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TMir Remarkable Gains Ac-
I counted For.
/ More Liberal Government for the
/ Fatherland—The Anti-Social
ist Law Did It.
Associated Press Dispatches to the Herald.
Cleveland, Ohio, February 23.—
Major Kaufman, editor of the Anzeiger.
and a lifelong student of German poli
tics, talking today about the recent elec
tions in Germany, says: ' The great
victory of the Socialists is due to Bis
marck and the Anti-Socialistic law. The
law first made in 1576 expired by limita
tion in two years, and has been renewed
every two years since at the request of
the Government. The natural conse
quences of such a law followed its en
forcement. Men expelled from their
homes went from place to place agitat
ing, and so the expulsion clause helped
to spread socialistic ideas.
"In Germany the lot of a common man
is to pay taxes, serve as a soldier and
keep his month shut. The Socialists
want to do away with the army, and
claim that if they get in power there will
be no more war. It is easy to imagine
how such an argument will work upon
the classes who furnish the men for war,
and who always live under threatening
rumors of war.
"The workingmen are also told that
when the Socialists are in power they
will not have to work so hard nor so
long. These arguments have won thou
sands and thousands of votes.
"The result of the election will be, that
instead of having only eleven members
of the Reichstag, tbe Socialists will have
thirty-five, and will be entitled to repre
sentation on all committees. The Anti-
Socialist law will fail. They will have
liberty in organizing openly | and an op
portunity will bo given them to develop
their programme of the future. Bis
marck or the Emperor will try to get a
majority by miking concessions to the
Catholics, but the Government is really
in a predicament. The Emperor can dis
solve the Reichstag if he desires, but he
must figure on a new election, and I
think the result will be that Germany
will drift more and more into a parlia
mentary government, and the rights of
the crown will be lessened. There is no
danger that the Socialistic party will be
come the ruling one, but the ref-dt of the
election means that Germany will be
more liberally governed, and the work
ing classes will probably be benefited.
The Socialistic party of Germany are not
anarchists; they are as bitlerlv opposed
to anarchy as are other people."
Berlin, February 23 —Tne cartel
parties have as yet secured only 74 seats,
as against 213 held previously. Ths
comparison between the strength of the
parties of the last Reichstag and the new
body, so far as known, showß:
Formerly. Now.
Conservatives 78 48
Imperialists 38 12
National Liberals 92 14
Centrists :.... 103 86
Frei«lnnlgge 35 20
Socialists ...... 11 20
He Will Renounce Ml* rule to Re
turn to Rrazil.
New York, February 23.—A Wash
ington special says: Charles R. Flint
told your correspondent that he has just
seen a Paris letter from a close friend of
the deposed Emparor of Brazil, stating
positively that Dom Pedro will, when tho
constitutional convention meets at Rio
de Janeiro in November next, notify the
body of his desire to renounce all cl im
to his title, and ask that he oe permitted
to return to his people as a private citi
zen, and aid them in firmly establishing
a republic. The letter expressed the
opinion that as soon as the convention
has received Dom Pedro's resignation, an
ironclad will be dispatched to Europe to
bring Dom Pedro and family back to
their native land. Flint said: "I am
thoroughly convinced that this will be
The Effect of Releasing; Orleans.
Paris, February 23—It is leaking our,
that the Government's intention to re
lease the Duke of Orleans caused the
Radicals in the Deputies to propose that
immediate amnesty be granted all per
sons found guilty of state offenses dur
ing the past decade. The proposal was
carried, and will be the first subject of
discussion tomorrow. The Government
will oppose the motion.
Wholesale Infanticide.
London, February 23.—A terrible story
of wholesale infanticide was revealed by
firemen at work on tbe debris after ihn
burning of a house at Warsaw. Beneath
the flier the corpses of fourteen iufantH
were found. The establishment was pre
sided over by a midwife, who, with her
sister and two daughters, were arrested.
I.lttle Alfonso Atfalu Ailing.
Madrid, February 23—Tbe young
King of Spain is again indinposed.
Sunday Night Entertainment.
Sunday night entertainments are prac
tically established in New York. Con
certs are given in four different places
every Sunday night, a regular series of
benefits are going on, and there are two
lecturers giving magic lantern shows.
As all of these shows are strictly fire t
class and rnu in an elaborate way, the
great army of restless New Yorkers who
cannot spend an evening at borne is fin
ally content. With the Eden Mußee and
the variety show of Koster & Bial's,
there is practically a wide fi id to choose
from.—[N. Y. Sun.
The attempt to crush out of use, by
legislation, one of the most brilliant dis
coveries of the aue, namely the nianu
facture of butter from the fat of the ox,
equally as wholesome as that male
from the fat (cream) of the cow, is a li
bel 0.1 civilization; and,as depriving th«
masses of a better article of food at
cheaper rates, than many of them have
been accustomed to have, or can now
procure, would be fiercely resented by
them, if onco properly and popnlarly un
derstood —[David A.Wells in "Economic
Old Fashioned Buckwheat
Flour. Seymour A Johnson Co.'s.
Stores Sold on Installments,
F. E. Brown'i, No. 136 South Main street.
Holme itlntte Hue* ivhr.at Cakei
And mince pfei at the Holleribcck bote 1 cafe
Children Cry for Pitcher's
Why Should There lie Any
Despondency Over the farm?
A bill is before the United States Sen
ate to create a commission to inquire into
the causes of the "presentdepressed con
dition" of farming industry in the Ameri
can Union. The measure was drafted by
a Republican Senator, who is its sponsor
in that body. It is an admission that
speaks volumes. Why should agri
culture in the United States be in a
"depseseed condition?"
Here we have a glorious climate, a
fertile soil, machinery to replace manual
labor in the field—multiplying that labor
a hundred fold—an aggressive population
that glories in a tradition of human lib
erty centuties old. Nor is that all. We
have railways, canals and natural water
ways that annihilate space, bringing
the farmer to tho gates of every mar
ket in Christendom, if no artificial bar
riers intervene. We have the blessed
tarifl that affords the "home market,"
which in the Republican lexicon means
protection and plenty, and yet the
farmer is "depressed." His acres are
plastered over with mort/ages, and he ie
rapidly degenerating into the place of a
dependent tenant.
The tariff set out to make the farmer
rich by taxation, and for » third of a
century he has invoked the rich man's
law and poor man's tax that takes from
him forty-seven per cent, and puts it iv
the pockets of the man for whom the law
was made.
Though to wish were to will, though
every year were fat as those Joseph in
terpreted, though all time were harvest,
with such a system as that now"depress
ing" tho farmer, he would find Jordan a
hard road to travel, when skirmish
ing round to get the money with
which to protect somebody, who is en
gaged in no more honest calling than the
mortgaged tenantry the great American
class has become. Bring on your com
mission and let it make its lying report,
doubtless already written.—[Louisville
One of tbe Ureatest Curiosities In
tile l ulled Mtatee.
Natural Bridge, on Fine creek, in tbe
northern part of Gila county, is,one of
the greatest natural curiosities' in the
United States, equaling, if not surpassing
the Natural Briuge of Virginia. It spans
the creek at a height of about 200 feec,
and the walls of the canon rise above it
on eithor side 700 or 800 feet, and on one
sido lorm a perpendicular precipice.
Tlie bridge is of lime formation, and
the inside of the great arch, which is
some 250 feet across, is worn by the
water as smooth as though chiseled by
the ekillful band of a stonemason. The
arch on top is nearly, if not quite 400 feet
in widtn, 1,000 feec in length across the
Cuflon, and al tbe thinnest part only six
feet througb. About the center of ttie
arch is a hole large enough to admit the
body of a man, and through which one
can look down into the crystal pool of
water 200 feet below.
The dike which forma the bridge ex
tends in a sweeping curve up the right
side of the stieam, and, together with
the bridge proper, affords a surface area
of about 100 acres of fertile land, which
David Gowan has converted into a fine
farm. A spring issues from the right
t-ide of the can jn at a height to admit of
the water being easily conducted to any
portion of the farm, and the volume id
great enough to till a ditch four feet
wide ana two feet deep, and to irrigate
much more land than is available for
The climate at the bridge is exceed
ingly equitable, being warmer in the
summer and much milder in winter than
that of the surrounding country, and to
this face is ascribed the wonderful vari
ety of vegetaolo growth, numbering 250
species of trees, ehruos, vines and plants.
Tbe vicinity abounds in numerous fossils
and sheila, and wherever mokture per
colates through the calcareous ruck beau
tiful stalactites aie formed. Underneath
the bridge are numerous caves, some of
which have never been explored and
which are lined with these opaque cones
resembling huge icicles. —[Boston Trans
A Quadruple Murder*
Quebec, February 23.—Rudolph Du
bois murdered bis wife, motner-in-law
and two children at tbe village of St.
Albans today, whilo crazsd with liquor.
He made his escape, but the citizens are
now hunting him.
When Evening Shadows Fall.
When evening shadows fall
She hangs her c ires away,
Like empty ga-mencs on the wall,
That hi.ies her from the day.
And while old memories throng
And vanished voices cal 1 ,
She lilts her grateful heart In song
Wheu evening shadows fall.
Her weary hands forget
The burdens of ihe day:
Tho weight <if sorrow and regret
In music rolls a Way.
And Irom the day's dull tomb,
That ho ds her iv its thrHll,
Her Mini i-prlngs up In lily bloom
When the evening shadows tail.
—James Whitcomb Riley.
In England, two centuries ago, popular su
perstition credited the "Boyal Touch" with
curing scrofula. These superstitious prac
tices nave now become obsolete, and in their
place we hnve a scientific remedy in Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery, which
eliminates the impurities from the blood by
the natural channels, thereby cleansing tho
system from all taints and impurities from
whatever cause arising. It is truly a royal
remedy, world-famed and the only liver, lung
and blood remedy guaranteed to benefit or
cure in every case, or money paid for it will
be refunded. As a regulator of the Stomach,
Liver and Bowels, "Golden Medical Discov
ery " cures all bilious attacks. Indigestion and
Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrhea and kindred ail
ments. As an alterative, or blood-purifier,
it manifests Its marvelous properties in tho
cure of the worst Skin and Scalp Diseases,
Bait-rheum, Tetter, Eczema, and Scrofulous
Sores and Swellings, as well as Lung-scrofula,
commonly known as Pulmonary Consump
tion, if taken in time and given a fair trial.
World's Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, Proprietors, Buffalo, N. Y.
- is offered by tho man
ufacturers Of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, for
a case of Catarrh In the Head which thoy
cannot cure. By its mild, soothing, and heal
ing properties. Dr. Sage's Remedy cures tbe
worst caw no latter how bad. or of how
iocg standing, i ifty cents, by druggists.
You can get 20 PER CENT OFF on
And Furnishing Goods,
A.t the Reliable, One Price, Cash. Clothing
House of
Corner Spring and First Streets, Los Angeles. CaJ
llflp Figured China flflp
■■Hu BUks s l6 p ieces i „iHu
U|J worth 50 cents. |J ll
Gents' Colored V" A
I 1 ID flirts, two LIP
"11 lU Collars and one *l||u
■11 Pair Cuff,: worth | 111
**W $1.00 each. WW
' 40 Colorings in MSW
I* Gents' Spring and |||P
V i Summer Sr .i ts: |||l
i worth 25 cents AW
7 A Extra Heavy Prints, f7
l* M inches wide, only Mi !
950 yards; Come Early. I ll
"The Early Bird Will M
, „ Catch the Worm." i ' M i
Worth 10 Cents Worth 10 Cents <
N_ _ _ Eeceived Our New i
l-C \A/ Chillies, Sateens, Outing j
JL-V V V Cljfths and Ginghams, i
201, 203 205 South Spring St., Corner Second. !
i Have Good lavesinients fur Cfpiial, Some oi Mich are:
FOR SALE—One of the beet paying livery andhack businesses in the city; will take j
part good property. '
FOR SALE—A very desirable picco of Spring-street property. ,
FOR SALE—Some very desirable building lots in the "Crown Hills" and "Nob »
Hill portions of the city, very low to relieve a pressing necessity. '
FOR SALE—A very highly improved orapge ami walnut orchard for $75,000, i
which for this and two preceding yeari has paid NET 10 per cent, per annum t
and over, on price asked. This is a rqre investment and a handsome home.
FOR SALE—From 10,000 to 30,000 acrenecf the finest fruit r.nd grain lands in
Southern California for Colonies. Tills property io all under the beet water -
system, with unlimited quantities; wiD be cold very low and on esey terms.
FOR h ALE—I,IOO rich valley land; well watered; just the property for a euccesß- ,
ful stock-breeding farm.
FOR RENT—Two fine suites of two rooms each, in the Panorama building, Main
street. Good rooms for or professional bußiness; rent $15 a suite. j
FOR RENT—4O room, furnished house; centrally located; rent low for desirable ,
tenant. j
FOR EXCHANGE—For residence in city, a lovely orange and fruit orchard in {
beautiful Duarte; plenty of water. ,
SPECIAL BARGAINS—Three lots on Figueroa and two on Adams streets, at leap (
than assessment prices. j
I have other city and country property, desirable and at low figures. Call and if I
haven't what you want I will get it.
J. 8 VAN D' 'REN, 34 _N. Spring St.
Atlantic Steamship, Insurance I
Tickets sold to and from Oreat Britain and Enropo by all first-class lines at lowest rates. ,
Staterooms secured. Call and get information. Houses to rent. Honey to loan. O '.'
Telephone No. 16. fel-4m Los Angola Cal ,
X *j I Saa Francisco Office, fl
Q = 319 California Street. ,m
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
aad nutrition, and bj a careful application of
the fine properties of well selected"Cocoa, Mr
Kpps has provided our breakfast tables with a
delicately flavored beverage which may save
us many heavy doctors' bills It is by the
judicious use ol such articles of diet that a con
stitution may be gradually built up until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease.
Hundreds of subtile maladies are floating
around us ready to atteek wherever there is »
weak point. We may escape many a fatal
shaft by keeping ourselves well for ified with
pure blood aud a properly nourished frame."
—Civil Service Gazette. Made simply with boil
ing water or milk. Sold only In naif pound
tins, by Grocers, laboled thns:
JAMES £PP(j A CO., Homoeopathic Chem
ists. London, England.
se2 tuAthawl2m
Location of principal place of business, City of
Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State
of California.
A.l the following described stock, on account
of assessment No 2, levied od the oth day of
January, A. D. 1890, by the California Sower
Ppe Company, the several amounts set
opposite tae names of the respective share
holders, as follows:
Name of No. of No. of
Stockholders Certificate Shares Am't
W. F. Fitzgerald 76 20 $120
W. f. Fitzgerald 77 40 240
J. C. Daly 21 30 180
J. C. McMenony 9 30 180
John P. Moran 4 50 300
'• 11 20 120
" 13 50 300
" 15 30 180
" 84 19 114
" 94 25 150
" 95 5 30
And in accordance with law and an order of
the Board of Directors of said California Sr-wer
Pipe Company, made on the 6th day of Janu
ary, A. D. 1890, and also in pursuance of tho
further order of said Board of Directors,
entered on the minutes of a meeting, by It
held on the lit-) day of February, A. D 1890,
whereby the time or date fixed by ■ aid order
o' said board, of January 6, 1890, Uvving sa d
assessment, for said stock to become delin
quent, was extended and postponed to Wednes
day, the 19th day ot February, 1890, and, the
time or date fixed by 6aid order of said board
of January 6th, 1890, for the sale of all stock
upon which said uHsecsmen*. might become
delinquent, was postponed and extended to
Wednesday, the 12th aay of March, A. D. 1890;
so many shares of each parcel of said stock as
may be necessary will be sold, at the oflice of
said company, on San Pedro Btreet, opposite
Shaw street, in the City of Los Angeles, Gonnty
of Los Angeles, Calif.,rnl», on Wednesday, the
12th day of March, A D. 1890, at 10 o'clock a.
in., to pin Buch delinquent assessment
thereon, together with costs of advertising and
expenses oi sale.
Secretary of the California Sewer Pipe Co.
Office on Ban Pedro street, < pposite Shaw
streer, in the City of Los Angeles, County of
Los Angeles, California. 122-w-3t
\_ California, in and for the County of Los
John Charles King, plaintiff, vs. Estclla E.
Action brought in the Superior Court of the
State of California, in and for the County of
Los Angeles, and the complaint filed In said
County of Los Angeles, In the oflice oi the
Clerk of said Superior Court.
The people of the State of California send
greeting to Estella E. King, defendant.
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the above named
plaintiff in the Superior Court of the State of
California, in and for the County of Los Ange
les, and to answer the complaint filed therln,
within ten days, (exclusive of the day of ser
vice! after the serviceonyou of thiß summons—
If served within this county; or, if served else
where, within thirty days—or judgment by de
fault will be taken against yon according to the
prayer of said Complaint,
The said action is brought against you by the
above named plaintiff for the purpose of ob
taining a decree dissolving the bonds of mat
rimony between yourself and plaintiff, upon
the ground cf your desertion of the plaintiff on
or about the day of February, 1885. and
for costs of suit. Reference is had to complaint
for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail
to appear and answer the said complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff will cause
your default to be entered and will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in the said
Given nnder my hand and the seal of the Su
perior Court of the Btate of California, in and
for the County of Los Angeles, this 25th day ot
September. In the year of our Lord, one thou
sand eight hundred and eigh'y-nine.
County Clerk.
By D. E. Adams, Deputy.
The co-partnership heretofore existing bet
ween E L. -tern, Leon Loeb and B Stern, all
residents of the City of Los Angeles, and doing
business under the firm name of stern, Loeb
A Co.. in the city and County of Los Angelps,
and State of California, having expired on the
first day of February, 1890, is hereby renewed.
In witness whereof, we hay. hereunto set our
hands, the let day of February. 1890.
E. L. BTERN. (seal.)
L. LOEB. (seal.)
k>. STERN. (seal.)
Los Angeles, Cal., February 1,1890.
State of California, / .
County of Los Angeles.) s -
On this 3d day of February, 1890, before me,
N Lindenfeld, a otary Public, in pnd for the
County of Los Angeles, personally appeared E.
L. Stern, Leon Loeb and B Stern, to nic person
ally known to be the individuals de crlbed in
»nd who executed the foregoing instrument,
Rnd they thereupon acknowledged to me that
they executed the same.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and official seal, the day and year in
this certificate first above written.
Notary public.
geles, Cal., January 7ih, 1890.
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Stewart Reed sgainbt. Edwin S. Williams, fur
abandoning his Homestead Entry No. 3706,
dated November 4th, 1887, upon the NWW
Section 8, Township 5 N , R. 13 W., S. B. M.,
In Los Angoles county, California, with a view
to the cancellation of said entry, the said
patties are hereby summoned to pppear at this
office, on the 18th day of March, 1890, at 10
o'clock a. m.. to respond and furnish iesti
mony concerning said alleged abandonment
H. W. PATTON, Register.
I. fl POLK, Receiver,
jll w6t
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administratrix of the estate of James tapleton,
deceased, to tne creditors of and all persons
having claims against the said decease •, to ex
hibit them with the vouchers
within four months after the first pubhoa'ion
of this notice to the said administratrix, at to
office of Barclay, Wilson A Carpen er, 139%
North Spring street, the same being the place
for the transaction of the business of said
estate, in said County of Los Angeles.
;;.»iW fDI i *ri t-LKTON, 1
Administratrix of the estate oi J»ir>es Stapletcn,
Dated Los ABgc'-.c Cal., this 20 darof Febru-
An geles Connty. State of California
M. Kremer, Special Administrator of thees
I u e in« ff H . enr <' C*«»e«. deceased, substituted as
'lainriffin place of uid Henry Charles Dlafn.
Hff.T*. D Albert Earl. W. H. ChambVAin
Fred. J Chamberlin, L, A.
B Lathrop.F H. White, J. I. Weed, J P Mc-
VrlXh J i? sep . h . Tr ?ff ,,ne ' W. P. Hamilton,
Frank E Hamilton, Charles McCarthy E A
McCarthy, o. p. Dorland, OHn L. Llvesev Eli?'
!»& h V-,?- Beok - McCarthy
fnta 06 ' Mrs- P< *■ * co ™*- defend
Action brought In the Superior Court of
Los Angeles County, State of Calirornia, and
the complaint and amendments filed in said
r?„ U rS ty , of ,i^ s Aa ,^ B In the office of the
Clerk of said Superior Court.
The people of the State of California send
Elrt 1 D. Albert Earl, W. H. Chamberlin,
Kred Chamberlin, L. A. Tnompson. Joseph
B. Lathrop, F. H. White. J. I. Weed, J P Mc
Car hy Joseph Tremaine, W. H Hamilton
Frank E Hamilton. Charles Mc Carthv E A
McCarthy, C P. Dorland, Olin L. Livesey kl&
abethA. Beck, W. H Beck, Myra McCarthy
ants MrS P - *' Freu «h defend^
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the above named
plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, State of California, and to answer
the complaint, as amended, riled therein
within ten days (exclusive of the lay
of service) aiter the service on you
of this summons, if served within
this county; or, If served elsewhere, within
thirty days, or judgment by deiault will be
taken against you sccordlng to the prayer of
said complaint.
The said action Is brought to obtain a
decree of this Court for the foreclosure of a
mortgage dekcribed In the said complaint and
executed by the said D.Albert Earl to said
Henry Charles, on the 7th day of March. A. D
1888, to secure 'he payment of efgnt promisory
notes of that date, made by said L>. Albert Earl
each for 52.500, of which four of said notes
were payable on or before nine months from
date, and four of said notes were payable on or
before fourteen months from date, and all of
said notes hearing interest at 7 per cent, per an
num irom date until paid, payable at maturity
or to compound; all of said notes payable in if
8. gold Coin to said Henry Charles or order
that tte premises conveyed by said mortgage
may be sold and the proceeds applied to (he
payment of the balance due on s.id notes, to
wit: 815,000 with int. rest on $7,500 from
Mft , r SL 7 ' 18 £ 8 ' aDd 00 $7,500 from Beeomber
7,1888, at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum,
(it being alleged that two of said notes have
been satisfied and that the interest on three
I others of said notes has been paid up to Decem-
J per 7, 1888); and also reasonable attorneys
fees to be fixed by the Court, and costs of suit;
and in case such proceeds are not sufficient to
pay the same, then to obtain an execution
egalnstsaid D.Albert Earl for the balance re
maining due; aud also that the defendants
and all persons claiming by, through or under
them, or any of them, may be barred and fore
closed of all right, title, rlaim, lien, equity of
redemption and interest in and to said mort
gaged prpmises, and for other and further re
lief Reference is had to complaint as amend
ed for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if yon fall
to appear and answer the said complaint as
amended, as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief demanded
In the and cimplaint.
Given under my hand and the Seal of th
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles,
Btate of California, this 23d day of October, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-nine.
(seal ) CHAS. H. DUNSMOOR. Clerk,
.v a * . „ fi y D ' E - Adams, Deputy.
'Endorsed )-Alias Summons.
Lee, Gardiner & Scott, Attorneysf tiff.
No. 12,204.
County of Los Angeles, State of California
In the matter of the estate of E. G. Schnabel,
an insolvent debtor.
Order of adjudlcat on of Insolvency.
E. 0. Schnabel having filed In this CoHrt his
pet'tion, schedule aud inven ory in Insolvency,
irom which it appears that he is an Insolvent
debtor, the said E. C Schnabel Is hereby du
el* ed to be Insolvent. The Sheriff of the
county of Los Angeles is hereby directed to
take possession of all the estate, real and
personal, of the said K. C. Schnabel. i-solvent
debtor, except such as m«y be by law exempt
from execution, and of all h's deeds, vouchers,
boots of account, and papers, and o keep the
same safely nntil the appointment of an
Assigne> of h s estate. All persons are for
biddeu to pay any debt« t-» the said Insolvent,
or to deliver any p. operty belonging to him or
to any person, firm or corporation or associa
tion for hisuße; and the said debtor is hereby
| forbidden to transfer or deliver any property,
| until the further order of this Court, except as
herein ordered.
it Is further ordered, that all the creditors of
fald debtor be and appear before the Hon
LucfenSnaw. Judge of the Superior Court of
Department Five thereof, of the county of Los
Angeles, in open court, at the court room of
said ourt. in the county of Los An<eles, on the
17th day of February, 1890 at 10 o'clock, a m
of that day, to prove their debts and choose
one or more assignees of the estate of said
'It is further ordered that the order be pub
lished in the Los Angeles Weekly Herald, a
newspaper of general circulation, published In
the county of os Angeles, as often as the said
paper is published, before the said day set for
the me tin; of creditors.
And it is further ordered, that, In the mean
time, all proceedings against the said insolvent
be stayed.
. . . Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated January 13th, 1890.
Filed this 13th day of January, 1890.
CHAS. H. dunsmoor, Clerk.
By F. B. FANNING, Deputy.
Del Vallb & Mom.at,
Attorneys for lusolvsnt. JalB wkys
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are partners transacting business In this
State, at the City of Los Angeles, and Btate
of California, undsr the firm namesnd style of
'•MeaghT, Young A C 0.," that the names In
full of all the members of such partnership
are Francis A. Meagher, and Matthew J. Young,
and that the places of onr respective residences
are set opposite our respective names hereto
In witness whereo', we have hereunto set our
hands this frst day of Feb nary, 1890. *
Fit A N CIS A, MEAOHEK, Los Angeles,
MAT i HEW J. YOUNG, Los Angeles,
State OF California, I
County of Los Angeles. 1
On this first day of February, one thousand
eight hundred and ninety, before me Jag. 8.
Mackenzie, a Notary Public, in and for the
County of Lob Angeles, perßonallv appeared,
Fra ris A Meagher and Matthew J. Yon g,
person, lly known to me to be the same persons
whose names are rubscrlbei to this in-trament,
and tbey duly acknowledge to me that they
executed the same
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal the day and
year in this certificate first above written.
Notary Public.
A true copy of original for publication
feB-*t-w Notary Public.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Hoard of Directors o the San Marino Mill
and Mining Company, held on the fourth
day of February, 1890, an assessment of
seven dollars and fifty cents (if! 7.50) per
share was levied upon the nine hundred and
lift • six (950) shares of the capital stock of the
corporation, not lully paid up, payable im
medlatelv to the Secretary of the corporation,
at his office, at Ramoaa, Los Angeles County,
California Any stock upon which this assess
ment sh'.ll remain unpaid on Thursday. March
1 i, ".Mm. will be delinquent and advertised
for sale at public auction and unless payment
1« made before, will be sold on Friday the
28th day of March, 1890. to pay the delinquent
assessment, together with costs of advertising
andexpeuses of sale
By order of tho Board of Directors.
feB4tw Secretary.
gelee, Cal., January 7, 1890
OompUdut having been entered at this office
by James T Woolomes against John W. Wil
liams for abandoning his Homestead Entry No.
3558, dated September 12,1887, upon the SWli
section 8, Township SN, Range 13 W, S B. M*
in Los Angete" county, California, wish a view
to the cancellation of said entry, the said par
ties are hereby summoned to appear at this
office on the 18lh day of March, 1890, at 10
o'clock a.m., to re»pond and furnish testimony
concerning said alleged abandonment
H. W. PATT N, Register,
jail w6t I. H. POLK, Receiver.
Without the »ul of Ttnife or Plaster. Po«ltiv«»lT
no pain A purely vcsctable treatment whicS
romove* caLcer, tumor and terofmla. For
j>«tleun\rs and i!»cul»r address DILABBOTT

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