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United States Signal Service.
Report oi observations taken at Los Augeles,
California, February 25, 18a9, by the War De
5:07 a.
47 KB
45 i W
.ttuxlmimi temperature, ,J 2 nifuimnm tew
-"'•mre. 48. Total ralnf.ll for 24 hours, .40.
Total rainfall for season, 11 8. r >
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crocker are in the
Mr. H. B. PhilHpt, of Oakland, is
stopping at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Topping, of St.
Paul, are at the Hollenbeck.
Ernest Meyers, a wine man of Albu
querque, is staying in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Lockwood, of New
York, are stopping at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. Geo. S. Nickerson, ex-President of
the Santa Fe road, arrived in the city
last night.
The Herald office was indebted to
Count Bozenta, the accomplished bus
hand of Madame Modjeska, for a call
Mr. Al Haymond, the famous
theatrical manager and impresario, is in
Loa Angeles. He is the picture of robust
health and is assisting his partner, Mr.
H. C. Wyatt, in giving completeness and
fclat to the Modjeska season.
There were 49 releases of mortgage put
on record in this county yesterday.
J. W. Davis was yesterday admitted to
practice before the United States Circuit
Cris Carpe disturbed the peace of- Po
mona. and was sent up to the county jail
for ten days.
Wm. Abbott was fined $10, yesterday,
by Justice Lockwood, for calling Deputy
Constable Vignes a liar.
Pat Long pleaded guilty to the charge
of disturbing the peace, in Justice Aus
tin's court yesterday. He will be sen
tenced to-day.
Another Chinese gambling raid was
executed yesterday afternoon, and seven
of the heathens were captured and al
lowed to go on bail.
H. C. Moores jumped off a train near
The Palms day before yesterday, and
managed to fall in such a manner as to
dislocate hi." l shoulder.
J. A. Boot}' was fined $10 yesterday in
Justice Savage's court for having battered
P. H. Lemmert, last Saturday, in the
midst of a discussion of business matters.
Transfers of real estate yesterday
amounted to $170,21:5 and were 88 in
number. Of these 38 were for more than
$1000 each, and 20 were for nominal
A raid was made yesterday evening
by Officers Boland and Bower on a faro
game over the Brunswick saloon. Seven
players were'captured and placed under
bail of $25 each.
Ed. Leibish was taken before Justice
Austin yesterday, charged with having
disturbed a religious meeting at the cor
ner of Fourth and Los Angeles street,
last Saturday night.
A special train of five coaches will to
day convey the passengers to San Pedro
who desire to participate in the excur
sion to Catalina, on Captain Banning's
new steamer the Hermosa. -
A woman of bad character named Lot
tie Williams was arraigned before Justice
Austin yesterday on the charge of having
stolen $20. She will be tried before a
jury on the 6th of next month.
Richard Bradford was arrested yester
day for petit larceny. He was charged
with having stolen a silver watch from
the pocket of a vest which had been
hung up by a workman on Alameda
The insane man, Ed Daford, who la
bors under the illusion that the County
Jail is heaven and the officers there are
all angels, was examined by the com
mission yesterday and will be sent to
University of Michigan graduates are
invited to meet at the office of Louis K.
Webb, University Bank Block, Satur
day, March 2d, at 3 p. m . for the forma
tion of an Alumni Association for South
ern California.
Three small boys were arrested yester
day for stealing coal from the Santa Fe
yard. Their names are James Klause,
Frank Jones and Ed. Starr. They were
taken before Justice Austin and next
Friday set for their trial.
David Hirsh, the peddler who was
charged with embezzling a quantity of
notions and stuff from Max Strahl, was
arrested on a warrant in San Francisco
about ten days ago. He was held to an
swer yesterday at bonds of $250.
C. J. Kindelburger was arraigned in
Justice Savage's Court yesterday on the
charge of grand larceny. His trial was
set for March 18th. It isalleged that he
took a quantity of furniture from the
house of a man by the name of Cobb, in
the town of Alpine.
James D. EcElroy, a famous ball
player, died Sunday at The Needles from
an overdose of morphine, taken by acci
dent. He was formerly pitcher in the
Philadelphias, and has been connected
with a local team tince living in Cali
A novel precedent was inaugurated in
Justice Austin's Court yesterday. A man
by tbe name of Charles Reynolds seems
in a fair way to be punished for stealing
an umbrella. He was charged with the
crime and pleaded guilty. His sentence
was postponed till to-day.
A sign-painter by the name of Charles
Billorf, who was at work tearing down
the wooden awning on the west side of
Spring street, fell through yesterday
afternoon and landed on the sidewalk in
front of Samborn & Vail's store. lie
struck on the end of his spine and was
seriously injured.
Tbe Welsh of Loa Angeles will cele
brate their national holiday, St. David's
Day, by a literary entertainment in the
Union League rooms, next Friday even
ing. Welsh bards will sing Welsh songs,
the old Druidic ceremonies will be per
formed, and Welsh speeches will be de
livered. The exercises will be open to
the public, free of charge.
J. J. Neimon and W. H. Joker, two
color ed Republican politicians and active
workers for the cause, got into a discus
sion and a subsequent fight last election
day. They were taken before Justice
Lockwood yesterday. Jukes plead guilty
and was fined $10. Neimon protested his
innocence of any intention to dißturb the
peace and will be tried to-morrow.
A highway robber stopped Len Strong,
of Norwalk, last Thursday afternoon at 8
o'clock, on the road between Los Nieton
and Rivera. He was a young Mexican
and monntod on a fine-looking horse.
As Strong had no money on bis person
he was allowed to depart after a thorough
searching, under cover of the robber's
Tbe Chamber of Commerce is making
an eflort to influence the directors of the
Carson and Colorado road to continue
the extension down into Owen's valley,
in Inyo county, through to Mojave. The
merchants of Inyo are endeavoring to
organize a wagon freight line across the
desert in order that tbe trade may be
turned in this direction.
A warrant was sworn out in Justice
Sawyer's court yesterday afternoon for
the arrest of .1. C. Johns, R. H. Ramsay
and H. H. Martin, three colored men,
who were present at Colonel Miller's
meeting at the Pavilion last night, and,
it is said, were leaders in the singular
demonstration which took place there,
in which Miller's banner was torn to
A prospector by the name of John
Robinson brought to the Herald office
yesterday some specimens of ore which
he said had been assayed at $310 to the
ton, and of which he had a four-foot
ledge near Acton. He also displayed
some fine red sandstone, the same that
is brought from Arizona at $50 a ton
for freight, which he says can be brought
for $10 a ton.
John Bobo, the colored man who stole
his wife's fine dresses and undertook to
sell them, was taken before Justice Aus
t n yesterday on the charge of grand lar
ceny. Thia was dismissed and a charge
o: petit larceny substituted. He was
found guilty and sentenced to sixty days
in the County Jail, but the sentence was
suspended long enough to allow him to
get out of town.
for 4in I Not uu Impresario?
Mr. Al. Hayman, leasee of the Bald
win Theatre, is in Los Angeles for the
first time to stay since he brought
Madanioiselle Rhea to open the Grand.
A representative of the Herald saw tbe
i rapresario at the Hollenbeck yesterday
for a few minutes and had a chat with
him on theatrical matters, as Los Ange
les is interested in that topic. He stated
that he was more than satisfied with the
reception his attractions have met with
in this city. Mr. Hayman said that, of
course, this place is so far removed from
San Francisco and there being no stand,
not even a one-night one be
tween the two places for the
greater part of his attractions,
the expense of getting a troupe here and
back eats up all the profits of even a suc
cesbful engagement. But that does not
discourage this wide-awake manager,
who wishes to have the Baldwin attrac
tions known all over the coast. He finds
that house of amusement taking the
leading place among all in California,
and there is not a day but he receives
telegrams from aii over the coaßt io re
ceive two or more seats for the evening.
His attractions in Los Angeles have been
particularly successful, and he feele
iLUch encouraged to send to this city the
very best he has.
His special reason for visiting
ht-re now is to accompany Mad
ame Modjeska, who comes to play
a season of a week, supported by a com
cany which Mr. Hayman regards as no
whit behind the Palmer Company of
Nrw York. Early in March he will send
Mr. Wyatt, the manager of the Grand,
Joe Smith Russell, in a play fully the
equal of Denman Thompsou's OW Home
stead. It is known us A Poor Relation.
This will be followed later on by Little
Lord Fauntleroy, with the full cast as it
has been played in New York to im
mense business for the whole winter.
Then will come Mary Anderson, "Our
Mary," in A Wiyiter's Tale. She will
be followed by young Sathern in
Lord Chumley. This artist is said
to be greater than his father
in all the elements of the
dramatic art. After him will come
Booth and Barrett, in a full repertoire
and supported by an excellent company,
and then the Bos'onian English Grand
Opera Company, the best in this line
probably on the American stage. Then
the Lyceum Company in The Wife and
Sweet Lavender will come. This com
pany played the Wife here last winter to
delighted audiences. Augustin Daly's
original company will be a later attrac
tion, at the Baldwin, not to open here.
Rose Caghlan and company will come
here, and after her the Rosina Vokee
Comedy Company in all its strength as
it plays in all the Eastern cities. That
is a bill of artistic fare which a theatrical
sybarite may contemplate wtth satisfac
Next year, as is well known, Mr. Booth
is to star with Madame Modjeska as a
companion luminary of fully equal splen
dor and magnitude. It is to be Booth
and Modjeska as it is Booth and Barrett.
Mr. Barrett is to manage for the stars,
and a very clever manager he is. For a
future attraction it is hoped that a com
bination will be formed in which Barrett
will join Booth and Modjeska and make
a really brilliant galaxy of histrionic
Then news reaches America that Mr.
Marcus Mayer has induced Madame
l'atti to sign for thirty performances in
New York next December. The diva
may be induced to vieit the Coast again
after this engagement is fulfilled.
Bernhardt hai decided not to visit
America again earlier than 1800. She
will, of course, come to the Baldwin late
in that year. By that time Los Angeles
will no doubt have reached such a
growth and cosmopolitan status that the
divine Sara may be induced to come
The Depot Railway.
(hecond-strekt horsk-cak line.)
Shortest line from the business center
of town to railroad depots. Southern
Pacific cars carry green flags. Those
going to Santa Fe depot cany red flags,
t/'ars leave corner of Second and Spring
streets for each depot every six minutes.
E. Adams' 98c White Shirt.
Well worth $1.50, cannot be beat. Patented
continuous strip applied to the back opening
snd sleeves At E. Adams', 15 South Spring
Furnishing Goods, Valises, Etc.
At 10 per cent, discount from regular marked
prices, at corner Spring & First. Mullen, Bin -
Don't Pay $1.60 for Other Brands
W hen yon can get the Crown for less.
Hat, drink and be merry, for to-morrow you
m»y de. Orand Republic Clgarros are what
you want.
Beecham'a Fills act 111 se magic on a weak
For fancy Formosa Oolongs, H. Jevne.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
On Tuesday.
A lot of children's merino shirts, size* 18, 20.
22 and 24, such as you pay 40 ceuts for, at 19
ccuta each.
A I-1 of boys' merino shirts and drawers, silk
binding, close knit, sizes 20 to Si, worth $1 25,
for 05 cents a suit.
A lot of ladies' corsets, heavily boned and
corded, hook, double busk, silk embroid
ered, 49 ci nts eoch
A lot of Novelty shoulder brace, skirt and
hose supporter combined, for 25 cents tho
A lot of ladles' full-fashioned, extra long, last
black hosiery, all sizes, st 19 ecu's a pair.
A lot of sk in embroidery silk, in nil colors,
at (i skeio s for 5 cents.
A lot oi ladies' kid gloves, all sizes, r.pera
Bhaden, at 25 cents a pair, four and five buttotis
A lot o( large sins,WOV-adesign*, heavy white
Marseilles bed spreads at 811 ceuts each.
A l' t of 18x8t> Inches colored border Damask
towels at 12% cents each.
A lot of plaid sbirting, cheviot in browns,
blues nnd streens, at 9 ceuts a yard.
A lot of men's ribbed wool shaker socks at
11 cents a pair.
A lot of mcv's moleskin summer weight over
shi'ts 40 cents each.
Alotof men's good webbing, patent brsided
end. suspenders at 15 cents a pair.
A lot of ebony handle, steel marker, traciug
wheels at 10 ceuts each.
A lot of men's black «ilk bows, 5 cents each.
A lot of boys' linen cellars,, Itim down 7 cents
209 South Sp'lug street, bet. Ihird aud Fourth.
Tbe new Southern Pacific railroad depot is
vow finished and will be occupied iv a few
days. WoKsklll Orchaicl lots now offered for
sale at a great bargaiu. Cal) early for a selec
tion. Terms most liberal.
Los AiraiLßS Land Bciieac,
No. 20 West First, street; or on the tract, coruer
Filth street and Wolfskin avenue.
E. Adams, the Clothier.
This week special sale of black dress suits iv
sacks aii.l (rocks. $15 black dress suits will
go (or $!) 50. $20 bliek dress suits will go for
$14; #25 black dress suits will go for $18
Entire wheat flour, a boon to invalids, can be
had at Jevne's.
Consult Mrs. Dr. Wells.
Uterine and rectal disoas°s treated with skill
by her new paiule-s method. Prompt relief
from first treatment Ca lat office for city ref
erences from hopeless cat,es cured 400 Fort
street, corner Fifth.
Eye, Ear and Throat Diseases.
Dr 8. M. Slocum, lately associated with the
celebrated Dr. Sadler, is now Incited at No.
320 South Main street, "Moro Castle " lieif
dess, noises in the ears, discharges from the
ears, cstdrrli and throat disease* most Hucce=B
-fully treated. Operations ou the eye skillfully
performed. Free consultation from 9a. if. to
Sr i ; Sundays, 12 M. to 2 I', m.
Absolutely Pure.
The powder never vanee. A model of purity
and wholsomeneaf. More economical than the
ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in com no
tition with the multitudes of low test, shor
weight, slum of phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans, Soval Baking Powdbb Co . 10G Wall
TILE CO.. San Frsncisco. Agents. d4-4m
Throat Diseases. Bronchitis,
Together with diseases of tho
Successfully treated by
ML Hilton Williams.
M. D.. M. CP. S. 0..
Cor. Snilng and Second Sts., Los Angeles, Cal.
Consumption Can Be Cured.
This has been demonstrated in thousands
of cases treated by
l» 11. W 1 I, L 1 A !W S.
With his new system of medicated inhalations,
also the oxygen and compound oxygen treat
ment, combined with proper constitutional
remedies for the liver, stomach, blood, etc.
Probably no system of practice ever adopted
has been so universally successful as that in
troduced by llr. Wl'llams for the cure of
Catarrh, Throat Diseases, Bronchitis, Asthma
and Consumption.
Catarrh is often regarded by the patient as a
cold in the head, and he often expr sseshis
astonishment st hit remartable tendency to
noutr ct a fresh cold. Indeed, he declares he
is scarcely free from one cold before he takes
another; and ,« is always exceedingly careful.
It is also a matter of surprise to him that the
«---lit always seems to settle ln the head and
At times many of the symptoms of Catarrh
may seem to abtte, and the patient is led to
hope that the diseas is about to wear off: but
another class of symptoms soon appear, and be
learns to his horror that instead of recovery
from the disease it is somewhat changed in its
character and hes extendeo to the throat. A
sense of weariness is lometimes felt in read
ing, spcuking or Blm in-. lnm-i ;:e-- attij.es
occurs, a ensatlon of dryness is sometimes el
iv the throat, or it appears that some fureign
substance, as, for instance, a hair, obstructed
the throat: there becomes a sense of languor
and fatigue, the br«nth leu-ens upon a little
exertion, a short, hacking cough, a peculiar
sound in clearing tbe throat, a feeling ss though
there was not room enough iv the • hest to
breathe; these and other symptoms occur alter
the dlsiase has made considerable progress.
Then it is a time when consumption is about to
begin its dreadful work. Up to 'his point the
progress of the disease may have been slow, and
the patient msy ln expressing his confident
hope that It will ' wear off," declare that he has
bad the catarrh for years and has not seemed to
become much worse, aud trus's he will "by
aud by" recover. But this delusion 1b the
grand error which has peopled our c, roetcries
with consumptive forms, as all forms of
catarrh end finally in consumption.
Inhalations are applicable ia ell diseases of
the respiratory orgaus, but must be prepared
for each individual case as they severally re
By tbe employment of proper tnhalation In
the form of in • d tested vapor (not steam or
spray) we are able to produce immediate and
direct action upon the diseased surface in the
pharynx and nasil passages, for air will find its
way into tbe most remote aud iutrleate cavities,
where it is Impossible to make fluid appllca
tlons. By these m ans every case can be cured.
Persons des'ring treatment by this system of
practice can use tne remedies at borne as well
a> at our office, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance to business whatever.
I have seen so many of the c cares cured that
I do not consider any case hopeless unless both
lungs are seriously involved. Even then
the inhalations aid us iv dissolving the
mucus and in contracting and healing the cav
ities, which nothing eiec can do with the same
The very best references from those already
Those who desire to consult with me in regard
to their cases had better call at my otllce for
consultation and examination, but if impos
sible to do so, can write (or a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a list of question*
Corner Second snd Spring sts.. Los Angeles
Office hours, frcm 0 a m to 4 ■•■ m .
» (Bkysox Block, Near Second.)
And will opijn WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, with a complete new line of Ladies',
Children's and Infants' wear, fancy goods, noslery, corsets, ribbons, kid gloves, lace
curtains, yarns, Ladies' jorseys, etc.
The Sun that Dims the Stars.
Davis Vertical Feed Sewing Machine
Head Office for the DAVIS BEWINO MACHINE for Southern California. Every Davis Sewing
Machine warranted for 10 years. Sold on Easy Time Payments of $5 per month
at 22 South Maiu street, Los Angeles.
Awarded First P-ize at Los Angeles Fair .1886 I First Prize lor best and most durable Fam-
California State Fair, Sacramento ...... 1886 lly Sewing Machine, Los Angeles Fair. .1887
Downey Fair 1886 First Prize, Santa Barbara Fair 1888
Santa Barbara Fair 1886, First Prize, Pomological Fair, Los Angeles 1888
Silver Medal, San Francisco Mechanics' First Prize, Agricultural Fair, Los Angeles 1888
Fair 1886 I f 1 tn f ri&sun tf
571, 573. 575 North Main Street.
3 Ucittand ®> s
PHOTOS. jjjjiiii.i. 3 PHOTOS.
Realizing the stringency of the money market, I have reduced the price of my
Photos from $5 to $3 per Dozen.
Having been ten years ln business in Chicago, and three years in this city, I can guar
antee a first-clsss photo, equal to the very best made, and invite compark.ou with
higher price work. French, English and German spoken.
J. T. BERTRAND, 413 N. Mam at , opp. Plaza.
KALAMAZOO, MICH., Manufacturer of
Society Regalia, Costumes, Paraphernalia and Uniforms.
The Finest Goods in the Mavltot.
Give us a trial and yon will have no cause to regret having done so.
F. H. COY, Manager, 118 W. First St., Los Angeles.
P. O. BOX 3im. jOTSm
-:- Grrocers,
33, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles Street,
Telephone 770,. LOS NGELES. CAL
17 3m
Itladc Instantly
mm & co,
50 North Spring St.
Hen's Furnishing Goods.
Closing Out Sale
$25,000 Worth
At a Sacrifice!
Every Dollar's Worth must be sold out
during the next few weeks.
Not being able to find a much larger
and more suitable store at a fair rental,
we have decided to close out our business
as soon as possible, and will therefore
sell our s'.ock at a sacrifice.
mm s co.
Successfully treated by
Hrj unii.Koncbruhc Block,
OlTgea is widely known for its life giving
and vitalizing power; and inhalations of this
potent agent in its various forms, ox vjirn
gua nitrogen, ill on oxide, peroxide
of hydrngni, ozone, etc.,combined with
medicated iv halations and specific internal rem
edies, constitute a treatment that is unrivaled
in its effects.
A I,ending New York Physician,
In speaklugof the use of the mixed gasses, says a
few weeks' treatment will usually be followed by
"Increased activity of the digestive, assimilative
and excretory functions; hence follows relief
of chronic constipation and retnrn of normal
appetite; dyspnoea from any cause may be re
lieved, severe asthma not excepted, the treat
ment proving almost a specific: softening and
resorption of morbid deposits of every char
acter, whether lympbous. tuberculous or can
cerous; habitual headaches and neuralgias of
almost every form, even chronic sciatica cured
or materially alleviated; marked increase in
the breathing capacity; progressive 'toning-up'
of the muscular and neivous systems; restora
tion of voice ln some cases of nervous aphonia
and lost vocal power; removal of inveterate in
somnia; invigoration of impaired or declining
virile power, and,in a word.increased mental
and physical vigor. Nor are these results
merely temporary, as from stimulation. They
are essentially permanent and substantial."
Hours—lo to 12, 2t05,7 to 8.
W. I. HOWARD, 31. 11.,
Rooms 13 and 14, Bryson-Bonebrake Block.
j024 lm
Makes the Bast Fitting Clothes
in the State at 26 per cent less
than any other Tailor on the
Pacific Coast.
Suits made $25i?
Pants made 10 f Zm R 6^2?
208 Monteonery Street,
724 Market and 111. 1 & 1112 Market St
105, 107 and 109 Santa Clara Street,
49 and 51 South Soring Street, and
263 north Main Wet;
1021 &1023 Fourth Street. SAN DIEGO.
542-501 Buerta Vista St.,
Los Angeles.
Adjoining Southern Pacific Ground

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