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DeVelopments Regarding the
Piillman Deal.
What the Excursion Men Say
About the Change —An
Eastern Deal.
The seizure of the second-clans tourist
business over the Santa Fe, by the Pull
man Company, which was first an
nounced in these columns, is still the
talk of the hour in railroad circles, and
a number of other developments were
brought to light yesterday. Heretofore
the Atchison paid the Pullman Com
pany three cents per mile and defrayed
the cost of repairs. Under the new ar
rangement it sellß its half interest in the
rolling stock to the Pullman Company
for $660,000 and the rate is established
at two cents per mile, the Pullman Com
pany paying for repairs. The contract has
been made for twenty-five years, com
mencing on the Ist of February, 1889,
but no order has yet been issued as to
the date on which the new system will
go into effect, although it may be ex
pected at any moment. There are many
who think that the capturing of the
California excursion business by Pull
man will not be of benefit to Southern
California. It is given out that Messrs.
Phillips brought 5,800 people into this
district over the Santa Fe last year, and
Messrs. Warner Bros, nearly as many
more, this being the result of the can
vassing done by those agencies in the
Eastern cities. They had traveling men
all through the Atlantic States working
to get passengers for Southern
California, and whenever one was
obtained he was sent here over the
Santa Fe. Now, the question is, will the
Pullman Company adopt the same
policy? If they make the same ar
rangements with the other transconti
nental roads that they have with the
Santa Fe, the Atchison will certainly
suffer by the new deal, for Pullman will
then send his business in equal propor
tions over all the roads, according as the
tourists may desire. Then, again, many
think that the Pullman people will not
take the same interest in drumming up
business, but will simply let business
run in its ordinary channel. It certainly
does seem as if this will be about the
way things will go, for as the commission
business will be abolished, the incentives
which urged on Messrs. Phillips, Warner
and the other agencies will also disap
pear. For the railroads it is of
course a good thing, tor they will not
have to pay out several thousand dollars
a year for fees, and what the Santa Fe
may lose in the way oi business the
other lines will gain. It has not yet
been settled by Messrs. Phillips and
Warner if they will go out of the busi
ness, for they may still make arrange
ments with one of the other roads, but
there is no denying that their best op
portunities have departed. The way it
is generally understood in which Pullman
will run the second-class business is
this: The second-class or emigrant cars
will be fitted up with mattresses, blan
kets, etc., and one at least in cvarge of a
farter attached to each overland train,
or those desiring to avail themselves of
the additional accommodations a fee of
60 cents will be charged, which will in
clude everything. This give rise to
another important question. As the
first-class business is operated by Pull
man it will be to his interest to send
everything possible in that channel, for
his fees in that way are four times those
charged for second-class passengers.
The excursion agents have acted on ex
actly a different policy. They have tried
to attract the first-class to the second
class business, and with this end in view
have fitted up their leased cars with ac
commodations nearly equal to those en
joyed by first-class tourists. Here again
the change will redound to the interests
of the railroads, for hitherto about 80
per cent of the California travel has been
second-class, whereas if the accommoda
tions pull off the per centage, first
class will pull up; and as a ticket to the
Missouri River is relatively $60 and $35,
the profits will be considerably higher.
The excursion men are very much in
censed that Pullman, who has made
about $25,000,000 out of tbe first-class
business, should gobble up the second
class traffic so as to make a few thou
sands more, but this is an argument
which in the financial world is not con
sidered logical.
District Superintendent W. B. Elwood,
of the Pullman establishment in this ter
ritory, yesterday received official notifi
cation of another big haul made by his
company. Hitherto Pullman haß bad
two formidable competitors back East in
the shape of the Woodruff Car Company
and the Mann Boudoir Company,
which, combined, operated over
about 9,000 miles of road south
of the Ohio river. Mr. Pullman has
bought them out, and under the
title of the Union Palace Car Company
will in future operate them from his
headquarters at Chicago. A circular an
nounces that the officers in the Pull
man service will also manage the affairs
of tbe new adjunct, the following form
ing the directory: Geo. W. Pullman,
President; Jno. S. Runnels, General
Counsel; Stephen Little, Auditor; Geo.
M. Gray, General Traffic Agent; J. F.
Trout, Commissioner; S. W. Bret-field,
Purchasing Agent.
Arrangement* for Building About
35U miles.
About three miles of tracklayiog has
been done on the Cuyamaca road, end
there is enongh steel on hand to put
down thirty-five miles. It is stated that
the company has ordered 20,000 tons in
all, or enough for about 350 miles of road
and of this, about 2,000 tons have been
brought in by the Santa Fe. The rest
is coming around Cape Horn, as it can
be freighted that way for $6 or $7 a ton,
whereas the best the railroads can do is
$10 a ton. Application has been made to
General Manager McCool to rent
some cars and other rolling-stock from
the company, but no arrangement has
yet been made.
An Italian Seriously Wounded by
• a Countryman.
An Italian by the name of Peter Ane
sem was brought to the County Jail yes
terday from Santa Monica, charged with
having committed an assault to murder.
He was promptly put to bed in tbe jail
hospital, as there was a deep cut in his
arm, several wounds about his head, and
bis body was covered with bruises. His
own account of the affair is that he went
hunting Tuesday morning with a shot
gun, in a cation near the city, and
stopped on his way at the tent of another
Italian, who was a fisherman. After
talking over business matters, they be
gan to drink wise. After they took sev
eral drinks Anesem lost consciousness
of what was going on. The next morn
ing, yesterday, he found himself lying in
a field near the place of the debauch,
wounded and badly pounded up. He
was arrested on his appearance in town,
and sent to Los Angeles for safe keeping.
Whatever assaulting was done, Anesem
appears to have come in for a good
Orange Trains to Race Across the
The special orange train which left the
city last night over the Southern and
and Union Pacific Railroads is the first
of the season from Southern California,
and will therefore be watched with inter
est. It consisted of fourteen cars, des
tined mostly for Missouri river points,
although a few bookings have been made
for Chicago, and the train is known as
the "Strong special," nearly all of the
cms having been chartered by Messrs.
W. Strong & Co., of Sacramento. To
day a special will leave over the Santa
Fe, and as this line is going to make a
big fight with the Southern Pacific for
the handling of the orange crop this
year, some lively competition may be
expected. It will not be regarding rates,
however, owing to the ironclad agree
ment entered into by all the transconti
nental roads, but will be a question of
speed. Although the Southern Pacific
train will have one day's start, the Santa
Fe people say that their train will get
East two days ahead; and, on the other
side, the Southern Pacific people say it
is more likely to be two days behind.
Anyway, there is going to be a lively
race across the continent; and, as both
trains will run as "cannon-balls,"_ some
good running time may be anticipated.
It is announced that the Texas and Pa
cific will send out a special on Saturday,
and the Santa Fe people say that they
will hereafter run specials at the rate of
three a week until the crop gives out.
Denver and fori Worth Agents In
A conference will be held to-day in
town between the Denver, Texas and Fort
Worth officials, Mr. George Ady, general
passenger agent of the system, being due
here from Denver, while Mr. J. iHglef,
the coast agent for the company, will be
down 'rom the North. Mr. Ady comes
out here to settle up the matters brought
under discussion during the recent visit
of General Manager Meek, and it is pos
sible that a sub-agency or two will be
made. The Santa Fe is now under
the new traffic arrangement made
with the Denver Road carrying its
freight from New Orleans to San
Francisco, thus actually carrying com
petitive business on the Southern Pacific
through line between both terminals.
The Santa Fe does not, of course, bring
the Fort Worth road's business out ot'
Denver, as it has itself a line from that
place. It is now understood that the
traffic arrangement between the Sauta
Fe and Southern Pacific by which tho
Atchison's freight is to be hauled into
San Francisco does not bar the Santa Fe
out of the Louisiana business, but sim
ply out of that around Deming and El '
Depot Jottlnga *
A. Phillips & Co.'s excursion will leave
for the East to-night.
Mr. F. H. McCormick, General Agent
for the Rock Island in San Francisco, is
in town.
Mr. A. P. Phillips, the excursion
manager, returned yesterday from San
Col. Mike Welch, Jr., of the Texas
and Pacific road, returned to town on
yesterday morning's train.
A carload of cabbages was yesterday
shipped from this city to Spokane Falls
over the Southern Pacific.
Mr. W. B. Jones, General Superin
tendent of tbe Prescott and Arizona
Central railroad, is in the city.
Mr. J. W. Adams, of the Chicago and
Alton and Mr. Amos Burr, of the Van
derbilt system, will go to San Francisco
this morning.
Mr. H. C. Whitehead, auditor of the
California Central and California South
ern Railroads, has returned from his
trip to the East.
Mr. Harry Butterfield, the handsome
traveling passenger agent for the Santa
Fe, returned yesterday from a trip in the
lower country.
A number of Raymond & Whitcomb
excursionists, who have been so-journing
at the Raymond, will take a trip to San
Francisco this morning.
Mr. L. M. Walters, who handles the
excursion business for the Chicago and
Alton road, will go to San Francisco to
day, and then on to Chicago.
Tne meeting 'Up North.
Mr. C. F. Smear, Assistant Freight
and Passenger Agent for the Southern
Pacific, returned to town on yesterday
morning's train, being twelve hours be
hind Generai Manager Dan McCool and
Freight and Paeseneer Agent H. B. Wil
kins, of the Santa F<s, who arrived on No.
19 the night previous. When questioned
as to the nature of the conference in San
Francisco Mr. Wilkins said that it was
of no importance to the general public,
being one of those periodical meetings
rendered necessary by the exigencies of
local traffic. It is an understood thing
now in railroad circles that all rate
competition is over as regards the roads,
for by virtue of what is known as
the "gentlemen's agreement," viz., that
racentiy made back East, the tracsoonti
uental lines are to adhere rigidly to local
as well as through tariff rates. It was,
therefore, with the object cf adjusting the
local business under this new arrange
ment that tbe convention was called.
California Cat-K-Cure.
The only guaranteed cure for catarrh, cold In
the head, hay fever, rose cold, catarrhal deaf
ness and sore eyes. Restore the sense of taste
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tarrh. Easy and pleasant to use. Follow direc
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Send for circular to ABIETINE MEDICAL
COMPANY, Oroville, Cal. Six mouths treat
ment $1; oy mail, $1.10. For sale by C. H.
Hance. ,
Have Selected Our » ity.
The Manufacturers' Accident Indent nity Com
pany of the United States have established
their agency for the Pacific Coast in onr city,
having headquarters in the California Bank
Building. Mr. F. S. Case has charge of the
business on the Coast. We congratulate the
company on securing the services nf so able a
manager, and bespeak for this sterling compa
ny a large business.
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E. Adam's, the Clothier,
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Our 75c. whit? shirt is the best.
Onr 75c. white shirt is the best.
Onr 75c. white shirt Is the best.
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Be is Committed to Prison Without
The trouble in which Joseph Kolb
finds himself on account of his alleged
cruelty to his children promises to be
very serious for him. When he was
taken into court yesterday morning he
pleaded guilty to the charge of cruelty to
his children. Justice Austin, desiring to
know something of the nature of his
cruelty before sentencing him, set the
case for 4 o'clock, when some witnesses
were expected to be present. At tbe ap
pointed hour several of the neighbors
were present. Mrs. Sample, who lives
in the adjoining half of the house, told
how sick the little boy was on Tuesday
last, and how she and other
neighbors had advised that it be
put to bed and given good care. On
Thursday the child was put to bed,
and from that time on to its death the
father beat it frequently. On Friday
night she heard the father curse the
child and beat it. At one time she
beard the little boy fall, as if he had
tumbled out of bed. Then she heard
the father curse the boy, and immediate
ly after she heard a thud and the man
say, "Lie down, then, you brat!" A
few moments later she heard the boy
being struck, and his threat was so
choked that he could not cry aloud, and
only made a wheezing sound. About
noon on Saturday she heard the father
again swear at the boy and strike him.
Later on she was called into tbe house,
and she witnessed the dying agonies
of the child until she could stand it no
longer. She then went out into the
yard, and in a few minutes she was told
the boy was dead.
Other neighbors also testified to the
whipping of the boy by the father, and
Justice. Austin, at the conclusion, said
that the testimony tended to show that a
crime of a much more serious nature
than cruelty to children had been com
mitted, and he advised the District At
torney to look into the matter and draw
another complaint.
The District Attorney said that a
charge of murder would probably be pre
ferred, and Justice Austin committed
the defendant without bail, and set the
case for 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Coroner Meredith will disinter the re
mains of the boy this morning and the
body will be examined by physicians.
A mass meeting; to be Held on the
The American Federation of Labor has
issued a circular advocating the calling
of mass meetings for the purpose of ulti
mately making a success of the eight
hour movement. The circular states
that the movement to limit the hours of
labor to eight per day has for its purpose
the improvement in the material and
social condition of tbe laboring men. It
says that so long as there are two work
men looking for one employer wages and
the condition of laboring men will bend
downward, and it requires very little
thought to perceive that when the hours
of labor are reduced in any trade or call
ing, wages increase and employment
becomes less fluctuating. The Con
vention of the American Federation of
Labor has most appropriately set
apart four days upon which the working
people of the entire country are called
upon to hold eight hour mass meetings
in every city and town. These days are
February 22d, July 4th, September 2d,
1889, and February 22, 1890. It is ex
pected that at the appointed time, May
Ist, the eight hour rule will go into effect
A mass meeting will be called in Los
Angeles for the 22d instaat, but the place
has not yet been selected. It will be
announced as soon as decided upon.
Steamer Departures.
The City of Pueblo sailed north yester
day with the following passengers:
San FrancisDO—Miss M. E. Cleary,
Miss L. McKerness, Lena Armstrong,
Miss Lizzie Hayden, Miss Flora Morri
son, Robert Shepherd, John Shepherd,
Charles Dennie. S. A. Wood and wife,
Geo. Vogol, Geo. L. Munroe, Gus Johns,
Miss Nettie Brown, Miss N. McGovern,
W. F. Hallett, A. J. Humphreys, C. H.
Simkins, Chas. Herwig, Wm. Pennie,
John Gee, F. M. Kesch and wife, B.
Sprinz, J. G. Lake, W. J. Ohappelka, C.
E. Sherwin and wife, E. L. Aldrich and
wife, R. Sutherland, J. L. Bargdol, C. E.
Denel, F. W. Paige, O. B. Hinklev, W.
S. Paige, E. E. McCullough, John Molt
zki, Jos. Prill, G. E. Day, Miss A. E.
Piper, Miss L. A. Piper, J. A. Strout, C.
Borrough, N. A. Wheeler. R. J. William
son, T. C. Tiliingherst, Wilson Howe, F.
Hall, D. S. McDonald, F. M. Cornell, E.
Leist, N. Home, F. C. Walker, S. C.
Mayers, A. J. Fogel, E. J. Tully, H.
Finson, B. L. Lackore, and twenty-two
in the steerage.
For San Luis Obißpo—Mrs. Robert Mc-
Lellan, Miss Alice Coburn, H. H. Adler,
Miss E. D. Snyder, Mrs. E. R. Robi
nette, E. N. Carr, W. W. Ward.
For Santa Barbara—B. H. Upham.
Suffrage .fleeting.
At the Cottage Suffrage meeting on
February 5, 1889, a member spoke con
cerning a letter received from a Legisla
tor in regard to the Municipal Suffrage
bill now pending. Some Legislators fear
it was said to favor its passage lest
women vote with an unpopular party.
The most enjoyable and instructive
feature of the meeting was an original
essay by Mrs. Alice McComus. It had
many good words for woman suffrage,
though itsßubject was "Woman's Work;
what it comprehends." At the close of
the reading of this essay tho President
desired criticism. Nearly all expressed
themselves so well pleased as to be un
able to furnish any.
Hare Exonerated,
Wm. J. Hare, who was arrested three
days ago at Santa Monica on the charge
of having assaulted Mrs. Stoddard and
attempted robbery at her home, was
allowed to go freo yesterday after having
spent several days in jail. Several other
men were arrested on the same charge,
and Mrs. Stoddard tried to identify them,
bur was finally unable to make up her
mind which of them was the guilty
party. She was quite sure, however,that
it was not Hare.
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Free Excursion.
Our excursion will leave for the East
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Fe route, as usual.
A Phillip & Co.,
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They also offer 0100 for the best plan for
decorating the Festival Ball, including the ar
rangement of booths: reserving the right to re
ject any or all plans.
All applications for floor space and intentions
to compete for premiums must be made known
to the committee before Febrnary 1.
All competing plans must be entered by
Febrnary 15.
Inquiry for particulars can be made by letter
to the committee, addressed to the Woman's
Home, 25 East fourth Btreet, Los Angeles.
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At times many of the symptoms of Catarrh
may seem to abate, and the patient is led to
hope that the dlseas? Is about to wear off: hut
another class of symptoms soon appear, and he
learns to his horror that instead of recovery
from the diseise It is somewhat changed in its
character and has extended to tbe throat. A
sense of weariness is sometimes felt In read
ing, speaking or sinning, hoarseness at times
occurs, a >ensation of dryness Is sometimes 'elt
In the throat, or It appears that some foreign
substance, as, for Instance, a hair, obstructed
the throat; there becomes a sense of languor
and fatigue, the breath lessens upon a little
exertion, a short, hacking cough, a peculiar
sound In clearlngthe throat, a feeling as though
there whs not room enough iv the chest to
breathe; these and other symptoms occur after
the disease has made considerable progress
Then it Is a time when consumption is about to
begin its dreadful work. Up to this point the
progress of the disease may have been slow, and
the patient may in expressing bis confident
hope that It will ' wear oil'," declare that he has
had the catarrh for years and has not seemed to
become muoh worse, and trusts he will "by
and hy" recover. But this delusion is the
grand error which has peopled our cemeteries
with consumptive forms, as all forms of
catarrh end finally in consumption.
Inhalations are applicable in sll diseases of
the respiratory organs, but must be prepared
for eacli individual case as taey teverally re
By the employment of proper inhalation In
the form of medicated vapor (not steam or
spray) we are able to produce Immediate and
direct action upon the diseased surface in the
pharynx and nasal passages.'foralr will And Its
way into the most remote and intricate cavities,
where it is impossible to make fluid appllca
tlons. By these m ans every case can be cured
Persons desiring treatment by this system nf
practice can use the remedies nt home as well
as at our oflice, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance to business whatever.
I have seen so many of the.c cases cured that
I do not consider any case hopeless unless both
lungs are seriously involved. Even then
the inhalations aid us in dissolving the
mucus and in contracting and healing the cav
ities, which nothing else caa do with the same
The very best references from those already
Those who desire to consult with me In regard
to their cases had bettor call at my office for
consultation and examination, but If impos
sible to do so, can write for a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a list of questions
Corner Second snd Spring sts., Los Angeles.
Oflice hours, from 9 a. m. to* p. St.
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OXTg-en Is widely known for Its life-giving
and vitalizing power; and inhalations of this
potent agent in its various forms, oxygeH*
ga.u nitrogen-monoxide, peroxide
of hydrogen, ozone, etc.,combined with
medicated inhalations and specific internal rem
edies, constitute a treatment that is unrivaled
In its effects.
A Leading New York Physician,
In speaklngof the use of the mixed gasses, says a
few weeks' treatment will usually be followed by
"increased activity of the digestive, assimilative
and excretory functions; hence follows relief
of chronic conefiurid'on and return of normal
appetite; dyspneca from any cause may be re
lieved, severe asthma not excepted, the treat
ment proving almost a specific; softening and
•sorption uf morbid deposits of every char
ter, whether lymphous. tuberculous or can
cerous; habitual headaches and neuralgias of
almost every form, even chronic sciatica, cured
or materially alleviated; marked increase In
the breathing capacity; progressive 'toning-up'
of the muscular and netvous systems; restora
tion of voice in some cases of nervous aphonia
and lost vocal power; removal of inveterate in
somnia; invigoration of impaired or declining
virile power, and, in a word, increased mental
and physical vigor. Nor are these results
merely temporary, as from stimulation. They
are essentially permanent and substantial."
Hourß—lo to 12, 2 to 5, 7 to 8.
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