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Recommendations by the
Board of Public Works.
The Water Rates Discussed at
Length, and a Schedule
Finally Agreed On.
The Board of Public Works met yes
terday and decided to make the follow
ing recommendations to the Council on
Id the matter of the application of
Judge Brunson, asking that the portion
of Grand avenue in front of his property
be excepted from assessment, the board
is of the opinion that said street has
been graded at the place in question.
That the ordinance of intention to es
tablish the grade of Ward street, as pre
sented by the City Engineer, be put
upon its passage.
That the following contractors be
granted an extension of time on their 1
contracts: Boyes & Ctowley, thirty days
on Bixel street; also, thirty days on Jef
ferson street; Fred W. Barron, thirty
days on Arnold street and thirty days on
Grand avenue; Conrad Sheerer, thirty
days on the Los Angeles street paving,
and W. H. Roper on the Mission street
That the matter of the grades of First
and Second streets be laid over one
week, as the City Engineer states that
he has not completed the plans as yet.
Tbe board calls the attention of the
Council to the fact that in many places
where the zanjas ran on the sidewalks
near the property lines the people wish
to erade the streets. The board respect
fully asks that the City Attorney be
directed to present a written opinion as
to the rights of the city to maintain said
zanjas, and as to who should pay for the
piping of same where necessary.
That the petition of Alex. Dallas, ask
ing for the privilege of cutting down the
hill on First street, adjoining Evergreen
cemetery, to obtain gravel, be denied, as
the city is in need of gravel.
That the petition of Joseph Martin et
al., calling attention to a break in the
Arroyo de los Reyes pipe, the City At
torney be instructed to request tbe
property o vners to repair the pipe on
their respective properties.
That the petition of the Temple-street
Company, asking that the
intersection of Edgeware road and Belle
vue avenue be regraded be filed, as the
Street Superintendent will attend to the
That the petition of J. B. Frick. call
ing attention to the probable mistake in
the assessment for laying sidewalks on
Manbatton avenue, be referred to the
Street Superintendent for investigation.
That the petition of Jos. Hyana, call
ing attention to the condition of drain at
Bailey and First streets be referred to
the S:reet Superintendent.
That the petition of B. W. Bartels et
al., stating that they are in favor of the
regrading of Temple street, and that
their claims for damages were not pro
tea f, be filed.
That the petition of the Capitol Mill
ing Company, asking that the proposed
College and Mission street storm drain
be extended so as to protect the petition
er's property, be referred to the City 1
That the petition of Sebastian Kraimer,
asking to be allowed to plow in front of
his place at Glower and Shorb streets, be
referred to the Street Superintendent.
That the petition of G. H. Smith et
al., asking that a street be laid out west
erly through block 23 of Hancock's sur
vey, be referred to the City Engineer to
propose a grade.
That the petition of F. C. Wolf, calling
attention to the obstruction of sidewalks
on San Pedro street, from Fifth to Ninth
streets, be referred to the City Attorney
to report as to the legal rights of the
That the petition of George W. Frink,
asking that a portion of Aliso street,
formerly called Pleasant avenue, be
changed back to Pleasant avenue, be
referred to the City Engineer to draw up
the ordinance necessary to change the
name as petitioned for.
That the petition of Joseph Bayer <*
Co., asking that their names be with
drawn from the protest to regrade Second
atreet, be filed.
That the ordinance to grade Boyle
avenue from Virginia avenue to Hollen
beck avenue, as presented by the City
Engineer, be put upon its passage.
That the protest of Alfred James against
the proposed regrading of Temple street
be filed.
Recommendations so Be Acted upon
by the Council.
The finance committee met yesterday
and will report as follows on Monday :
First. We have examined the report
of the City Auditor npon the condition
of the funds February 15, 1890, and rec
ommend that it be filed.
Second. In the matter of the petition
of A. H. Su&kind, No. 200, we recom
mend that the sum of $6.01 be returned
to the petitioner upon the presentation of
a proper demand, drawn upon the tax
fund of 188S-89, and that the Clerk bo
instructed to mark canceled and re
deemed of record tax certificate No, 946,
tax sale of 1888-89, on the ground that
the property described in said certificate,
viz: lot A, of the Kerckhofl-Cnzner &
Co. tract, is a double of 215 X, of that
Third. In the matter of the petition
of F. Backof, No. 180, we recommend
that the sum of $19.80 be refunded to pe
titioner upon the presentation of a proper
demand, drawn upon the tax fund
1889-90. on the ground that petitioner
waa assessed $1,800 for improvements on
the east one-half of lot 3 block 9, Lob
Angeles Homestead tract, upon which
property no improvements existed, as
certified by the City Assessor.
Fonrth. In the matter of the petition
of L. N. Kercheval, No. 179, we recom
mend that the sum of $1.92 be returned
to petitioner upon the presentation of a
proper demand drawn upon the tax fund
of 1889-90, on the grounds that petitioner
waa assessed for improvement on lots 17
and 20 of the Kercheval tract; tbe City
Assessor having certified to this commit
tee that there are no improvements upon
said lota.
Fifth. Recommend that the policy of
insurance from the Insurance Company
of North America, Kremer, Campbell &
Co., agents, for $500; premium $10, be
returned to the agents, and recommend
that the Council investigate the require
ments of the hospital in thia matter.
Sixth. The committee aak one week's
farther time before making an award in
the matter of the proposals to furnish
the city with hay.
Seventh. Recommend that the City
Clerk be instructed to advertise for one
week to furnish the city with water pipe
to be used in ths East Los Angeles park,
in accordance with a statement furnished
the committee by the city gardener.
Eighth. In the matter of the applica
tion of Mrs. M. E. Evans, No. 1»9, to
have a certain notice filed by the tax
purchaser upon her property canceled,
recommend the petition be denied on
the ground that this Council has no
power to cancel such notice; with leave
to petitioner to file a new petition if
necessary for a return to her of money
paid on account of double assess
ment, after she has cleared off the tax
Ninth. Recommend the demand of
the Times-Mirror Printing and Publish
ing house be returned to them to have
the order upon which said purchase was
made attached to same.
Tenth. Recommend that the de
mand of A. S. Heitchew for $100 be re
ferred to the Street Superintendent to
endorse thereon the authority for the
work charged for, and also the demand
of the New Mexico Coal Company for
$50.10 be referred to the supply commit
tee to see if the prices therein charged
are in accordance with the agreement
heretofore made.
An Agreement Reached With the
water Companies.
The committee oa water rates met
yesterday and held a long session, dar
ing which representatives of the various
water companies and a number oi citi
zens endeavored to come to an agree
ment as to the rates which should be
equitable on all sides. The representa
tives of the water companies had pre
pared a schedule of prices which they
stated was the lowest they could accept
and continue to operate. Mr. M. L.
Wicks presented this schedule, and it
was taken up item by item and discussed
at length. These items were compared
with similar items in San Francisco and
San Jose, and iv some instances with
those in Eastern cities. It was found as
a general rule that the prices submitted
by Mr. Wicks were lower than those
charged in either of the California cities
The main topic of discussion daring
the meeting was the minimum rate to be
charged for residences through the city.
The water companies had submitted the
following as a schedule: "For houses
or tenements, for each family of not more
than five persons and having less than
1,000 square feet floor room, $1 per
month ; from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet,
$1.25; from 1,500 to 1,800 square feet,
$1.50; for each 100 square feet over
1,800. 10 cents."
It was claimed on the part of the citi
zens that this was not the proper way to
establish the rates and that they should
be based solely according to the number
of people in the family.
On the other hand it was claimed that
this would not be equitable since some
people would use more water than others.
It was finally agreed that the rates
should be established according to the
number of rooms in a house, the lowest
to be 75 cents for 3 rooms and 10 rooms
to be $1 75 per month.
The meter rates was also discussed at
ength. Some of those present asked
:hat they be allowed to demand that
meters be placed in their houses and
:hat they pay only for the water used,
rhe representatives of the company urged
that if meters were to be placed in the
houses, the people using them should
pay for them, as it would bankrupt the
:ompanies to expend their mouey
n that way. They also insisted that
where a meter was to be used the lowest
amount to be collected should be $2 per
month. It was not until nearly five
yclock in the afternoon that an agree
ment was reached, and on Monday the
committee will probably recommend the
passage of an ordinance containing the
following rates:
For bouses or tenements of 3 rooms,
75 cents per month ; 4 rooms, 90 cents;
5 rooms, $1; 6 rooms, $115; 7 rooms,
$1.30; 8 rooms, $1 45; 9 rooms, $1.60; 10
rooms, $1.75.
For hotels and boarding-houses, in ad
dition to family rates, for each boarder,
20 cents. Lodging-houses, for each
lodger, 10 cents.
Business blocks, for each office, in ad
dition to a $2 basis, 10 cents.
Restaurants according to daily average
of people fed, ior each 25 persons, $2.
Bath tubs in private houses, each, 25c.
Public bath tubs, each, $1.50.
Public urinals, $1.
Water closets in private houses, 25c.
Public water closets, $1.50.
Sprinkling gardens and grounds, for
each 100 equare yards, 40c.
Horses kept for private use, including
carriages, each, 25c.
Livery stables, each horse, including
carriages, 40c.
Feed and sale stables, each horse, 20c.
Water troughs in public street, $2.
Bakeries, in addition to family rates,
each barrel of flour, sc.
Barber shops, each chair, 75c.
Soda fountains, each, $1.
Boarding schools, in addition to fam
ily rates, each echolar, 10c.
Steam engines, for each horse power,
Building purposes, each 100 yards of
plaster, 40c; each barrel of cement, 15c;
each 1,000 brick laid, including wetting
brick and slacking lime, 15c.
Saloon, not including water closets and
urinals $2.
Stores, halls, book binderies, etc., ac
cording to amount of water used, from $1
Churches according to quantity of
water used.
Meter rates —Up to 1,000 cubic feet of
water, at 35 cents per 100 cubic feet; be
tween 1,000 and 5,000 cubic feet, 30 cents
per 100 cubic feet; between 5,000 and
10,000 cubic feet, 25 cents per 100 cubia
feet; over 10.0U0 cubic feet, 20 cents. No
meter bill shall be less than $2 per
The Mil Enjoined from Widening
Ward Street.
A writ has been issued from Depart
ment No. 2 of the Superior Court in the
case of O. W Childs against the city in
the matter of opening and widening of
Ward street, directing them to desist
from levying or collecting any tax or
assessment levied under said proceed
ings, or gelling or advertising for sale
any lands for the payment of same until
a review has been had by tbe court and
judgment rendered thereon. The matter
will come up on the 24th instant.
Great Showing;.
Custom Home statistics show that 2,620,511
cases champagne imported in tea years, ending
Decsmber 31, 1889, ooinpoied oi more than
thirty brands. Ol this, about ose-quarter was
<i H. MummACo.'s Extra Dry, or over 225,
--000 cases mors than of any othor brand.
Call at the Star Shoe Hou«e today for bargain*
Ther are selling ont and price* will astos'.ih
yon. 128 and 130 North Spring street.
The Lowest Prices.
Yon will rind the lowest prices in iboei at the
Star Shoe Hosts, 128 snd 130 North Sprint
Train Dispatchers' Generosity.
Santa Fa Changes of Time.
The train dispatchers of the southern
divisions of the Southern Pacific railroad
recently raised a purse of $450 for the
widow of J. E. Thompson. Mr. Thomp
son was an operator in the Southern Pa
cific train dispatcher's office who died
about six weeks ago. Bob Hamilton
and Tom McCaffrey paid the mouey over
yesterday, and Mrs. Thompson expressed
her gratitude to the donors.
The Santa Fe has completed its new
time table, which will go into effect next,
Monday. There are a number of im
portant changes. The overland, which
has been arriving at 4:20 p. m., will iv
the future arrive at 4p. m. It will leave
at 10:15 a. m. instead of 8:30 a. m. as
formerly. Trains will leave for San
Diego at 8:15 a. m. and 2:30 p. m., in
stead of 8:52 a. m. and 4:40 p.m. as
now. Trains will arrive from San Diego
at 11:45 a. m. and 9 p. m., instead of
8:00 a. m. and 1:00 p. m., as at present.
A saving of an hour and a half is made
in the time between this city and San
The train service between Los Angeles
and Pasadena is improved by the new
schedule. Trains will leave for Pasa
dena at 5:45, 8:30, 10:15 and 12:15,
4 :00.5 :20 and 0:05 p.m. Trains will arrive
from Pasadena at 9 :55 a. m., 2:40, 4:00,
10:15, 7:40 and 8:50 p. m.
A new train has been put on which
will run between San Bernardino, San
Jacinto and Escondido. The new trains
will leave San Bernardino at 11:25 a. m.
and 6:50 p. m., making connections with
the trains from Los Angeles. They will
arrive at San Bernardino at 6:40 a. m.
and 6:10 p. m.
A train is to leave Riverside at 7:30
each morning and arrive here at 10
o'clock. Returning, the train is to leave
here at 4:30 and arrive at Riverside at
7p. m. This will give the Riverside
people an opportunity to come to Lob
Angeles and transact business and re
turn home the same day. Going to Riv
erside from here a train will leave at 9:20
a. m. and arrive at Riverside at 11 ;56
a.m It will leave Riverside at 2:30 p.m.
and arrive here at 5:25 p. m.
A large Raymond & Whitcomb excur
sion entered the State yesterday over the
Southern Pacific, and wa3 taken to Riv
erside over the California Southern.
They will be taken to Sau Diego, and
arrive in this ci'y early next week. The
party is in charge of Charles A. Cooke
and Charles L. Robinson. It consists of
the following persons:
8. C. Adams, Boston; Hon. Philip
Becker and wife, Buffalo, N. V.; John
Bird and wife, Rockland, Me.; C. B.
Botsford, Mrs. C. B. Botsford, C. H
Botsford, Boston; Mrs. L. A. Calder,
Colorado Springs, Col.; Dr. 8. E.
Churchill, Stamford, N. V.; DeWitt
Conger, Mrs. DeWitt Conger, Water
ville, N. V.; C. W. Eldridge, Mrs. C.W.
Eldridge and child, Somerville, Mass.;
Miss Addie Hale, Sioux City, Iowa; E.
E. Holbrook, Mrs. E. E. Holbrook, Miss
M. W. Holbrook, Holbrook, Mass.; Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis, Lexington, Mass.;
George C. Lee, Mrs. George C. Lee, Miss
Isabella M. Lee, Boston, Mass.; Mrs.
John R. Lee, Longwood, Mass.; A. E.
McDonald, M. D., Boston, Mass.; Miss
Marion L. Matson, South Weymouth,
Mass.; Miss M. E. McQueda, Boston,
Mass.; C. J. Monson, Jr., Mrs. C.J.
Monson, Jr., and child, New Haven,
Conn.; A. W. Morgan, Mrs. A. W.
Morgan, Buffalo, N. V.; Miss A. S.
Mumford, Rochester, N. V.; Miss H. S.
Richardson, Mrs. Jane B, Richardeon,
Worcester, Mass.; Mrs. F. A. Sawyer,
maid and child, Boston, Mass.; Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Bawyer, Worcester, Mass.;
James W. Siggins, Boston; Mrs. Ben
jamin Smith, Miss Henrietta Smith,
Canajoharie, N. V.; Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
Smith, Worcester, Mass.; Mrs. Perry H.
Smith, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Smith, Sioux City, Iowa; Edwin R.
Snyder, Philadelphia; Mr. aud Mrs. E.
H. Swan, Worcester, Mass.; M.Thomas,
Riverside, Cal.; Mrs. E. J. Thompson,
Gt. Wentz Thompson, Hazleton, Pa.; Mr.
and Mra. F. L.Wells, Port Huron, Mich.;
C. H. Wiberley, Troy, N. V.; Mrs. Al
bert Ztegele, Buffalo, N. Y.
K. fl. Wade, general manager of ths
Southern California, left the city yester
day morning for the Cajon pass on a tour
of inspection.
Richard Gray, general traffic manager
of the Southern Pacific, went to Coro
nado yesterday.
A Plan on Coot to Bring- It Into
tnls city.
Several months ago some young men,
residents of this city, while prospecting
in a place about eight miles south of the
city limitß, came upon what they be
lieved to be a valuable flow of natural
gas. They kept the matter a secret un
til a careful test could be made. This
was done under the direction of W. A.
Robinson, who is interested with others,
iv the natural gas welh at Stockton, and
who, if the discovery proved bona fide,
stood ready to organize a company and
pipe the gas to the city.
The test was made several weeks since
and it was found that the flow was
as large and of as good a quality as the
we'ls at Stockton provide. The'Stockton
wells, it will be remembered, were dis
covered about a year ago. In spite of
the fact that their development waa
generally declared to be impracticable,
an enterprising company went ahead
and put in a plant, and are now supply
ing illuminating gas to all parts of the
city of Stockton at $1 a thousand, and
gAS for manufacturing purposes at fifty
conts a thousand. It is estimated that
8,000 feet of gas is equal to a ton of coal,
which would practically put coal
in competition for manufacturing pur
poses, at $3 a ton.
The plan is to form a stock company
with the holders protected by a bond
which, under the stipulation, must be*
accepted by any bank in this city, the
projectors holding themselves to a con
tract to bring natural gas into the city
within eighteen months.
Among those who are said to be inter
ested in the scheme are Dan McFarland
R. 8. Piatt, County Tax Collector, and
Charlie Gorman, his deputy. It is gen
erally believed that the property where
the gas well exists is the Hancock ranch
where such large quantities of brea are
obtained. It is situated about eight
miles south of the city limits. This is
the only description of the location of
the well which is thus far afforded.
marriage License.
The following marriage license was
issued yesterday:
John K. Witherspoon, a native of
Illinois, of Garvanza, aged 52, to Mrs
Clara Frennd, a native of Germany, of
Garvanza, aged 45.
Call at the final closing out tale of the Star
Shoe House today for bargains. 128 and ISO
I north Spring street.
Just in, gold wall paper, cents ncr roll
F. J. Bauer, 237 Bouth Spring street™ P
Ho ! *•* Redondo Beach This
m ornisf.
The Chautauqua assembly hall will
be dedicated at Redondo tid ay. Trains
will leave Agricultural park by the nar
row gauge rond today at 9:30, and from
the Santa Fe depot at 10 o'clock. The
speakers on the occasion will be Revr,
IC. G. Hutchins, D. D ; Seluh Brown,
D. D., and W. A. Knighten, and Hon'
R. M. Widney.
Mho Is Adjudged Insane and Or.
dered Committed.
Mary King, a woman who has been
for some time at the county hospital, was
examined by a commission in lunacy
yesterday, before Judge Van Dyke, and
declared to be insane. She was ordered
committed to tbe asylum at Stockton.
Her peculiar hallucinations are that she
is a relative of the royal family of Eng
land, and lecturing on religious topics.
New Cases.
M. L. Stores asks to go into voluntary
insolvency. The indebtedness amounts
to $1,200; assets uncertain.
J. R. Ramirez sues E. Alice Mott and
S. H. Mott to quiet title to a piece of
property on Commercial street.
Alasan Hoffman and Charles Hoffman
sue J. A. Garrison and others to quiet
title to a piece of land.
W. H. Thomas sues Joseph A. Garner
and others to foreclose a mortgage for
John O. Pelton su»s the Riverside
Hotel Company for $500 due for services
as architect.
Call at, tho final closing out sale of the Star
Shoe Hou-e today for bargains. 128 aud 130
North Spring street.
W. E. Beeaon will sell Monday, Feb
ruary 24th, 10 a. m., at 127 South Fort
street, between Second and Third streets,
the entire contents of this elegantly fur
nished IS room house, consisting of fine
parlor and bedroom sets, body Brussels,
tapestry and ingmin carpets, dining
room and kitchen furniture, bedding,
pillows, etc. Sale positive and withoat
reserve. Ladies especially invited. Don't
fail to attend.
Ben O. Rhoadf.s, Auctioneer.
Bargains in Shoes.
Tho Star Shoe Store is selling out, and goods
are being sold at ahout half their value. Call
and see us today. 123 and 130 North Spring
street. _
On tale, best wallpaper, 7 cents per roll. F.
J. Bauer, 237 Bouth Spring street.
Puente Crops.
Mr. J. Bullock, an extensive grain
grower of Puente, called at the Herald
office yesterday to say that owing to the
extremely wet winter only two-thirds of
the usual acreage has beea seeded in his
district. The wheat is very backward,
but an average crop is expected.
11l ISC H C E A N KO IJ S.
Baky one year old. Had with
Eczema. Hair all gone. >c»lp
covered with erupsions Cured hy
Cuticura. Hair splendid aud uot
a pimple on htm
I cannot say enough in praise of the Cuticura
Kkm cm km. My boy, when one year of age, was
so bad with eczema that he lost all of his hair.
His scalp was covered with eruptions which
the ooctors said was scall head, and that hi?
hair would never grow again. Despairing of a
cu-e from physicians, I began the use of the
Ci'ticuba Remedies, and, 1 am happy to say,
with the most perfec success HU hair is now
splendid, and th"re is not a pimple on him I
recommend the Cuticura Remedies to mothers
as the most speedy, economical, and sure cure
for ail skin diseases of infauts and children,
and feel that every mother who has an afflicted
child will thank me for so doing
MRB. M. E. WOODSOM, Norway, Me.
I must extend to you the thanks of one of my
customers, who has cured by using the
Cuticura Remedies, of rnio'd tore caused Dy
a long spell of sickness or fever eignt years ago.
He wos so b'.d he was fearful he would have to
have his lea: amputated, but is happy to say he
Is now entirely well,—sound as a dollir. He
requests me to use his name, which is H. H
l a son, merchant.
JOHm V. MINOR, Druggist, Gainesboro, Term
We have been selling your Cuticura Reme
dies for years, and have the first complaint yet
to receive from a purchaser. One of the worst
cases of scrofula I ever saw was cured by them.
TYLOR & TYLOR, Frankfort, Conn.
The new Blood and Skin Purifier and purest
and best of Humor Remedies, internally, and
Cuticura, the great Sklu Cure, and Cuticura
Soai', an exquisite Skin Beantifier, externally,
speedily, permanently and economically cure
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ing, scaly, pimply, scrofulous, or heroditary,
when all other remedies faiL
Sold everywhere, Price, CuticUka, 50c;
Soap, 25c: Reso .vent, SI. Prepared ov the
Potter Urug and Chesicai. Corporation,
AW"Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases,"
64 pages, 50 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
"D A"D"V)Cj Skin and Scalp preserved and
JJO..IJJ. O beautified by Cuticuea Soap.
Absolutely pure.
Sharp Aches. Bull Pains, Strains and
f HflKsm Weakncs relieved In one nitu
\_j/k_\3t\nXt) by the Cuticiirn Antl
■s^llarMf»f»in Plaster. The first and only
instautane"us pain-killing strengthening
plaster. 25 cents. ja3l-ws sat su-d w
the lew mm
Opposite thd Nadeau Hotel,
Spring and Summer Novelties
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
The finest and largest stock of Woolens ln
the city to select from.
gkW~ Perfect fit and best of workmanship
! guaranteed. fel4-3m
McDonald k Fisher!
142-144 N. Spring St.
Greneral Office. 21 jNTorth Spring Street.
i- * n HUH i .»...»>-.
San Pedro Street,
Near Seventh,
P. 0. Box 1235. Telephone 178.
PERK V, MO T), <& CO i
Lumber Yards
N0.76 Commercial Street. it ti
Mill and Lumber Co.
Main Office; LO3 ANGELES. Wholesale Yard
Branch Yards: Pomona. Pasadena, Lamanda,
Asuza, Durbanfc. Planing Mills: Los Angele
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
"Western Lumber to.
Cor. Ninth and San Pedro Streets.
HJNJSKB of all class can be had at thti yard
mils and Itards— Portland, Oregon.
Wholesale Yard—Redondo Beach,
Lumbering and Manuf'g Co.,
Manufacturers of Kir and Spruce Lumber.
Dealers in Flooring, Siding, Rustic, Lath, Pick
ets, etc. Special orders cut to suit purchasers.
Large orders In extra sizes aud lengths solicited.
127 tl CHAS. WIER. Agent.
J. M. Griffith, President.
H. G. Stevenson, Vlce-Pren. and Tro«».
T. E. Nlohols, Secy. E. L. Chandler, Sapi
And Manufacturers c(
Doors, Windows, minds, Stairs,
Mill work of every description.
*3» N. Alameda St., Les Angeles.
(Successors to McLain & Lehman. >
Pioneer Truck and Transfer [o,
No. 8 MAHKBT ST., Los ANBBLEB, Cai..
Safe and Piano Movln sr. All kinds of Truck Work
Tsi.icrjroif 1137 fl tf
H. fiiLi.ua, Pres. J. J. Woodwobth, Sec.
Ban Pedro st., bet. Fourth and Fifth.
Dealers ln Lumber of all kinds Lath, Plaster,
Doors, Lime, Fireclay, Windows, Cement, Fire
! >rick, Blinds, Plastering Hair, Monterey Sand,
Best brands Englljh Portland Cement by the
100 or 1 000 barrels. Prices on application
Telephone 109. P. O. Box 87. 17 lm
California Warehouse
Grain, Wool and General
Merchandise Warehouse.
Storage, Commission ie Insurance.
General MerciiaatliSß Warehcase.
Advances made on wool.
The Great English Remedy.
Free from meroury; contains only pure
Vegetable Ingredients. Agents, LANGLEY A
MICHAELS CO.. Ban Francisco. d 2 dAwly
The Los Angeles Optical Institute.
Scientific and Practical Optician,
tatrictly Reliable.
Opposite New U. 8. Hotel.
Testing of eyes FRFE by the latest improved
methods. Physicians prescriptions and mail
orders carefully filled. Artificial eyes inserted
without pain. fJt\T~< > rinding lenses to order
on premises a specialty. f 14 tf
This is OUR WAY of fittingglasse
We make the correct scientific adjusting of
glasses and frames our specialty, and guar
antee perfect fit. Testing of the eyes free.
Bet. First and Second St*. j3 3m
w J
Everything flew aiiTVirst-Class.
41 and 43 N. main Street.
oTOtf JERRY ILLICH, Proprietor.
Everything First Class.
including wink.
227 and 231 Wbst First Strkbt,
f4 tf Between Bpring and Fort.
From 11:30 a. m. to 2 p. m.
The only Charcoal Broiler in the otty. 120-tf

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