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A Warm Session Breaksjtne monot
The Board of Police Commissioners
met yesterday afternoon in the Mayor's
office, Hon. H. T. Hazard in the chair,
and Messrs. Gollinß, Dexter, Knox and
Lewis present.
The Chief having reported favorably
in the matter of the application of
NaudA Grindle for a permit to procure a
license for a new saloon at No. 557 North
Main street, the petition was granted.
The committee appointed to investi
gate tho charge preferred against the
driver of the patrol wagon by Ralph E.
Hoyt reported that, after hearing the evi
dence on both eides, it was tbe opinion of
the committee that both parties were
equally to blame for the accident. They
therefore recommended that the bill for
repaira rendered neceeaary to the com
plainant's buggy be shared equally by
the owner and the driver of the patrol
wagon. The committee farther recom
mended that the latter exercise more
caution in future when driving, and that
he keep on the right aide of the street.
The report was adopted.
The committee appointed to investi
gate tho petition of Maltman & Ivera et
al. relative to the appointment of a
special officer for the Poundmaster'e
office, reported that aftor due considera
tion of the matter they could not see the
desirability of delegating any further
authority to the Poundkeeper. The re
port waa adopted.
Transfers of license were granted to
tho followinesaloonkeepers: Jaa. Tharp,
from No. 565 Eaat Firat atreet to No. 573
East First street; Fritz Wanetke. from
No. 250 East First street to No. 365 East
Firat street; and C. Knoblock, from cor
ner Main and Winston streets to corner
Main and Fourth streets.
A communication was received from
Mrs. H. A. Watson, of the Girls' Home,
stating that since March last she had
been compelled to pay for a telephone
ou at the Home, the Republican admin
istration having ordered the one put up
by Mayor Workman taken down. She
therefore asked that the commission
authorize her to have one, and that the
city defray the expenses necessarily en
tailed. On motion of Mr. Lewis the re
quest was denied.
A communication was received from
John Rhodes, asking that the license of
Louis Roth, who kept a saloon at No.
141 East First street, be revoked, as he
had been caught by the petitioner in the
act of giving beer to his little girls, ag«d
respectively 12 and 14 years, on the 3d
of December last. Since that time Roth
had been convicted of the offense of
selling liquor to minors, in the Police
Court, and fined $25. On motion of Mr.
Knox the maLter was referred to Messrs.
Knox, Lewis and Dexter, as a committee
of investigation.
A communication was received from
Adam Clements, a liveryman on Aliso
street, preferring charges against Officers
Maguire aud Farmer. He alleged that
on the 7th inst. six of his horses escaped
from his yard on Aliso street, and were
subsequently found on the Keller traot
by his partner and a hired man. The
officers are alleged, however, to have re
fused to allow the hired man to take
possession of the animals, and in spite of
his protests impounded them. The
mutter was referred to a committee of in
vestigation composed of Mr. Collins and
the Chief.
At the suggestion of Mr. Knox, of the
committee of investigation into the com
plaint of Mrs. Henry against W. Vollk
mer, of tbe Point saloon, further action
in the matter was indefinitely postponed,
the saloon-keeper having been warned
not to furnish with liquor.
The application of J. R. Home for re
instatement on the force was received
and filed. A number of demands, ag
gregating $409 69 were approved as read
Tbe demand of Garrett & Sampson for
$110 for expenses incidental on the
funeral of the late Officer G. B. Fitch
again came up before the board. A
lengthy discussion was indulged in on
the question of its disposal. Mr. Coliius
thought that the Commissioners and the
Police Department ought to meet it be
tween them and not call upon the city to
pay it. The officers were paid a gocd
salary, and he had no doubt that if
called upon to do so, every man on the
force would gladly put up $1 towards de
fraying the expenses of their brother
officer's funeral.
Mr. Knox *aid that there was already
the sum of $7 60 in the hands of Chief
Glass for the purpose, and he was in
favcr of sending the bill to the Council
again, with a communication to the effect,
that that sum would b3 applied to the
payment of the bill if the Council would
approve the rest of it.
Mayor Hazard ohjected to asking the
city to pay for it, as it would establish a
precedent in such cases, and in the pres
ent state of the city finances he readily
understood that the Council did not see
its way to approving such a bill.
Mr. 0 >lliu' said he was ashamed of tbe
bill being brought up before the public so
often, and was ready to contribute
towards it at any time, sooner than see
it thrown backwards and forwards be
tween the Council and board as it had
been done.
Mr. Knox said that he did not think
that the board could call upon the police
officers to contribute towards the payment
of the bid, and Mr. Lewie insisted that
the city paid its men a stated salary and
obtained its full worth from every man
in return, and it would not be right to
"dock" the men for any purpose.
Chief Glass stated that at the time of
Fitch's death the officers held a meeting
in the G. A. R. hall and every man sub
scribed something to defray the expenses
of the funeral. The $7.60 was the bal
ance left from the fund after paying for
the band and several other incidental
expenses. He said that the men under
stood at the time that Fitch had a bank
account; but it was afterwards found
that he had not.
Finally the bill was referred to Mr.
Collins at his own request until the next
meeting. Councilman Van Dupen, who
with Mr. McLain had been an interested
spectator of the meeting, asked permis
sion to speak a few words on the subject.
He said that he had heard this matter
discussed frequently of late and that
although the Council wanted to liquidate
the bill, it could not do so at present.
On behalf of that body, however, he said
that if the officers and Commissioners
would subscribe towards the payment of
the bill he would guarantee that the
members of the Council would also do so,
and by this means it could be dis
posed of.
Mr. Lewis stated that he and Mr.
Knox, in conjunction with the Chief,
had, as a committoe, advertised for bid
for supplies to be furnished to the city
prisoners for one year. At that time he
understood that Rawoon was willing to
surrender his contract at any time; but
now it appeared that he had enterod a
protest against any infringement of his
A communication was read from Raw
son to that effect, whereupon Chief Glass
stated that Rawron had told him that
"he did not give a fig for his contract
and would be glad to get rid of it." The
restaurant man who supplied the meals,
however, wanted $100 to let go bis end
of the contract, and this was why Raw
son was protesting. After some discus
sion it was finally decided to suspend
all further arrangements until April
Ist, Rawson's contract being void
in May next. The Chief then
stated that sometimes the food was not
fit for a hog to eat, and he asked for in
structions on such an occasion. On
motion of Mr. Knox he was instructed to
critically inspect all food provided by the
contractor.and reject all that was unfit for
uae and purchase other edibles, the sum
thus spent at the end of each month to
be deducted from Rawaon's bill.
Mr. Lewis of the Lottery Committee
reported .that upon investigation it was
found that Sections 319 to 326
of the Penal Code were being
habitually violated by the persons
named in the report of Detective Wallin,
aud that certain newspaper publishera
had violated section 323. The commis
sion therefore offered the following reso
lution for approval by the board:
Reaolved, Ttiat it is the sense of this
Board of Police Commissioners that all
the statutes of the State of California
prohibiting lotteries be vigorously and
literally enforced, and that the Chief of
Police be and ia hereby instructed and
directed to use hia utmoat efforts to abso
lutely suppreeß all lottery games, either
Chinese or white, and to convict and
punish any and all violators of the stat
On motion of Mr. Collins the resolu
tion was adopted unanimously.
Mr. Lewis then brought up the ques
tion of Cobb, the orange peddler, where
upon Mayor Hazard warmly stated that
Cobb had been to him and asked for his
permission as Mayor to sell oranges on
the streets, as he had done for tv.enty
years past, but that he had refused to
grant it, and referred him to the com
mission. That body, including Mr.
Lewis, had granted Cobb the required
permission a few meetings ago, and with
the assurance that he would be unmo
lested he had purchased $2,605 worth of
the finest oranges in the State, and now
that he had done so, there was a scheme
on foot to drive him off the street.".
Mr. Collins produced a volume of the
ordinances, and after reading, said that
he waa confident Cobb was safe and
kfnew his rights.
Mayor Hazard said that if anyone had
made complaint about Cobb, let him
swear to a complaint in the courts and
have him arrested. The Mayor and Mr.
Lewis then had a spirited tilt on 1 ho ques
tion, the latter asserting that he didn't
want any lectures from the Chairman or
anybody else. He was there to do his
duty, and he intended to do it. He stated
that tie was not complaining personally,
but the occupants of the fruit stands,who
paid rent, were. Four of the Commis
sioners had discussed the matter yester
day, and he would like to have their
opinion on the question. Mayor Hazard
insisted that if Cobb was not violating
the ordinance read by Mr. Collins, the
Chief or the police had no right to molest
him, and that Cobb waa quite right in
defying the officers. If he was doing so
he ought to be arrested ; but he objected
to the reflections cast upon him lor his
part of tbe affair.
Mr. Dexter was sorry that any trouble
had arisen out of the matter, but he be
lieved that all the ordinances should be
enforced; if they were objectionable,
they should be repealed. It was not
clear in his mind whether Cobb had vio
lated the ordinance or not just at pres
ent, and he would therefore eigree with
both sides for the present.
Mr. Collioe reiterated the statement he
made on Tuesday afternoon at the com
mission meeting in the Chief's office,
with reference to enforcing all the ordi
nances. He held that it was impossible
to do so, and cited a number of instances
where ordinances were daily infracted;
whereupon Mr. Knox said that Mr. Col
lins' language was puerile and childish
and utterly unworthy of a Police Com
missioner of the city of Los Angelea. It
was evident that Mr. Collins did not
understand his duties, ai d he was alto
gether too Machiavellian for him.
Mr. Lewis' motion to refer the question
to the City Attorney, with a request to
him to give a written opinion as to
whether Cobb was violating the ordi
nance, was carried unanimously, and the
board adjourned.
Junior Classes.
Ou or about the 15th of the present
month physical culture classes for juniors
will be started by the Los Angeles Ath
letic Club. The motto of the club is
"Health, recreation, grace and vigor,"
and it intends to ■give the young folks an
opportunity of obtaining phyeical cul
i ure with all the advantages ot a fully
equipped gymnasium without any dan
ger of injury. The classes will be huld
OK Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 5 :30
and Saturday mornings from 10 to 12
Terms $1 per month, members' children
free. Applications should be addressed
to the Secretary, T. H. Beseing.
A Terrible mistake
Ii being made by some of our prominent busi
ness men, who chink that as business 1b dull
they ought to charge their customers more to
make up for their lack of trade. We believe
that by getting our goods direct, paying cash
for them, selliug at a small profit and selling
plenty of them, that we will uot only keep our
customers but steadily gain more. We quote a
few prices: Eastern hams, 13c; eastern bacon,
12c: boneless ham, 15c.; picnic hams, 10c;
Berwick bay oysters, 45c,; full cream eastern
cheese, 10c; refined lard, 3 pound can, 30c,
5-pound can, 50c, 10-pound can, 90c.; table
butter, from 35c. per roll; dried peaches, 4
pounds for 25c Golden Rule Produce Co ,
main store, 3 8. Main street, telephone 9co;
branch, 134 W. First St., telephone 814.
M. Moblky, Proprietor.
The New Firm,
Bailey & Barker Bros., have jnet re
ceived the very latest patterns and colore
in carpets. Choice ejections in _ rugs
and mats. Newest designs in furniture.
Nob. 226, 223 and 230 South Main
street, Loa Angeles, Cal.
Notice to the Public.
Charles Bauer has purchased tho entire In
terest of Charles Gollmer iv tho Eintracht and
Auhouser saloons, and also in the bottling
establishment. Mr. Bauer will collect and
pay all bills of the late firm.
For Sale.
Fine, stylisli, polished oak cart, made by R.
M Bingham & Co., Rome, N. V.; front and
back seat, carrying two to four light persons;
height, of wheel, 42 Inches; height of body
from floor, 30 inches; length of shaft front of
bar, 6 feet 2 inches; for small horso, 13 to 15
hands high; has been slightly used; is offered
at a bargain.
Hawlkv, Kino <fe Co.,
Los Angeles and Requena streets.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To the Editor:—Please inform your readers
that I hare a positive remedy for Consumption.
By its timely ase thousands of hopeless oases
have been permanently cured. I snail be g»ad
io sond two-bottles of my remedy fbeb to any
of your renders who have consumption If they
will soud mo thefr Express and P. 0. Address;.
T. A. BLOCOM. M. C, lfll Pear)
( _—.
For the Holiday Trade
Go to Ebinger's for your fruit cakes, angel
food, pound and ornamental cakes for wed
dings. Corner Third and Spring streets.
A can or Ardenter MUBiard will please you
Your grocer has It.
_. .. . _ _—'_. . • r»_ . . -
Children Cry for Pitcher's
fllM'l.l «U M
For Weak Stoniadi—lmpairefl DWra-ffltoitel Urn
Prepared only by THOS. 3EECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire England.
B. F. 'ALLEN & CO., Sole Agents
For United States, 366 ft 387 Canal Sl, New York.
Who (if your docs not keep them) will mail Beecham's
Pills on receipt of price— but inquire first. (Please mention this paper.)
/f M 26& 28"N3PRrrf§ ST. LOS ANGELES.
or my signature:
fiVCR CORK- '( M | |
Famous H. J. W. Old Bourbon and Rye Whiskey.
A great relief to those troubled with Consumption, Dyspepsia. Debility, Malaria
Chills and Fever, Lobs of Appetite, lndigeation, etc. Prico, $1.00 per quart battle
six bottles for $5.00.
0 IT, Roberts, agent for Monrovia, Cal. f an oklena Pharmacy, 1208 Temple st., olty.
Geo. B. Hogin, agent for Pasadena, Cal. Tbmple-st. Drug Co., cor. Temple and Beaudry
o. R. Johnson, agent for Inglowood, C«l. avenue, city.
H. C. Worland. drug store, Station B, Boyle Geo. Qderie, 224 South Main street, city.
n.; t. i tt . , . H - J Woolucott. Branch, 351 8 Spring, city.
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FBI 8alo A on , ! OQA8T, 417 N> ** te ~< W «* Jn « ton Hotel MktrovoL Xvalou. Catallna Island.
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Jacob Aelojf, cor. Seventh and Main, city. ana B econa, city.
J. Rorinpon, Lamauda Park, Cal.
WORKS: 571, 573, 575 IST. Main St.
MAIN OFFICE: Uufier }m Anples National - Bank, First and Spring SW
Carload of those celebrated wronght-iron Hamo Comfort Ranges; also several cai
loads of Cooking and Heating Stoves for Coal, Wood, Coal Oil and Gaeoliraf
on hand.
A very fine aeaortment of G»oo. Wostenbchn'd I XL and Huniaso"! & Buekley'f
Pocket Cutlery, American Carver* aud Table Knives in fine owes, aleo thost
celebrated brandn of Rauors, "Progress," "Bengal," and Wadu A Batcher.
Complete stock of all kinds of Builders' Hardware and Mechanics' Tools alway.
on hand.
43 end SO North Main Street.
General Office, 21 Spring Street.
243,245 and 247 S. SPRING ST
$200 Per Acre on Ten Years' Time.
W. P. McINTOSH, President and General Agent of the BARTON LAND
AND WATER COMPANY, is now Belling the finest Orange Land in the City of
Redlands for $200 per acre, 10 per cent, cash and no farther payment for ten (10)
years except 6% por cent, per annum, with one (1) inch of water, miner's measure
ment, to every seven acres, in pipes at every ten-acre tract. San Bernardino Valley
Branch R. R. and Motor Line through the center of ranch. Canning establishment
and packing house also on tbe land. No fruit pests of any kind, and not enough of
frost to injure the oranges. This is a good opening for the capitalist and business
man, as well as for the poor man. The fruits produced will certainly meet the pay
ments. For maps and particulars, apply to
d3O lm Rooms 7 and 8, No. 42 South Main st., Los Angeles, Cal.
Here is something should interest you.
33 1 Per Cent Discount!
On fine French Kid and Dongola Shoes.
Through a manufacturer's mistake in our order,
he has shipped us a large line of fine French Kid and
Dongola snoes. He prefers to stand a loss rather
than to have the goods returned. We will there
fore close these goods out at a great sacrifice.
Here is something for you.
Johnson & Murphy's Fine Shoes,
In order to close out this entire line.
d 27 2m
THIS lg our Mr. J sephus Cole
man, who is kept busy an- fS"'" S9v ~.
swerlng inquiries concerning I
tho Turkish, Eloatric. Bulphur, 11 I aim, —ill
Medicated and Complexion \yS' \k^^Ssl
"IrBE HAHAM, t J^Js^^^ab[
124 8. Main at., Los Angelea, for . ((j^^^-^^S^^Sr^x
he preservation of hctflth aud / *ir \ T~' =—'UM*\irVi . \
the i ure of disease. A luxury to / Srj m »m%m\W mB k/rtTt ■wry)!- Wxf'\ \
tourists and otters who desire / -f tyt#w*o£ ?jn Urn r»/ \ \
health and clear-linens. Polite / tfc~-~ a t jCZ W/ ±r> nrpQ \ \
aitendanca and superior accom- //C «, °WJ7 *, \
m.!dation«. > / * asa^gMSMBSBMM
night and day. Earties' depart- w *'fl i: JgißS^
meut from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free £j j! [IS f&tiZ? I I 111 I H
sleeping accommodations for J) [ l ! t,l II
H. C ROVER, M.D.,Physician. 91 I
C. S. TRAPHAGEN Business . 1 -^j/- efAa ,^ 4 ti
Manager. Call for our 30 page 11 - , ■
Cirnnlar. dlSeortlm "afcl'J
Retiring from Business.
Having decided to retire, from business, offer their
entire stock of
In all grades, from the cheapest to the best made in the
United States,
This is the best opportunity ever offered in this city
to parties who contemplate Furnishing
Dwellings, Offices, Etc.
214, 216, 218 S. Spring Street.
dl 7
Chicago Brewing Company,
The agency of this popular Beer has been established at
In the new and elegant Stowell Block.
I A specialty made of Fine Liquors, Wines and Cigars. Fine Lunch daily.
Family Trade solicited.
Bottling establishment located corner Hayes street and [Pasadena avenue, East
Los Angeles. Telephone 639. dio

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