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Weather B areata.
Beport of observations taken at Lost Angelas,
January 18,1893.
I— ~
a.m. |
Max. tern., 69; mlo, tern., 41.
Forecast tor Bonthern California: Fair wea
ther, slight changes la temperature; north to
east winds.
Mr. R. A. Cunningham ia playing his
troupe of Australian blacks, throwing
the boomerang on the southern circuit.
The troupe will appear at Santa Monica
on next Sunday.
Tbere are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union Telegraph office,
corner of Court and Main Btreetß. Jan
nary 18,1893, for Olin Wellborn, Lewis
Young, VictuW Botello and T. F. Harley.
Mr. W. S. Toting of Lordßburg wrote
• letter to the Hsrai v recently referring
to the trouble settlers were having re
garding the titles to the lands in a cer
tain section near Lordeburg. In an in
troductory paragraph which was put
on to Mr. Young's letter, it was Btated
that this decision was from the su
preme court. Mr. Young writes that
this was an error, the complication re
sulting from an opinion of the secretary
of the|interior, tbe courtß not having
dicided the matter.
A very interesting meeting of the
Architectural association was held last
evening with the president, J. N. Pres
ton, in the chair. An instructive paper
on Building Stones. Where Can We Get
Them and What Will They Cost, was
read by Sumaer P. Hunt, one of their
members, followed by a discussion of
the subject. Matters of business were
also brought, before the society. The
next meeting oecnison the first Wednes
day evening in February, at which time
new officers for the ensuing six mouths
will be elected.
Oysters 50 cents a dozen, and a reduc
tion in prices of all California wines by
the bottle. Ice cream and salads for
parties. Hollenbeck hotel cafe.
E. E. Smith of Chicago ia at the
Geo. Hanson of New York is at the
J. B. Kirkland of Portland, Ore., is in
the city.
W. H. Parsons of Duluth, Minn., is at
the Nadeau.
C. 0. Pike of San Francisco is at the
C. E. Hnrriman of Boston, Macs., is
at the Nadeau.
Darby Taylor of fkn Francisco is at
the Hollenbeck.
W. L. Hepperstall of Kansas City Ib
at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gird of Chino
are in Los Angeles.
Walter Maxwell will leave today on a
business trip to Arizona.
Mr. and Mrs. Hsnrv Shafer of Oarroll
ton, 111., are at tbe Nadeau.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbaa. W. Campbell of
St. Joeeak, Mo., are in tbe city.
E. B. flferitt and H I). Boardman of
ChicagoaSot the Hollenbeck.
Dr. Sharp, T. J. Kelly and James D.
Stubbs, jr., are among the San Fran
ciecane at the Hollenbeck.
G. B. Moore, Chicago; F. A. Moore
and F. M. Brash of San Bernardino are
a party at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. aad Mre. A. N. Mann, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Christworth and two child
ren, and Mrs. F. G. Mann, all of Dallas,
Tex., are at the Hollenbeck.
W. H. Harvey, a prominent resident
of Ogden, Utah, is in the city on a
pleasure trip and will remain in Los
Angeles and vicinity for about a month.
F. W. Braun of the firm of F. W.
Braun & Co., who has been seriously ill
for eeveral months past, ia now able to
attend to business. Mr. Braan's speedy
recovery_fe due to the skillful treatment
of Dr. Choate.
IMrarw Your Own Conclusion.
Mr. J. O. Davenport, manager of the
Fort Bragg Eedwood company, Fort
Bragg, Cal., has this to say of Chamber
lain's Cough Kemedy : "I used it for a
severe cold and cough, and obtained im
mediate relief. In tbe Fort Bragg Bed
wood company's etorewe have sold large
vnantitießof Chamberlain's medicines."
For sale by C. F. Heinzeman. Z22 N.
Main, druggist.
A Splendid tot of Young Driving Borltl,
Two matched teams and two single
fcarneea roadsters, bred by L. J. Rose,
jr.. from the very best blood lines in
Southern California, are now offered for
sale at U. A. Covarrubias' stables on
Loa Angeles street, near Second street.
These horses are all young and sound,
warranted free from any hereditary
defect, and good and satisfactory rea
sons for their disposal will be given to
the intending purchaser.
Xbinger's Restaurant.
The finest in the city; the favorite of
eastern tourißtß. Service unexcelled od
the coast. Meals served a la carte.
French dinners from 12 till 8 p. m.
Ladies' parlor connected.
Tbe w. c. Furrey Company,
MOB. 159 to 165 North Spring street, ha*
In stock the finest line of plumbing
lioods in the city.
Plumbing » Specialty
At the W. C. Furrey company, 159 to
165 North Spring street.
A Dellghtral Changs.
Lot Angeles people desiring » change will
appreciate tbe fact that at Coron«do Beacb
tbe rainfall fer this season haß been scarcely
over an Inch, not one-fifth the ran at Los An
geles. Every day is an edition of tbe Jcne
daysof oar childhood, only with a lew more
embellishment* on the covers—tbe sunrises
and sunsets being particularly fine Just now.
Fur Information about the beautiful Hotel del
Coronado, call at the agency, 129 North Spring
sireet, Los Anseles.
Heng Lee's Holiday Gooda.
Chinese and Japsnesecurlos: silk dress pat
terns: ladies' emu oldered silk handkerchiefs,
two for io rev s. Manufactures ladies' under
wear and gents' furDlahtug goods. Al>o an ex
tensive line ol new helid&y goods at very low
prices. Pleas l call and inspect our stock be
lire purchasing elsewhere, No. 605 North
Vain Btreet, near plszi.
again to the Front.
X, Cohen, formerly of the well-kmwn Vien
na bakery, is once more In bnslness and is lo
a.te at 314 ,-outh -pring street, where he I
crnriucling a coff. c and lunch room and where
bo will be pleased to see bia man 7 friends ana
tie public in general.
Oar Soma Brew.
Maier A Zobeleln-s Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught In all Ibe principal sa
loons, delivered promt,.,y ln bo'tles or ksge.
Oflsce and Brewery. 444 aliso tt. Telephone 91
Visiting Cards Et>g-r»v«d
At Langstadter'.. 214 Was* tUcoad, Tel. 762
%. D. List, noury nsMlc. I Mil jairrn m
roily drawn. 127 Weat «wat i._i;,bone 165
Wall paper, 337 8. rrt/rts*. btmtm merit
Catalina island, a summer retort in
winter. Ocean all around make* the
r,iuj4io sisy QBHrBBa v.than on
the main land. Never a frost. Bathing
same aa in summer. Avalon hooae open
I the year round. Kiih right ont of the
water a specialty. Address Mrs, 8. A,
Wheeler, Avalon.
The canvass forCorran's Los Angeles
City Directory for the year 18SS has
commenced; the book will be printed
and published as in IS9I ; the compila
tion will be under the immediate super
vision of W. H. Li Corraa. Ofnc«, ttt
South Broadway.
Mrs. Helen L. Bullork of Klniira, N.
V.. national organizer and lectnrer of
the W. C. T. V„ will lecture in First M.
E. church, on Broadway, on Sunday
next at S :30. on tue subject. Whose
If yon want to buy a nice 40 acre fmit
ranch, with plenty of water, IS miles
from Los Angeles—price, *fW per acre;
*UOO cash, balance on time—address P.
O. box. SB, Station C.
Tonight, world's, lair colored stereop
ticon views, taken from completed
buildings in Chicago, with lecture at Y.
M. C. A. hall.
At McDonald's cloeirnsont sale, men's
calfskin shoes at $£ 80. Frery line of
shoes in the bouse is likewise selling at
Excursions to Catalina until fnrther
notice every Saturday. Inquire of
Wilmington Transportation company,
130 West Second street. Good hotels
on the island.
Dr. A. Z. Valla, physician and sur
geon. Office and residence, 12ti North
Main, new McD. block. Telephone iS4.
Illich's restaurant, 145 and 147 North {
Main etreet. Everything new and first
class. Private apartments. Freeh fish,
oysters and game daily. Open all night.
Dr. Price. M. R. C. V. S., veterinary
surgeon, California stables, 373 North
Main etreet. Business punctually at
tended to.
Arrowhead Hot Springs, the famous
winter resort for Southern California.
'Bus meets all day trains at Arrowhead
The Windermere, on Ocean avenue.
Santa Monica, is a pleasant winter re
sort, beautifully situated overlooking
the Pacific ocean.
Have your old mirrors resilvered as
good as new at H. Raphael dt Co., 40$.
410 South Spring.
Dr. K. D. Wise, office North
Main street. Office hours from" Bto 10
a. m. and 2tosp. m. Telephone 316.
Dr. C. Edgar Smith, rupture, female,
rectal diseases. Seventh and Main
streets. Telephone 1031.
We manufacture everything iv tbe
looking-glass line; all work guaranteed.
H. Raphael & Co., 405.410 South Spring.
Latest sheet music publications my
specialty. Fitzgerald, the music dealer,
Spring and Franklin.
Dr. Joßeph Kurtz and Dr. Carl Kurtz,
physicians and surgeons, have removed
their offices to 147 South Main street.
Try our Sonoma Zinfandel wine at 50
cents per gallon. T. Vache & Co., cor.
Commercial and Alameda sts. Tel. 309.
Dr. Tudor, dentißt, removed to Hotel
Ramona, Third and Spring sts. Crown
and bridge work.
R. G. Cunningham, dentist, rooms 1
and 2, Phillips block, N. Spring street.
Dr. Hollingsworth, reopened dental
office, South Spring street.
Insure with A. O. Goleh, 147 South
Dr. Lindley, 331 }£ South Spring street.
An illustrated lecture on the Life and
Times of Columbus and on the Colum
bian Exposition was given by Mr. and
Mrs. Breck, in Y. M. C. A. hall, last
night. Stereopticon views of the vari
ous points in the life of Columbuß were
given, accompanied with biographical
comment by Mra. Breck. Views of the
buildings at the fair grounds were aleo
shown. Mrs. Breck made running com
ments upon tbe buildings and tbe na
ture of the exhibits to be held in them.
The Most Pleasant Way
Of preventing the grippe.colds, headaches
and fevers is to uee the liquid laxative
remedy Syrup of Figs whenever the sys
tem needs a gentle, yet effective cleans
ing. To be benefited, one must get the
true remedy, manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only. For Bale by
all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles.
A marriage license was issued yester
day by the county clerk to Rudolph
Swinney, aged 32, a native of Missouri,
and Jenette Dalglersh, aged 22, a native
of Michigan; both residents of Los
At the drug store, a valuable package,
worth its weight in gold. My hair has
stopped falling and all dandruff has dis
appeared since I found skookum root hair
grower. Ask your druggist about it.
The Weir Stove
Can only be obtained at the W. C. Fur
rey oarspany, 153 to 105 North Spring
All parties are warned to pay no
taaatej ior cabecriptions to one W. S.
Wattfburj, who claiming to be an
atent <jS the HitKiLii. Waterbury is a
■ "ra.-- of eke, with gray,
oKrj uair, and walks with a limp. Any
iarfesTsastfirin concerning him will be
gladly received by the Herald.
<>>,■><> to fiend Kant.
The &H>c«e New Year's Hkbald ie
tbe best paper to send to your eastern
friends. A fall description of every
county in rjoutbera California ie given.
Aleo statistics of climate, cost of land,
product*, etc. Price, 6 cents per copy
in wrappers. For sale by news dealeia
or st the Hzbuld office.
Cutlery and Barroom Fixture.
At reasonable pries* at the W. C. Furrey
company, 15ft to W> North Spring street.
In great variety at the W. C. Furrey
company, 159 to 166 North Spring street.
Death from Frlgbt, l
I have interested myself somewhat in
looking np unusual causes of death, and
have met several well authenticated'
cases where fright was the cause. The
English Surgeon General Francis tells
of a drummer in India across whose legs
a harmless lizard crawled while he was
half asleep. He was sure that a cobra
had bitten him, and it was too much for
his nerves, and he died.—Dr. Elder in
Washington Post.
A CalUnt Kepljr.
A distinguished Philadelphia lawyer'
asked by his wife iv company when the
question was going round, "Who would
, ou rather be if not yourself?" made the
rallant reply. "Your second husband,
lear/'—San Francisco Argonaut. j
Democrats Preparing to Wel
come Senator White.
The Xew* of "Onr Steve's" Election
Causes Hftioral Rejoicing-.
The I>em -oratlc County Central Com
■altte* at Oprt Arrange to Give
the Senator a Splendid
Welcome Home.
When yesterday the wires flashed the
news of the eleoliou of Hon. Stephen
M. White to the high office of United
Siatoe senator for the great state of
; California, the expectant Democracy of
j I.os Angeles nnbcisoirted its enthusiasm.
The anvils placed at the plaia boomed
ont £1 times the glorious news to the
resident* of the new senator's home and
al! the pent np feeling of euspeuse un
bosomed itself in broad emiles, gleeful
handshake* and echoing hurrahs, nnd a
delightful part of the jubilation was
that it was confined to no particular
party, faction or set of man. but waß a
Pennine expression of the whole people,
IVmocrat*. Republicans. Populists and
what note.
The telegraph otlice was surrounded
by large crowds and did a land office
business be hours after the announce
ment, sending congratulatory telegrams
to the new senator.
About tbe tirst massage of congratula
tion sent was the following from the
representative of the local Democracy :
Los Asgeies, Cal., Jan. IS. 1593.
T.i Senator Stephen M. Whi.e, Sacramento,
On behalf of the Democracy of Los An
geles county, ycu are congratulated en
your glorious victory and deserved ele
vation, to tbe United Stateß senate. The
contral committee has determined to
tender ycu a banquet on your return
home. Please designate date es soon as
possible. C. F. A. Last,
Chairman County Committee.
H. P. Wilson, Secretary.
In anticipation of the election of Mr.
White, which to the knowing has been
a foregone conclusion for days past, the
executive committee of the Democratic
county central committee met yesterday
fir the purpose of determining upon
Eoine form of recognition of his great
victory in behalf of the Democracy of
Los Angeles county, and it was then de
termined that upon his election and at
bis return a grand banquet be given,
and such a banquet as has never before
been bad in Los Angeles. Tbe
purpose, as expressed at the
meeting, was that while the cele
bration be given under the auspiceß
of the Democratic committee, the occa
sion be made as non-partißan as possi
ble and in behalf of the whole of
Southern California; and to this end
representatives from all the southern
counties be invited aud if possible
speakers of national fame be secured.
The committee of arrangements was in
structed to endeavor to secure one of the
theaters for the banquet, so as to ac
commodate as large a number of per
sons as possible, and also that the
boxes and galleries might be occupied
by ladies at the speech-making, as was
the arrangement at the great Reform
club banquet to President Cleveland,
given at the Garden theater in New
The following gentleman were named
by the executive committee as a com
mittee of arrangements:
C. F. A. Last, chairman; John W.
Mitchell, William A. Ryan, H. P. Wil
son, T. L. Skinner. George S. Patton,
R. F. del Valle. J. B. Lankershim, M. C.
Marsh, A. McNally.
It is intended that Senator White
shall be received in an appropriate
manner at the depot immediately upon
his arrival. Further details of this
matter will be published as soon bb
definite arrangements are made.
A Noted Chicago Woman the Victim of
a Keprehenslble Scheme.
An Associated Press dispatch recently
stated that Mre. Potter Palmer of Chi
cago had been made very indignant by
the use by a brewer's firm in tbat city
of her portrait on a calendar for adver
tising purposes.
Mrs. Palmer's perturbation cau be
comprehended by any one who has seen
the picture complained of. Some cop
ies have been received in ibis city.
They represent the lady as
reclining upon a couch, very
lightly clad, and revealing a
wealth of charms. It is in some
respects a very attractive picture, but
the feelings of Mra. Palmer can be im
agined, while her husband would be
justified in breaking the neck of the
man who designed tbe affair.
The picture is produced by a well
known trick of unscrupulous photo
graphers. The photograph of the body
of some young woman is taken in a sug
gestive pose; then a portrait of some
well-known woman is obtained and ber
face is added to the picture of the per
son of the tirst woman. The result is
most distressing to the woman whose
face is used. Some photographer has
obtained a picture of Mrs. Palmer's
lace and added it to the figure of an
other woman.
Some time ago a depraved photog
rapher in New York wan arrested and
sent to prison for the same trick. He
would sell nude picture! of well known
women. The faces were excellent like
nesses and the purchasers thought they
were buying an evidence of the lewd
ness of women prominent on tbe stage
or in society. When arrested, however,
the photographer confessed hie trick
iness. He had a young woman model,
and be would photograph her person in
any pose that struck his fancy, but for
ber face he would substitute that of
some lady who was prominently before
tbe public. He received a severe sen
tence, and the same punishment should
be awarded to the wretch who hue of
fended in the case of the celebrated Chi
cago lady
smalle.t PUI in the World!
©Tuffs Tiny Pills©
Oiw rial of these puis will save runny
©dollar* in doctor's bills. They areata,
specially prepared on a family
Icine, unci .inpjdies w vinl long felt.
£SkTl.<>y runov* unhealthy nt cumula- ffffx
%m* ti* >iis from < -he bod* wlMiont nausea or V
nlplnfl/i Adapted to old and yoiuur.
Jjrrhf. Wr. Ofnis.Cß P»rk Place, N.
wa pe-rforfc ■notation oFnatnrcjlmposs-W
iblo to deLoct it. Price, SI per box,
• © ©©©C©©©©
Three Papers by Local Lecturers on Fi
nancial Subjects.
The attendance at the Unity club's
"lectures "last night was larger thau at
any one of tbe six discourses delivered
by Prof. Joseph Le Conte, who is the
; greatest scholar in tbe state, ii there be
one scholar greater than another. The
only hypothesis upon which one cau
base this increased attendance to hear
local lecturers is that their subjects all
were embraced within the scope of
money-making, aud there is no man so
rich that he would not rather be a little
richer. Hence the audience waa both
large and appreciative.
The first lecture of the evening was by
President J. M. Elliott of the First Na
tional bank, and his subject was Bank
ing. Although each speaker had hut
20 minutes allotted him, Mr. Elliott
went rapidly over tho history of banking :
operations in America, and then
found time to go into considerable
detail over the national banks of
tbe present era and tbe important rela
tion sustained by them to mercantile
life in every great city. His paper was
most interesting.
Tbe second speaker waa Mr. George
H. Stewart, cashier of Ihe bank of
America, who described the methods of
the clearing house, by the aid of dia
grams upon a blackboard, so lucidly
that the veriest tyro would have no dif
ficulty in comprehending them. He was
loudly applauded for the easy and
graphic manner in which he delineated
this modern system, which haß been so
valuable an aid to financial institutions.
The closing speaker of tho eveniDg
was Mr. A. D. Childress of the City
bank. This gentleman had chosen for
his discourse the subject of Municipal
Bonds, and his showing of tho relations
between our great towns and cities on
the oue hand, and tbe musses of the
people who hold their indebtedness on
the other, was a very clearly put and
well constructed narrative. It was well
written, and delivered in an off-hand
manner which showed n thorough fa
miliarity with his subject. Mr. Child
ress was loudly applauded at the close
of his remarks, and the audience then
Mr. Narramore Blames Howard for the
Failure to Come to Time.
The following appeared in the Herald
There was an attempt last week to ar
range a 100-yard foot race between
Charley Howard and True Narramore.
members of tbe Athletic club. It was
said that Narramore offered to bet one
to two that he could beat Howard if
Howard would givo him a handicap of
10 feet. Thia suited the Howard men,
so they offered to put up the money.
Tbe match was not arranged, however,
because they claimed that Narramore
backed down.
The above waß obtained from prepum
ably good authority, and there was no
attempt to do injustice to any of the
parties concerned. Mr. Narramore,
however, takes exceptions to it and
writeß the following statement:
Editors Herald: I noticed in this
morning's Herald that the proposed
foot race between C. V. Howard and T.
C. Narramore, jr., was broken off, ow
ing to Narramore backing down. I
have ample proof to show that thiß is
The sole reason that the match was
not made was that the Howard men
would not agree te give Narramore suf
ficient time to get into shape.
T. C. Narramore, Jb.
From Newberg.
C. F. Moore & Co., prominent drug
gests of Newberg, Ore., cay: "Since our
customers have become acquainted with
tbe good qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, we sell but little of any
other kind. Chamberlain's medicines
all give good satisfaction. For Bale by
C. F. Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, druggist.
A Union Labor Bill.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 18.—A hill
passed the house this morning which
makes it a misdemeanor to discharge
employes or threaten to discharge them
becauee they belong to labor organi
Homely Faces
Softened Into Great
Beauty by La Freckla.
Made young again by LA FRECKLA.
La Freckla is tbe greatest, the most wonderful
and the only cure In existence for freckles.
1 A FR&CKLA is thd latest sensation among
physicians and chemists. Discovered by Mme.
Yale and used by her until her beauty became
so wonderful that those who knew her before
became afraid of her great and bewitching
beauty. Mme. Yale at the age of 40 looked 18.
Her complexion is so beautiful one has to go
close to tee she is a living being. Mme. Yale
has placed La Freckla on tbe market The
women of the world may have tbe benefit ot
her secret and become as beautiful as this love
ly Queen ot Beauty. Send 6 cents in stumps
and Mme. Yale will send you free of charge
ber famous Beauty Bock sho bai wri ten to in
struct women how to become beautiful.
LAFRE KLA will be shipped you upon re
ceipt of price, or jou may get it from your
drugpist. Mmc Yale's bi.nk instructs young
girls hnw to win a husband, and married ladies
how to retain theli husbands' atiections, and
women of all ages how to be beautiful.
Price of La Freckla.
For sale by all first-class druggists.
Address all orders and letters, MME. M.
YALtt, Beauty aud Complexion Hpecia Ist.
146 STATE STREET, CHICAGO, 11,1... or
37 WEST 14TH ST., N. Y.
a Specialtyjfi
Always Open. Telephone 61.
W^U^g* o " l Coa 1. f'r«,.c>-nt Coal.
Dlamonda ln Winter limn.
Charcoal, Kindling, and Fuel nf all kinds.
Mill Feed a specialty.
313 South Broadway. 1-18 Ira Lob Angeles, Cal.
Wo Ammcnis. No Atom.
A pure cream of tartar powder.
Used in the U. S. Army and by
teachers of cookery.
Cleveland's is the standard, it
never varies, it does the most work,
the bestworkand is perfectly v/hoie
But your own experience is better
than anybody's " say so," and your
own experience will show you that
Cleveland's, baking powder is the
strongest and the best. Try it.
Taking butter from milk
was known in the earliest
times. It was left for our
time to make a milk of cod
liver oil.
Milk, the emulsion of but
ter, is an easier food than
butter. Scott's Emulsion of
cod-liver oil is an easier food
than cod-liver oil. It is rest
for digestion. It stimulates,
helps, restores, digestion;
and, at the same time, sup
plies the" body a kind of
nourishment it can get in no
other way.
C'ott & Bowne. Chemists, 132 Soerh sth Avenue.
New York.
Your Hnifigist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil—ell druggists everywhere do. ji.
j Liebig COMPANY'S j
J FlaVor and TP holes omen o* s. .
jry Genuine only J
lv *3 ture. ss shown. <
Tho Doctor will tell all about your Disease
without asking a question. If you can
not be cured he will tell jou so, and
positively will not take your money.
Diseases of Men and Women Thor
oughly Understood. Quickly and
Permanently Cured.
The Golden West Medical Institute, at No
142 South Maiu street, fully equipped
with all the latest and best scientific
Remedies and Appliances.
Charges Low. All .Cases Guaran
teed and Treated by
Specialists of .long experience who are pre*
partd to cure all
Diseases of Men.
Nervous Debility oi Exhaustion, Wasting
Weaknts-es, Karly Decay, Lack .©f Vim,
Vigor aud Strength, all Disorders and De
biliticß of Youth and Manhood caused by
too close application to business or stuoy.
Severe Mental ritruiu or Grief, Sexual Ex
cesses in middle life, or from the effects of
youthful follies, yield reatlily to our new
treatment. Every case guaranteed.
Women who Suffer
And are leading a life of misery and un
happiness would d* well to consult the
old doctor ln charge. Twenty-seven
years' experience in tho treatment oi
Female Complaiats. He is always ready
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your delicate organism Is be ond his
sure control. Regulating trtattcent wai
ranted for all Irrt-gutarities, no mattei from
what cause Private, confidential; you
need see no one but the doctor.
Kidney and Bladder
Troublas, Weak B >ck, Fain in the Side,
Abdomen, Bladder, hediment in Urine,
Brick Duft or White, Pain while Urinating,
B ight'a Disease, and alt diseases of the
urinary orgaus of both «exes.
Private Blood and Skin.
All diseases of a Private Nature, Sores,
Discharges, Skin Spots, Pimples, Scrofula.
Syphilitic, taint and eruptions of al) kinds
quickly and permanently cured.
#100,000 deposit forfeit for any case uf
Cancer that car. not be permanently re
moved without the use of knife. No pain
or danger. The doctor's own method, for
which he has been offered thousands oi
dollars. Any skin Cancer. Mole, Wart, etc.,
removed in thirty minutes. We challenge
the world to produce an equal treatment
for the permanent cure of Cancer.
MAP** Catarrh, Throat and Lung Troubles
Cured by our own exclusive Inhalatiou
If you cannot call you cau be cured at horn«
Write your cas ■ plainly. Medicine sent secur*
from observation.
Cures guaranteed in every case.
142 Bouth Main St., Los Angelea, Cal.
Head office, Quebec; branch office, Montre,
Oanada. 12-201jr
No Razzle-Dazzle
Drop a Nickle in the Slot o R
"Please Help the Blind"
Schemes Worked Here!
We find that it pays to put the wool upon the
backs of the people instead of pulling it over their
ey.es. Onr past and present
Enormous Business Proves It.
It's an old but true saying that "Satan finds mis
chief for idle hands to do," which is plainly seen by
the many chestnut "fakes" now being worked by the
''side shows" about town in their vain but frantic ef
forts to attract the unwary into their dimly-lighted
shops, filled with high-cost odds and ends. If you
haven't seen the elephant called "Shoddy,'' go look at
him, but hold on to your pocket book till you get to
known to you all as
And then you will see what a difference there ex
ists between the scanty-stocked "holes in the wall"
and our Colossal Establishing nt containing over a
QUARTER MILLK -N-DOLLAR slock of Men and
Boys' Fine and Reliable Clothing, Hats and Shoes,
which we're selling at 25 to 50 per cent less than the
vendors of shoddy tax-you-for-guesses-blauks. brazen
banners and panoramas of moth-eaten and camphor
cured plunder.
Bear in Mind!
That Saturday night at 10 o'clock our Great and
Unparalled Suit aud Overcoat Sale comes to a most
successful end. If you don't require a suit or top coat
for immediate wear, join the crowds and select from
our Peerless Stock of Richly Tailored Cl<-thing the
best garments ever sold on this continent for the
money, as they'll surely "come in handy" next season.
693 Buys the best $10 suit or overcoat in the
995 Buys the best $15 suit or overcoat in the
Ci 0 QR Buys the best $20 suit or overcoat in
4>lZ.t/0 the state.
———— Children's 50c knee pants go at
"|\ T 1 1 20c each or 3 pair for 50c.
IVlOtnerS Child's 40c and 50c shirt waists
______________ go at 15c each.
For the greatest bargains on top of God's footstool attend
the great bargain carnival now going on at
128 130 132 134 NORTH SPEIIG ST.
And all the Various Diseases of the Head,
Throat aud Chest Successfully
Treated by
No. 137 c. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.,
By the A BUB AN By.teru of l'ractice, Com
bined with Proper Constitutional Kern
edies Whca Required.
The following are prominent symptoms In
the first stage, and wherever any oi them exist
a thorough examination should always be
made with a view to arrest, the disease if shown
to exist: There is usually a sense.- o' weariiie-s
upon a little exercise, a disposition to remain
passive and, idie, despondency, often fro in no
anparent cause, a peculiar sensitiveness to ihe
effect of cold, and a breathlc stue-s upon mov
ing quickly or ascending a hill or stairs, a
si ght, hacking co"gh, with or without txpec
toration, excitability upon slight occasions,
flying pains through the chest or back, or un
der the shoulder blades. Toe symptoms a r e
more noticeable toward or during the night;
slUht fever in the aften oon, cold feet mid
bauds, or in many esses blue lividlty of the
lips and roots of the fingernails. Bom«tltDßS
spitting of blood or slight streaks ii: tin mu
cous is the first indication < f tubercular de
posit, or it may bcachiily sensation in tho
back, foil- wed by more or less heat in the
palms of the haiiCU, or an aft* moon flu-h on
the cheeks. Tbes'owarid gradual iur* ads of
this form of consumption have thu stomach
ai d appetite undisturbed for a ;-t >era r le
time. Mnally, however, hecti" lever and night
sweats supervene, preceded by diarthcea. Then
the loss of flesh and strength becomes rapid,
the chest contracts: the fea ures sharpen, the
eye at unusual brilliancy, aud the pa
tient begins to realize that he isiu the last
stage of coufl mcd con uinption
Persons desiring treatuo-n', by this system of
practice •an use the reified lei at home as well
as at our office, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance lo business whatever.
oomultatlonsfrt-e.and prices within tne reach
of all. Tne very best of references from those
ui-t at' y cured.
Those who desire to consult with me in re
gard to their ca-es had better call at tbe office
for an examination, but if impossible t » visit
tbe office personally, may write for a lUt of
qut-stlous and circular, botu of which will be
rent (reo of charge Address
M. Hilton Williams, M. D.,
137 s. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
126 North Main Street, NewKuaW
Th« moa successful Private Disease doctor
lv th- Stare. (i<>n< rrhea, Gleet, Btrictar«#
Seminal Weukuess, Nervous D«binty»
Hy[>htlm, Hktn ana Kidney disease* and
Sexual Weakneiig Buccr>s oily treated. Med
i'.'lnoa rruparcd iv private laboratory, Botb
eeioti consult in confidence. Dr. White ha*
no hi-ed'Ub-tltuttß. Yt>u ccc tho doctor only.
Dr White in the only Jn tho State
who Bxr.lut-.ivdy treats private, norvoai and
chronic diseases. Cure*, guaranteed in all
CurablecaaM. Don't waste lime with patent
medlu nt-. If you have auy sexual trouole
co suit Dr. Wtt i te. Scientific treatment.
Reasonable charges.
Weak Men and Women
cnouLD use i>a!)iia:va bitvkko,
too Great »'«xlcan Remedy, givei Ue»>Ui,
and Strength.» ' • - - *iQi£?ua,

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