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Hew Rale* Adopted t'*r the Depart
ta meut.
The regular weekly meeting of the
Board of Fire Commissioners wa? held
yesterday morning in the city hall,
Mayor Hazard presiding, an_ Mrs. Keefe,
Knhrts, Lovell and Moore present.
The committee on rules and regula
tions presented its report, which, after a
lengthy discussion, was adopted, and the
clerk of the bard was inslructed to have
the rules printed and present a proof
thereof to a committee composed of
Messrs. Lovell and Moore for corrections.
The petition of H. A. Hart, asking for
permission to erect a small boiler on a
lot fronting on Main Btreet, about 200
feet south of Tenth street, for the pur
pose of experimenting in the extracting
of gas from coal, was read and referred
to the Chief with power to act.
A, number of demands, amounting in
the aggregate to $628.43, were approved
as read.
The Chief reported that he had re
ceived from Venables the cum of $17.50,
with which to defray the expenses of
breaking the fire hydrant on the corner
of Fort and Temple etreets, and that he
had paid the same into the city treasnrv.
The Chief haviog reported that W.
Barry, tbe driver of hose cart No 3, had
been suspended, the matter was, after
some discussion, referred to a committee
on motion of Colonel Moore, for investi
gation, and the chairman appointed
Messrs. Keefe, Kuhrts and Moore as
such committee, with instructions to re
port at the next meeting of the board.
Mr. Keefe asked that the Chief be in
structed to investigate into the cause of
the lameness of one of the horses lately
purchased for the department from Rich
ard Gird. Chief Strohru reported that
from what he could learn of tho matter,
the horse had been kicked by his stable
companion in play ; but nothing definite
was known of how it occurred. He was
instructed to turn the animal out to grass
when necessary, and the beard then ad
journed until Tuesday next at 10 a. m.
The rules and regulations as adopted
are in substance as follows:
Every member of the Los Angeles Fire
Department shall be 21 years of age, a
citizen of the United States, a qualified
voter of the City of Los Angeles, and
able to converse understandingly in the
English language.
The engineer of the steamer shall have
charge of the engine house and the ap
paratus therein. He shall also have
charge of the permanent men, and see
that their duties are properly per
The permanent men shail eleep in the
engine, hoee and hook . and ladder
houses, unless specially permitted by the
Chief to sleep elsewhere, the Chief to re
port the same to the commissioners.
They shall not leave the house un
guarded, except during fires or alarms,
and shall be held responsible for trie
safe keeping of all the property en
trusted to their charge.
All members of the department shall
attend promptly at all fires and alarms,
and render prompt asfistanc.i in their
respective stations. Toey shall return
to the engine, hose and truck houses
after every alarm, and answer to the roll
The Chief shall have power, and au
thority to call out the department for
practice service.
_ Only members of the department shall
ride on the engines, trucks or hose cart
in going to or returning from fires.
If leave of absence is granted any
member, he shall furnish a competent
Engine, hoao and hook and ladder
drivers shall not drive out of a trot in
returning from fires and alarms, atid
racing is strictly prohibited. Crossing a
line of hose, in use, is, except in ca-'ea of
absolute necessity, strictly prohibited.
It shall be the duty of tbe permanent
men of the companies to hitch their
horses to the apparatus at 12 noon.
Any officer or member of the depart
ment who Bhall refuse to pay any jost
debt contracted during his connection
with the department shall be eubjec: to
suspension or dismissal.
No Chief Engineer, Assistant Chief En
gineer, driver, tiileraian or electrician of
the department shall distribute tickets a:
any general or municipal election.
The Chief Engineer is required to en
force all the rules and regulations estao
lished and provided by the Board of
Commissioners, and is hereby vested
with power to suspend any officer, mem
ber or employee of the department who
shall neglect to perform the respective
duties assigned to him, or refuse to com
ply with the rules, regulations and re
quirements of the commissioners.
It Bhall be the duty of the Assistant
Chief to respond to all alarms of fire,
and, in the absence of the Chief En
gineer, to take sole charge at fires and
alarms of fire; and in case of sickness
or absence of the Chief Engineer, he
shall assume the same duties as devolve
upon the Chief Engineer.
Members of the department must,
while in service, wear their badges dis
played conspicuously on left breast, and
are prohibited from exchanging or loan
ing badges.
Telephones in department houses shall
not be used by any person not a member
of the department, nor for any purpose
other than business connected with the
fire department.
Nothing contained in these rules shall
preclude the fire commissioners and
Chief Engineer from at any time requir
ing any or either of the employees of the
department, serving under their direc
tions, to perform sue h other duties as the
interest of the department service may
in their opinion demand.
Any and all violations of these rules
and regulations not otherwise provided
for. shall be punishable by suspension nr
dismissal, as tbe Board of Fire Commis
sioners may elect.
A Remarkable Showing as RcKurdt
The Board of Directors of the Los An
geles Public Library met yesterday after
noon, President Dobinson in the chair,
and Directors F. H. Howard, J. Mills
Davies and H. Jay Hanchette and the
Librarian, Miss T. L. Kelso, present.
The book committee reported that it
had not selected many new books during
the month, preferring to wait until all
the orders now out have been received.
The auditing committee reported favoi
ably upon a number of demands, which
were approved and ordered paid.
The special committee on the newspaper
room reported that it had caused a new
arrangement of the newspapers, which
seemed to have met with general satis
The Librarian, Miss Kelso, reported
that during the month $150 had been re
ceived from dues and $7.80 for fines.
She also reported that 1,070 new books
and ten new periodicals had b6en placed
on the shelves and added to the library.
The circulation during the month had
been 10,500 and the registration seventy
five. She called attention to the fact
that although the library contained but
11,000 volumes and the city had only a
population of 85 000, the record placed
it for ahead of libraries containing men
books in larger cities. Take, for in
stance, tbe Mercantile Library in San
Francisco, wi h 58,634 volumes. Tnoro
the monthly issue of books i* but 2,754,
with a population of about 350,000. In
the same city the Public Library, which
is entire!v free, and has 50,000 books and
three branch libraries, the issue of books
ia but 13,781 per month. In Detroit,
with a p >polation of 170,000, and 88 822
volumes in ihe library, theiseueof books
is bu- 19,200 per month. Grand Kapids,
Michigan, has a population of 65,000,
and its library contains 21,485 volmues.
The issue of books each month averages
8,193 volumes. Omaha has the same
popu'ation as Los Angelep, but its library
contains twice as many books, 22,982, and
the circulation there foils short of the
figures of the library here by ]25 per
month. Taking these figures and repre
senting the Los Angeles public library
at 100. Omaha is 49; San Francisco, 51..;S 1 ..;
Grand Lt*pids, 52; Detroit, 14.<. The
Librarian stated that it was considered
in big libraries a good showing if all the
b.oks were turned over once in six
months, but the records of the Los An
geles library showed that its booky were
turned over once a mouth.
On motion the clerk was instructed to
request the Council to take action upon
the communication in reference to the
ventilation of the readinsr rooms, sent to
that body a month ago and referred to
the building committee, which had not
reported upon the same.
The clerk was instructed to enter into
a correspondence with Eastern parties to
obtain information in reference to cata
lonuing the library.
The board then adjourned.
Travel (Mcklnir lp-A I'nton I'n
clflc Off iclak's Apyroacblue Visit.
Local travel is on the increase. The
trains to Santa Monica and Redondo
were well filled yesterday. Tho hot
weather which has prevailed for the last
few days has given a good many people
the opportunity which they have been
wishing for to visit the seashore. Travel
to all local points and bteween this city
and San Francisco id also becoming
rather more lively. The city receives,
however, only a slim allowance of excur
sionists from the East. The mildness of
the winter beyond the Rockies and the
general prevalence oi the grippe there
tiave kept back travel. The prospects
are that ie will pick up from this on, aud
that hy a month from now the hotels
will be well filled.
The shipping of oraoges continues to
occupy all the attention of the freight
people. Special trains laden with the
fruit leave the city en both the Southern
Pacific and Santa Fo roads. Yesterday
a special of seven'een cars went north on
the Southern Pacific and twenty-three
went east on the sanie line.
Nr-xt Saturday C. F Mellon, ceneral
truthc manager of the Union Pacific, will
arrive in this city, .md after a stay of a
day or two, w ill go to San Diego and then
return East. It ii believed that this visit
is one of special significance, in view of
tbe now acknowledged intention of the
road to build to Los Angeles.
C. L. Canfield, the general agent at
San Francieco for the Chicago, Milwaukee
and Sc. Paul, arrived in the city yester
day. Ho will be here for several days.
jiThe Patti special of twelve cars will pi.se
through this city tomorrow on the South
ern Pacific.
There- will be an excursion to Coro
nado Boach on the Santa Fe next Satur
A Great liuine of Uaaeball in the
-.i n future.
A great game of baseball is on the
tapis, one that will command the atterv
tion of every citizen of Los Angeles and
fill the ball grounds to overflowing with
all the youth, beauty, wisdom and fash
ion of the city. The lawyers have been
seriously considering for some time the
possibility of being able to argue with
the umpire better than the physicians,
and they have at last come to the conclu
sion thut they can gain a final decision
in their favor without the necessity of
filing briefs. They therefore issue a
challenge to the physicians of the
city to play them at a date here
after to ba fixed, the proceeds
to be turned over to the Ladies' Benev
olent S.ciety. Matters have already
gone so far tnat a portion of the players
on the legal side of the question have
already been assigned positions. So far
as arranged, Senator R. F. Del Valle
will be eh rt stop, Judge J. W.
Hendrick will take care of second base,
Lieutenant Governor S. M. White will
stand in center field, City Attorney
Chas. McFdrland will stop the balis
at first base, and Judge Clark will
be in the right field. Judge W.
S. _ Van Dyke is noted for the
twirls he can give the sphere, and with
Henry OWlelveney behind the borne
plate the batters will have a buic.ll
chance of diagnosing their own case, al
though toey may be called upon to K< vt;
a clinic or perform operations after each
inning. If the physicians desire to take
up the glove thin cast at them they
should place themselves in commuuica
ion with Hon. R. F. Del Valie, who is to
be the captain of the nine.
East Mrte JVotes.
There has been hue little news except
fresh cases of the trip for a week past.
Mr. Louis Collette has gone north to
accept a position in a wholesale house.
The many patrons of Home & Abel's
will miss him.
On Monday morning the wife of Henry
Whitham presented him with an addi
tion to their already large family, in the
shape of a fine girl. The new arrival is
very vigorous and healthy for its age.
The residents in the neighborhood of
Kuhrta and Clover streets are rejoicing
over the fact that they bave at last ob
tained t' c catch basin at the corner of
those streets, which they have been peti
tioning for ever since the storm drains
were constructed. It will, in all proba
bility, be clear the balance of the year.
Mrs. Towr. who lives a couple of miles
below Florence, drovo in with a two
horse !eum '.o visit friends in East Los
Angeles. "While driving out New Main
street, her horses took fright at some
thing, and ran away, throwing her out
and wrecking tho vehicle against a post,
She was carried into a house near the
Kuhrts-slre6t bridge, and the patrol
wagon being summoned, she was taken
to the police station for treatment. It
was found that her right shoulder and
two ribs were broken, in addition to
sevefal severe bruises and some internal
injuries, and she was at once taken to
St. Paul's hospital, where she is now
lying. At noon yesterday she was re
ported improving as rapidly as possible
under the circumstances.
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pianos? You will rind two of them at
C. E. Day's masic store, 8 North Spring
Tne Cliy Oarerunient Ruining
Into Uankruptcy.
Editors Hkrald—Was ever a city
cursed by such an incompatent and ex
travagant governing body as our pres
ent City Council? Instead of graspiug
the situation at the start, as by accepting
their present responsible positions they
professed their capacity to do, and keep
ing the city's outgoes within its income,
they went on from the very beginning in
the moat reckless fashion, first bulldozing
the City Assessor into the notion that as
the rate was limited to $1 he must bring
the assessment up to $40.Cu0,0;>0
or $50,000,000. notwithstanding the
terrible shrinkage of values from
the boom; notwiths.tandirg thousands
of acreg of cange orchards and
vineyards were d> ami were being
dug up; notwithstanding rents were fall
ing 75 per cent., and in sume eatee to
ml; aud then, when buflfod in their wild
attempts to squeeze moio money out of
the bedevilled taxpayers, raising the as
sessment themselves horizontally in the
center of the city 10 and 20 per cent.,
till at last they find themselves confronted
by a big deficit that may be $50,000 or it
may be $200,000.
But not content with bankrupting tho
city, they now determined to do
tht ii- best to bankiupt the citizems in
detail. Utterly obvious of the terribly
hard times, they are going on and open
ing, grading and paving streets, and
making improvements on a scale of ex
travagance that looks as rhotigh they
thought we were all millionaires.
They seem to forget that the people of
this city and county have, within a very
short time, been compelled t:> pay moie
than a million and a half dollars taxes ;
they forget that the people of Ibis city,
within the last two years, have proba
bly expended more money in proportion
to their numbers in opening, grading and
sidewalking and paving streets, and in
building sewers and bridges, etc., than
any other city in America, or in the
And so the dnnce of extravagance,
financial debauchery and imbecility
goes on.
There can only be one end to this,
unless tbe people arise in their might
and call a halt. The few spasmodic at
tempts of the city government at re
trenchment aro but the merest child-
play. The members of the Council, with
small brains and large prf jisdices, ap
parently lack both the capacity to in
angUrate a policy of vigorous, radical re
trenehnient and the backbone to cairy
out such a policy.
Let them stop absolutely all street
opening and grading, etc., and cut down
mercilessly the expunges of the Engi
neer's and Street Superintendent's rie-
P'.rtments, and abolish tbe $600 to $1,000
a month, which the "Strett-opening
Commission" now costs the poor dis
traught property owners. Let them re
duce the police force one-half, or even to
twenty-five men. This step would not
C!»u9e the world to come to an end, al
though weak-minded und weak-kneed
municipal statesmen might doubtless be
bamho zled into the fear that it would.
Let every branch of the city govern
ment, iucludicg the school department,
public library, etc., get down to what
sailors call "sailing under bare poles, if
they do not want to encounter unpre
pared very rough weather ahead.
Sjmo years ago the salaries of public
school teachers in this city were from 50
to 75 per cent higher than they were in
Philadelphia. Tue only excuse then
wa3 that it cost more to live here
than it did there. Not all this is
changed. The cost of living including
rent is less here than there. Why should
Los Angeles pay more lhan Philadelphia
or other Eastern cities for the same class
of services? Here, because we lack the
wiso and careful forethought that quickly
takes cognizance of changed conditions,
we not only give gratuitous normal
training to teachers, but we pay young
ladies $60, $75, $80, $90 and even |95 per
month of four weeks who could not earn
in any other occupation here, or in teach
ing In the East, over $5 to $10 per week.
Without at all lessening the efficiency of
cur public schools we can, if we will, as
similate the wages of our teachers to
something like the rates prevailing in the
It has been estimated that one-half
the tax-payers of this city have had to
borrow money to pay their late city,
county and Stale taxes. Many have
been compelled to do this who at present
are without income. One vineyard
owner says he had to pay over $6UO taxes
and he did not get one dollar income
from his vineyard. As a matter of fact
he has dug up his vines by the roots on
account of the new vine disease,
which seems to baffle all attempts
to fiud a remedy. Most cf the vineyards
of thia city have been, or are being, up
rooted, leaving the owners without in
come. Their obligations given for bor
rowed motiey to pay taxes will become
due sometime. How can they meet
them? The present city government
feeuis to be oblivious to al! these thing*.
The banks are now supposed to be full
of money from tho million or more of
local taxes lately gathered in. But if,
hy and by, when the tax moneys are dis
horned und loans to tax payers canmot bo
collected, what is going to happen? Let
au incollipetent city government, which
is doing its best to bankrupt the city in
lump, nnd its property owners in detail,
answer! B.
Los Angeles, February 5.
How Mr. White Huled 1h tlie
Editors Herald—-The Tribune of Sun
day contained an article designed to con
vey the idea that I, as presiding officer
of the California Senate, made a ruling
simitar to the much discussed decision of
Speaker Reed. A similar statement was
published in the San Francisco Chronitle
of Sunday, and I take this occasion to
say that I never made any such ruling I
as that attributed to me.
Tbe facts of tho case are the following:
The Republican members of the J><'is
lature, with the exception of Mr. Damron
and one or two others, whose views
of the law agreed with that adopted
by the Democrats, and subsequently de
clared to be correct by the Supreme
Court, attempted to prevent the election
of library trustees by declining to vote
but instead of remaining silent in their
seats a number of them arose as their
names were called and made the state
ment, "Mr. President, I decline to vote "
I directed tho secretary to enter in the
journal tbe fact that the member said
that he declined to vote. This was
merely providing that the proceed inn u8
l hey occurred should be taken down.
After a while it became evident to the
obstructionists that they were making a
mistake, and from that time no Republi
can member responded to his name and
in no case was any person noted
as present who did not respond to his
name. I took the position then that the
presiding officer had no right to announce
anyone present who did not respond
This rule has been recognized in Con
gress at all times until the incumbency
of Mr. Reed. It was recognized by Mr
Blame, and the Republicans under Car
lisle's and |Randall's administrations
had the benefit of it on many occasion?
It is established parliamentary law and
can only be properly abrogated by rule
The presiding officer has no right
to make rules. He must follow
established parliamentary precedents
until rules to tho contrary are enacted.
Members who vote, or announce that
they will not vote, make their actiou a
matter of recon'. In such a case, they
personally declate that they are present.
No one has ever been found to question
co plain a proposition. The case is en
tirely different where ■ member does not
answer. His presence can only bo evi
denced by his answer. I might rt mark
that in the case I am considering, a
quorum actually voted for the candi
Stephen M. Whitk.
February 3, 1890.
Ask t olonel Itldrfora.
Editors Herald—Having at. an enor
mous expense paved and sewered First
street, from Main to LO3 Angeles, and
paid to tho city an average tax of over
1200 per month, can you assign any rea-
BOD why tho said etreet is not sprinkled
and cleaned. Tenants are vacating said
premises on account of the filth and
duet. We have asked for relief, but in
vaia. W. F. NoBDHOLT et al.
Los Angeles, February 5.
tlouuiy Money.
On February Ist, County Treasurer
Banbury had over $800,000 of county
c.«h in his custody. It was apportioned
among the various funds ao follows:
General school fund $109,630 81
t'urrt-ntexpense fund 45,491 til
Salary fut'd 05,498 11
Road fund 62,838 30
Hospital fund 57,'J7ti 99
state fund 1 804 84
Court House and Jail luud 131,191 53
Total ia all funds $612,033 81
During Ihe month of January $652, a
270 0(1 was paid out on county warrants,
of this sam, |544,622.47 was sent to the
Suite Treasurer to pay ihe State* tax for
Los Angeles county.
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CAPITAL, _j • - • • 5200.000
President, J B. Lankershim: Vice-President. Chas. Forman; Cashier, F. W DoVan.
Directors—Chas Forman, A. H. Denker, J. J. Schalcrt, G. J. Griffith, J. B. Lankershim.
J. H. Joues, I. N. Van Nuya, Geo. H. Pike, F. Habicbl.
Five per cent. Interest paid on Time Deposits.
Money to bouu on Iteal Batata. 328
Corner of Spring and Second Streets, Lo Angeles, Cal.
CAPITAL ••50,000.
Is fully cqnlpped for every Klndof legitimate banking, and solicits the account
necdlug a baukor.
OFFICERS: I Owen H. ChtircMll, Thos. R. Bard,
J M.C Marble President , I Gen'l M. H Sherman, Dr. W L.Graves,
Owen 13. Churchill. . .Vice-President. I Capt. George K. Lemon, X F. 0. Klokko,
W. G. HrtOH-BS Cashier. I Dan MrFarland, Fred Eaton,
Pkbry Wildman Astdstaut Cashier. terry Wildman, W.G.Hughes,
I j M. n. Marble U tf
State Loan aud Trnst Sic,
Authorized Capita! «1,009,w00.
capital I'aid lip MOO 000
Presley C Raker Dr John B Hunt
Thomas E lleatty John N Hunt
I-ene Beaver Winifred R Hunt
Hon Geo A Bingham Daniel Inues, trustee
Key A Blum W 11 .lame on, trustee
Caroliue D Bond Gen E P Johnson
Blanche BouehrHke Major E W Joues
Geo Percy Bonebrake James C Kays
P J Bonebrake Miss Maggie Kearney
Mrs Mary A Bonynge WI. Kosiucr
Geo E Boutou Mrs Auuie E Knox
B R royutou E II Lamme
C C Briggs Jeremiah Leiter
Mary H Brown Littleton riuviugs Bank
Isaac H Brysou Mrs M C Lord
W D Bridges . Hiram Mabury
James F Burns B J Mathes
J G Burt J>ewell Mathews
RCCailton Mrs L U McFarland
H C Carr J D McNahb
T J CaTran G 11 MclCevctt
Mrs M X Case George McPhail
SS Chaffee Jll Mcuilloch
Mrs P E Chipmin W A Morgan
Mi ra M Cole Stephen D Mott
Holdridge 0 Collins S H Mott
Rev LP Crawford Thomas D Mott
Mrs Jennie C Cribb Thomas D Mott, Jr
William H Crocker Charles E MulhoUaud
G B Crowley Daniel Neuhart
Carrie G l'andy Geo Neuhart
Mrs Mamie Perry Davis Mrs E S N-wton
Walter Devereux Mrs Sarah Pease
Mrs E M Dillingham Andrew Peasley
OK Dougherty Gersliom H Perry
Major 11 L D-ew ChalsJ Peteler
Hon Blantou Duncan C F Pierce
J C Dunlap B V P rter
C 11 Dunsmoor John Rebman
Mrs H M Durgin Ralph Rogers, trustee
Mrs A M Dmnell Julia N Rogers
Charles F Eastman Mrs T 8 Rogers
J M Elliott A W Ryan
Alice Fenton Jacob ScliafFer
Howa'd Feutou Gov Lionel A Sheldon
Ethi i w Fletcher George W Btmonton
Mrs L S Fletcher Mrs JatK' Simonton
Charles Forrester Siwo ganoch Giiuriiut:
Mrs Addle T Friesner Savings Bank
Judge W P Ganliuer Mrs M A P Smith
Warren Gillelcu Robert Stewart
E Oilman Mrs Frances P Storer
G W Goode Jame6 F Towell
Miss S Edith Hadley Joseuniue E Towell
Miss Anna Hahn Chester Williams
Miss Liuiso Hahn Mrs N A Wallace
J C Hall Mrs Z S Wheeler
Julia S Harkins Silvanus Whits '
David Harris fl C Wiley
Sophia A Harris R B Wilson
Criah R Harris Mrs Eliza Woollacott
C N Hasson Eliza Woollacott, tr'ste
George W Higgins Wm 8 Woollacott
A A Hubbard H S Wilmaus
Mra o Hubbard, gdn Delia O Yates
E Thomas Hughes C II Zehnder
GEO. H. BONEBRAKE, President.
E 0 F N Bpl^E N ' 8B - j Vice Presidents.
SAMUEL B. HUNT, Secretary.
H. C. Witmer, L. H. Breed,
H. J. Woollacott, P. M. Greou,
W. 3. Coocran, L. W. JJeuuis,
W. H. Perry.
We act as trustees for corporations, an
estates. Loan money on first-class real estal
and collaterals. Keep choice socorities forsali
Pay interest on srtvingi deposit. Fiveper ceu
paid on time deposits. Sale deposit boxes ft
Best Fire Insurance Compnntc
Represented. c5-lm
1.. O. OnonWIF Vlon-Prosi.ieT<
John Milner Cashic
H. J. Fleishman AiE.staut Cathie
Capital (paid np) - - $500,000.
Bisrplns and Roseno Fund 800,000.
Total, - 91,800,000.
O. W. Ohllds, C. B. Thorn, Joso Masoare!,
B. Lankershiin. O. Ducommnn, Philippe Ga
nler, L. C. Goodwin, L. L. Bradbury, Isaias W
O. W. Childs, L. L. Bradbury, Philippe Q»
uior, James B. Lankershim, T. L. Duque, Jc»
Hascare], Chas, Ducommnn, Andrew Glassel
Cameron E. Thorn, Domingo Amestoy, Lon
Polsnki, L. C. Goodwin, Prestley C. Bake
Frank Leoonvreur, Oliver H. Blias Barah .
Loe, Estate D. Solomon, Ohrla. Henr.e Jsoc
Knhrta. IsalssW. Hellman. fl
CAPITAL $100,04
L, O. GOODWIN Preside*
W. M. CASWELL Ssobetab
L W. Hbllman, John E. Platbb.
Bobsbt S. Baeeb, J. B. Lankebshim
L. 0. Goodwin.
Term deposits will be received ln aimn
*100 and over. Ordinary deposits ln nuM I
$10 and over.
Money to loan on flrst-olaai roal e«t»t'
Los Angeles, July 1. 1889. fUf
KBSERVK $806,000.
K. F. SPBNOB Preslden
J. D. BICKNELL VlOO-Presld»r"
J. M. ELLIOTT Caihlc
G. B BHAFFEB Assistant Ossbiei
Directors—E. F. Spenco, J. D. Bicknoll, B. v.
Mott, Wm. Lacy, j. t. Crank, H. Mabun
J. M. Elliott. ii
Temple Blook, Lob Angeles, oit
Capital Stock Paid Up, $100,000.
Reserve Fund, $100,000.
B. S. BAKER ViOB-Presklor,
H. L. Maonell, Jothsm Blxby,
John B. Plater, Robert S. Baker,
John A. Paxton, Geo. W. Ptescott,
Goo. H. Stewart.
Buy and Sell Exchange on San Fran
olaoo, New York, London. Paris, Berlin ani
Bny Exchange on all parts of the United St «
and Bnrope.
Receive Money on open account and no:
t'.Scsteof deposit, and do • general baniisi
and exchange bnsinous. fl
111 I 111 II A I Waterworks! o'setc
JUUIIJJU Ibouohtandsolb
Deal in tJov't Land Warrants and
Scrip. Receive Accounts and Extend all the
Facilities of a General Banking Bnsiness.
Correspondence Solicited.
S. A. KEAN & CO., Backers
100 Washington St.. Chlvasro, 111.
115 Broadway New York.
Cor. Fort and Second Sts., Lob Angel**,
BitnorflMd capital irfriocfiKc
Paid nu Capital $300,Ct;0
<»rplnfl $20,00©
Harvey Llndloy. .T. 0. Kayo, K. W. Jonr.a
Q. W. Hughes, Sam. Lewis.
H. n. Witmor Presldaii.
J. Frankenfield V«oe-PresidBn».
T. J. Weldon, Cashier.
J. M. vyitmer, Assistant Cashier.
General Banking and Exchange Bnslnooa
transacted. f4 4m
Capital $200,000.
No. 40 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
F. N. Myers, 8. A Fleming,
President. Vice-President.
J. F. Sabtori, Cashier.
Isaias \V. Hellman. 0. W. Childs.
J A. Graves. s. A. Fleming.
T. L. Duque. James RawsoD.
M. R. Shaw. A. C. Rogers, M. D.
A. J. Bowne. J F. Baftorl.
Maurice Hellman. F. M. Myers.
Five I'cr Vent. Interest Paid ou
The notice of the public is called to the fact
that this bank only loans money ou approved
real estate security; that it does not loan
money to its stockholders, ofiiccrß or clerks;
that among its stockholders are souij of tho
old st, and most responsible citizens of the
community; that under tho State laws, the
private estates of its stockholder* ate pro
rata liable for the total indebtedness of the
These facts, with care exerciS'din making
loans, insure a safe depository for saving ac
counts School teachers, clerks, mechanics,
employees in factories and shops, laborcs.etc,
will find It convenient to make deposits in
small amounts.
Financial agents for eastorn and San Fran
cisco capital. Money to loan on ranches nnd
city property. Bonds and mortgages bought.
Remittances may be Bent by draft or Wtlls-
Fargo Express. fl-tf
Cob. First and BrisiNa Sts.
I capital $500,000 00
■ Subplub and Undiy:dbd Profits. 75,000 00
j Total -j>fc7s,ooC CO
OEO. H. BONEBRAKE President.
JOHN BRYSON, 8b Vico-Freeldent.
V O HOWItI . . <ia»bt«T,
E. W. COE Assistant Cashier.
Fbbbt M. Geekn, John Bbyson, Sit.,
Da. H. Sinsaeauoh, F. C. HowEf,
Gaoßaa H. Bonibbabb.
Exchange for sale on all the principal o"'es
of the United States and Europe. jS
lio. 118 Now Hlj.ii utreol.
, SURPLUS ' 20,000
-; K. M. WIDNEY — T~* . President
GEO. L. ARNOLD • • • Oaihies
r dibsotobs.
&. M. WIDWiIY, 0. A. Wapnbb.
• D 0. Miltimobs 0. M. Wuu.B.
8. W, LITTLR, L. J. F. MO3HILIi,
L. H. Titus.
Bight per (lout, bonds secured by first tnort
sago on real estate, with Interest payable Mml
auntially, are offered to investor.- of $250 and
upwards. fUi
X 37 South Spring street.
Capital Stock $300,000
A. D. CHILDRESS. President
JOHN 8. PARK Caßhier
• W . T. Childress Poindexter Dunn
P. Fitswtlliam K. E. Crandali
Johns. Park R. G. I.nnt
A. D. Childress.
General banking. Fire and burglar proof
. safe deposit boxes rented at from $3 to $20 per
annum. d4l2m
- L. N.URKXD President
WM. F. BOSBYBHBLL Vioo-ProHidert
C. N. FLINT Casblai
Paid-in Capital $20U,0<H
flOEPLUB 20 000
Authorized Capital 500,000
J Directors—L, N, Breed, H. T. Newell, H. A
Barclay, Charles E.Day, B. 0, Bosbyshell, IB
Hagen Frank Bader, Louis Gottcchalk, D.
Remlok, Thos. Goss. William F. BosbytthoU.
Tlie Hot springs
Finest Mountain Hotel and Health Resort
in Southern California,
Two Thousand feet Above the Sea.
A complete change of climate from that of
Los Angeles, Free from Frost, Ftg Dust
Mud, Malaria, Fleas and Mosquitoes.
Wonderful Hot Mineral Waters.
The Arruwhead Hotel and Hot Springs
have a rare combination of advauf Hires as a
winter resort l v respect to location,
scenery and climate they are unsurpassed
Ihe mineral waters are as good as any in
the world The hotel accommodates 150
guests, and is first-class in every respect
No pa ns are spared to make it home-like,
restful aud attractive. For full particu
man B age, <1 Td r dF e I Br clrcu to the
Arrowhead Spring's,
a24-3m San Bbbnabdino County Cal
Is thorough in its work of cleansing the
system of all impurities in a very short
time, and is considered by thof-e havine
used it as a SPECIFIC in "»ving
Constipation, Loss of Appetite,
Give It a Trial sold Everywhere
fl-5m M. L. BTABIN, Pbmident.

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