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The New Year Opens En
• couragiDgly.
Entertainments, Surprise Parties,
iasicales, Dances and Other
T Interesting Events.
' All communications for this Department
■houli) be addressed "Social Editor Herald,"
and lirwarded beiore Friday night ot each
A vetch night social was held in the
M. E church, Monrovia, on New Year's
A lean bag party was given on New
Years Eve by tbe St. Angelo guests to
their friends.
Tte management qf the Bellevue Ter
race Will give a dance about the middle
of th« month.
\ •*»
The East Side lodge of the A. 0. U. W.
gave a New Year's ball Tuesday even
ing, atCampbell's hall.
Monrovian bicyclists took a run over to
Pasadena on January Ist and returned in
time ftr the entertainment in the even
ing. I
# #
Mils Lillian Breed, daughter of L. N.
Breed, entertained a few yonng friends
Fridty evening at her parlors at the

* »
Mils Louise Pearsons, a prominent
lady of Fort Dodge, lowa, is spending
the winter at the Grand View hotel,
Mi. and Mrs. C. A. Backus were given
• surprise party New Year's night, on
the occasion of their twenty-seventh
wedding anniversary.
Miss Charnock entertained the young
ladiss of the Social Guild by a candy mill
on Tuesday evening, at her rooms, cor
ncr Fifth and Main streets.
A reception was given last Thursday
eveaing by Miss Mamie Meade, at the
family residence, on South Main street,
in honor of Miss Nellie Nash, of Buffalo,
N. Y.
A bon-bon party was given by the
Beacon B)cial Club, at San Pedro, on
New Year's Eve. The yonng folks spent
a very enjoyable evening, and danced
the New Year in.
A large New Year's party was given at
the residence of Mr. Hyans, on Boyle
Heights, Tuesday evening. Invitations
were issued to 200 guests, and the affair
was most pleasant.
» »
On Thursday evening the S. M. Club
was entertained at the Ludlam school by
Mrs. Lummis, H. E. Hamilton, Miss
Kimball, Mr. Faik, Mrs. Hooker, Misß
Bereman and Mr. Orem.
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Johnson, of
Monrovia, gave a pleasant little dinner
party on New Year's day to their imme
diate friends only. Several yonng people
of Los Angeles were invited.
The ladies of St. Panl's Episcopal
chnrch gave a Christmas entertainment
to the children of the Sunday school on
Monday evening in St. Paul's hall, at the
rear of the church. The little people en
joyed the evening immensely.
A drive whist party was given by Mrs.
Baker, Mrs. Page and Mrs. Fish, at the
Bellevue Terrace on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Willard captured the
consolation prizes, and Mrs. Judge
Haines and Arthur Blake the head prizes.
Tho members of the O. 0. Whist Club
were entertained Tuesday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer G. Millard at their
home on Angeleiio Heights. The even
ing was spent in dancing ont the old
year and extending a royal welcome to
# *
The W. C. T. U. of Monrovia gave a
parlor social at the residence of Mrs. A.
B. Tomlinsons on New Year's Eve to a
crowded house of merry young and old
folks, who had a most enjoyable time.
An interesting programme was given by
the ladies of the union.
The young men of Monrovia gave a
social dance on New Year's Eve for the
benefit of the band. A large crowd at
tended from far and near, music was
furnished by the city band for the prom
enade concert, and the dance music by
the celebrated Hargrave's orchestra.
On Monday evening there was a pleas
ant entertainment at the Trinity M. E.
church. Rev. H. M. Dv Boae, Miss Nita
Brown, Charles Widney, Miss Roberto
Dv Bose, Miss Mathews, Miss Maud
Clark, Miss Lena Baux, L. Findley and
H. Carter took part in the programme.

* »
At Fort-street M. E. church on New
Year's Eve an enjoyable entertainment
was given. Ernest Oliver, R. La Point,
Lee Bigelow, Frank Hovey, CassOsborn,
Walter Pomeroy, Win. Shreve, Miss
Julia Holmes, Mrs. Smith, Miss Kittie
Richards, J. J. Gosper and others amused
the many present.
A parlor entertainment was given
Wednesday evening at tbe residence of
Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Heinzeman, who
were assisted by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rob
inson, in honor of the forty-second birth
day of Mr. Robinson. A series of tab
leaux, followed by songs and dancing,
rendered the occasion exceedingly pleas
Miss Marie L. Bobb, assisted by her
pupils and Mrs. Mamie Perry-Davis and
Signor Modini, gave a musicale on Fri
day evening at her studio. Misses Alice
ana Mianie Stevens, Miss Tniney, Miss
Cobb, Miss Jerm, Miss E. Fletcher and
E. Stewart participated in the pro

* *
A musicale was given on Thursday
evening by Professor B. Berg. The fol
lowing assisted in the excellent pro
gramme: Miss Birdie Wier, Robert
Low, Professor Stoll, Miss Leoti Mc-
Kee, Professor Seaman, Miss Annie
Clancy, Miss Lolita Walker and Miss
Lulu Meade.
Tomorrow evening the second trial of
the "Gall Divorce Case" will take place
at Illinois hall. The following will take
part in the trial: Miss Lillian Whelpley,
Professor Hersee, R. E. Hoyt, Henry
Harrison, S ; V, Grosvenor, E. P. Tomp
kins, J.jß. de las Casas, J. W. Cochran,
Mies Florence Archer, Miss Rosa Har
ben, Mis. Kukbride, T. T. Jones, Miss
Oriip,t»4L,AU3a. Mrj. M. F. Hoyt,
Mrs. Hersee, Mrs. A. L. Grosvenor, Dr.
W. P. Holyoke and Mrs. Carey.
The Union Chautauqua meeting will
be held on Tuesday evening, in Trinity
M. E. church. Misses Rosa Rees, Helen
McComae, Lizzie Roes, Lilly Ree", Mrs.
Carpenter, Judge Variel, Mrs. Variel,
Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Williams, Miss
Peabody, Mr. Rees, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs.
McComas, Mr. Fowler, Mr. McComas,
Mrs. McClure and Miss Variel will take
part in the programme.
Numbered among the many social
events of New Year's Eve was a donkey
party at the residence of Mr. J. M.
Workman, Boyle Heights. The guests
vied each with the other, to supply said
donkey with the usual appendage, in ex
actly the right place, many amusing
things occurring in the effort, after which
music and dancing occurred, and re
freshments were served.
On Friday evening Mrs. F. C. Wood
bury gave a party at 829 South Hill
street. Dancing was a feature of the en
tertainment, and a charming supper was
served. Among those present were Miss
Helen Anderson, Mrs. Betts, Miss Grun
sky, Mri. F. C. Woodbury and the
Misses Moore; Dr. Frank Cunningham,
Messrs. Blake, George Seip, R. Kenny,
Charles 0. Scott and B. Yoight.
A quiet wedding took place at the
beautiful home of Dr. and Mrs. Pirtle,
near Monrovia, on Tuesday last, when
Miss Lizzie, only daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. Pirtle, was married to Rev. J. G.
Finley, of Phcenix, Ariz. Dr. Carson, of
the M. £. church, South, of Los Angeles,
performed the ceremony.*) The happy
couple will be located in Phcenix, leaving
many friends in this vicinity, who wish
them joy and happiness.
A surprise party was given to Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Sanderson Friday night, at
their residence on Aliso street, near
Boyle avenue. It was the tenth anni
versary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Sanderson. Those present were ex-
Mayor W. H. Workman and wife and
the two Misses Workman, Judge S. C.
Hubbell and wife, Dr. Davisson and
wife, Mrs. Webb, W. H. Holmes and
wife, Mr. Knotman, Miss Cafferty, Mrs.
E. H. Workman and daughter and Boyle
a progressive taffy pull was given at
W. H. Perry's on New Year's Eve.
Dancing and music rendered the evening
enjoyable. Sic. Modini and Mrs. Mamie
Perry-Davis, Miss Cobb, Mrs. McCaf
frey, Mrs. Bell and Mr. W. H. Perry
aided in making matters pleasant.
Among the guests were: Captain and
Mrs. Frank Bell, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Mc-
Caffrey, Mrs. St. George, Mrs. Fred
Perry, the Misses Johnson, Foy, Smith,
Cobb, the Misses Bryant, Messrs. John
son, Coulter, Sparks, Johnson, Mr.
Weather wax from Aberdeen.
On Friday evening a very pleasant
whist party, followed by an exquisite
petit souper, was given at the residence
of Dr. J. S. Owens. There were present
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Graves, Mr. and Mrs.
Kelsey, Mrs. Conradi and Miss Conradi,
Miss N. J. Miller, Colonel and Mrs. J.
J. Ayers, Mr. C. H. Hall. Mrs. Owens
sang some of her sweetest songs during
tbe evening, and Miss Conradi favored
the company with some fine instrument
ation on the piano. The evening was
greatly enjoyed.
On Monday evening the Outing Club
assembled at the house cf Miss Casey,
the Vice-President of the club. Pro
gressive enchre and dancing were the
leading features, and refreshments were
served during the evening. The follow
ing were present: Messrs. George Coch
ran, Albert Lindley, D. R. Collins, C. E.
Anchampaueh, J. Fred Blake, J. R. Car
ter, George Sinsabaugh, F. H. Suffle, H.
Watson, and Misses Rawlings, Corran,
Wilson, Fogarty, Mennefee, Luitweiler,
Chanslor, Havemann and Casey. The
booby prizes were won by Misa Agnes
Wilson and Albert Lindley.
The ball given in Spurgeon's hall,
Santa Ana, on New Year's Eve, under
the management of the Cornet Band, was
a brilliant affair. Among those present
were: Thomas Miles and Miss Balshaw,
George Robertson and Miss Katzung,
Frank Weh and Miss Ida Neill, J. Por
ter and Miss Ada Faulkner, C. Huff and
Miss Roper, George Peters and Mrs.
Peters, L. Goeper and Mrs. Goeper and
Mrs. Porter, C. Arkell and Miss Bowen,
C, Beard and Miss Arbuckle, Ben Beard
and Miss Beard, Duke Shroble and Miss
Bissett, R. S. Roper and Miss Crawford,
Fred Conner and Misses Conner and
Hawkins, and M. Snyder and Miss L.
Another prominent real-estate man
has succumbed to the force of circum
stances, although in this case the
pressure was agreeable. Mr. Reuben W.
Dromgold was married to Miss Nellie
M. Squire, on New Year's, by Rev. H.
Cox, at tbe residence of the bride's
parents on Sichel street, .Hast Los Ange
les, in the presence of about twenty
relatives and friends, to nearly every
one of whom the affair was a complete
surprise, as was evinced by looks of
astonishment as the attractive couple
came into the room, and the minister,
without preliminary, began the cere
mony. After a most bountiful dinner,
the pair were escorted to their future
home at 29 Workman street.
At the residence of Mrs. Cordes, at
Boyle Heights, a pleasant New Year
gathering took place on New Year's Eve.
Singing, dancing and recitals were the
order of the evening, until 12 o'clock.
After exchanging hearty congratulations
for the New Year, supper was served.
Among those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Zobelein, Mr. and Mrs. Cordes, Mr.
and Mrs. Arzaya, Mrs. Knowles and
daughters, Miss Peschke, Clara and Lula
Paynter,Misses Maud and Jennie Cooke,
Rosa Cota, Mrs. J. Chavez, Miss Till and
Mathilda Zobelein, Henry Till, John
Zoebelein, E. and H. Strong, Joe Laven
thal, James and George O'Donnell, Earn
est and Tom Morey, William Harrison,
Tom Romero, Tom McAvoy, Mr. Marti
nez and Chas. Robinson.
At Whittier on Saturday evening of
last week a bop was given at the Green
leaf hotel. Amon* those present were:
Hon. Frank P. Kelley and wife, A. F.
Mackay, the Misses Ida and Jennie
Mackay, Jesse Shroyer, Sherman Wig
gins, J. B. Bnrkett, H. L. Tufts, Ohaß.
Clark and wife, J. M. Skinner, Frank
Young, A. H. Dillon, M. T. Owens, Mr.
and Mrs. F. S Elder, Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Hervey
Lindley, Misses Hattie, Mamie and
Nellie Strong, Downs, Fallon, Henry,
Warner, Banta, Dunn, C. D. Henry and
wife, G. H. Lombard and wife, I. Hig
gins and wife, H. W. Sessions and wife,
J. Sims and wifev Messrs. Lombard,
Downs, Foley, Dean And Wayne Mason,.
Ralph Lowe; Hon. fames B. Lowe and
wife, San Jose; Hon. Josiah Sims,
Nevada City: Miss/Cnshing, El Monte;
Miss Shanks, Sheffield, Iowa;
Mrs. W.W. Smith, Rowland Bmith,
Kansas City; F. Beyschlag, Miss Bey
schlag, Detroit; the Misses Wittleberge'r,
St. Ciair. Mich.
On Christmas Eve, Lucile B. Kelly,
the three-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. P. Kelly, had her first Christmas
tree, in the rooms of her parents at the
St. Angelo hotel, Grand .avenue, near
•Temple. Moat of the guests of the house
were present, and those who had pres
ents to give placed them on the tree, and
a very pleasant evening was enjoyed. In
a number of instances the presents were
very valuable. Those present were:
Little Lesla Harsha, Mr. and Mrs.
Harsha, Mr. and Mrs. Glover, Mr. and
Mrs. Burdick, Mr. and Mrs. Bundy, Mr.
and Mrs. Boynton, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly,
Messrs. Bremster, Smith, Beven, Ellsh
On Christinas Day, at the residence of
the bride's parents in Riverside, Mr.
Egbert J. Barrett and Mies Annie E.
Strobridge were united in matrimony by
the Rev. Mr. Stirling, in the presence of
the relatives and a few personal friends.
The following gave presents to the young
couple: Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Strobridge,
Mr. and Mrs. Abies, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
kinson, Miss Lelia Qninn, John Baird,
Miss Mary Cronin, George Fowler, Mr.9.
Baird, Messrs. Domain and Silver, Miss
Maggie Strobridge, Alkire family,
Charles Strobridge, Mr. and Mrs. Derby,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Abbott, Elwin Haws,
Miss Mertie Fowler, Miss Nellie Parker,
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs.
Silver, Mrs. Jefferson.
On New Year's Eve an impromptu
watch party was given at the residence
of Mrs. E. L. Baker, No. 1 South Flower
street, the party consisting entirely of
ladies. The evening was pleasantly
spent with music and singing, and about
10:30 o'clock a delightful lunch was
served. After supper the younger mem
bers of the party participated in a real
old-fashioned "candy pull." Some time
after midnight, the usual New Year
greetings having been enchanged, the
party broke up, after wishing their kind
hostess many happy returns of that very
happy evening. Among those who took
most active part were Mrs. Baker and
daughters, Mrs. Green, Margaret and
Mary Philipson, and Dora and Fanny
Miss Wills gave a very pleasant
german at her residence, at Fort hill, on
Monday night, in honor of her friend,
Miss Locke, of Indianapolis. The hand
painted favors were quite a feature in
themselves. The invited guests were:
Dr. Robert Dorsey, who led the german
with Miss Locke; Misses Patton, Smith,
Banning, Glassell, Merrill, Forman,
Waddilove, Briggs, Houghton, Cole, the
Misses Doreey, Misses Stoneman, Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Vail, Messrs. Vogelsang,
Adams, Slauson, Hannon, Houghton,
Caswell. Latham, Schumacher, Dewey,
Percy Hoyle, Charles Forman, Jr.,
Dr. MacGowan, Schuyler, Cole, Dr. E.
H. Cole, Dr. Wills, Dr. Radebangh, of
Pasadena, Mrs. Sanator Jones and Miss
Gorham, of Santa Monica.
On Thursday evening a party was given
by Mre. L. Chase, 120 South Grand
avenue, in honor of her daughter, Miss
Nellie Chase, who has just recovered
from a long and dangerous illness. Those
present were: Miss Mattie Stone, Miss
Fannie Stone, Miss Lottie Flatt, Miss
Nellie Reardon, Miss Edith King, Miss
Genevieve Reardon, Miss Ethel King,
Miss Edith Alderson, Miss Do vie Turner,
Miss Daisy Hupp, Miss Katie «*oi».7a«n,
Miss Btella Shields, Miss Belle Shields,
Master Frank D. F. Donegan, Master
John S. Reardon; Master Herbert A.
King; Master Harry Stoneman, Master
Ben Gillette, Master Wallace Williams,
Master Willie Dean, Master Edward
Stone, Master Arthur Shelton, Mrs. J.
Caley, Mrs. E. Basye, Mrs. Z. L. King.
A novelty in the way of Christmas en
tertainments was that given at the Third*
Congregational church on Monday night.
After a short and appropriate programme,
an immense sleigh, drawn by two rein
deers, appeared upon the platform. The
sleigh was gaily decorated, and contained
about three hundred and fifty presents
which were distributed with many
bright and witty speeches by Mr, Orus
Mannon, who acted as Santa Claus. The
sleigh and its decorations were designed
and erected by the pastor of the church,
Rev. J. H. Collins, who thus proved his
ability to do more than one thing well.
There are a good many ministers who
can preach well, but not many who
could also successfully plan a novelty in
the way of a Christmas entertainment.
On Friday Miss Asbury Kent jave a
matinee musicale for her pupils, aisisted
by Mr. Stoll and Miss Mary Wstkins.
Mr. Stoll sang a song by Schubert,
and "Bedouin Love Song," by P.nsuti,
delighting his audience by his sweet and
well managed voice. Miss W&tkins,
who, though an amateur, is a hard stu
dent, played her selections with unusual
fire and spirit. Miss Kent played "Sieg
round's" lovo song from the "V7alkyrle
Song of the Rhine Maidens," from tie
Rhinegold, by Wagner, arranged for
piauo b/ Paul Colberg, and " Valse 4e
Concert," by Wremawski, in her own
peculiarly delicate and spirited style.
The following of her pupils played sobs
with wonderfully correct technique aid
expression: Miss Ethel Mulling, M fee
Bessie Alexander, Miss Kate Laridt, Miss
L. Bills, Miss A. Bills, Miss Mary Good
win, Master Fielding Stiltson.
The following officers of the Knigl.ts
Templar were installed on Thursday
evening: Eminent Sir Freeman G. Teed,
Commander; Sir Henry Z. 0.-bornn,
Generalissimo; Sir George M. Holtop,
Captain General; Sir Benjamin N.
Smith, Prelate; Sir George Gillson,
Senior Warden; Sir Francis C. Wood
bury, Junior Warden; Sir Tom J. Wel
don, Treasurer; Sir Robert T. Mullard,
Recorder; Sir John S. Van Doren, Stan
dard Bearer; Sir Daniel W. Field, Sword
Bearer; Sir Horace M. Russell, Third
Guard; Sir John A. Kingsley, Second
Guard; Sir George E. Seip, First Guard;
Sir David E. Barclay.Warder; Sir Albert
G. Bartlett, Musical Director; Sir John
O. Bennette, Organist; Sir Edward Hart
up, Sentinel. After the ceremony was
completed, the Sir Knights adjourned
to the banquet room, where refresh
ments were served, amid mutual con
gratulations and an exchange of fraternal
sentiments, the new Eminent Com
mander, Freeman G. Teed, occupying
the head of the table. Impromptu
speeches were made to several senti
ments by Sir H. 8. Orme, C. C. Allen,
Franklin Jordan, T. H. Ward, W. A.
Morgan, George Gillson, George M Hol
ton, M. T. Allen, F. 0. Woodbury' Past
Commanders Boynton and Moore, R. T.
Mullard, Dr. Walter Lindley, Drs. Pal
mer and McCoy, of Pasadena; George
Seip and H. Z. Osborne.
#■ #
Mr. Charles Foreman entertained a
party of friends on New Year's Eve, at
whist. Cue iuulu was devoted to six
band euchre. The winners at whist were
Mrs. Dr. Rosa and Mr. Charles Prager
forthe"A's," and Mrs. Plater and Mr.
James Slauson for the "B's," while Mrs'
SlaJson and Mr. William Pridham won
the booby. After the guests had fin
ished the games, they were invited to
the dining-room, where refreshments
weie served. Those present were Mr
and Mrs. Caswell, Mr. and Mrs. Prid
hao, Colonel and Mrs. Wheeler, Mr.
and Mrs. Prager, Mr. and Mrs. Plater]
Mr and Mft. Slav on, Mr. and Mrs
Voiburg, Dr. and Mr->. Clacius, General
and Mrs. Mansfield, Dr. and Mrs. Ross.
Mr and Mrs. Percy Bess, Miss Waddi
lovj, Miss O'Melveny. Miss Northam,
Mils Houghton, Miss JDewey, Messrs. J.
Slaison, S. Dewey, W. Caswell and H.
i)a Wednesday evening the C. Cooking
Chb gave a dance at the Hotel Lincoln.
Anong those present were: Misses Clara
Cpran, Florence Perry, Luta Jordan
anl Mrs. C, J. Lehman; Misses Flora
diver, Lizzie Rawlins, Lena Forrester,
Eta Hiller and Juanita Stout; Mrs. C
W Chase, Mrs. L jwis, Mrs. Dr. Owens,
Ms. J. A. Henderson, Miss Florence
Pe-ry, Miss Blanctie Bonebroke, Miss
Fi>ra Culver, Miss Ssamana, Miss Cocn
rai, Miss Johnson. Miss Rawlins, Miss
Crran, Miss Grcff, Miss Menifee, Miss
M'rrison, Miss ('hancelor, Mrs. C. J.
Leaman, Miss Dewey, Miss Henderson,
Mss Stout, Miss Lea Smith, Mrs. Pas
co, l Mrs. JordaD, Miss Wilson ; Messrs.
Hnderson, Cosby, Veazae, Forrester',
Daio, Dallahan. Hall, Collins, Chase,
Wleon, Bevan, Smith, Sale, Lawrence,
Stffel, Christopher. Busch, Hoyle, How
arl, Phillips, Nordlinger, Chandler,
Badshaw, Tufts, Blake, Moore, Pern
J«bnston, Sparks Johnston, Cholfant,
Yfcatherwax, Hellman, Baker, Judson,
Of, Dr. Choate and Dr. Owen, Syers,
Biei, Noal, Michner, Lehman, Watson.
On Tuesday last Miss Jennie Hum
pireys gave a reception and dance to her
aany friends. Among those present
«re: Mr. and Mrs. Hulse, Mr. and Mrs.
Bulgham, Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, Mr.
md Mrs. Chas. Ted ford, Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Overshiner, Mr. and Mrs. Woods,
Ir. and Mrs. Young, Mr. and Mrs. CM.
tolmes, Mr. and Mrs. Felton, Mr. and
A re. Fred Rafferty, Mr. and Mrs. Swart
/.•ll, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Edgar, Misses
Bayd, Edwards, Parks, Hulse, Lock hart,
Welch, Patton, Clayton, Minnie Baker,
Bill, Waxson, French, Maggie Lacy,
Mary Lacy. Maud Laco, Alice Witmer,
Elizabeth Witmer, Stella Preble, Grace
Spurgeon,Ma'tie Tedford.Bettie Hervey,
Kate Baker, Lottie Spurgeon, Belle Chil
lon, Nellie Bundy, Jessie Vance, Mollie
Witmer; Messrs. Dr. Boyd, C. H. Ed
wards, O. P. Lockheart, A. J. Crook
ihank, R. H. Towner, Cbas. Vanderlip,
E. W. Maxson, T. C. Higbie, Harry
Heighton, S. H. Finley, S. S. Parsons.
R. Witmer, C. Rigge.C. Kendall, W. K.
Hervey, W. S. Taylor, Henry Adams, S.
P. Sibley, C. Spurgeon, Ren Padgham,
Willie Vance and Andrew Joplin.
The Firemen's masquerade ball given
on New Year's Eve at Santa Monica was
a great success, both financially and
socially. It was attended by many of
Santa Monica's most prominent citizens,
and everybody seemed to enjoy them
selves thoroughly. The characters were
well sustained, and the dresses were
elegant, fanciful, and ridiculous. Prizes
were awarded to Mrs. P. J. Kennedy,
Miss Katie Dodge, Mr. M. H. Volkman,
Miss Jessie Walters, Mr. Archie Johnson,
Mrs. W. L. Tierney, and Mr. M. W.
Steele. One of the most pleasant fea
tures of the evening's entertainment was
the supper given in connection with the
ball, by the Santa Monica Benevolent
Society. The supper rooms were beauti
fully decorated, »nd the viands such as
would please the most fastidious. The
ladies who worked so faithfully to attain
this end were Miss E. A. Do we, Mrs.
Guiberson, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. E. J.
Vawter, Mrs. S. W. Vawter, Mrs. Wil
son, and Mrs. M. H. Voikman. They
desire to thank all who so generously
helped them in their work. The pro
ceeds of the supper are to be devoted to
the poor of Santa Monica.
The Waterman Rifles gave a reception
at the St. Charles on Now Year's even
ing. Among those present were: Will
iam Gird, Henry Wozencraft, R. E. Mc-
Donald, fl. L Drew, Mrs. Dr. McDonald,
Miss D. Satterwhite. W. J. Satterwhite,
John Satterwhite, W. A. Nash, James E.
Mack, Mrs. M. Ferguson, Mrs. M. Phil
son, Miss May Tjler, Miss J. A. Fergu
son, Miss Lillie Carson, Emma Harris,
Flora E. Damron, Julia Edwards, Kate
McCall, T. J. Wilson, H. K. Plotts, Mrs.
H. S. Hanson, Arthur Kearney, George
C. Skinner, Josie Tyler, Florence Cave,
Mamie Clark, Ollie Linville. C. O. Bud
dington, J. B. Tyler, Mrs. George
Chasey, T. H. Goff, Mrs. 0. 8. Carson,
Mrs. Jennie Wilson, H. Curtis, J. G.
Shurtz, L Frith, C. L. Gibson, Miss Gib
son, Mrs. Van Gorder, A. B. Paris, Mrs.
A. B. Paris, Miss Stanmbaugh, Phil.
Rauh, Joseph Israel, John L. Camp
bell, Hattie M. Campbell, Mabel Mus
cott, E. J. Roberts, L. W, Wixom,
Louis R. Felder, Dr. J. N. Baylis,
H. H. Guthrie, M. L. Guthrie, A. P.
Morse, H. Martin, W. T. Arner, Fenton
P. Foster, Lulu A. Bmith, Carrie L.
Craig, Howard H. Baker, F. H Beitz,
Ed Smulley, Mrs. L. Taylor, H. G.
Lecher, Mrs. Warren, D. Jonas, J. S.
Nash, Roy Sweezy, Mrs. George L.
Blake, Millie Tittle, Jennie Garner, John
W. Barton, Mrs. J. W. Barton, Mrs. S.
Carson, Mrs. Tillie Shearer, Zilpha
Ames, Emma Ames, May Colgan, Nesie
Paris, W. D. Wagner, Ernest Graham,
Lydia Fuller, Ella Allison, H. C. Curtis,
B. F. Hyde, Mrs. M. C. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Beth Marshall, Dr. and Mrs. A. K.
Johnson,, Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Styles, F.
8. Trowbridge, Lydia Mcc, J. H. Curtis,
George Ames, Jos. H.Wagner, E. McGil
livay, Anna Reutinger, Emma Anderson,
Mrs. L. P. Bidgood, E. H. Bidgood, W.
T. Noyes, John Andreson, Jr.. W. D. F.
Helm, A. D. Bidgood, Mrs. H. Morse,
Mrs. E. A. Ball, Mrs. Charles
Barnard, Mrs. Spofford, Mary Broad well,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Koebig, J. E. Hol
land, G. A. Allison, J. C. Scott, F. G.
Erbe, F. W. Gregg, Mr. and Mrs. John
Brown, Jr., W. J. Guthrie, Mr. and Mrs.
S. 8. Draper, D. C. Ross, A. Burt, W. J.
Curtis, Calla Hammer, Ursula Hunting
ton, Annie Wall, Mrs. J. Bright, P. L.
Higging, Mrs. H. L. Drew, F. M. John
son, Maggie Johnson, L. N. Bedford, B.
Fowler, Mrs. Davis, C. A. Rouse, G. H.
Spring, J. W. Marshall, Frances Andre
\Continued on page three.]
, SURE .JmWBS' mi
Severely Cut- ' j Bottle Core.
Fredericksburg, Tox. Aug. 20,1888.
I was severely cut with scytlje and knife in
hands and feet and a J. t \iou la of St. Jac»ba Oil
completely c ured me,
See Directions vrtth each Battle.
. TM£H*MES *• VOGWER CO.. BalJlgtN, Mfc
As a Bargain Dispenser, will prove unequalled in its attrac
tions and unparalleled in its reductions. It will put money
in the pocket of every purchaser. It will give everyone an
opportunity to clothe themselves at a small cost. It is not
limited to one day, nor one line of goods, but Odd and End
Bargains will be scattered all over the store. Every depart
ment has its full supply of ODD AND END PRICE
—ON —
Odd and End Bargains.
ODD sizes in Men's Chinchilla Overcoats; odd and end
price, $6.50.
ODD sizes in Men's Cassimere Overcoats; odd and end
price, $5.00.

ODD sizes in Men's Melton Overcoats; odd and end
price, $6.50.
ODD sizes in Men's Cape Overcoats; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Boys' Overcoats ; odd and end price, $3.00.
ODD sizes in Children's Overcoats; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Youths' Overcoats; odd and end prfce,
ODD sizes in Men's Corkscrew Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Mtn's Wide Wale Suits; odd and end
price, $12.50.
ODD sizes in Men's Cassimere Suits; odd and end
price, $5.00 to $10.00.
ODD siz-s in Men's Cheviot Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes i Q Young Men's Cassimere Suits; odd and end
price, $7.50.
ODD sizes in Boys' Cheviot Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Boys' Cassimere Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Boys' School Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Boys' Jersey Suits; odd and end prices,
- I .
ODD sizes in Children's Suits; odd and end price, $1.75.
ODD sizes in Men's Doeskin Pants; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Men's Fancy Worsted Pant*; odd and end
price, $5 00.
ODD sizes in Men's Casdmere Pants ; odd and end price
ODD sizes in Men's Cheviot Pants; odd and end price
$2-50- • .
There is no limit to Our Odd and End Bargains. Come
in and satisfy yourself as to their quality. Learn how cheaply
you can buy, and how well you can be pleased.
Retail Department,.
121 to 127 N. Main Street

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