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Their Annual Masquerade
Ball a Great Success.
Original Costumes and Well Sus
tained Characters—The
The annual ball of the Turners at
their hall on Spring street on Saturday
night, was, as stated in yesterday morn
ing's Herald, a glorious success, and
there has probably never been a better
attended masquerade in the city. At an
early hour it was evident that there
would be a big rush, so a rope was drawn
across the end of tbe hall so as to leave
the floor to the dancers, and this proved
to be a good idea for by 11 o'clock such a
number of spectators had arrived that
all the galleries were crowded and every
available foot of space on the floor occu
pied. The scene was a very lively one.
Letter-carriers, Tyroleans, princes, peas
ante, historic personages, Cinderellas
and tramps paraded about arm-in-arm,
all so carefully masked that even to one
well acquainted with those present
it was impossible to discover the
identity of the participators. An incen
tive had been offered in tbe shape of
handsome prizes for the I est and most
original costumes, and this accounted
for some of the striking attires that at
tracted attention. The individual who
arranged himself as Sam Jones made a
happy hit, and enhanced his score still
further by enacting his part as he moved
about, thus creating a good deal of
amassment. Indeed, most of the mum
mers made a good impression in this re
gard. It has always been noticed that
the individuals who attire themselves in
the most ridiculous costumes are gener
ally the tamest characters in the shows,
clowns being anything but funny, and
impersonators of noted personages doing
nothing beyond the costuming to convey
an idea of their representations. But the
Turners did none of this. The letter
carriers distributed documents, the ne
groes affected an Ethiopian dialect, the
tramps walked about and appeared the
very pictures of distress, while the nobles
and monarchs assumed a haughty mien,
as if to the manner born. A good deal of
excitement ran rife when the hour for
unmasking arrived, for probably some of
the male maskers feared they were flirt
ing with their sweethearts or wives,
while on the other hand, the ladies were
anxious to discover whether their part
ners in tbe promenade and dance were
individuals whom they had hitherto held
at arm's length in the social swim. As
a prelude to the great event, the curtain
rolled up and disclosed a tableaux
depicting a number of students in the act
of thoroughly enjoying themselves, for
they formed a human ladder, which, as
the tints of red tire were thrown on it,
produced a very striking effect. Then
Mr. J. Kuhrts, the President of the So
ciety, announced the winners of the
prizes, and a hum of applause went up
as he gave the first reward to Miss Bertha
Marsch, who, as a mail-carrier, carried
off the palm for the best sustained lady
character. Mr. Theodore Lohman, as
Sam Jones, took the prize for the best
sustained gentleman character; Miss
Mary Schmidt, as a German peasant girl,
for tbe finest lady's costume, and Mr. B.
Schmidt, as George Washington, for the
finest gentleman's costume.
The order to unmask was then given,
and as the face-covers were removed
exclamations of surprise could be heard
from all directions, and it was evident
that a goodly number had been com
pletely astounded. The strains of a
lively waltz struck up almost immediate
ly, however, and then the grotesque
scene became a maze of bewilderment
again and King Momus reigned supreme.
The fun was kept up until long past mid
night, and judging by the expressions of
satisfaction that could be heard on every
aide, there was not one individual*who
left the hall dissatisfied with the even
ing's entertainment.
The following is as near a complete
list of the maskers and the characters
they sustained as could be obtained, the
crowded condition of the hall rendering
it almost impossible to get everybody:
Mrs. F. Haatin, Lady Washington;
Miss A. Lindenfeld, jolly jockey; L. J.
Llewellyn, coon ; P. D. Lehart, baseball;
Mrs. P. D. Lehart, evening star; Mrs. A.
Adloff, Columbia; Mrs. A. Cordez,
queen; Miss Lohman, waitress; E. Ru
dolph, Japanese; Miss M. Warner, col
ored dude; Mrs. Gross, evening star;
Mrs. F. Schumt, vivandiore; Mrs. C.
Schmidt, night; Miss E. Osborne, Wes
tern girl; Mrs. A. N. Feldschan, oriental
dancer; Miss L. Boege, Swiss girl; A.
Miller, German officer; J. Zobelein, sal
vation ; Miss L. Nei'zko, morning; Theo
dore N. Mersch, money to lend; Mrs. T.
N". Merich.Red Ridinghood ; B. C. Sepul
veda, the devil; Mrs. M. H. Hyer, joc
key; MissL. Gills, peasant girl; MisbM.
Ball, peasant girl; Miss L. S. Ball,flower
girl ; Miss Beisel, Fanchon; J. Allgern,
Indian chief; J. Lerluth, cavalry officer;
L. E. Stickney, lawn tennis; M. C.
Neuner, devil; H. A. Gerdes, lawn
tennis; J. H. Wolfrom, clown; Mrs. J.
Hauerwaas, red riding hood; Miss L.
Goeppinger, card player; Misses Zobe
lein, flower girls; Miss H. Rich, Tyrolean
singer; Mrs. W. Sewell, Diana; Mrs.
Ruff, sailor girl; Mrs. Pickel, gypsy
fortune teller; Misses M. Herman, A*.
Braver and H. Breudel, Faith, Hope and
Charity; Miss N. Schubert, school girl;
Henry Ocer, clown; R. Homer, clown;
MissL. Schmidt, flower girl; Miss Mc-
Coy, Lady Lynn; Mrs. Brown, Lady
Elizabeth , George Kirchmeier, Japanese
and Irishman; Miss Julia Neis, Wild
West; Mrs. Stremer, Autumn; S. Paul,
dude; H. Greygraufe, peasant; Mrs. A.
C. Gilman, jockey; Miss Ida Schmidt,
sailor girl; Miss A. Phillip, Canada;
Mrs. Morse, flower girl; W. Hupert,
clown; Mrs. C. Kreugel, Rococo dress;
William Wessell, Germania; Miss Elisa
Henasler, huntress; Miss M. Brady,
morning; Miss A. McArthur, German
peasant girl; Miss R. Fisher, fisher girl;
Miss H. Andrews, jockey; Sam Johnson,
Sunday School boy; Miss E. Cook, belle
of the ball; V. Schmidt, George Wash
ington; Miss M. Sullivan, i.ansy ; Frank
Hoebach, French baron; Miss I. Kehlan,
Loa Angeles; H. Schmidt, domino;
John Singer, parson ; J. Kull, cowboy;
C. Bode, waiter; Miss Lizzie Bode,
of San Francisco, basket of flowers;
R. Krohn, Turner clown; Samuel Dugan,
colored dude; Theodore Lohman, Sam
Jones, George Schrader, domino; Charles
Rodgers, Swiss peasant; Miss E. Mayes,
Italian peasant girl; Edmund Lanzen,
Japanese costume; Oscar Meyer, clown;
C. Entenman, clown; Chas. L. Mayne,
Humpty Dumpty; F. Langea, clown,
Miss flollac, flower girl.
Among the vast crowd of onlookers
the Her ald scribe caught sight of the J
following well known persons: |
Mr. and Mrs. Lichtenberger, Mr. and
Mrs. L. Gottschalk, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Wilhartiz. Mr. and Mrs. George Zobelin.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lindenfeld, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Kuhrts, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maiar,
Mr. and Mrs. P. 0. Stoll, Mr. and Mrs.
F. Lindenfeld, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Palmon, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Linden
feld, O. Ruff, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. P. Werner,
Mrs. Drew, Mrs. E. Leuttzel, Mr. and
Mrs. B. L. Preston, George Becker, Miss
H. Werner, Miss A. Werner, Miss M.
Moock, Mr. and Mrs. George Moock, Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Grosser, Miss Amelia
Grosser, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Miller, Mr.
and Mrs. C. Bauer, Mr. and Mrs.C. Goll
mar, Mr. and Mrs. J. Weber, Miss C.
Erzfeld, Miss E. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Michelsen, Mr. and Mrs. J.Werner, L. S.
Marsh, J. Murchy, A. Moreno, Miss E.
Moreno, F. Hoppe, C. F. Kamman, of
San Diego, Mr. and Mrs. C. Brode, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Johansen, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Linger, Mr. and Mrs. Huebsche, Mr. and
Mrs. Guenther, Miss X Fiefenberg, C.
Kranz, H. Shindler, H. T. Hazard, Emil
Harris, F. P. Kelley, B. Levy, J. P. Hale,
of Baltimore. Mrs. J. Lowe, Miss Hasse,
Miss Erbe W. Stewart, Mrs. A. Wick,
Miss L Muzick, Sam Levi, Mr. and Mrs.
Quick, Mr. and Mrs. Lindenfelt, and Mr.
and Mrs. J. Wright.
Death of rx.Junth-r of the Peace
Judge Rudolph Ranney, ex-Justice of
the Peace for Los Angeles Township and
Vice-President of the Los Angeles Oil
Burning and Supply Company, died at
half-past 7 o'clock yesterday morning in
his rooms at the Ramona, Spring street,
from Bright's disease of the kidneys. He
was out and about town a week ago, but
has been confined to his bed ever since,
and his death, though it cannot be called
sudden,was quite unexpected. Deceased,
was a native of Pennsylvania, and 41
years of age, came to Southern California
in 1873 and took up his abode at
Florence, where he resided until
1884, when, being elected to tbe
bench he removed to Los Angeles, and
has remained here ever since. Deceased
was one of the best known men about
town, and leaves a host of friends to
mourn his demise. The funeral will be
held on Tuesday afternoon, under the
auspices of the Masons, order of Scottish
Rite, of which he was a member.
Deceased leaves a widow, who is now
in the city.
In Meuiorlaiu.
Wl'h the knowledge of the value of his
friendship, inte.jrlty and worth, knowing as
we do, the kindly, manly feelings tnat existed
In his breast, do we part, by the will of the
Creator of all things, with Rudolph Ranney.
Taken in the prime of life by an inscrutable
Providence for reasons known onlvto"Him
who knoweth where every sparrow fall"," we
can only say in answer tothat Judge of Judges
and King of Kings, amen. Thus we give him
into the hands ol those that love him, wlih the
ardent, fervent wish that be has achieved that
"Peace which passeth all understanding."
"Hts Friends."
Los Angeles. February 10, 1880.
A Proposition Affecting; I.os An
■ elea Business.
When the Arizona legislature was in
town on its way to I'rescott some six
weeks ago, the Hon. Mr. Cheney, one of
the party, informed the Herald that dur
ing the session a bill would be introduced
to construct the long-talked of railroad
between Prescott and Phtenix. Yester
day advices were received in the city that
the measure is in the hands of Delegate
Mark Smith, who will introduce a bill
into the United States Congress to au
thorize Maricopa county to issue subsidy
bonds of $4,000 a mile for the 100 miles
of road to be constructed. The bouthern
Pacific men eye the proposition askance,
for it means giving a shorter outlet for
the northern part of Southern Arizona to
San Francisco, and by that means busi
ness will be directed over the Santa Fe,
and Los Angeles, they say, will suffer.
It is claimed that the proposition is to
develop private mining interests in the
Black Canon country, and it will meet
with heavy opposition.
Mr. Seltert's farewell.
At the Los Angeles Theater Mr. Emil
Seifert will give his farewell concert
within a few days. He will be assisted
by a large orchestra, by O. Stewart Tay
lor, the popular baritone, by Paul Col
berg, the Dresden pianist, and by several
well-known musicians of this city and of
Pasadena. Chief among the works to be
performed are Mozart's Concerto in A
major, and the Cadenza, by Linder. The
orchestra will play Haydn's farewell
symphony. Mr. Seifert is a most refined
and scholarly violinist, as well as a mu
sician, and his admirable work here
as [a teacher should receive ample en
dorsement and appreciation at his last
public appearance. Details as to the
date, etc., of the affair will be published
in these columns in a few days.
The Salt Lake Road.
The syndicate who are handling the
affairs of the Salt Lake road in this city
are still at work settling up their bridge
matters, srd will shortly commence
operations regarding the levee. At the
Salt Lake end it is announced that what
is known as tbe Los Angeles Railroad
Committee are at work again and with
promising results. They have a letter
from a prominent New York broker, who
was largely interested in building tbe
California and Northern, stating his
willingness to float the new road's bonds
for a very reasonable figure.
A Souvenir.
The ticket agents of this city have
each received a handsome souvenir card
from Mr. John Sebastian, General Pas
senger Agent of the great Rock Island
road. Accompanying each token is an
invitation for bearer and family to take
a complimentary trip over the road and
return, this being all done in commemo
ration of the opening of the new line into
Travel on tbe Southern Pacific.
The Southern Pacific makes the follow
ing report regarding the number of pas
sengers carried on its overland lines dur
ing the month of January: Eastward,
4,708; westward, 8,062; total, 13,370. Of
these, 5,389 were first and 7,981 second
class passengers.
Use Angostura Bitters, the world renowned.
Boutb American appetizer, of exqnlsite flavor
Manufactured by Dr. J. Q. B. Biegert & Bone.
Ask your druggist.
Dealers and Consumers of Beer
Will find it to their advantage to oall on Phila
delphia Brewery, Aliso street, for the best lager
or steam-beer, good on draught for weeks at
lowest prices. Bottled lager »1.20 per dosen, if
bottles returned. Delivered to any part of the
olty. Telephone 91.
Gordan Bros., 22 South Spring St.,
Artistic tailoring. The finest assortment of
suitings In the city.
Secure great bargains at the auction sale of
furniture of the Pacific Furniture Co.. 226, 228
and 330 South Main street.
SBO,OOU for Sl-*300,000 for 85.
Send $1 to $5 to the Montana Invest
ment Company, Helena, Montana, for a
chaDce in their prize distribution, March
30, 1889. The $300,000 Aborn House,
Dcs Moines, la., and 153 cash prizes
from $10 to $6,000. Whole tickets, |6;
fifths, $1. Max Harris, agent for Los
Angeles, 118 N. Main street.
Funeral Notice.
Members of Olive Lodge, No. 26,
Knights of Pythias, and all members of
other Lodges and sojourning brothers
are respectfully asked to meet at Castle
Hall, No. 24 South Spring street. Tues
day, February 12th, at 1 r. it., to attend
the funeral of our late brother, Hon. R.
Ranney. C. H. Clayton, C. C.
At Auction.
Tuesday, February 12th, an elegant
line of household goods at Beeson &
Rhoades' salesroom, special sale.
Ben 0. Rhoades, Auctioneer.
"We've Got Them on the List."
New and second-hand stoves at Cass .V
Renehaw's furniture store, 14 West Third
There will he a pluck from the old
birds on Monday, February 11th, at
Kenilworth Ostrich Farm, at 2 r. nt.
When Baby was sick, we gave ht,r Cantoris,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
Cure For Piles.
Itching piles are known by moisture like
perspiration, producing a very disagreeable
Itching after getting warm. This form ss well
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once to the application of Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts directly upon the parts
affected", absorbing the tumors, allaying the
Intense itching and eliciting a permanent euro.
50 cents. Bold by 0, H. Banco, 79 North
Spring street
Take It in Time.
A man who presents the appearance of debil
ity, whose countenance is anxious, and who is
subject to spells of faintness, is liable to sudden
death from heart disease. Let him take Dr.
Flint's Remedy before it is too late. Descrip
tive treatise with each bottle. Address Mack
Drug Co., N, Y. <
Cure For Sick Headache.
If you want a remedy for billlousness,
blotches and pimples on the face, and a sure
cure for slek headache, call at C. H. Hance's,
the Druggist, 79 North Spring street. Dr.
Qunn's Liver Pills; only one for a dose, sample
free: full box 25 cents,
Dr. Howard, Bryson-Bonebrake
Diseases of throat and lung* and of the ner
vous system successfully treated by the use of
oiygen inhalations, nitrogen-monoxide, ozone,
etc Hours, 10 to 12, 2-5, 7-8. Telephone
1024. Bryson-Bonebrake Block.
E. Adam's, the Clothier,
15 South Spring street.
Our 75c. white shirt is the best.
Our 75c. white shirt is the be-'.
Our 75c. white shirt is the best.
Our 75c. white shirt is the best.
Good Health and Appetite
Always follow tho continued use of Crown
Hotel Arcadia, Santa Monica.
Open for the season. J. W. Scott, Lksseb.
"Paint your buggy for SI," at Mathews.
Notary Public and Commissioner
For New York and Arizona, G. A. Dobinsou
134 West Second street. Hollonbeok Block.
Crown Flour. Crown Flour.
Ask your grocer for it. Always reliable.
Go to S. M. Perry's
For anything you want in the way of gas fix
tures, plumbing goods, etc. No. 30 South Main
St. Bath tubs made to order.
Pasadena Loan Association
First Annual Exhibition
New Library Building,
February Bth to 18th Inclusive.
Under the Patronage of the
Pasadena Library Association.
Wm. F. Channiug. J. Vandervoort.
CF. Holder. L.C.Winston.
H. M. Rust. B. Marshall Wotkyns.
The Exhibits will be classified under heads as
follows: Spanish and Mexican, Indian, Russian
and Alaskan, Oriental, Antique and Curious.and
Pottery. Collections of Paintings and Photo
graphs will he exhibited and departments lor
the sale of Eon-lions, Souvenirs and Flowers
Admission 50c, Commutation tickets at rate
of 25c each admission.
Season tickets (not transferable) $5. f3 lm
Meat Flavoring Stock
Annual sale 800.000 jars.
Genuine only with
facsimile of Baron T f S x»
Lieoig'a signature in JLs* %Jt w 1 Ij
BLUK lNlvlj.-j» i a-fg C\
beL oi n all Storekeepers, Grocers,
snd Druggists dec2lmon* thnrl2m
Or the liquor Habit Positively
Cared ny Administering Dr.
Haines' tin I den Specific.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea
without the knowledge of the poison taking
it; it absolutely harmless and will effect a
permanent aud speedy cure, whether the
Satlent Is a moderate drinker or an alco
olic wreck. Thousands of drunkards have
been made temperate men who have taken
Golden Specific in their coffee without their
knowledge, and to-day believe they quit drink
ing of their own free wiLL IT NEVER FAILS
The system once impregnated with the Specific
It becomes an utter impossibility for the liquo
appetite to exist. For sale by R. W. Ellis & Co
Druggists, 27 8. Spring St., Los Angeles.
myO-eod-d&wkly ly
Dissolmion tifCo-partnership
Los Angeles, January 28,1880.
nership heretofore existing between James
Velsir and J. J. Lawtou, under the firm name
of the
California Coal and Wood Co.
Doing business
At 108 Bast Eighth Street,
Is this day dissolved by mutual consent, James
Velsir retiring bom the business, leaving J. J-
Lawtou, who ah tssnmod all debtsandUabU
ltiea. IaSJK*
Wholesale and lietail.
Screened Lump Coal, Delivered Loose •11 .OO
in Sacks 18.00
Single Sacks, Delivered 7o
" at Yard (SO
Coal and Wood Co.,
Bryson-Bonebrake Build!»g (basement).
Telephone 315.
d2O 12m
Coal, Coal.
The undersigned have several cargoes of
Scotch Splint,
Due and some discharging, is prepared to sell
in CARLOAD LOTS on track.
Liberal Discount to tbe Trade.
and FIRE BRICK for sale.
For further particulars lnqnire of
f.Vf a.'tl T.osi Angles °lreet.
Furniture ant Carpets.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealers in
Al Lowest Possible Br,tes.
814, 816 and 818 South Spring St.,
f6-tf Bet Third and Fourth Sts.
Notice is hereby given that, in pursuance cf
an order of the Democratic City CeDtrBl Com
mittee adopted at its regular session on Febru
ary 8, 1889, there will be held on Tuesday,
February 12th, caucus primaries In the city of
Los Angeles, at 7:30 o'clock p. v., for the pur
pose of electing delegates to the Democratic
Convention of said city, to be held on the 14th
day of February, 1889, at the hour of 10 a . m.
of that day. al Turn Veieln Hall, said caucus
primary election to be held at the following
places, and for the election of the delegates
awarded to the respective precincts, to-wit:
First Ward. Preciuct A—Three delegates; cau
cus at No. ll Noith Trumau street.
First Ward. Preciuct B—Three delegates: cau
cus at No. 11 North Truman street.
First Ward, Precinct C—Four delegates; cau
cus at No. 11 r«orth Truman street.
First Ward, Precinct D—Four delegates; cau
cus at No. 11 North Truman street.
Second Ward, Precinct A—Nine delegates.
Second Ward, Precinct B— Eieht delegates.
Seccud Ward, Precinct C—Six delegates.
Second Ward, Precinct D—Two delegates.
Precinct A, caucus at Bueua Vista and New
Precinct B, Court House
Precinct C, Engine House, Temple street.
Precinct D, 1,54s Temple street.
Third Ward, Precinct A—Ten delegates.
Third Ward, Precinct B—Eight delegates.
Third Ward, Preciuct o—Four delegates.
Precinct A, caucus iv Austin's court.
Precinct B, caucus in Chick's stable.
Precinct C, caucus la Union-avenue school
Fourth Ward, Precinct A—Five delegates.
Fourth Ward, Preciuct B—Eight delegates.
Fourth Wsrd, Preclnet C—Five delegates.
Fourth Ward, Precinct A, caucus at engine
house. Ninth and Main.
Precinct B, Morris Vine- arc! Hose Company.
Precinct C, Pico and Figueroa.
Fifth Ward, Precinct A —Four delegates.
Fifth Ward, Precinct B-Four delegates.
Fiftn Ward caucus at Washington Gardens.
Sixth Ward, Precinct A—Three delegates.
Sixth Ward, Precinct B—Three delegates.
Sixth Ward, Precinct C—Two delegates.
Sixth Ward caucus to be held at Washington
Seventh Ward, Precinct A—six delegates.
Seventh Ward, Precinct B—seven dt legates.
Seventh Ward, Preclnet C—four delegates.
Seventh Ward, Precinct D-eight, delegates.
Beventh Ward caucus, Precincts A aud B cor
ner Fifth and Wall.
Precincts C and D corner First and Rose.
Kighth Ward, Preclnet A—seven delegates.
Eighth Ward, Preciuct B—lour delegates.
Eighth Ward, Precinct C—eight delegates.
Eighth Ward, Precinct D—ten delegates.
Eighth Ward caucus as follows;
Preciuct A—Comer Railroad and Main.
Precinct 11—Oscar Macy's store, New Main
Precinct C—Haffln Building, Wilmington
Precinct D—M. T. Collins' stable
Ninth Ward, Precinct A—Four delegates.
Ninth Ward, Preclnet B—Four delegates.
Caucus to be held, for Precincts A and B, at
Fisher.s Hall. First and Cummings streets.
By order of the Democratic City Central Com
Secretary. Chaitman.
Los Angeles, Cal., February 8, 1889. iO-td
Hotel Keepers, Attention!
is being furnished by the owners and is offered
lor rent on very reasonable terms to a live and
experienced hotel keeper. The honse is new,
well situated, and a large patronage Is assured.
Full particulars will be given by calling upon
THKO. REIBEH, President.
d 30-tf
Tie Western Intelligence Office,
Employment and Rental Bureau.
Business conducted on a strictly fair and
square basis.
Give us a call at 36% B. SPRING ST. (Upstairs),
Separate apartment for Ladies. Ja 191 m
Garey's Nursery
43-43 South Main Street.
Js23lm ANDREW T. GAREY, Proprietor
(Successors to McLain A Lehman.)
Pioneer Truck and Transfer Co.
No. 8 Mabxet St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Safe and Piano Moving. All kinds ol Truck Work
Tmlipkoni 187. fl u
Essence of Life
Sold for 30 yean In Knrope and ou the Faciflo
ESSENCE OF LIFE cures permanently the
worst cases of nervous d.:blilty, physical weak
ne s, exhausted vitality, youthful abuses, ex
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lnauced and no matter how Inveterate, speed
ily, thoroughly and permanently cured by the
PRICES—«2.SO, In liquid or pill form, or five
times the quantity, $10.
Call or address—
100 West First Street,
Room 11, opposite Nadeau House.
Omen Hours—o a.m. to 3 p m.: 6 to 7 i.H
Sunday—lo to 1 o'clock.
Gonorrhoea aud skin diseases treated and cured
by a graduated specialist. Office hours from
10 to 11, at 109, uorth west corner First And
Spring, room 12. Advice and treatment by
mall. Address, SPECIALIST.
Diseases of Women a Specialty
ditlons of tbe RECTUM and INTESTINAL
TRACT poison the blood, Interfere with diges
tion and assimilation, producing so-called
CONSUMPTION. By removing tho cause we
continue to cure this when all others fall.
cers, cured without Cutting, Llgatlng, Burn
ing or Swallowing Medicine, by DR. A. W.
BRINKERHOFF'B Sure aud Painless System of
operating. No chloroform or ether used.
£BP-More than 150,000 operations and not
one death,
gjyshun the old, painful carbolic treat
ment—it Is dangerous. Consultation free.
Removed to cor. Main and Seventh street,
Robarts' block. d3O-3m
PATENTED AUG. 16, 1887.
GAL V AXICr-^^^^^^ B "® Y y C
ly: All rheu- 111 com.
plaints, Lumbago
General and y £ KYv Y» Nervous De-
Kldney Diseases, Nervousness, Trem
bling, Sexual Exhaustion, Insomnia,
Wasting of the body. Diseases caused by
Indiscretion In Youth or Married Life, In
fact, all diseases pertaining to the Womb
or Genital Organs of nialo or female.
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In our Electro-Galvanic Belts and Appli
ances we will sent! our No. 4 Belt com
plete to responsible parties on thirty
days'trial, and If it does not prove to be
and do what we represent, we will refund
the money. Send 4c postage for our free
Illustrated pamphlet of 138 pages; also
for a pair or Dr. Owen's Electric Insoles,
price $1.
The Owen Electric Belt & Appliance Go.
306 S. BROAIIWAY. Incorp. June 16,1887.
LOUIS, MO. Mention this Taper
of Sexnal snd
Seminal Diseases,^such
nets, Impotency and Lost Manhood permanent- ,
ly cured. The sick and afflicted should not fall
to call upon him. The Doctor has traveled ex
tensively in Europe' and inspected thoroughly
the various hospitals there, obtaining a great
deal of valuable Information, which ho Is com
petent to Impart to those In need of his services
The Doctor cures where others fail. Try him.
DR. GIBBON will make no charge unless he
effects a cure. Persons at a distance CURED AT
HOME. All communications strictly confiden
tial. All letters answered In plain envelopes,
Send ten dollars for a package of medicine.
Call or write. Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, Box
1957, Ban Francisco, Cal,
Mention Los Angeles Herald. dl 0 tf
A Speedy Cure Warranted.
all private syphilitic, urinary, skin and
blood diseases, female complaiuts, and all
such diseases as are brought about by indiscre
tion and excesses, $1. Dr. Bell's French Wash
cures all private disea es, blood poison, old
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B'K G has given unlver
satisfaction in tho
to a cure of CJonorrha>a and
f/FamßuLlm* ■ Gleet. I prescribe Hand
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Msskoinctamatl sßssffl *' J ' BTONEB ' M - n "
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ja!s 12m
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Price, •! per Bottle. Jal9 lm
X County ol l,os Angeles, State of California.—
in the matter of the estate of Christian H.
Jargstorff, deceased.—Notice of Sale of Real
, Estate.
Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of
an order of the Superior Court of the said
County of Los Angeles, State of California,
made on the thirty-first day of December, A. D.
1888, in the matter of the estate of Christian H.
Jargstorff, deceased, the undersigned, the Ad
ministrator with the will annexed of the said
estate of said deceased, will sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder, upon the following
terms, to-wit: One-half cash, the balance in
three and six months in equal payments; de
' ferred payments to be secured by notes of the
purcha-er and mortgage on the property, and
subject to confirmation by said Superior Court
said cash to be in lawful money of tt>e L'nited
States, on the sixleeuth (16th) day of Febtnary
1889, at twelve o'clock meridian, at tbe late
residence of said deceased, in the town of Wil
mington, County of Los Angeles, State of Call
f >rnla, all tho right, title, interest nnd estate of
the said Christian H. Jargstorff at the time of
his death, and all the right, title aud Interest
that the said estate has, by operation of law or
otherwise, acquired since his death, In and to
all that certain lot, piece or parcel of laud, sit
uate and being in the county of Los Angeles,
State of California, bounded and described a»
Lots one (1), three (3), five (5), seven (7), nine
(9; and eleven (11) in Block uumber seven (7)
io Range number six (0) of the town of Wil
mington, in said County of Los Angeles and
Btote of California, according to the official map
of said town of Wilmington, a copy of which is
oi record In the office of the County Recorder
of said County of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, reference to which said map and the record
thereof is hereby made for a further description
of said lots;
Also, Lots two (2) and six (6) In Block ten
(10) in Range seven (7) in said town of Wil
mington, in said County and State, according
to said map, to which said map and the record
thereof reference is hereby made for further
description of said lots;
Also, that certain lot, piece or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in the City of Los An
geles, County of Los Angeles and State of Cali
fornia, and bounded and described as follows,
to-wit Commencing on the northwesterly line
of Hill street at a point distant one hundred
and twenty (120) feet southwesterly from the
southwesterly corner of Hill and Eleventh,
streets, thence south vesteilv along said line of
Hill street sixty (00) feet: thence at right
angles northwesterly on a line parallel with
sleventh street one hundred and sixty-five
(165) feet; thence st right angles north
easterly on a line parallel with Hill
street sixty (60) feet; thence at right
angles southeasterly on a line parallel with
Eleventh street one bundled and sixty-five
(165) feet to the northwesterly line of Bill
street at the point of commencing, being a pari
of Lot four (4) of Block seventy-seven (77) ot
Ord'B survey ot the City of Los Angeles.
Deed at the expense of purchaser.
Administrator with the will annexed ol the
estate of Christian H. Jargstorff, deceased.
Dated January 25, 1889. ja2C flO
of California, in and for the County oi Los
Dominique Laserre, Plaintiff, vs. Eulalia
Higuerra de Laserre, Defendant. — Action
brought in the Superior Court of the State of
California, in ana for the County of Los An
geles, and the Complaint filed In said County
of Los Angeles, in the ofllce of the Clerk of said
Superior Court.
Tho People of the State of California send
greeting to Eulalia Higuerra ac Laserre, De
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the above named
plaintiff, in the Superior Court iv the State ol
California, in and for the county of Los Ange
les, and to answer tho complaint filed therein,
within ten days (exclusive of the day of ser
vice), after tho service on you of this summons,
if served within this county; or, if served else
where, withiu thirty days, or judgment by de
fault will be takeu against you according to the
prayer of said complaint.
The taid action is brought to obtain a decree
of divorce dissolving tbe bonds of matrimony
between the said plaintiff and defendant and
for the disposition and allotment of the com
munity property of said matrimony described
in the complaint aud for the custody of the
children ol said matrimony and for general
relief. Relereuce is had to complaint for par
And you arc hereby notified that if you fail
to appear aud answer the complaint as above
required, the said plaintiff wili enter your de
fault and apply to the court for the said relief.
Given under my hand and the seal of the Su
perior Court of the State of California, in and
for the county of Los Angeles, this 12th day oi
January, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred aud eighty-nine.
(seal.) CHAS. H. DUNBMOOR, Clerk.
By F. B. Fanning, DeputyClcrk.
Smith, Howard & smith, 117 New High street.
115 Hot
_L Los Angeles, State of California.
In the matter of the restate of William H
Nordholt, deceased.—Order to show cause why
final account should not be settled and distri
bution should not be made.
On reading and filing the final account of
John F. White, the Administrator with the will
annexed of the Estate of William H. Nordholt,
deceased, tbis day rendered aid presented for
settlement, and also the pctitiou of said admin
istrator praying for an order of distribution of
the residue of said estate among the persons en
titled thereto:
It is ordered that all persons interested in the
estate of said Wil iam 11. Nordholt, deceased, be
and appear before the Superior Court, County
of Los Angeles, State of California, at the Court
room of Department Two, iv the City of Los An
feles, County of Los Angeles, State of Cali
ornia, on Friday, the 15th day of February,
1889, at 10 o'clock a. >t , then and there to
show cause why said final account should not
be settled, and an order of distribution made of
the residue of said estate among tbe persons
entitled theieto, as prayed for in said petition
aud according to law.
It Is further ordered that a copy of this order
be posted in at least three public places in said
county, at least ten days before said day of set
tlement of account, and also he published for
not less than ten days before the said 15th day
of February, 1889, in the Los Angeles Daily
Herald, a daily newspaper printed and pub
lished in the City of Los Angeles, County and
State aforesaid.
Dated February 5.1889.
Judge of Superior Court.
Stephen M. White and B. H. F. Variel, Attor
neys for Administrator. f6-15
the intention of the Couucll of the City of
Los Angeles to change aud establish the grade
of Grand avenue from Sixth street to a point
731 feet northerly, as follows:
At the north Hue of Sixth street the grade
shall be as now established, 265 SO.
At a point ou the west side of Grand avenue,
400 feet north of the north line of Sixth street,
the grade shall be 272 60.
At a point ou the east side of Grand avenue,
404 feet north of the north line of Sixth street,
the grade shall be 271.
At the southeast corner of Fifth street the
grade shall be 288.50, at the northoast corner of
Fifth street the grade shall be 293, at the south
west c0rner297,30, and at the northwest comer
of Fifth street the grade shall be 299.10.
At a point 731 feet north of tho north line of
Sixth street the grade shall be as now estab
lished, 299.71.
All tbe above elevations are in feet and above
sea level datum.
All persons Interested are hereby notified to
file Miiy objections which they may have with
the Clerk of the Council within ten days of the
date of the first publication of this notice.
By order of the Council of the city of Los
Angeles at its meet ing of February 4th, A. D .
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Ansreles.
. f 10-lOt
the Intention of the Council of the city of
Los Angeles to establish the grade of Earl
street from Fifth street to Seventh street, as
At the southwest corner of Fifth street the
grade shall be 249 40, as now established; and
at tbe southeast corner 249.60, as now estab
At the northwest and northeast corners cf
Sixth street the grade shall be 244.25, and at
the southwest and southeast corners 244.00.
At ihe northwest corner of Seventh street
tho grade shall be 242.85, as now establishei;
and at the northeast corner 243.14, as now es
AH the above elevations are in feet and above
the sea-level datum.
All persons interested are hereby notified to
file any objections which they may have, with
the Clerk of the Couucll within ten days oi the
date of the first publication of this notice.
By order of the Council of the city of Los An
geles at its meeting of February 4, A. D. 1889.
Clerk ot the Counoll of the City of
f HQ-lot

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