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Gossip About Flays and the
Joseph Grismer and Pbrebe Davies
at the Grand—Other Local
The Carleton Opera Company will be
here before long. It has been playing to
large houses at San Francisco.
The Boston Quintette Club will appear
at the Los Angeles Theater towards the
last part of the month for the benefit of
the Y. M. C. A.
It is said that Rubinstein wishes to
resign the direction of the St. Petersburg
Conservatory, and that either Tschaikow
sky or Solovieff will probably succeed
A concert will be given on February
Ist for the benefit of the Orphans' Home.
A new building has recently been erected
and funds are badly needed. It is ex
pected that the tickets will be sold in
large numbers.
Mr. Charles Coghlan adapts 'Mac
beth;" Mr. Kyrle Bellew adapts "An
tony and Cleopatra." Mrs. Langtry en
acts "Lady Macbeth ;" Mrs. Potter en
acts "Cleopatra." Poor Shakespeare!
What was Donnelly to this?
Lotta has definitely decided to retire
from the stage for at least two years after
the finish of the present season. She
has recovered the $100,000 she deposited
in St. Paul as part payment on her pur
chase of the Grand Opera House of that
Miss Clara Morris is recovering the
strength she lost two years ago and is
enjoying the best of health, now appear
ing regularly at every performance and
finishing it without the tedious stage
waits which at one time nearly destroyed
her popularity.
It is said that whon a Now York man
ager urged Mrs Langtry to give up the
idea of appearing as "Lady Macbeth,"
and argued that she would not be attrac
tive in that style of dress, she replied:
"Perhaps, dear boy, the part bas never
been correctly dressed."
The itch for writing continues to trouble
the theatrical profession. Miss Ander
son has an ingenuous article in the
"North American Review;" Mr. Edwin
Booth is preparing an account of his
career for the "Century;" Mine. Hading
is writing enthusiastically about herself
in the "Cosmopolitan," and Mrs. Cyn
thia Leonard—Lillian Russell's mother
—has published a book entitled "Pen
The Philharmonic Society, which has
now a wide-spread reputation, an
nounces that for its next concert a pro
gramme bas been drawn which will de
light every one. It has decided to admit
lady instrumentalists into its orchestra
division, and those who desire to join
should make application immediately to
Prof. A. Witthartitz, as the next concert
will take place toward the end of
Judith Gautier, the well-known French
novelist, a daughter of the celebrated
Thcophile Gautier and a personal friend
of Richard Wagner, has written the lib
retto for a one act comic opera, tbe hero
of which is no leas a personage than
—Beethoven. Tbe music to this libretto
haa been written by the Parisian com
poser, M. Benedictus, and the work will
be produced under the title of The Moon
light Sonata. "
The dramatic event of the season will
be the appearance of Madame Modjeska,
assisted by a competent company, under
the direction of Mr. Al. Hayman in a
grand revival of that most beautiful and
poetic work of Shakespeare's Cymbeline.
It is a rare good fortune to have such an
exponent of "Imogen," as Modjeska.
Her interpretation of the character has
met with the greatest success everywhere
and critics have pronounced her the
realization of Shakespeare's ideal hero
ine. She is now at the Baldwin Theater,
San Francisco, and will appear here
A New York physician says that if the
automatic opera-glass boxes are to be
come an established thing the most rig
orous precautions should be taken by
the managers of theatres using them to
prevent them from spreading eye dis
orders among their patrons. The glasses
should be framed in some material which
will not be injured by a bath, and after
each performance in the theatre every
glass should be thoroughly washed in
warm water containing some antiseptic
fluid. The automatic glasses will shortly
be in use in a Chicago theatre. You
drop a quarter in the slot and get your
To-night the favorites, Joseph Grismer
and rLucbe Davies, will commence a
week's engagement at the Grand Opera
House. They will present Clay Greene's
drama Forgiven, and on Wednesday and
the rest of the week The World Against
Her. Both plays as presented by these
artists are said to be very interesting.
The plots are attractive and the interest
of the audiences never flags until the end
is reached.
The Illinc Itluacum.
The usual new installment of novelties
and performers were seen at the Dime
Museum yesterday, and the customary
throngs of visitors were in attendance. In
the museum a very ingenious optical il
lusion is shy .vi), called Rhoda, the Hero
dian mystery, consisting of a girl's head
floating above that of the spectators with
no apparent support. A couple of per
forming sea lions bandied by Captain
Jessup, an old Arctic cruiser, aro also
much admired. The double-jointed girl,
Etta Clark, still continues to delight the
lady visitors with her cute ways, and sev
eral other attractions make the museum
department interesting.
IU.Ua Charlotte 'Intel Eacapei a
"It gave me such a shock!" said Miss
Charlotte Tittel, the actress, as she fin
ished telling au Examiner reporter about
her narrow escape from being shot. She
was going downtown with her mother in
a Castro-street car Monday evening about
8 o'clock, when between Beventh and
Eighth streets some kind of a missile
came whizziDg through the window an
inch or two above her head.
"My first thought was that somebody
had shot at us and would probably shoot
again, and my heart almost stopped beat
ing. The conductor told us that it was
probably some boys throwing stones: but
whatever the missile was, it made a clean,
round hole in the glass just about the
size of a bnllet. We heard it drop in the
car, but, of course,we couldn't see to find
it, and then we didn't like to attract
attention by getting up to look fir it."
"We think it was a bullet," said Miss
Tittel'e mother. "We were sitting on
tbe north side of the car, and it came
from that direction. If it had struck two
inches lower the result would probably
have been very serious."
"Do you think that the shot was in
tended for either of you?" '
"I hardly know. Ido not like to think
that any one's enmity to us could have
been carried to such an extreme; but I
know that I have a great man; enemies,
made such by the troubles over my prop
erty, and it is possible that some one of
these may have wanted revenge. The
more I think of it tbe more I am in
clined to believe that there was some
thing behind it more than mere acci
dent." —[8. F. Examiner.
Delivered by Rabbi Hhrelber to Hl*
Con err gut I on.
Rev. Dr. Shreiber delivered his fare
well sermon last Friday night before a
very large audience, at the Synagogue.
Tbe Doctor spoke on the "Duties of the
Modern Rabbi," taking for his text tbe
words of Balaam, who had blessed
Israel, although he was hired by the
King of Moab to curse them. Following
is a synopsis of tbe interesting sermon: I
In an age lika ours, which is swayed
by the most ardent desire after knowl
edge, when a world of thought and sen
timent, in which our fathers lived, is
taking leave of the children, the duties
of the Rabbi are different from what
they have been. Like tbe seer of Moab,
he has to look at Judaism from the "top
of tbe mountains," from a high and
broad standpoint, and not from a narrow
view. While he may encourage congre
gational divisions according to religious
differences, he should not lose sight of
Israel's mission as tbe banner-bearer
of ethical monotheism and cos
mopolitan humanity. This mission
was not concluded eighteen centuries
ago, nor is it closed in our days. We
cannot afford to lose our identity, to
recklessly surrender our historical con
tinuity and be absorbed by the followers
of the daughter religion of Judaism.
We most emphatically claim our mission
as representatives of a religion, whose
two daughters, Christianity and Islam,
are indebted to her for everything. But,
alas, the many absolete forms and cere
monies of Judaism are used as arguments
against our claim to be a missionary peo
ple. These reproaches must be
silenced by the modern Rabbis by
their efforts to break down the
ryclopean walls of Talmudism, and to
destroy the citadel of the Thalchan-
Arucb, behind which the Judaism of
the middle ages sought shelter, and
which even to-day threatens the kernel
of our religion to be lost amidst the rub
bish of a thousand now senseless usages,
wbich might have answered a purpose in
the Orient or in tbe Ghetto only. Then,
and then only, we too can exclaim with
Balaam: "There is no superstition in
Jacob and no witchcraft in Israel." But
this duty is a difficult one, and therefore
the lot of the reform Rabbi is not envia
ble. Tbe Rabbi, who values principles
higher than persons, performance of
duty higher than perfidious policy, who
would rather take up, with all he treas
ures near his heart, the pilgrim staff than
immolate at the altar of fleeting popular
ity, principles and character, in short,
the minister who pours his very heart
blood in his sacred calling bas a rocky
road to travel.
Reform Judaism ie like our good
'•warrior," it haa a principle in which it
lives. It cannot yet rest on its laurela.
Its great men, while at all times willing
to co-operate in all directions, where
principles were not at stake, preferred
rather to stand alone, than sacrifice their
very (spiritual life to the moloch of cheap
popularity , bought at the cost of man
hood and character. A charge brought
against Reform Judaism, is its aggres
siveness. This charge is true; but so is
the pioneer's work at first, liis sturdy
axe cuts down the mighty oak of a
thousand years; his reckless daring
blasts the rock—Nature's original fast-
nesa. And yet his destructive work ia
necessary. All great and beneficent
movements of human progress are
aggressive in their first stage. So did
the mission of Mo3es begin by aggres
sion, and his whole career, hia constant
attack upon the Heathenish propensities
of bis contemporaries was but typical of
the aggressive spirit that animated the
leaders of the Jewish Reform movement
from the times of Abraham Geiger,
my sainted teacher, to this very day.
While I would not dare to compare with
Moses, in some respects my work among
you was not quite unlike his. I have
found on my arrival here an orthodox
congregation. Every one of you know
that I have done my best to scatter the
seeds of enlightenment and progress
among you, not without a hard struggle.
How far I have succeeded is a question
for tbe future impartial Jewish historian
to decide. While my mission was neces
sarily destructive on the one hand, it
was also constructive. Through my per
sonal efforts the membership of the con
gregation has more than doubled, the
Sahbath school is in good working order,
I have been instrumental in starting the
Hebrew Ladies' Aid Society and the
Young Men's Hebrew Association. Hav
ing fought tbe battles and removed tbe
stumbling blocks, my successor will have
easier work.
In Thunder, Lightning, Hail or
Stoves and furniture promptly deliv
ered by Cass & Renshaw, 14 West Third
Mackey, the Millionare.
Call at No. 211 South Spring street, near
Third, nud see the immense stock oi California
curiosities. Flue watch and jewelry repairing
a specialty. Mackey & Co.
Elegant lunch 11 to 1, The Resort, 121 S.Main.
Crown Flour. Crown Flour.
Aak your grocer lor it. Always reliable.
Just What You Want.
Oas stoves, for heating and cooking, atS. M.
Ferry's 30 South Main street.
St. Louis Lead, Eastern Oil
And painters' supplies, at P. H. Mathews'.
Don't Pay $1.60 for Other Brands
When you can get the Crown for less.
Deafness—Noises In the Ears
Cured by Dr. Slocum, 320 South Main street.
The Best and Lightest Bread
Is'mude Jrom Crown Flour.
No Dyspepsia
When you use Crown Flour.
Everybody Uses Crown Flour.
Samples tree at grocers.
Theo. Rapp, Wood Engraver,
No. 10 Court street, room 0. Satlsfactloi
guaranteed. Reasonable prices.
California Butter.
Best giit-edgo roll at Seymour it Johnson Co.'s.
Elegant lunch 11 to 1, The Bosort, 121 S.Main.
Drifted Snow.
A superior California roller flour. Seymour
& Johuton Company.
Vlgnos <b McQrefor. 134 North Main street*
Children Cry for Pitcher's_Castoria.
Dollars Saved! Dollars Earned!
You can save money by buying your
clothing at the Plunder Store, 19 North
Main street. They have made immense
reductions in all their winter clothing.
Suits that were selling for $9.50 they have
reduced to $4 98. They are offering nice,
all-wool worsted suits for $5.98 that are
really worth $10.50. In men's and boys'
overcoats they have plunged tbe knife
deep into prices to make room for a
mammoth stock of spring goods which
they are getting manufactured especially
for the Los Angeles trade. The proprie
tors of the Plunder Store have a large
clothing factory in New York where they
manufacture all their own goods, which
they are placing on the Los Angeles
market at prices never before heard of.
We advise our readers to go to the
Plunder Store, 19 North Main street,
when wanting clothing at manufacturers'
"Brown, whose bams do you use?"
"I always buy the 'Lilly,' put up by the
Los Angeles Cold Storage Company."
"Why do you prefer the 'Lilly' hams?"
"Because they are sweeter, and are
smoked in this city. All hams not
branded tbe 'Lilly' are smoked either at
San Francisco or in the Eastern cities,
and you cannot tell how long they have
been smoked before shipping, and then
they are from ten to fifteen days on the
road; so you see they are quite ancient
by the time they reach Los Angeles,
while the 'Lilly' bams are put on tbe
market fresh every day."
Seattle Coal.
The Southern California Coal & Wood
Company are now discharging at San
gedro, ex ship "Halcyon," a cargo of
the above coal.
This is the finest domestic coal now in
the market. Special terms on carload
lots. For retail orders ring up tele
phone 315, or call at office of the compa
ny in basement of Bryson Block, corner
Spring and Second streets.
Elegant lunch 11 to 1, The Resort, 121 S.Main.
The "Lilly" hams and bacon are the
only meats smoked in Southern Califor
nia, therefore are fresher than any other
meats offered for sale on the market.
''We've Got Them on the I.lst."J
New and second-hand stoves at Cass &
Renshaw's furniture store, 14 West Third
The attention of readers desiring help
of any kind is directed to the card of J.
Vullet & Co., in another column.
California Cat-K-Cure.
The only guaranteed cure for catarrh, cold in
the head, hay fever, rose cold, catarrhal deaf
ness, and sore eyes. Restore toe sense of taste
and unpleasant breath, resulting from ca
tarrh. Easy and pleasant to use. Follow direc
tions and a cure is warranted, by all druggists.
Send for circular to ABIETINE MEDICAL
COMPANY, Oroville. Cal. Six months treat
ment $1; by mail, $1.10. For sale by C. H,
The proprietors of Home A Abel's White
Piue Balsam, would like to hear from any pur
chaser of their medicine who has not found
it to be the most efficient remedy for coughs,
colds, whooping cough, croup or any lung
difficulty that has ever been devised. Hemem
ber the name, Home & Abel's White Pine Bal
sam. For sale by all druggists. Price, 25 cents
and 31.
At Joe Pohelm's, the Tailor,
Commencing January 12th, I will make suits to
order st a genuine reduction ot 10 per cost. to
mv original price of 25 per cent, this reduc
tion to continue for sixty days only. 49 and
51 Sornh Spring street, 203 North Main Btreet.
Dr. Howard, Bryson-Bonebrake
Diseases of throat and lungs and of the ner
vous system suocsslully t-eated by the use of
oxygen inhalations, nitrogen-monoxide, ozone,
etc. Hours, 8-10, 2-5, 7-8. Telephone 1024.
Bryson-Bonebrake Block.
Dealers and Consumers of Beer
Will find it to their advantage to call on Phila
delphia Brewery, Aliso street, for the best lager
or steam-beer, good on draught for weeks at
lowest prices. Bottled lager $1.20 per doien, if
bottles returned. Delivered to any part of the
city. Telephone 91.
Mrs. Dr. Minnie Wells,
Has removed to 400 Fort street, corner Fifth.
Uterine aud rectal diseases a specialty; radical
change felt from first treatment. Examination
Two Brothers.
For a good bronkfast and fine coffee goto the
Two Brothers' Restaurant, No. 20 East Seoond
street. Meal ticket. 21 meals, $4.
Everybody Paints Their Floor
With Senour's floor pa<nt. It dries hard over
night. Six shades. For tale by J.M-Black
burn, 310 South Spring street.
Dr. Slocum, "Moro Castle."
Deafness, noises in the ears, discharges from
the ear, catarrh and throat diseases successfully
treated. Free consultation
Go to S. M. Perry's
For anything you want in the way of gas nx
tures, plumbing goods, etc. No. 30 South Main
St. Bath tubs made to order.
Gas Fixtures! Gas Fixtures!
The largest stock of gas fixtures in the city;
the most beautiful pa terns at S. M. Perry's,
No. 30 South Main street.
Notary Public and Commissioner
For New York aud Arizona, G. A, Dobinson
134 West Second street. Hollenbeck Block.
Gross-Eyes Straightened
Without the slightest danger by Dr. Slocun;
No. 320 South Main, "Moro Castle."
BARNETT & CO., the only exclusive whole
sale eigarand tohacco house in the city, corner
of Los Angeles and Commercial streets.
Good Health and Appetite
Always follow the continued use of Crown
Flour. _______
Asiatic Goods.
At JO>t for thirty days. Lee Kwan Sine, 20G
South Spring street. fld-lm
"Paint your bug<y for 81." at Mathews.
Hotel Arcadia, Santa Monica.
This popular seaside resort is now open.
J. W. Scott, Lessee.
D. C. Roberts,
"The City Optician," has removed to 18 South
8p Ing street. |
There Is No Place Like Home,
but what is home without Crown Flour.
Custom's Injuries.
Described by a Noted London Dentist
37 High Holbobn, London. W. C.
Gentlemen: I consider the bristle tooth brush
has to answer in no little measure for the re
ceding gums around the necks of the teeth so
constantly brought to our notice. After thor
oughly testing the
I have no hesitation In saying that WMj«uL>
uset it for one week will never go back to the old
brittle brush with its attendant miseries of Loose
lirittles and Constantly Wounded Cums.
Faithfully yours,
J. SHIPLEY SLIPPER, Dantal Surgeon.
Its Economy. Holder (Imperishable) 35
eeuts. Polishers only need be renewed, 18
(boxed) 85 cents. Dealers or mailed.
HORSEY Utlcat N. Y.
Undertakers and Embalmers,
Telephone 61. Day or Night.
Used by tbe United States Government. Endorsed by the heads oi tne ureat universities
and Public Food Analysts, as the Strongest, Purest and most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum.Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring
Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Almond, Rose, etc., do not contain Poisonous Ollsor
PHIOE BIKIHB PBWDRB'cn. New York. Chicago. St. Louis.
jgMil Dew Drop Sugar Con.
Dew Drop Early June Peas.
HW 1 Dew Dr °p Extra Sifte(l Peas -
BBBBa Dew Drop Pumpkin.
CQPr Dew Drop Siring Beans.
Above line of Canned Vegetables are without doubt the best put up in the
United States. A little higher in price, but sure to please the most particular
jaisim 38 and 40 North Spring Street.
Final Closing Sale!
Has decided to close out the remainder of the stock, which
is still complete, at half former prices, as the estate must be
settled by February ist.
Here is a chance for everybody to buy fine goods nearly
for nothing".
China Hand-Painted Dinner Sets, 107 pieces, at $17.50;
former price, $35.00.
Rochester Lamps : : : : : $2.00
utBm E. FRANK EL, Assignee.
_ZG Mo*j A "-*r v THE ONLY-I
1!8 BY MA.IU. Jp (/\\V cv r\z roi\
sw**cwuX,//X ATARRH
HAVE TOO A COLD IN THE HEAD which does not get better? Have you an excessive se
cretion of mucus matter in the nasal passages? Are yon troubled by hawking, spitting, weak
and inflamed eyes, frequent soreness of the throat, ringing or roaring ln the ears, more or less
impairment of the hearing, loss of smell, memory impaired, dullness or dizziness of the head,
dryness or heat of the nose? Have yon lost all sense of cm9ll? your breath foul? Ii so, yoi
have the Catarrh. Some have all these symptoms, others only a part.
California Cat-R-Cure
Restores the sense of taste and smell, removes bad tasto and unpleasant breath, resulting from
catarrh. Easy and pleasant to use. Follow directions and a cure Is warranted by all druggists.
CAPTAIN CHARLES L. DIHON, of New York City, formerly special agent of the Phcflnix
and Home Insurance Company at San Francisco, Cal., says: "I had been troubled with Chronic
Catarrh for twenty years. A friend in Woodland, Cal., recommended your California CAT-R
-CTJRB. I procured a jar. having but little faith ln its curative properties; but I must say, after
using three Jars, I am cured of that disgusting disease. Inclosed find $5, for which send me
California CAT-R-CURE for some friends, who are sufferers."
For Sale by C. 11. Hance, 77 ana 70 N. Spring- St.; F. w. Braun & Co.,
Wholesale Aarents. I.oh Aiiarcloa. Cal.
\\W^^mHTm^ S \ Those who have used iaer'aTe
\ S-M I" \ »aVv)UU fill giving satis faction, and a customer with Bron
/ "fl I L a I chitia says it is tbe only remedy that gives in
"^rrßr" »i=J?il St^ Dt ffl ll6^ 'i —SlBBI!LL * CoT1IB " Dr °BS lBt< '
c? F Hqvp" * * fne Pleasure to Inform you
\~\ _\\ '>-'J r i\_> Ii aY C that your preparations are meeting
t=Ps\\o \t% with large sales. *•*•*•* We hear
IKi Nothing but praise SMS 7 _fs
3 /J them."—Naacawen & Co., Druggists, Visalia,
v ' :^^^^S^g^^g H-F-" The.t It will accomplish the end desired In all
ti%\\\\\_r\\\_\\_\_. t- I fll, affections of the Throat and Lungs and you not
SgsSsrTpW v, V\ rr r?n it w ; I j only Will not be without it yourself,
IK Tl l(v\ll \iW "111 but will recommend it to others, aa
w ___\f_\J__\ [v 11 lIVj \J}- = ___i_Zdt-^' >* thousands have done who have tried everything
\t„ 7<7?lsF£s§£fEj£i else iv vain, money is no object where health it
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'W<4 V 'M| Jr * \ purchafe a remedy that will stand between yo»
f V ft\ - r_t_ (| and one of the most dreaded of human ills.
(Qbf?£S/iySTHMv\JIU|#iT-'o| i sprej , areQon iy b y tBO abietine medicai
\jy rTS< _ <5 '-<cti CO., Oroville, California.
"•Til QJ-'^.rTWRHftl Mr-Circulars sent free, containing detailed
'l^^- 5 V ,A f*l ( .pir\fTfr description.
•S.«_ o j,recn„i d r f 4, l ,Kti!toa a - SANTA A.ELE
For Sale by C. H. HANCE, 77 and 79 North Spring Street
F. W. BRAUN & CO.,
of California, County of Loa Angeleß, sr.—
Iv the"mutter of the Estate of Robert A. Heff
ner, deceased —Notice lor publication of time
for proving will, eto. - ,
Notice is hereby given that Thursday, the
24th day of January, 1889, at 10 o'clock a. h.
of said day, at the court room of tdis Court,
Department Two thereof, in the Jones Block,
City of Lot Angeles, County of Los Angeles, and
State of California, has been appointed as the
time and place for hearing the application of
Flora Heffoer, praying that a documeut now ou
file in this Court, purporting to be the last Will
and Testament of the said deceased, be ad
mitted to probate, and that letters testamentary
be issued thereon to said Flora Heffner, at
which time snd place all persons interested
therein may appear and contest the same.
Dated January 11,1889.
C. H. DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
jal2lot By M. J. Ashmobb, Deputy-
fornia, County of Los Augeles, ss., in the
matter of the estate of X H. Prewitt, deeeasea.
Notice for publication of time for proving
will, etc.:—Notice is hereby given that Satur
day, the 20th day of January, 1889. at 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, at the courtroom of
tbis Court. Department Two thoreof, in the
Abstract building, on Franklin street. City
of Los Angeles County of Les Angeles, and
State of Callfornio, hsi beeu appointed as
the time and place for hearing the appli
cation of Mrs. Lizzie " Prewitt, praying
that a document now on file in this Court, pur-
? or ting to be the last will and testament of R.H
rewltt, deceased, be admitted to probate, and
that letters testamentary be Issued thereon to the
said Lizzie H. Prewitt, at which time and plaoe
all persons interested therein may appear and
contest the same.
Dated January 15, 1889.
O. H. DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
ja!6 lOt By M. J. Ashkobb, Deputy.
The Real Estate Broker, lg
Has cons into his rew office, Booms 3 and 4,
Corner of Fort and First Stn„
Where he can be found by his many friends,
or by parties haying business with him.
Large and Small Tracts of Land
Which it will be to the Interest of capitslists
to investigate before purchasing.
jalO lm
Los Angeles and San Diego
Northwest corner First and Fort
(Board of Trade Building).
Hare for Sale-
Alfalfa Lands, Fruit Farms, Stock Farms ana
Hundreds of Choice Swelling Houses and
slave for Rent—
A long list of houses ln every part of the city.
Have for Loan
Honey ln turns to suit.
14tf Secretary.
Man Bore Restaurant,
129 & 131 W. FIRST ST.
"V. DOL, : : Proprietor.
Restaurant and Oyster Parlors,
41 and 43 Norm Main Street.
tmW~ PRIVATE ROOMS upstairs for ladles
and families, where meals will be served ln too
best style.
jaietf JERRY ILLICH, Proprietor.
And Bakery,
Seat "White Service,
Milk, Rye, Graham and Boston Brown Bread.
Also the finest Assortment of Cakes, Pies, etc.
storage aud Commission.
X. 6. Wbtsb, Proprietor.
General merchandise Warehouse.
Btobass, Commission and Inbubancb.
Agents for all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments. Wholesale and retail dealer, ln Im
ported and Domestic Wines, Brandies and
Whiskies. 634 to 666 Alameda street.
Soring; and Farm Wagons
48 AND SO N. Los Angeles St.,
Los ANBBLBS, Cal. ] Ml
—co to—
Thb Fabm Implemknt Dbalib.
44 to 4B N. Lns Angelas st.. Los Angelas,
Clothing and Furnishing; Goods.
lO to 20 per cent. Discount.
Everything for All.
At 19 South Spring; Street.
Re-opened at
877 North .tin In Street,
Under the name of "THE GREEN FRONT,
where can be found a full line of
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Etc. at bottom prices. d 9 lm
Furniture and Carpets.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln
At Lowest Possible Bates.
914, Hl« and 818 South Spring St.,
jfi-tf Bet. Third and Vm rtn Bts,
And every description of Paper,
Lob Anseles, Cal.
1 Warehouse: 104 and 106 New High street.
jas lm
Druggist and Chemist,
No. 128 N. Haln St., Los Angeles, Cal.
1 Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
s night. d2ltf
I The Great English Remedy.
Free from mercury; contains only pure
Vegetable Ingredients. Agents, LANGLEY *
MICHAELS. San Francisco. ■•Tklrlj

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