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United States Signal Service.
KewTt ol observations taken at Dos Angeies,
California. March 22, 1389, by the War De
Time. | Bar. Thar
5:07 a. «. 30.17 52
5:07 r. m.130.14 72
*_ d I 0l |i?l
N 3 ,CleRr.
E 4 [Clear.
temperature, HI; minimum tem
perature, 50
Ban Ff.aNcisco, March 28.—Indications for
24 hours: For California—Fair weather, fol
lowed In Northern California by rain; south
weaterly winds; slightly cooler iv Southern
California nearly stationary temperature in
Northern California.
John W. Pearson, a San Francisco cap
italist, is at the Hoffman.
Dr. Rowell and ladies from San Ber
nardino are on a pleasure trip to the city
Mr. and Mrs. A. AY. Conklin, of Deca
tur, 111., are stopping at the Hollenbeck.
J. M. Hanford and Miss Anna Han
ford, of New York, are Hoffman House
Mr. O. W. Childs, Jr., left on last
night's train for a short visit to San
J. A. McCrea, S. H. McCrea and S. H.
McCrea, Jr., of Chicago, are at the Hol
Mrs. S. A. Sanford and O. H. Sanford,
from Davenport, la., are registered at the
Mr. G. T. Adkins, wife and child,
wealthy tourists from Great Britain, are
at the Westminster.
Mr. R. M. Pogson, manager of Gen
eral Beale's ranch, returned to Bakers-
Held on last night's train.
Mr. A. A. Van Voorhees, a wealthy
merchant of Sacramento, accompanied
by his wife, is at the II jllenbck.
Mr. E. J. Burrows and wife, of Provi
dence, R. 1., are visiting friends in Los
Angeles. They are at the Nadeau.
Mr. L. Jerome, of New York, who has
been passing the winter in Southern Cal
ifornia, left yesterday for the East.
Mr. George Easton, of San Francisco,
head of the real estate firm of Faston,
Eldridge it Co., is at the Westminster.
Mr. H. 8. Tiffen, Mrs. de Liale and
Mrs. Randall, wealthy tourists from
Napier, New Zealand, are at the West
Mr. Robert Gorddn. of the firm of Gor
dan Bros., of this city and San Francisco,
arrived in town yesterday, and is at the
Mr. B. F. Armstrong, of Moore, Hunt
& Co.. of San Francisco, ie in town, and
hiß many friends will be glad to meet
him as of yore.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coleman are
Hoffman House guests. Mr. Coleman is
Superintendent of the Indian Training
School at Albuquerque, N. M.
Mr. M. M. Ogden, Manager of the
Conreid Opera Company is in tho city
making preparations for producing the
King's Fool in all its elaborate details.
Messrs. Duncan Mclnlyre and R. B.
Argus, directors of the Canadtan Pacific
Road, accompanied by Mr. Donald Mac-
Master, all ot Montreal, ars at the West
Harry Butterfield, the acknowledged
Adonis of the railroad service of the
country, aDd the Traveling Agent of the
Santa Fe Company, returned to the city
last night.
Mr. John Mallon, of the Mal'.on Glass
Works of San Francisco, and one of the
directors of the Mechanics' Institute, ar
rived here yesterday, aud will remain
some days.
Mr. W. F, Dillon and wife of Shreve
port, La., tired of the damp weather in
the "Sunny South," are going to spend
the balance of the winter in Loa Ange
les. They are at the Hollenbeck.
O. L Maims, the proprietor of the
Norman House of Independence, the
principal hotel of Inyo county, is in the
city purchasing supplies for his hotel,
which will be shipped north by way of
Moj aye over the wagon route.
Mrs. Wyatt was advised by her medi
cal attendant, Dr. D. M. Griffith, yester
day, that she will be able to start on her
journey East in a couple of days. Her
visit is for the purpose of attending to
some property which has just come into
her possession.
The Hollenbeck restaurant will be
re-opened on April Ist.
Jose Villalaboe was fined $10 yesterday
by Justice Lockwood for disturbing the
James Cummings and James Poland
were fined $7.50 a piece yesterday for
disturbing the peace.
James Dorsey fell out of a wagon at
the corner of Fourth and Main Btreets,
and had his face cut. He was taken to
the Police Station for surgical treatment.
Camilla Aubert was arrested yesterday
at San Jacinto on a charge of selling
liquor to Indians. He will be examined
before U. S. Commissioner Van Dyke on
the 30th of March.
Transfers of roal estate yesterday
amounted to $142,460, and were 91 in
number. Of these 28 were for more
than $1,000 each, and 33 were for nom
inal considerations.
The hotels are doing a booming busi
ness now-a-days. The Westminster
alone had eighty-two new registrations
on Thursday night, and guests had to be
turned away after 10 v. it.
A Chinaman by the name of Ah Look
was arrested yesterday on a complaint
from the Deputy Tax Collector for refus
ing to give his name and pay his poll
tax. He was taken before Justice Lock
wood, and sentenced to five days in the
County Jail.
Under the new arrangement of the
Police Courts, Captain Stanton will
occupy Justice Austin's Court in the
afternoons until a satisfactory room shall
be alloted him by the Council. Mr.
Owens, the other Police Judge, has been
ill for some time. Provision will be
made for the accommodation of his
Court later.
A couple of young men went into the
Novel Restaurant yesterday afternoon to
eat dinner, and when they came out the
pepper cruets which had been on the
table were missing. They were followed
by the proprietor and the lost cruets
found in the pocket of one of the young
men, whose name was Eugene Guiste.
He was brought to the station and booked
for petty larceny.
The two hack-drivers who took a hand
in tho attempted escape of Kirk, the Ne
deau clerk, who ran off with several hun
dred dollars to which ho had no claim,
were examined yesterday before Jiißtice
Savag«. Their names are W. A. Morier
and W. M. Somnierset. They were
charged with having assisted him to es
cape, knowing that he was guilty of a
felony. After the evidence had been
given by the State, a motion to dismiss
was granted by the Court on the ground
that they had not been cognisant of the
tamlllt t~r*o at the Lot Ingcl *
A very good house and composed
largely of critical judges in music, ussem
bled at the Loa Angeles Theater last
night to here the Camilla Ureo concert.
The programme was a delightful one,
for the most part severely classical, and
embracing many of the choicest bits
from the greatest masters of the art. It
will uot be necessary to dwell here on
the number rendered by others than
Madame Urso. Without adverse reflection
on the others, it may be said that to the
audience generally the performances of
the star were the concert, the first ap
peared in an exquisite arrangement on
the march and prayer from the opera
Otliello. It is needless to Hay that it is
not a bit of composition for an amateur
to try. Its intracacies were rendered
with as much ease as the gamut by this
supreme mistress of tier instrument. In
response to a recall Madame
Urso gave a very elaborate
arrangement of the waltz caprice by
Wieniaweki. Her instrumentation is
masterly, sympathetic, artistic, perfect.
In the second part she rendered
Paganini's "Witches' Dance." It might
appear as if the charm of the perform
ance lay largely in the arrangement of
the music, as this ' accomplished artist
brought out all its weird but fascinating
measures; but such a thought was
quickly dissipated, if it was anywhere
entertained, when, in answer to
the recall, Madame Urso took the
simple notes of ''Home, Sweet
Home," and nearly wrung tears
from the audience by the pathos she ex
tracted from the strings of the violin.
This, instead of satiating the people,
only whetted their appetite; for a second
recall was insisted on. "The Carnival of
Venice," as arranged by Paganini, was
the piece selected. It would be difficult to
lind anything more thoroughly calculated
to test the consummate skill of the artist
than this selection. The delight of the
mueical portion of the audience is all
needed to prove how perfectly all the
the meaning of the intricate theme was
evoked. To-night there will be a com
plete change of programme.
Sunday IMarlit.
At the Los Angeles Theatre to-morrow
night Nelson's great vaudeville and
acrobatic show will open for a season of
a week. The sale of seats is good and a
profitable engagement seems to be
"The King's tool,"
There iB quite a demand for seats for
the production of The King's Fool at the
Grand Opera House next week. There
are 108 arti6ta in the Conried Opera Com
pany, and a corps of sixty young and
pretty chorus girls. The King's Fool if
an opera abounding in enchanting waltz
movements, as well as music of a grander
order. All of the scenery used in the
production is new and strikingly original.
The story of the King's Fool is laid in
the days of the Regent Phillip of Spain.
The revenge cf the court jester, whose
father has been tortured to death by
Phillip, is tho motive which leads to the
unmasking of the Regent's viiiany in
kidnapping the Prince heir apparent
when an infant. The plot turns on the
contentions of t wo rival political factions,
tbe Reds and the Blacks, who are aware
that the heir apparent, Prince Julius,
had been kidnapped and reared as a
girl, with the nieces of the Count
ess (orisanda, first lady in wait'ng
for the Regent. Both factions are anx
ious to secure possession of the Prince,
in order to overthrow the R?gent. The
military party, the Rede, in the first act
try to capture the Prince who is still
disguised as a princess, and through an
amusing contretemps secure a veritable
Princess, daughter of the Countess Cor
In the second act the military party
are discovered encamped in a beautiful'
woodland scene, with case ides of run
ning water. The Princess Felisa, who
has been nnVaken for the Prince, de
spite of her avowal is forced to appear in
male attire as their chieftan. In the
finale the real Prince comes to the rescue
of the Princess Felisa with whom he is
in love.
The Countess Corisanda follows the
Prince to the camp and in a dramatic
scene is called on to decide which is the
real Prince, ond on her decision depends
the death of the pretender. It will be
readily perceived that this curious com
plication gives rise to many quaint situa
tions and denouments.
The third act happily solves all the
vexed problems.
For the V. .TI. C. A.
At tbe Central Baptist Church last
night a Japanese tea was given by the
Ladies Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. for
the benefit of the furnishing fund of the
new building. There was a good at
tendance present, and an excellent en
tertainment was provided, commencing
at 0 o'clock, with a tea provided by the
ladies in Japanese costumes, during
which several selections were given by
the members from the Association
Orchestra. At 8 o'clock the literary ex
ercises commenced aud were thoroughly
enjoyed by all present. The programme
was as follows:
1. Organ Solo. Harvest Home
„ J- BaptMe Calkin
2. Male Qariette. To the Fairest."
As-eolation Quartette.
3. Vocal Solo, (selected)
Mrs. Mamie Terry Davla.
4. Beading. 1 The < harlot Race, from Ben Hur"
„ , ™i■ i; Le "' "'"'(act
Prof H. W. Ludlam. B. E.
5. clarionet Solo. • Air Varle".
F. W. Bowers.
<i. Vocal Solo, (selected)
Mrs Mamie i'erry Davis.
7. Male Quaitette, Nellie Was a Lady,"....
Association Quartette.
Tbe Caledonians.
The Caledonian Club has arranged
good quarters for itself at last on Spring ]
street, just below the Nadeau House,
and last night the hall of the society was'
dedicated by an informal social and
dance. Under the able management of
Mr. J. O. Maclean, the President of the
organization, everything went off
smoothly and the visitors were thor
oughly delighted with their experiences,
rhe names of the performers, all of
whom did remarkably well considering
•he short notice they had, are as follows:
Messrs. Alexander Bell, John Spiers,
Robbie Burns, Mrs. Lloyd and the
Misses Ethel Stewart, May Campbell,
Sadie Tuttle, Hattie Pearson and
I'nlverslty illuslralc.
The regular term recital of the music
department of the University of South
ern California was given last night. A
largo number of the friends of the per
formers were present, and thoroughly
enjoyed the programme, which was ren
dered by Miss Belle Suruan, Mrs. Grw
wold, Miss Martha Arnold, Miss Marie
Howes, Miss Li I lie Houeer, Mies Maud
VYhitlock, Mim Mamie Mendenhall, Mica
ilora Scott. Miss Albertina Wiseman,
Miss Grace Whitehorn, Miss M. Helen
Wid: ey, Ma. W. F. Kioe, Miss Lola
Emory, Miss Lila Spence and Mrs. Hope
The Elate.
On Sunda) night the Elks will hold
forth in grand stylo at the Grand Opera
House. Signor Farini will appear in the
opera of II Trovatore, Mr. Charles Bas
set!, will give extracts from A Drummer*
Life, and a host of choice musical and
specialty features will fill in the pro
gramme. The brethren are coming to
the front in good style in support of the
affair, and there promises to be a big at
The Spring Hares.
The Secretary of the Racing Club
wishes nic to state that the following
horses are eligible to start in the trotting
race which has been substituted for the
two-year-old trot, down for the third
day's programme: Belle Forrest, Wil
liam A , Cora VanTassell, What Ho,
.lennie B , Bay Tom, S. S. Ellsworth.
Pond Lily, Charlie D., and Havward
Chief. The conditions are as previously
announced, five to enter and three to
start, or no race. Entries close to the
Secretary on or before the Ist of April
next. The 2:35 pacing race has been de
clared off, and another will be substituted
at an eatly date. Anoi.ice.
i Ine Iflilliuery.
Mrs. J. Davidson, 444 Smth. Spring
street, informs her friends and patrons
that she has returned from San
Francisco with a large and weil-eelected
stock of millinery novelties, and will
have her openiug on Friday and Satur
day, March 22d and 23d.
S. Conradi's Removal.
S. Conradl, the jeweler, has removed from 10
South Main street to 21 North Spring street,
near corner of Franklin.
Eye, Ear and Throat Diseases.
Dr. 9 M. blocum, lately associated with the
celebrated Dr. Sadler, is now located at No.
320 South Main street, "Moro Castle " Deaf
dess, noises iv tbe ears, discharges from tbe
ears, catarrh and throat diseases most success
fully treated. Operations on the eye skillfully
performed. Free consultation from 9 a.m. to
SP. M.; evenings, Bto 0; Sundays, 12 at. to
2 P. H.
The Magnetism of Bargains.
Draws meu aud women to our store and sends
them away again happy and contented
SIS Cheviot Suit* for $10
$12 Cassimere *uit< for *7.50.
Satisfactory prices, satisfactory bargains, sat
isfactory quality aro the rules at Adam's
OlOthing House, 15 8. Spring St.
Consult Mrs. Dr. Wells.
Cterine and rectal diseases treated withskill
by her new paiule-s method. City references
from hopeless cases cured. 400 Fort Btreet,
corner Fifth.
The Edmonds Dental Co.
Have opened elegant dental parlors in the Bry
son-Bonebrske Block, and ate prepared to do
all classes oi dental work at Eastern prices.
Only experienced operators employed. Re
ception room 30. Take elevator.
Dr. J. H. Edmonds, Manager.
Rapid Beating of the Heart.
Whenever you feel Hn uneasfuess in the reg
ion cf the heart, a slight pain iv the shoulder,
arm. or under the shoulder b.ades, or when you
find ycursclf short of breath when exercisiug,
or ycur heart has pericds of beating fast, you
have hear*, disease, and should take Lk. Flint's
Remedy. Descriptive treatise with each bot
tle; or address Mack Drug Co., N. Y.
Cohn's Pawnbroker Sale.
Auction of la c t twelve months' unredeemed
pled es ol jewelry, diamonds, watches and
lire-arms is vow goicg on at No 2! f First street,
near Maiu street, every day aDd evening until
all are sold. L. B. Cohn, Pawubroker.
Adams Never Fails
To satisfy every customer. It is a far'!! Buy
ers c»u save money on every if tney buy
of Adams' One Frice clothier, 15 o. Spriug St.
Ten Varieties of Fresh Fish.
s en i urn tic. o> i retli I lull
Daily at Catalina Island
Tufts' Lyon Arms Co.
Will remove April Ist from First st. to 40 8.
Absolutely Pure.
The powder never varies. A model of purity
and wholsomenesa. More economical than the
ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in compe"
tition with the multitudes of low test, short
weight, slum of phosphate powders. Sold only
ik cans. Royal Bakih6 Powdkb Co , 106 Wall
TILE 00.. San Francisco. Agents. d4-4m
Valuable Farm
3263 ACRES
late DR. F. ZEILK, situated In Sacramento
c .unty about one mile below and opposite tho
t iwn of Rio Visla, fronting about one mile ou
the Sacramento river and extending along tho
north bank of Seven-Mile slough nearly three
and a half miles, and including valuable Im
provements, such as houses, barns, warehouse,
etc., with some personal property. About 700
acres vow uuder a lease which expires Decem
ber, 1800.
10G4 acres, more or less, situated ooANDROS
ISLAND, at the Junction on Georgians slough
aud the Mofjuelumne river, with about two aud
a half miles of navigable water Ironmgo.
These lands aro thoroughly reclaimed, con
venient to market, and are unsurpassed for
productiveness by any In the State.
To be boUI aubjeot to the approval of tbe Pro
bate Court
Bids will be received at the office of the ex
ecutors, 137 Montgomery street, Han Francisco,
where maps of the property may bo seen ana
such further information had as may be re
quired. O. LIVERMORE,
San Francisco, February 25,1889. m2tf
TorturiDf, Disfiguring' Skin Diseases.
Wonderlnl Cure of salt Itlicuui.
Knee, Hands and arms covered.
Hands useless for two years.
Doctors said case was incurable.
Cured by t ulti-urn.
I havd had a mo-t wonderful cure of salt
rheum. For five years I have suffered with this
disease. I had it ou my face, arras and hands.
I was unable to do auythiuir whatever with my
hauds for over two years. I ti led huudieilsof
remedies, and not one had the least, fleet. The
doctor said my cbnh was incurable. I saw your
ailverTsenicut, and concluded to try the CUTI
iM'KA HKMEDIKS, aud, incredible as it may
seem, after using oue box of CUTK.'ITKA. and
two cakes.-f CUTK'CKA H> VP, an.l two bottles
ofCI'TICI'RA RESOLVENT. I find I am entire
ly cured. Those who think this letter exagger
ated may come and see me aud find out for
•.hemsclves. GRACE P. 11AKKHAM,
North St. Charles street, Belle River, Ont.
I must c xtend to you tho thanks of one of my
customers who h.is been cured by using the
CI'TICUBA REMEDIES of an old sore, caused
by a id'g spell of slckuess or fever eight years
ago. He was so bad he was fearful he would
hive to have his leg Amputated, but is happy to
say he is now entirely well,—sound ol a dollar.
He requests me to use Ins name, which is H.
11. Cason, merchant of this place.
JOHN V MINOR. Druggist.
Guiusboro, Term.
I have been troubled with tetter on my face
for several years, and doctored with several
doctors, but received no benefit. 1 used your
I.I'ITLTRA REMEDIES last spring according
to directions, and can vow say that I am en
tirely cured. I am satisfied your Ct'IICCRA
REMEDIES are just what you recommend them
to be. HUGH B. AY RES,
Smithville, W. Va.
I have been cured of a moat unbearable itch
ing skin disease by theCl'TlCi'RA REMEDIES.
They have enabled me to escape years of suffei
lug. You may use my uame as a reference,
aud any one who wants to know aboiu my c se
may write me, inclosing stamp.
47Grove street, Providence, R. I.
Cured by Cuticura
To cleanse the skin, scalp, and blond of hu
mors, blotches, eruptions, sores, scileß and
crusts, whether simple, scrofulous, or conta
gious, no agency in the world of medicine is so
speedy, sure, and economical as the C I'TICURA
CDTICUKA, the great skin enre, Instantly al
lays the most agonizing itchivg and inflamma
tion, clears the skiu and scalp nf every trace
of disease, heals ulcers and sores, removes cruata
and scales, and restores the hair. CUTICIIRA
SOAP, the greatc-i. of skiu beautiflers. is indis
pensable in treating skin diseases and baby hu
mors. It produces the whitest, clearest skin
and softest hands, free from pimple, spot or
PTTVffPLES, blackheads, red, rough, chapped
XAiIL aud oily skin prevouted byCUTICUKA
Boßfld to Make Bosks!
1 $LOO I|J
Will be given on each pair of l ad ies' and
Gents' Boots, Shoes and Slippers
sold until April Ist.
*•',•'■';• i ALSO,
50c. off on Children's, and
25c. on Infants' Shoes.
54 North Spring St.
N. B. The cuts represent ft lew of the shoes
that we keep iv stock. mls 17t
tt. 1.. 1/KAIO.
Wholesale Grocers,
32, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles Street,
PHOTOS. ntuuii, -> PHOTOS.
stringency of the money market, I have reduced the price of my
Photos from $5 to $3 per Dozen.
? r f,l l I" t b « en . t 1" yea u" l n busi °ess in Chicago, and three years in this city, I can guar-
V *^Twu« b ?ni%lr%& s'pokSn'" 1 * 1 iUT " e wUh
J. T. BERTRAND, 413 N. Mam st., opp. Plaza.
By C. STAPIUII, 237 Sou 11. Spring Street, a pupil of Dr. Douglass Graham of
Hoston. Also method of Dr. George Hunerf juth of Llpiig used.
ii,.M S.. „,uJ... 'ramps. Weak Eyes, Female Weaknesses, Kidney, Throat and Chest Trouble,
E Si. . J''! p U oi,i DO e 'l" ttl ' ,1r Paralysis and all Chonfr Diseases. Rbeu
rSSSSSltiln ~15n 3 , boißtlca »"> cured by it. It is unexcelled for Torpid Liver. Dyspepsia,
m»n/Th.t .11 ? V A? le , eel ! c ? ,Rom Fever and Surgical Operations. It Is a method of treat
conLVltation free. W "° haVe tbe ' r p " ienU ' wel ' ar ° "nffi
Noarisbiag! Agreeable!
The Best on the Market.
A minister anil hia little boy enured
of an obviiuute skin disease by
the < iillcura Hcmcdirw. I'raises
them everywhere-In the pulpit,
home, and In the street.
For about, thirteen years I have bean troubled
with eczema or some other cutaneous disease
which all remedies failed to cure. Hearing of
tho CUTICURA REMEDIES I resolved to give
them a trial and'purehttsdone bottle of CUTI
Hnd ono cake CUIICIRA SOAP. I followed
i lie directions carefully, and it ali'irds mcmucli
pleasure to say thut before using two boxes of
the CUTICURA, four cakca of COTIOURA
SOAP, and one bottle of OUTICUBA HEaOLV
ENT, I was entirely cured.
In addition to my own CU', mv baby boy,
then about live months old, was suffering with
what I supposed to be the same disease as mine
to auch sn extent tnat his head was coated
over with a solid scab, from which there was a
constant flow of pus which was sickening to
look upon, beßidestwo Urge tumor-like kernels
on the back of hi« head. Thanks to you aud
your wonderful CUTICURA REMEDIES his
scalp is perfectly well, aud the kernels have
been scattered so that there ia ouly oue little
place by his left car. aud that is healing nicely.
Instead of acoatiugof scabs be has a fine coat
of hair, much better than that which was de
stroyed by the diseaie, 1 would that the whole
world of snfferers from skill and blood diseases
kuew tho valueof your Cl'TlUt'RA REMEDIES
as I do.
SOLVENT are each worth ten times the price
at which they are Bold. I have never used any
other tollot soap in mv hcuse since 1 bought
the first cake of CUTICURA SOAP. I would be
inhuman aa well as ungrateful should I fail to
speak well of aud recommend your CUTICURA
REMEDIES to eve:y aufferer who come in my
reach. I have spoken of it. and shall continue
to speak of it from the pulpit, In the homes,
aud in the streets. Praying that you may live
long, and do others the same amount of good
you have done me aud my child, I remain,
yours grateiully.
(Rkt ) C M. MANNING,
Box 28, Acworth, Ga.
blemish. CUTICURA RESOLVENT, the new
blood purifier, cleanses tbe blood of all Impuri
ties and poisonous elements, and thus removes
the cacsk. Hence tho CUTICURA REMEDIES
cure every Bpecies of agonizing, humiliating,
itchiug, buruing, scaly, and pimply diseases of
the skiu, scalp and blood, with loss of hair,
from pimples to scrofula.
Sold everywhere. Price, CUTICURA, BOO.;
SOAP, 25c: RESOLVENT, *1. Prepared by
£HT"Seud for "How to cure Skin diseases,"
(14 pages, 50 illustrations aud 100 testimouials.
LT A ATTICI Solt, white, and free from chaps
II ft IN JJuaud redness, by using CI'TICt'IIA
' PI
BO North Spring St.
Ik's Fwif Gook
Closing_Out Sale
$25,000 Worth
i At a Sacrifice!
1 Every Dollar's Worth must be sold out
during the next few weeks.
Not being able to find a much larger
and more suitable store at a fair rental,
we have decided to close out our business
us soon as possible, aDd will therefore
sell our slock at a sacrifice.
Entire Stock and Fixtures
for sale as a whole.
_ * ._
On the Influence cf Cold
I'rodnctlon of Diseases cf tbe In ng«
Different Plans of Treatment,
8.0., specialist in diseases- of the Head,
Throat aud Chest, including the Eye, Ear aud
The state of the atmosphere impresses itself
directly on the mucous lining of the nasal pas
sages, throat windpipe, bronchial tubes and
air-cells of the lungs. Sudden chauges iv the
temperature of the sir are immediately felt over
the whole ot this extended surface. Coolness
and humidity render the air irritating to the
mucous membrane, irritation ends in eonges
liou, and congestion is the first stage of inflam
mation—the parent of ail those chroniccatarrh
al affections of the nose, thrnai aud bronchial
tubes, which ultimately end in consumption.
Nearly eighty per cent, of the cases of con
sumption begin by congestion of tho mucous
membrane of the nasal passages, throat aud
brouchial tubes produced by colds. To that
extent, therefore, conmmptlon springs directly
from the dump and changeable weather. It is
inflammatory and purely local In its early stage
—unite as much so as inll nidation of the eyes
or quinsy cf the throat, and must be treated in
the same direct manner.
It is a rule of medical practice, established by
ageß of experience, that every ditease which is
local—that is to Bay, has its seat in any one
organ or part of the body — requires for its euro
the direct applicaiioo of the remedies to such,
organ or part. When this can be done, the
disease is generally curable, aud when it can
not be done it is,if serious, generally fatal. The
same mucous membrane is spread over the
globe of the eye. lines the tear passage and in
ternal surface of the no-e, covers the throat,
passes down the windpipe, and becomes the
lining of the delicate aud Innumerable air cells
of the lungs. When cold produces Inflamma
tion of the eye In one pertou aud acute catarrh
of the head in another, the cause, the disease
and the membranes affected are alike in every
respect. When cold produces a sore throat In
one person and congestion ol the lungs in
ano her, there is no difference in the diseased
action ol the two cates, or in the principles of
treutment required for their cure. It is mu
cous membrane that is involved iv both cases.
But mauy treat these similar diseases of same
membrane widely different, and, as a conse
quence, cure one aud fail to cure the other.
For the eye they apply eyewashes and oint
ments directly to the lnllamed parts and are
generally successful. Iv the nose is app led
nothing to the diseased parts and catarrh be
comes seated and is thought to be incurable.
For an inflamed throat they prescribe gargles
and app.ieations to the throat, and generally
cure. For the same disease a little lower down
—in the windpipe aud bronchial tubes—they
make no direct application, but dose the pa
tient's stomach, and as a consequence often
fall to cure Would It not be foolish to pretend
to cure an Inflamed eye or a sore throat by doa
lug the stomach. Well, it is just as great a
mistake to treat catarrh and diseases of the air
passages of the lungs by dosing tbe stomach
Tbe fatality of lnng diseases is not due, as
many people suppose, to the malignity of their
nature or the importance of their breathing
orgaus. It ia the inevitable result of ;rosB neg
lect of the means of cure within the reach of
all. Properly treated by direct medication,
lung diseases are as curable as other maladies.
If any satisfactory result were attained by
constitution treatment alone in lung cases—if
they cured considerable proportion of such
cases—it might reasonably DC doubted whethor
the direct treatmentof inhalation could accom
plish better results. But the fact is, they do but
very little good. Even in hospitals, where the
diet, exercise and general habits, as well as
their medical treatment, are entirely under the
control of physicians, very few well defined
diseases of the lungs can be shown to have been
cured by the stomach treatment out of every
thousand cases so treated. It has been so unf
formly unsuccessful that most people have
come to regard consumption as equivalent to
the hand of death! In giving it up, therefore,
those having lung diseases abandon nothing,
save the certainty of an earthly grave for a hope
of life and health.
Now, look at the results attained by the direct
treatment of the lungs by inhalation. In all
ordinary cases of catarrh, bronchitis aud
astinna, improvement immediately takes place,
and they go ou to complete cure. In consump
tion the disease is more obstinate, but these
cases ultimately get well. Even in desperate
cases benefits always result from inhalations.
Rn d wo can point to hundreds of such cases
which were given over to die and pronounced
hopeless, and yet recovered and are uowliving,
these tacts are easily certified to by thousands
of living witnesses at tho present day.
M. H ilton Williams, m. d., m. c. p. s. 0.,
Corner Second and Spring sts., Los Angeles.
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