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Kevemmrntlrd hy the Bar Assocla- ,
tion of I.oa Angeles. (
The meeting of the Bar Association of \
Los Angeles yesterday forenoon had a i
momentous front. Nearly two hundred
lawyers were assembled to take action '
regarding the appointment of two addi
tional Judges to the Lob Angeles County
Superior Court, as legalized by the re
cent action of the State Legislature. The
meeting was called to order by Cornelius
W. Pendleton, who moved that Judge
W. P. Gardiner be elected chairman,
and the motion was unanimously carried.
M. J. Ashmore was elected secretary.
A somewhat stormy discussion then
ensued as to the action ot the Association
regarding the appointments. Judge
Carpenter thought that Governor Water
man had the constitutional power to
select the judges, bat that the Associa
tion might recommend anybody it chose.
He had already endorsed his choice.
Hon. J. Marion Brooks did not think
that a body of lawyers, largely Demo
cratic, ought to dictate to a Republican
Governor. He objected to the appoint
ment of San Bernardino lawyers. R. A.
Ling moved that the Governor be recom
mended to appoint members of the
Los Angeles bar. After a heated discus
sion the motion was put and carried.
Upon motion of Judge Louis Gotts
chalk it was decided that the nomination
of candidates should be made without
debate or speechifying.
The motion of Judge Fitzgerald that
allmemberswho voted beinhonor bound
to stand by the result, was carried after
a tumultuous debate, in which Major
Mitchell and Hon. J. Marion Brooks
were foremost, the former antagonistic
and the latter in favor of binding the
Governor also.
At this juncture Judge Carpenter
stated that he would be forced to with
draw from the meeting, but was pre
vailed upon to remain.
Judge Stephens then moved that the
ballot he proceeded with, and the motion
was adopted.
After some wrangling, it was decided
that all who had been admitted to prac
tice before the Superior Courts were en
titled to vote. The following candidates
were then placed in nomination: Lncien
Shaw, George H. Holton, Samuel Can
field, J. W. McKinley, seconded by
Frank P. Kelly; Thomas Mitchell, W. I.
Foley. The names of A. W. Hutton
and G. Wiley Wells were also presented
presented, but withdrawn.
The voice of the meeting was expressed
in the first ballot in the following result:
McKinley 97
Shaw • 09
Holton 25
Folev 10
Canflelfl 14
Mitchell 14
The total number of votes cast was 116.
Considerable speculation was rife upon
the streets as to how the Governor would
treat the action of the Association. It
was thought by some that the building
of the new county of Orange would take
the prospective judges from the old to
the new county as part of the dismem
The Deliberation* ot the Worthy
Comity Father*.
Thursday, March 7.
The Board of Supervisors met yester
day, all the members present.
The Surveyor was instructed to make
a snrvey of the San Jose road.
The petition of the Surveyor for a
draughtsman was read and filed.
The petition of the Justice of tbe Peace
of Pasadena for dockets was denied, as
being beyond the power of the Board
to grant.
It was agreed to readvertise for bids
for painting the county bridgeß, the
award to S. S. Watßon having been re
The Chairman was instructed to con
tinue the work of strengthening and re
pairing the wall at the County Jail.
A. petition for the appointment of W.
A. Moore as road overseer of the San
Pedro district was received and filed.
The Wilmington andCerritos road was
ordered to be ueclared a public highway.
A warrant for $115 was drawn on the
Ballona Road District Fund in favor of
Mrs. Farias for a deed for certain land on
the line of the National Boulevard.
A communication from the bar, ia re
the Court Journal, was laid on the table,
and the Clerk instructed to inform the
bar that the matter would have the best
consideration of tbe Board.
Bids for a hospital site were opened
and taken under consideration, and the
Chair appointed this morning for the in
spection of the proposed sites.
The petition of the Agricultnral Park
Association for the vacation of streets
was granted. The street way along the
sooth line of Agricultural Park, from the
west line of Figueroa street to the east
line of Agricultural avenue, was, on
petition, abandoned.
The report of V. J. Rowan, map
maker, was received and filed.
The petition asking for the opening of
the Cahuenga Pass road was referred to
Supervisor Davis, with power to act.
The Farmer on the County Farm was
allowed $70 per month from the time of
hie taking the position, and the Matron
$30 from February Ist.
The petitioners relative to the Santa
Monica cliff road were notified to file a
new petition.
A petition for a change of road be
tween Orange and Garden Grove was
granted, subject to the presentation of
the proper deeds.
A petition relating to the Santiago
creek bridge was passed for future
The Clerk was instructed to advertise
for contracts for burying the indigent
dead for one year.
It was agreed that if the city take the
initiative in the matter of the bridge on
Boyle avenue the county would bear a
fair proportion of the expense.
A petition for tbe vacation of Willard
street, Pasadena, was granted.
The opinion of the District Attorney
favorable to the request of the Chamber
of Commerce tor $25 a month, to be ex
pended in promoting immigration, was
received and filed.
The Board adjourned to this morning.
Raining Dp North and Lowering
The weather is again very threatening
snd the farmers are not at all sorry for
another good rain at the present time
would help the cereals along wonder
fully. Reports received by the Southern
Pacific at 4 P. m. yesterday showed the
weather throughout the State to be as
Cloudy and calm in the Los Angeles, i
Santa Ana and San Fernando valleys, ]
and gathering clouds as far as Indio.
From Balton south, however, all depots •
reported "calm and clear," so the ■
gtorm is therefore blowing down
from the North. The following
private dispatch to Mr. A. N. Towne ex- <
plains the condition of things in the '
upppr country : "It is raining heavily at
San Francisco and the north, with a big
storm raging in the mountains. It is also
cloudy and beginning to rain in the San
Joaquin. The barometer is low and fall
ing steadily, and the wind continues to
blow strongly from the southeast. The
prospects for a steady rain are good."
1 m& COURTS.
Thursday, March 7, 1889.
Department 1— Cheney, J.
The motion to dissolve the temporary
restraining order granted by the Court in
the matter of the construction of the
viaduct on First street over the railway,
was argued and submitted.
Department 8--Clark. J.
Estate ot F. E. Reeves, deceased-
Conveyance ; continued till March 14th,
at 10 a. m.
Estate of Orrin Fairbanks, deceased-
Will admitted to probate and bond
Estate of Mancy G. Bernard, deceased
—Will admitted to probate and bond
Estate of Charles B. Warren, de
ceased —Will admitted to probate; bond
Estate of Kimball Hardy, deceased —
Probate of will taken under advisement.
Estate of Michael H. Murphy, de
ceased —Petition for letters of adminis
tration granted.
Estate of Thomas Dunn, deceased —
Petition for homestead granted.
Estate of S. W. Osterhaut—Petition
for probate of will continued till March
14th at 10 a. v.
Estate and guardianship of the Morris
minors—Sale of realty confirmed.
Estate of A. T. Brooks, deceased-
Petition for letters of administration con
tinued till March 28th at 10 a. m.
Estate of John A. Hutton, deceased—
Probate of will continued till March 14th
at 10 a. m .
Estate of C. D. Hant-comb, deceased —
Confirmation of sale of personality con
tinued till March 14th at 10 a. m.
Estate of John O'Connor—Petition for
settlement of accounts continued till
March 14th at 10 a. m.
Estate of Piiny T. Crowell—Probate
of will continued till March 14th at 10
A. Ba
Department 3—Wade, J.
Willamette 8. M. & L. Co. vs. Los An
geles College Co. —On trial.
Department 4—Van Dyke, J.
Moore vs. Long Beach Dev. Co.—Con
tinued to April 3d.
McLaughlin vs. Clausen —Motion on
demurrer denied.
Barmore et al. vs. San Pasqual School
District —Decree signed and filed.
Barrett vs. Southern Pacific Railroad—
On trial.
New caaea.
H. S. Parcels brings suit against his
son, Charles S. Parcels, to have a certain
i deed given by defendant to plaintiff in
i security for the payment of $10,000.
i loaned money, ueclared an absolute
mortgage and foreclosed, and the prem
ises sold at Sheriff's sale.
J. F. Holbrook sues A. J. Spencer and
B. S. Spencer to foreclose a lien on the
east half of lot 87, in the American
Colony tract, for well-boring material
furnished by plaintiff to defendant to the
value of $444 90.
William Taylor sues Adele Lalande to
recover the value of a promis.-ory note
, granted to G. W. Clark & Co. by defend
ant, and afterwards assigned to plaintiff.
J. W. McCullasues Samuel Hook and
' Lavinia Hook to recover $850 in name of
damages sustained by plaintiff through
) the false representations of defendants as
i to the value of certain property in Min
neapolis which they traded to plaintiff
for Pasadena property,
i A. W. Davis sues R. H. Innes to re
cover the value of two promissory notes
for $3000 each, secured by mortgage, and
to have said mortgage foreclosed.
The Date When "tree KicariUni"
Wttl Ceaae.
An important dispatch, relative to the
handling of the second-class tourist
traffic in this section, was yesterday re
ceived by Mr. J. B. Quigley, the vigilant
upholder in this territory of the Burling
ton's interest. It stated that the Union
Pacific's contracts with the "free excur
sion" agencies will expire the last day
of March, and that after that date the
managers of parties will have to pay the
full Pullman rates. This accounts for
the fact that, in spite of the capture of
1 the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific
tourist cars by Pullman, "free excur
sions" are still advertised at some of the
offices in this city, and on and after the
Ist of March, therefore, their special ar
rangements will go under. The Burling
ton has, however, secured for itself au
advantageous position on the ques
tion by its traffic arrangement
with the Denver and Rio Grande,
which road is still running
in its own interests, an eyesore, doubt
less, to the great Pullman company. By
paying Pullman's charges of $2 from this
city to Ogden, the Burlington will then
take its patrons into its own hands and
take them in specially equipped cars to
Denver, and from there to Chicago in
roclining chair cars free of charge. As
the other lines will have to charge $4 for
the sleeping accommodations to Chicago,
as against the $2 by the Burlington, tbe
situation becomes plain, and there will
doubtless be another howl of opposition
sent up.
A Ralae of Hates.
To-day the advanced rates on canned
goods will go into effect, the freight
tariff therefor becoming $1.20 per 100
pounds to all points East. The shippers
are very indignant at the raise, and
think that a special meeting of the Trans
continental Association should be called
to hear their complaints. They say that
instead of an advance, tbe rates should
be reduced ts 90 cents, and it is reported
that Traffic Manager Stubbs, of the
Southern Pacific, and Freight Agent W.
A. Bissell, of the Atlantic and Pacific,
are of the same opinion.
Marriage l.lcenaea.
The following licenses to wed were
issued by the County Clerk yesterday:
John Kennedy, a native of Pennsyl
vania, and Virginia L. Hall, a native of
Felipe Botiller and Elena Botiller, both
natives of California.
Emil Quast and Henrietta Kohler,
both natives of Germany.
The Richardson it Granger Company
have filed articles of incorporation to
deal in agricultural implements, etc., in
this city. Capital stock, $50,000. and
George F. Granger, of Pasadena, and J.
T. Richardson, George H. Kimball,
Seward Cole and Charles S. Miles, of Los
Angeles, directors.
For fancy For moat oolongs. H. Jevne.
'Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
Depot Jottings.
Messrs. A. N. Towne and C. P. Hunt
ington were in the City of Mexico yester
Several carloads of gravel are being
put down at the end of the Wolfskill
Passenger Agent L. J. Keyes, of the
California Southern, has gone over to
San Bernardino.
The Southern Pacific's pay-car will ar
rive to-day from El Paso and will leave
for Santa Barbara.
General Manager Dan McCool, of the
Santa Fe, left yesterday afternoon in his
special car for San Bernardino.
A special train of Raymond & Whit
comb excursionists will pull out of Santa
Barbara to-day for San Francisco.
North-bound travel was very heavy on
the Southern Pacific yesterday. No". 18
took three Pullmans to San Francisco.
Mr. F. W. Thompson, the Rock
Island's Southern California representa
tive, left on the noon train yesterday for
the north.
Mr. H. N. Van Arnam, Passenger
Agent for the Southern Pacific, returned
to town yesterday and has taken up bis
quarters at the Westminster.
Messrs. J. B. Quigley, of the Burling
ton. Amos Burr, of the Vanderbilt, and
J. W. Adams, of tbe Chicago and Alton,
returned yesterday from Santa Barbara.
Tha passenger conductors on the
Southern Pacific have started a craze of
shaving off their mustaches. The result
is not on the whole considered satisfac
Notice to the Public.
Office of Insurance Commissioner, )
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 7, 1889.)
To all whom it may concern:
Satisfactory evidence having been fur
nished me that a company, styling itself
the "Fidelity Mutual Life Association of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania," is solicit
ing life insurance in this State by one
William Alrichs, representing himself as
general agent, at Los Angeles, Cal., I
hereby give notice that the said Life
Association is not authorized to transact
business in this State; that all its pol
icies issued are null and void, and any
one soliciting business for it is liable to
prosecution under the Penal Code of the
State. J. C. L. Wadswobth,
Insurance Commissioner.
Meeting of Members of the Bar.
The undersigned, a Committee of the
Bar Association of Los Angeles, have
been directed by the Association to in
vite a meeting oi the members of tbe
Bar for the purpose of taking such action
with reference to the vacant judgeships,
as may seem proper to the meeting;
and for that purpose the members of the
Bar are requested to meet at Judge
Clark's court room at 10 o'clock a. m.
this Thursday, the 7th day of March,
1889. C. W. Pendleton.
R. N. Bulla.
George H. Smith.
Temecula Hot Sulphur Springs,
On the Santa Fe railroad. If yon need rest, if
yon are sick witb blood, kidney, bladder, skin
or nervous diseases, go to Temecula, where you
will be treated honestly, and at a reasonable
rate, by Dr. Alex, de Borra, who has for the
past twenty years beeu engaged in maneging
sanitariums. Address me, Marietta, Ban Diego
county, Cal.
The ladles of the Christian Chnrch will give
a "Longfellow Evening" at the church, No. 53
Temple street, Friday evening, March Sth, at
8 o'clock. Avery entertaining programme of
music and lecitations has been arranged, in
which Miss Mamie Short aud a number of
popular amateurs will assist. Admission, 25
The Hand-Me-Down Style
Doesn't go at E. Adam's, tbe clothier, 15 South
Spring street. _
Entire wheat flour, a boon to invalids, can be
had at Jevne's.
The Reduction of Prices
To make room for spring stock has caused a big
rush at E. Adams, the one price clothier, 15
South Spring street.
Genuine Java and Mocha coffees, freshly
roasted, at H. Jevne's.
Decrease Your Doctor's Bills
I By using Crown Flour.
Any Reasonable Man
Can get satisfaction at £. Adam's one Price
Clothing Stole, 15 South Spring street
The Oldest Brand on the Coast.
Crown Flour. Try it.
There Is No Place Like Home,
I but what is home without CrowH Flour.
The Best and Lightest Bread
Is made from Crown Flour.
Albert biscuits, Dresden waters, all flavors,
and lull assortment of crackers, at H. Jevne's.
The Light Running "Domestic" agency has
removed to 207 South Spring street.
TENTS at Foy's harness Shop, 217LosAngele«
Oustom's Injuries.
Described by a Noted London Dentist
37 Hioh Holbjbn, London. W. C.
Gentlemen : I consider the bristle tooth brash
has to answer in no little measure for tne re
ceding gums around the necks of the teeth so
constantly brought to our notice. After thor
oughly tooting the
I have no hesitation in saying that any one who
nses It for one week will never «n back 'to the old
bristle brush with its attendant miseries of Loose
Bristles and Constantly Woundrd Gum*.
Faithfully yours,
J. SHIPLEY SLIPPER, Dantal Surgeon.
Its Economy. Holder (imperishable) 35
cents. Polishers only need be renewed, 18
(boxed) 85 cents. Dealers or mailed.
HORSEY M'F'M CO., Iltlca, N. Tf.
Only Genuine System nl'Memory Trnining.
Four Hooks Learned In one reading.
Mind wandering cured.
Every rhild and ndulc srrently benefitted.
Great inducements to Correspondence Classes,
Prospectus, with opinions of Dr. Win. A. Ham
mond, tlx, worlii-teiufd Hpecialint in Mind Disuses,
DnnnUiri.iil.iit Thompson, the itreat Psychol
<«iirt, J. HI. Hiirkley, K]&aaT(ornf the Christian
Advocate. V )'. Itii hiird I'roi lor, tho Scientist.
llon*..luili/o <:il>»on, Juilnli I. Ileii jniuili, ami
ytnen*, sent i*mt free by
Prof. A. I.OINETTE, 23T Fifth Aye., N. Y.
f26-tu fAwky3m
The On I > Reliable Optical Institute,
131-133 8. Spring St, L. A. Theater Bldg.
Testing ol eyes free. Grinding of lenses to order
a specialty. No peddlers employed. I use my
own name only. Absolute perfect fitting guar
auteed where glasses are required. fit 12m
Paper Dealers and Bookbinders.
109 North I.os Angeles Street,
Cor. Fort and Second Sts.. Los Angeles.
Subscribed Capital $500,000
Paid up Capital $300,000
Surplus 920,000
di hectors :
Hervey Lindley, J. C. Kays, E. W. Jones
Joan Bernard, J. Fraukcnflold.
H.G. Newhall President
H. C. Witmer Vloo-Preaident
T. J. Weldon. Cashier.
J. M. Witmer, Assistant Cashier.
General Banking and Exchange Business
transacted. Jy4 4m
Isaias W. Hellman President
L. C. Goodwin Vice-Presidout
Capital (paid up) - - 9500,000.
Surplus and Reserve Fund 750,000.
TotaL - - - 91,250,000.
O. W. Chllds, C. E. Thorn, Jose Mascarel, J
B. Lankershim C. Dncommuu, Philippe Oar
nier. L. C. Goodwin, L. L, Bradbury, Isaias W.
O. W. Chllds, L. L. Bradbury, Philippe Gar
nier, J .vies B. Lankershim, T. L. Duque, Jose
Maicarel, Chas. Ducommnn, Andrew tilassoll,
Cameron E. Thorn, Domingo Amestoy, Louis
Polaski, L. C. Goodwin, Prestley C. Baker, L.
J. Rose, Frank Lecouvreur, Oliver H. Bliss
Sarah J. Lee. Estate D. Solomon, Chris. Henne
Jacob Kuhrta, Isaias W. Hellman. ml
Capital, 9200,000.00.
40 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Issias W. Hellman, 0. W. Chllds, Eugene
Germain, 8. A. Fleming, F. N. Myers, J. F.
Sartorl, T. L. Duque. J. A. Graves, J. 0 Daly,
Morris 8. Hellman. Thomas Meredith, Samuel
Polaski, John P. Moran, J. L Cherry, Nathan
Well, Isldor Polaski, W. M. Caswell, R. Y. Me-
Bride, James 11. Shaukland, John H. Bartle, U.
W. Perkins, J. T. Moore, A. J. Brown, President
Fourth National Bank of Grand Rapids, M. B.
Shaw, Mariuus Amperscc, Josle C, Thompson
of Kalamazoo, Mich.
5 percent Interest Paid on Deposits.
Money loaned on ranches and oity property
at lowest rates of interest.
Bonds and mortgages bought and sold.
Savings deposits solicited.
Call for by-laws. fl7-lm
Temple Block, Los Angeles, Oal
Capital Stock Paid Up, 9100,000.
Reserve Fund, $100,000.
JOHN E. PLATER President
R. 8. BAKER Vice-President
H. L. Macnell, Jotham Blxby,
John E. Plater, Robert 8. Baker,
John A. Paxton, Goo. W. Prescott,
Geo. H. Stewart.
Buy and Sell Exchauge on San Fran
Cisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and
Bay Exchange on all parte of tho United Stater
and Europe.
Receive Money on open account and cer
tificate of deposit, and do a general banking
and exchange business.
RESERVE $205,000.
E. F. SPENCE .. President
J. D. BICKNELL Vice-Presldont.
J. M. ELLIOTT Casbler
G. B. SHAFFER Assistant Cashier
Directors—E. F. Spence, J. D. Blcknell, 8. H
Mott, Wm. Lacy, J. ». Craux, H. Msbury
J. M. Elliott ml
No. 119 New High street.
capitalstocx paid up - - - - $100,000
R. M. WIDNEY- • • • President
GEO. L.ARNOLD .... Cashier
R. M. Widney, chas. A. Warner.
D. O. Miltimobm C. M. Wells.
8. W. Little, l. J. P. Mo it kill,
D. R. Risley.
Eight per cent, bonds secured by first mort
gage on real estate, with Interest payable semi
annually, are offered to Investors of $250 and
upwards. ang9-tf
L. N. BREED President
WM. F. BOSBYSHELL Vice-President
C. N. FLINT Cashier
Paid-in Capital $200,000
Surplus 20,000
Authorized Capital 500,000
Directors—L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, H. A
Barclay, Charles E. Day, E. C. Bosbyshell, M.
Hagan, Frank Rader. Louis GottßChalk, D.
Remlck, Thos. Goss, WllUam F. Bosbyshell.
CAPITAL $100,000
L. C. GOODWIN President
W. M. CASWELL. Secretary
I. W. Hellman, John E. Plater,
Robert 8. Baker, John A. Paxton.
l. C. Goodwin.
Term deposits will be received In sums oi
$100 and over. Ordinary deposits in sums o'.
$10 and over.
Money to loan on first-class real estate,
Los Angeles, Jnly 1. 1884. mltf
Cob.' First and Spring Btb.
Capital $500,000 00
Sdbplds and Undivided Profits. 50,000 00
Total $550,000 00
GEO. H. BONEBRAKE President.
JOHN BRYSON, 8b Vice-President
F. C. HOWES Cashier.
Db. W. G. Cochban, H. H. Mabkham.
Peeby M. Green, John Bryson, 8b„
Db, H, Sinsabaugh, F. C. Howes,
George H. Bonebrake.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cltlci
of the United States and Enrope. JyB
"Wine Grower,
Manufacturer of and Dealer In
H. BOETTCHER, cor. of San Pedro and
_ Jefferson sts.. Loa Angeles, Cal. fe7 2m
542-561 Buena Vista St.,
Los Angeles.
Adjoining Pacific Ground
University s California.
tures will commence Monday, March 4th.
For particulars address R. A. McLean M. D
Dean, 003 Merchant street, Sau Francisco, Oil,
124-14t *
DR. STEIN Hz* rtT'a
Essence of Life
Sold tor 30 years In Europe and on the Pacific
ESSENCE OF LIFE cnrei permanently the
worst cases of nervous debility, physical weak
ne s, exhausted vitality, youthful abases, ex
cesses, and tbe like Diseases of men however
Induced and no matter how Inveterate, speed
ily, thoroughly snd permanently cured by the
PRICEB—S2.SO, in liquid or pill form, or five
times the quantity, $10.
Call or address—
1 lb% West First Street, Room 2,
Ornci Hocus—9 a. m. to 4r. m. Sunday—lo
to 1 o'clock.
Gonorrhoea and skin diseases treated and cured
by a graduated specialist Oflice hours Irom
10 to 3, 115W West First street, room 2. Ad
vice and treatment by mail. AddreßS, BFE
TO fcTlj N FOR iDNATfi.
ness, Impotency and Lost Manhood permanent
ly cured, The sick and afflicted shonld not fail
to call upon him. The Doctor has traveled ex
tensively in Europe' and inspected thoronghly
the various hospitals there, obtaining a great
deal of valuable information, which he is com
petent to Impart to those in need oi his services.
The Doctor cures where others fail. Try him.
DR. GIBBON will make no charge unless he
effects a cure. Persons at a distance CURED AT
HOME. All oomtaunicati.ms strictly confiden
tial. All letters answered in plain envelopes,
Send ten dollars for a package of medicine
Call or write. Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, Box
1957, San Francisco, Cal.
Mention Los Angeles Herald. dIO tf
A Speedy Cure Warranted.
all private syphilitic, urinary, skin and
blood diseases, female complaints, and all
such diseases as are brought snout by indiscre
tion and excesses, $1. Dr. Bell's French Wash
cures all private disea es, blood poison, old
sores aud ulcers, G. and G., In two or three days,
91. No preparation ou earth equal to it. For
ssle only at the Herlln Drue sitore, 405U
Noutli Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. jl-3m*
f,ssnjflasaw ■ Big G has given unfver
jffflyy^' v sat satisfaction in the
/ggyi TO 5 core of Gonorrhoea and
Lilcct -1 prescribeitand
BBHSf 1 feel safe in recommend-
MM yrd«ubyu» sofrerers.
MfWUa.SlktJOj' *, j. sTO M:,t, H.D.,
Decatur 111
i. s Sold by Druggists.
Jals 12m
Druggist and Chemist.
No. 122 N. main St., I.os Angeles, Cal.
Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
night. I2ltf
So IH SPRING ST., Opposite Nadeau Hotel
mAHSHCTZ, Tbe Optician,
m 3 12m Manager.
Two Positive Bargains
New ._. $228.
A $1,000 New Cabinet Grand
Upright, Mahogany Case,
Good as New $325.
At 218 South Main Street.
Los ADgeles & Pacific R'y Co,
Leave Los Angeles.
10:00 a. H 9:00 A. M
2:00 P. H 10:00 A.M
5:40 r. M 11:20 a si
1:30 p. M
6:00 v. M
Leave Sauta Monica.
8:00 A. II 8:00 a. M
12:40 p. H 10:10 a. h
4:20 P. M 11:25 a. M
3:30 p. v
4:30 p. M
Packages and freight carried to Santa Monica
and all points on tne road at reasonable rates.
Leave Los Angeles.
7:20 A.M 10:00 A.M
10:30 a. M '11:30 a. v
1:45 p. M • 1:30 r M
4:00 p. m * 2:30 p. M
0:00 p. M 3:30 p. M
1 6:00 P. M
Leave Hurkanß.
0:00 A. M 10:40 a. M
8:00 A.M 4:40 P. M
11:18 A.M
3:25 P. M
4:40 p, v I
'Goes to Ostrich Farm only.
f*f All trains stop at Ostrich Farm and
Soldiers' Home, going and returning.
S. E. HALL, President and Manager.
R. C. SHAW, General Freight and Passenger
General Offices—44 North Spring St.
Cahuenga Valley Railroad.
Diamond street, Hollywood,
(end ol Second-street (foot of Cahuenga
Cable Road) pass.)
8:15 A. M. 9:00 a m.
10:00 " 10:45 '•
+11:30 " +12.15 P.M.
•1:45 P.M. +2:30 "
•2:00 " *2:45 "
8:30 " 4:15 "
5:30 " I 6:15 "
•Except Sunday. +Bnnday only
MeiTSc Cooipy.
FEBRUARY 25. 1889.
Train* leave and are dne to arrive at
Daily, as Follows:
Leave For.i destination. Arr. From.
||3:50 p. M .Banning. ||10:04 A.M.
8:10 p. M Banning 9:31 P. If,
9:00 a.m.. Colton II 8:57 AM.
||3:50 p. m Colton ||10:04 a.m.
4:45 p. m Colton 4:20 P. M.
H:10 p. m Deming and East... 9:31 p. M.
8:10 p. m El Paso and East.... 9:31 P.M.
12:35 r. M Long Beach 11:55 a. m.
9:50 a. M. ««| 8:25 A. M.
5:10 P.M. !^ ng ea /|% h ro / D<l j 4:15 P. M
I i Golden Gate Special.)
•10.20 P.M. {Council Bluffs and' +7:15 P. M
( East. )
10:20 p. M. ... Ogden and East 7:25 A. M.
lO.viO p. M Portland, Or 7:25 A. M.
9:00 a. M San Bernardino 118:57 a.m.
|| 3:50 P.M. ... Ban Bernardino || 10 :04 a.m.
4:45 p.m. ... San Bernardino 4:20 P.M.
1:20 p. M. San Fran, and Sacram'to 7:25 A. M.
10:20 p. M. San Fran, and Bacram'to 7:15 P. M.
9:30 a. M.i Santa Ana and Anaheim 8:35 a. m.
5:00 p. M ISanta Ana and Anaheim 3:35 p. M.
7:25 a.M. I Santa Barhara j 3:25 P.M.
4:40 p. a. f Sanla Barbara I 8:35 p.m.
9:40 a.m. Santa Monica 8:15 a.m.
1:10 p. m. Banta Monica, .... 12:05 p. M.
5:20 P.M. .. .. Santa Monica. .... 4:25r.M.
6:4op.mJ Santa Monica 6:45 a.m.
4.25 p. M.I ( Tustin j 9:20 a.m.
10:00 a.m. f Tustin I 3:15 P.M.
10:00 a.m. I Whittfor j 3:15 P.M.
4:25 p. M.I) Whittier I 0:20 A.M.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon ap
plication to C. F. BMURR, Asst. G. Pas. and Fr't
Agt., No. 202 North Main street; CHARLES
SEVLER, Agent at Depot.
•Fridays. +Batnrdays. || Sundays excepted.
A. N. TOWNE, General Manager.
Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Agt, San Francisco,
Pacific taj_Steaiiiip Co.
GOODALL, PERKINS & CO., General Agents,
Embrace lines for Portland, Or.; Victoria, B. 0.,
and Pnget Sound, Alaska and all coast por.s.
Time Table for March, 1889.
STEAMERS. . »g 7] j|g
moz a CD 6 CD 9GC
o a a a °o
Corona Feb. 20 Feb 28 Mar. 2 Mar. 4
Los Angeles ... " 28 Mar. 2 " 3 " 0
Qu'n of Pacific Mar. 2 " 4 " 6 " 8
Eureka " 4 " 6 " 7 " 10
Corona " 6. " 8 " 10 " 12
Los Angelor,... " 8 " 10 " 11' " 14
Qn'n olFaciflc " 10 " 12 " 14 10
Eureka "12 '* 14 " IB! " 18
Santa Rosa " 14 " 16) " 18 " 20
Los Augeles... " 16 " 18 ! " 19. " 22
Qu'n ol Pacific " 18 " 20: " 22 " 24
Knreka.. " 20 " 22! " 23 " 26
Sautaßosa ... " 22 " 241 " 26 " 28
LosAngelos . . " 24 " 26: " 27i " 30
Qu'n of Pacific " 26 " 28 " 30 Apr 1
Eureka " 28 " 30 " 31 " 3
.Santa Rosa. " 301 Apr. ljApr. 3| " 5
Los Angeles. April 1 " :i 4 " 7
The steamers Queen of the Pacific, and
Corona leave San Pedro for San Diego on
the dates of their arrival from San Francisco,
and on their trips between San Pedro and San
Francisco call at Santa Barbara and Port Har
ford (San Luis Obispo) only. The Eureka and
Los Angeleß call at all way ports.
Cars to connect with Bteamers leave S. P. R.R.
depot, Los Angeles, as follows: With the Queen
of the Pacific and Corona at 9:40 o'clock
a.m.; with Los Angeles and Eureka, going;
north, at 5:00 o'clock p. m , railroad time.
£Mf~ Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's of
fice, where berths may be secured.
The steamers Los Angeles and Eureka will
call regularly at Newport pier lor aud with
freight and passengers.
The company reserve the right to change the
steamers or their days of sa'liog.
aH B **For passage or lreig.it as above or for
tickets to aud from
All Important Points In Europe,
W. PARRIS, agent.
No. 8 Commercial St., Lob Angeles.
California Central Railway,
On and alter TUESDAY, JANUARY 15.
1889, trains will leave and arrive at First
Street Depot as follows:
Leave, Los Angeles. Arrive.
•12:15 p. Mi Overland *9:45 a. m.
•10:10 A. m. San Diego Ex Coast L. *12:01 p. St.
•3:50 P. M. San Diego Ex Coast L. *9:10 p. M.
+9:00 a. «... ' +4:20 p.m
-+9:15 A.M Banta Ana +8:40A.M
•10:10 a. m 4 Santa Ana. •12:01p.m
•3:50 p. M. Santa Ana, +2:55 p. M.
+5:00 p. Mi Santa Ana. +9:10 r. M.
•3:50 P.M.' . j WT ggS < vlß j - *12:01 P.M.
c v la San ) ** :20 »• »•
•I:oSp.m'. :::::::;;:.::
•8:00 a.m. ...San Bernardino.... '9:t51. 1,
*12:15 p.m. ..San Bernardluo. .. •9:55a.m
•4:00 p. m. ..Ban Bernardino.. . '4:20 p.m.
•3:50 p.m. J 81 " 1^^ 11071 *! *12:01 p.m.
+10:30 a. m. GlendoraAccommod'n +2:20 p. m
+5:15 p.m. DuarteAccomraodat'n +8:O0a.m.
1111:30 p. m. DnartoAccommodat'n 1,7:4,0 p. m.
•9:40 A. m; . Redondo Express. . »3:40 p. M.
•4:25 p. M. Port Ballon a Express *8:30 a. m.
+8:00 a. M.i San Jacinto +4:20 p.m.
•10:10 A. M : Escondido ,1*12:01 p. M.
•8:00 a. M* Redl'ndsand Mentonei *9:55 a. m.
•12:15 p. M. Redl'ndsand Mentonc *4:20 r. K.
•4:00p m.!Redl'ndsand Mentonei
•Daily. +Dally except Sunday. HTuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Trains leaving Los Augeles at 8 A. k. and ar
riving at 4:20 p. M., connect at San Bernardino
for all points south to Oceanside.
Depot at foot of First street.
City Ticket Office. No. 29 North Bpring street.
D. McCOOL, General Manager.
H. B. WILKINS, Gen. Pass. Agent.
Leave Los Angeles, from No. 7 Arcadia street,
opposite Baker block, for Alhambra and
Forenoon. Afternoon.
7:35 9:30 3:10 5:00
Returning—Leave Monrovia lor Alhambra and
Los Angeles.
Forenoon. Afternoon.
7:00 8:55 2:30 4:25
Leave Los Augeles for Alhambra and Monrovia.
Forenoon. Afternoon.
8:35 ' 5:00
Returning—Leave Monrovia for Alhambra and
Los Angeles.
Forenoon. Afternoon.
8:00 4:25
Time between Los Angeles and Monrovia—One
Boto street, San Maiino
Batz, East San Gabriel,
Ramona, Bunny Slope,
Alhambra, Chapman,
Mayberry, Baldwin aye.,
Lake Vineyard, Arcadia.
Bpeclsl privileges to parties erecting resi
dences on the line of this road. j in tf
Compapie Generale Tfansatlantiaue.
I j North River, footol Morton str et.
Travelers by this lino avoid both transit by
English railway and the discomfort o' crossing
tho Channel in a small boat
LA BRETAGNE, De Jousselin,
Saturday, March 9. 6 a. m.
LA GASCOIGNE, De Kersableo,
Saturday, Maroh 16, noon.
t . « n . u . Saturday, March 23, 5 A. M.
„ , , Saturday, March 30,12:30 noon.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
Na. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
Tickets for sale by all railroad and steamship
offices in Los Angeles.
J. F. FUGAZI * CO., Agents, 5| Montgomery
»ye.. B. t. Ja2Btl

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