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United States Signal Service.
Report of observations taken at Los Angeles,
February 24. 1890:
6:07 a.m.
5:07 r. M.
Max. tem.,
57; min. tem,, 35.
San Francisco, February 24 —Forecast till 8
p. m. Tuesday: Rain in north; fair weather
in south. Variable winds; nearly stationary
Temperature Kaat.
Chicago, February 24.—N00n — Tempera
ture: Sew York, 40; New Orleans, 06; Bt.
Louis, 48; Olncinnati. 54; Chicago, 40; Win
nipeg 20 below.
Chas. E. Mitchell was in from Cerritos
E. Collins and L. Stoplaine have gone
to Salt Lake.
C. M. Lindsay was in from Santa
Monica yesterday.
W. A. Wiebold went north yesterday
on the afternoon train.
Hugo Rothschild, of San Francisco, is
in the city with his daughter.
A. J. Fort has left for Helena, Mont.,
to inspect some mining property.
Mrs. C. W. Girdley was a passenger
for the north on yesterday's train.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Voorhies, of Kan
sas City, are in tha city for a visit.
P. Martel and D. L. Murray, of Chi
cago, are in the city on a short visit.
M. H. Higgins, the secretary of the
Viticultura! League, went north to San
Francisco yesterday.
J. S. Drake has returned from a busi
ness tripto Chicago,Abilene, Hntchinsoo
and other Kansas points.
Mrs. Hosier, of Kansas City, arrived
in the city Saturday evening, and will
be the guest of her parents, Rev. and
Mrs. A. C. Williams.
Miss A. Bell, of Oakland,who has been
spending the winter East, arrived by the
Santa Fe overland Sunday evening, and
is at the Bellevue Terrace.
Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Scott returned last
week from an extended trip East cover
ing several months, during which time
they visited New York, Boston, Cincin
nati and New Orleans.
P. C. Tonner, Pomona's sweet singer,
W. A. Bell, F. D. Joy, Len Claiborne,
H. B. Westerman, all attorneys of Po
mona, R. A. Hall, Justice of the Peace,
F. O. Slanker, constable, R. F. House,
Jonathan Whitcomb and Messrs. Atkin
son and Huntley, all of Pomona, were
in the city yesterday in attendance on
the trial of H. B. Westerman.
Capt. William Banning left yesterday
for Ventura county with his four-in-hand,
Mrs. Halstead, Miss Susie Patton,
Judge and Mrs. Joe Banning, wife, child
and maid. The Banning Bros, will
visit their cattle ranch to inspect their
large herd of cattle. They have just
finished a large reservoir, one-half mile
long by a quarter of a mile in width,
fifty five feet deep, holding 55,000,000
gallons of water.
W. W. Russell, New York; Geo. C.
Ingraham, Boston; J. E. Barker, Berke
ley; W. E. StoughtoD, Chicago; T. R.
Smith, New' York; B. C. Williams,
Buffalo, N. V.; Hugo Rothschild and
daughter, Sau Francisco; E. T. Johnson,
Buffalo, X. V. ; Geo. Hasslev and wife,
Topeka, Kan.; T. W. Cogswell, Chicago;
R. S. Birch, St. Louis; Mrs. A. C. Brad
ley, E. C. Nettleton, F. H. Nettleton,
Brooklyn, N. V.; J. M. Gregg, Van
couver, B. C.; W. A.Bell, F; D. Joy,
Pomona; E. B. Marvin and wife, Chi
cago; Ben. E. Morris, T. K. Stateling, J.
H. Morrison, H. M. flerrington, James
F. Lushington, A. D. Levy, San Fran
cisco; Chas. E. Mitchell, Cerritos; Miss
Barnard, Oakland; P. Martel, D. E.
Murray, Chicago, are at the HoUenbeck.
C. Eugene Stokes, New York; E. O.
Regenßberger, H. B. Haskins, Phila
delphia; W. H. Moody, Rochester;
Frank Low, San Francisco; F. B. Has
brouck, wife and son, Peoria, 111.; S. A.
Voorhies and wife, Kansas City; W. B.
H. Dodson, Red Bluff; W. H. English,
Denver; C. M. Lindsey, Santa Monica;
C. L. Crabtree, Oakland; E. M. Brewer,
Boston; Eugene Hahn, San Francisco;
W. Mathews, Oakland; F. 8. Henry,
New York; J. J. Frey,wife and children,
Sedalia; C. Frey and wife, Seymour;
Dr. E. N. Small and wife, Sedalia; Chas.
is. Minneapolis; E. L. Bid
well, Minnesota; J. M. Curtice, J. G.
McMichael, Fairview; Mrs. M. D. Tison,
Philadelphia; A. L. Clark, Fairview;
E. A. Holbook, C. E. Much, Emil Hab
erkorn, San Francisco, aie at the Na
The Y. M. C. A. committee reported
subscriptions amounting to $1,569.25 yes
terday, making a total of $19,612.20, and
leaving a balance of $40,837.80 to be
Transfers of real estate yesterday
amounted to $53,380, and were 72
in number. Ol these 19 were for more
than $1,000 each, and 32 were for nominal
Mrs. Stein lost a handbag yesterday
which contained $500 worth of jewelry.
It was afterwards found in a dry goods
store under a pile of wraps which she had
been examining.
The Caledonian Club met last evening,
J. O. Maclean in the chair. The annual
reports of the officers were read and
adopted. The treasurer stated that over
$500 was on hand.
The City Engineer will meet with the
Crown Hills Improvement Society to
night, and explain the grades and tunnel
plans proposed for the opening of West
Second street to the city limits.
Frank Boyd, who was sent up to the
Stockton asylum for the insane, some
ten days ago, died there last Friday. He
was in a miserable state of mental inca
pacity and death was the only relief pos
The Los Angeles Athletic Club will en
tertain the lady friends of its members
on the 7th of March, it ia expected that
a fine athletic programme will be ar
ranged, after which those who desire
may dance.
Th« union meeting of the Chautauqua
circles of Los Angeles will be held this
evening, February 25th, in the First
Baptist church, corner Bixth street and
Broadway. A very interesting pro-
Sramme has been arranged by the Ange
>no circle. Everybody is invited.
Coroner Meredith held an inquest at
Pasadena, yesterday, upon the body of
Wo Chang, a native of China, 46 years
of age, who died at that place sudden'y,
yesterday morning, from heart disease.
The jury returned a verdict of death
from natural causes.
Last evening the alumni class of
the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific
Society held its weekly meeting
at the office of Mr. Baskerville,
Lanfranco building, Main street. The
programme of the evening consisted
of papers on "The War of the Roses"
and "Jeanne d'Arc." In the Shake
speare course the reading was from
the play of Hamlet.
R. D. List, Notary Public. Legal papers care
fully drawn. Removed to 123 W. Second st,
Burdick block. Telephone 595.
Shall One Be Opened ln the City ot
I tt« tUKt'lc*.
For weeks past Colonel George H.
Smith has been delivering an elaborate,
interesting antt instructive course of lec
tures to the law students of the city.
Many of them in skeleton have been re
ported in the Herald, in order to give
the bar as well as the students of law in
the city some idea of their scope. If any
one were to visit the lecture-room and
see the large class that gathers there on
Tuesday and Friday evenings, he would
be impressed with the fact that a law
school is needed in this city.
The bar association seems to be im
pressed with the desirability of having
such a school, for at a recent meeting a
committee composed of Honorable S. M.
White, J. R. Scott, Esq , Honorable
Lucien Shaw, 8. M. Minor, E?q., and F.
H. Howard, Esq., was appointed to re
port on this matter. The following is tbe
report of this committee to the bar asso
ciation :
Gentlemen : The undersigned com
mittee on legal education represent that
in their opinion and that of very many
members of this association with whom
they have consulted, the time has come
to take measures for the organizition of
a law college at this place.
Many reasons have led us to this con
clusion, to some of which we will briefly
First. There are a large number of
young men in the city who are studying
law. These young men, for the purpose
of facilitating their studies, have formed
themselves into a Law Students' Associa
tion, which has for a considerable time
been in successful operation. This asso
ciation has doubtless been of consider
able utility to the students, but is, of
course, inadequate for the purposes in
tended; and we refer to it simply to
show the demand for some adequate
means ot instruction by the large num
ber nf young men now engaged in the
study of law in this city.
Second. The population and wealth
of Southern California would seem im
peratively to demand the establishment
of such a college; and the superiority of
our climate would doubtless attract
many students from outside of our sec
Tiiird. To young men preparing for
the bar in our city, the school would
offer an opportunity for that liberal and
thorough education in the law that is
essential not only to commercial success,
but to the interest of the public; and
even young men coming from other
parts of our section would find the ex
penses much less than if they were to go
to San Francisco.
Fourth. With regard to the means of
maintaining Riich a college there ought
to be no difficulty. It ia true that it
would lack an endowment, and would
have to be supported by tuition fees; but
thin, in some respects, would have its
advantages. The Hastines Law College
has an endowment sufficient to pay for
one professor and an assistant, and we
believe no tuition fees are paid. An
amount equal to the income- of that col
lege could be easily raised by moderate
tuition fees not exceeding the cost of rail
road transportation to San Fran
cisco—allowing two trips to each
student a year. Besides, there can be
but little doubt but that some of our
wealthy and public-spirited citizens
wouid be disposed to render their as
sistance by way of moderate endowment,
especially if, b •■ proper explanation of the
matter" in the press, they could be led to
understand the importance to the inter
ests of private individuals of the thorough
education of lawyers.
Fifth. The college should commence
operations at once under provisional or
ganization of the faculty, in order to ren
der its use available to the young gentle
men now engaged in their law studies,
A sufficient arrangement for this purpose
would be a single professor of elemen
tary law and lectures upon given subjects
from members of the bar. The servicer:
of a competent gentleman for this posi
tion can be obtained during the balance
of this scholastic year upon very moder
ate terms, and the means of raising the
money necessary for his compensation
and other expenses could be easily ar
ranged, partly by a small tuition fee from
student 3 and partly by a small subscrip
tion from the members of the corporation.
With regard to the latter tho corporation
could doubtless obtain in this city, and in
other cities of Southern California, noi
less than a hundred members who woulc
be willing to contribute a dollar a month
for five months; and this, with the amount
raised from the students, would be amply
Sixth. If this arrangement is made
the college could grant degrees at the enc
of this scholastic year to young men pre
pared for graduation.
Seventh. Matters could be arranged
so as to impose no pecuniary obligations
upon the bar association or upon the
members of the corporation, except to
the extent of their actual subscription.
Eighth. A permanent organization o:
the college could be made and the insti
tution started upon a new basis at the
commencement of tho next Bchrlastic
From the above considerations, we
recommend that you appoint a committee
to take the necespary steps for the imme
diate incorporation of a law college.
Not Death but Drugs.
About 10 o'clock last night Detective
Bowler visited the room of Pearl Hinton,
on the corner of New High and Walters
streets, to investigate the truth of a
rumor he had heard to the effect that
she was dying. On entering the room
he stated that he found the woman suf
fering from an overdose of whiskey and
morphine, which had caused her to be
temporarily crazy, but ehe Boon quieted
down, on hearing that he proposed to
send her up to the station in the patrol
"I have been occasionally troubled with
Coughs, and in each case have used Brown's
Bronchial Troches, which have never
failed and I must say they are secnnd to none
ln the world."— Felix A. May, Cashier, Bt. Paid,
* Tne Delinquent Tax l.lwt.
Copies of the County Delinquent Tax
List can be obtained at the Herald
onsiness office.
On sale, beat wallpaper, 7 cents per r 11. F.
J- Baaer, 237 South Spring street,
The New Directory Issued — Rati,
mates from That.
The 6ity Directory for this year has
been published, and is now being sup
plied to subscribers. It contains 691
pages of entries as against 683 of last
year. The size of page and of type is
the same, except that this year there are
fewer entries in large and bqld-faced
type, which allows a greater number of
names to the page. The directory of
1889 contained 29,526 names. The di
r ectory of 1890 contains a little over
30,000. The increase is slight, but is
still an increase.
A count of a number of pages reveals
the fact that on the average about one
name in seven is a woman's. This would
leave a total of other entries of 25,000.
Of these perhaps 2 000 are blocks, firms,
hotels, etc. This leaves about 23,000
names of men either residing in or doing
business in the city of Los Angeles. The
register of voters in the city contains a
little over 16,000 names.
_ The best method of computing popula
tion from directory lists is much in
dispute owing to rhe reason that not all
directories are made up on the same
principle. The lowest multiple ever em
ployed is 3, and that would put the
uopulatiqn of Los Angeles at 90,000
The nse of the multiple 5 on Ihe voting
list shows a population for the city of
85,000 Placing the adult male popula
tion at 23,000, which is the figure ob
tained in this directory, it can scarcely
be questioned that there are four women
and children to every man, which would
make a total of 90,000.
tne Attorneys Wet Done and tbe
Jury Takes a Hand.
The trial of Philip Engel for the killing
of his brother-in-law, Charles Curtis, at
Lamanda Park, came to an end yester
day at about 6 o'clock, excepting as to
the jury's decision in the matter. In
the morning Deputy District Attorney
Uardesty addressed the jury and was
followed by Mr. Burdett for the defense.
Hon. 8. M. Wnite spoke on tbe same
side, making all that could be made out
of the fact that his client did the killing
when attacked in his own home. Curtis
went to renew an attack which a few
moments before had let him half dead.
The court then read the instructions to
i.he jury. Theße were numerous and
exhaustive. It was 6 o'clock before the
case went to the jury. After an hour's
deliberation the twelve good men and
true went to dinner, and then returned
to weigh fur hor the law and the evi
dence. At 10 o'clock they were still
trying to unravel the knotty points of
both, without definite results. At that
hour the only sign given of any sort lay
in the inquiry as to how late the Judge
could be reached in case a verdict was
come to. That made it look as if such a
result might be possible.
Tlie a;« ii Mi-oil case.
Another complaint was tiled in the
City Justice's Court yesterday against G.
L. Dennison, the real-estate agent, charg
ing him with having sold a piece of land
twice, in March, 18S7, the complainant
in this instance being J. N Marriner, of
Pasadena. The allegations, with the ex
ception of the number of the lot, are
exactly similar to those contained in Dr.
Kisley's complaint.
The ci;y ia bereft of theatrical amuse
ments this week. Bjth the playhouses
are closed. Mr. Atwood arrived here
yesterday in advance of Maggie Mitchell,
who will appear at the Grand next Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday in the
following repertory: Monday, Ray;
Tuesday, Fanchon; Wednesday matinee,
Little Barefoot; Wednesday night, Ray.
To tlie Public, my Friends and
In justice to my own family, the un
dersigned, being widely known in Los
Angeles city and county, and in many
sections of the State, hereby declares
that Annie Lindenfeldt, connected with
a certain scandal reported in certain of
the daily papers of the 22d and 23d inst.,
is not my daughter, and my family is
in no way connected with the said scan
dal. Dr. N. Lindenfeld,
No. 1 Market street.
W. E. Beeson will sell on Thursday,
February 27ch, at 127 South Fort street
(now Broadway), between Second and
Third streets, the remainder of goods
unsold Monday, consisting of all of the
best furniture and silverware. Sale
positive and without reserve. Ladieß
especially invited. Don't fail to attend.
Ben. 0. RnoADES, Auctioneer.
Special Notice.
The ladies of the Christian church will serve
lunch from 11 a m. to 2:30 p.m., Thursday
and Friday, at 218 West First street, in the
Try Turkish baths and have health.
Try Turkish baths for colds.
Try Turkish baths for rheumatism.
Try Turkish baths for liver and kidney.
At the Hamman, 230 South Maiu street.
Just in, gold wall paper, 12' i cents per ro'l,
F.J Bauer, 237 South Spring street.
Bugey robes and blankets at Foy's harness
shop, 21" Los Angeles street.
MI Stlli JLL, ANEO U M .
Absolutely Pure.
The powder never vanes, a model of p
and wholacineness. More economical than th«
ordinary kinds, and oannot be sold ln oom™
ition with the mnltitedes of low test/sho*
weight, slum of phosphate powders. Sold oni t
n cams, Royalßakins Powdhb 00,. 106 win
ILK nn ManVrannUnn Acnntt. d4«ta»
Telephone 188. P. 0. Box 537
Wholesale and Retail Dealers iv
HStl, < UAfllE AND r><>! i.TKY
All kinds of OYSTERS always on hand
Btalli 9, 11, 18. 16, 18 and 20,;Mott Market
IM Angeles, Oal.' - oHB
You can get 20 PER CENT. OFF on
And Furnishing Goods,
At the Reliable, One IPrice, Cash Clothing
Ucmse of
Comer Spring and First Streets, Los Angeles Cal
Our $10.00 Buits are still Belling for $4.90
Our $12.50 Si'k Mixed Suits must be closed for $6.25
Our $15.00 Dress Suits are reduced to $7.50
Our $20.00 Prince Albert Suits are reduced to $12.50
Our $1.50 Derby Hats, this week 95 cents only
Our $2.so Crush Hats, this week $1.25 only
Our $3 00, $3.50 and $4 00 Hats mnst go at $1.75 only
BPECIAL-250 dozen White Uulaundered Dress Shirts, worth 75 cents,
reduced to 35 cents
13sl*-Be on hand early before the bargains are all sold.
. New No. 113 South Spring St.
" fgm WMffIHMffIrWBBIM
pisba.se* of thb
Head, Throat, Lungs
Successfully treated by
M. C. P S. 0.,
By His Hot Air Medicated Inhalations and his
It is a common error to suppose every disease
which is at ended by oppressed brevhing to be
Asthma or Phthisic. We have shortness o( breath
in Consumption and Pneumonia, just as we do
iv Asthma, only that in these diseases it is al
ways present, whereas ln Asthma It occurs in
Asthma is a spasmodic disease of the lungs,
which manifests itself in periodic attacks or
' fits " It comes on suddenly and is attended
with great difficulty of breathing while it lasts
but when the attack is over the patient breathes
almost as well aB in health.
Nervous, Humid and Dry Asthma are names
tiven to differeut forms of this disease. Emphy
sema is an other and more inveterate klna of
Asthma, while Hay Fever or Rose Cold is a pe
culiar variety o' Asthma which occurs at a
certain season of the year. Each of these forms
or disease differs somewhat from the others in
syn ptoms, but practically these distinctions are
of very little value. It does not matter to the
patient which form of Asthma he has, since his
sullerings are the same ln all. In one case the
expectoration becomes yellow, and we call it
bronchial. In another it is light and we ell it
dry. Vvhen he coughs rp clear water, with a
white froth on the surface, we say he has
Humoral Asthma. In Nervous Asthma there is
very little expectoration of any kind. Hay
Fever always begins as a crying coid In the
nead or influenza, and a clear water runs from
tho nose and the eyes before the Asthma fit
comes on. In Emphysema the expectoration is
generally thick, aud continues so in the
interval between the fits, while the shortness
oi breath is increased on the slightest exertion
It is a foolish conceit of many pople to
believe that if they have Asthma they cannot
get Consumption. The truth is the very op
posite. They are more liable to fall into Con
sumption because they have Asthma. Another
idea is that Asthma itself is not a dangerous
disease, aud yet t he published bills of mortality
for this city prove to all who read them that
groat numbers lose their lives every year by
this fonl destroyer of our homes.
Witr.out courage and perseverance nothing is
curable. But with these aided by proper and
skillful treatmeht, Asthma can be cured even
after the lungs are extensively diseased.
Persons desiring treatment by this system of
practice can use the remedies at home as well
as at onr office, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance from business whatever.
Every caße of Asthma is curable. Eastern
visitors and invalids will be wise in being enred
before they return home.
Those wno desire to consult with me In regard
to their oases had better oall at the office for
an examination, but if Impossible to visit the
office personally can write for list of questions
and circular, both of which will be sent free of
charge. Address
IST 8. Broadway, I.os Angel ea, Cal
Office boors—From 9 a. m. to 4 r. v.
Sundays—From 2 to 2:30 r. jr.
Resilience—ls South Grand Avenue
Manufacturer Of and Dealer in
Trucks and Traveling Bags,
132 S. MAIN ST., Opp. Mott Market.
Repairing promptly attended to. Old trunks
taken in exchange. Orders called for and
delivered to all parts of the city. fl lm
Tbe Haclnsr Stalllou !
'^ s *^*^ r ' Will make the season of 1890
at Ela Hills Farm, corner rf Downey avenue
and Alta street. Dashwood by Legal Tender,
sire of Red Cioud,2:l3, Rowdy Boy, 2:13% and
many others in the a:3O list; dam by Volunteer
(sire of St. Julien, 2:1154, and thirty others in
the 2:30 list) by Rysdyk's Habletonieu.
TERMB—SSO theseason with returnp.ivilege,
provided the horse is still own 1 by me.
Patronage $3.00 a month. Allmare. atowners'
GEO. HINDS, Owner.
J. Romero, Manager. fel2 lm
Paper Dealers and Bookbinders,
109 North Lou Angeles street,
los an am. EH. OAL. fltf
542-6/- Buena Vista St.
Tjob Angeles.
Adjoining Southern Pacific Qr>pwr*i.
Telephone 124, d 22
Southern Pacific Company
Thursday, Nov. 28, 1889,
" A s* e,e f (New Arcade Denot)
leave For. destination, Arr. From
||3:50 P. M Banning ~~~ ',110 04a m
5:l«r." Banning. . 10-00 r"s'
9:00 A. II Cotton2:SS T 5'
ns:sor.M ooitoS: ::::;■ hio^m'
»i}o *. ■ Colton " EKtS
5:10 r. * Deming and Best... lo : oo p'2'
5:10 p.m. ...Fl Paso and Bast 10 00 I' 2'
12:35 p.m. ... .Long Beach llfloij
.:50a.«. 8;80 A.«;
s:lopm. | I fg I SS fc »* 4:15,.«
10:40 p. m Ogden and Fast 7:25 a. w.
VA:sx Ogden and Bast.... 4:10 p.m.
0 /-* Portland, Or 7:25 a.m.
~ ?, A - M Riverside 857 A it
»|S**s Riverside J|lo:o4a.£
210p - " Riverside. 4:20 p. m.
«t. ;:::: -liS^- :::1^«
"l-18;:S: ::::j5SS2Sffi.::::: "Vs£ft:ff-
Woo a iißernardino 10:00 p. m.
1' 5' KaVH; and Sacram'to 4:10 p. m.
K-nqt" |» n J" An »»nd Anaheim 8:37 a m
??n I" B ," nt s A " and Anaheim 335£ 2.
J : «0 p . »• Santa Barbara | 4:19; 5
7:25 4 A. M. f Santa Barbara 505s 2'
9:37 a. M Santa Monica. a ?' 2'
I:?7p.m Santa Montoa. "i li iol 2*
5:12 p. m SanUMonloa. 4 3Bp2'
II6:10p.m Santa Monica t'lfl'S"
4:28 p. M Tustin. 9 n? 7"
1111 :00a.m Whittier ..... i! 113lis t 1 2"
4:28 p. M Whittier 9:03 j'. 2'
Looal and through tioketi sold, baggagt
checked, Pullman sleeping oar reservations
made, and genoral Information given unon an"
nUestion to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. Q Pas aSt
No. 200 8. Spring St., cor Second. OHARLSs
iBT■.UK Agent at Depot. 0
II Sundays exoepted (Mondays excepted
A. N. TOWNB, General Manaior
een'l Passenger and Tloket AH.
01-8 m
Southern Califoroia R'y Co.
.*mve. Los Angeles. Leave.
I *4:00 p, m OverlandT" «10lT7 "IT
•11:45 a. m. San Diego Coast line •Siist H'
•9:00 p.m. San Diego Coast Line
•9:55a.m Pasadena no'vi a 2*
•2:40 p. m Pasadena »
+7:40 A m Pasadena is ?' w
+8:50 a. m Pasadena U-'aSt'S'
V4:<>o t. N Pasadena .$ .22 *•
•10:15p v Pasadena +« ™f" £'
+6'3"p.m Pasadena +V2ot'w
•9:55 a. m, ..Banßernardlno.. *To'i 4. „'
•4 00 p. .. .San Bernardino.... I 4 n,, P"/
+6 30 f.m Banßernardlno.. jV»dl' 2'
•S'-Op* (Riverside, Collon) tB.JOa.m.
+10-10 Ik i«nd S. Kernardiuof •9 20a.m.
' via Orange S +4:30 p.M.
+7:40 a * Duarte +5:20 p.m.
+10:10a.m Santa Ana
•5:20 p.* Santa Ana +4:30 p.m.
•8:10 a. m Redondo Beach.... *10:15 a.m.
•12 10 », •> .. Redondo Beach... *l:00p. m.
•3:55 p. m ... Redondo Beach... *5:25 p. M
•9:55 a. m heurndsand Mentone+lo:ls a. m.
+4:00 p.m. Redl'nds and Mentone -4 oOp. ■
+10:10 a m San Jacinto.... +4.30 P. m.
•Daily. +Dally axoept Snnday.
Train leaving I.os Angeles at 9:20 a. m. con
nects at Bast Riverside for Ferris, Elsinore and
points south. ED. CHAMBERS, ticket Agent,
First-street Depot; CHAS. T. PARSONS, Ticket
Agent, 129 North Spring street.
jjepot at foot of First street. 123
CompajEaie Generaie_T?ansatlanlipe
/ North River, foot of Morton str ot. SssßHtL
Travelers by this lino avoid both transit by
English railway and the discomfort of crossing
the Channel in a small boat.
LA NORMANDIE, Frangoul, Saturday. Feb
8, 6:30 a m.
LA BOURGOQNE, Santelli, Saturday, Feb. 15,
1:00 p m.
Lr BRETANGE, Bantelli, Saturday Feb. 22,
7:00 a. m
LA GABCOGNE, Boyor, Saturday, March. 1,
1:30 a. m
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Ur ueu, New York.
Tickets for sale by all railrcsd and steamship
offices fa Los Ango.as.
J. F. FUGAZI A CO., Agents. 5 Montgomery
aye . B. F. d 29 tf
Goodall, Perkins & Co., General Agents
San Francisco.
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland,
Ore.; Victoria, B. C, and Puget Soond, Alaska,
and all coast points.
Time Table for February, ISBO.
Port Harford .. 18. 8. Mexico, Feb. 1, 9, 17
Santa Barbara... I and 25.
San Pedro fS 8. Corona, Feb. 5. 13, 21
San Diogo J and March 1.
For 18. 8. Eureka, Feb 3, 11,
Redondo I 19 and 27.
Ban Pedro and [8. 8 Los Angeles, Feb. 7,
Way Ports J 15, 23 ajd March 3.
For 1 8, 8. Jleiico, Feb. 3 11,19
! aufl 27.
San Diego (8. 8. Corona Feb 7, 15, 23,
J and March 3.
For 18. 8. Corona Feb. 1, 9, 17
San Francisco... ! and 25.
Port Harford ... IS. S. Mexico, Feb 5, 13, 21
Santa Barbara.. J and.March 1.
For 1 S. 8. Los Angeles, Feb. 2,
San Francisco f 10,18 and 26.
and (8. S. Eureka Feb. 6, 14,
Way Ports J 22 and March 2.
Cars to connect with steamers leave B. P. R.R,
depot, Fifth street, Los Angeles, as follows:
Wte the Mexico and Corona at 9:50 o'clock
A. M.; with Los Angeles an - Eureka, going
north, at 5:10 o'clock p. m.
Passengers per Los Angeles and Eureka via
Redondo leave Santa Fe depot at 5:00 p.m.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's 1 Sice,
where berths may be secured,
The steamers Los Angeles and Eureka w:
call regularly at Newport pier for and with
freight and passengers.
The company reserve the right to change the
steamers or their days of sailing.
pasMge or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all important points ln
Europe, apply to
»*'. PARRIS, Agent.
Office: No. 124 West second St. Lot Angeles.
S. G. V. Rapid Transit ffy.
Leave Commercial street, Los Angeles, via S.
P. R R., for Alhambra. Monrovia and
Way Stations.
Forenoon. Afternoon.
9:00 8:84
Leave Monrovia for Alhambra, Los ALgelos
and Way Stations,
Forenoon. Afternoon.
8:00 3:20
The same time, except 3:54 p. m. train from
Commercial street, will leave at 2;14 p. m
Passengers transfer at Ramona.
Time between Los Angeles and Monrovia—Ot c
Soto street, San Marltiu,
Bats, San Gabriel,
Ramona, Sunny Slope,
Alhambra, Chapman,
Maj berry, Baldwin,
Lako Vineyard, Arcadia.
Special privileges to parties erecting real
deuce n on the line ol this road
President. Gen. Manager.
Druggist and Chemist,
No. 189 N. Mala St., I.os Angeles, Cal
Prescriptions carefully compounded day and
night. dSltf

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