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United States Signal Service.
Report ot rtO»ervnti«-«« taken a*. Lo» Angele*-
Oalifomla, January 18. 18t9, by the War De
part tnent -.
Time, j B«. Ther Wo Vrtl
5:07 a. M.I30 18 45 41 X 3 ! Pair.
6:'>7r. u. 130.10 54 36 W 2 ;Clear.
Maximum ternr-emmm. 59- ict''.imutn tem
iMTirtnre. 4H. Rainfall past twentj-fonr hours
Mr. Leon Weil will return to San
Francisco to-day.
Mr. H. B. Wilson, of Utsalady, W. T.,
is at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. Wm. Donaldson, of Minneapolis
is at tbe Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacMillan, of Chi
cago, are at the Nadeau.
J. E. Qainn and B. F. Hamusly, of
Chicago, is at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. J. D. Easton, of New York, is
stopping at the Hollenbeck. ,
Mr. R. E. Bredon and family, of San
Francisco, are at the Nadeau.
Mr. P. C. Dornalech, the well-known
horseman, arrived from San Francisco
Messrs. S. M. Scott, J. Goldberg and
John Arnett, of San Francisco, are at the
Mr. F. A. Pasmore, a member of the
firm of Williams, Brown & Co., shippers
and commission merchants of San Fran
cisco arrived in town last night and is
quartered at the Hollenbeck.
Colonol W. R. Smedberg, Colonel A.
E. Haines, E. A. Camp, C. Mason Kin
ney, W. R. Shaffer, Charles Gladdiug,
W. A. Dryden, F. F. Stone, F. H. Brown,
E. B. Cook and S. Flint, members of the
Military Order Loyal Legion of Califor
nia, are at the Nadeau.
Ah Charlie Ling, charged with burg
lary,was examined before Justice Savage
yesterday and held to answer at a bond
of $500.
The Board of Public Works will meet
this morning, at which time tho property
owners on First, between Hill and Pearl
streets, are requested to appear.
Transfers of real estate yesterday
amounted to $138,379, and were 59 in
number. Oi these 28 were for more
than $1,000 each, and 9 were for nomi
nal considerations.
The Illinois Association meet this
evening at Masonic Hall, No. 29 South
Spring street, for one of its popular so
cials and entertainments. An interest
ing programme has been prepared for
the occasion.
The third social of the Boyle Heights
Presbyterian Chnrch was held at the
residence of Mrs Elizabeth Hollenbeck,
823 Boyle avenue, Thursday evening.
There was a full attendance, and all en
joyed themselves.
The lowa Association entertainment
will take place to-night at the G. A. R.
Hall, No. 25 North Main street. An ex
cellent programme has been arranged
and some of the best talent in the city
will be present. Everybody ia cordially
Bob Eckles, a boy of 11 years, was
taken before Justice Lockwood yester
day and tried on the charge of petit
larceny. The case against him was
plaim enough but on account of his
youth and previous good character he
was allowed to go free.
The Herald was made to say yester
day morning, in the report of Sam Jones'
sermon: "Nineteen out of every twenty
of the girls that are married meet their
downfall in the ball-room." It should
have read: "Nineteen out of every twenty
of the girls that are ruined meet their
downfall in the ball-room."
Louis Mesmer, of the New United
States Hotel, has his name on Justice
Lockwood's book with the charge of bat
tery placed against it. Hia trial will take
place January 2L'd, at 4p. m. He had
some disagreement with a man about the
payment of a small amount of money,
and it ia alleged strnck him in the face.'
A home lunch will be served to-day by
the ladies of the Kindergarten Associa
tion, from 11:30 a. St. to 2:30 p.m., at
114 West First street, for the benefit of
the Charity Kindergarten Association.
Home-made pies, cakes, bread, etc., will
be a feature of the lunch. The public is
invited to bestow their patronage on this
worthy object.
C. M. Saell and George Daly are
charged with obtaining property under
false pretenses by W. H. Eidor. The
property in question was a horse. Snell
is now one of the managers of the Grand
Central Hotel and was formerly con
cerned in the circulation of a morning
newspaper. They were arraigned be
fore Justice Savage yesterday and their
bail fixed at $250 each.
East's Absence.
Ed East, who used to be a Deputy
Sheriff under Kays, took a hand a week
or so ago in the arrest of a number of faro
players. When the case against Ben
Jones and others came up in Justice
Lockwood's court yesterday, East, who
was one of Ihe principal witnesses, was
not to be found. He had gone to Ari
zona to live. The prosecution hinted
that he had some very good reason for
going, and Chief Cooney, who is a good
friend of East, explained what that rea
son was. He had beeu appointed on the
police force, but finding that there was
no place for him among the detectives,
had thrown up his commission to take a
very advantageous clerkship which had
been offered him in Arizona. The case
against tho gamblers was dismissed, but
the explanation offered by the Chief
made it sufficiently evident that East's
absence was for good cause.
A Muall Fire.
Yesterday afternoon fire broke out in
the residence of Mr. Charles A. Bell,
editor of the Porcupine, and before it
could be subdued the building was par
tially consumed. There are no hydrants
in the vicinity where the fire occurred, so
that although the department responded
a bucket brigade had to do all the work.
The furniture was saved and Mr. Bell
cays that his losses are fully covered by
insurance. There is no clue as to bow
the conflagration started, but it is be
lieved to have been the outcome of a
coal oil stove explosion.
Eos Angeles Insurance Union.
The Los Angeles Insurance Unfon met
yesterday at the Board of Trade rooms,
Mr. W. J. Brodrick in the chair, and Mr.
G. A. Dobinson Secretary. Several
matters relating to tbe welfare of the
Los Angeles insurance aizents were dis
cussed, among which were rebates on
rates and the action of some property
owners in insuring in San Francisco in
stead of with the home agencies. The
meeting adjourned until next Tuesday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, at the came
A Chat With tbe Head of the B.
ot I . E.
"P. M. Arthur and wife, Cleveland,
Ohio," was the first inscription made on
the register at the Nadeau yesterday, and
a Herald man who dropped into that
hostelry during the course of the even
ing, immediately recognized the name of
celebrated Chief of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers. A request for an
interview was at once granted, and the
scribe poon found himself shaking
hands with a white-haired, smiling gen
tleman of about 55 years of age. Mr.
Arthur ha 9 a sturdy look about him
from the ground up, and a good
deal of it has settled in his
countenance, which betokens a good
thinker and a man of resolution.
The scribe set the ball-a-rolling by ask
ing if it was true that the Brotherhood
was quite satisfied with the recent con
ference at San Francisco regarding the
Ryan trouble, whereupon Mr. Arthur
said: "Yes, we have the assurance of the
officials of the road that the grievances
will be remedied in the future, and I
have not the slightest fear of any more
trouble arising on that score. As to
whether Master Mechanic Ryan will con
tinue in the service, all I can say is that
ho probably will if he behaves himself,
bat if he does not, he will be called upon
t > make his position vacant for someone
who will. 80, on that score.no one need
bother any more, in fact, I may say that
everything is quiet all over the country.
There are no disturbances, and no signs
of so far as I know."
"I would like to know," said the Her
ald man, "what effect the outcome of the
Burlington strike has had on the
Brotherhood. Do you think they are
liable to tackle any other big system?"
"Let us get at the foundation of all
such troubles," said Mr. Arthur. "As
long as there is capital and labor, so
long will there be troubles between the
employers and the employed, and the
only good way to settle them is by arbi
tration. A strike is the worst way by
far, and the Brotherhood is as much
opposed to such measures as anyone.
But then what are they to do in a case
like that of ihe "Q." strike. They
simply asked that they be paid the
standard wages of the country, and the
romnany refused. Then the Brother
hood offered to arbitrate, but the Q.
people said 'There is nothing to arbi
trate,' so, as they forced us to it, we de
clared the strike which was only settled
the other day. That it was a disastrous
sffair for both sides tbe whole world
knows. It cost the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy somewhere between $2 000,-
COO and $5,000,000. and it cost the Broth
erhood about $500,000. What good has
the company gained by it? Have they
got better men or men who have guaran
■eed them that there will be no strike in
the near future? I think not. My idea
is whenever any difficulty occurs that
cannot be settled by a conference
between the railroad and the employees
to refer it to a board of arbitration com
posed of the managers of three roads
wbo are in no way interested in tbe dif
ficulty in question, and by this plan I
hope that we will avoid any more such
disastrous combats between capital and
labor as the one we have just experi
At the moment a reminder came from
Mis. Arthur that she was ready for din
ner, so bidding his interviewer good day,
tbe labor magnate at ence took his de
Tbe London Exhibit.
The following yesterday signed the pe
tition to the Legislature to appropriate
$250,000 for tbe exhibit in London: E.
Germain, President Los Angeles Board
of Trade; E. W. Jones, President Cham
ber of Commerce; Richardson, Kimball
& Co.; L. N. Breed, President Southern
California National Bank; Whittier,
Fuller & Co., E. Laventhal & Sons, Hell
man, Haas & Co., G. L. Mesnagertt Co.,
J. J. Melius, Barnett it Co., M. A. New
mark it Co., W. W. Montague & Co.
(per C. H. Dunton), S. W. Luitweiler,
Schoder, Johnston & Co., Jacoby Bros.,
Harrison & Dickson, Percival & Cham
bers, S. C. Foy, John H Coxe,
Latnbourn et Turner,Vache Frerea &Co.,
W. Liebes & Co., J. M. Tavlor & Co.,
Booty & Holmes, Phil Hirschfeld & Co.,
J. E. Plater, President Los Angeles
County Bank, W. C. Furrey, Lazarus &
Melzer, H. Jevno, E. E. Crandall it Co.,
Southern California Land Co., Julius L.
Ynreck, Perry Lumber & Mill Co.. per
M. Morgan, Northcrafts tt Ciark, Sunset
Transfer Co., per Jackfon, S. Cahen, B.
Sanders. Stern, Loeb & Co., J. W. Rob
inson, M. D. Chamberlin, Seymour &
Johnson Co., C. J. Shepherd, Los Ange
les Commercial Co., Hayden Lewis & Co.,
George \V. Cook & Co.. C. W. Gibson
Co., K. Cohn oc Co., Hawley, King &
Co., Maier & Zobeloin Co., Kerckhbff-
Cuzner Mill and Lumber Co., Baker
Iron Works per J. E. Sills, Hirsch Bros.,
Fred Yews, Rodriguez it Weil, Wilshire
Safe and Scale Co. per George A. John
ston, mauager, M. Levy it Co., Schles
inger it Gold waiter, AVinfield it Phillips,
A. H. Danker, Baldwin Carriage Co.,
H. W. Stoll & Co., R. G. Weyse, Capi
tol Milling Co., George T. Hanly & Co.,
Curtis, Patterson & Co., J. Sresovich tt
Co., J. H. Peck, Los Angeles Furniture
Dr. Sctorelber'e Farewell.
Last night at the Synagogue, Dr. E.
Schreiber delivered a farewell address of
great power of thought to his spiritual
charge. The learned Rabbi is about to
take his departure from Los Angeles for
Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been in
this city for about three years past, dur
ing which period he haa won the respect
and contiedence, not only of the people
of his own race and religion, but of all
shades of opinion. He is a most scholarly
person of profound thought, and very
earnest in his views.
Lights for tbe New Courthouse.
The Committee appointed by the
Board of Supervisors to examine the ap
plications for lighting the new Court
house, yesterday recommended the con
tract furnished by Messrs. Rhodes tt
Keeae. They are to supply 800 incan
descent lights to be distributed through
out the main halls and side rooms, and
the plant is to be in and in working or
der by the Ist of June.
Undelivered Telegrams.
The following are the telegrams re
maining at the Western Union telegraph
office, No. G Court street: W.A. Syme
2 Daniel Waide. Master Workman, Lodge
No. 5, A. O. U. W.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoriiv
Tbe Closlns; of tbe in. ft. l.rnvltt
To-day ia the last of Mr. M. B. Leavitt's
season with his great European novelties
at the Grand Opera House. There will
be a matinee at 2 and the final perform
ance in the evening. From this point he
goes directly to the Kast.
Tbe Eos Anarclcs.
Ben Cotton and Miss Idalene last night
at the Lob Angeles Theater, for the first
time in Los Angeles, produced the West
ern drama, Jessica. There is a great
deal of movement in the play, with many
sensational developments. It. is by all
odds the most spirited thing in the reper
toire of the Cottons.
At the matinee this afternoon the at
traction will be Wild Flower snd to
night Jessica again.
Tbe Urlkiners.
On Monday night Mr. Joseph Grismer
and Miss Phoebe Davies will open a sea
son of one week at the Grand. The ini
tial performance will be Clay Greene's
play Forgiven. The St. Louis Post-Dis
patch says of it: The story of Forgiven is
told so naturally and with such power of
pathos, combined with strength of dra
matic situation, that it appeals directly
to the heart. An a writer of romantic
plays Mr. Greene is a success. His
methods are direct, simple and natural.
Forgiven will be a long-continued success.
A Verdict of jlurder lv tbe Second
The Leivas case was concluded yester
day. The last testimony was placed be
fore the jury about the middle of the day
and the argument occupied all the after
noon. The case was given to the fury
late in the afternoon and it was not until
10 o'clock last night that a verdict was
returned. The jury found Leivas guilty
of murder in the second degree. The
day of sentence was fixed as the 23 i.
Leivas has a claim against the Walters
estate. He asserts that he is the illegiti
mate son of Walters, who left a large
property on Buena Vista street.
The great success of our clearance sale has
encouraged us to offer still greater bargains,
aud to include ln the general slaughter onr
eutirc stock of trimmings nnd laces.
For the next three days only, we oflar
A lot of ladles' real kid gloves, all sizes,
opera shades and white, regular price $1 and
$1.25, for 25 cents a pair.
A lot of best quahtv sateen and French
eoutllle finest graae C. P. corsets. Bold st S3,
for $2.25.
A lotol ladies' extra long, full fashioned,bal
brigzan hose, all sizes, at 13 ceuts a pair.
A lot of ladies undressed Sand 0-bulton kid
gloves 50 cents a pair.
A lot of ladles' French percale sets of collars
and cull's 10 cents a set.
A lot of 20, 25 and 35-cent colored metal
buttons at 15 cents a c»rd of 2 dczen.
A lot of ladies'silk mixed fancy hosiery for
25 cents a pair.
A lot of oc lored torchon edgings at 2 cents a
A lot of black, all silk, chantilla lace at 7
cents a yard.
A lot of all-wool Yak laces, handmade, 5
cents a yard.
A lot of large size pure linen fancy towels,
11 cents each.
A lot of good size huck towels 7 cents each
A lot of men's super stout British fashioned
socks, 12 cents a pair.
A lot of men's latest styles, all linen co'lars,
8J i cents each; you caa't buy themlessthan
20 cents elsewhere.
A lot of rilk tiusel mixed dress trimming, 9
A lot of boys' double bressted all-wool shirts,
79 cents each.
A lot of men's all-wool cassimere pants,
$2.19; in the clothing stores at $5.50.
A lot of men's iron clad pant, 09 cents each.
A lot of carpenters' aprous 11 cents each
A lot of children's embroidered sailor collars
9 cents each.
A lot of small tidies for nothing: all yon have
to do Is to ask for them, and 1,999 other bar
gains at Wineburgh's clearance sale, 1209 South
Spring street, between Third and Fourth.
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis,
Together with diseases of the
Successfully created by
M. Hilton Williams,
M. D.. M. CP. S. 0.,
dor, Soring and Second Bts., Los Angeles, Cal.
Nearly 100,000 Cases Treated.
All diseases of the respiratory organs treated
by the most improved medical inhalations and
the Compound Oxygen treatment, which have
such a world-wide reputation in lung and nerv
ous affections.
Los Angeles, Cal., November 14,1888.
This is to certify that I hid beeu aiilicted
with asthma and emphysima of the luugs for
about 24 years. My disease was contracted in
the army. I had tried almost every known
remedy, both here and in the East, but nothing
ever gave m< permanent relief until I had tried
Dr. Williams' Compound Oxygen aud other
remedies. It is only about one mouth since I
began the treatment and already I feel like an
other man. I was so bad that for days I could
scarcely breathe, but I do positively feel that I
am entirely enred. The difficulty of breathing
has been entirely removed, and I feel as well as
I ever did in every respect
Employe City Water Works,
256 Bellevue avenue, Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, November 10,1888.
It is a source of gratification to me to be able
to testify to the very satisfactory cure Dr. M,
Hilton Wi Hams has effected in my case with
his Compound Oxygen and other inhalations.
Alter suffering for several years with catarrh
of the head and throat, also bronchitis, whi"h
caused a very aggravating cough. I anplied to
Dr. Williams, who effected an entire cure in
just two mouths ftom the time I began the
treatment. I take pleasure in recommending
Or. Williams as a Christian gentleman sad a
conscientious aud skillful physician, wbofe
cures seem almost marvelous in cases of con
sumption, asthma, bronchitis and catarrh.
53 Sonth Olive street, Los Angeles, Cal,
I have seen so many cases of lnng diseases
cured that I do not consider any case hopeless
unless both lnugs are seriously involved. Even
then the inhalations aid us in dissolving the
mucus and ln contracting and healing the cav
ities, which nothing else can do with the same
The very best references from those already
cured. ■»
Those who desire to consult with me in ressret
to their cases had better call at my office' for
consultation and examination, but if impos
sible to do so, can write for a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a list of questions
Corner Second and sorir g sts., Los Angeles.
ja3 Cm
Absolutely Pure.
The powder never varies. A model of purity
and wholsomeness. More economical than the
ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in compe
tition with the multitudes of low test, short
weight, slum of phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans, Royal Basins Powder Co., 106 Wall
TILE CO.,San Francisco. Agents. d4-4m
MM! k tt,
50 North Spring St.
Men's faislii Goods.
Clearance Sale
Underwear, Sits,
: Hosiery, Neckwear, Glows,
Trawiinf Sib,
Collars and Cuffs, Etc., Etc.
Makes the Best Fitting Clothes
in the State at 25 per cent less
than any othsr Tailor on the
PaciGc Coast.
Suits made to f °io§i er $25
Pants made t Vrom b 6^?
203 Montgomery Street,
724 Market and 1110 & m Market St.
105, 107 and 109 Santa Clara Street,
49 and 51 South Soring Street, and
263 North Main Street,
1021 & 1023 Fonrth Street. SANKEGO.
The Managers of the Flower Festival Society
m preparing for their Festival of uext April
offer premiums as follows:
8 100 for the best display of Tropical Plants
SIOO for the best originsl design not here
tofore exhibited at any Festival in this city and
W5O for tho second bost design. Open to all
SIOO for the best kept booth and 850 for the
second best. Open to outside towns only.
They also ofTer 8100 for the best plan for
deoorating the Festival Hall, including the ar
rangement of booths: reserving the right to re
ject any or all plans.
All applications for floor space and intentions
to compete for premiums must be made knowu
to the committee before February 1.
All competing plans must be entered by
February 15.
Inquiry for particulars can be made by letter
to the committee, addressed to the Woman's
Home, 25 East Fourth street, Los Angeles.
Committee—Mrs. E P. Johnson, Mrs. C. W,
BlsKdeU, Mrs. Melville Dozier.
By order of the Committee.
d2OUO », _ M M FETTX, Rec. Seo.
Sole Agent for Los Angeles County for the following goods:
Belle of Bourbon Kentucky Whisky White Rock, Waukesha Mineral Waters an
Heidsieck Dry Monopolo Champagne Ginger Ales
Veuve Clicquot Champagne Nicholson's Liquid Bread
Genoveva, a natural German Mineral Water Downey Brandy, vintage of 1865
Louis Roederor Carte Blanche and Grand Yin Buffalo Lithia Water
Sec Champagne Clysmic Water
Der Siegerts Angostura Bitters Boueho Sec Champagne, pints, quarts aud half-
Val Blatz s celebrated Milwaukee Lager Beer pints
I carry a largo andjwell selected stock of Forctsrn aMrt >lomestlc liquors
especially adapted for family aud modleiual use. Tho following is a list of goods which
I call special attention to those engaged in the Liquor, Hotel or Drug Business, or to per
sons contemplating engaging in this business. I havo a large and well-selected stock,
and can offer liberal inducemeuts to close cash buyers. Call and inspect the stock and
obtain quotations before making purchases.
G. H. Mnmm, Pommery Sec, Perrier Jouet, Beef and Iron; Hop Bitters, Peruvian Bitters
Eclipse Duff Gordon Sherry, Oporto Port, Blackberry,
MINERAL WATERS — Apollinarls, Huny*di, . Gi s£"' *S pl „ c ' \\\\_\
; ;'Vlchy Frledrichshall, Ofuer Rakoczy, W 6^.^,1 ? °nt.E£:«3.
5 . falo Llthla, Seltzer Genoveva, Bartlett i"! T^^r t V,? M,^^ C * a
- Hnrinirs Clvamic Water Whitn Rnclr RAth. grands Imported Clarets, Burnotts & Boord's
Ul y sml ° water - Wnlto Kook Batn - old Tom Gin, Jamaica Hum, Scotch and Irish
eBUB "'hiskey, W. H. Mcßrayer, Belle of Nelson,
Vermouth, Absinthe, Benedictine, Curacoa, Hermitage, Hume and Cutter Whiskeys by the
Pousseeafe, Alcohol, Kerschwasser, Kummel, bottle, trallon or barrel; Duffy Malt Whiskey, O.
Cherry Cordial, Chartreuse, green and yellow, F. C. Taylor Whiskey in bottles. Gulnness's
Mtrlsebino, Angostura Bitters, Fernet Branca, Porter, Teunant's and Bass's Ale in pints and
etc., Ginger Ale, Hostetter's, Damiaua, Celery, quarts.
Those visiting this country are cordially invitod to call aud Inspect the stock of Pure
California Wines and. Brandy, which are put np in cases of 1 dozen Quarts
and 2 dozen Pints, ready for shinpiug to all parts of the East, which are nico presents for
the holidays. I make a specialty in this lino. My stock of Wines consists of the follow
ing brands:
Port, Angelica, Sherry, Muecatel, Zindfandel. Rieslinu, Hock, Burger, Blanc
Elben, Madeira, White Wine, Claret, Malaga, "Tousseau Port.
DURING THE HOLIDAV3 those living In the county nnd unable to call personally
and give their orders, by addressing all communications and orders to the undersigned,
they will recoive prompt attention, and be delivered by Wells, Fargo Sc Co.'s
.Express to your residence without extra charge,
Try tho H. J. W.;Bourbon,sl per Bottle, delivered by Express
or Messenger.
Address all orders to sj
Telephone No. 44. LOS ANGELES, CAL,
;al6 2m
• We arc established Bt all the principal orange growing districts. Including Los
Angeles, Rivera, San Gabriel, Pomona, Riverside, etc., and are prepared to bny
for Eastern shipment. Correspondence with growers solicited. Address 129U
West Firs: street, Los Augeles, or corner 6th and Pachappa avenue, Riverside.
Orange and Lemon Trees
We have large nurseries in Florida, and have budded a large quantity of ell
leading varieties of Orauce aud Lemon Trees. H '
Our stock is sne. healthy, and entirely free from pests.
We expect to buy the fruit when ready, hence It is to our interest to supply
only such trees as will produce desirable stock. Planters will do well to corres
pond with us at above address. We also carry a full line of general nursery stock.
W. K. STRONa & CO.
« JE WE L R YStore
Opp. Temple St. : : Lanfranco Block.
A full and complete stock of everything usually found in a
first-class jewelry store. Fine watch repairing a specialty.
Cabinet . Cabinet
fteftlWMc/ Pl,ot^ p " 8 '
Per Doz. — p er Doz .
Realizing the stringency of the money market, I have reduced the price of my
photos from FIVE to THREE DOLLARS per dozen. Having been ten years in
business in Chicago and three years in this city, I can guarantee a first-class photo
equal to.the very best made, and invite comparison with higher price work. French,
English and German spoken. J. T. BERTRAND, 413 N. Main Street, opposite Plaza.
d 30-lm
"VTliolesale Grrooers,
32, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles Street,
?el o e P^e N 7°75 8 . 4< . LOS ANGELES. CAL.
Wm. S. Allen,
32 AND 34 S. SPRING ST.,
One of the Oldest Houses iv the City, will sell you
Before stocktaking we are going to reduce our stock. Cash buyers have a picnic. jlstf
KALAMAZOO, MICH., Manufacturer of
Society Regalia, Costumes, Paraphernalia and Uniforms.
Tho Finest Goods in the Market.
Give us a trial and you will have no cause to regret having done so.
F. H. COY, Manager, 118 W. First St.. Eos Angeles.
P. O. BOX 3,191. d293mB|
Mad® JmlantUj

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