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Aa, Admirable Sermon t>* ™ r - C
Mr. Moody did a hard day's work yes- i
terday. In the morning he held a service j
at Tasadena, which brought together one t
of the biggest congregations ever seen iv t
that place, and at 3 o'clock in t
the afternoon he appeared on the i
platform at the Pavilion to deliver
his promised Bible lecture on "Assur
ance." There was a very large i
attendance present to participate in the
impressive proceedings, which were ren
dered very effective by a praise service '
conducted by Miss Boole and Mr. Steb- 1
bins. It was half-past 4 o'clock ere Mr. i
Moody left the hall, yet he was on hand
again before 7:30, when as large an audi
ence as on the preceding occasions filled ,
the mighty building to overflowing. The '
usual prayers and hymns were first given,
and then the evangelist delivered what
E roved to be the strongest sermon
c has, so far, given in this city.
Thoroughly carried away by his subject,
he took his auditors with him, and there
was breathless silence as his sweeps of
imagery found veDt in eloquent and
passionate words. The text chosen was
the 9th verse of the 3rd chapter of
Genesis, "Where art thou," and before
reading it Mr. Moody said that it was
the oldest text in the Bible, and the first
voice that came from heaven after the
Fall. "It was not the voice of anger,"
■aid the orator, "but of a loving iatner,
calling to his children in tones
of anguißh at their loss. Ask yourselves
the questions that doubtless Adam and
Eve conjured up in that first habitation
of man, 'Who am I?' 'What am I?'
•Where am I going to?' "In speaking on
the subject," continued the evangelist,
"I will divide my audience to-night into
three classes —those that profess to be
Christians, the bßcksliders, and those
that have never tasted the joys
of heavenly inspiration. Now to
the first section let me to-night
enforce the meaning of those
words 'where art thou.' The greatest
obstacle and hindrance to the goßpel is
lethargy, for thinking that you are
Cnristians, you are satisfied. Mothers
and fathers, pans, and ask yourselves if
you are not standing in the way of your
own children. A son of a noted minis
ter who was as equally famed for his
piety as his father, was asked if it was
his father's preaching that had saved
him. 'No, he' replied, 'it was his life.'
Example is better than precept—a
thousand times better. At this
afternoon's prayer service I was
▼cry much affected to hear resounding
from ail parts of the hall: 'Pray for my
wayward boy;' 'Pray for my mis
guided son.' The heartbroken words of
the mothers who spoke them sank deep
into my heart, but I could not help
thinking: 'Is there not something wrong
in our homes that is causing all this.' I
remember reading in the papers of a
father and his child being out on the
top of a plateau. The parent tiring,
lay down and slept. When he
awoke his babe was gone and, rushing
with a dread suspicion in his mind to
the edge of the precipice, he saw his in
fant lying at the foot, mangled and dead.
Are not some of you asleep even now
while your children are going astray.
Mother, where is your boy to-night? I
have often noticed that at meetings like
these the percentage of young men is re
markably Bmall. Why is it? Walk
down any of the principal streets
of the city and look into
the saloons, billiard halls and
gambling dens and that is where you will
find them. It is a mistake parents to
give your boys night-keys, for it is hel p
ing them on to their ruin. Have you
heard of the father who was climbing
the rocky hill, and careless of himself,
•Wis picking out a stony road when sudden
ly he heard a voice saying, 'Papa take a
safe path for I am coming too,' and turn
ing, he saw his little daughter following
him. Think of those words parents, for
the path you are taking, your children
will follow.
"As to the backsliders, well, have you
ever heard any of them talk? They are
always complaining of churches, hypo
crites, etc., but let them answer the
words of Christ, 'What iniquity have
you found in Me?' You who have left
God will reap untold sorrow some day,
for in the words of Holy Scriptures
'Thine own wickedness shall correct
thee, thy iniquities shall reprore thee.'
"Now for the third section, those who
have never followed in the footsteps of
Christ. Look back on your lives and
you who have passed middle age will
see the tombstones glittering of the loved
ones you have lost. Do you want to
meet them again ? There is only one
place in which you can see your sainted
mother or loved babe once more, and
that is in heaven. Everything tbat
is good and pure is beckoning you on to
a better world; everything that is carnal
and sinful is calling you to remain here.
And i', perctiance, some of you have no
one the rivor of life to beckon
you on, think of the Son of God, who
died nineteen hundred years ago—He is
calling you.
Another Dispute Rerardinr liui
tare De Laveaux.
Yesterday morning Maroni H. Cram
and Wm. Tweedy, the constable and
deputy constable of Lancaster, were ar
raigned in Justice Lockwood's court for
perjury, on the complaint of Gustave De
Laveaux, and were re'eased on bonds for
their appearance on the day of trial.
Mr. Cram called at the Herald office
during the day with a statement he de
sired to make in answer to the charges
made against him by De Laveaux, which
were presented in Monday morning's
paper. He said that, on the ex
pedition which De Lareaux re
fers to, it was agreed that,
as it was for pleasure as well as tuuness,
only the time actually occupied In engi
neering was to be paid for, and when the
hoar of settlement came, he figured up
that he was indebted in the sum of $13,
bat De Laveaux claimed $42.50, As re
gards losing the surveyor in tbe hills,
whereby that individual was compelled
to pass the night on the ground, Mr.
Cram explained that it was purely acci
dental andoccurred owing to the removal
of the camp. De Laveaux refused to ac
company Crafn back to Lancaster with
out a body-guard, and a friend of his was
allowed in the wagon. They persisted
in talking all the way down,
in what Cram describes as a
lingo, and as he was tired and wanted to
sleep he requested them to desist, and an
altercation ensued between him and De
Laveaux, ending in a row during which
tbe surveyor left the wagon. On bis
turning up in Lancaster however, Cram
states that, being advised by Tweedy, to
avoid any legal disputes he gave De
Laveaux the $42.50, and this was the
evidence adduced in the recent civil suit
instituted by the Frenchman. He now
claims that Cram and Tweedy perjured
themselves in stating that they gave him
the $42.50, and on these grounds yester
day's suit is based. j
Mr. Cram also wished to deny all alle-1
gallons made against his mode of con
ducting the constableship, which were
recently made against him by a printer
of this city, and says that neither he nor
his deputy acted unofficially. He also
repudiates the statement made by a
brakemen of the Southern Pacific to the
effect that he offered 50 cents for every
tramp that could be brought into the
town, and says he is willing to make an
affidavit that, as far as he is concerned, it
i i untrue.
nr. Snedaker'. Account of the Fes
Mr. W. H. Snedaker, the representa
tive in this territory of the D. A R. G.
road, arrived yesterday with his wife
from New Orleanß, where he has been
participating in the Mardi Gras carnival.
He says that it was a magnificent affair
and that the residents of the Crescent
City never remember such an enormous
attendance at tbe festival before.
The Freman's parade took place on
Sunday, the 3d inst., and on Monday the
King of the Carnival arrived in his
launch of state. Tuesday was the grand
day, and then there were two street pro
cessions, one in the morning and one
in the afternoon, the festivities winding
up with grand balls in the evening. Mr..
Snedaker met the famous "Bill" Mur
ray about town, who will be remembered
in"this city, where he long resided as
representative of the Illinois Central.
Bill was one of the Mardi Gras csmmit
tee, and did the honors nobly, entertain
ing Mr. Snedaker in regal style. A big
representotion of railroad men was on
hand, and one of them, who is asso
ciated with the Fort Scott, became so
hilarious on Tuesday night while out at
Spanish Fort that it was consid
ered prudent to place him in confinement ,
The regular places were full, however,
and be was taken to the menagerie and
locked up in an empty bear cage, where
passed the night.
Mr. Snedaker speaks of a newly-in
vented weighing machine that will be
out west in the course of a few weeks,
and was in full working order in New
Orleans. The person who desires a rec
ord of avoirdupois steps on to a stand,
whereupon music within it starts play
ing and, a second or so later, a little
card stamped with the weight in pounds
of the specnlator is thrown out.
matter, of lntere.t Which Were
Considered Yesterday.
Tuesday, March 12, 1889.
The Board oi Supervisors met yes
terday morning, all the members pres
The contract and bond of Sharpies <fc
Lindgren, the contractors for the build
ings on the County Farm, were pre
sented, and on motion referred to the
District Attorney.
The sum of $400 was transferred from
the General Fund to the Kanchito Fund.
The following resolution was, on motion
of Supervisor Davis, adopted:
Whereas, It has been the custom of
the Board to allow extra time to many of
the appointed deputies in proportion to
the amount paid annually, and
Whereas, There are many young men
and ladies now in our city and county
seeking employment, and who are
capable and willing to perform such
extra laborfor our county officials,there
fore, be it
Jiesohvd, That, on and after this
date (March 12, 1889), unless other
wise ordered by the Board, no extra
time be allowed any appointed deputy for
overwork, and we would request our
county officials to distribute all extra
work required to those who are compe
tent and in need of employment.
R. Del Valle, attorney for the objectors
in the Anaheim irrigation matter, asked
for a continuance, which was granted, till
the 18th inst., owing to sickness of a wit
ness and tbe absence of Hon. S. M.
The map of the survey of Mission Road
was ordered pieced on file and the Road
The County Surveyor was directed to
make a survey of the land offered by Mr.
Currier for tie San Jose road.
Tne contract of Sharpies ot Lindgren
for the County Farm buildings was ap
proved and signed and ordered recorded.
The contract of J. R. Dinsmore for
grading National Boulevard and Military
avenue was similarly disposed of.
The Road Overseer of Los Angeles
district was directed to give ten days'
notice to all parties obstructing the Ba
con A Stoneman road, to remove such
The Board then adjourned till Satur
Depot Jottings.
Mr. H. Van Arnam, traveling passen
ger Agent of the Southern Pacific, left far
the North last night.
Messrs. A. N. Towne and C. P. Hun
tington will arrive on the Southern Pa
cific system at £1 Paso on the 18th inst.
There promises to be a big rush at the
opening excursion to Catalina on the
15th. Captain Banning's new steamship
the "Hermosa" will open the season.
The Chicago and Alton people claim
that they can make the run from Kansas
City to Chicago in twelve hours and a
On and after the 25th inst. the South
ern Pacific will run an excursion every
Sunday to Catalina. The round trip
will be made in the day,the train leaving
here for San Pedro at 8 a. m and return
ing at 7 p. m.
Pullman Passenger*.
The following Pullman passengers left
yesterday for San Francisco and the
By the 1:20 p. if, train—Mrs. Arnold,
Mrs. M. T. Arnold, W. A. Nygh, Miss
Mjorkman, Chas. Van Luren, Mr. Ma
son, John Thompson, Mary Conway,
Mr. Stoddard, It. J. Whaley, Mr.
Gunckee, Dr. Hasser, Mr. Howell, C.
B. Brown, L. C. Meyers, Mr. Curtis.
By the 10:20 p. m. train—T. R. Brown,
Mr. Gailor, J. M. Brown, J. T. Hever,
E. Weinberg, Mrs. Conway, J. J. Grif
fith, Mrs. Judge Wilson, T. Jacobs, W.
A. Brooks, H. T. Band, Mr. Spink, Dr.
Bnrbank, Mr. Kerchow, J. B. Carter,
W. H. Talbot, J. H. Ford, Mr. Hooper,
Mr. Poisling.
Bt. Patrick. Day.
St. Patrick's Day will be observed
with all the usual honors in this city
by the Irish-Americans. The principal
festivities will occur at the Turn Verein
Hall in the evening, where literary ex
ercises will be held and speeches made
by Messrs. E. F. Spence, W. F. Fitzger
ald, J. C. D&ly and Father Rooney, of
San Francisco.
Marriage I,leein.es.
The following licenses to wed were
issued by the County Clerk yesterday:
James H. Bennett and Mamie Bower,
the former a native of Virginia and the
latter of Pennsylvania.
Bernard Carriquiry and Marie Joanne
Caugros, both natives of France.
Genuine Java and Mocha coffees, freshly
routed, at H. Jevne's.
Tuesday, March 12, 1889.
Department I—Cheney, J.
J. H. Browning was sentenced to two
years and six months in San Quentin.
Rudolph F. Kirste was sent to the
same prison for one year and six
The caee of the People vs. Julia Hart,
charged with stealing jewelry, was
given to the jury, which found her guilty
of petit larceny.
Department 2--Clark. J.
Estate of Narcesse Saveria, deceased—
Petition for order of sale of realty; testi
mony taken.
Department 3—Wade, J.
Harmon vs. Lane et al. —Decree and
findings signed and filed in open court.
Willamette S. M. and L. Company vs.
Ralph Leon et al.—Decree and findings
for plaintiff signed and filed in open
Willamette S. M. and L. Company vs.
C. A. Loomis et al. —Cause continued
for the session.
Department 4—Van Dyke, J.
Merrill Lodge No. 299.1. O. G. T., vs.
A. M. Ellsworth —Remittitur and order
vacating stay of proceedings signed and
filed in open court.
Merrill Lodge No. 299 I. O. G. T. vs.
A. M. Ellsworth et als. —Si»me as in pre
ceding case.
Cnlted State. District Court.
Frank Brown was, after examination
by U. S. Commissioner Van Dyke, yes
terday committed for trial before the
District Court on a charge of having sold
liquor to Indians in San Bernardino.
New (lasts.
H. F. Ross has brought suit for judg
ment for $9,000 with interest at 7 per
cent. againßt Richard Mercer in terms of
a judgment obtained against said defend
ant in October, 1887, in the county of
Story, State of Nevada.
Heman Dyer, I. B. Worrell and J. T.
Church have brought suit against Henry
Nichols, Arthur O. Smith and Mary L.
Hunt to declare forfeited all right and
title which defendants, or any of them,
may claim to have in a certain piece of
land (20.52 acres) which defendant Nich
ols agreed to buy from plaintiffs under
terms of an agreement, and for which he
has failed to pay in full as per said
The City fund..
The following is City Treasurer John
son's list of balances in the several funds
on February 28, 1889:
Cash Fund $.54,551; 91
Balary Fund 40 037 o:t
Fire Department Fund 9.059 til
Common School Fund 35,350,73
New Water Fund.. 3,611.87
■General Sewer Fund ... 2,1*85.43
Library Fund 4,21(1.(13
Street Sprinkling fund 6,175.24
Irrigation System Fund 2,168 13
City Hall Fund 97 478 60
Interest and Sinking Fund. (1870).. 4,1148 55
Main Sewer Fund. (1877) 498 77
Irrigation Improvement Fmid(lß77) 10.495.15
General Irrigation Fund (1878) .... 1,274.62
Bond Fund (1881) . . 2,105 74
General Improvement BondFuud. 6,691..i1l
Redemption Fund 858 94
Dog Fund 945.55
Sewer Improvement Fund 10 060 92
Deposit Fund 1.640 tM)
Tax Fund (1887-8) 121.00
Gas Fnnd , 11,539 50
Bridge Improvement Fund 45,023 60
Saiusevaine 3t. Imtrovement Fund. 2 97
Tax Funl. .(1888-9)---- 54,505 86
Spring St . Paving Kund 595 92
Ninth St. Widening A Extens'n Fund 324 81
West Lake Park Hund 550 00
I'pper Main St. Improvement Fund. 106.00
Zania, 6-1 280,00
8?414,819 37
Swept by the Tide of Popularity
To the topmost pinacle of success, Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters stand a shining proof of what
genuine merit, lucked by the living force of
proven facts, can obtain. The North and
South Americaucontinents, Europe, Australia,
the West Indies, Gautemala and Mexico have
all contributed wide patronage and testimouy
of the most favorable kiud—out unsolicited—
to swell the reputation of this sterling remedy.
Among the maladies for which the most con
vlncing public and probssional testimouy
proves that It is a beulgn curative, are chills
and fever, bilious, remittent, dumb ague and
agne cake, dyspepsia, liver complaiut, ner
vousness, debility, kidney and bladder com-
Slaints. It mitigates the infirmities of age,
astens convalescence, has a tendency to pre
vent ill consequences from exposure and ex
haustion. Ptr,ons of sedentary habits and la
borious occupations will Snd it an ever useful
Special at Rice's this week. Walnut Bed-room
Sets, cost $00 for $25 and $30; Antique Oak
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hand at half cost Men must sell in these times
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Sets worth $(J0 for $30. Japan Tea worth 60c
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Get prices at Rice's for most anything you
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Gold! Gold!
Better than much gold would be a boot and
shoe manufactory established in Lob Angeles.
Now is the time to subscribe for stock In the
Los Angeles Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Com
pany (incorporated). Don't delay, but subscribe
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particulars address Boot and Shoe Manufac
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Loss of Appetite, Coming Up of the Food, Yel
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Shiloh's System Vitallzer, guarantted to cure
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Don't eat between meals unless it should be
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Eggs, Eggs, Eggs.
Of the celebrated Wyandotte fowl; also a few
roosters of Wyandotte and light Brahmas. at
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No Dyspepsia
When you use Crown Flour.
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Catalina Hotel I. Enlarged
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The only absolutely pure lead, oil and zinc
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Notary Public and Commissioner.
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Groat inducements to Correspondence Classes,
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General Auction Mart.
Storage IsE Commission.
Peremptory Sales of New and Second-Hand
At 10 A. M. and 2 p. H.
Liberal cash advances made on consignments.
Outside sales made on application.
its \ O. it IK) \in IS, Auctlouecr.
ja 5-tf
Auction and Commission
Will sell on
Saturday, March ltitli, at 2 P. til.
New and Second Hand
Conslst'ngof handsome bedroom set of differ
ent kinds, parlor sets, diuiuc ro >m, bedroom,
and kitchen furniture. Carpets, etc.; abou
everything wanted for housekeeping. Must
and will be sold without reserve to tho highest
j6-3m H. 11. IUA'II.OCIt, Auctioneer.
Closing Out Furniture
Commencing at 10 a. k.
Tlie Furniture to be offered consists of:
Parlor and Bedroom Sets, Chairs,
Tables, Silverware, Crockery, Glassware,
Carpets, Lace Curtains, Table and Bed
Linen, Gas Fixtures, Cooking Range,
Much of the Linen is new.
Sale will be held in the spacious din
ing-hall, and continued until all is sold.
Seats provided and special attention
paid to the comfort of ladies.
and hotel men attend. JfLt
C. A. SUMNER CO., Auctioneers,
54 North Main street,
Makosthe Best Filling Clothes
in the State at 25 per cent less
than any other Tailor on the
Pacific Coast.
Suits made ™ F lZ n
Pants made t Vrom r 6i°?
203 Montgomery Street,
724 Market and IP* 1112 Market St
105, 107 and 109 Santa Clara Street,
49 and 51 South Soring Street, and
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1021 & 1023 Fourth Street. SAM MGO-
The Only Reliable Optical Institute,
131-133 8. Spring BL, L. A. Theater Bldg.
Testlngof eyes free. Grinding of lenses to order
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Superfluous HAIR Removed
Warts, Moles and Tumors also removed by
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Office: 237 S. Spring st. Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 r. m.
£• HAIUrtIOND fit. D.
ml (lm
18. ISC El. I, A NEOfJS.
Ileal Estate Agents am! Auctioneers,
Thmtlay, Friday and Sat May,
March 21st, 22d and 33d, ISB9,
at Will f. si.
By avatar of
We will sell paremfrtorUy. without limit or
rCßerT6.ollTlll;itSl)AY, VltlliAY nod SAT.
lIIIDAY, MABCII L'2l, mid aid, lSB9,at
t lie hour named, in tho City of
in Subdivisions of 10,2 D and 40
acres each, about
7,000 ACRES
of Fruit, Vegetable, and Alfalfa
Land, within one to seven miles
from ISaEtersfieEd, being portions
of tho
"Hop Ranch,"
"Cotton Eanch,"
"Jewett Ranch,"
and other Ranches.
Also, Choice Residonco un'l Busi
ness Sites in Balrorsllcltl.
This Is tho initial offering, ami the Bam*
nicnoement of the subdivision of the largo
posses-ions or Mr. .1. 11. lIAIIIIIN, in Kern
County. The property embraced in it includes
M.nioof the finest lauds in 11 n my. as all well
Informed residents of ItAKIiIISITLLII will
testify. About WOO acres of tbe land ollcr.il
is in'alfalfa, and can l«' ranted or otherwise
utilised to yield a large Income, and a high
percentage upon a valuation of from 1150. to
'.J il) p.'r acre. Other portions of tli ■ off) ring
arc used fur vegetable and garden purposes.
while the balance Is composed el' land rich and
ferule, awaiting only tbe Industrious settler
to demonstrate its great adaptability to fruits
and the products of this wonderfully prolific
soil. A lure/; portion of Hies.' lands lie. along
and adjacent to UNION AVENUE, which us
at present ileiliealcd extend, from Kern lliver
south through HAKKKSI'IKI.K, a distant 1
lo miles, ami which is 11.-.'.; feet in widlii.
The oilier tracts are reached by excellent
county roads leading direct lv BAKERS
Town Lots.
With the immense settlement tha' IXnnrt in
the nature of tilings follow the subdivision
into small farms of such a largo area of valu
able and productive land around UAKiIKS
FIELD; with the steady stream of Immigra
tion that will pour into this section of the
country, transforming the county into one
gigantic colony, with iis countless number of
orchards and vineyards, drawing to it men of
enterprise and capital, RAKEttsFIELD, • Kb
its ineompurnble water power, and other
natural advantages; with its railroad facilities
at band,and the almost positive certainty ol
being the terminal point of. another line, will
grow to, and become, beyond a doubt, a city of
great proportions, and town lots will become
very valuable. Within Ihe last year extensive
improvements have been projected and com
pleted al i;akki:si'lKl.ii. Thesoithkkn
IIOTKL, a large and handsome brick and iron
structure, costing 81iM»,ono, will lie o|>clicd to
the public about the middle of March, cu-ur
ing all who utteu.l this salocomfoitablo accom
modations. A street railway has been in suc
cessful operation for a year, the town is well
supplied with water, and a line quality ol
illuminating gas is furnished from the works
just completed, at prices ruling in other inte
rior cities. Other Important enterprises of a
private nature are contemplated and some well
under way. The lots wo offer are centrally
located, ami within a few blocks of the new
Villa Lots.
Tor speculative or practical purposes, tbd
villa lots included in this offering must com
mend tin insclws to all. The ir proximity to tho
railroad and the business center of HAKKItS
FIELD. and the remarkable fertility of the)
toil make them extremely valuable for sub-l
urban homes, while their future worth ean|
scarcely be overestimated.
Tho lands to be sold arc amply gtwpMei witti)
water for irrigation, from tN> Kern Island
Canal, at rates now the lowest in tuoHtate, ami
fixed and regulated by tftc County L'uui d of Super-
Tebms of Pali:: — Only one-fourth Cash*
Balance in 1,1, aud 3 years, with intercut at,
the rate of Keren per rent per annum.
To enable all to participate in ttil important
event, we have, made arrangements with thd
Railroad Company by which WO are enabled]
to offer npivial round-trip rates from all points!
to ItAKKKSKiIXP, b,iwr< n SAN I'IiANCIS-'
aud LOS ANGELES, as follows:
TON, HAN JOSE and all intermcdiatu I
points, to llatersucld und return, K1
$9.50 EOMd-trlpTicMsonly $9.50
nnd corresponding rates from all points be
tween latiikoi* and BAKERSFIELD.
$5.50 Round-trip Tickets only $5.50
and corresponding rates from all i»oints be
tween Los Angeles and Lakcrytield.
Tickets will l>o good on train■ leaWni; Sait
Francisco March 20tu and flat, at !) o'clock r.
v., and on March 21st, at K : oo a. ji., nnd on
trains from Sacramento, Slockton and Ran
Joseconnecting (hercvitli; and from I.os All-,
grit-son train lea vim.' Man h -'Jill, at 10:1)0 r.JI.!
Uetcrnino, tick- Is will la- good on all reg
ular trains 1.-avlng ltakcn.licld March .'2d, 23d,
2tth aud ..Mh, Urn.
Vehicles will be at band to convey excursion
■ i i over the property to be sold, starting at
10:.T0 a. m . of each day. \
On Thursday, March 21st, there will be a
(irand Barbecue, ;it ahout 1 o'clock v. m., in
' the Grovo at Bukcrsfield, to which all will be
X I'lcome, ———
Railroad Tickets will 1m: on sale at tho offices
of the Company, and at the inure of MrAFEE
A BALDWIN, 10 Montgomery Btreet, San
Francisco, where sleeping-car accommoda
tions can also be arranged for.
Maps and diagrams will be ready for dis
tribution iv due time.
For further particulars, apply to
in c ßtee & Balflwiq,
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers,
10 Montgomery Street,
San Franrisco.
NEWHALL**. PONS & CO., Auctioneers
22-., 227 Hush .Slreel, San Francisco.i
And to tho
"Land Department of J. 11. Haggin,"
1.. 0. McAfkk,) ~
C. UitowEß 'j Managers,
liukcrsfieltl, Kern Co., Cal,
(Bmcoessors to McLaln dk Lehman.)
Pioneer Truck and Transfer Co.
No. S Market St., Los Akuki.ks, Cal.
Sale and Piano Moving. All kinds of Truck Work
nuTKOKI 187. ml tf

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