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The Business of an Execu
tive Session.
Thomas Strohm Appointed Chief
Engineer of the Fire Depart
ment—Other Changes.
Tho City Council met yesterday morn
ing, President Frankenfleld in the chair,
and all present except Mr. Shafer. Clerk
Teed announced that there was nothing
on the table and there were no commit
tees ready to report.
Mr. Hamilton moved that the Council
go into executive session. This motion
was carried without a dissenting vote.
It was stated that the business to come
before the Council was the arrangement
of the ordinance fixing the salaries of the
various officers of the city, not fixed by
the charter. An objection to the execu
tive session was made on the ground
thatjsection 20 of the new charter pro
vides that "The meetings of the Council
shall be public," but the members did
not consider that they were acting in op
position to the spirit of the charter.
The Council continued in executive
session for two hours, when the doors
were opened and an ordinance fixing
salaries and offices as follows was read :
Sealer of Weights and Measures, $1,800
per annum. Each Police Judge, $1,200
per annum; each Clerk of Police Judge,
$600 per annum; Water Overseer, $I,BCO
per annum; Chief Engineer of Fire De
partment, $2,000 per annum; Mayor's
Clerk, $l,. r )00 per annum; one Police
Captain. $125 per month; two Sergeants,
$90 each per month; ten mounted
Policemen, at $95 each per month ; fifty
four foot Policemen at $80 each per
month; Clerk to Chief of Police, $80 per
month ;two drivers oj patrol wagon at $75
each per month; one Assistant Chief
Engineer of Fire Department at $100 per
month; Engineer for each engine at
$100 per month; one driver for each en
gine, hose cart and book-and-ladder at
$80 per month; one Foreman for each
engine company, hook-and-ladder and
detached hose cart company at $20 per
mouth; one tiller man for each hook-and
ladder company at $60 per month; six
call hose men for each engine company,
five call hose men for each hose com
pany, and six call men for each hook
and-ladder company at $15 per month;
one Superintendent of Parks, at $!K) per
month; one Assistant Superintendent,
ats6o per month; one Sanitary Health
Inspector, at $60 per month ; Captain of
chain-gang, $80 per month ; City Sexton,
$40 per month; Inspector of Street
Sprinkling, $100 per month; Janitor of
City Half, $50 per month; one Police
Surgeon, $75 per month; one Deputy
City Clerk, $100 per month; two Assist
ant City Clerks, at $100 per month each ;
one Deputy Tax and License Collector, at
$80 per month; ten Deputy Assessors
from March Ist to July 10th, at $100 each
per month; one Deputy City Attorney,
at $150 per month; one Assistant City
Attorney at $100 each; rive Deputy
Water Overseers in irrigation searon and
two in winter season, at $75 per month ;
two Deputy Street Superintendents, at
$100 per month; one Clerk to Street
Superintendent, at $80 per month; one
Foreman of Sewers, at $100 per month;
pne Deputy City Engineer, at $100 Per
month. The ordinance was unanimously
On motion of Mr. Van Dasen, the
Clerk cast the ballot for the following
officers: Captain of chain-gang, Geo.
M. Lockwood; city sexton, I. Smith;
inspector of street sprinkling, M. Wet
zell; pound keeper, Wm. lionet.t; janitor,
Cyrus Vena; police surgeon, Dr. N. H.
Major Bonsall offered a resolution to
the effect that no man be employed by
the city officers who is addicted to the
use of intoxicating liquors. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Wirsching the
President of the Council was requested to
be present at the meetings of the Coun
Mr. Hamilton announced that the
Finance Committee would meet at the
City Hall on Saturday afternoons at 1:30
Major Bonsall announced that the
Board of Public Works would meet on
Saturday mornings at 9 :30 o'clock at the
City Hall.
The Council then adjourned until
Monday morning at 10 o'clock.
Tbe Fire Comuilmlon.
The Fire Commiseioners met at Mayor
Hazard's office at 1 o'clock in the after
noon, all the members present. On
motion of Mr. Kuhrts, Mayor Hazard
was elected Chairman of the Board,
which proceeded to the election of a
Chief Engineer.
On motion of Mr. Kuhrts, Thomas
Strohm was elected Chief without a dis
senting vote.
After some little objection on the part
of Mr. Lovell, it was decided to elect the
Assistant Chief.
Mr. Kuhrts stated that he intended to
place in nomination a man, but having
heard that he would not be able to work
harmoniously with Chief Strohm, he had
decided not to present his name.
Mr. Marsh then took the floor, after
some further discussion, and nominated
Charles Miles for Assistant Chief.
Mr. Lovell objected to this, and asked
that the matter be postponed for at least
another week, in order that ho might in
vestigate Mr. Miles' record.
Mr. Keefe said that the Commission
could make any appointment it pleased,
and if it was not satisfactory they could
remove the men elected, and therefore
there was no need of any hesitation on
that account.
Mr. Kuhrts said that Miles was well
liked in the Fire Department and the
boys would work with him from first to
last, therefore, he was in favor of his ap
A vote was then called for, and the
Mayor asked that Messrs. Kuhrts and
Keefe's names be called first. This was
done, and Charles Miles was elected by
a vote of 4to 1. Mr. Lovell refusing to
Mr. Keefe asked that a committee be
appointed as a Supply Committee.
Mayor Hazard said that time was short
and he had a meeting of the Police Com
mission to attend, so, on motion, an ad
journment was taken, subject to the call
of the President.
Tbe Police Conimtiilen.
The movements of the Police Commis
sion were regarded with a great deal of
interest yesterdya, for it was expected
that some action might be taken toward
tne appointment of a new Chief. It had
been reported that Chief Cooney had been
deposed by the Commission because he
would not recognize Mr. Hazard as
Mayor. This, upon investigation, was
found to be untrue. Chief Cooney was
asked if he recognized Mr. Hazard as
Mayor and he replied that he did and
would obey his orders as such. Mayor
Hazard asked him to place an officer at
the City Clerk's office to see that no one
but Clerk Teed took possession. Chief
Cooney replied that he would do so, un
derstanding that the officer was to go on
duty yesterday morning at 6 o'clock.
Mayor Hazard and others of
the Commission passed the City
Clerk's office about midnight
on Thursday night and seeing
no officer they told Captain Harris to
place tbe officer on watch. Captain Har
ris placed Officer Leehart on duty in
front of the office, and there the matter
ended. The Commissioners held several
secret sessions yesterday, caucuses, they
called them, and after "they were over,
said that they had done nothing except
to talk over the rules and regulations.
The matter of selecting a chief, it was
said, was not touched, and might not be
until to-day, or perhaps next week. The
chances that Frank Burns would be
chosen were considered to be materially
decreased. It was said that a great
effort was being, and had been brought
to bear on some of the Commissioners
who were in favor of him, to induce them
to change their minds. The names
of Councilman McLain and Detective
Glass were mentioned as most prominent
in the tight for the position. The ques
tion as to Mr. McLain was as to whether
he is eligible. It is claimed that under
the new Charter he is not eligible.
Other City Officers.
When Mr. M. F. Stiles reached the
City Clerk's office yesterday morning he
found a policeman and Clerk Teed in
possession, as was stated would be the
case in yesterday morning's Herald
He tiled a protest to the action of Clerk
Teed and Auditor Lopez in taking charge
of the office. Auditor Lopez thought
that, in the interest of the city, he
should be allowed a deputy by the Coun
cil, which had not been done. Tax Col
lector Thompson also thought he should
be allowed a deputy for office duty by
tbe Council.
Mr. J. W. Drown surrendered hia
office to Street Suaerintendent Morford.
He filed a protest, and left the office in
charge of his successor.
California Social Club.
Last evening, at Turn Verein Hall, the
California Social Club gave its fourth
hop, which proved to be one of the most
successful and pleasant ever given by
the club, and, in fact, one of the nicest
social events of the season, notwithstand
ing the fact that quite a number of the
patrons of the club dances were kept at
home by its being l.ent. This club has
only been organized a few months, but
in that time it has taken a prominent
place in social matters, as the party of
last evening will prove. The club has
nicely furnished rooms in the Lanker
shim block, in which it has placed a fine
Chickering piano, billiard table and
other accessories, and in which it is a
pleasure to pass away the time. The
club is composed of about fifty of the
young business men of the city, who
have taken hold of the club with the de
termination to make this one of the
many permanent institutions of the kind
in the city, as their actions in fitting up
and furnishing of club rooms demon
strate. The following are the Executive
Committee, who had charge of, and to
whom, in a large measure, is due the
success of last night's party: J. H. De
La Monte, A. C. Stevens, S. M. Pickett,
F. E. Stevens, F. E. Lowry, J. F. Burns,
H. M. Ashley, Seth Smith and W. H.
Routzahn. The grand march was very
ably conducted by Dr. W. H. Dukeman.
A Distinguished Party.
Dr. W. Seward Webb, President of the
Wagner Car Company, is on his way
from New York to Southern California.
He is traveling in a special train of four
cars, consisting of dining, combination
baggage and parlor and Bleeping coaches,
and has in addition to his family a num
ber of friends with him, there being
eleven in ail in the party. An idea of
the comfort they mean to get while on
the road, may be obtained from the fact
that they have fifteen servants with
them, bringing the total up to twenty
six. The trip is purely for pleasure, and
the route adopted is as follows: Niagara
Falls, Denver, El Paso, Vera Cruz, Los
Angeles, Portland, Ore.; Helena, Mont.;
Winnipeg, Vancouver and back to New
York. A stop of a month will be made
in Southern California.
Pullman Passengers.
The following Pullman passengers left
yesterday for San Francisco and the
By tbe 1:20 p. m. train—Mr. Amberg,
Mr. Hofsord, G. G. Rack, Mr. Lovelly,
Mr. Hudson, Mr. Baecomb, Lilian Paige,
Mr. Brotherton, J. H. Thompson, Jas.
Lane, Mr. Jerome, Mrs. D. Wrach, Mr.
Chase, B. Gadzert, M. Schwabacher,
Mr. Halstead, Mrs. E. B. Cooper, Mr.
By the 10:20 p. m. train—W. F. Wes
ton, H. W. Lamb, Mrs. Illoway, W.
Ferry burg, Mr. Puder, O. W. Childs Jr.,
J. C. De Putner, E. H. Bently, J. F.
Lincoln, Mr. Nyth, P. M. Johnson, Miss
Reror, K. M. Pogron.
Railroad Changes.
A new time table was made up yester
day by the Santa Fe officials, and will go
into effect immediately. The changes
are only as regard the Redondo Beach
and Port Ballona lines, the trains on
which will in future run as follows:
Leave Redondo Beach daily, except
Sunday, at Ca. m., and daily at:!.so r. >i.
Leave Los Angeles for Redood>| B#%ji
daily at 10 a. m. and 5:30 r. M»Mly, ex*
cept Sunday. «^c.M
For I'ort Ballona the the
except Sunday, is : Leave
at 7:40 a.m., and Port BallJW^fcoO
The rest of tbe time caY reman
according to the published schedule.
Travel to Yoaemtte.
The Yosemite season will formally
open on Sunday next, and parties will be
sent out tri-weekly from that time until
the Ist of the month, when a daily ser
vice will go into effect. The recent
storm has put a little snow on the roads,
but if the present fine weather continues
the pathways will be clear agairffn Sun
day. Mr. Moody, and party of seMOb'
will be among the first to enter the A
ley this year, as they have made *w
rangements to leave on the 27th. Mr.
W. N. Han bey and a party of seven or'
eight easterners now pleasure-seeking at
Santa Barbara, have also engaged pas
Hunnlubt Again.
At noon yesterday tbe news reached
the headquarters of the Loa Angeles and
Pacific road that the washouts on the
line had been repaired, so General Man
ager Shaw at once ordered all trains put
on as usual. The first was, therefore,
ran out at 5:40 p. m., and from now on
all trains will run according tothe sched
ule published in another column.
A Beautiful Residence.
A representative of this paper having
occasion to visit tbe southwestern por
tion of the city yesterday, and noticing
the many fine residences along Figueroa
street, took the liberty to step into Mr.
Frank Sabichi's new mansion that has
just been completed, between Ellis
avenue and Adams street. The design
of the house itself is striking, it beiDg a
castellated style of architecture, with
broad steps leading up to a tiled vesti
bule; the halls are spacious and the
rooms are very lar. c and airy. The
house is fitted up with every modern
convenience, such as a dust flue, clothes
shute, dumb waiter, electric bells, burg
lar alarms, etc., etc. Life certainly is
worth living in such a mansion.
There are about five acres of ground
surrounding the house, which Mr. Sabi
chi is cultivating, and which in a few
months will look elegant with lawns,
flowers, fountains, etc. Mr. Geo P.
Jensen was the contractor, and he cer
tainly has done excellent work. Mr.W. T.
Jones was bis superintendent. Tne
plumbing and pipe work around the
house, which in this nineteenth century
is quite a feature in the building of an
expensive residence, was done by Mr. D.
Kavacaugh, of No. 27 San Pedro street.
Mr. Kavanaugh is an artist in bis line,
and has done work upon some of the
largest buildings in our city. The bouse,
altogether, cost about $25,000 and is a
credit to Figueroa street.
At Auction.
To-day, Saturday, March 23rd, Beeson &
Rhoades will sell at their salesroom, 119
and 121 Second street, the contents of a
32-roon) hotel, consisting of bedroom
sets, parlor goods, easy chairs, carpets,
bed-clothes, dishes and table linen.
Goods nearly new and first-class. Ladies
invited to attend. Sale at 10 a. m. and 2
p. m, Ben. O. Rhoades,
Millinery Opening.
Miss Jordan, who is the leading artist
in millinery in the city, authorizes us to
state that her opening reception will Lake
place at 242 South Spring street on
March 29th and 30tb, when she will ex
hibit the largest and most artistic stock
of millinery goods ever brought to this
The Savings Department of the State
Loan and Trust Company, Bryson-Bone
orake building, will be open every Satur
day evening from 7 to 9 o'clock, and
every day from 10 to 3 o'clock.
"A Terrible Mistake."
Catalina Island, as a pleasure resort, is appre
ciated only by those who have experienced a
day's fishing, a moonlight ride on the
beautiful bay, a bath in the refreshing water,
or a tramp across the hills with a rifle.
Iv failing to visit this wonderful place, with
the attractions that have been added through
the enterprise of Ford &. Myer, who have re
fitted the hotel and increased tbe boating and
bathing facilities, you surely make a terrible
mistake. The hotel will be opened March 15th.
The new steamer Hermosa starts to run on
that date. 1
Signs of the Times.
The revival of business has again brought
the Southern California I.sud Company, (244
6?. Main street. Baker Block) into active real
estate operations. This company has been a
very successful one, and all its customers
reaped subttintial advantages in 1886,1887
and 1888. The company now offers a line o!
first class city property, and also acts for those
who may wish to place money ot interest in
loans of from sixty days to two years in large
or »mall amounts, with guaranteed securities
and prompt interest.
The Hole in the Wall.
Four of them: and a big rush inside, because
of our noted discount sale in men's ond boys'
clothing of the beit quality, at Spring and
First—Mullen, Bluett & Co.
At Rice's This Week.
Almost new sssoline stoves, costing $22, for
$8 and $10. A good White sewing machine
for $0.50 Lamps worth 75c. for 25c. Pretty
ash bedroom sets, most new, for $16; worth
$28. Antique sets, cost $40. for $21. Maho
any sets, cost $40, for $20. Nice sets for $12
ana $13. Good ingrsin carpets for 30c. aud
35c ; brussels for 50c. Wardrobes costing $15
for $5. Box mattresses one-half cOBt. Glass
ware, crockery waro, mirrors, tinware, etc.,
bought from a dealer at half cost, will be
almost given away. Choirs, rockers and
loungcß at prices not to be bought for except at
Rice's English breakfast teas, worth 50 cents
and $1 per pound, for 20 cents and 60 cents;
Japan teas 15 rents per pound. Spices, ex
tracts, etc., at your prices. Get prices at Rice's
for everything wanted for housekeeping, Nos.
328 and 330 South Spring street. Remember
at Rice's you find the largest Btoek in the city.
All goods sold under value always for cash,
Mary A. Livermore.
Under the management of the Illinois Asso
ciation Mary Livermore will lecture next Mon
day evening at tbe Pavilion. Tickets only 25
cents. J. H Vincent, Dili., says of her; "She
is wise, womanly and eloquent, and in my
opinion the most able, natural aud effective of
all the women speakers now on the American
leotm c platform."
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
No. 3. Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, a marvel
ous cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria, ttanker
Mouth aud Headache, With each bottle there
is an ingenious Nasal Injector for tbe more
successful treatment of these complaints with
out extra charge. Price 50 cents. BoidbyC.
F. Heinzeman.
If You Are Not Rich
You may yet be lucky and every man is in luck
who gets one of these great bargains now of
fered: $25 black dress suits for $15, $18 sack
snits for $10, $5 bin! flannel pants f0r52.50 at
E. Adams, the one price clothier, 15 3. Spring
The Vienna Bakery
lakes a specialty of ice-cream, wedding enkes
nd servug suppers for balls, parties, etc. The
srgest, neatest and cheapest dining-rooms on
he coast. Open all night.
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs,
Of the celebrated Wyandotte fowl: also a few
roosters of Wyandotte and light Brabmas, at
844 West Tenth street.
Christopher's Toast Foundry.
No. 12 North Spring street, is tbe cheapest and
best place to eat in the city. Everything neat
and clean.
Theo. Rapp, Wood Engraver,
80. 10 (,ourt street, room 9. Satisfaction
■uarauteea. Reasonable prices.
Just What You Want.
Gas stoves, for heating and cooking, at S. M j
Perry's 30 South Main street.
Tufts' Lyon Arms Co.
— ...... • «•
, Will remove April Ist from First St. to 40 8.
No Surf or Stingarees
In the placid of the Bay at Catalina.
We have a speedy and positive cure for
catarrh, diphtheria, canker mouth, and head
ache in Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. A nasal
Injector Iree with each bottle. Use it If you
desire health and tweet breath. Price, 50
cents. Sold by C F Heinzeman.
Herbert ('. Parka, Stale Manager, Capital Arei
tirnt C^npany:
' I receipt of my claim against
|puc comHhy for weekly beuetits while dis
iipted, anO*thank you for prompt settlement.
ai.hi Fritz.
-~ Loa Angeles.
Trs-la-la. George, I am going over to get a
package of Grand Republic Buftos, they only
cost 10 cents a package and 1 prefer them to
cigarettes every time.
SEE the fine #40 watch sold by Hollingsworth
in ciuS* at SI per week in installments. 30
SoufpHring street.
Lost, an old leather valise with a box of
Grand lbcMsbllc Clgarros in it; on the oatside
of ih«.*oi was marked S cents a piece.
Fay's harness Shop, 217LosAngele«
"Paint your baggy for $1," at P. H. Mathews.
H icmony king of herbs. 143 E. First street.
We respectfully invite the attention of the public to the
following facts relative to this property :
It is the nearest port to Los Angeles, where freight and
passenger vessels of largest size can transfer direct to rail
way cars.
It will be connected with Los Angeles and the general
system by
On one of these a 6rst-class service will be provided, and
Will be run during the daytime, thus making REDONDO the
It will also have the
Finest Hotel
Between Coronado and Monterey, to be erected immediately ;
has the finest beach for bathing and the best fishing on the
Coast; is abundantly supplied with
And has the richest soil of any seaside resort in the country.
It will have elegant and commodious buildings for the
permanent use of the
And has a greater variety of attractions for the tourist and
health-seeker than can elsewhere be found on the shores of
the Pacific.
This property has been subdivided into lots, suitably
arranged both for homes and business purposes, and the Com
pany propose to spare no expense in making Redondo the
Most Popular Resort in California.
For particulars as to property and terms of sale, inquire of
Court aud Main Streets, LO3 Angeles, Cal.
The Centinela-Inglewood Land Company offer for sale
choice residence lots in one of the most beautiful orange
groves in California. Is located midway between Los
Angeles and the sea and has a perfect climate, the result of
protection from high winds and sudden changes in tempera
ture. The town is provided with a magnificent water system
derived from
Flow in i>- Artesian Wells.
One of the railway lines of the Santa Fe system runs
through this place, and affords easy access to Los Angeles or
the seaside.
Eucalyptus Avenue
The Company also have for sale land adjacent to the
town, in tracts of from One Acre to One Section. The
soil is a rich, sandy loam, and for the growth of the orange,
lemon, and all the deciduous fruits, as well as for vegetables,
flowers, or nursery stock
Considering the uniformity in the character of the soil, its
great productiveness, and the comparatively trifling cost of
cultivation, these lands are offered at a bargain.
Terms of Sale—One-fourth cash; balance in one, two
and three years at a low rate of interest.
Centinela-Inglewood Land Company,
The Gem of the San Gabriel Valley.
Only Three Miles from City Limits of Lot
Property of San Uabrlel Wine Vs..
Original Owner*.
On line of 8. P. R. R. and Ban Gabriel
Valley Rapid Transit R. R.,
From 10 to 15 mlnntes to the Plata, Los An*
geles City
Inexhaustible quantities guaranteed.
Apply at Office of
Ramona, Los Angeles county, Cal.
Or to J. M. TIEKNAN. Ramona. m7tf
50x105 each, for $4000
FLOWER ST., between Ninth and Tenth
Sts., 50x155 to alley; per ft CO
cago and St. Loins sts , west of new
cable engine-house, per ft 80
NINTH ST., bet. Willow and Holmes,
5214x155 to alley 2000
ELLIS AYE., south side — 45x150 to
alley 1350
BLISS TRACT, Bear New Wolfskin
Depot-Per ft 30
BURLINGTON AVE.,Bonnie Brae tract
-50x150 to alley 1500
For tliese and many more see
Largest snd newest list In the city.
First-Class Alfalfa Land
Come snd see, and you will not go away with
out purchasing. ,122 3m*
South Field Wellington Coal,
The Best Domestic and Steam Coal brought
to this market. Call and got our prices.
Coal Dealer.
YARD TEL., NO. 1047.
Now Is the time to lay In your supply of CoaL
The ship "Hilma" now discharging ISO©
TONS English Coke and Welch Anthracite
Coal ot Port of San Pedro for
Office, 295 North Main Street,
Will sell cheap on railroad track, this city, in
order to make room for another cargo to arrive.
Wholesale and Retail.
Screened Lump Coal, Delivered Loose SI 1 .OO
In Sacks 12.00
Single Sacks, Delivered T6
• T " at Yard SO
Coal and Wood Co.,
Bryßon-Bonebrake Buildiug (basement).
Telephone 315.
d2O 12m
Finest Quality of Fruit Lands,
Eight thousand acres now subdivided (17,000
seres in all) in Ban Fernando Valley, from Bto
12 miles from the Plata, into 5, 10, 12 and 40
acre tracts, ranging from $25 to if 150 per acre,
and on such liberal terms that any one can own
a home. A fruitful soil, easily cultivated; a
healthy and delightful climate; excellent
schools and churches; two railroads. With Los
Angeles markets for everything raised on the
farm, these lands offer Inducements to settlers
that cannot be duplicated.
Also, a Stock Range of 1,250 acres, only four
miles from city limits, at a very low figure.
Can be subdivided Into two or three ranges.
For maps, prices and terms apply to
Rooms 8 anl 9, Bryson & Bonebrako Block
jail 3m
Old Gold and Silver Bought
Jewelry manufactured to Order
7% Commercial St. (Upstairs).
Meerschaum Pipes and cigar Holders neatly
repaired and mounted. ml 6 lm
~o7b. fuller & co~
(Successors to McLain St Lehman.)
Pioneer Truck and Transfer Co.
No. 8 Market St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Safe and Piano Moving. All kinds of Track Wort
TsiamoM 137. ml tf

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