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past year. The establishment is well
equipped with all appliances of a branch
establishment such as cold-storage
houses, bottling apparatus, etc., and be
ing located on tbe railroad tracks, have
superior advantages for shipping pur
poses. The trade of the branch here ex
tends throuehout Southern California,
Arizona and New Mexico, and is con
stantly on the increase.
m. in. cobb.
M and 07 N Los A ugelos street.
Prominent among the commission
merchants of Los Angeles is Mr. M. M.
Cobb, who commenced business here in
All kinds of produce and vegetables
are sold on commission, a specialty
being made of butter, eggs, cheese, cab
bage, potatoes and fruit of all kinds.
The commodious quarters occupied at
05 and 07 N. Los Angeles street are con
veniently arranged and afford every
facility for the handling and displaying
of the large shipments of goods daily re
ceived from this surrounding country,
and with his extensive city trade gives
him unsurpassed facilities for the prompt
and lucrative disposition of consign
ments. Large shipments are made be
sides to points in South California,
Arizona and New Mexico, and strict
attention is given to all orders Bent to
the house.
«'. W. Gibson Colnpanr,
110 and 121 North Los Angeles street.
This establishment was originally es
tablished in 1870, by C. W. Gibson, and
incorporated in 1884, with O. W. Gibson,
President, D. M. True, Vice-President,
Richard Hermann, Secretary and Man
ager t and A. N. Mcßurney, Treasurer.
They are ditect importers and wholesale
dealers in crockery, glassware, lamps
and gas fixtures, refrigerators, cutlery,
tinware, oil stoves, chandeliers, plated
ware, bottles, corks, etc. They make a
leadiug specialty of refrigerators and
water filters, and are the depot for
Southern California for the Gate City
Stone Eilters, Iceberg Chiel Refrigerat
ors and Monitor Oil Stoves. The build
ing occupied by the firm is 45x100 feet
in dimensions, consisting of three floors,
handsomely fitted up with every con
venience, and Btocked with as full and
ccmplete a line of goods as carried by
any similar house on the coast. During
the past few months this house has re
ceived upwards of twenty carloads of
goods, to meet the demands of their
steadily increasing trade, which extends
throughout Southern California and Ari
They have three traveling salesmen,
who visit their trade.
I. W. Ilraun & Co.,
287 and 289jKorth Main street.
This firm alone enjoys the distinction
of being the only exclusive wholesale
drug house in Los Angeles. Tho firm is
composed of Mr. F. W. Braun and Fiulay
& Brunswig, the latter being an exten
sive importing drug firm of New Orleans,
La. The company was formed and be
gan business on May Ist, 1888. They
carry an extensive of drugs, medi
cines, druggist--.' sundries, glassware,
fancy goods, and everything pertaining
to the wholesale drug business. They
are wholesale importers, having every
facility for purchasing from the head
centers of supplies, thus enabling
them at all times to meet the
closest competition. The firm already
have a large patronage in Southern Cali
fornia, Arizona and New Mexico, extend
ing as far east as El Paso, Texas, and
Albuquerque to the north. They keep
three traveling men constantly on the
road, and give employment to over a
score of men in thoir storerooms. The
firm is a true representative of the job
bing trade of Los Angeles.
The characrer of the men at the head
of this business is of high order. They
have large capital, and no set of busi
ness men anywhere enjoy a higher repu
tation for strict integrity and fair deal
ing. They do not hesitate to meet
competition from any source, as they buy
their merchandise at as low prices as
money can get them, and with charac
teristic pluck and push they instruct
their salesmen to sell regardless of com
petition. This department commends
itself favorably to merchants from all
sections of the country.
MU-rn, I.oeb A Co.
This is the oldest dry goods house in
Southern California, having been estab
lished in 1852. Their storeroom, 52x165
feet in dimension, three floors, is located
at North Spring street; the upper floor
and basement being devoted to the
wholesale department, while the ground
floor is devoted to the retail business,
done under the name of the "City of
Paris." The retail business of the house
is immense and they carry by far the
largest and best assorted stock in South
ern California. Their wholesale busi
ness extends over the whole of Southern
California, New Mexico and Arizona.
They employ three traveling men, who
are kept constantly on the road to cover
this ground. The firm is possessed of
an abundsnce of capital; they buy
all goods for spot cash, thus availing
themselves of all discounts. They are
heavy importers of silks and woolen
goods and high novelties, keeping a resi
dent buyer in Paris. They also have
another resident buyer in New York.
They buy as cheap as any house on the
Coast and sell as low. Space will not
admit of our reviewing the eminent assort
ment of stock handled by this pioneer
house. Suffice it to say, in dry goods,
silks, furnishing goods, notions and nov
elties, their stock has not its superior in
the State, either north or south; and no
house stands higher in the commercial
world. It is to the energy and business
ability of firms of this kind that Los An
geles must look to for her future commer
cial greatness.
Loa Anffelcat Fishing Company,
F. Hanlman, Proprietor.
This company was established in 1883,
and is the leading one engaged in this
interest in the city.
The company are wholesale and retail
dealers in fish, game and poultry, and
besides a large trade in the city, ship ex
tensively to Southern California and
Mr. Haniman gives employment to
seventeen r-en in this city, and has
seventy-two fishermen employed at the
various fishing banks.
The halibut banks owned by him ex
tends from Tajunga to Ballona, and lies
a quarter of a mile from the shore, the
catch being 2,006 pounds per day. He
is now building a $9,000 yacht to further
facilitate the handling of his catch, and
is prepared to supply the trade with fish
of all kinds at lowest market prices.
The fruit interest of this section of the
State has a world wide reputation, and
is recognized as one of the greatest in the
country. Tbe facilities for the distribu
tion of the products of this great region
are adequate, and the company we re
view below have every facility for the
shipping and distribution of the various
products raised in profusion in this and the
adjoining territory, and is one of the most
prominent and largest in the country.
The Earl Fruit Company.
This company was incorporated in
1880, with a capital of $100,000, of which
$50,000 has been paid up.
Kdwin T. Earl, its President, has been
actively engaged in fruit packing and
shipping since 1870, and is probably the
most skillful and thoroughly posted fruit
shipper in California.
Tneir headquarters are at Sacramento
during the summer or deciduous fruit
season and at Los Angeles during the
winter or citrus season. The Chicago
branch is located at 80 South Water
street, and in itself does a very extensive
The company is very actively engaged
in packing and shipping all varieties of
green fruit (in carload lots) from all fruit
districts in California. They are the
largest shippers, aggregating over 1,000
carloads per year, which are nearly all
shipped to Eastern markets.
In Southern California they will han
dle at least one-third of the entire orange
crop and are well-prepared for it, having
extensive packing houses at all points
and thoroughly competent men in charge
of each district. All their fruit is stem
cut and cured before packing. This, to
gether with their extreme care in select
ing and packing accounts for their favor
able reputation in all parts of tho United
States and Canada.
Nile* Pease,
243, 245 and 247 South Spring street.
This firm occupy a commodious two
story aud basement building, 00x00 feet
in dimension. The stock is as varied
and complete as can be found on tbe
Coast. The first floor is devoted to the
displaying of samples of fine parlor and
bedroom suiteß, carpets bookcases, secre
taries aud desks, etc. On the second
floor is to be suites, while the basement
and an extensive warehouse in
rear of the main building is de
voted to the storing of an
extensive line of general furniture. In
the carpet departrrieut on the first floor,
a special feature of the firm, business can
always be pound, a very exhaustive var
iety of ingrains of all designs, body
brussels, moquette and velvets. The
firm takes particular pains in the cutting
and fitting and laying of all orders given
them. In addition to a full line of win
dow shades, silk and lace curtains of the
latest designs are always kept in stock.
Mr. Pease is also agent for the Ph<euix
Folding Beds, and in fact is one of the
leading furniture firms of our city.
I.os Angeles Marble and Uranltc Co.
The quarries of this company are lo
ctled at Derbeyville, San Bernardino
county, near Cucamonga. These quar
ries have been recently opened up, and
are equipped with all of the latest appli
ances and improvements and machinery,
including drills, lathes, hoisting appar
atus, derricks, polishers, etc. A side
track has been built from the main line
of the S. P. R. R., giving them every fa
cility for shipping goods direct to any
point. The quality of the granite pro
duced from these quarries is most superb,
excelling anything in the market in
beauty of grain.color, finish, and tbe man
ner of taking a polish. There is a perfect
absence of stains and faults, and a block
of any size can be gotten out. For
monumental work, this stone should at
tain a high place. The use of a coarse
and inferior granite is no longer neces
sary, as an examination of this granite
will convince the most scrupulous. Tho
Government building at El Paso, Texas,
will, without doubt, be constructed of
this stone. Tho granite wall on New
High street, this city, is largely com
posed of this stone, and many monu
ments, vaults, etc., have been constructed
with this granite already.
This interest is represented by three
first-class establishments, and is the
most important of the jobbing interests
of the city. The transactions are very
heavy, reaching over $5,000,000 annu
ally, and show an increase of over 25
per cent over three years ago. The
stocks carried are immense, aggregating
a half million dollars, and embrace
everything under the head of fancy and
staple groceries. The stocks carried
here are more complete than those found
in any other city on the Coast, not ex
cepting San Francisco, as, out of neces
sity, Los Angeles grocery houses are
obliged tocjrry in stock goods which are
not carried by San Francisco houses, but
supplied by specialty firms and agents.
The market in this city affords superior
inducements to merchants in Southern
California, Arizona and New Mexico, for
not only are prices as low, but on some
lees than in other points. Having the
same freights from the East and selling
at close margins, Eastern goods in this
market are as low as in San Francisco,
and being nearer the trade, they are en
abled to supply merchants in this terri
tory with goods, saving freight and time
in transit.
The representatives in this important
trade whom we review below, have given
it a notable and commendable eleva
tion through conservative and liberal
"11. A. Ncwniark A Co.
41 to 51 North Los Augeles street.
This Louse was originally established
by Mr. Harris Newmark, in 18t55, and
conducted under the firm name of H.
Newmark & Co. until January 1, 1886,
when the present firm was formed, con
sisting of M. A. Newmark, M. H.
Newmark, Max Cohn and Carl Sellig
man, under the firm name of M. A.
Newmark & Co.
The premises occupied by the firm
comprise an elegant brick building lOOx
100 feet in dimension, fitted up with
every facility for the transaction of their
immense business.
They are an exclusively wholesale and
jobbing grocery business, and besides a
very large stock of imported goods, they
handle every line of goods to be found in
a first-class wholesale grocery house.
Their trade, which is very heavy, ex
tends throughout Southern California,
Arizona and New Mexico, which is visited
by their corps of traveling salesmen. The
house, by reason of the very large stock
carried, are enabled to supply the wants
of the trade in this territory at the short
est notice, and at as close prices as any
competing pointy
linn .11 & Craig,
Nos. 32, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles street.
The firm of Howell & Craig was estab
lished August 1, 1888, and is composed
of R. H. Howell and R. L. Craig. They
are exclusively importers and wholesale
grocers, and carry a most complete stock
of everything pertaining to the line. The
handsome building they occupy has been
erected to meet the requirements of their
business. It is three stories high, 57x126
feet in demensions, with a basement of
the same dimensions, the entire building
being filled from cellar to roof with their
immense stock.
Their trade extends throughout South
em California, Arizona and New Mexico
which is visited by their corps of travel
ing salesmen. Their trade is constantly
and steadily i::crreaning and they are in
a position, with the immense stock car
ried, to supply the trade in this territory
with their goods at ail seasons, at the
very lowest market prices, filling all or
ders with promptness aud fidelity.
licllHiaii, Haaa A Co.,
209, 210 aud 212 North Loo Angeles street.
This establishment, which occupies the
above quarters, was founded in 1871 by
the present firm, Messrs. H. W. Hell
man, Jacob Haas, A. Haas and J.
The stock carried by them is immense,
and covers every article embraced in the
lines of staple and fancy groceries, gro
cers sundries and shelf goods. Their
trade is very extensive and extends
throughout Southern California, Arizona,
New Mexico and portions of Texas.
They employ about forty men in the
various departments, and have a large
corps of traveling saleßmen, who visit
the trade in this territory.
The history of this house has been
one of continuous advance, its business
having steadily increased since its in
ception. They have gained a great and
merited success by dealing in a superior
class of goods, and selling them at fair
and reasonable prices. Their New York
office is located at Hi William street, and
the San Francisco office at 100 California
The hardware trade of Los Angeles,
with business aggregating over $250,000
sales annually, easily holds its own with
the other jobbing interests of the city.
Tbe stocks carried by our local firms are
not excelled in proportion or variety by
any other city on the Coast, and the
merchants who purchase in this market
can feel confident that all orders can and
will be filled promptly and completely,
and at prices that no other point can sur
pass. Having a central location and the
advantage of cheap freights to points ly
ing adjacent to our city, the hardware
trade bus built up a business which is
constantly increasing.
Shoeder, Johuson A Co.
114 and 110 North Los Augeles Street.
Among the prominent firms of Los
Angeles is the above house, which was
organized anil incorporated in November,
1882, with a capital stock paid up of
$200,000. The officers are J. M. John
ston, President, Joseph Schoder, Vice-
President and L. C. Scheller, Secretary.
They are wholesale dealers and jobbers
of hardware, coal, iron, steel, Concord
steel and Vulcan axles, bolts, nuts, car
riage springs, and a general line of car
riage and wagon material, and their
sales, which are rapidly growing and in
creasing, are distributed over Southern
California, Arizona and New Mexico.
The building occupied by this es
tablishment is 40x150 feet, two
stories high, equipped with all modern
improvements, elevators, etc., for the
transaction of their business. They also
have a large brick warehouse, which is,
without doubt, the largest of its kind on
the coast.
Tho stock of goods carried by this es
tablishment is as complete in all the
various lines and as large as that carried
by any similar concern on the cost, and
they are in a position to supply the trade
in this territory with goods in their line
as cheaply as any competing house in the
country. The house is conducted on
strictly business principles, and well
merits the esteem in which it is held.
Hnrgcr .V Reynolds' Co.,
IS and 50 N. Main street, and til and 03 N Los
Angeles street.
This house was originally established
in 1867, by C. F. Harper, and continued
by him until 1880, when the name was
changed to Harper, Reynolds & Co. In
1884 the present company was incorpor
ated, with officers as follows: C. F.
Harper, President; C. C. Reynolds,
Vice-President; J. B. Newton. Secretary
and Treasurer; 8. O. Negus, Purchasing
Agent, New York.
They are wholesale and retail dealers
in hardware, in all its branches, and
carry one of tbe most complete stocks in
their line on the coast.
The premises occupied by the com
pany cover an area of 42,000 feet, while
their warehouse and yards on Alameda
street cover four acres.
Their trade is very extensive and
heavy, covering Southern California,
Arizona and New Mexico, which are
visited by their traveling salesmen. They
give employment to about 6eventy-five
men in the various departments.
W. v . Montague 6c Co.
22 and 24 N. Los Angeles St.
This house was established in 1858, in
San Francisco. The branch in this city
was established in ISBO, and is under tbe
management of 0. H. Dunton. The
premises occupied at 22 and 24 N. Los
Angeleß street consist of a building
25x125 feet and also a building back of
the store 20x150 feet, besides a ware
house on Jackson street 85x135 feet.
They are wholesale dealers, exclusively,
of stoves, ranges, sheet iron, tin plate,
iron pipe and fittings, plumbers' supplies
aud kitchen furnishing goods, and carry
as full and complete a stock of these
goods as can be found in Southern Cali
They are Pacific Coast agents for the
celebrated Jewel Gasoline Stoves, ac
knowledged to be the best made. Their
trade extends throughout Southern Cali
fornia, Arizona and New Mexico, aud are
represented by traveling salesmen in this
JR. i:. Crandall 6t Co.,
133 and 135 West First street.
Among the prominent houses in this
line is the firm of E. E. Crandall & Co.,
established in 1883. The premises oc
cupied by them consist of an elegant
storeroom on First street, 40x100 feet in
dimensions, with basement, which is
used for manufacturing purposes. They
have also a branch retail establishment
at 120 South Spring street, 22x100 feet,
and a large warehouse on Bellevue
avenue and New High street, 186x200
feet, giving them ample room for the
large stock carried.
They are manufacturers and wholesale
and retail dealers in stoves and tin
ware, agate iron, stamped ware, man
tels, grates and house-furnishing goods,
and carry as complete a stock as csn be
found in Southern Calsfornia. A special
feature is made of mantels and grates, of
which a fine and well-selected stock is
constantly carried. The are agents for
Southern California of the John Van
Range Company, the largest manufactur
ers iv the country, and also agents for
Superior range manufactured by the
Bridge Beach Manufacturing Company,
of St. Louis.
They give employment to about thirty
men in their various departments, and
besides a large city trade, ship large quan
tities throughout Southern California,
Arizona s.nd New Mexico, having trav
eling salesmen who visit the trade in this
W. O. Inrrry.
59 and 01 N. Spring street and 114 Fort street.
This business was established by W.
|C. Furrey in 1872. The premises oc
cupied consist of a large store 30x200
feet on Spring street, where a large stock
of hardware, stoves, ranges, iron pipe,
brass goods, rubber hose and household
furnishing goods are carried, and a
branch at 114 Fort street, where the
finest line of sanitary plumbing goods in
Southern California can be found, em
bracing bath-tubs, closets and basins of
the most modern and expensive styles.
In the manufacturing department
artesian well pipe is largely manufac
tured, as well as copper and tinware of
all descriptions.
Mr. Furrey is agent for the celebrated
Miller Wrought Steel Monitor Range,
etc., and has a display. He is agont for
the racific Coast of the Ahrens Manu
facturing Company's steam fire engines,
end tnakeß a leading specialty of hand
ling the finest garden rubber hose, lawn
mowers and sprinklers. About forty
bands are given employment, and his
trade extends throughout Southern Cali
fornia and Arizona, besides a very large
trade in this city.
In a city ranking high, speaking in a
commercial sense, in a great country
like the United States, many excellent
and even grand and luxuriously fur
nished hotels are looked for, and almost
all large cities can boast of a few hostel
eries of this character, aeide from the
summer and winter resorts where ex
travagant prices prevail. The cities of
New York and Chicago boast of their
numerous hotels that rank second to
none in the world, and where the travel
ing public can he accommodated in a
superb manner and at reasonable prices.
The Hollenbeck.
This is by far the finest European
hotel in Los Angeles, and one of the fin
est in the State. It is admirably situated
being central and convenient to the busi
ness center, the theaters and churches.
It is thoroughly equipped with all mod
ern improvements elevators, electric
bells, electric light, etc., etc. This iB the
only hotel in the city provided with a
perfect fire escape system. There are2so
rooms elegantly furnished, a large num
ber of these are arranged en suite with pri
vate batti and toilet attached. The hotel
is carpeted magnificently, over 1,000
yards of velvet carpet being used for the
spacious and airy balls on the first floor
alone. The rooms are carpeted with vel
vet nioquette and body brussels. The
house ie run on the European plan and
in connection with it is one of the finest
and best kept restaurants in the State.
Visitors to the city, either here for along
or for a short time, will find this elegant
caravansary just the place to obtain all
the comforts of hotel life under the best
auspices. The proprietors are Messrs.
Cowley & Baker, who thoroughly under
stand how to look after the interests of
their guests.
One of the growing and most important
of the manufacturing interests of our city
is the iron Industry, whKh is represented
by several larga and important firms.
The building up of the city, and the re
placing of tine, substantial iron and stone
buildings to take the place of the former
frame structures, and tbe demand for
boilers, engines, elevators, and foundry
work of all kinds, called for a large in
crease of iron used for such purposes.
This is being supplied by the several
local firms identified with this interest, to
a great extent. They are not surpassed
by any similar institutions anywhere in
the country, and tbe works produced by
them will compare favorably with any in
the United States.
A large number of skilled mechanics
are given constant employment in the
various establishments, and the capital
invested will average larger than many
other manufacturing interests. Their
products are shipped to all sections of
Southern California, Arizona and New
Mexico, and supply the larger portion of
the demand in this"city.
Raker Iron Works,
512 to 504 Bueua Vista street.
The largest establishment of the kind
in California south of San Francisco was
organized and incorporated in July, 1880,
with a capital stock of $75,000. The pres
ent officers are: M. 8. Baker, President;
H. T. Newell, Vice-President; O. F.
Kimball, Secretary; J. E. Sills, Treasu
rer, and F. L. Baker, Superintendent.
The buildings occupied by the company
cover over forty thousand square feet of
floor space, and the entire works are
equipped with all the very best and im
proved machinery for the manufacture of
their various products.
The lines of work done by this com
pany are very numerous and varied. It
has supplied during the past three years
machinery of all descriptions, including
boilers and engines aggregating thou
sands of horse power, which have been
distributed to all points in Southern
California, New Mexico and Arizona.
They also manufacture largely, mill,
mining, pumping and hoisting machin
ery, oil and well-boring rigs and tools,
architectural iron work, gang-plows,
scrapers, heating and ventilating fur
naces, etc.
The manufacture of street cars has
been pushed to such an extent that very
few cars from any other point are used in
this section, they having supplied this
city and all surrounding towns with their
manufacture. The agency for the cele
brated Otis patent safety hydraulic ele
vator for Southern California is held by
this company and they have placed these
machines in the best buildings in this
part of the State, including the Ray
mond, of Pasadena; Arcadia Hotel, Santa
Monica; Nadeau, Westminster, Hollen
heck hotels, Los Angeles Furniture Co.,
Wilson block, Bryson it Bonebrake,
Phillips block, Los Angeles, besides
other numerous buildings in this city
and vicinity.
Fosmlr Iron Works,
Corner Alpine and Castelar streets.
Prominently associated with the iron
industries of our city is the above com
pany, which was incorporated into a
stock company February 1, 1889, with a
capital of $10,000, limited, and are suc
cessors to the firm of Fosmir A Scott, the
business being originally established in
1883 by Bath & Fosmir. The officers are
J. F. Fosmir, President, W. H. Marshall,
Vice-President, and D. \V. Davis, Secre
tary and Treasurer.
Tho works comprise a two-story build
ing 120x130 feet in dimensions, com
pletely equipped with all the latest and
most improved machinery. The list of
articles manufactured embrace a wide
range, including all kinds of foundry
work, building fronts, range castings,
cast fencing and cresling, cultivators,'
cast and steel shares, elevators and side
walk lights.
Specialty is made of the Bath & Fosmir
gang plow, which is acknowledged to be
the. best made in Southern California.
The company has in the past few years
furnished the building fronts for a large
number of buildings in the city, and also
placed their elevators in numerous busi
ness houses in the city and vicinity.
About thirty-five skilled mechanics are
employed, and the work turned out by
this company is equal to any in the
The Meant* Manufacturing Co.
Main, Date and Mission Streets.
Prominent among the manufacturing
establishments of Los Angeles is tbe
above company which was incorporated
in 1884, with Geo. L. Steams President,
and Frank L. Steams Secretary and Gen
eral Manager.
They are manufacturers of engines and
boilers, steam pumps, windmills, tanks,
etc., and are fouudrymen, machinists
and general woodworkers. The premises
occupied by tho company are 230x55 feet
in dimensions covered by suDstantial
buildings, which are fitted up with all
the latest and most improved machinery
for the transaction of their business, and
employment is given to thirty men in the
various departments.
A specialty is made of the Regulator
Windmill, which has been in use for
many years and endorsed by all those
who have used them for strength, per
fection in workmanship and durability.
It is the only windmill made in South
ern California entirely of iron, with the
exception of the sail, thus preventing the
shrinkage of the parts during the longdrv
season. This company also are the first
to manufacture an automatic cut-off en
gine which excels in cheapness of fuel,
uniformity of speed and small floor space
required for same. This company have
in their employ only first-class mechan
ics, and turn out work equal to the best
in the country. ■
Lacy, Ward & Co.
Office—Rooms 5,6aud7, Lanfranco buildlnir
This firm was establiehed in 1885. and
consists of Wm. Lacy, Jr., L. A. Ward,
and B. H. Lacy. They are extensive
manufacturers of riveted iron and steel
pipe, sheet iron, well and water pipe,
oil tanks, and all classes of sheet-iron
work. Their factory is located in East
Los Angeles, and covers an area of three
acres, consisting of factory building,
coating works and other buildings. They
give employment to about fifty men in
the various departments, and their pro
ducts are shipped throughout Southern
California, Arizona and Lower California.
Their specialty is iron pipe, and they have
completed some of the largest contracts
in Southern California, among them
five miles of 22-inch pipe for the
Los Angeles Water Company; eight
miles of fifteen-inch pipe for the im
mense flume at San Diego, connecting
the end of the flume with the city water
works. They have recently introduced
the manufacture of pipe made of wrought
steel, importing large quantities from
Sweden, Pittsburg and other points.
11. P. Gregory & Co.,
117 North Los Angeles street.
This well-known house is a branch of
the mammoth establishment in San
Francisco, and was opened in this city
in 1866 by Mr. P. R. Keith, the present
manager. They are engineers of high
standiug and machinery importers, and
carry a complete line of engines, boilers,
wood-working and machinery, iron tools,
etc., making a specialty of sawmill,
wood-working, mining machinery, and
general mill and mining supplies. They
are agents for the H inkle patent hydrau
lic air and water pressure passenger and
freight elevators, and the Otto gas engine
and pump combined.
These engines they have recently put
in the California Bank building, Howel
& Craig block and the Webster building.
These popular gas-engines are also used
in connection with the other elevator
plants now in operation in the Westmin
ster Hotel, M. A. Newmark's, Wilson
block, Los Angeles Furniture Company
and other buildings, being found tbe
most economical and generally satisfac
tory means tor pumping water for eleva
tor purposes.
Their trade has shown a wonderful in
crease and extends throughout Southern
California, Arizona, New Mexico and
Mexico, which is visited by their travel
ing salesmen.
Union Iron Works.
This establishment ranks among the
leading ones in this interest, and was
established in 1883 by Albert Thomas.
The works, with a frontage of 150x200
feet, are thoroughly equipped with all
the latest and most improved machinery.
The works consist of a machine depart
ment, brass and iron foundry, boiler
woiks, forging department, and give
employment to about thirty-five skilled
mechanics. A new bolt machine has
lately been added to this already well
equipped establishment, and Mr. Thomas
is now prepared to manufacture bolts
and boiler tivets in competition with
other points.
The lines of manufacture include steam
engines and boilers, oil and water tanks,
mill running, pumping and hoisting ma
chinery, architectural iron work, iron
and brass casting, and general jobbing
and repairing. In boiler work, the firm
is fully equipped for their manufacture,
and have supplied a large number of
concerns in this territory with them.
t'ruhlliig Bros.
118 and 150 South Los Angeles Btreet.
This linn was established in 188 G.
They make a specialty of ornamental,
iron and brass work, such as entrance
gates for business and public buildings,
balconies, sills, stair railing, bank and
office railing in brass and iron, book
cases, brackets, wire work, tower orna
ments, fencing, cresting, tree guards,law n
settees, bedsteads and ornamental
wrought iron work in general.
They are now preparing a photolitho
graph illustrated catalogue, containing
150 illustrations of their class of work,
representing as intricate, rich and sym
metrical work in iron and brass as can
be made anywhere. This will be ready
about May Ist and is the first of the kind
issued in this city.
Kau Koo,
14 South Spring street.
This establishment, of which Mr. E.
K. Buckley is the proprietor, is acknowl
edged as the leader in its line, aud was
established here in 1885.
The store occupied is elegantly fitted
up, and gives ample room for the dis
play of the fine assortment of Japanese,
Chinese, Oriental and California curios,
which are found there in wonderful ar
ray. He is tbe only direct importer in
this city of this class of goods, which em
brace lacquer, cloisonne, bishu, bronze
and porcelain wares, Satsumg screens,
baskets, fans, silk handkerchiefs,
pongees, gowns, smoking jackets, wrap
pers, fur robes, and other rare and curio
goods. Every conceivable variety of
curio fill the shelves and counters, the
tout ensemble being, in fact, a free exhibi
tion of Japanese, Chinese and California
curiosities, which strangers visiting the
city will be well repayed for visiting as
fine a line of goods as can be seen here
or anywhere in the East.
S. Nordlinger,
130 North Main street.
Occupying the leading position among
the jewelry firms of this city is the
establishment of Mr. 8. Nordlinger.
This is one of the finest and most ele
gantly equipped and fitted up jewelry
palaces on the coast. The finish is hard
wood and plate-glass. The show cases,
made specially for this firm, are very
handsome. Visitors entering this estab
lishment are struck with the dazzling
display and general magnificence
of the interior. The stock car
ried, for completeness and beauty,
cannot be excelled, comprising diamond
watches, bronze, art goods, marble statu
ary, clocks, silverware and precious
stones, imported direct from the Eastern
and European markets. No store in the
Union can offer a finer selection. This
firm are constantly receiving fresh goods
from the trade centers of the world, es
pecially in bronzes, art goods, marble
statuary, etc. One can see many unique
articles, selected with the best of taste.
Mr. Nordlinger has been actively en
gaged in this business in Los Angeles for
the past twenty years, and has, by en
ergy and the superior quality of his
goods, built an extensive trade through
out Southern California, Arizona and
New Mexico. A number of skilled and
polite assistants are employed, Mr. Nord
linger superintending in person the va
rious departments.
!.«». A nuclei, steam. Laundry.
Corner Second and Vine streets.
This popular laundry is owned by
Messrs. Wilson & Knox, and has been in
operation for the past five years. They
have some $14,000 in improved laundry
machinery, employ sixty-five hands, run
seven wagons, and have a pay-roll of not
less than $3,500 per month. Their busi
ness, from its inception, has been very
prosperous. They do all the Pullman
car work and most of the hotel work, be
sides a large family trade, and do outside
work in all of the surrounding towns—
Riverside, Pasadena, Mojave, Santa
Monica, San Pedro, Redondo Beach,
etc., etc.
Triit Laundry Csmiur,
571, 573 and 575 North Main street.
This company recently purchased the
business of Anderson & Conwell. They
have invested in the business some
$30,000, of which $20,000 is represented
by new and improved laundry machinery.
A reporter of the Hkkald was shown
through this establishment by the Presi
dent and General Manager of the
company, Mr. J. H. Keefer. On
the first floor are located the
steam washing machines, the centrifugal
wringers and the drying rooms, also tbe
stationary wash tubs, supplied with soft
water for flannels and unstarched goods.
This kind of work is all done by band.
While on this floor the attention of the
reporter was called to the fact that this
company use no chloride of lime. Their
soap is all manufactured from borax im
ported from New York. The starching
is also done here by a process known
only to this company. This process
being a recent one, they did not care
to make it known to their compet
itors, but on reaching the floor
above, where all the starched goods are
done up, attention was called to the ele
gant work that this soft finish starch en
ables them to do. By its use it is impos
sible for the clothing to crack, as was
demonstrated by taking some starched
cuffs and rumpling them well. They
are, however, stiff and have a beautiful
finish. This is the same process in use
by Earl & Wilson, the celebrated collar
and cuff manufacturers. The ironing is
all done by the latest improved Troy
machines. This upper floor is a model
of neatness. The company furnish free a
neat box for the collection and delivery
of collars and cuffs, to prevent crushing.
Their business is rapidly growing.
The Alta sMaiilng mills.
Cor. Seventh and San Pedro streets.
The above-named mill is owned and
operated by Mr. YV. S. Arnold, and ia
doing a very large business. All kinds
of house-building materials are manu
factured, such as sash, doors, blinds,
mouldings, etc., etc. Mr. Arnold has
a large amount of capital invested
in the plant, which is fitted
out with all the latest improved ma
chinery for mill work. He employs
some twenty hands. His business is
rapidly growing, which growth is due, in
a great measure, to the personal popu
larity of its genial proprietor.
San Pedro Lumber Company.
This is the only strictly wholesale
lumber company in Southern California.
Their man yards are located at San
Pedro. They handle, in round num
bers, some 60,000.000 feet of redwood
and piue lumber per year. All lumber
handled by this company is manufac
tured on this coast, and embraces a full
assortment of building material. They
obtain their supply direct from Oregon
and Pnget Sound, the redwood coming
from Humboldt. Their trade extends
over the entire southern portion of the
State and into New Mexico and Arizona.
They also supply the Eastern market
with large quantities of redwood. John
A. Hooper, the president of the com
pany, resides in San Francisco. Mr.
Mark Reynolds, the general manager at
San Pedro, and has a branch office at 51
North Spring street, Los Angeles.
Modern household taste has firmly ac
cepted the open fire-place as an indis
pensable adjunct of the home, and oar
architects have turned this taste in the
right direction by designing tire-places
which shall sustain the artistic effect of
of the whole house. Under these con
ditions, the fire-place has rapidly become
the centre of social and decorative inter
est, being the one spot in the room
towards which all eyes are naturally
drawn, and around which the amenities
of home find their best expression.
Under the impulse thus given to the
movement and improvements in this
line, our firms have given their time and
attention to the perfecting of this fine
art. The following firms are recognized
as the leaders in this art in our city:
J. W. Frey.
Located at 600 North Main street is the
establishment of J. W. Frey, dealer in
wood mantels, fire grates, fire furniture,
tile, etc. Mr. Frey commenced business
here in 1884; from year to year his trade
has increased, until now it can be safely
said that in his line he stands at the
head of all competitors. Mr. Frey has
brought his business to its present de
gree of prosperity by fair and honorable
business methods. Competition is tbe
life of trade and trade will go where it
can buy the cheapest. Thus far Mr.
Frey has always met any competition
and claims to be able to sell his goods as
low as anyone. He is handling and
keeps in stock the largest assortment of
fine wood mantles and art tile for fire
place decoration and wainscoting in
Southern California. Buying for cash,
availing himself of all cash discounts, he
requests an inspection of hiß prices. He
is also sole agent for Boughton's wood
carpet or inlaid floor. His work can be
found in many of the fine residences of
this city and surrounding towns. Goods
are also shipped into New Mexico and
Arizona. L. L. Bradbury's, Judge Bran
son's, Senator Stephen M. White's, and
many other fine residences were done by
this firm. Descriptive catalogues sent on
floury Babrmann,
414. South Spring street.
Mr. Bohrmann commenced business in
Ixw Angeles in 1884; from a small be
ginning his business has grown to im
J icohtwoi* oa Pao» Tim.)

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