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Dreadful Sufferings of a
Schooner's Crew.
Cowardice of the Captain of a Life-
Saving Station—A Curious Co
incidence of Death.
lAssoe-lated Press Dispatches to the Hkbald.l
New York, February 0. —The schooner
James E. Kelsey, Captain J. Wheatton,
Jr., arrived in this port from Wilming
ton, N. C, having on board the second
mate, John Christman, and two seamen,
the sole survivors of the crew of the
schooner Allie R. Chester, hailing from
New York, which had become disabled
during a gale encountered on a trip from
Charleston to Barron Island with phos
phates, and struck on the outer edge of
the Diamond Reef, fifteen miles south
east of Cape Hatteras, January 20th.
Captain Ingersoll of the Chester, First
to ate Weels, the cook and two seamen
were drowned. The survivors were forty
seven hours lashed to a stump of
the mizzen mast before they were
discovered by Captain Wheatton of
the schooner Kelsey. Their rescue was
accomplished with great difficulty.
Twenty-four hours before they were res
cued they sighted a life-boat putting out
from shore toward them, but it returned
without coming near. Captain Daly, of
the life-saving station, claims that he
put out toward the wreck, but, seeing no
signs of life on board, returned, not car
ing to risk his beat and crew for nothing.
Daly has since resigned, however. A
coincidence in connection with this story
is the fact that it was discovered to-day
that at the very time when Captain In
gersoll was spending his last moments
lashed to the rigging of his vessel, his
wife was dying of consumption at Wood
munkville, N. J.
The Terrible Experience of Two 1
Deserting Sailors.
New York, February 6.—The Fall
River steamer, Old Colony, to-day
brought in a sailor named Leander Kal- '
doon_. badly frozen, and the corpse of '
anotber man, whom Kaldoon knew only
as "Bill." Kaldoon says he sailed from I
New York on the morning of the 4th on
the schooner J. F. Kearnes, Captain
McDonald, for South Africa. Before
sailing, and after the voyage began, the \
crew were treated most atrociously by j
the captain and mate, and resolved to
make a raft from some planking and logs
on deck and desert at night. Finding
they could not make a raft large enough 1
to hold all four of the sailors they drew '
lots to see which two should escape. £
Kaldoon and "Bill" won the prize and
launched the raft at 11 o'clock last night.
They expected to make shore, but the
wind shifted and carried them out in the
middle of the Sound. A heavy sleet
storm prevailed, and they were washed
overboard. At 8:30 o'clock this morn- !
ing the Old Colony picked them up. j
Restoratives were used, and the half- ;
frozen men were rolled in hot blankets
and rubbed. "Bill" was beyond human .
aid. He gasped a few times and then '
died. Kaldoon is getting along well.
Captain Hammond says the men wore ,
encased in ice when rescued, and he had
no idea of saving the lives of either of
A Terrible Scene Made t»r a Lover
at tne Jlorsue.
Chicago, February 6. —This morning
at the Hotel Cortland a man named W.
S. Bradley shot and killed his wife, then
suicided. Both parties are well con
nected. Bradley was a nephew of W.
H. Bradley, clerk of the Federal Court.
Mrs. I.rail ley's maiden name was Wat
kins, and, it'is said, is related to Hon.
Henry Watterson. Both were employed
as renorters nn a mornins; paper. Mrs.
Bradley is given an excellent reputation,
but her husband was a black sheep.
He got out of the penitentiary
a few months ago, where he
served a sentence for embezzlement.
Ever since he has been insanely jealous,
particularly of Frederick Mann, of H. V.
Mann & Co., linen drapers, who, while
Bradley was in the penitentiary, was in
the habit of escorting her when fulfilling
night assignments. He was evidently
very much in love with her, for when
the news of her death became known he
went to the morgue and made a scene,
repeatedly kissing *he cold and bloody
lips of the dead woman, and heaping
imprecations on the head of her dead
A tiiund Union Depot.
Denver, Col., February 6. —An im
portant meeting of tbe Presidents and
General Managers of the lines running
into Pueblo, was held this afternoon in
this city. The representatives were Gen
eral Manager C. F. Meek, of the Fort
Worth; General Manager S. T. Smith, of
the Rio Grande; President R. R. Cable,
of the Rock Island; Vice-President
Clark, of the Missouri Pacific, and Gen
eral Alanager Robinson, ot the Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe. The object of the
meeting was to hold a conference regard
ing the new Union Depot at Pueblo,
which these companies propose to erect.
At the conclusion of the meeting it was
announced that they had adopted plans,
and work would be begun immediately.
The structure will be red sandstone, and
will cost between $200,000 and $300,000.
tho Winter Wheat lUlllere.
Indianapolis, February (I.—The win
ter wheat millers of the Central and
Northwestern States closed their con
vention to-day, after forming a national
association for "the protection of their
interests, etc." A committe was ap
pointed to visit Washington and endeavor
to secure such action of Congress as will
result in reciprocal tariff duties between
the United States and the countries that
use American flour. A resolution was
adopted requesting the winter wheat
millers to run their mills during Febru
ary to only 50 per cent of their capacity.
A Forger Captured.
Et Paso, Tex., February (>.—Ford, the
Peoria forger, was captured at Tucson
last night on the east-bound Southern
Pacific train which arrived here to-day.
A fellow-paseenger, a friend of an Illinois
banker, had Ford's photograph in his
pocket, and recognized him on the train.
He notified conductor Gillespie, who wired
to Tucson to have the arrest made. Ford
offered Gillespie five hundred dollars to
release him. He was travelling with a
woman, who continued on the tram to
Benson, but returned to Tucson from
The MllM»rii>« Breath.
Marquette. Mich., February 6.—Win
ter has set in with terrible earnestness at
last. A blizzard has prevailed all over
the upper peninsula. Traffic has been
delayed on some of the railway lines.
Swamps are freezing up fast, thus facili
tating lumber hauling.
Cinching the "White Caps."
Indianapolis, February G.—The State
Senate to-day passed the "White-Cap"
bill, making it a riotous conspiracy for
three or more persons to combine for the
purpose of doing any unlawful act while
wearing white-caps, or being otherwise
disguised, and fixing the penalty at a
fine of $2,000 and imprisonment in the
State prison for not more than ten, nor
less than two years.
Brutal Indian murderers.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., February 0.
—A horrible murder was committed at
Little Current, Ont., 150 miles east of
here, on Saturday last. Christiana
Togosh, a half-breed, was outraged by
five Indiana and then literally torn to
pieces. Two of the murderers were
brought to Canada Soo this morning and
lodged in jail.
A Story Doubted.
Albany, February ti.—A dispatch from
Gloversville says the story of the Pine
Lake disaster, reoorted last night, is gen
erally discredited there, but that no defi
nite information can be obtained, as the
bli'.zard has interrupted all communica
tion with Pine Lake.
A Lost l.eir Appraised.
Philadelphia, February 6. —The trial
of the case of Charles Orbann against
the Philadelphia Traction Company
street car line, for personal injuries re
ceived, terminated to-day in a verdict
for the plaintifffor $20,000. Orbann was
a newsboy, and was pushed or fell from
the car and had his leg cut off.
JTlrs. Flake's Funeral.
New York, February 6. —Services over
the remains of the late Mrs. Mary H.
Fiske, dramatist and authoress, were
held to day in Scottish Rite Hall. Colo
nel Robert G. Ingersoll delivered the
funeral oration. The remains were taken
to Hartford, Conn., for interment.
A Newspaper Change.
Helena, Mont., Feb G —The Daily
Record changed ownership to-day, pass
ing into the hands of the Journal com
pany, of which Russell B. Harrison is
president. The paper to-morrow will
appear for the first time with the Asso
ciated Press report.
A Slight Temblor.
Charleston, S. C, February 6.—A
slight earthquake shock was felt last
night in lower South Carolina. Tho
vibration was such as is caused by a
passing train, and was of brief duration.
Arbuckle Appeals.
New York, February 6.—Millionaire
Arbuckle took an appeal to the Court of
Appeals to-day from the decision award
ing "Bunny" Campbell $45,000.
Bobbed and Murdered.
Rome, Ga., February 6.—Joe and John
Lee, Chinese laundrymen, were fatally
wounded by burglars last evening, and
all their va'luabl 'R taken.
Petitions for and Against tlic Pro
posed liOHdon Exhibit.
Sacramknto, February 6. —The Senate
met at 11 o'clock. Heacock, of Santa
offered a resolution that the
Governor Bartlett memorial ceremonies.
Caminetti desired to convene again at
7:30 tins evening for reading of bills.
Both propositions were agreed to.
Two petitions were placed on file.
One was from citizens of Sacramento and
one from San Francisco advocating the
London exhibition scheme.
Following are some of the new bills in
troduced :
By Welch, of San Francisco, authoriz
ing the seizure and confiscation of real
and personal property of Chinese found
residing in California in violation of the
Scott Exclusion bill.
By Pinder, of San Francisco, prevent
ing discrimination by water companies in
charging consumers.
By Murphy of San Francisco, embody
ing suggestions of the Republican and
Democratic County Committees to pre
vent fraudulent elections.^
By Goucher of Mariposa, appropriating
125,000 for the purchase of Hill's paint
ing, "Driving the Last Spike."
By MoftUt, to arrange for a vote of the
people to ascertain the opinion on the
Scott Exclusion bill. Recess.
Sacramento, February (s.—The Assem
bly this morning made the Senate bill,
appropriating $50,000 to employ counsel
to go to Washington to defend the Scott
exclusion act, the special order for to
morrow morning.
Edwards of Los Angeles presented a
petition signed by citizens of Los An
geles county praying for the passage of
the bill creating the county of Orange.
Ostrom of Yuba offered the following,
which was adopted:
Resolved, That the Assembly take a re
cess at 11 ::10 a. m. to 1:30 p. m., to give
time to prepare this chamber for tbe
memorial services for our late Governor
Tb,e Major of San Francisco presented
a petition signed by leading firms in San
Francisco favoring tbe passage of the bill
appropriating $250,000 for the proposed
London exhibition.
Hart, of Sacramento, presented a peti
tion signed by residents of this city relat
ing to the same subject.
Coombs, of Napa, offered a concurrent
resolution as follows: "Resolved by the
Assembly of California, the Senate con
curring, that our Representatives in
Congress be requested and Senators be
instructed to use their endeavors to have
the present system of postal service
changed in such a way as to reduce the
cost of postage stamps." Adopted.
Bills were introduced as follows:
By McCarthy, to ascertain and express
the will of the people of the State upon
the subject of the repeal of the so-called
"Scott Chinese Exclusion Act."
By Ragsdale, amending sections of the
code relating to roadß and highways.
By Dibble, amending sections of the
Political Code relating to elections.
By Hart, amending the act authoriz
ing the appointment of certain State cap
itol employes.
By Dobbins, adding a new section to
the Penal Code relative to the prohibi
tion and prevention of the use of all
acids in the manufacture of hermetically
sealed tin cans used for canning pur
By Young, amending tho act incor
porating the city of San Diego.
By Reagan, to create a police relief and
pension fund in the several counties and
cities of the State.
The following bills were passed: As
sembly bill to protect registration of
thoroughbred cattle and other domestic
animals; Assembly bill to provide for
revision of tbe records of California vol
unteers and to authorize the Superin
tendent of State Printing to print, bind,
and issue the same; Senate bill concern
ing the crime of obtaining money or
property by false pretenses. Recess waß
Dr. DeCaron Acted in That
Capacity Here.
Alexander Sullivan Shows Him Up
and Flatly Contradicts
His Testimony.
I Associated Press Dlsoatches to the Herald. I
Chicago, February G.—Alexander Sul
livan, ex-President of the Irish National
League of America, speaking to-day in
regard of the statements made about
him by Dr. Le Caron before the Parnell
Commission in London yesterday, said
he knew Le Caron very slightly. The
latter had represented himself to Sul
livan as a Frenchman with an Irish
wife and most ardent Irish sympathies.
He claimed to have served in the Union
army and afterwards in the Fenian
organization. Mr. Sullivan believed
there was not a particle of foundation for
Le Coron's statements about Parnell's
expressions of sympathy with any
method, except open public agita
tion, to aid Ireland. The whole
story was another desperate effort
to give some color or excuse for continu
ing the case against Parnell. The Even
ing News declares Le Caron served in
the Union Army during the war, and in
timates that both then and during his
connection with the Fenians he acted as
a spy for the British Government. He
had an office in this city on La Salle
avenue, bus left for Europe" about Christ
The Bereaved Sovereign's Procla
mation to His People.
Vienna, February 0. —The Emperor
Francis Joseph, in an autograph letter
to Premier Yon Taafe, orders publicity
given to the following proclamation:
"My people: Overwhelmed with deep
grief, i humbly bow my bead before the
inscrutable decree of Divine Providence, >
appealing with my people to the ;
Almighty to give me strength co [
that 1 may not falter in the i
conscientious performance of my
duties as ruler, but may keep before ■
my eyes that course of steadfast
adherence which assures for the com- '
monwealth the blessings of peace. It
has been a consolation to me, during •
these days of bitter woe, to know that I ■
was upheld by the heartfelt sympathy of
my people, of which I have received
from all sides the most touching to
The proclamation further expresses the
heartfelt thanks of the Kmperor and
Empress aud their sorely stricken daugh
ter-in-law for the sympathy accorded
them, and concludes by asking God's
help in the future, and the co-operation
of the Austrian subjects with their ruler,
to secure the welfare of the fatherland.
In Collision and Sunk.
London, February (i.—The British bark
Largo Bay, bound for Auckland, was
towed to Spithead to-day in a sinking
condition. She reports that on Monday
night last she was in collision with an
unknown four-masted steamer off Beachy
Head, and that the steamer was sunk
with all on board. The seamen of the
Largo Bay say they are certain that the
lost steamer carried passengers, and
they estimate that the crew and passen
gers together numbered at least 100 per
sons. The steamer sunk eight minutes
after the collision occurred.
John Bull Disgusted.
London, February 6. —The Daily News,
commenting on the Samoan situation,
says: "Prince Bismarck has disregarded
his obligations to Great Britain in a most
flagrant way, and Count Herbert Bis
marck's ostentatious friendliness for
America is inadequate to re
compense us for our Austral
ian colonies. A policy of subservience
to Germany which procures us no ap
preciable advantages is neither a triumph
of diplomatic skill nor a solace to
National pride."
Rudolph's Request to the Pope.
Berlin, February 6—A dispatch to
the Frankfurt Zeitung from Rome says :
In January Rudolph addressed himself
directly to the Pope, without his father's
knowledge, to ask his assistance in ob
taining a divorce and authority to marry
again. The Pope sent the letter to the
Emperor, and the result was a serious
explanation between father and son,
which probably unhinged the latter.
Pendleton Weak, But Working.
Berlin, February (j.—The report that
Judge Lambert Tree, United States Min
ister to Russia, is acting as the repre
sentative of Minister Pendleton, is with
out foundation. Fendleton, though ail
ing, is constantly at work. He has not
been required to call at the foreign
oflice for some time.
Condensed Telegrams.
The Spanish Senate has declined to
remove the import duty on cereals.
Patrick Clark, a pauper, has died at
Helena, Mont., at the age of 108 years.
Senator Teller wants $15,000 set aside
for a trout-breeding pool and house in
Lake county, Colorado.
The President and Mrs. Cleveland are
in New York and are staying at the Vic
toria Hotel. They are said to be house
A broken rail threw a passenger coach
off the Portland and Willamette Valley
narrow gauge road yesterday and in
jured four persons.
Guthrie and Bush, the former a Mon
trealer and the latter a San Franciscan,
fought in Montreal, in the Cote San An
toine, last night and the Canadian won.
The Chinese neighbors of the British
Consul at Ching Kiang Foo raised a riot
and wrecked some houses belonging to
foreigners. The usual English gunboat
was sen! to ask why.
The returns from the elections for
members of the Assembly of New South
Wales, so far received, show that forty
ministerialists and thirty-nine membeis
of the opposition have been elected.
San Bernardino Shaken l T p.
San Bernardino, February O.—A se
vere earthquake shock occurred to-night
at 9:20, the vibrations being from north
to south. Brick blocks rocked percepti
bly but no damage was done.
Bell Boy to be Sold.
Lexington, Ky., February o.—Bell
Boy haß arrived from California, sound
and well. He is to be sold here next
week along with 800 others in Woodard's
combination sales.
The Prohibitionists meet this morning
at 10 o'clock at Longstreet's Hall, No.
108 N. Main street, in convention, to
nominate officers under the new City
Storage Ǥ! Commission.
Peremptory Sales ot New snd Second-Hand
At 10 A. M. and 2 p. K.
Liberal cash advances made on consignments.
Outside sales made on application.
BEN O. BHOADES. Auctioneer.
Fine Fixrnitui'e.
Will sell at residence, corner Fourth and Hope
On Thursday, February Ith,
At 10 o'clock a. m sharp,
The entire contents of said 10-room house, con
sisting of five Bedroom Sets, Carpets, Chairs,
Tables, Wardrobes, Dishes, Silverware, etc
Furniture good and sale positive and withont
reserve. Laales invited.
f!> 3t Auctioneer.
Auction, Storage Com
mission House.
(Near First.)
Will tell on
SATURDAY, February Otb, atB P.M.
New and Second Hand
Con»ikt : ng of handsome bedroom set of differ
ent kinds, parlor sets, dining-ro.Jiu, bedroom,
and kitchen furniture. Carpsts, etc.: about
everything wanted for housekeeping: also
one piano. Must and will be sold without
reserve to the highest bidder.
j6-3m 11. n. MATLOCK, Auctioneer.
Imperative Auction Sale
Of a splendid lot of Furniture, Household
Goods of eveiy kind, consigned to us
for immediate sale,
At 10 o'clock a. m. and 2 r. m..
At our Salesrooms, 328 and 330 South Spring
street, between Kourth and Fifth.
At the same time and place we shall sell a lot
of office furniture, desks, clmirs, et'j.; also a lot
of store fixtures, show cases, counters, shelv
ing, olc.
Remember, at tho Great Central Auction
Mart, 328 and 330 South Spring street, 10 A. K.
aud 2 p. m ~ Saturday, February 9.
KI>WIN A. HICK, Auctioneer.
Our i\ext Popular
Leaves the Firßt-streotJDepot
at 10 a. M.
On Saturday, Feb. 9, 1889,
On Special Train from
Good for three days, or extended at the
rate ol £1 per day.
And various other pleasures during the
etay of the excursionists.
Tickets at Santa Fe Oflice,
North Spring st. or at First st. Depot.
THE Simi Land & Water Co., of Los Angeles
Cal., have for Sale a 1 urge body of flue frnit,
farmiug and grazing lands, well watered, and
located in one of the ino*tnttraeiive and health
ful portions of Southern California. They offer
lands from 95 to WHO per acre ou very
easy terms to actual pettier*, and will make
special Inducements to Colonists. For Maps,
Price Lists, and full information, address
It. W. PiIINDKXTEK, Secretary,
10 West First St., l.os Angeles, Cal.
ja22 3m
Medal of Excellence
Has recently been awarded to
Tho Judges of Award being
Throe Prominent Dentists of New York City.
Examine its Construction. Ascertain its re
sults and you will uee no other.
A Perfect PollNlier. Thorough
AT A liX DBl (llilsTS.
lm Econouiy. HoMer (Imperishable) 35
cents. Polishers only need be renewed, 18
(boxed) 85 ceuts. Dealers or mailed.
HORSEY M'F'IJ CO.i I tica, N.lf.
Finest Quality of Fiuit Lands,
Eight thousand acres now subdivided (17,000
acres In all) in San Foruando Valle7, frem 8 to
12 miles from the Plaza, into 5, 10.12 and 40
acre tracts, ranging from $25 to $150 per acr»,
and on such liberal terms that any one can own
a home. A fruitful soil, easily cultivated; a
healthy and delightful climate; excellent
schools and churches; two railroads. With Lus
Angeles markets for everything raised on the
firm, these lands offer inducements to settlers
that caunot be duplicated.
Also, a Stock Range of 1,250 acres, only four
miles from city limits, at a very low figure.
Can be subdivided luto two or three ranges.
For msps, prices and terms apply to
Rooms 8 and 9, Bryson & Bonebrake Blook
jail 3m
Auction Sale.
Pacific Furniture Gorapany,
NOS. 226, 228 AND 230 SOUTH MAIN ST.
Commeiicinff Monday, Feb. 4, at 10 A.M.
And continuing from day to day until all is sold.
To the Ladies of Los Angeles and Surrounding Country.
We beg leave to call your attention to our GREAT REMOVAL SALE. Our present quarters
have become too small for up, compelling our removal to more oommodimiß quarters on or about
February 12th, to 45 SOUTH SPRING STREKT, BRYSON BLOCK. Being determined to open
our new store with an eutirely clean and Iresh stock, we will offer our present lines of goods
In order to effect a ready and qnlck clearance. A cordial invitation is extended to yon to call
and examine our goods and prices. Yours respectfully,
«igf»js* Dew Drop Sugar torn.
Pofl Dew Drop Early June Peas.
WMm Dew Drop Extra Sifted Peas.
1 i i Dew Drop Pumpkin.
WEBm* Dew Drop Siring Beans.
Above line of Canned Vegetables are without doubt the best put up in the"
United States. A little higher in price, but sure to please the most particular
jaisim 38 and 40 North Spring Street.
Those who have,isediUffi"^
! \ J J__* ~"a a bSJV -X S 1 *" ivin K satis foetion, and a customer with Bron
t If I hyK (ft Ht tffc I chitis says it Is tho only remedy that gives in
rue. jg9fet Vtf fig [1 stant relief "—Sebekli, & Covee, Druggists,
fl tVvO l £Tr\ Haifp" * * 4116 Pleasure to inform yon
-v 1 ithl at j5' onr .Pr*" B™!'8™!'" 118 ore meeting
I ff /i praise oo^ion^"S
V. ■ l™"" -NAACAWKH &Co - druggists, Visalis,
- That it will accomplish the end desired in all
1 nt> affections of the Throat and Lungs and you not
BSasssTß"' TCT 17 rA7« „ It Will only Will not be without It yourself,
ETJJa S\ lfvu (In OTxml l " 111 but will recommend it to others, as
|j^!!<S7^g9 L Jl JLvl ssl SSsT IT A thousands have done who have tried everything
LcM 3=7/&> elße la TBin > money Is no object where health is
IT Bli s£l II IiMIQi II (llitvCf iin tho balance, and the tri- ("Antri nro unii
III) WWO)lUJiv\\lr M Hwi)* i fling sum of one dollar can YOU
I \. Wl * \>>>,/» * | puichafe a remedy that will stand between yon
(I Cj ÜBE S J V Ijl VN- „ Is prepared only by the ABIETINE MEDICAI
s^I:IllS£/iSES' F THROAX^— tr\ «fle?r-CircnlarB sent free, containing detailed
For Sale by C. H, HANCE, 77 and 79 North Spring Street
F. W. BRAUN & CO.,
Restaurant and Bakery,
BUSINESS LUNCH, 11.30 to 2 p.m., 28c. DINNER, 2 to 8 p. a., BOe.
Meals to ordor served from 0 a. m. to 12 p. m.
Dinners to Private Parties and Ball Suppers a specialty.
This Restaurant should be well supported, it is the finest on the Coast.
A. H. FOX, Proprietor.
U . K. HOWELL. — 2 v OKAIo .
-:- Grrocers,
32, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles Street,
&ft%3Sftft LOS ANGELES- GAL.
17 3m

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