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United States Signal Service.
Ketvort ol observations taken at Loa Angelea,
OahTrnla, April 19, 18»». br War De
5:07 a.
Dew | wd
55 K
57 |8W
Maximum temperatare, 70; minimum tern
oeratore, 56.
Bak Francisco, April 19.—Indications for
twenty /our hours for California—Fair weather,
followed alone the coast of Northern California
by light rains.
Mr. J. E. Plater will leave for the
North to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hinckley, of Pasa
dena, are at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hendry, of Indian
apolis, are at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Browning, of San
Jacinto, are at the Hollenbeck.
Mrs. G. W. Sanborn and daughter, of
San Diego, are at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. T. Monaghan, the leading mer
chant of the Needles, is at the Hollen
Mr. E. C. Webster, the "financially
embarrassed" Pasadena plunger, ia at
the Hollenbeck.
Dr. J. W. Coolidge, one of the leading
physicians of Scranton, Pa., arrived in
town yestc- 'ay and is at the Hollenbeck.
Mrs. Lee W. Foster, of Oakland,
accompanied by her daughter, Miss Ada
Foster, of Mills' Seminary, is at the
Mr. Samuel Jones, a brother of the
Nevada Senator, has arrived at Santa
Monica, and is staying at the family re
sidence on Ocean avenue.
Mr. E. J. Baldwin will go to San Fran
cisco to-morrow. He has abandoned
the trip Katt, which he had intended to
take at tbe opening of next month.
Mrs. George Sanborn, wife of the train
Superintendent of the California Central
and California Southern, is at the Hol
lenbeck, accompanied by her daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Binckerhoff, Miss
Binckerhoff, Mr. W. M. E. Binckerhoff,
and Mr. E. Binckerhoff, Jr., wealthy
tourists from Englewood, N. J., are at
the Westminster.
Dr. O. S. Winttanley, Mr. F. Winstan
ley, Mrs. W. H. Banks and children and
Mrs. M. Michael and children, a party
of Canadian tourists, arrived in the city
yesterday and are at the Hollenbeck.
Rev. A. Blum will conduct the services
at the Synagogue this morning at 10
A number of friends of Prof. Arevalo
are arranging a benefit for him, to take
place in the near future.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians will
give its fifteenth annual ball on Monday
evening at Armory Hall.
Joe Caverie, charged with stealing a
'horse, was examined before Justice
Savage, yesterday, and held to answer to
the charge.
The California State Board of Trade
has addressed an appeal to the Super
visors asking their aid in the advertising
of California in the East.
The Acme Baseball Club of San Pedro
is anxious to compete with some stong
amateur teams about the county. Mr.
J. L. Hormann is the Manager.
The Emanuel Presbyterian Sunday
school will hold its Easter exercises next
Sunday morning at 9:30, at the Los An
geles College, corner of Eighth and Hope
County Clerk Dunsmoor has received
copies of the laws passed by the last
Legislature, which may be obtained by
Justices of the Peace of the county upon
Mr. E. J. Baldwin's horses will go east
to-day in charge of their trainer. Mr.
Baldwin will not accompany the horses,
but will remain in this part of the coun
try for a while.
George Webb and Ezra Taylor, natives
of Great Britain, and Henry Oeliklaus, a
native of Germany, were yesterday ad
mitted to citizenship by Judge Wade, in
Department 3.
Transfers of real estate yesterday
amounted to $83,163, and were 57 in
number. Of these 20 were for more
than $1,000 each, and 18 were for nom
inal considerations.
Ab Kay, alias Lv Kee, was brought
before Justice Lock wood on a charge of
having robbed On Lee of a silver watch
and $5 in gold on the 18th of this month.
His examination was set for May Ist.
Old Mary Ward, a well-known drnnken
vagrant women, was tried before Justice
Stanton and found guilty of being drunk
and disorderly. She will be sentedced
to-day. Mary is just out from a long
term in the County Jail.
Fred Ryan, the young man who ob
tained money under false pretenses from
the Bristol Sitters, was taken before
Justice Stanton yesterday, and the 24th
was set for him to enter his plea. His
bail was set at the sum of $500 cash.
Mr. Mulholland, of Inyo county, sent
down a demijohn of wine made in Inyo
to the Chamber of Commerce asking that
it be tested and an opinion ottered on its
merits. Secretary Higgins and several
other experts are said to have rendered a
decision that it was very good for new
A. Alamanka and Juan Romero, who
were arrested Thursday morning over on
the East Side with a number of chick
ens in their possession, were tried be
fore Justice Staunton, yesterday, and
found guilty of petty larceny. Mr. D.
Douglass appeared and testified to hia
ownership of the eight chickens found in
the possession of the men. They pleaded
guilty and were given ninety days ea h in
the County' Jail.
The charge of fraudulently disposing
of personal property against the Rey
nolds brothers, painters, was dismissed
by Justice Lockwood yesterday. Some
time ago this firm confessed judgment
for a debt of $80 to C. E. Lee, but before
the money was collected they assigned a
horse and buggy io their attorneys.
They were discharged for the reason that
the complaint failed to allege that the
property belonged to the defendants. A
new complaint will probably be filed.
Dan Mnllins, the young man who tried
to sell Officer Lennox a lawn mower too
cheap, was tried before Justice Staunton
yesterday, and his case taken under ad
visement. In the course of bis testi
mony he swore that he bad not stolen
the mower, but had received it from an
other man who had stolen it, and h ■ had
agreed to sell it fjt him. The receiving
of stolen goods is a felony, whereas
petty larceny is only a misdemeanor, so
the youth's attempt to get out of the
scrape may land him in the penitentiary
instead of the County Jail.
K. A. Weed, the editor of an Kast Los
Angeles weekly paper, who is awaiting
trial in Justice Sawyer's court for em
bezzlement, was brought before Justice
Lockwood, yesterday, on a new com
plaint for the same offense. Tbe
c 1 is brought by 8. B. Griffin,
of the East Side who complains
that, on the 18th of December,
Weed "did purloin the sum of $435 in
lawful money," which was entrusted to
iiis care by the Loan and Building Asso
ciation. Weed claims that this is exactly
the same charge as the other.
Card from Jerry llllcti.
I thank my friends for the patronage
they have extended to me in the past,
and beg to announce that my restaurant
will be closed on and after Monday next,
to be replaced by a new building, which
I hope to have the honor of opening on
September Ist, when I shall be pleased
to have them renew their favors. Re
spectfully, Jerry Illich.
Its mother Boards It Out to Save
Her Beputatlon.
Word came to the Health Officer, Dr.
MacOowan, yesterday afternoon that
some people were trying to have a child
interred in the Catholic Cemetery with
out a burial permit. Dr. Choate drove
out to the Cemetery to investigate the
matter and found two women waiting at
the office with the body of a three
months-old male child in a cheap coffin,
which they wished to have buried. It
had been ill, they said, for some time,
and had died at 8 o'clock Thursday morn
ing. They had been waiting all day for
permission to have it interred.
When asked to give a full account of
the child, its parentage and the cause for
its death, the women became more reti
cent, and their questioner began to sus
pect that there was something queer
about the case. The younger of the two
women finally said that tbe child had
died at Mrs. Duran's, No. 12 Aliso road,
and that no physician had been in attend
ance. As to the name of the p rent she
would say nothing.
Inquiry was then made at the house on
Aliso road, and it was learned that the
child had been placed in the charge of
Mrs. Duran some two mouths previous
by Mrs. Flores, who lives at the corner
of Bellevue and Upper Main. The
mother was a San Diego woman, whose
name was not revealed. About the 15th
of February an old woman, whose name
no one ever learned, got off tbe train at
the Santa Fe depot, carrying a basket, in
which was a newly-born infant. She
asked an old Mexican, who goes by the
name of Carrillos, whether he could find
some woman in Los Angeles who would
be willing to nurse tbe child and under
take its care, if she were well paid for it.
He brought her to an acquaintance of
hie—an old Mexican woman who sells
tomalee, and whose adobe dwell
ing is back of the Plaza
church. The tomale woman said
that she cou'd not take care oi the child
herself, but that she would take it over
to Mrs. Flores, who, she was sure, would
look out for the waif. Then the old
woman disappeared, leaving the basket
and fifteen dollars in cash in the hands
of Corillcs. The mother, she said, was a
respectable married woman in San Diego,
whose husbaiid was away, and to whom
the child had been born in consequence
of her failure to keep her marriage vows.
Thirty dollars a month was named by
the old woman as the price which the
erring wife was willing to pay to have the
child properly cared for.
The toniale seller and old Carillon
took the child to Mrs. Flores, and she
agreed to take cara of it until a perma
nent abiding place could be found. The
daughter of Mrs. Duran, who was the
younger of the two women at the ceme
tery yesterday with the body, was finally
induced to undertake the care of the
infant. No more money, however, was
sent by the woman at San Diego, al
though Mrs. Duran wrote a number of
times, asking that the promise be kept.
The child was apparently about twen
ty-four hours old when it was brought to
Mrs. Flores. After it had been in the
care of Mrs. Duran's daughter about a
month it sickened, and grew worse from
day to day. The neighbors all knew of
its illness and their testimony shows
that the child was not neglected. No
doctor was consulted and hence the
death will have to be investigated by the
A post mortem was held last evening
and it clearly appeared that the death
was due to natural causes.
The Bargains at Star Shoe
House lor Saturday and Monday.
30 and 32 North Spring street.
Eye, Ear and Throat Diseases.
Dr. S. M. Slocum, lately asaoclated with the
celebrated Dr. Sadler, is now located at No.
320 South Main street, "Moro Castle " Deaf
ness, noises in the ears, discharges irom the
ears, catarrh and throat diseaeea most success
fully treated. Operations on the eye skillfully
performed. Free consultation from 12 H. to
5 p. m.; evenings, 8 to 9; Sundays.Oi. m. to
2 P. «.
Sporting Goods.
Cal at Sportsmen Headquarters for your Ash
ing supplies, just received. All kinds of sport
ing goods on band. Goods guaranteed or money
refunded. All work neatly done and guaran
teed. H. Biotterbeck, 111 North Main street
Temple block.
Consult Mrs. Dr. Wells.
uterine and rectal diseasf s treated with skill
by her new paiule's method. City references
from hopeleaa cues enred. 400 Fort street
corner Fifth.
Four Cents Per Day
Secures a policy of $5,000 and $25 per week
Indemnity ln the Capital Aoeldent Company
Herbert C. Parks
State Manager, Loa Angeles.
Scriver & Quinn.
38 South Spring street, sole agents for Heath &
Mllllgen's best prepared paints.
You are Looking for E. Adams.
Store if you are looking for the cheapest place
ln town.
Have your watchea and jewelry repaired at
S. Conradi, No. 21 North Spring street.
Only think how cheap you can lire at
Bpenoe's Restaurant! 4(i B Spring.
RAGLAND—In this city.*Frlday, April l!)th,
Jarrles William Ragland, infant ton of W. B
and Delia Raglaud.
Funeral from the residence of W. M. Sag.
land, at 2 r. x. Saturday, April 20th, 12(18.
Workman atreet Eaat Los Angeles. Inter
ment at Bosedale Cemetery.
Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Fauntleroy is still the talk of the town.
The demand for seats for the six even
ings and two matinees, Wednesday and
Saturday, has been very lively. The
prospects are that the engagement, at
the Grand, will be the biggest uf the sea
Tlx museum's Easier Bill.
A very good show is announced for the
Museum for Easter week. The amphi
theater offers a temp ing programme of
specialt ; e3, embracing aerials, mimics,
vocalists, comedians, comiques, gym
nasts, etc., by the following performers:
Dessie West, Flut ardand Dana.Rnbz irt,
Ed. Armstrong, John Merrit, John West,
etc. The museum annex is made inter
esting with Greiner's glass exhibit. Jas.
Carr, a strange Albino, who walks on
swords with sharp blades with his naked
feet. Little Doi, the little midget, is de
cidedly entertaining.
In tbe Wrong Hoont.
A. W. McConnßll got into the wrong
room last evening. It was too early for
retiring and his presence in a room not
his own, at No. 317 E. Fourth street,
could not be explained on any such
hypothesis, especially as he does
not live in that house. When
it was discovered that he was
in this room several young men residing
thereabouts quietly surrounded him and
dragged him to the police station, where
he was charged with burglary. When
he was searched there were found in his
possession about forty keys of all de
scriptions, a bandsome pair of bracelets,
two scarf pins, several rings, and a num
ber of other articles which might have
been picked up in other rooms. He will
be examined to-day.
CREAM H* mc tJ
Used by the United States Government. Endorsed by the heads ol tne Great universities
and Public Pood Analysts as tho Strongest, Purest and most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring
Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon. Orange, Almond, Rose, etc., do not co tain Poisonous Oilsor
PBICH B iKllMt; POWPHK CO. New York. Chicago- San Francisco.
For Weak Stomacb liver.
Prepared only by TjiGS. BEEIIHIS, St Helens, Lancashire, England.
B % F, ALLEN & CO., Bole Agents
For United States, 8-35 S 3ST Sassl St., New York.
Who (if your druggist d i -.<>t keep them) will mail Beecham's
Pills on receipt of pri< «— 0.. ,'.v turf first. (Please mention this paper.)
3 Bertram/ ® 3
sCW Realizing"the stringency o! tbe money market, I have reduced tbe price of my
Photos from $5 to $53 per Dozen.
Having been ten years In business ln Chicago, and three yeara in this city, I can guar
antee a flrst-clasa photo, equil to the very best made, aud invite comparison with
higher price work. French, English and German spoken.
J, T. BERTRAND, 413 N. Main st., opp. Plaza.
MCCARTHY'S «S, 115 West First st,
At s bout one-fourth value for Los Angeles City and County Properties, now owned by
l 00-reMdents who are owing deferred payments they are unable to meet and placed
their properties in onr hands to dispose of. Several large Ranches for exchange. Eastern
Farms to swap for California Property. Please call at
McCarthy's California Land Office. 115 W. First St >i 7 .i m
it. H. HOWELL. R. L. CRAiU.
-:- Grroeers,
33, 34 and 36 South Los Angeles Street.
T.r?K,Io N . N 7 0 7!. 4> LOS ANGELES, OAL.
173 m
By C. STAFFER, 837 South Nprlnsr Street, a pupil of Dr. Douglass Graham of
Boston. Also method of Dr. George Huuerf jutti of Llpiig used.
111/i.loOixvTJji Cramps, Weak Eyes, Female Weaknesaee, Kidney, Throat and Chest Trouble
often preventing Consnmption. It has no equal for Paralysis and all Chonlc Diseases. Rheu
matism, Neuralgia and Sciatica are cured by It. It Is unexcelled for Torpid Liver, Dyspepsia
Constipation and Convalescence from Fever and Surgical Operation*. It is a method of treat
ment that all educated physicians recommend who have their patients' welfare at h»art
trade MAty Hygienic! Nourishing! Agreeable 1
The Best on the Market.
Election ol a Superintendent and
The Park Commission met yesterday
evening, Mayor Hazard in the Chair and
the members present.
Mr. Hntton reported that Thomas
Joyce bad prerented the Commission
with a 12,000 gallon water tank, which
was accepted, with thanks, for the
It was reported that a portion of the
trees presented by the State Board of
Forestry had arrived and were being set
out. The balance were expected to
arrive at an early date.
The Commissioners then went into the
election of a Superintendent of Parkß.
Messrs. L. M. LeGrand aud H. V. Bard
were placed in nomination, and Mr. Le
Grand was elected. Mr. H. V. Bard
waß elected First Assistant Superintend
ent, ami Mr. R. Borry was elected As
sistant to, be stationed at the Sixth
street Park.
It. was ordered tbat the First Assistant
be allowed $30 per month for a horse
and buggy.
It was decided to defer the election of
other assistants until a necessity arises.
Considerable time was spent in discus
sine' the improvements to be made in the
various parks, after which the Commis
sion adjourned.
Jake—"l say, sir, the man that bought
that $15 suit from you yesterday has
brought it back." Dealer—"Why.what's
the matter?" Jako—"Ho says it ain't
wool." Dealer—"lt ain't wool! Well,
why don't you tell him it is?" Jake
—"I did, and he won't 'i believe
me." Dealer—"That's too bad. Well,
tbe only thing we can do is to show him
where the moths have into it. He
didn't notice it yesterday when he took
tho suit.—[Detroit Free Press.
Absolutely Pure.
The powder never varies. A model of parity
and wholsomoness. More economical than the
ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold in compo
Ution with the maltltudes of low teat, short
weight, alum of phosphate powders. Bold only
m cans, Royal Bakins Powder Co., 106 Wall
TTI.B 00.. Ran Francisco. Agonta. d4-4m
Farmers, Attention!
Horse Rates. Horse Rakes.
We have on hand a few of tho beat One and
Two-Horae Rakea ever brought to this market,
which we are
ClosingOutatsisand $iBeach.
Call and see them.
Brown & Foster Hardware Co..
30 80UTHJ3PRING ST. A3 lm d&w
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln
At Lowest T J os«siT>le Rnten
814, 816 and 818 Boutb Sprln.tr ft*.
Bet Third and Faurth Sts, m 6-tf
Storagre and Commlitloa.
A 76 South Main street,
Ma Under Dr. Boyer's direc-
" on hftfl become a popular
/«4Ma k 'ostitution. Ladles' depart
-6 fit ment open from 8 a. h. to
iH nja A> lir. X Gents' department
~ Ml open night and day f.va no
w»k Am charg?R for gentlemen b.»tb-
Wis"i ianfnr ers remaining over night.
c 8. Traphagen, B. M'gr.
Bronchitis, Asthma,
Together with diseases of the
Successfully treated by
M. D., M. C. P. S. 0.,
Corner Spring and Second Sts.
Nearly 100,000 Cases Treated.
All diseases of the respiratory crgana treated
by the most improved medical inhalations and
the Compound Oxygen treatment, which has
such a world-wide reputation iv lung and
nervous affections.
We take pleasure in announcing to the public
the fact that we have introduced the COM
tem of the practice ln the cure of Asthma, Bron
chitis, Consumption, Dyspepsia, Insomnia, Sore
Throat, Catarrh, Rheumatism and Nervons
As ia well known, oxygen ia tho life-giving
principle ln the air wo breathe and ozone In
the air Imparts that happy and buoyant feeling
after thunderstorms. Persons often require
more oxygen than la in the air around them,
and cause doors and windows to be opened,
tear off collars, looaen the waist, and call for a
fan to displace the stifling and bring fresher
air or more oxygen. Traveling is done mainly
to resorts where the air contains more oxygen,
and mountains are ascended to breathe the
ozone, which is light and ascends from tho
Oxygen and ozone aro gases, and muat be
stored up and used by inhaling them. Our
apparatus for storing and giving these gases,
compounded with other suitable agents, la per
fect; and, although they are not a cure-all, yet
they are undoubtedly the greatest invention
made in the last 20 years in any department of
medicine, and the results are truly wonderful.
Oxygen acta by purifying the blood, thereby
increasing the circulation, promotes absorp
tion, improves digestion and assimilation, in
creases tbe capability of the lungs, and acts as
a gentle stimulant to the nervous system.
The London, England, Lancet, very truthfully
says: "The Compound Oxygen treatment la tho
greatest discovery of the Nineteenth Century.'
Clergymen, statesmen, lawyers,doctors, and all
classes Indiscriminately, whenever It is intro
duced, botn use and recommend it
I have seen so many canes of lung diseases
cured that I do not consider any case hopeless
unless both lungs are seriously involved. Even
then the inhalations aid us in dissolving the
mucus, and in contracting and healing tbe
cavities, which nothing else can do with the
same success
The very beat references from those already
Those who desire to consult with me in re
gard to their cases had better call at my office
for consultation and examination, but, if im
possible to do so. can write for a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a Hit of questions.
Oornor Second and Spring Ft*.. Los Ange es, Cal.
Office hours, from 9a. v. to 4 p. sc.,
la 3 6m
will strictly enforce tbe following rule: Tbe
nonrs for sprinkling are between 6 and 8
o'clock a. m. and 6 and 8 o'clock r. v. For a
dotation of tbe above regulation tbe water
will be shut off and a line of two dollars will i
be charged b jforu water will be turned on
again, I
Leading Paper
Devote* is columns to farthering the Interests'
of Los Angelea City and County, and the
southern portion of the State.
—ia a—
Newspaper ol the Dayl
Complete ln all its details, and
In Every Department
IMscnsi Alt 1.l vc Isaacs ot
tbe Day.
Telegraphic Reports,
Fullest s Most Exhaustive
To be fonnd ln any paper of the State,
not being surpassed by those of the
San Francisco dailies.
Contain a complete resume of Local Hap
penings and all matters of Home
Agents of tbe Daily aud Weekly
The following persona are agents for the
Daily and Wikkly Hebald, from whom
either paper may be ordered:
Pasadena— E. Col- ,
orado etreet Chas. 8. Talmadge, Jr.
Pomona W. J. Hamner.
Pheoniz, A. T Cotton Broa.
San Diego . .Handley & Macow-ky.
San Bernardino W. Q. Moore.
Ontario J. B. Moors.
Orange 8. Armor.
Anaheim Joseph Helmsen.
Santa Ana Geo. F. Briggs.
Santa Monica B. W. Sanndera.
San Tedro N. O. Anderson.
B . onthern i B - R ' New » °*
Banta Barbara W. A. Judge.
Tuscon, A. T. I. 8. Mansfield.
Southern Pacific Trains E. S. Dennisona.
Long Beach X. J. Pratt.
Ventura W. T. Spur lock.
Wilmington P. Barr.
San Francisco j Palace JgJJ New «
Santa Barbara T. L. Monmonier.
Riverside Riverside Mews Co.
San Jacinto E. C. Heard.
Monrovia J. J. Benaker
Azusa R. B. Nathan.
Colton M. J. Bharpe.
Downey E. F. Soribner.
Lordabnrg E. O.Carter.
El Monte N. Van Tassel.
Compton Wm.lMalcom.
Ferris Clyde Johnson.
Inglewood W. L. Woods worth.
Riverside Drake & Cnndlff.
Qlcndale train C, Wilkinson.
Alhambra ..' ,F. B. Ellwood.
Colton Wood Bros.
Oceans' de C. Saladine.
Redondo Beach Geo. L. Troupe.
Soldiers' Home A. Rowan.
Salt Lake City C. H. Parsons.
.Sacramento E. A. Phillips.
Daily Hebald, by mall, one year $8,00
Daily Hbbald, by mall, six months 4.60
Daily Hbbald, by mall, three months... 2.25
Delivered in the city for 20 cents per week.
At all cities and towns Postmasters are auth
orised to receive subscriptions for the Hbbald.

Weekly, one year, by mail 13.00
Weekly, six month*, b; ma 11.... I.o©
Wkekly,throe moutta, by mall M
Payable invariably t/i advance.

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