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Unien Steamship Sailors on
a Strike.
Non-Union Men Pmt ia Their Places.
Departure of Vessels
. Associated Press Dispatches to the Hebalu
San Francisco, February 13.—The
trouble which had beeu brewing fc
some time between tho Pacific Ooast
Steamship Company and the Steamship
Sailors' Union, culminated this morn
ing in the discharge of all the union
sailors on the Corona and State of Cali
fornia, in consequence of which the de
parture of both vessels was delayed sev
eral hours. The union sailors state that
they were employed principally to
handle freight at terminal and way ports,
and should not have been expected to
work between ports.
The Corona was to sail at 11 o'clock
for Southern coast ports, but before that
hour the men informed the officers that
they would clean no more decks and do
no more painting and roustabout work on
the trip. The officers informed them that
they would have to do this work, and as
the men still declined, they were dis
charged, and efforts were commenced at
once to secure a new crew. The
crew of the State of California, which
was to sail fer Portland at 10 o'clock,
also left for the same reason.
Large crowds soon collected on the
docks and a detail of officers was sta
tioned there to preserve order. A full
complement of non-union men was se
cured in a few hours and both vessels
sailed soon afternoon.
The officers of the company say the
men have dictated to them long enough,
and they have become tired of it. They
do not think they have ever required the
men to do anything unreasonable.
Captain Hood all said : " Wa pay these
men $45 per month, which is about 10
per cent, more than any one else pays,
and aside from dictating they refuse to
work between ports. If they work over
time they get »0 cents an hour. On
Sunday they work in this port from 7 to
9 o'clock a.m., and get paid for a full
day. It is a fact that during busy and
dull times the wages have never been
changed or in anywise affected. We
simply want our sailors to work as
sailors ahould in cleaning ships, and so
on. They refused, and were discharged.
The men were to have left here today,
and did not want to do any more work
until tomorrow. We wanted them to
work during the afternoon, cleaning the
ship. A vessel gets begrimed with dirt
in port, and it is neGessary to have her
cleaned while on the trip. Heretofore
tbe men have done this work. I
do not think we have asked any
more than always is asked of
coast seamen on steamboats, but they
have become very independent, and we
have always humored them. Last year
when we were crowded with business the
men would come to the officers and say
they would not work between this port
and that. The officers would reply that
they would have to work, and the men
would say: 'We will leave you.' We
were very busy, and rather than be
bsthered with a strike, we gave in
time after time, until now we have
become tired of that sort of thing and
will employ no union men. We have
had men of this union all along, and we
have pretty near the entire union in our
The strike will probably affect no
other lines. It is understood that all the
members of the Steamship Beamen's
Union employed on vessels of the Pa
cific Coast Steamship Company, running
out of this port, have been ordered out
by the union.
A Man In Custody ou Suspicion of
the Burglary.
[Bpecial to the Herald.l
Riverside, February 13.—A man was
arrested here late last evening for steal
ing a bottle of coloene from a drug store.
He has been in town since Monday, and
has represented himself as the agent
of a German syndicate interested
in San Bernardino mineß. He had
valuable soecimens of ores which, it is
learned, he stole from the cases on exhi
bition at the fair. The City Marshal has
had the man under surveillance since the
robbery of Governor Waterman at the
Glen wood, and they believe that he is
the crook that relieved the Governor
of his watch, money and valuables. Two
pals were with him until his arrest,when
they skipped the town. The prisoner
registered at the city prison as Oacar
Glazier. He is tall, of fine appearance
and address, with dark hair and eyes,
and fall dark beard, carefully trimmed.
He is well dreßßed, and sports
two diamond rings and a fine
gold watch bearing the monogram A. F
L. A railroad excursion ticket used
from New Orleans, and good for Wash
ington, D. C, via Kansas City, was
among his effects. He is reticent, and
says he has a wife in Washington Terri
tory. He is a German. _
Tke Course of a River Stayed by a
mountain Avalanche.
Wbaverville, Cal., February 13.—
Tidings reach here of a mountain slide
on Dixon's bar, fifty miles from here,
February 3d, which completely dammed
the Trinity river. Two Chinamen min
ing in the channel, were crushed to
death. The water in the river backed
up rapidly, and a large house and barn on
the banks were swept away. Near San
Juan Point the water rose to the door of
a residence three hundred feet above the
river, and a houae two miles above was
swept away with all its contents. The
water is now gradually cutting for itself
a new channel.
Fruit throwers' Convention.
San Francisco, February 13. —An an
nouncement has just been issued by the
State Board of Horticulture, that the
thirteenth State Convention of Fruit
Growers will convene in LO3 Angeles
March 11th, and will be in session four
days. An invitation is extended by the
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and
State Board of Horticulture to fruit grow
ers, shippers, packers, nurserymen and
others interested in fruit raising, to be
present and take part in the convention.
Trains Resume Running-
Corvallis, Ore., February 13.—Cor
vallis now has mail communication with
Portland. Last evening a freight and
construction train arrived on the lonta
ern Pacific, and the regular pass
train, with delayed mail and cxi
arrived today. Trains oh the Oregon
Pacific have been running on time for a
week to this point, and will probably get
through to Albany tomorrow.
I'll It 101, V ACCIDENTAL..
The Veralct on tne Cause of tbe
Anarels Casnp Ploaster.
Angels Camp, Cal., February 13.—
A body found of the Utica mine
n few days ago was identified as
fiat of Paula Usovich, a native of Austria.
The body was found in the 338-foot level,
and was in an upright position, being
held that way by a large log. The body
was released and taken to the surface,
where an inquest was held. Tha
Coroner's jury found that Usovich was
killed December 22nd, last, by the sud
den cave-in of the Utica mine, and that
the catastrophe was purely accidental,
and could not have been foreseen or an
ticipated, and that no blame can be at
tached to anyone on account of the most
unfortunate accident.
KerM Couuty JEaucators.
Bakersiteld, February 13. —The Kern
County Teachers' Institute convened to
day; 44 teachers were present, Alfred
Harrell, County School Superintendent,
presiding. Papers of interest were read
by different teachers. The evening ses
sion was largely attended. Educational
matters attract more attention here than
ever before.
Will Meet at Csrcuado.
San Diego, February 13.—The Trans
continental Association of railroads will
hold its rate meeting for 1890 at the Cor
onado hotel on March 15th. The meet
ing will probably last a month, as all
freight differences west of Chicaeo will
be adjusted and rates and tariff* ar
ranged. The meeting will be attended
by at least twenty-three transcontinental
Death of Dr. Barnes.
San Diego, February 13 —Dr. George
William Barnes, one of San Diego's fore
most citizens, died today, aged 65. He
was an author and contributor to several
journals. His remains will be shipped to
Los Angeles tomorrow for cremation.
Payne's Victim Dean.
Gilroy, Cal., February 13. —Edward
Maxfield, who was shot by William
Payne yesterday, died this afternoon.
Protestant Episcopal Clergymen
Warned Against Catholicism.
Baltimore, Md., February 12. —Right
Rev. Wm. Parel, Bishop of Maryland,
delivered a charge yesterday to the Pro
testant Episcopal clergymen of his
diocese. He said: "This city is the
central point of Roman Catholicism in this
country. Here resides its highest prelate,
.and here it puts forth its greatest effort.
It is using political and social influence
to obtain religious control of this nation.
God forbid that I should blame the
Catholics for any honest effort made by
them toward this end. The issue,
however, is greater than ever
before, and they are now con
centrating all their hopes and
plans in this land. Three-fourths of the
members were born in Europe, and
nearly all the remainder are children of
foreign-born parents. The foreign spirit
in the church is remarkably powerful.
Their members become • Amer
icanized slowly, and are not be
ing assimilated rapidly. Our rights
as citizens and churchmen are
menaced by this power. The laws of
naturalization are abused, and an immi
grant often becomes a voter before he
has caught our tongue. We have been
neglectful in calling the attention of our
parishioners to the encroachment
of the Roman Catholic church.
I do 'not advise you to
preach a course of sermons attacking
their doctrines, but when any movement
is made by them detrimental to oar po
litical or social institutions, don't be
silent, but speak out bold and clear on
the subject."
Steamer Departures.
The following passengers departed for
the North from Sin Pedro via the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company's steamer
Mexico yesterday:
For San Francisco—A. B. Pattison, W.
B. bhaut, V. de Vezino, Miss G. Man
ning, Miss 8. F. Karns, Mrs. E. M. John
son, A. H. Cummings and wife, Mrs. S.
L. Barnes, Miss Maud Barnes, Miss
Belle A. Topliff, G. E. Champlin, N. J.
Murphy, A. Wolff, D. B. Calleway, W.
J. Richardson, T. Shaw, 8. M. Rumyon,
and eleven in the steerage.
For Port Harford—Mrs. I. Bobbin, Miss
N. Matlock, Charles Bode.
For Santa Barbara —J. W. Hollings
worth, Jane McMillan, W H. Anderson,
wife and child, H. P. Anderson and wife,
A. Malehan and daughter, Phelix
New Suits.
B. F. Coulter sues C. B. Bisbee and
others to foreclose a mortgage for
Andres Brie waiter sues Samuel Young
and wife to eject them from a certain
piece of land in Los Nietos.
Adolpbus Knock sues J. S. Lichen
bach and Chas. McCarthy to compel
them to convey a piece of property, ac
cording to the terms ot an agreement
made between the parties.
The California Loan and Trust Com
pany sues H. T. Payne to foreclose a
mortgage for $1,725 40.
Marriage Licenses.
The following marriage licenses were
issued yesterday:
Ferdinando Bessolo, a native of Italy,
of the city, aged 36, to Maga Dominica,
a native of Italy, ot the city, aged 28.
William 8. Twcgood, a native of Il
linois, of lowa, aged 28, to Genivieve
Alderman, a native of lowa, of lowa,
aged 19.
Ramon, Sepulveda, a native of Cali
fornia, of Santa Monica, aged 39, to
Isabel Garcia, a native of California, of
Santa Monica, aged 21.
Something Mood.
Choice acre property in the Lick tract,
Eagle Rock valley and East San Gabriel
at low prices. Inquire of C. E. Day, 8
North Spring street.
Infernal Ingenuity
Conld scarcely devise more excruciating tor
tures than those of which you see tbe evi
dences in the face of a rheumatic or neuralgic
sufferer. The agonies are the consequence of
not checking a rheumatic or neuralgte attack
at tue outset. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has
been found by skillful medical practitioners to
possess not only remedial, but defensive effi
cacy, whore those ciseases exiU, or a tendency
to them is exhibited. Surely this puissant but
safe botanic medicine, bearing, too, such high
specific 'sanction, is better than the poisons
often employed, but most unsafe, not only iv
continuance, but in is dated doses. The blood
is depurated thoroughly from the rheumatic
virus, and the nerves, slightly impurged upon,
saved from ultimate and direful throes by this
benign, saving medicine, which likewise ex
hibits marked efficacy for malaria, kidney
complaints, dyspepsia, constipation and liver
Our Home Brew.
Philadelphia Lager, fresh from the BT I . iy,
In draught in all the principal saloons, de
olveret 1 promptly In beetlesor kegs. Office and
Brewery. 238 A.lJ«o strset. Telephone 91.
The Oklahoma Bill Under
No-Haifa-Land Included in the New
Territory—House Rules
Associated Press Dispatches to the Hkrai.f .
Washin«ton, February 13. —In the
Senate today on motion of Dolph, the
Senate bill appropriating $500,000 for a
public building in Portland, Oregon,
was taken from the calendar and passed.
The Senate resumed consideration of the
bill to provide a temporary government
for Oklahoma, the pending question
being Plumb's amendment to comprise
No-Man's Land within the new Territory.
Vest again spoke in favor of the amend
ment. Reagan and Plumb also advo
cated the amendment, the latter saying
that the condition in which Nc-Man's
Land was left was a scandal on the legis
lation of the country. He expressed
amazement that the committee on Terri
tories had set itself co strongly and so
totally without reason against his propo
sition of inclusion. Finally a vote was
taken, resulting in yeas, 27; nays, 16;
thus including No-Man's Land within
the Territory of Oklahoma.
Plumb also offered an amendment to
attach the Cherokee Outlet to Oklahoma
for judicial purposes. This was rejected
after some debate, during which the dis
cuseion of several days ago as to the re
ported threats of the commissioners ne
gotiating with the Cherokees, was gone
over again.
Vest offeied an amendment prohibit
ing the legislative assembly from author
izing the issue of any bonds, script or
evidence of debt for any purpose, except
certificates for services rendered. After
considerable debate, Vest modified this
by limiting the prohibition to bonds in
aid of railroads, and the amendment was
Some further formal amendments were
agreed Ao, and the bill passed.
After executive session the Senate ad
Tbe New Code of Kules Further con.
Washington, February 13.— In the
House today tbe Senate joint resolution
was passed unanimously, congratulating
the people of tke United States of Brazil
on their adoption of a republican form of
government. Consideration of the code
of rules was then proceeded with.
Cannon, from the committee on rules,
reported an amendment requiring the
titles of committee reports to be entered
in the journal and printed in the Record
Cannon also reported an amendment to
rule 15 (relating to roll calls), to provide
that after roll call the Speaker shall nut
entertain a request to record a vote or
announce a pair, unless the member's
name has been noted under clause 3,
which is amended to provide that on
motion of any member, or on the sugges
tion of the Speaker, the names of mem
bers sufficient to make a quorum in the
House, who do not vote, shall be noted
by the clerk and recorded in the journal,
etc. The amendment was adopted.
Cannon also reported an amendment
providing that executive communica
tions and Senate bills may be referred by
the Speaker to appropriate committees
without being submitted to the House.
After a brief Democratic protest the
amendment was adopted.
Crisp offered an amendment to the
rule providing that no dilatory motion
be entertained by the Speaker, adding
the words: "But a demand for the yeas
and nays shall not be considered dila
tory." After a brief discussion this was
Crisp offered an amendment provid
ing that the Speaker shall not in any
case refuse to entertain an appeal from
his decision. The amendment was lost.
The House then took a recess until to
Information Concerning Irregu
larities in Florida.
Washington, February 13—The At
torney General's response to the Senate
resolution asking for information con
cerning the operations of the Circuit
Court of the Northern District of Florida,
was laid before the Senate today. It
consists mainly of letters from officials
of the court, setting forth that it ia im
possible to enforce any process of the
United States in connection witn elec
tion cases, as deputies are abused, pla
nners rescued and witnesses terrorized.
United States Attorney Stripling, in a
letter, informs the Attorney General
that C. Saddler, supervisor of registration
in Alachua county, pleaded guilty
to two indictments for the refusal to reg
ister persons entitled to registration. His
violations of the law were flagrant, but
in view of his confession of guilt, prom
ises not to make a repetition, etc., some
prominent Republicans, Stripling says,
importuned him not to press judgment
against Saddler until December, 1890;
in the meantime Saddler to be released
on $5,000 bail. The purpose of this, the
District Attorney says, is ultimately to
have judgment finally suspended. He
recommends that the arrangement be
carried out.
Philip Walter, Chief Supervisor of
Registration, reports the facts in the
Saddler case, and adds: "I assure you 1
put it mild when I inform you that over
10,000 Republican votes were thrown
out after they were cast, and that in a
little upward of 700 precincts in this State
at least ten persons in every precinc'
were kept off the registration list, and
thereby deprived of their right to vote."
In answer to Attorney Stripling's
recommendation regarding Saddler, At
torney-General Miller, on the 31st of No
vember, 1889, wrote: "It does not com
port with my views of the administration
of law, that one bo evidently guilty of a
grave crime should entirely escape pun
ishment. I have submitted your letter
to the President, who concurs in the
views above expressed."
The Galveston JBcep Water Harbor
measure and other matters.
Washington, February 13—The Sen
ate committee on commerce today further
considered the bill to make a deep water
harbor at Galveston, Texas. It was de
cided to take a vote upon the measure at
the next meeting.
Among the appointments by the Presi
dent today are the following:
Postmasters — Montana- P»vid T.»
niont, Diliun , Washington : Jau:-« ''■
Laman, Walla Walla; California Wil
liam S.Cannon, San Luis Obispo; 'o
seph McKown, Livermare; Jacob E.
Whitson, Selms.
The nomination of Daniel Dorchester as
Snoerintendent of Indian Schools was
today confirmed by the Senate.
XI.ETCHER'S sentence.
The President confirms the sentence of
the court martial in the cape of Lieuten
ant-Colonel Fletcher, hut mitigates it to
suspension from rank and duty on quar
ter pay for three years.
The sub-committee of the Senate and
House committees on judiciary gave a
hearing to a committee of the American
Bar Association upon biils intended to
give reiief to the Supreme Court and fa
cilitate the administration of justice.
The baa committee argued in favor of
the establishment of an intermediate
appellate court.
The House committee on patents by
nnanimoud vote has instructed the chair
man of its sub-committee to make a
favorable report on House bill 3,914, che
International Copyright bill. The bill
allows foreign author* to take out copy
rights in the United States on the same
footing as Americans, provided the type
netting, printing and binding is done
wholly within tbe United States. The
bill has been amended to conform with
the copyright bill pending in the Senate.
In the executive session of the Senate,
the committee on foreign relations re
ported back the Russian extradition
treaty, with the objectionable clause
eliminated, the one which specifically
exempted from the list of political crimes
attempts upon the life of the Czar or any
member of his family. The Senate con
sidered the British treaty an hour and a
half Objection was me.de by several
Senators to the clause by which extradi
tion is provided for persons charged with
manslaughter and obtaining money on
false pretension.
Kentucky Horse Sales.
Lexington, Ky., February 12.—The
horße sales continued today. The first
seven given below were the property of
the late Col. Goodloe: Jay, b. m., J. L.
Middleton, Shelbyville, Ky., $5,100;
Joy Bell, b. f., H. Smulbach,
Wheeling, W. Va., $3,400; bay
filly • yearling by Dictator, J. D.
Creighton, Omaha, Neb.? $2,650; Eli
Beth, b. m., J. I. Case, Racine, Wis.,
$6,100; bay filly yearling, J. F. Thomp
son, Nashville, $6,000; Sophia, br. m.,
H. Smulbach, $4,400; Firzah, b. m.,
Smulbach, $2,700; Discount, b. h.,
E. Bither, Racine, Wis., $1,400;
Red Riding Hood. H. Jones, Winchester,
Kv., $2,010; R. Wilkes, br. h., Steener,
Paris, Ky . $2,000; Contention, b. m.,
Meyers & Wagner, Dayton, Ohio, $1,675;
Proxy, b. m.. Vaughan & Adams, Lex
ington, Ky., $3,700.
It is stated that the obj act of ex-United
States Minister Foster's visit to the
City of Mexico, is to work in favor of the
establishment of reciprocity between the
United States and Mexico.
When Baby was sick, wo rave hur Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria
THAT HACKING COU3H can be so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it.
Harris, the Hatter
And gents' furnisher, 204 S. Spring St., oppo
site the Hollenbeck.
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The Finest Turkish Baths
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Main street.
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pianos? You will find two of them at
C. E. Day's music Btore. 8 North Spring
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Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorlaui
Mrs. Geo. P. Smoote, a highly cultivated
and estimable lady of rrescott. Ark., writea
under date of April 22,89: "During the sum
mer of 1887 my eyes became inflamed, and
my stomach and liver hopelessly disordered.
Nothing I ate agreed with me. I took chron
ic diarrhoea, and for some time my life was
despaired of by my family. The leading phy
sicians of the country were consulted, but
the medicines administered by them never
did mo any permanent good, and I lingered
between life and death, the latter being pre
ferable to th" agonies I was enduring. In
May, 1888, I became disgusted with physi
cians and their medicines. I dropped them
all and depended solely on Swift's Specific
(S. S. S.l, a few bottles of which made me
permently well—well from then until now."
It Builds up Old People.
My mother who is a very old lady, was
physically broken down. The use of Swift's
Specific (S. S. S.).haa entirely restored her to
B. B. DILWORTH, Greenville, S. C.
Treatise or. Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
face. SWT FT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga.
nl d&wl2m
WORKS: 571, 573, 575 N. Main St.
MAIN OFFICE: Duller l« AnpUs National.But, First anil Spring street
CAPITAL, &200,000
President, J. B. Lankershim; Vice-President. Chas. Forman; Cashier, F. W. DeVan.
Dj rectors—Chas. Forman, A. Haas. J. J. Sohailert, G. J. Griffith, J. B. Lankershim
J. H. Jones, I. N. Van Nnys, Geo. H. Pike, F. riabichi. ""iseranun,
Five per oent. Interest paid on Time Deposits.
Money to Loan on Real JTJstate. d2B
Corner of Spring and Second Streets, Lo Angeles, Cal.
CAPITAL) 5150,000.
Is fully equipped for every kind of legitimate banking, and solicits the aeconnt
needing a banker.
OFFICERS: Owen H. Churchill. Thos. R Bard
J. M. C. Marble President. Gen'l M. H. Sherman, Br. W L Graves.
Owen H. Churchill...Vice-President. Capt. George E.Lemon, E. F C klokke
W. G. Huoh-es Cashier. Dan McFarland, Fred Eaton
FebbtWildman Assistant Cashier. Perry Wildman, W. G Hushes
I J.M.n. Marble. aajj
Oor. Fort and Second sts., Lot Angela*
Subscribed Capital*. $500,00
Paid np Capital $300,00.
SarplM $20,00<
Horvey Lindley, J. 0. Kays, B. W. JonM
G. W. Hughes, Sam. Lewis.
H. O. Witmer President
J. Frankenfield Vice-President
T. J. Weldon, Cashier.
J. H. Witmer, Assistant Cashier.
General Banking and Exchange Basines*
transacted. ti 4m
Capital $200,000.
No. 40 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
F. N. Mykes, 8. A. Fleminb,
President. Vice-President.
J. F. Sartori, Cashier.
Isaias W. nellman. 0. W. Childs.
J. A. Graves. 8. A. Fleming.
T. L. Duque. James Rawson.
M. B. Shaw. A. C. Rogers, M. D.
A. J. Bowne. J. F. Sartori.
Maurice Hellman. F.M.Myers.
Five Per Cent. Interest Paid on
The notice of the public is called to the faot
that this bank only loans money on approved
real estate security; that it does not lopu
money to its stockholders, officers or clerks;
that among Its stockholders are soma of the
old< st and most responsible citizens of the
community; that under the State laws, the
private estates of its stockholders are pro
rata liable for the total indebtedness of the
These facts, with care exercised in making
loans, insure a safe depository for saving ac
counts. School teachers, clerks, mechanics,
employees In factories and shops, laborers, etc.,
will find it convenient to make deposits in
small amounts.
Financial agents for eastern and San Fran
cisco capital. Money to loan on ranches and
city property. Bonds and mortgages bought.
Remittances may be sent by draft or Wells-
Fargo Express. U-tf
Isaiah W. Hellman Presldout
h. C. Goodwin Vloe-Preaidei?'
John Milner Cashier
H. J. Fleishman Assistant Cashier
Capital (paid np) - - $500,000,
Smrplas and Reserve Fund 800,000.
Total, - - - - $1,300,000.
0. W. Ohllda, 0. B. Thorn, Jose Maßoarel, J.
B. Lankerahlm. 0. Ducommun, Philippe Gam
ier, L. 0. Goodwin, L. L. Bradbury, Isaias W
0. W. Childs, L. L. Bradbury, PhiUppe Gar
uler, James B. Lankershim, T. L. Duque, Jose
MMcarel, Chas, Ducommun, Andrew Glassell,
Cameron JJ. Thorn, Domingo Amestoy, Louis
Polaskl, L. C. Goodwin, Prestley C. Baker,
Frank Locouvreur, Oliver H. Bliss. Sarah J.
Lee, Estate D. Solomon. Chris. Henne, Jacob
Kuhrts, Isaias W. Hellman. fl
No. 119 New High street.
SURPLUS 20,000
R.M. WIDNEY- ■ - President
GEO. L. ARNOLD • • • Caehie;
K. M. WIDHST, 0. A. Warnbk.
D. 0. MILTIMOBa 0. M. Whllb.
L. H. Titus.
Right per oent. bonds secured by first mort
gage on real estate, with Interest payable semi
annually, are offered to Investors of $250 and
upwards. fltl
Temple Block, Los Angeles, Oal
Capital Stock Paid Up, 3100,000.
lienorve Fund, $100,000.
JOHN B. PLATER..... Presides!
R. 8. BAKER Vice-President
H. L. Maoneil, Jotham Blxby,
John E. Plater, Robert S. Baker,
John A. Paxton, Geo. W. Prescott,
Geo. H. Stewart.
Buy and Sell Exchange on Ban Fruit-
Cisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and
Buy Exchange on all parti of the United St as
and Europe.
Receive Money on open account and on.
tificateof deposit, and do a general banking
and exchange business. f 1
BliJlslsrailslMisHlM TRUSTS.
The Great English Bemedy.
Free from mercury; contains only pure
Vegetable Ingredients. Agents, LANGLEY A
MICHAELS CO.. San Francisco. d 2 d&wly
State Loan and Trust Co.
Authorized Capita! «1,000,000.
Capital Paid Dp w400,000
Presley C Baker Dr John B Hunt
Thomas E Dealty Samuel B Hunt
Irene Beaver John N Hunt
Hon Geo A Bingham Winifred R Hunt
Rey A Blum Daniel Innes, trustee
Caroline D Bond W H Jameson, trustee
Blanche Bonebrake Gen E P Johnson
Geo H Bonebrake Major E W Jones
Geo Percy Bonebrake James C Kays
P J Bonebrake Miss Maggie Kearney
Mrs Mary A Bonynge W L Kestner
Geu E Bouton Mrs Annie E Knox
B R hoynton E H Lamme
C C Briggs Jeremiah Letter
John Bryson, 8r Littleton Savings Bai
Mary B Brown Mrs M C Lord
Isaac H Bryson Hiram Mabury
L N Breed S J Mat lies
W D Bridges Newell Mathews
James F Burns Mrs L M McFarland
J G Burt J D McNabb
R C Carlton C H McKevett
H C Carr George McPhall
T J Carran J H McOulloch
Mrs M E Case W A Morgan
8 S ChaSee Stephen D Mott
Mrs P E Chipmm S BT Mott
M j ra M Cole Thomas D Mott
W G Cochran Thomas D Mott, Jr
Holdridge 0 Collins Charles E Mulholland
Rev L P Crawford Daniel Neuhart
Mrs Jennie C Cribb Geo Neuhart
William H Crocker MtbE S Newton
G B Crowley Mrs Sarah Pease
Carrie G Dandy Andrew Peasley
Mrs Mamie Perry Davis W H Perry
Walter Devereux Gershom H Perry
Mrs E M Dillingham Charles J Peteler
O R Dougherty C F Pierce
Major H L Drew B F Porter
Hon Blanton Duncan John Rebman
J C Dunlap Ralph Rogere, trustee
C H Dunsmoor Julia N Rogers
Mrs H M Durgin Mrs T S Rogers
Mrs A M Dnrrell A W Ryan
Charles F Eastman Jacob SchafFer
J M Elliott E F Spence
Alice Fenton Gov Lionel A Sheldon
Howard Fenton George W Simonton
Ethel W Fletcher Mrs Jane Simonton
Mrs L 8 Fletcher Siwooganoch Guaranty
Charles Forre-ter Savings Bank
Mrs Addle T Friesner Mrs MAP Smith
Judge W P Gardiner Robert Stewart
Warren Gillelen Mrs Frances P Storer
E Oilman James F Towell
P M Green Josephine E Towell
G W Goode H C Witmer
Miss 8 Edith Hadley Chester Williams
Miss Anna Hahn Mrs N A Wallace
Miss Louise Hahn Mrs Z S Wheeler
J C Hall Siivanua White
JullaS Harkins H C Wiley
David Harris R B Wilson
Sophia A Harris H J Woollacott
Uriah R Harris Mrs Eliza Woollacott.
C N Hasson Eliza Woollacott, tr'atee
George W Higging Wm S Woollacott
A A Hubbard H S Wilmaus
Mrs O Hubbard, g'dn Delia O Yates
E Thomas Hughes C H Zehnder
dibectobs :
GEO. H. BONEBRAKE, President.
JOHN BRYSON, SB., j p„., rtonf .
E. F. SPENCE, j Vice Presidents.
SAMUEL B. HUNT, Secretary.
H, 0. Witmer. L. N. Breed,
H. J. Woollacott. P.M.Green,
W. G. Cochran, L. w. Dennis,
W. H. Perry.
We act as trustees for corporations, and
estates. Loan money on first-class real estate
aud collaterals. Keep choice securities for sale*
Pay interest on savings deposit. Five per cent,
paid on time deposits. Safe deposit boxes for
Beat Fire Insurance Companies
Represented. e5-lm
37 Sonth Spring street.
Capital Stock $300,000
A. D. CHILDRESB President
JOHN 8. PARK Cashier
W. T. Childress Poindexter Dunn
P. Fitiwilliam E. E. Crandall
John S. Park R. Q. Lunt
A. D. Childress.
General hanking. Fire and burglar proof
safe deposit boxes rented at from $3 to *20 per
annum. J4 12m
RESERVE $305,000. ,
It. F. SPENCE President
J. D. BICKNELL Vice-President.
J. M. ELLIOTT Cashier
3. B SHAFFER Assistant Cashier.
Directors—E. F. Spenoe, J, D. Blcknell, 8. H
Mott, Wm. Lacy, J. F. Crank, H. Mabury
J. M. Elliott. tjl
L. N. BREED President
WM. F. BOSBYSHELL Vloe-Presideal
0. N. FLINT Cashlar
Paid-in Capital $200,000
Surplus 20,000
authorized capital 500,000
Directors—L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell. H. A
Barclay, Charles K. Day, B. C. Bosbyshell, M
Hagan, Frank Bader, Louis Gottschalk, D.
Remlok, Thos. Gobs. William P. Bosbyshell.
008. First and BFBINB BTS.
Capital $500,000 00
Subplus and Undivided Profits. 75,000 00
Total $675,000 00
BXO. H. BONEBRAKE President.
JOHN BBYSON, 8b Vice-President.
» n HOWES Oanbter.
E. W. COE Assistant Cashier.
Db. W. 9. Cochran, H. H. Mabkham.
Pbrby M. Grbbn, John Bryson, Ba.,
Db. H. Sinsabauoh, F. 0. Howbs,
Gbobsb H. Bonkbbaxs.
Exchange for sale on all the principal clttos
of the United States and Europe ]8
CAPITAL $100,000
W. M. CASWELL. SbcbstabY
L W. Hbllman, John X. Plathr.
Roberts. Bakes, J. B. Lankkrshik
L. 0. Goodwin,
T" 1 """ depnrf** wit' be receivftd '- irsm* c!
ISlOe and ovar Ordinary deposits lit sanu si
$10 and over.
Money to loan oa first-class real estate.
Los Angel*, Jnly V. 1880. flti

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