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-• • 1 1.»
The Panama Scandal the Talk
of All the Earth.
Special Interest Taken in It in
the Fatherland.
Tke American President and Con
gress Said to Have Been Bribed.
aT reign Newspaper Correspondent. Be
■ g Expelled from France fur
Spreading; Invidious Re
ports—Foreign News.
By the Associated Tress.
Bated, Jan. 15.—For a generation
< lei many haa not felt such interest in
French affairs as she has felt since tbe '
opening of the French chamber. "It ie
nn exaggeration to aay," commenta the
National Xsitung, "that thn Panama
scandal ia the theme discussed through
out the world. According to the latest re
ports tbe scandal is becoming more world
wide. It is now alleged that
Muhrenheim and the American presi
dent, congress and press were bribed.
If the republic be overthrown, either a
dictatorship of the Boulanglat sort or a
tv.ardom of tbe Napoleonic stamp or a
clerical monarchy wi'l conjnre up a still
broader and deeper eea of tilth in wbich
blood and money will mingle."
A Caanpalgn Against foreign Newspaper
liorreepuedente Begun.
Pakis, Jan. 15.—Tbe government has
begun a campaign against foreign news
paper correspondent* in this city. Tbe
moisten | been eerienely annoyed
tn m 'aa ar«l by try •>! Ecgbrh
aad 1 lersaaa newspapers a poo ;h, men
besmirched by tbe Panama scandal.
ToJay dispatches irom Berlin, Buda
pest h aad London announced t .at
tbe insinuation* of I.* Cocard* were
transfer raU by the Parie cor
poodeat* of newspapers la these
ritie* into opea *ugge*iwn« that
either Baron Mohrenlnm, the
riueaian ambassador, or Count Men
adrea, formerly Italian am lia**adi>r,were
influenced la favor of the I'tnim* ssaval
oompaay by a bribe of Loo.ooo francs.
Herr Wadel, i»rrespondeat for several
German dailie*, one of tb* gu.lty man,
baa been notified that be uinut leave tbe
country. M. Seiche, i, .espondtnt cf
Ihe Peett Herald has been arrested for
telegraphing the report in question to
K'idaT'esth. Several other correspond
•nts have been notified tbat Uiey will
1 expelled iioin Paris ior tne same oi
Tbi* afternoon M. Ribot called on
Karon Mohrenheim and Sig. Rom ma,
successor toCmnt Menadrea. aad apol
ogized to each for tbe reflection* cast
upon the honor of the representatives of
their sovereigns.
It is reported tonight that papers re
cently seixed show conclusively that
Sans Leroy, a deputy now in prison, re
ceived repeated bribes from tbe I'anama
A meeting of Panama ihare aad
bondholders today leeolved tofoiatan
execative committee with Sfj Ouu.OOU
Iraace capital, and thea app!» lor fate
aid. < 'ount Keratry waa app- iui. d dele
gale to Waehiegtan to open nego'aliens
with the Called State* gowrnmeet.
Another delegate will he appointed to
negotiate with tne t'cknebiea govern
' ,*aeral Moesolsr relied up .n Preei
.leal Caraot to deay the truth of Fir
a;*'« ia*inaaU<H* tbat lie is a candidate
I - ' .eardcßi/
.- -a i
CO*. .3 WBATIIr.;- .a 8.a,-.f>Pß.
A ..ale Sireepleg «'»«■ Knglead- IIUa.
ler. ea Ike I'lieanel.
Lonoom, Jan. 16. — The weather
throagbout Kurope ll intensely cold.
There is considerable su«t ring in conse
A heavy storm is sweeping over F.ag
land. Snow, sleet and high winds pre
vail along the coast. Many small acci
dents to shipping are reported. Tbe
steamer Brighton, sailing between New
Haven and Dieppe, had a terribly roogh
passage today. The deck boose and
smokestack were washed away ; one of
her boats waa amaabed and part of the
port rail torn away. When she ap
proached the pier at Dieppe
tbe storm waa so blinding that
tbe pilot could not see
beyond tbe bow and none of tbe K\ pas
sengera were allowed on deck. Without
any warning tbe email abip crashed into
the pier, knocking a large hole in lie.
bow. She began filling rapidly. A loog
gangway was improvised snd the ,<•
eengera hurried ashore. Tbere wan
panic. Half the baggage waa taken nil.
when the captain ordered the men to
leave tbe ship. He bad hardly followed
tbe laat man off to the pier, when the
veeeel went down. OB Dartmouth five
pilots were drowned while trying to put
a man aboard a cutter.
News of m Terrible Dtuasalt* IHtHKr
la Africa.
London, Jan. 15 —A dispatch to tho
General News from st. Pool de Ixtanda
■aye: A train crowded with Kuraprai-i
and natives baited on tbe Congo r.
way near Matadi recently, and tb* ea
gine was detached to j -in a wagon
loaded with 64 boxes o( dynatnita aad
81 casks of gunpowder. Tbe srsftas
moved down the grade with creel steed
aud collided with the wagon, exploding
the dynamite. Fifty persons were
killed, including M. Lcqntqo*. heed of
the Societe Anonyme Beige.
A Demonstration et 1 angler
TOilom, Jan. 16.—1t it reported that
Admiral Hiitee' squadron ha* beea oe
•l.'rid to nntke a deuionstrat
Tangier, in concert with aa Italian
squadron, in case Loglaod sends war
..hips' hot-V aaoeoar
Stormy Seenae 'o Saturday Night's
Social 11 Meeting;.
London, Jan. 1 . —The Paris corres
pondent ol the M I ninK I'oat aaya: "The
socialist meeting -atnrday night at the
Tivoli vauxhall a ided between 1 and 2
a.m., in a gen al low. Anarchists
atormpd the plat <>rrn, and after a fight
captured the cha r.| Water bottles and
chaira were hurli from the platform at
the heada of the people below and many
were wounded. The proprietor turned
oil' tbe gae an 1 hundreds of police
cleared the hall Gendarmes dispersed
an anti-Seinetic meeting at Lyons, Sun
day, after an.ex .ting atrnggle.
a Ti r-tble Night.
arantikk, i, V., Jan. 15.—Thia is
a terrible night News tbat a collector
for the preea 111 v John R, Gibbs, hia
boatman, leit lM boarding station at
the dock at a - at 5 p. in. to hoard the
steamer Strab from Rio, and at 12
o'clock had no returned. I'nleaa they
remained on Vtarii the steamer, it ia
greatly feared lha ice moving nwiftly on
the ebb tide, 'turrled them outside the
Narrows. Owin; I j tbe larye 'taantities
of ice in the My, it ia 'tnpciimble to
communicate trita Ibe aieamer.
The Eleetlim nf » Culled State* Senator
I* First aud Foremost of the
Thluga wm I>eek — White*
No..- e*i Predicted.
Sacbamknta, Jan. 15 —The third week
of the tbirtie h *essi< n of the legislature,
beginning tomorrow, wiil h.' productive
of important legitlat'oa. Among the
matter* comu g up ig tbe election of a
United Statei lenator to succeed Felton.
While the gei ral opinion ia that White
wjli be «!vv te l on third baliot at the
(•'the*!, rumor* of combination* wbich
continue to ame make it impossible to
uttt before the first
tt oat be -n s .ken. It is claimed,
a oner % md authority, that Carl-,
.independftrt, and Burke
to, So'u-partizan, have ar
rat ' „c. re the credit of caating the
de ! jg voter, but that they, together
wi'h ci rain Republicans, will vote for
Urn ir favorite caudidates on first ballot.
I chlernger't reeolution for an investi
jefion o! tbe board of railroad commis
«io* en and tbe bill introduced by
Sbanahan for the reassessment and col
lect.on 'if ail taxes, except poll taxes,
whi"hf>raov reason have become in
valid since i 882, tbe latter bill being
belter known a* tbe "railroad tax bill,"
tin 1 ni4 beai seat to the printer, with
amendment*, np to tbia afternoon,
tin igh Sbanaliau's bill ia the special
order for " o .lock Monday.
4I the clo»i ol Saturday, tt3 bills bad
been iatroducad aad sent to 'he printer
during tbe tcteion, about bal' of wbich
have been returned. Tbe largest num
ber of bills bat beea sent up by Price nf
Rulte and r inlay son of Cos Angeler,
Dodge n( A.emeda, Bennett of banta
CHtra and Anderson of Sacramento.
Dodge will introduce tomorrow the
Oakland w tsr front bill entitled "An
act app -epr rating the aura of $15,000 to
delray too costs and expenses, aad for
ths employ neat of aesociate counsel
therein, if suit* aad legal proceeding*
lo be coma eased aad prosecuted by the
attorney general, in the aame of the
people ol tbe state of California, to
• tuiet the Hie to and lor the rec .very
of the poereeeioa ol the Oaktaad water
Iroat, Haa Aetooio creek aad ita bay*
and eetua tee, aad IS » A Israed* sjsjgej
froat." Ihe bill !s expected to be dis
-issed at 1 -ogth.
Next to beelertioaol a failed Stale*
istor, root in erect is taken ia the
Sitst'oa b- the imal legielative ,-ooten
tion, V.'.v eeA*y, ol a board of Bve*teie
library tntta**. wee will elect a state
librariaa. Li'irartea I'erkias i* being
opposed b• ii n K. H. iirtoa, aad It*
'rear's of be latter nam 10l hina, la
« WiiM n ti tun piaatlrelly solid support
of tbe K-puratggsxs. the eatee of the
eigl t Pepulln* and ef a aamber ol
Dttnjfxatn. Fetkiae'friends r aim tt.e'e
is aw Aoutt of the latter* elect toe.
PAToLira *rr»iMinM
Aa Au'.eg eel. Letter reeaa the Prerei
he a etwees
WA«at»-tro Jea la.—la reaaertioa
with toe *pa>,...,ttßeat ef Natal It at eeoe
tolie M gat* m thi* roue try. ,t tt
learaed t da; that eerie ia Deassabsi
tbe rWt sat at tt** taeeity ef taeelogT
ol th* Co bo k •lalvartitr. traaemilte-l
ihronah • ardiaai Battgafla at
tire Bate, a 'vtel letter expiree*
'.ar *Jtt r *aitHta to the holy
la:k*» s»i tteaks ter aaadtag a date
gale . a oougresh letter troea taa
er.o4 h*> latee rsatlei. ia real*, la
ehitc'. he bedew* taa apmrt.ier tsraedw
t*M «| -**«*o tsatHeaimi at laaetnru
eto Ute It 'bet, edlriss. aad gjiUii.
iaoead. 1 • lee that yea w*l—■* with
pie»#'reth preed el ear tattorw stawi
tude wit cii aa gave ta taa mtattaa at
our vest* ral ta In thsr."
laa Waeieoe ta aiigleli
ih -a H et.ee Va . Jaa :»-»*»•
tel . earl tats ev.reieg career. a« the SjtJSJ
inee a I'•It I *»*>»* do*» T'.e near
vary last a asgmt laalgbi aad tai.teg
tart tb < reidee* day st**** iaa: geaaa*
are bat ..at Cast*Otsavtas aad Heeteak
are ata >• g trip* etth a, irk 4,Arena
nu atatast ef taa. At aaw a • kttaad
the ta* • ttee* • a ante aad a hall aate
in* ata at
<* V *aa. fast. 54.— «We. Biotas'
a* mm I treat c*. today **>»a*ii ts>
r<nae*l ate * tftan te Its* Preea>»
uttatts 'Yaat awai'lrtta as*' - * mm
laaaag"*)? I*mb '«*T taaaOtt
* eat * I -d sdriat.
Honors Shown the Dead Hero
at His Home.
His Fnneral Will Be One of the
Largest Ever Seen.
Citizens Crush Each Other in the
Effort to View His Remains.
Blame's Condition Contlnnes Favorable—
Warring; Statesmen ln Kansas—Po
litical and General
Eastern News,
Lowell, Mass., Jan. 15.—At General
Butler's late residence, on Belviderehil),
thia morning, private funeral services
were held. Rev. Dr. A. St. John of the
Chamber Btreet Ames Episcopal church
officiated. After a short service those
present looked upon the general for the
last time.
A detachment of comrades of Post 42,
G. A. R., reached the house directly
after the private iuneral exercises, and
bore the body from the house tn a hearse
drawn by four horses. The street!) were
crowdt.d.aaa band signaled by dirges
the passage of the general's body from
the house to llantiiigtju hall,where the
body was to lie in state.
In the hail the coffin was placed in
th -center of the floor. Fr.nn ceiling to
floor a wall of black extended. On the
coffin waa paced tbeawordand epaulets
worn irom Lowell to the gulf and back
again. B"hiod the catafalque rested a
bunk of fl.iwera that came from Presi
dent Harrison, from the convicts in the
ri .if pribon, and from all classes of peo
ple between those extremes.
When the crowds were admitted to
the hall, they struggled upstairs and
bowled over the police, who tried to
restrain them. Huntington ball, when
ever General Bntier appeared there in
life, saw turbulent "cenes, but tuose of
today surpassed ahvtiiiog ever seen be
fore. Down in the streti thousands
pressed forward when tne; saw
the doora ' open. All afternoon
Bteady streams of people poured
in, bat the crowd did not
diminish. Late in the afternoon the
doors were closed, and tbe officers had
an hour'a rest. At 6 o'clock tbe doors
were opened again, and more order was
maintained np to 11 o'clock, when the
final closing was made. Hundreds left
the place without gettiag in, and many
otbera who wanted to get out ol the
jam, were forced to wait. There will be
another crush tomorrow morning, as
those who failed today will try then.
Preparations are being made for mak
ing a great event of the funeral—greater
than Lowell ever before witneaaed.
Warrlag Stateaanee Keating' t'p to Re
enter the Fray Today.
Toi'ggA, Kan., Jan. 15.—Many war
ring statesmen are spending Sunday
wit. tbeir familiea and tbe city ia en
joying tbe firat quiet it ha* experienced
IjrnerrW w . weeks. Tbe ariniatice de
clared yeaterday allernoon furnished a
greatly needed breathing epell, and the
titua'ion i* being reviewed calmly and
apartlrom theezoitiug events ol tbe past
week. Much talk i* indulged in looking
to an amicable consolidation ol the two
hoote organization*. Maay Popolid
member* have privately conceded that
the Kenublicea house i* a legal one, but
tbe leet that tbe Populist majority in
th* Mr.at* and tb* ropuliat governor
rerogaued ihe minority house leave*
them poaerleee to recede Irom tbe action
taken. The Bepobiijaa* will con
sider ao aibitratioa propoeitioe
which does not recogaix* their
organization aa legal aad regular. Thi*
being tbe spirit saaatleeiad on both
*id*e, there is ao immediate aroeoect
el a cbaaga ia the relative poeitioa ol
tbe boaeo. Th* raaditioo* will remain
oocbaaged aatil oae tide or tb* other
attempt* m easem* tbe eggreesiv* aad
by lore* aeeert it* authority Neither,
es yet, show* c oiepoeitioe to do this.
Tt** Sue Mac r««... ae.iber reeerekl*
*« Maera.
WtMMrM, Jaa. 14.—Tba re wm no
don****»i«t v* Blaiae • eoed.tioa to
d<(l.l other then lavorebir aad whoa
Ur. Jebaatoe toft tho boo** at «m
o "clock tat* evavieg bo said km *h*wid
rtvUere at tb* bo**** wee* lower
Urn* eaeel today. Am Dr. J*bo—oo l*tt
i.. i. .. raeincg he .■• c that
.0 v.* ittiNri 000* tie* daraag mm
ae* i irw <*•?*. 000 tbat eoe* woo es
paei.J <lor.■« tb* asgbt.
U «a«w«r to M teqelry Iw. Jobeetoe
eats to oil ao*a«eaa »** B'efcee bad mm*
m*< oor *tre*_>ai ***** bo* at lark mm*
Tharedey. e*J a* the wkkalo b* *iaaili.
bio c avail*** a* leairab* a* emM be
L> J.Ja* t* — riemliat
•its* C****a*a»< uaaiMl a taw .near?.
<e~aa«»a Mr On-laa*
r *if i r Tra< C **Tw''i'<i■Meat'' S
A Peste is a Church.
Jini.iiii" Om. mm., mm U —TV**
eeaaaaa -a«t» $m*mm» ••'•■Haf •»».<.
•w>*# c *»* ¥' m Vm*m9 t --9&* taawV #*•?*****
Nearly 300 People en the Verge of
Starratlon—Wages Cut Dawn.
PiTTsnuKa, Pa., Jan. 15.—Continued
cold weather haa increased the Buffering
at Homestead, and it ia Btated nearly
300 people are on the verge of starva
tion. Contributions are Btill coming in,
but the aggregate amount is so small
that it will not procure the bare necessi
In the mills there is a great deal of
dissatisfaction over wages. Yesterday
was the first pay day under the new
scale, and many workmen claim that
their envelopes did not contain more
than one-half the amount received for
the game period before tbe strike. A
number of men stated today tnat they
would quit or strike just as soon aa there
was warmer weather.
The officials deny that there is any
dissatisfaction, and claim if the wages
are smaller, it is the fault of the men,
who are not wording aa hard as for
A Factory Fire.
Chicago, Jan. 15. —The establishment
of theNewfield Mannfactvtrint; company,
manufacturers of ahow cane*, etc.,
burned today. Lobb, $100,000; insur
ance about two-thirds.
Somethiti-- M ust Be Done to Advance
Politic Ilii«inegs—A Big Programme
Mapped Out by the .Majority
of i Ii House.
Washington, Jan. 15. — Tbe week
promises to be an eventful one in the
eeuare. Save the passage of the quar
antine bill, the senate has accomplished
very little tbia session, and not one of
the annual appropriation bills has
passed. The committee on order of
business has determined that some
thing must be done to advance public
business. What will follow the anti
option bill will be decided by the com
mittee before Wednesday.
Tbe majority have mapped out a big
progmrame for the house. Tomorrow
efforts will be made to pasa tbe Raum
pentioa office report, and the bill fur
ihe lection of senators by tbe people
by a fvo tliirds vote. The majority of
the rules commi tee have dec ded to
allot Tuesday »o bills coming from the
judiciary column,.' j e, We h.- - iuv to the
immigration bill, Thd'sdav und Satur
day to bills originating will' the com
mittee on foreign and intere.ate i »Ul
merce. Friday, under theregulat r ulee,
ia private bill day.
There ie some opposition to tbe immi
gration bill, and it U-barrily likely that
one uay wiii (entiles lor its parage.
There ia a probability of some tiouhie,
for both the quarantine and immigra
tion bill.
Tue commerce committee haa a for
midable jat of measures wbich it bopea
to paaa, headed by tbe omnibna light
houae bill, and a bill for building a
couple of additional revenue cnitera.
The committee ia alao anxious to pasa
tiro bills amendatory to the interstate
commerce act, which will be reported to
the house during tbe week by Chairman
Wire of Virginia, to meet the Counael
man caie and the Gresham decieion, and
allow railroadato pool nnder tbe consent
of the interstate commerce commiation.
Coarteslee to Be Nhewn Secretary end
If re. J. W. Faster.
W. , Jan. 15—Secretary of
State and Mrs. roster will be given a
tound of dinners within tbe next few
daya by tbe member* of the diplomatic
corpa. previous to tbeir departure lor
Pane, where Sir. Foster will have
charge ol tbe case of tbe United State*
in the Bering s*a arbitration. Secre
tary Foster expect* to resign hi* portfo
lio tbe laat week of this month, and
•Iter a short visit to New York lUtc.
sail with Mr*. Foster for Paris, which
they will reach about February 20th.
The arbitrator* are to meet February
lodldr af releeelaa. »aeo» lo Da the
ViMMM, Jea.l V -Secretary Rusk
has eeeared Iron I»r. Hal mod, chief ol
tbe be roe. a of animal industry, a report
on the experiment* and laveetigation*
Satag made in Chicago ia tbe treatment
ol cattle lor lumpy jaw. The report
roacledee tbat the remedy tried, iud.de
of pataastaav i* a remarkable *ar*e**
*iaty three par. eat of toe cat lie treated
were cared. The report *how* tbat tbe
coet of -be treat meal ie trifling by com
peneca with ite recall*, and it bae alao
been prated tbat iba ita**** t* Bat cob
A I .J Weoeh lei I owe.
<>«««». Veto . Jan M.'. - looming pa*
eeveral sarinai were tajaied aa tbe Bar
I■■€**»> road, at Merre*. 1 .«*. today.
Tbe l**a*ar estreat .aaped a twitch,
the die eg ear aad siaeper being
ditched Tba one* U* tbe din tag car
•eeiceart aenooe lejariee aad wilt loa*a
lag. Cowdartflf teeorga ol tbe Pailmaa
mfjtmmmmmtj thejtead
I'ikimii, v \ . Jaa 15-koraal l
: *JJ . Haagenaa rear. 1 eiil ...
«*■■»' ' »'*d loeaarr a lac mawjer
Tba »oan !'■■*.*• aaaa XXfmTufLg
•-' tba tapii mkmm etece
a« *aa*ad May aad haadNMpaa^*BafT
m • *.**■- aereaa.
C ■mill i. Cal . Jaa. I*. - Ab-at •
Cow Tie* 'rVabaMdT **'
'be a«a»i telktag. wboß m*Smty Darte
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A Hand ome Young Widen
Romantic Story.
She Married a Nephew oi' i
Late Senator Sharon.
He Died Leaving H*r Penniless W
Three Children.
The Sharon Family Wonld De Koto
for Her— Next Hlie Marrlefea
>lt\icau Who Basely '"'
Deceived Her.
By the Associated Press. S&T
Chicago, Jan. 15.—A local pa
prints a rather remarkable story <
yonnir woman sailing herself Mra. Jt
Sharon, who applied to the Relief I
Aid society yeaterday ift
Bistance. She aaid tbat aha vi
saw her fattier, and her mol
died a week after she waa bora. |
was adopted hv Mr. Adams, who j
afterwards Mayor of Virginia Oity
a member of the Nevada legislate
She was given ever* - advantage {
at the age of 14 was s
to Mill's seminary for young 1M
in Oakland. While there
toft John Sharon, a nephew of Seal
Snaron, and when ahe waa 15 they a
married. Tney lived happily a nam
of yearß and had three children, ,
eldest of wnom is now 18 years of l
The husband had a good poaitioi
a Virginia City mine, given him by ]
senator. Two yeara ago her hush
died, leaving her practically bptfaj
She had $2000 left ber by a brot
whom she discovered after her marry
and who died before her haaband.
Bays she appealed to the Sharon fan
but they declined to have afiythiq
do with her.
A year ago she went to El Paso, T
nn a visit and there met a handcti
Spaniard, Joseph Lopez, with whom
became infatuated and married il
shott time. A few months.
Lopez decided to come to <
cago, alleging he conld make |
money here during the
Four mon:hs ago, on pretense of a c
ness scheme, he induced her to
him $1800 she had put away, and
aerted ber and ber children. Since f
ehe has been struggling along doing
rious kinds of work, bat yesterday
forced to apply for aid for herself
She saye she accidentally heard ol
father a few months ago, when hi
a stockmen's convention
I Butte, Mont. A newspaper article;
etc*' > i k vai-jki, i wu-.l
! bu: (lv added: "I ca\uot feel til
have auy claitpon him
New York Sport* Oet Up a NotM 1
Nxw York, Jan. 15.—A novel bi
waa fought thia afternoon in tbia
in an elaborately famished parlor
well-known road house, near the
comb's dam .bridge. The prize
aphernalia waa carried under
ulatera, by the managers, to tbe a
of tbe contest. Only 22 person*
nesaed tbe fistic argnment, in
ing two newapaper reporter*. H i
miia>on waa charged, tbe affair t
by invitation. The parse was
scribed among the spectators, wl
almott every instance were we 1
lawyers, bankers and theatrical nn
The man who arranged the unt'jQa
fair is quite well known to the pei
public at a manager of amusements
may be guessed at by tba j
mention of his (lowing whiskers,
ra-n who furnished theataiiaeißrjiil
Danny Kran of Philadelphia ar !
J act sob oi Gloucester. Six lively
and-ttke rounda were fought, '
finally knocking Jackson oat by a i
on tb* jaw. The winner got
hi* victory, and Jack ion isjaelisd I
a balm for his whipping. Aft-i
fight a sapper was served, ia whi v
I boxer* participated.
Th* Prepileter af a gattMPBWB Ul
r»ud Dead.
Cnt< ii..,, Jan. 15.—loha Rates):
prietor ol a shooting gallery on Ha.
street, was murdered in his plat
basiaess late last night. Tbecritn
not dttaavtred until noast, whaa
I■ I I -• .iving nf\r
place, notified tbe poitat tbat
women bad told bias co-ac
aa* wroog tn the gallery. Officer j
tba door aad fond Raasalt dead i
ballet ia hat brain. A woman i
I'r Frmk to be erne i
who called oa him, earaa la »
«a»a her
Mr*. Kuea Sherwood, ttld
had h*ea romiag every saoriji
lag Rateeir* hoD*ework. Tt,
wbea (he came with star titter.
Annie Hewitt ti.ey found
taad Ihen turn* saae
run*. Tbe «2er «
was boaiad op aad told aeoenewhi
lereat .lory. Both wet* locked t
alao tbeir wi ,
•awod k««" toaigbt ia mimed
M lie p-'iire eg pact iratd
taaan humoiivii react
Iwu earl ■■■■lice t-«r T'
inikti mm
Hut< « .<•» •> i . J»d. 15 —Tbe
Creed Hereeoetd wee UM(eiy * v
bete todee. dee pi to th* fJK, tiJ
"""I • KM before ammm mad J
reir*4 at tbe tfeoot be tba) 21
rbapier «»vd Deiea L »Jge ot I>■ i
o-*l aetata, tee of '»,♦» »*..«..,, 1
Anttag weoee o/. T> . , ,
r*- Ofoatejr.'tei. ■ 'jMlnVna'iTltl
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