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United States Signal Service.
Report of observations taken at Los Angeles,
January 5. 1890:
I. X.
F. M.
Max. tern., 52; mln. tern., 41: rainfall past
twenty-four honrs, 31: season, 26.73.
S. N. Androaa came in from Pomona
W. A. Whiting, of Honolulu, is in the
city on a visit.
R. 6. Brvwer was in from Redondo
Beach yesterday.
F. C. Yonng came in from Whittier
yesterday for a brief visit.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hart, of Redlands,
were in tbe city yesterday.
J. J. Cadogan, of the City of Mexico,
is in the city on a short visit.
Lieutenant MuCaleb has returned to
his station at Whipple Barracks, Ariz.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, of Los Angeles,
spent New Year's with friends at Ontario.
Mrs. N. M. PJumb and Mrs. B. W.
Smith, of Ontario, visited Los Angelea
Colonel J. M. Moorhead arrived from
San Francisco Thursday for a short stay
in Los Angeles.
Mrs. C. S. Nickleson, of Los Angeles,
is stopping at the Ontario hotel with her
invalid husband.
Mrs. Kious and sister of Lob Angeles,
visited their brother, W. F. Smith, at
Ontario this week.
Mrs. J. C. Harrison and Miss Mc-
Carty, of Oakland, are spending a few
days in Los Angeles.
M. R. Craig, Dr. Sykos and Thomas
Holmes, of Ontario, boarded the flyer
Friday for Los Angeles.
E. Frazer, wife and family, returned
Monday from Marquette, Michigan.
Daring his stay East Mr. Frazer did
some giod missionary work for this sec
Hon. Erastus Wells, Mrs. Wells and
Mies Welle, from St. Louis, have arrived
in Los Angeles, and are putting up at
the Westminster.
Mr. H. K. Wade, the new superinten
dent of the Santa Fe system, is showing
himself to be a thorough master of the
difficult art of keeping his roads run
ning, the weather-clerk to the contrary
notwithstanding. The tributes to his
, efficiency come from all quarters.
W. Auetin Whiting, Honolula; Ben.
L. Morris, Chas. H. Brown and Ben. C.
Truman, Ban Francisco; J. J. Cadogan,
City of Mexico; Edw. Noble, South Car
olina; A. N. Miller and Edwin Miller,
San Diego; S. N. Androus, Pomona;
Herman Romer, Pasadena; G. W. Ben
nett, Humboldt, Term.; Y. G. Bremer,
Redondo Beach; C. S. Hussey, Long
Beach; Mrs. J. C. Harrison and Mies
McCarty, Oakland; A. H. Hart and wife,
Redlands; Frank C. Young, Whittier,
are at the Hollenbeck.
The public schools will reopen this
The cable roads ran on time yesterday
and carried a large number of pas
The officers of Golden Rule Lodge, I.
O. O. F., will be publicly installed this
evening at 8 o'clock.
The City Council will meet this morn
ing at 10 o'clock, and the Board of Edu
cation will convene at 7:30 o'clock this
The Union Chautauqua meeting will
be held tomorrow evening in Trinity M.
E. church, South. A very entertaining
programme has been prepared.
A violent blizzard sported with the
snow on Old Baldy for several hours on
Sunday. Viewed from sub tropical en
vironments the scene was most striking.
The H : storical Society of Southern
California will hold its annual meeting
tonight, for election of officers for the en
suing year. Reports of officers and com
mittees are in order. The society meets
in Justice Austin's court room, in the old
City Hall, on Second street.
The Herald Annual, of sixteen page?,
is a valuable statistical paper, and brings
up the improvement figures in and, about
Los Angeles for the past year. The
showing is wonderfully healthy, and
proves that no boom is necessary to make
the Angel City step along to "the lively
march of progress.—[Pomona Times.
A public installation of the officers
elect of Frank Bartlett Poet No. 6, and
Woman's Relief Corps No. 7, will take
place at G. A. R. hall, No. 25 North
Main street, tomorrow evening. Depart
ment Commander Geo. E. Gard will
install the Post and Past Department
Inspector Amy C. Brown installs the
The Young Americas added one more
to tneir victories by defeating tbe Park
Qrays in a well-contested game at Main
street gardens, by a score of 8 to 6, yes
terday afternoon. The features of the
game were the pitching of Moody, of the
Young Americas, and Miller, of the Park
Grayo, who struck out sixteen men
apiece, and the three-base hits of O'Neil,
of the Jarbeau Company, who volun
teered his services and missed the train.
R. D. List, Notary Public. Legal papers are
fully drawn. 18 S. Spring. Depositions taken,
Peace Disturbers.
About 0 o'clock last night Officer
Walsh, who is stationed in Chinatown,
noticed a band of five bullies, who were
diverting themselves on Alameda street
by kicking in the doors of the housea
and wrenching off the outside shutters
of the buildings, as they went along.
Having reached the end of the row of
houses, the gang turned its attention to
an inoffensive Chinaman, who was
knocked down and his pipe taken from
him. The officer promptly went up to
the quintette and proceeded to place one
of their number under arrest. His four
friends, however, interposed, and during
the struggle which ensued Walsh was
knocked down aud his prisoner escaped.
Nothing daunted the policeman gave
chase after the five bailies, and caught
the one who appeared to be the ring
leader and took him to the Chinese
theater. While there the officer saw the
other four approaching, and turning his
prisoner over to a Chinaman, he ran out
to arrest the others. They got away,
however, and to his disgust, Walsh
found that the Chinaman bad also
allowed the other to escape. About half
an hour afterwards, however, he again
caught sight of the quintette, and cap
tured the ringleader. The patrol wagon
wan telephoned for and the fellow was
taken to the Police Station, where he
gave his name au John O'Boyd. He was
locked np in the City Jail upon the
charge of disturbing the peace. His
companions are all known, and will in
all probability be arrested today.
Tbe Council Uar Have Anotber
Cbance at Them,
This morning the remodeling of the
old City Hall without a contract or with
out authority will be discussed in the
Council, and quite an interest is being
taken in the matter. It is probable that
the Council may be called upon to-
shoulder all the responsibility and pass
the demands for the unauthorized work
over the veto of the Mayor. The charter
provides that "any demand returned to
the City Clerk with the objection of
either the Mayor or City Auditor shall
again be considered by the Council, and
if it shall again be approved by the
Council by the same vote, and later re
corded and endorsed in the same manner
as required in section 209 hereof, the said
objection shall be thereby overruled."
Section 209 provides that the de-'
mands shall be referred to the
Finance Committee, and if approved
by it shall be considered by the
Council, which "shall, if the same be
just and legal, approve the same." The
same section also provides that it shall
require a two-thirds vote of the whole
Council to approve the demands.
The question whether the same vote
as before will be recorded on the re
jected demands will be decided, but it is
understood that some of the Council will
change their votes, having come to the
conclusion that they had no right to ap
prove a demand which was for work
done under the instruction of a commit
tee which had received no authority to
proceed from the Council. As stated on
Saturday morning in tbe Herald, the
records of the Council simply show that
the matter of preparing plans for adver
tisement for bids was referred to tho
Building Committee. There was no mo
tion giving the committee power to act,
nor was there any ordinance passed au
thorizing the expenditure of any sum of
money under $300, nor any contract ap
proved as was necessary when the work
was to exceed $300 in cost. It is stated
that the city is not liable for the payment
of any of the demands, but that those
who ordered the work done and gave
their constituents joos are responsible.
The action of tbe Council this morning
will be watched with interest.
llfs. Vanderblll's House binem.
Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt gets all her
house linen from Paris, woven and dec
orated from selected patterns submitted
by the manufacturers. Her sheets are
considerably finer in texture than the
table-cloths that a $10,000 a-year house
keeper could afford, and the drawn work,
fringing and edging with which they are
finished, are models in needle-work.
Those wonderful pieces of loom are made
with a lap end some sixteen inches deep,
to be turned over the edge of the bed
clothes as a finish for the spread. Some
have an arabasque pattern in open
applique, others are embellished
with laid embroidery and some
have the monogram in Kensington of
drawn work. The sheets for the empire
beds are trimmed with a thread lace
flounce or a ruffle of embroidery, and
each, when laundered, is folded the size
of a handkerchief, tied with colored
ribbons and laid away between sachets
of sweet lavender. The pillow cases,
also of the very fruit of the loom, are
trimmed at the open end with lace, some
of it a hand deep and as lovely in
texture as the rufflas of a pictured mar
quis, and in one side ia the monogram, |
representing a sort of mosaic in thread
and the labor of months. —[N. Y. World.
misa Oarrett'a Financial Ability
The increase of the Garrett capital
during the illness of Robert Garrett is an
accep'ed fact in financial circles, and it is
said to be altogether due to the sound
business sense of Miss Mary Garrett, the
only daughter of John W. Garrett, and
sister of Robert. "It seems incredible,
but it ia the truth," said a Baltimore
lawyer to a Philadelphia friend recently,
"that this young lady has virtually
handled the Garrett railroad and bank
ing interests ever since one of her
brothers was attacked with disease and
the other lost his life. She is not yet
30 years of aze, and is a handsome
woman of the blonde type. She obtained
her business training from her father, to
whom ehe was a constant companion in
his later years, and she turned it to good
account when the Garrett family waß de
prived of a male head.
"No woman has ever had such a re
sponsibility of this kind placed upon her
as that which Miss Garrett has volun
tarily shouldered, and if the whole story
of her work could be told it would be a
narrative of the most extraordinary
business qualifications that any woman
has ever shown."—[Pittsburg Dispatch.
Junior « las., s.
On or about the 15th of the present
month physical culture classes for juniors
will be started by the Los Angeles Ath
letic Club. The motto of the club is
"Health, recreation, grace and vigor,"
and it intends to give the young folks an
opportunity of obtaining physical cul
ture with all the advantages oi a fully
equipped gymnasium without any dan
ger of injury. The classes will be held
on Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 5:30
and Saturday mornings from 10 to 12
Terms $1 per month, members' children
free. Applications should be addressed
to the Secretary, T. H. Bessing.
A Terrible Mistake
is being made by some of our prominent busi
ness men, who chiuk that as business is dull
they ought to char/c their customers more to
make up for their lack of trade. We believe
that by gettiDg our go»d» direct, paying cash
for them, selling at a small profit and selling
plenty of them, that we will not only keep our
customers but steadily gain more. We quote a
few prices: Eastern hams, 13c; eastern bacon,
12c; boneless ham, 15c; picnic hams, 10c.;
Berwick bny oysters, 45c,; full cream eastern
cheese, 10c; refined lard, 3 pound can, 30c,
5-pound can, 50c , 10-pound can, 90c.; table
butter, from 35c. per roll; dried peaches, 4
pounds for 25c. Qolden Rule Produce Co ,
main store, 3 8. Main street, telephone 9ao;
branch, 134 W. Firßt St., telephone 814.
M. Mobley, Proprietor.
Rapid Beating of the Heart.
Whenever you feel an uneasiness in the re
gion ol the heart, a slight pain in the shoulder,
arm, or uuaertho shoulderblsde, or when you
find yourself short oi breath when exercißing,
or your heart has periods kof beating fast, \ou
have heart disease, and should take Da. Flint's
RembijV. Descriptive treailsa with each bot
tle; or address Mack Drug Co, N. Y.
Notice to the Public.
nr. J M. White, of the dental firm of White
ATownsend, 41 South Spring street, objects to
being ooufounded with the Dr. White who has
been so rigorously prosecuted for practicing
dentistry without license. Dr. J M.White has
been in practice here since 1883, and was one
among the first to comply with the law.
Our Home Brew.
Philadelphia Lager, fresh from the brewery,
In draugnt in all the principal saloons, de
oivered promptly in bottles or kegs. Office and
Brewery. 238 Aliso street. Telephone 91.
Sretd with hii surf"}? &Uv^s a °™mpany his
mihlieaHrm w * uama - not necessarily for
publication but as a guarautee of good faith. |
About the Grade.
Editors Herald-A fire took place
this afternoon at tho corner of
Fourth and Hjpo. Tho Temple street
engine went to Ihe corner of Pearl and
Temple, but was unable to get up the
hili, as the grade waß too severe. The
house was almost totally destroyed,
jhis is another argument for cutting
down the hill. No fire engine can be
dragged' up the existing grade, and oc
currences like that of today may
take place at any time.
_ , ~ j The Hill.
Los Angoles. December 5.
Butter, Butter, rtlorrlaon Urns.
Agen's for the best dairy on the Coast; 40 cents
a roll. Corner Foit and Third streets.
Try "Pride of the Family" soap.
NORDHOLr— tn~Los~ ATgeies?~j7riuTrT"s~
1890, at 9:05 p. m , John H. Nordholt. born
in Los Angeles March 8, 1862.
Funeral ;from 800 Aliso avenne, Tuesday.
January 7, at 9 a. m.
iuistiKa.i.Ant.oi ».
Absolutely Pure.
The powdor never varies. A model of parity
and wholscroeneei. More eeonomioal than the
ordinary kinds, and cannot be told In coin po
tt ion with the multitudes of low test, short
weight, slum of phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans. Royalßakins Powdre Co., 106 Wall
TILE OO. t SanFranolsao,Agenti. dl-4m
Nesstadt & Pirtle,
Real Estate and Insurance Agts
Buy and sell bonds, stocks, mortgages and
other securities.
Ample capital for any reasonable demand.
Loans negotiated on real estate and collat
erals from $200 to $100,000—any time —cur
rent rates.
We would like the list of all parties having
property for sale In or near the city. Buyers
call for onr list, you will find something to
suit you.
Business*, resident, suburban, acreage, im
proved and unimproved.
Special attention given to tho collection of
rents and the care of property.
Refer, by permission, to First National Bank,
and National Bank ot California.
27 W. Second St. Burdick Blocks
d! 9 lm
Invites you to call at her
Between Second and Third.
Bhe will sell her elegant stock at cost to close
out with the season,
880.00 Hals, 8I5.00; 810.00 Hall,
87.OO; 85.00 Hats, 83.50.
(122 lm
Educated abroad. Thirty ye*rs iv and olt
izen of the United States. Many years of
successful practice in this city. Uter
ine and Rectal Diseases treated with ► kill
by new methods without kuife or caustic.
Prompt relief in suppressed or paiu ful menstru
atlon. In Prolapsus, U oeratton, Congestion,
one trial will convince Weak, nervous, debil
itated women find a change at once. Life-size
manikins of human system. Consultation free.
Retiring from Business
We carry the Largest, Newest and Beet Selected Stock of
Los ..Angeles Furniture Comp'y,
259-261 NORTH MAIN ST., OPP. BAKER BLOCK. dl 9 lm
— BEE —
Holiday Display of
Rich Diamond Jewelry.
'^- r Diamond Rings. Solid Silver Berry Bowls.
Jf ty; vj f .:■'.,:*/.\ Diamond Lace Pins. Bon-Bon Boxes."
Fine Gold Watches. Match Boxes.
Oi. Silver Watches. Cbatalaines.
m%ti Gold Bracelets. Silver Flanks.
Wmt& ;' ;r - Golu Bead Necklets. Quizzing Glasses.
■sl£^>r*V' s '' 'Mm Gold (%ar Cutters. Opera Glasses.
-.. -mM Gold Chains. Opera Glass Holders.
|Sf Gold Novelties.
An endless variety of useful and elegant gifts at prices
within the reach of ail You are invited to inspect our
Head, Throat and Lungs
Successfully treated by
M. C. P. S. 0.,
Catarrh, Bronchitis and Consumption etc
are now conceded to originate from living
sermsor parasites, millions of which exist in
diseased surfaces.
Our Hot Medicated Inhalations kill and
destroy these germs \ hen nothing else
c»n reach them, while our COMPOUND
OXYGEN antagonizes and thoroughly re
moves every poison of tho system
from the Blood, no matter from
what cause it exists or how long it has
continued, and is efficacious in the cure of
Catarrh, Throat Diseases, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Consumption, Nervous Prostration, Insomnia
and Dyspepsia, etc., together with any poisoned
condition ol the Mora.
In all cases of Catarrh and other diseases of
the Respiratory Organs, where the system suf
fers from the deleterious t fleets of scrofula or
other vitiated condition of the blood local
treatment is Invariably conjoined with consti
tutional remedies.
Persons desiring treatment by this system of
practice can use the remedies at home as well
as at oor office, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance to business whatever.
I have seen so many of these cases cured
that I do not consider any case hopeless, un
less the disease has advanced o the chest and
both lungs are seriously Involved. The in
haiations aid us in dissolving the mucus and in
connecting aud healing the cavities, which
nothing else can do with the same snccess.
Tho very hist of references from those al
ready enred.
Those who desire to consult mo In regard
to their cases had better call at tho office for
an examination, but if impossible to visit the
office personally can write for list of questions
and circular, both of which will be sent free of
charge. Address
37 !>ouih Fort St., l.os Ann<>lct, Oal.
Office hours—From 9 a. m. to 4 r. v.
Sundays—From 2 to 2:30 p. tr.
Residence—ls South Grand Avenue
d 14
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
Truoks and Traveliog Bags,
26 S. MAIN ST., Opp. Mott Market.
Repairing promptly attended to. Old trunks
taken in exchange Orders called for and
delivered to all parts of the city. jl 3m
No. 26 W. SECOND ST.
The beat of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
One of the Finest Bars in the City.
Strictly First-clasß in every respect.
W. H. BOPER, Prop.
Comprising almost everything for Gents, Boys
and Children at
Abernethy & Taft's,
19 South Spring Street,
el 18 lm
As a Bargain Dispenser, will prove unequalled in its attrac
tions and unparalleled in its reductions. It will put money
in the pocket of every purchaser. It will give everyone an
opportunity to clothe themselves at a small cost. It is not
limited to one day, nor one line of goods, but Odd and End
Bargains will be scattered all over the store. Every depart
ment has its full supply of ODD AND END PRICE
ON —
Odd and End Bargains.
ODD sizes in Men's Chinchilla Overcoats; odd and end
price, $6.50.
ODD sizes in Men's Cassimere Overcoats; odd and end
price, $5.00.
I —;
ODD sizes in Men's Melton Overcoats; odd and end
price. $6.50.
, 1
ODD sizes in Men's Cape Overcoats; odd and end price,
ODD si/es in Boys' Overcoats; odd and end price, $3.00.
j ODD sizes in Children's Overcoats; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Youths' Overcoats; odd and end price,
; 1 _
ODD sizes in Men's Corkscrew Suit*; odd and end price,
ODD s, zes in M. n's Wide Wale Suits; odd and end
price, $12 50.
! ,
ODD si zes in Men's Cassimere Suits; odd and end
price, $5.00 to $10.00.
ODD siz.sin Men's Cheviot Suits; odd and end price,
j $7-5Q-
: !
ODD sizes in Young Men's Cassimere Suits; odd and end
price, $7.50.
ODD sizes in Boys' Cheviot Suits ; odd and end price,
I $5-oo-
J .
ODD sizes in Boys' Cassimere Suits; odd and end price,
$5 oo-
ODD sizes in Boys' School Suits; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Bo>s' Jersey Suits; odd and end prices,
I $2.50-
ODD sizes in Children's Suits; odd and end price, $1.75. I
ODD sizes in Men's Doeskin Pants; odd and end price,
ODD sizes in Men's Fancy Worsted Pants; odd and end
price, $5 00. .
! j '
ODD sizes in Men's Cashmere Pants; odd and end price,
J !
ODD sizes in Men's Cheviot Pants; odd and end price,
There is no limit to Our Odd and End Bargains. Come
in and satisfy yourself as to their quality. Learn how cheaply
you can buy, and how well you can be pleased.

Reta. i 1 De pa rt me nt,
121 to 127 N. Main Street.

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