important
insomuch as it also applies to other
streets which have been graded, and for
which the contractors expect pay from
the city. The opinion is as follows:
I am called upon by the Council for my
opinion a> to whether the city ia liable for any
portion of the expenses of grading Eighth
street from Union to Alvarado. An agreed
state of facts between tbe contractor and the
owners of property fronting on said Eighth
street hssbeen filed in my office for my inform
ation and guidance in determining the rights
of the contractor and the liability, if any, of
the owners and the city. From this agreed
state of facts it appears that on the 13th of
February, 18S8, a petition to have the work
done was filed by the owners of property, and
the Resolution of Intention was passed Febru
ary 20th. Subsequent to this the usual steps
were taken by the Council, and the award of
contract was made April 2Cth, and notice of
award given April 30th; that on May 22d the
contract was entered into and the work com
pleted August sth. The first question to be de
cided is by what assessment are we to be gov
erned in arriving at the value of this property,
for the purpose of ascertaining whether the
cost of the work exceeds one-half of ths as
sessed value thereof, as borne upon the last
assessment roll, made for levying of taxes for
mnnicipal purposes. I think the assess
ment roll ol 1887 mnst govern. The cost
of the grading of this street is ascertained
to be far in excess of half the value of said pro
perty as shown on the assessment role. In that
Case the law provides that the amount of cost
of said work exceeding half of tbe assessed
valne of said property shall be assessed to the
city and paid out of the city treasury. The act
of 1885, commonly called the Vroomau act,
fails to point out how this value is to be ascer
tained further than that the City Engineer shall
furnish the Council, if so required, with esti
mates of the cost and expense of the work, and
In subdivision 1 of seC. 7 , that whenever the
cessment upon any lot exceed half the
Valuation of. said lot as It was las." assessed for
TKKChjfl taxation, then, Unless tho' owner
shall file written waiver, etc., the assesime...
shall be only to the amount of half of said last
preceding municipal valuation and the proper
remainder of said assessment shall be assessed
to the city aud be payable out of the city treas
ury." All this is Indefinite, whose duty Is it
to ascertain t ne assessed valuation of the lot as
It Was last assessed for municipal taxation? Is
it the duty of the Superintendent of Streets;.
The set doesn't say so. In the absence of any
such provision in the Vrooman Act we Bust
look to the Charter of the oity for authority as
to what must be done to warrant the
payment of money out of the city
•*"Sasury. Section 1 of article XII. of
the Charter provides that "The city
of Los Angeles shall not be and is not bound
by any contract, or in any way liable thereon
unless the same is made in writing by order of
the Council, the draft thereof be approved by
the Council and the same ordered to be, and be
signed by the Major, or some other person in
behalf of said city.'' There Is no pretense that
tbe provision of the Charter was complied with
in the case now under consideration, nor does
the act of 1885 repeal or change it, and I am,
herefore, of the opinion that the city 1b no
liable for any portion of the cost of grading
Eighth street. In conclusion I will state that
it is the duty of tbe Council to ascertain the
assessed value of lots and lands fronting on
streets proposed to be improved, before passing
a resolution of intention to improve. Had this
been done in this case no trouble would have
The opinion was paced on file.
The report of the Police Commission
asking for an increase of two officers was
received and filed.
The Fire Commission recommended
that fifty tons of hay be purchased. The
Clerk was instructed to advertise for 150
tons to be delivered as required.
The Gas Committee recommended that
a thro"-' —*> mast be erected at
Corner of College and Lucas avenues.
Mr. Cohn called attentioh tt» the fact
that provisions had been made for more
lights already than there was money to
pay for. The lights bill for the year will
be from $12,000 to $15,000 more than
there is money for. Recommendation
laid over.
Also, recommended that a light be put
on the Sixth-Btreet Park. Mr. Book
moved that this be allowed. Mr. Cohn
objected because the city is paying for
three lamps there now. A motion to
erect this light was lost.
Mr. Chandler moved that all petitions
for lights be placed on file, to be taken
off when there is money in the fund.
A motion to pay for the light on the
corner of Temple and Belmont streets
was carried.
Mr. Cohn called attention to the fact
that the contract with the Electric-light
Company will soon expire and the Clerk
was instructed to ascertain the time and
report at the next meeting.
On motion of Captain Barrett it was
decided to take no further action in re
gard to Eighth street until the contractor
■hall conform to the specifications.
City Attorney Daly stated that if the
Ninth street bridge was moved to the
new line as laid out by Mr. M. L. Wicke
the city wili be liable for the amounts
paid into the treasury for the opening oi
the old street.
The Mayor was instructed to sign a quil
claim deed to land petitioned for by Mrs.
Tito Afternoon Session.
A petition from D. D. Morton to have
warrants for bis salary signed was read.
Mr Humphreys said that Mayor Work
man had not signed the warranto because
Mr. Morton had been very abusive and
bad need objectionable language toward
Several Council men said that if Mr.
Morton was objectionable he ought to be
removed, but he ought to have his sal
ary for the work he had done. The mat
ter was referred to Mayor Workman.
A petition to have the Street Superin
tendent enclose a strip of land between
Sichel and Daly street which has been
used as an alley, but which is not an
alley was read.' Captain Barrett moved
that the Street Superintendent replace
the fence which he removed. Referred
to the City Attorney and City Surveyor.
Mr. Hanley moved that the City Clerk
notify the Glendale Railroad Company
not to go outside of its franchise and
construct its line on the city's land.
Mr. Collins moved that the Street
Superintendent place ihe fence about tbe
pesthouse on the line of the city land.
The Board of Public Works report
as published in Sunday's Herald, was
read and adopted.
When the matter of declaring the
electric road a nuisance came up Mr.
Lovell objected on the ground that it
should be settled in tbe courts.
Mr. Collins thought that the matter
should be delayed so as to give the rail
road people a chance to sell out to peo
ple who will run the road.
Captain Barrett moved that the City
Attorney draw an ordinance authorizing
the Street Superintendent to take down
the poles. Carried.
An ordinance authorizing the Mayor
to sign certain warrants was passed. '
Captain Barrett moved that the Street
Superintendent be instructed to notify
property-owners on streets which are
paved or are being paved to construct
the sidewalks, and if they neglected so
to do to construct the same under the
provisions of the Vrooman act. Carried.
The Bituminous Lime Rock Company
asked that the assessment for paving
Commercial street be corrected. Re;
ferred to a committee to proceed under
t c Vrooman act.
A resolution to sewer a portion of Ban
ning street was read and laid over for a
A resolution to sewer a portion of
Seventh street was read and approved.
A deed from several property owners
to a strip of land for the continuation of
Washington street, was referred to the
City Surveyor to see if the lines as des
cribed are correct.
The Mayor was instructed to sign the
contract with the Black Diamond Coal
Company for furnishing the city with
coal, and with A. S. Bent for construct
ing a sewer as soon as the bonds shall be
Notices of intention to change the
grades of Alhambra, Seventh, Georgia,
Hansen, Booth streets and West End
avenue were read and adopted.
Resolutions of intention to pave Up
per Main street with porphyry, to grace
Ann street, Castelar street, Mott alley,
Patton street, Victor avenue and Oak
street, were read and adopted.
A resolution of intention to sewer Fort
street from Temple to Fourth was read
and adopted.
Resolutions ordering Third street to
oe graded were read and adopted .
Contracts for grading Third, Fourth,
Fifth, Eleventh streets, West End ave
aue and Judson streets and for sidewalk
ng Downey avenue were read and
The City Surveyor recommended that
12-inch storm water drain be constructed
tlong the Arroyo de Los Reyes, and
from Pearl to Second at Beaudry avenue.
Laid over.
The Clerk was instructed to advertise
for bids for a drain on Fifth street from
Hill street to Zunja No. 4.
The request of J. E. Murray et al. for
damages caused by blasting on Ingraham
street was referred to the City Attorney
to commence action upon the bond.
The matter of purchasing land lying in
Daly street as laid out near the bridge,
was referred to Mr. Hanley and the City
The Zanja Committee was instructed
a ptfS zanjas one and two across Second
A bid for sidewalking on San Fer
nando street from Richardson Bros, was
referred to the Board of Public Worke.
The Supervisors.
The Board of Supervisors met at the
Courthouse yesterday.
In the matter of the Anaheim water
district the petition, bond and affidavit
of publication was filed, and on motion
of Supervisor Martin a hearing was set
for November 9th, at 10 a. m.
In the matter of the incorporation of
the University the petition and affidavit
and remonstrances were filed and a hear
ing set for 10 a. m ~ November 19th.
In the matter of the Azusa irrigation
district tbe Board canvassed the vote
with the following result:
Yes. No.
District No. 1 69 37
DlßtrlctNo. 2 16 21
District No. 3 42 54
District No. 4. 35 1
District No. 5. 52 28
. Total, 214 141
It appearing to the Board that tho re
quired two-third vote not having been
cast in favor of the organization of the
district it was declared lost.
In the matter of the I» own ey and El
- »«ce road: Deeds from Francis B.
Sid well, Jennie Bowler and John W.
Bowler presented on motion of Super
visor Venable, the same were accepted
and ordered recorded and the land there
in declared a public highway, and a war
rant ordered drawn for the several
On motion of Supervisor Martin, the
School Superintendent was allowed an
assistant at a salary of $100 a month,
and the Superintendent named F. E.
Little. The appointment was confirmed
In the matter or the Urmston tract,
the petition asking for a water main on
Vermont avenue and Blame avenue was
granted under the supervision of a board
of owners.
On the recommendation of the County
Superintendent of Schools, a petition
asking that a described tract of land be
included and incorporated in the Clear
water school district was granted.
On the recommendation of the Connt>
Superintendent of Schools the petition
asking for the formation of a new school
district to be formed of portions of the
Lugo and Alameda district and to be
known as the Old River district was
In the matter of the temporary trans
fer of funds on motion of Supervisor
Venable, $150 was temporarily transfer
red from the Glendale fund to the
Ballona Road fund.
The following warrants were ordered
drawn for indigents: McCarthy $8;
Sepulvida, $15; Fielding, $12.
On motion of Supervisor Martin the
Assessor was allowed a deputy for
November and December at a salary of
$100 a month when not employed by the
Assessor to work in the Tax Collectors
The Board then adjourned until 10
a. m. , November Bth.
Physicians say that Hungarian food is ex
ceedingly nourishing. It can be found at the
Vienna Buffet, oor. Main and Reqnena streets.
Children Cry for PitchersJSastoriai
.Monday, November 5.
Superior Court—Department No. 1,
Cheney, J.
People vs. Ah Ling, robbery—Cause
Information filed against Francis P.
Kelly and P. Ryan, charging them with
I grand larceny, and Thomas Williams,
Department No. 2. - Gardiner, J.
Estate of William J. Nettleton, de
ceased—Probate of will.
Estate of Sarah B. Viile, deceased—
Petition for probate of will granted; bond
Estate of Heinrich Boege, deceased—
Petition for setting apart estate for use of
family granted.
Estate of W. H. Forrest, deceased—
continued to November 12.
Estate of Henry Chambers, deceased
—Continued to November 15.
Estate of John F. Mohen—Letters of
guardianship granted; bond $1,600.
Lugo vs. Baker—On trial.
Department No. 4—Hutton, J.
Law calendar rearranged.
I. S. District Court, Ross J.
In re. Isaac L. Hewitt vs. Warren
Story et al.—The motion to amend
granted and motion to vacate order for
taking testimony on the 12th inst.
granted and set until next rule day for
pleading to the amended bill, the "order
to be prepared by the attorneys.
In re. llnited States vs. Collin Marble
and Lime Company—The order to show
cause can tinned.
In re. John Morongo et al. vs. J. V.
North et al.—Order made that proceed
ings in ejectment suit be enjoined.
The Court then adjourned until Mon
day next at 10 a. m.
New Cases.
George E. Bates vs. F. A. Holzhier et
al. —Petition for partition of realty; plain
tiff claimed a one- , xth interest in an in
heritance of 640 acres.
J. Taylor Stewart vs. F. E. Perhoin—
Complaint on f reclosure of mortgage;
Will Sell
On Wednesday, November 7th,
AT 10 A. M., 2 P. M.,
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Also a fine line of
Upholstered Goods
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Also a fine line of Curtains in lace and fine
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Commissions Executed.
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nl Qt
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11 ACRES on PICO ST., about % mile
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stß. —2-Btory house, 11 rooms, fur
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alley $9,000
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pine st—2sxl6s SlOOpcrft.
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Price—s2 50 per bottle, in liquid or pills, or 5
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Wednesday, November 7th,)
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Sole Agents for the Celebrated Centemeri Kid Gloves.
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