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Bids for Beal Fishing Privi
leges Opened.
A Coast Defense Bill Carrying
$123,00»,000 Ordered Favor
ably Reported.
Associated Press. Dispatches to tbe Hbbald.
Washington, February 21.—The bids
were opened at the Treasury Department
at noon today for the exclusive right to
take fur seals upon the islands of St. Paul
and St. George, Alaska, for a term of
twenty years from May 1, 1890. They
were opened publicly in the presence of
Secretary Windom by the committee ap
pointed for that purpose. Mr. Windom
announced that no oral arguments would
be heard, but gentlemen desiring might
file written briefs between now and 12
o'clock Monday. There were twelve
bids, but two were thrown out because
they did not contain a certified check for
$100,000 as required.
The American Fishing and Trading
Company, of San Francisco, by Chas. D.
Ladd, president, offered to pay the
United States $305,000 per annum, $4.12
for each skin, and twenty-five cents for
each gallon of the seal oil.
The Pacific Bteam Whaling Company,
of California, by J. N. Knowles, presi
dent, offered to pay an annual rental of
$50,000, and $7.10 for each seal.
The Alaska Commercial Company of
fered to pay $50,000 rental and $6 75 for
each Bkin; also to provide one hundred
comfortable dwellings for the inhabi
tants of the islands, and make ample
provision for their maintainance and sup
po't, and establish a regular mail ser
vice from San Francisco to Alaska with
out cost to the Government: also to pro
vide schools, churches and a hospital for
the inhabitants; provide wharf facilities
at Ounalaska and distribute supplies to
various points in Alaska: also in the
event that any other responsible party
shall offer in good faith a greater amount
for said privilege to pay the United
States the full amount offered by such
party; in all their offer contemplates an
annual revenue to the United States of
The North American Commercial C0.,0f
California, by Isaac Liebes, president,
proposed to pay an annual rent of $55,
--200 and $1.75 for each skin,
with the express understanding that
the catch shall not be limited to
less than 100,000 per year after the first
year; or, they will give the Government
45 per cent, of the gross receipts from
the sale of skine, and will agree to pay a
rate 10 per cent, higher than that offered
by any other company.
The North America Commerce Com
pany, of San Francisco, offered to pay a
rental of $60,000 and for each
skin and 60 cents a gallon for seal oil.
Another offer from the same company
proposed to pay a rental of $57,000 and
$1 50 for each skin and 50 cents for each
gallon of seal oil, provided the United
States guarantees protection in the
Bids were also made by tbe North
American Trading Company of West
Virginia, at an estimated annual revenue
to the Government of $445,600; by E.
W. Clark of Washington, D. C, to give
a bonus of $221,000; a rental of $70,000
per annum and a tax of $2 for euch skin; i
by the Atlantic and Pacific Company of
New York, an annual rental of $57,000,
and $6.12)2 per skin; by the North
American Commercial Company of Illi
nois, $56,000 per annum and $8.11 per
A Bill Carrying- an Appropriation
of 5123,0U0,0(X) favored.
Washington, February 21.—The Sen
ate committee on coast defenses heard
General Mil.-'B today, who concluded his
statement as to the necessity of provid
ing suitable defenses for the Pacific
Coast. After he retired the committee
ordered Chairman Dolph to report fa
vorably the bill to provide for fortifica
tions and other sea coast defenses. The
bill carries an approuriation of $123,
--000,000, of which $21,500,000 is available
in the year ending June 30, 1891;
$900,000 a year for eleven years there
after, and $250,000 in the year 1902, the
appropriation to be expended in accord
ance with the recommendations of the
board of officers appointed by the Presi
dent, which have been published at vari
ous times. The bill is accompanied
by a report from tbe Board of Army En
gineers of New York, recommending the
passage of the act.
Adverse reports were ordered by the
committee upon Senator Dolph's bills
appropriating $5,000,000 for defenses for
Puget sound portß, the substance of these
billa being included in the preceding bill
ordered favorably reported to the Senate.
Favorable action was taken by the
committee on Senator Stanford's bill
authorizing the appointment of a board
of three officers of the army and three of
the navy to examine and report the most
suitable site for a gun factory on the Pa
cific Coast. An appropriation of $1,000,
--000 is made to be expended on the pur
chase of a site aud the land necessary for
the plant.
In a report from General Benet, Chief
of Ordnance, accompanying the bill, he
says the department favors giving out
part of the work of furnishing and as
sembling guns by contract. In order to
justify the establishment of a gun
factory on the Pacific Coast, this
would seem indispensable. He says
the steel for the guns should also be
produced there. The progress of the
iron and steel industry in that section
has been heretofore seriously hindered
by the lack of suitable coala. Even
ordinary coal for fuel, General Benet
says, is largely imported from Colorado.
The department also holds that in any
event but one sixteen-gun plant should
be put up by the Government.
Tne Case Decided Adversely to the
Washington, February 21. —Commis-
sioner Groff, of the General Land Office,
has rendered a decision iv the celebrated
Peralta grant case in Arizona, in which
he holds that no grant of the charter
claimed was ever made. He decides
against the claimants on every point,
and orders the case to be stricken from
the Surveyor-General's docket. The
claim had been many years before the
department, and embraced about four
million acres in tho central part of Ari
Postmasters Appointed.
Washington, February 21.—The Presi
dent has sent to the Senate the following
nominations of postmasters:
California—Frederick Axe, Eureka; 1
Morgan H. Bailhache, Martinez; Wil
liam S. Paxton, Santa Monica.
Oragon—Miss Jessie G. Baker, La
Colorado—Sprigg Schaelford, Gunni
son; Homer Gratton, Manitou Springs
One of ti«n. Crook's Aisles Before
the House Committee.
Washington, February 21.—Lieuten
ant Kennon, of General Crook's staff, to
day submitted, on behalf of the Secretary
of War, General Crook's statement to the
House committee on Indian affairs on
the Apache question. The statement took
issue with the statement made by Gen
eral Miles and others that Fort Sill was an
unhealthy situation; and maintained if
they were removed there it would be
almost impossible for them to cross
the country and reach their old
haunts in New Mexico and Arizona.
General Miles himself had given re
peated assurances of the security which
would result to the Territories of Arizona
and New Mexico if the Indians were re
moved to Fort Sill. They surrendered
to General Miles on condition that their
lives be spared, that no harm should
come to them, and that they be sent to
join their families, who had already sur
rendered and been sent East. He spoke in
high terms of the Apache scouts. Miles,
he said, began and energetically pursued
the campaign for months without gain
ing a step, until, having exhausted all
his means, he employed two Chiricahua
Indians, through whom he com
municated with the hostiles and
secured their surrender. That
their removal to Fort Sill should
be made was agreed to by the President,
Secretary of War and all the major gen
erals of the army, and they had called
upon Congress for authority to right a
great wrong and remove what the Presi
dent, with a full knowledge of the facts,
had characterized as a reproach to the
Kilrain ln Bad Feather.
New Orleans, February 21.—Jake
Kilrain is about to retire temporarily.
He has been on the down grade for some
time, and has recognized that it will be
best to accept the advice of Muldoon and
others. Rheumatism or something else
has been gradually getting the best of
him. He can hardly cloße up his hands.
His right shoulder is lame and bis limbs
are very sore. It has been decided that
he shall go to Hot Springs, Arkansas, as
soon as possible, and remain there for
five weeks.
A Northern Pacini IMyldend.
New York, February 21.—The di
rectors of the Northern Pacific yesterday
declared a dividend of 1 per cent, on
preferred stock. They also decided to
build railroad shops at Tacoma.
Vubbs Found Gulltr*
Cleveland, Ohio, February 21.—The
jury in the Bishop Dubbs case returned
a verdict today. He was found guilty
and suspended from office until the meet
ing of the general conference in 1891.
Burned Out.
Toledo, Ohio, February 21.— E. P.
Breckenridge & Go. tinware, and Smith
& Holdeman, elevator manufacturers,
were burned out this morning. Lose,
It Is Partially Heard and Con
tinued a Week.
The time of Justice Austin was almost
wholly occupied yesterday in the hearing
of the testimony for the prosecution in
the examination of F. B. Sresovich, who
is charged with having, on or about De
cember 15th last, seduced Clara Myers
under promise of marriage, she being ef J
previous chaste character. The com- ,
plainact, a young German woman about
22 yearß of age, of prepossessing appear- 1
ance, created a good deal of amusement
when first called to the witness-stand
by climbing upon the chair and standing
on the seat, balancing herself by cling
ing to the clock on the wall above her
head. It was evident that she was un
accustomed to the method of procedure
common to a court of law by the
manner in which she gave her
testimony. She testified that she
resided with her parents in a small
shanty at N«. 57 Meyers street, opposite
the somewhat more pretentious residence
of Sresovich. Her father is a miller,
and is employed at the Capitol Mills.
She had known Sresovich for two years
past, and during that time he had
paid her a good deal of attention. He
would frequently call at her home and
tate her out, with her parent's consent.
This state of things continued for some
time, until Sresovich began to make
overtures to her, when they quarreled
and did not speak to each other for some
time. Ultimately they settled their dif
ferences and again kept company. On
the dale in question, or about that time,
she said that Srosovich induced her to
submit to his proposals, arguing that as
ho intended to make her his wife no
harm could possibly ensue, and in a
moment of weakness ehe acceded to
his wishes. A short time ago she
began to realize her position and un
known to her parents consulted a physi
cian, who verified her fears, when she
took the first opportunity of informing
Sresovich of ber condition. He denied
ever having promised to marry her, and
subsequently made overtures to her with
a view of ascertaining whether she could
be induced to hush the matter up, but on
finding that she intended to prosecute
him unleßß he fulfilled his promisee, he
refused to have anything further to do
with her.
Ou cross-examination the witness was
asked when the defendant first had inti
mate relations with her, and having re
plied that it was iv November, but that
she could not remember the date, ehe
was then asked when their intimacy
ceased. To this she was rather unwil
ling to reply, but when pressed by the
defendant's attorney, she, to the surprise
of all present, stated that it was Thurs
day nfternoou. At the close of her tes
timony the defendant's counsel moved
the court to dismiss the case against his
client, on the ground that the evidence
was insufficient to justify the complaint,
but the motion was denied, and a recess
taken until 2 o'clock.
On reconvening, theci>mplainaut,Clara
' Myers, was recalled, and the examina
tion of J. Bayer, E. A. DeCamp and I.
' G. Meyers occupied the attention of the
court until nearly 4 o'clock, when an
adjournment was made and the case con
tinued until 9:30 o'clock on Thursday
A Contradicted Rumor.
A morning paper recently published a
rumor to tho effect that J. 0. Robinson,
supsrintendent of the cable roads, was
soon to tesign, and that he would be
succeeded by J. F. Crank. Both Mr.
Crank and Mr. Robinson were much as
tonished at the statement, and they de
clare unequivocally that there is no truth
in it. The local directors of tha road
say that they know nothing about any
such change. {
Debate on the World's Fair
Bills Concluded.
Yandever Favors St. Lonis—Mills
and Others Want no Fair at
all—Senate Proceedings.
Associated Press Dispatches to The Herald.
Washington, February 21 —In the
House today Hooker, of Mississippi,
opened the debate on the World's Fair bill.
Mills, of Texas, made a speech object
ing to the bill altogether, as a matter
with which the Government should have
nothing to do. He would vote for St.
Louis as the site, and when that ques
tion waß decided would vote against the
bill altogether.
Morse, of Massachusetts, announced
that he would vote against it because he
thought Washington was the only site
that could be selected aa a compromise,
and holding it in Washington would cost
several million dollarß, which could be
better expended for pensions, public
buildings or postal telegraph.
Peters, of Kaneas, opposed the fair on
the ground that the country was too
poor. The regular estimated appropria
tions for the next fiscal year, and the de
ficiencies amounted to $440,000,000. The
estimated revenues were only $450,000,
--000. TheEe figures did not take into con
sideration rivers and harbors.
O'Neill, of Pennsylvania, urged that
there was not time to prepare for a fair
in 1892.
O'Ferral, GibsoD, Houck and Wilson
("West Virginia) argued for Washington.
Vandever, of California, spoke ear
nestly for St. Louis.
Carlisle said St. Louis was his first
choice, Chicago second. He disapproved
of the bills offered. The general Gov
ernment had no right to hold a fair ex
cept in the District of Columbia or in the
Territories. If a State wanted a fair it
should incorporate and hold it.
Kinsey, O'Neall (Indiana), Wilson
(Missouri), Forman and Hatch spoke for
St. Louis; Outhwaite, Mason (Illinois),
Gear, Kerr, Owen and Springer for Chi
cago, and Fitch, Dunphy, Lanßing,
Spinola, Wallace, Bains, Turner,
McCarthy and Farquhar for New York.
Chandler closed the debate in a few
words, saying he hoped for a favorable
conclusion on Monday.
The Houee then took a recess, tho
evening session to be devoted to private
pension bills.
tig senate;.
Tbe Bill to Incr>ase tbe Cos Auge
les Appropriation Passed.
Washington, February 21.—1n the
Senate, the conference report on the bill
to increase the pensions of totally dis
abled pensioners, was presented by 1
Davis, and was agreed to, after an ex
planation to the effect that uuder the
act of 1886, it had been provided that
totally disabled pensioners, then draw
ing $50 a month, should receive $53;
that the increase did not apply
to those who were pensioned
thereafter; that the bill as it passed the
Senate was intended to correct that omis
sion ; that the House had amended it so
as to allow arrears of pensions in such
cases; that the conference was on that
point, and that the rule was practically
adopted. The Senate bill, as originally
reported, was passed, no arrears being
Among the bills reported and placed
on the calendar was one providing for
sea coast defenses, and for the establish
ment of a gun factory for the furnishing
and assembling of heavy ordnance on the
Pacific Coast.
Edmunds introduced a bill to reorgan
ize the rai k and pay of the navy. Re
The Senate then proceeded to consid
eration tjf the House bill to provide for
towneite entries of land in Oklahoma.
After being discussed by Senators Berry,
Plumb, Dolph and Vest, the bill went
over till Monday.
The following bills were passed:
Increasing the limit of the coif for
public ouildings as follows: San Fran
cisco, to $800,000; Sacramento, $300,000;
making an additional appropriation for
the public building at Los Angeles,
Cal., of $370,000.
The bill to amend the law of copy
rights came up. Piatt moved the House
bill as a substitute for the Senate bill.
Laid over and adjourned.
Washington, February 21.—Among
tho confirmations today were the follow
ing :
Supervisors of Census, California—W.
A. Anderson, Second district.
Postmasters, California—E. J. Mc-
Bride. Dixon; W. S. Cannon, San Luis
O'oispo, J. E. Whitson, Seima. Nevada:
H. P. Kraus, Reno.
R. E. Sloan—Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court of Arizona.
Settlers in Antelope Valley.
General Beale has a letter in tho adver
tising columns of the Hebald warning
settlers in Antelope valley to be careful
not to get on his lands. He claims the
title comes through the railroad company
to him, that a patent will issue to these
lands soon, and that he will brine suit to
eject all who enter the lands illegally.
Settlers will do well to see that they do
not waste time and money improving the
lands of some one else.
The Delinquent Tax I.lst.
Copies of the County Delinquent Tax
List can be obtained at the Herald
onsinepe office.
Cancer of the Nose.
In 1875 a sore appeared on my nose, anu
grew rapidly. As my father haa c ucei-,
and my husband died of it, I became plann
ed, and consulted my physician. His troaoJ
ment did no good, and the sore grew hij'tftUj
and worse in every wny.until I hadoonoiuaa
ed that I was to die from its effects. I was
persuaded to take S. S. S., ami a/ew bottles
cured me. This was after all the doctors ana
other medicines had failed. I have had no
return of the cancer. „„„
Woodbury, Hall County, Texas.
Treatise on Cancer mailed free.
nl diw!2m
A moat Successful Affair Exten
sively Patronized.
The ladies of I mmanuel Presbyterian
church are determined to make for them
selves a record that cannot be excelled,
and their efforts in this direction are
meeting with overwhelming success.
Yesterday between the hours cf 11:30
a. m. and 2:30 p. m. their lunch room
in the Crocker building, on Broadway,
formerly Fort street, near Second, was
scarcely able to hold the people who
were anxious to be waited upon to one of
the most charming lnnches ever given in
this city. It seemed as if especial efforts
had been put forth to make the bill of
fare yesterday excel anything of the kind
ever offered before, but it was announced
that thia was not so; that it was but
a sample of what is to be found there
every day this week. Under snch cir
cumstances it is not to be wondered at
that from 600 to 800 people are visitors
there each day. The ladies who have
taken so much pains to please the public
and who are working so hard for the ben
efit of their church, are the following:
Mrs. Ayers, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Schu
macher, Mrs. Judge Haynes, Mrs. Chap
man, Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Dr. Pepper,
Mrs. Caehman, Mis. Crippen, Mrs.
Nichols, Mrs. Hanna, Mrs. Lynch,
Mrs. Mercerau, Mrs. Merriman'
Mrs. Hodgeman, Mrs. Higgins,
Mra. Preston, Mrs. Woodward,
Mrs. Dr. Salisbury, Mrs. Hartwell, Mrs.
Hutton, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Ward, Mrs.
Hardie, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Chauvin, Mrs.
O'DonoghueJ Mrs. McClung, Mrs.
Curry, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Morrill, Mrs.
Elderkin. Mra. Weaver, Mrs. Carran,
Mrs. Butler, Miss Cockins, Mies Hanna,
Miss Cashman, Miss Mary Brown, Mies
Lee Smith, Miss Otis, Miss O'Donogbue,
Miss Hutton, Miss Cora Wipe, Miss
Corinne Wise, Miss Cass, Miss Woodson,
Mies Clark, Miss Young. Miss Carran,
Miss Clemmene, Miss Maxwell. Miss
Pitblado, Miss Stewart, Miss Wilson,
Miss Curry.
Fruits for "California on Wheels."
iflteetlnas of Comiultteee.
Secretary Patton, of the Chamber of
Commerce, yesterday shipped ten boxes
of stuff for the "California on Wheels."
There were two boxes of advertising
matter, in which were a number of cop
ies of the Illustrated Annual Herald
out of the 3,000 which were recently pre
sented to the chamber. There were five
boxes of fine Duarto oranges and one cf
lemons. There were, in addition, two
boxes of special fruits. One of these
contained some enormous oranges, aver
aging twenty-eight to the box, which
were shipped with a view of astonishing
the people of the East.
The committee on new quarters met
yesterday afternoon and held a pro
tracted session. It was decided to adopt
the recommendation of the Board of
Directors and hire Mott hall, provided
the requisi f i $600 is subscribed by prop
erty owners of that vicinity to apply to
the first year's rent. Three hundred
dollars has already been subscribed.
The committee on statistics also met to
wf rk i n the material for the now
I'oremau A vnln.
Joe Heslope, for twenty year* foreman
for Hon. L. J. Rose, at Sunny Slope, is
back on tho ranch superintending mat
i tors for rhe English company. Mr. Hes
lope is a thoroughly competent man for
the place. He knows all the ins and
outs of the business. The company has
done the right Ihiug at last in securing
the services of Joe.
Sudden thaiifta of Weather cante
Throat Diseases. There is no more effectual
remedy for Coughs, Colds, etc., than Brown's
Bronchial Troches. Sold only in boxes.
Price 25 cts.
Final Closing Out.
Tho Star Shoe Store is selling ont, call today
and secure bargains. 128 and 180 North
Spring street.
Call at the final closing out sale of the Star
Shoe House today for bargains. 128 and 130
North Spring street.
New styles in wall paper, 7 cents per roll, 237
Bouth rJpriug street. F.J. Bane;.
When Baby was sick, we Wive h«*r Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
Take Care! There Is Danger
In allowing inactivity of the kidneys to grow
through neglect. The deadly shoals of
Bright's disease and diabetes will wreck the
goodly bark of health if it fs allowed to drift
rudderless upon them. The bladder, too, if in
active, and judicious medication does not
speedily direct tho helm toward the
port of safety, will be whelmed by the
quicksand of disease. In selecting a
diuretic, lot your choice fall upon Hostetter's
Stomich Bitters, which stimulates the renal
organs without Irritating or exciting them,
two effects to be apprehended from the uu
medicated stimuli largely resorted to. These
have a tendency to react prejudicially. The
Biiterß invigorate the kidneys and bladder,
ln common with the nerves and the digestive
organs, aud so afford lasting aid. Italso af
fords dual assistance iv preventing and curing
intermittent and remittent fever. Blliousne-s,
constipation and rheumatism it also sub
For Sale.
Fine, stylish, polished oak cart, made by R.
M. Bingham & Co., Rome, N. V.; front and
back seat, carrying two to fonr light persons;
he.ight of wheel, 42 Inches; height of body
from floor, 30 inches; length of shaft front of
bar, 6 feet 2 Inches; for small horse, 13 to 15
hands high: has been slightly used; is offered
at a bargain,
Hawley, Kino A Co.,
Los Angeles and Requeue streets.
Buggy robes and blankets at Foy's harness
shop, 217 Los Augeles street.
Palace Hotel, Colton, Cal.,
Newly fitted up. Nearest hotel in the city to
the depot. Terms moderate; all first-class ap
pointments; two lines ot cars pass the hotel.
J. F. Nash, Prop.
Star Shoe House.
We are selling out to retire from the business
call today for bargains. 128 aud 130 North
Spring street.
THE REV. QEO. H. THAYEB, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myse'f and wifeoweour lives
sale by C. F. Heinzeman, 122 North Main
Removal Notice.
R. B. Young, architect, has removed from
California Bank building to rooms 47, 48 and
49, new Wilson block, First ami Spriug streets.
Stoves Sold on Installments.
j F. E. Brown's. No. 136 South Main Blreet.
Home Made Buckwheat Cakes
1 And mince pies at the Hollenbeck hotel cafe.
Billibngs Is With Christopher
In the Ice cream and ice cream soda business,
112 North Spring street. Telephone 303.
Paints, Oils and Class,
Corner Second and Main.
Try "Pride of the Family" sosp.
1 Children Cry for Pitcher*
_____ _ I^^^i^aT, 'Eoc«.
Baking Powder Stands at the Head
For Purity, Strength and I±)ffectiveness
The United States Government, 1889,
The Canadian Government, 1889,
Reports AMMONIA in the Royal
Baking Powder, while Dr. Price's
Cream is free from Alum and Am
monia, and all drug taints.
WORKS: 571, 573, 575 N. Main St.
MAIN OFFICE: Under Lm Angeles National-Bank, First anil Spring Street
]29-3 m
Coming to Los Angeles
February 15th to 28th, 1890.
21 South Main St., opp. Opera House,
Dr. Liebig & Co.
San Francisco, Cal., Butte City, Mont.,
Kansas City, Mo.
n« WtTtrMar.-r The Specialisl-in-Cbiei
171 . OIUUUtLI L, of the above named
Medical nnd Snrgical Association, will visit
Los Angeles and have offices for free consulta
tion and examination at 21 South Main street,
for the purpose of contracting with all those
desiring to be cnred of Chronic, Special, Pri
vate and Complicated Diseases. Diseases of
Men and Women, the Lungs, Heart, Throat,
Head, Eves, Ears, Blood and nk-n Diseases
specially treated aud speedily cured. QlassEyes,
Artificial Limbs, Hands and Feet adjusted to
the body. Deformities of every kind skillfully
treated. Braces, Trusses, Electro, Voltaic and
Magnetic Appliances adjusted to every form of
malformation or ailment.
Remember the Special Surgeon and Physician
of the Liebig International Snrgical Institute
of S .ii Francisco, is the only responsible
Spec iaUst visiting Lob Angeles quarterly. Only
one call necessary, balance of treatment until
cured, by correspondence.
Offices at St. Charles Hotel, San Bernardino,
March Ist, and at St. lames Hotel, San Diego,
March 2d and 3d, 1890. ja2sd-eod-w-lm
How Lost! How Regained,
A Scientific ana Standard Popular Medical Treatise
on the Errors of Youth, Premature Decline, Nervous
and Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood.
Resulting from Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Excesses or
Overtaxation, Enervating and unfitting the victim
for Work, Business, the Married or Social Relation.
Avoid unskillful pretenders. Possess this great
work. It contains 3i>o pages, royal Bvo. Beautiful
binding, embossed, full gilt. Price only $1.00 by
mail, postpaid, concealed in plain wrapper. Illus
trative Prospectus Free, if you apply now. The
distinguished author, Wm. 11. Parker, M. D., re
from'the National Medical Association for
PHYSICAL DEBll.lTY.Dr.Parkerandacorps
of Assistant Physicians may ho consulted, confi
dentially, by mail or in person, at the office of
No. 4 Bulflncli St., Boston, Mass., to whom all
orders for books or letters for advice should ba
directed as above.
jys* Diy-Tu-Th-Sat and w
ii S Ut»l ia»!£ General and NERVOUS DEBILITY:
if f YT V? V w ™ kn e» o f Body and Mind: Effects
*0 XtfXi of Errors cr Excesses in Old or Younjr.
Ilobn.l. Noble WAMIO.iII i:,il, I!, slor. il. HW li. Knlanre ana
Blrromkei.WKAU.niUt:> I MI.'XII A PARTSoI IIOI>V.
Abx.lutrlT u..r»llli,i: 110J1U THKATXKNT—llenefll. in a day.
Ken (e.ilfy frnni 47 St ih s Territories and Koreljrn Cnnntrle..
Vol.ran write tkeui. Ilyol., I'uUrxnlaMltlwg, .ed mk mailed
totaled) free. Addrcau tUIE tnZCIUI CO., BUFFALO, H. Y.
Druggist and Chemist,
No. ISB N. mala St., Loa Autrcles, cat
Presorlptloni oaretslly oompoanded day and
Bisai. dMU
This great strengthening remedy and nerve
tonic is the most positive cure known for
NEKVOOB Debility. Spermatorrhoea, Seminal
Losses, Night Emissions, Loss of Vital Power,
Sleeplessness, Despondency, Loss of Memory,
Confusion of Ideas, Blur Before tho Eyes,
Lassitude, Languor, Gloominess, Depression of
Spirits, Aversion to Society, Easy Discourage
ment. Lack of Confldence.Dullness, Llstlessnew,
Unfitness for Study or Business and fining
life a burden, Safely.Permanently and Privately
PRICES—S2.SO, ln liquid or nil] form, or firs
times tho quantity, $10. Address
Rooms T and 8, No. 215%, formerly
11 5' 2 West Mr* sirect, Los
Angeles, Cal.
Orncs Houbs—9 a. ji. to 3 v. M. Sundays—
10 to 1.
All communications strletlv confidential.
Gleet, Byph°H I ? e Seminal
Weakness, Impotenoy,
Nervous Debility, Skin
and Bladder Complaint*
positively cured by
remedies not injurious. Medicines prepared
to suit each case. N > experiments. Both
sexes consult ln confidence. Cases treated by
mail and express. Office hours: 9 a. m. to
8 p.m. fe2l-6m
623 Kearny Street,
■WaV Corner of Commercial,
.TOiTOßffilTOJStwSlw 8» n Franclsoo, Cal. Ks>
ln 1851, for
' !,^ Sexual snd
"^l^SWKfflllß^fS^ B6llllll * l Biaease*. saoh
Gonorrhea, Glee*.
: Btrictnre, Syphilisin all
itsf orms,Somin»l Weak
ness, Impotency and Lost Manhood permanent
ly oared. The sick and afflicted should not fall
to oall upon him. The Doctor has traveled ex*
tenslvely in Europe' and inspected thoroughly
the various hospitals there, obtaining « great
deal of valuable information, which no is com
potent to impart to those in need of his services
The Doctor cnres where others fail. Try him.
DE. GIBBON will make no chargv. snlesi he
effects a enre. Persons st s distance CUBED AT
HOME. All communications strictly confiden
tial. All letters answered ln plain envelopes,
Send ten dollars for a package of medicine.
Call or write. Address US. J.J. GIBBON, Box
1967, San FrAncisoo, Cal.
Mention Los Aneelei H kealp. 07-12ra
t\. Speedy Cure Warranted.
all private, obronlo, syphilitic urinary,
skin and blood diseases; catarrh, lung affec
tions, female complaints, and all such diseases
as are brought about by Indiscretion and ex
cesses; $1. No oure no pay. Dr. Bell's
French Wash cures all private diseases, blood
poison, old sores aud ulcers, G. & G. in two or
three days, $1. No preparation ou earth equal
to it. For sale only at the celebrated BERLIN
DRUG STOKE, 505 South Spring Btreet, Los
Angeles Cal. They have over 90.000 testl
mouiM* of wonderful enres. felO-eod
With a desire to meet the popular demand
for cheap illumination, and wishing to en
courage the ÜBe of gas for cooking, heating
and manufactaring purposes (for whloh it Is
particularly adapted), wo beg to announce
that en
MARCH 1,1890,
The price of gas will be reduced to tho rate now
prevailing lv San Francisco, namely,
Two Dollars Per One Thousand
Cubic leet.
By W.B. CLINK, President.
Los Angeles, Cal.. Feb, 13,1890. felB-16t

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