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lare and yoang Hamilton of Placer.
You can get your cannons ready and
lire them »i 2.30, /or by thai time
Stephen Mallory White of Los Angeles
will be a United States senator.
W. G. M.
Ben the Two Houses Voted la 8 partite
By the Associated Press.
Saceammto, Jan. 17.—The sessions of
the s»D»ts"«nd assembly were attended
by mors people today than usual, bal
loting for a United States senator being
the attraction. Among the distin
guished men present daring the ballot
ing were Stephen M. White, Jeremiah
Lynch. W. W. Foote, Thomas V. Cator
aad John C. Quinn. The proceedings
in the senate did not partake of the en
thusiasm which characterized the
speechmskiag in the assembly, where
tbe applause waa frequent and pro
longed. Tbe speechmaking in joint
convention tomorrow noon is expected
to be brief, but great interest attaches
to the ballot which will be taken.
The ballots of the senate and assem
bly today, consolidated, gave White 60,
Perkins 1, Felton 13, Bard 9, Cator 8,
Widnsy 7, Franks 3, Reed 3, Estee 1,
Preston 1, Neff 1.
Tbs following senators voted ofr
White: Arms, Berry, Biggy, Borke,
Dann, Fay, Gesford, Goucher, Harper,
Lsegford, McAllister, Martin, Mathews,
Mitchell, Ottrom, Soawell, Whitehorst,
For Perkins: Campbell, Denison. Earl,
Bart, Hojt, Simpson—B.
For Bard: Broderick, Flint, Mahsr,
Orr, Strsator—6
For Felton: Everell, Ford, McGowan,
Mahoney, Ksgadale, Shippee, Voor
For Widnsy: Bailey, Carpenter, Sey
For Franks: Williams—l.
All the Democratic assemblymen and
Barks, the Non-Partisan, voted for
Adams, Barlow, Bennett of Orange,
Bretz, Jacobson. Kerns, Thomas of
Santa Clsra and Vann, Populists, voted
for Oatar.
Anderson, Blakeiey, Chipman, Dodge,
Miller, Sundart, Taggart and Taylor,
Republicans, voted for Perkins.
Bledsoe, Duckworth, Hurst, Johnson
of Humboldt, MoGowan and O'Keefe,
Republicans, voted for Felton,
Barker, Lynch, Perkins and Talbot,
Republicans, voted for Bard.
Androat, Bulla, Pendleton and Simp-
Bon, Republicans, voted for Wldney.
Bennett of Banta Clara and Kaon,
Republicans, voted for F. C. Franks.
Carlson, Independent, and Owen, Re
publican, voted for Reed.
Wads, Republican, of Napa, voted for
Thomas of Nevada, Republican, voted
for E. M. Preston.
Raw, Republican, of Eldorado, voted
for Neff.
Balloting fir VJnltnd States Senator tho
■Went of the Day.
Sacramento, Jan. 17.—At 11:60
o'clock the Mate, on motion of Voor
hees, proefStled to nominate a United
States seaator to succeed Hon. Charles
N. Felton.
Senator Seawall of Mendocino nomi
nated Stephen M. White.
Senator Simpson of Alameda nomi
nated Hon. George C. Perkins. He
eaid he placed before the Senate the
name of a gentleman eminently quali
fied for this position. It was customary
to set forth the qualsncauoua of gen
tlemen who aspire to this pontlon, but
in this ease it was obviated by a general
knowledge oi this candidate's worth.
Senator Mathews of Los Angeles sec
onded th* nomination of White.
Mathews' speech was received with ap
Senator McGowan of Humboldt fol
lowed. He said that political affairs
were now in such chap? tbat success
was improbable for a Republican can
didate, but believing he represented the
interests of the golden state, he pre
sented the untarnished name of Charles
N. Felton.
Senator Ford of Plumas seconded
Orr ol Ventura nominated Thomas R
Bard, the late Republican presidential
slector, in a brief speech, referring to
the latter as tin old Californian add a
man of iategritv.
Bailey ot Santa Cl»ra nominated
Judge B, M. Widney of Los Angeleu,
odo oi tbe pioneers oi Cal.lornia, who
had dons mu-h to buildup this great
commonwealth ; who came to this sti.t*
not in B palace car, but on foot, tetunn
an ox team, and whose fortunes nad
grown np with the state.
Esrl of Aktn-da aconded Petkins.
The lstter, he said, needed no lauda iry
On motion of Goucher balloting com
The first ballot resulted: White, 18;
Felton, 7; Petkins. 6; Bird. 5; J. 0
Franks of Ban'u, Omra, 1; Widney, 3
Forty vntes were cast; necessary to a
choice, 21.
A recess until 2:30 was then taken.
Kosalnatlnc Bpeeohos and Balloting for
United States Senator.
Sacramento, Jan. 17.—At 12 o'clock
the assembly proceeded to nominate a
United States senator, and O'Keefe of
Ban Mateo nominated Felton.
Bledsoe seconded Felton's nomination
in a nrs-minute speech.
Shanabin nominated Stephen M.
White, saying in part: "Not voicing tbe
. sentiment of any particular locality, but
of tbe whole state, I rise to nominate
a gentleman of the state of California.
Notwithstanding the railroad legislation
of former legislatures, and tbe gerry
mandering of the state, tbe people rose
in their might and threw off Hie shackles
of such control. The people demon
strated their wishes in the last election."
Shanaban also read the prediction he
made two years ago that his nominee
would be United States senator fiom
California. Shanahan thereupon named
Stephen M. White. [Applause.]
Finlayson Of Los Angeles seconded
White's nomination. He eulogi?ed
white's record and said White wae the
a. logical candidate.
Sohlesingsr of San Francisco seconded
the nomination of White.
Taylor of Marin, in nominating Per
kins, said, while he recognized the vir
tues of Stephen M. While, yet he knew
he was doihg his duty to himself and his
constituents by naming tx Governor
George C. Perkins as a man thoroughly
competent and able to fill the position.
Barker of San Bernardino nominated
homaa R. Bard of Ventura.
Judge R. M. Widoey of Los Aoeeles.
D >dge of Alameda seconded Perkins,
Thomas of Nevada nominated E. M
Wetton of Nevada.
Androus of Los Angeles seconded
Widney's comiration.
Pert V.s of Ventura seconded Bard's
BreU of Alameda nominated Cator,
stating that in a few years tbe People's
party would bo in the majority.
Vann of Colusa tecoadtd Cator'?
CNrlson of San Diego nominated Hon.
DO. Ried ol Die;o. "Select a
man," t, said, "who is not mixed up in
a factional er party row, but who wou'd
work for the whole sl.*-'e." AadreßSiLg
•he Populists he said: ' Raed is all
right on the Nirattzna canal, the silver
quest; m and >.<hei important matteiS."
His question as to what more tbey could
want wa» greeted with great laughter
and anpltvu c.
Casurline seconded Reed.
The fin,, ballot m.tted: White, 42;
Cator, 8: Felton, 6, Perkins, 8; Estee,
ii Baid,4; Used, 3; Widoev 4; Frank t,
2; K. M. Preston, 1; Jacob H. Nt-tT, 1.
Burkes vote for Wbite drew tremen
dous applause, and he waa given th , c
cheers The •. al vote was 80, necessary
to a choice 41.
White waa declared to he the choice
of the house for United States senator
amid apph-'se.
Tbe joint convention will be held in
tbe assembly chamber at noon to
Shauahan's Railroad Reassessment Bill
Unanimoosljr Passed.
Sacramento, Jan. 17.—1n the assem
bly this morning the county and town
ship government committee reported In
favor of two additional superior judges
for Alameda county.
The committee on public morals re
ported favorably the bill making the
sale of liquor to drunkards a misde
meanor, and to Indians a felony.
At 2:40, after the introduction of bills
was out of order, Shanaban's reassess
ment bill was read the third time. The
bill was passed unanimously and with
out debate.
Bledsoe withdrew his motion for
special consideration on Thursday ol
the railroad commission matter.
When the "scalper" bill was taken
up, Shanaban and Bledsoe had a tilt,
Bledsoe claiming it Was a duplicate of
the bill brought nere in the interests of
the railroads two years ago.
Bulla of Los Angeles and Mordeeai of
Freßno thought the bill would not bene
fit the people.
Matthews and Shanaban moved an
amendment to strike out sections 2 and
3 of the bill, so that any unused part of
a ticket may be redeemed at any rail
road office.
Bretz, Alford, Miller ana Vann spoke
on the bill.
Shanaban attempted to reply to Bled
soe's remarks, but the chair interrupted
him, stating that he would allow no
soch disgraceful scene as that of yester
The amendmsnt to strike out sections
2 and 3 carried.
Shanahan asked that the bill be re
ferred back to tbe judiciary committee.
Bledsoe moved, as a substitute, that
the enacting clause be stricken out.
A motion to re-commit carried.
Kubn ol- 8«» v~> —■— -
concurrent resolution changing the ' 'me
of the joint convention for the election
of state library trustees to 11:30 a. m.
After a prolonged debate on the re
port of the committee on attaches, the
bouse adjourned at 4:30 p.m.
A Repubiican caucus, presumably to
take action on the senatorial question,
was announced to follow.
Bills were introduced in the assembly
today as follows:
By Pend.eton—Relative to the appro
priation of m;n y for refurnishing tbe
supreme court rooms of Los Angeles.
By Sargant—Making an appropriation
and providing for the appointment of a
board of trustees for the Preston school
of industry.
By Johnston of Santa Clara—Appro
priating $20,000 for the Btate insane asy
lum at Agnews.
By Taggart—Relative to the conduct
of elections.
By Van n—Relative to highways and
the appointment of viewers therefor.
By Price—For dissolution and disor
ganization of irrigation districts.
By Dodge—Appropriating $15 000 to
pay the expenses for the recovery of the
Alameda aud Oakland water front.
By Cusick — Appropriating $203 0?0
for tbe erection of buildings aud ma
chinery for an ice house for the state.
By Ohipman—Authorizing the state
board of capitot commissioners to ap
point extra employes.
By Johnston of Santa Clara—To or
ganize and define the powers of the
board of railroad commissioners; also
impropriating $75,000 for additional
buildings fur the Agnews insane asylum.
By Vann—For the disorganization of
irrigation districts under tbe Wright
By Owen—Beletive to the place of
meeting* of the supreme oourt.
By Schlesinger—To amend the act re
lating to the endowment insurance on
assessment plan.
Among the measures presented to the
assembly today waa a petition from cit
izens of Fresno county protesting
against tbe creation of the proposed
county uf Madera.
The senate notified the assembly of
the adoption of the senate concurrent
resolution relative to the investigation
of the home for feeble-minded children
at Glen Ellen. Referred to the hospital
Tbe commutes on pnblic expendi
tures this afternoon decided to report
adversely the appropriation of $45,000
for a residence for the governor.
The assembly committee on constitu
tional amendments haa decided to re
port favorably Alford's bill exempting
non-bearing fruit trees and vines from
taxation. Price, who had a similar bill,
withdrew It. The committee will re
port without recommendation Barlow's
Dill compelling alienß to dispose of
tbeir real estate within five years.
Senator Gesford will introduce tomor
row a committee substitute for senate
constitutional amendment No. 8. It
provides for an election April 18, 1893,
on the question of repealing tbe sec
tions of the code relating to the railroad
commissioners, and providing a sched
ule of rates and fares.
The committee on apportionment and
railing flair
Prod noes baldness. It is cheaper to buy
a bottle of skookum root hair giowei
than a wig; besides, wearing your own
hair ia more convenient. All druggists.
election lawa discussed tbe Popper elec
tion bill wbich will bs introduced io tin
assembly tomorrow by Hendrickson or
I tftl.it son. It does away witb the ad
vf r'tiiog of elections tickets and pro
vides lot mailing sample ballots; re
quires the affidavit and evidence of two
jodges of different political parties, to
allow a voter to plead disability ; ehm
mates ''straight" ticket headirga; com
pels voters to stamp each name of the
group voted for; eliminates the method
uf counting; reduces from five to three
per cent tbe number of petitions neces
sary to place a name on th- ticket; al
lows tbe court to opt>n ballots in charges
of fraud after the time of tbe beginning
ofac-ntest has passed, and otherwise
modifies the present law.
The Town Treasurer of Berkeley ln a
Serious Dilemma.
Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 17.—Thomas
ffaun, town treasurer, is short in his
accounts to a considerable amount. He
gave a check on the Berkeley bauk for
,6000 to the German Savings and 1 oan
bank of San Francisco in payment for
electric light bonds. The Berkeley
bank rsfueed tbe check, as the town
had no money oa deposit. Hanu says
te has ii'-ed the town's mouey in hia
own business and haß no i<lea how his
affairs Blood. He bus turned over his
property, valued at about 120,000. to
his bondsmen, and an expert is exam
ining bis books.
Highways Block'd With Snow and Bar
bers Filled Wiih loe-Mauj People
Froirn to Death— Kxtrtmo
London, Jan. 17.—Reports of extreme
cold come frjm all parts of the conti
nene. The harbor of Kiel is completely
icebound. All dyer Germany railway
traffic is delayed and in Borne parts sus
pended. Between Rome and Genoa
railway communication is maintained
only with the greatest difficulty. In
Vienna this has been the caldest day of
the winter. Few persons venture out,
as the dazzling whitenesß of the enow
was almost unendurable. A person's
nose or ears would freeze durioga five
minutes' walk. In the suburbs it was 7
degrees below zero.
In the south of France several small
railway accidents were caused by snow
drifts. No trains run on tbe railways
between Castlenauday and NarboDne,
Chartres and Magny. A train which
left Chartres Saturday night is still em
bedded in the snow.
High winds prevail along the coast of
Spain. Many fishing boats have been
wrecked. Railway traffic is suspended
in Galieia and the Biscay provinces. A-l
mails that arrive at Mad/Id are many
hoars late.
Immense enow drifts are piled up
along the Swias frontiers so communica
tion over the border is interrupted.
In Southern Italy the wMaber is se
verer than before in the lilt ten years.
I c forms in the sti rets and snow is
drifted along the higuwavs. A dispatch
from Naples says Vesuvius and other
Vienna, J«n. 17.—Phenomenally cold
weather continues throughout Austrio-
Hungary, Muoh eufTurhiir. is reported.
The Gypßics are the worst sufferers. A
tend oi these wanderers encamped near
Konig Gratz, Bohemia, this morning.
Sixteen of the band were f-ozeu *o
death. At Prague the mercury is 25
deorees below zero, centigrade. A sol
dier who was on guard duty was found
fr zen to death at his post this morn
A dispatch from Trieste says: The
terrifii! storm that set in yesterday morn
ing is still prevailing, with no sign ol
abatement. The streets are littered with
ttlds, brick and trees, and no one, unlees
absolutely compelled to do so, ventures
nut. Last night tbe theaters closed for
the reason that there were no audi
ences. A very high sea iB running in
the harbor. Vessels at anchor are riding
with extra long cables, and extra anchors
have been put out. Tbe watch bouse
on tbe breakwater has been swept away
by the sea. Communication with Fiume
and Zsra is cut of altogether. The storm
is the worst in many years.
Paris, Jan. 17.—There is very little
abatement in the severely cold weather
here. A heavy Bnowotcrm prevails.
The enow ia so deep that street traffic is
at a standstill. A number of persons
have died from exposure. The rivers
Seine and Loire are frozen over.
Monte Carlo, Jan. 17.—Abnormally
cold weather is prevailing here. Snow
has been falling three days. The mer
cury has reached the lowest point known
for years.
Governor Murphy of Arizona is on
hi* way to Washington to make another
effort for statehood.
A freight train crashed into a large
sleighload of people at Lonsdale, R. I ,
killing eight occupants and injuring a
dozen others.
Tbe cattlemen's trial at Cheyenne,
Wyo., ia still in progress. Nearly 800
talesmen have been exhausted without
getting a jury.
The beautiful club house of the Cal
umet club of Chicago has been totally
destroyed by fire; loss, $300,000, with
$205,000 insurance. B. H. Bedfleld,
clerk of the club, died from over-excite
ment broughton by the fire. Kitty Mc-
Cabe had not been found up to 2 a. m.,
snd it is feared Bhe periebed in the
President Diaz of Mexico has ap
pointed Governor Torres as chief of the
Eleventh military zone, with headquar
ters at Campeche City. Torres will re
main governor of Sonora, but will re
linquish the governorship of the north
ern half of the territory of Lower Cali
fornia, where Col. Jose M. Boss is act
ing governor. It is believed tbe latter
will get the appointment.
Hawley Again Senator.
Habtfoud, Ct., Jan. 17 —Joseph E.
Hawley, fiep., was chosen United States
senator today at tbe joint legislative
Thia annoying scalp trouble, which
gives the hair an untidy appearance, is
cured by skookum root hair grower,
Ml druggists.
C«n't he beaten! Mr. J. O. Wlttlr. Blue
Mound. 111, writes; "1 have meit sulvtuon
Oil with wonderful seocoss for Inflammatory
theumn.lt'm in ruy fuot it osnnot bo best "
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorisv
The Senate Finance Committee
Bepoits It Favorably.
\ * •
It Provides for the B*p«al of tbe
Silver Purchase Act.
Western Senators Strenuously Oppose
the Mew Measure—The McGarra
han Claim Bill Receives
Ita Death Blow.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Jan. 17.—Perhaps the
most important meeting the finance
committee of tbe senate baa held dor
ing this congress was that of this morn
ing, which resulted in the decision to
favorably report the Sherman bill to
repeal the act of 1890 for the pnrcbase
of silver. Subsequently Sherman re
ported the bill and it was placed on the
The meeting was largely attended,
every member being preseat but Sena-
John P. Jones and Senator Vanee, who
is ill. While the majority favor tbe
action taken, vigorous opposition was
manifested by Harris of Tennessee and
Voorhees of Indiana. Those who voted
to report the bill favorably were: Mor
rill, Sherman, Allison, Aldrich, His
cock, McPherson, Carlisle. Senators
Voorbeesand Harris entered emphatic
protests against the proposed action of
the committee and would bave been
joined by Senators Jones and Vance had
ihey been present.
The meeting is said to have bsen in
teresting, this probably referring to tbe
peeches made by Harris and Voorhees.
They were outvoted, however, and the
discussion will now bs transferred to the
floor of tbe senate.
Senator McPherson said the bill is
satisfactory to him, although he would
rather have had his resolution reported.
One feature he did not approve was that
which postponed the time to the Ist of
January, 1894, but still he thought it
afforded relief, for the people would
know that at tbat time at least the in
flation of the currency would end and
the country return to a sound money
Teller and Voorhees do not believe
the bill can pass, and Voorhees is cred
ited with saying not 10 Democratic sen
ators will vote for it.
The MeOarrahan Bill raits to Pass Over
the President's Veto.
Washington, Jan. 17.—Tbe McGarra
han bill received its death blow for this
session in the senate today, the affirma
tive vote falling eight short of the con
stitutional majority.
After the passage of several unimpor
tant bills and a second installment of
Puffer's argument in favor of a conetitu
tional amendment limiting the presi
dential office to one term, tbe McGarra
han bill was taken up and an argument
in Bupport of it made by Wilson of
lowa. After some debate, tbe senate
refused to pass tbe bill over the presi
dent's veto by the necessary two-thirds
vote. The vote was: Yea*, 29; nays,
Sherman from the finance committee
etre.aefe-tf..e. —
national bank* to issue circulating
notes to tbe full amount of bonds depos
ited. Placed on tbe calendar.
The anti-option bill was taken up
and Hoar (Rep.) of Massachusetts re
sumed his argument against it, on the
ground of its unconstitutionally. Fur
ther arguments against the constitution
allity of tbe bill were made by Gray of
Delaware, Vest of Missouri and Piatt of
Connecticut. Piatt will resume bis ar
gument tomorrow.
After an executive session the senate
A BUI for the Pnnl.htnent of Offender!
on the nigh Beat Pasted.
Washington, Jan. 17.—1n the house
today, on motion of Chipman of Mich
igan, a resolution was agreed to, making
provision for a joint meeting of the two
houses of congress on Wednesday, Feb
ruary Bth, to count the electoral vote.
The senate bill for the retirement of
Judge N. P. Dsady, who for many years
has been associate justice of the supreme
court of Oregon, was passed. Under the
existing Ip.w he would not be entitled to
retirement until next year.
Oates of Alabama called up tbe senate
bill to provide for the punishment of
offenses on the high seas. It provides
that every person who is not one of tbe
crew on board of any veaael belonging
in whole or in part to any citizen of the
United States, who shaU in defiance of
the master create any riot or disorder,
or snail commit any breach of the peace,
or who shall hinder, obstruct or resist
tbe crew in the performance or
execution of any law. orders
or command of the master or
officeis of such vessel, shall be punished
by a fine not exceeding $1000 or by im
prisonment not exceeding one year, or
by both. It places a similar penalty
upon any passenger who shall inspire
any of the crew to disobey the law or
orders of the master, and forbids tbe
crew to combine, revolt or mutiny or re
gist orders.
Davis, Populist,of Kaneas,opposed tbe
measure on tbe ground that it would
make organization among seamen al
most impossible. Tbe bill passed and
tha hAnaa .I'trnrncrl
A Pennsylvania Statesman's Remedy for
Financial Evils.
Wastiinoton, Jan. 17.—1n the bouse
today Representative Brosins of Penn
sylvania introduced a bill to authorize
tbe funding of 4 per cent bonds to in
crease tho circulation of national banks
and discontinue the purchase of silver
bullion. It authorizes the secretary nf
the treasury to issue sums not exceed
ing in the aggregate $500,000,000
registered bonds, in denomina
tions of $50 or multiples thereof
redeemable in coin of standard value,
at the pleasure of the United States,
alter 40 years from the date of issoe,
and bearing interest at the rate ol 2 per
cent. Huch bonds shall be exempt from
taxation. The secretary shall dispose
i of theee bonds by exchanging them for
I 4 per cent bonds now outstanding.
, Every national banking astociation that
eijall transfer a lot of the treasury bonds
authorized under this act, shall be en
[ titled to receive circulating notes equal
r in face value to the par value of tbe
bonds deposited, and shall in lien of tbe
tax assessed upon the circulating na
. tional bank notes under the existing
law, pay to the treasurer of the United
States on January Ist of each year a
doty of of 1 per cent upon tbe aver
age amount of its notes in circulation
during the previous year. The law pro
viding for the purchase of silver bullion
is repealed.
Opinion* p ro „nd Yon to the Bill to
Allow Pooling
WAsrnNOTO.v, Jan. 17.—Mr. Patterson
of Tennessee in tbe report of the major
ity of tbe bouse commerce committee on
the bill allowing pooling, says the com
mittee is of the opinion that under the
arrangement providing for pooling no
barm will befall the public and an op
portunity will be given to intelligently
solve tbe much mooted problem.
Ltnd of Minnesota and Mallory of
Florida represent the minority, and re
port that they feel duty 'bound to
protest against tbe pooling sec
tion of tbe hill and call
attention to some of their objections to
it. They say: "The bill takes away
the only safeguard we bad heretofore
against railroad extortion. Competition
frustrated many well-laid schemes to
oppress the public; tbie embarrassment
the bill removes "
In conclusion it is is said to be unfair
to tbe interstate commerce commission
to subject them to tbe importuning and
pressure thia bill will cause, should it be
come a law.
Railway Foital Olerka to Receive Bel-
ter Pay.
Washington, Jan. 17.—The house
• Jinmittee on post offices and pnßt
roads today acted favorably on a num
ber of important measures. The senate
bill to re-classify and fix the salaries of
railway postal clerks received a favor
able report. The bill fixes the salaries
of railway postal clerks as follows: first
class, $800 per annum; second class
$1000; third class, {1200; fourth class,
$1300; fifth clase, $1500; sixth class,
$1600, and seventh class, $1800. A bill
by Wilton of Missouri for the classifica
tion of first and second class post offices
and firing- salaries was also ordered
favorably reported.
A New Bank Examiner.
Washington, Jan. 17.—The comp
troller of tbe currency today appointed
Wm. P. Weigbtman of San Francisco
national bank examiner for the states of
California and Nevada,
Aa Ajstor Hermit.
Love mad* n, recluse of a man who ft'
bow three-quarter*, of S centTjy old, nsA
who has avoided his fellows for neatly
thirty yeara He cnUa himself John Smith,
and his hermitage Is In the mountains not
far from Erring, Mass. Zte wns an actor
and she was au actress. They were en
gaged, quarreled and separated. The lov
er's mind became unbalanced, and While
yot in the prime of life be abandoned his
profession aud sought the esmisolltude
which has now grown to be a habit with
It may be remarked tbat no one knows
bis real name. That of John Smith is an
alias, and he frankly acnowledges that he
has taken every precaution to conceal bis
identity. He visits nobody, but during
the past faw years many people have been
to see him. He la a sort of focal fad, and
the folks thereabout almost love him. The
old man's hair and beard are white as
snow. He delights to chat with Visitors,
and on pleasant Sundays of summer and
autumn tho grounds around his little cot
tage are covered with scores of teams and
grbTO7ar^lhe^Ttf"fSan tne -Aospw
tality of his visitors, tolls them quaint
stories, and in return they give htm the
remnants of tbeir feasts and little gratui
ties and purchase the photographs of him
self and his cats.
In tifc winter the old man ia a genuine
hermit, so far as human beings are con
cerned, but in and around his cabin he has
no less than a dozen oats, to say nothing of
tho wildcats that every little while are
killed on the surrounding hills, and he is
its proud of "Jim Fisk" and "Lady Ann"
as ever a fond mother wae of her firstborn
twins. Tho house which he occupies was
formerly a woodchopper's shanty, and it is
little better now. The boards inside the
living room aro covered with playbills and
pictorial printing.—Harrisburg Telegraph.
He Dm Give* Up Hunting.
"No, I don't go hunting any more," aaid
Peyton Brown to a party of traveling men
who were talking sport at the Laclede. "1
was over ln 'Illinois some days am and con
cluded to make A try fbt small game in
the Oltaw bottoms. I discovered a large
flock of ducks leisurely swimming about
on the bosom of the muddy stream, stand
ing on their heads and having a good time
generally. I crawled through a briar
patch that made me look like an escaped
smallpox patient, and wuded through a
morass up to my bett far 200 yards to get
a shot at them. When about forty yards
distant I turned loose both barrels, killed
six and crippled live more. Only one of the
lot got away. 1 nearly drowned myself
bagging my game, came within an ace of
getting bit by a water moccasin that
looked to be a mile long, and lost a hun
dred dollar gun in th* treacherous morass.
"Just as I got the last dead duck in my
'pouch a farmer oajne out of a log cabin
that I hadn't before observed, and ' 'lowed
as heow I'd pay for tbem ar dncks or bsd
know the reason why.' As he carried a
lingering eternity of a rifle on his shoulder
and was followed by a bench legged bull
dog of cannibalistic tendencies I forked
over a fiver and obtainod permission tc
bang myself before the kitchen Are until
the mud baked on me. Then I started to
town through the woods, feeling like a
sheep killing dog onught with wool in his
teeth."—St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Skookum Root
Contains tiroes
Vegetable / (A Delicate
Compound, j J JHSrajHr; fji Fabric.
Dandruff, i [Jt l&wKP.ali f I Nature*
si- ■ml w
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.) 411
All scalp
Itching t I A T O Humors.
The HAIIA Vt l'
Scalp. p^ 0111
6BOWEB jjj
Dressing. Substances.
Sold t,y Druggists, 111 six,sS. Worth |D a bottle
Skookum Root Hair Brower 60
i Security Savings Bank andliiiolleiDy
Real Estate 9 28,300 01
Loan. 0.000 Oi
Furuitnre mil Fixtnresand Vaults.....'.' 804,499 21
Cash „_„-... 5.1130 0*
Cai.li in Bank! 1 '0* 28
03.U7S 47 184,838 70-
¥307,689 9t
C*pltal Stock (Paid in)
ktservo Fund $100 000 OC
Net I'ndlvlded Profits.'. '. 12 000 OC
Deposits 8.711 14
840.978 85
' »907,689 ac
County of Los anoei.es.l * 8 '
n „„s,'„ d ; 5' 1 ?. mi ',' y " we " lnat we h »™ 'md esch ot ns haß) a personal knowledge ot th« m .,.„~
2. S2i « Q th " 'y' l *- 1 "* 'upon, and that eyery allegation, statement, matter and thi,,„?f c ,"
contained, la true to the best of our knowledgo and belief. "tantr ano thing thereli
J;^;» A 'f t «R3,Pr Pt ldont.
Sebscrlbed and sworn to bofore me this 4th day of Tannary, 1893. ' C - nter **
t'*'"l K Notary Public ln and for I,o.« Angc'e. county, r»t,.te iiMtaMt'^nf.
Main Street Savings Bank and Trust Company
CAPITAL, - . $300,000.
The design of this institution is to afford a safe depository for the earnings of all ner»> n .
who are desirous of placing their money where it will be free from accident, and at the
SSSrW t? mi ? X ft? ,ht,m / fH ' r m \ oi 'nterest. Deposit* wm be received iv sum. of from Mt!
$5000 Working men and women should deposit ot least SI per week irom their wages Tin.
will form a nucleus that will ultimately enable you to purchase a home or bogin bufinesS' nhii
Pn U ±nra„^^Xm 0 a ner U " " *" "* Cm " ™
President. Vlce-Presldrat. Cashier
_MONFV TO LOAM Q tsl tvi OF? -r a C-t X St.
Los Angeles Savings Bank,
No, 336 North Main Street.
C A FIX AL,-. STOCK ' ft . ~_
H. W. HBLLMAN, President. j. B. PLATKK, Vioe-Preslflent
W. M. CASWELL, Cashier. >" ~
J. E. PLATER, EW. HELLMAN, Jr. *fff*l
5j tf jDPrT-Tntp.rn.t raid on deposits. Money to loan on nrat-elass real estate.
German-American {Savings liariic,
CAPITAL. PAID IN GOLD, - - $100,000 00
Interest compounded quarterly to depositors at tho rate ol 5 per cont on term and 8 6m ncr "nan
ou ordinary deposits, ' F
i. sr. Mcdonald, pres't db. Joseph kurtz and s. w. ltjitwbilbb, vice-Pies ts
Tit rOB PONBT, Treasurer. M. N. AVERY, Secy P. F. SCHUMACHER, Asst Beer
_ DIRECTORS. "*° '
J N. McDonald, H. w. Btoll, Joseph Ktjrti, M. N. Avsrt. B a p«nn..
Isaac H, Johnson. «*a-i,
gSP~ Open every Saturday evening for deposits. -^K5
Main Street Saving Bank and Tlust Company
j At.the close ol business December 31,1892.
assets. •
Cash on hand and due from banks..* 71,011 lo
Loans 823,482 28
Real estate 13,*77 87
Bonds 63,170 40
Furniture and fixtures 1,050 Ift
Other assets 751 70
¥474,752 55
Capital paid $ 50.000 00
Reserve land 0,000 00
Profltand loss 7 11
Dne depositors 418,745 44
$474,752 55
State or California,j m
"Hat J. B. Lankershim is president end J. V.
Wachtel is cashier ol the Main Street Savings
Bank and' Trust Company, the corporation
above mentioned, and that the foregoing state
ment is true to the best ol his knowledge and
(Signed) J. B. LANKERSHIM, President
(Signed) J. V. WACHTEL. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to belore me, this 31st
day oTDecember, 18*2. f WARRALL,
Notary public in and for the County of Los
Angeles. State of California. 1-3-tf
L° B *******
Cor. First and Spring streets.
capital TTTTTT: w 2222?
Surplus • 625 °0
Total $562,500
George H. Bonebrake ......President
W. G7 Cochran Vice-President
F. 0. Howes Cashier
B. W. Ooe Aast Cashier
Col. H. H. Markham, Perry M. Green, Warren
Glllelen, L. P. Crawloid, C. A. Marrlner, Geo.
H. Bonebrake, W. G. Cochran, F. 0. Howes.
No Interest Paid On Deposits.
Exchange lor sale on all the principal cities
of the United States and Europe.
CITIZENS' BANK, 318 South Spring Street,
Los Angeles, Cal.,
Will remove to their new and elegant rooms
ln Stimson Block when completed.
Branch office, Grand Opera House Block,
Pasadena, Cal.
T. 8. O. LOWB • • • .President
T W BROTHERTON Vice-President
A P. WEST Cashier
Buy and sell all first-clans securities.
STOCKS WANTED in the tos Angeles,
Pasadena and other gas companies.
First-class, well-secured Gas, Water and
Kail way bonds lor isle.
*"BaV~Tim* loans accepted, best of seourity
vsn and liberal interest paid. 12 20 6m
State Loan and Trust Co.
Subscribed Capital $1,000,000
Capital Paid Up 700,000
JOHN BBYSON, SB. Ist Vice-Presidents
W H PERRY 2d Vice-President
A. B. FLETCHER Cashle:
J. F. TOWBLL..Secretary and General Manas
George H. Bonobrako, W. G. Cochran,
H. J. Woollacott, Wm. H Crocker,
O. T. Johnson, Ban Francisco.
Judge W. P. Gardiner, A. A. Hubbard.
We act as trustees lor corporations and estates
Loan money on first-clans real estate and col
laterals. Keep choice securities for sale. Safs
deposit boxes for rent. Applications forloan
received from borrowers in person or by mall.
Dr. Wong Fay,
Having mado a study ol disease and the heal
ing art from early years, b»« opened 'he Benev
olent Dispensary at No. 227 South Main street,
where by conscientious practice he hopes to
mer.t the patronago ol the discriminating pus-
His stock of drugs is selected with extreme
care, resardles»-i>i tost, and Imported direct
Irom China for his own uso. His oiijeot is to
I relievo suffering rather than to acquire lame
and amass wealth. .... j *
All advice will be carefully given and Iree.
but a small charge, sufficient tv cover cost, will
be made lor medicines furnished.
12 No. 227 Sonth Main Street. 2
Main Offloe: LOS ATIoaLES
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO,
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Larnands,
Asnsa, Burbank. I'lauing Mills—Loa Angoles
and Pomona. Caigoes furnished to order.
Temple Block.
Capital Stock paid up $300,000
JOHN B. PLATER ..Presiden
tu. „, ~ DIBBCTOBS.
Jotham Bixby, Chas. Foiman,
k£9*"?* e ''> Lewellyn Bixby
B. S. Baker, John B. Plater,
600. H. Stewart.
Los Augeies, OaL
Capital (paid up) , ■SoO.OOf
Surplus and Profits 78o!oot
• Smmn
IBAIAB W. HELLMAN .-..riWabs*^
W. H. Perry. Osro W. Childs. J. B. Lanker
shim, 0. B. Thorn, O. Ducommun, H. W. HeU
man, T. L. Dnque, A. QlasseU, I. W. Hellman.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cities
ol the United States, Europe, China and Japan
CAPITAL 8T0CK..... $200,000
SURPLUS 295,000
J. M. klliott President
J. D. BICKNELL Vloe-Presldent
J. H. BRALY Oashlel
a. B. BHAFFEB Assistant Cashier
Directors—J. M. Elliott, J. D. Bicknell, 8. H
Mott, H. Mabury, J. D. Hooker, D. M. McQarry
Wm. Q. Kerckhofl. jn 1
Southeast corner First and Broadway.
Capital stock fully paid up $100,000
Surplus 60,000
B. M. WIDNBY President
D. 0. MILTIMORK V'oe-President
B. M. Widney, D. O. Mlltlmore, 8, W. Little,
0. M. Wells, John MeArthux, 0. A, Warner, I*
J. P. Morrill.
General banking business, and loans on first
class real estate solicited. Buy and sell first
class stocks, bonda and warrants. Parties wish
ing to invest ln first-class securities on either
long or short time can be accommodated.
BANK, 101 8. Spring St., Nadeau block.
1., N. Breed ™ ...President
Wm. F. BosbyshoU Vloe-Presldent
0. N. Flint Cashier
Capital paid ln gold coin «200,000
Surplus and undivided profits.... LBSB
Authorised capital 800.000
L. N. Breed. H. T. Newell, Wm.H. Avery.
Silas Holman.W. H. Holliday. B. C. Bosbyshell
M. Hagau, Frank Rader, D. Bemiek.Thos Ooss
William F. Bosbyshell. 7-1 tl
Corner of Spring and Second streets,
Capital paid np ¥250,000
J. M. 0. Marble ..• ■ .President
O H Churchill Vloe-Presldent
a! Hadley • • Asst. Cashier
Dr. W. L. Graves, B. F. C. Klokke. O. T. John
son, W. Hadley, B. N. McDonald, H. H. Sher
man, Fred Baton, John Wolfskin, Thos. B
Bard. 10 - 31
Southeast corner Spring and Conrt streets
Los Angeles, Cal.
B F Bfbhcb, President,
a, r. ersn «j How vlco-Presldont.
J. H. Bb ai.t, Gassier and Tress
Geo. H, Bonebrake, J. H. Braly, H. L. Drew,
j m Elliott, C. N. Hanson. F. C. Howes, M. W.
Stimson, Hiram Mabury. E. F. Spence, warren
Glllelen. Vl6m_
Cor. Broadway and Second st,, Los Angeles.
Subscribed capital $50T,e00
Paid up capital 000,000
Surplus 20,000
J. Frankenfleld President
Ham Lewis Vice-President
J. M. Witmer Cashier
John G. Mossin Assistant Cashlei
J. Frankenfleld, G. W. Hughes, Sam Lewis,
J.C.Kays. E.W.Jones. I. B. Newton,
Horvoy Llndloy, R.F. Lotspeich.
General banking and exchange buslnesi
transacted m* *m
37 Sonth Spring street
Capital Stock $300,00t
directors. _
W. T. Childress, Poludcxtor Dnuu,
J. J. Sohallert, E. B. Crandall,
John S. Park, R. a. Lunt,
A, D. Childress.
General banking. Fir* end burglar prpofssfj
Deposit boxes rewpd at Irom $3 to $80 pstsa

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