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Mrs, Router of Santa Ana
Knocks Out a Man.
.Pasadena's as a Musical
fv nlj at Badlands—Orniigo County
Orange. Growers Dts..att»l)rd-Be
doudu Shipping and Local
No:es—Anaheim News.
Santa Ana, Jan. 19 —Not an orange
lacking firm in thia city is at work, as
et, packing oranges, and the crop is
ripening finely. Many of oar largest
growers have not as .yet made any ar
rangements for the handling of their
crop? and a decided dissatisfaction ex
ists here against letting the agents send
them east on consignment. A strong
effort is being made by the orange grow
ers of Tustin to get the producers of this
county to combine and market their own
crop, thereby cutting loose from the
middlemen. Sc nic conclusion will have
lo be reached soon, for there are a
arge auantity of oranges now ready for
Biff, bang!
Mrs. Re'uter is one of the principal
figures in a sensational divorce case now
being tried before tbe superior conrt of
this county, and is a large, powerfully
built woman. Now, on this divorce case
hangs a tale, and many an interesting
piece of news matter might be gotten,
but the superior court room doorß are
barred and reporters enter not.
About 11 o'clock this morning the
court room door noiselessly opened and
the commanding figure of Mrs. Reuter
appeared upon the scene. She was cvi
dently angry, and walked rapidly out
into the corridor, and np to Wm. Bel
ibaw, who was standing near the
iheriff's ofllce. When directly in front
)f the gentleman she turned and dealt
lim a terrific right-band smash in the
ace, causing the blood to flow freely,
oosening several teeth and completly
mocking him out. .
After doing this she turned about and
returned to the court room. Belebaw,
is soon as he got repaired, went before
fudge Freeman and had Mrs. Renter ar
rested on a charge of battery, and tbe
sase will probably come up tomorrow.
Mrs. Reuter says that Belshaw has
testified or stated that 1 c had had im
proper relations with her, and she did
bot propose to permit any man to talk
Uiat way. She has it stored away for
me or two other talkative men in this
lity, and doesn't mind paying a few
rnltry dollars in the way of fines, just to
5t them know she can protect her own
The divorce case is being bitterly con
eeted, the array of legal talent on both
ides being notable. Judge Shaw of
jOs Angeles is hearing the case, which
vill laßt several days.
Orange county is not alone noted for
ta fast horses, foot-racers, climate, soil
nd production, but it is also making
(uite a record aa a divorce center,
The delegates from the different Sun
lay schools in 8 the state will meet in
janta Ana early iv March to hold the
innual Sunday-school convention, and
everal hundred delegates are expected
obe present. Arrangements for their
iropsr reception, are already being
Mrs. Charlotte S Puff died thiß morn
fig at her home in tbll city after a long
Illness of much suffering. The deceased
lady leaves a husband and two children
to mourn her untimely end. She was 29
years of age. The funoral wiil be held
tomorrow at 3 p. m.
Benjamin Hustler, the old man kicked
ly a horse at El Modena last
Tuesday, died of the injuries
leceived yesterday. A coronet's
nquest was held this morning, and the
ury found that death resulted from the
injuries received by the old man by be
iD(i kicked. The deceased was a native
»f France, aged 79 years, and so far ac
known, leaves no relatives. He was
buried in this city today, aud his effects
snd property taken possession of by the
public administrator. Huslter was an
eccentric old man who lived all alone in
» little house at El Modena.
The Baldwin children played to a good
bouse in this city last night,
A game of baseball ia to be played in
the near future between nines from
tbe Pasadena and Santa-. Ana high
■choole. The game will be played in
this city.
Two carloads of hogs were shipped
from this city to Los Angeles today,
while a carload oi peauuts was shipped
to San Francisco,
The Los Angeles Herald comes to
hand in an enlarged form with a new
head and an attractive vignette. It ib
now piinted on its new Hoe perfecting
press, has serrated edges and presents a
substantial metropolitan appearance.
The Hebald is an old-time favorite down
this way, and we are glad to note itß
evidences of prosperity.—[Anaheim
M. Mendelson of Capintrano was in
town yesterday.
The ladies of the Congregational
church will give a hard times social in
Congregational hall, next Wednesday
Clyde Wat Eon, residing at The
Needles, is visiting friends in thia city.
, C. W. Newton and J. Harrison bf
lowa aro visiting in this city.
Shipping Blatters and Local Happenings
Kkdondo Bhacii, Jan. 19.—Captain
Lsland, the Bteamer Eureka, from the
north, ie due today with 123 tons mer
chandise and 15 passengers for this port.
E. Heiber is about to open the finest
meat market ever seen in Redondo, lo
cated directly opposite the Santa Ec
The general expression of satisfaction,
on learning the result at Sacramento of
the electiou of Stephen M. White for
United States senator was very pro
nounced in our burg tcday.
Mr. W. A. T. Savage ia in Redondo to
day, and represent! tbe Harry VVeesiu
ger Tobacco company of Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Savage is placing some heavy stocks
Postmaster Foster of Lubce, Me,, writes
that niter tho Grip. Hood's Sarsaparilla brought
turnout ef a feeble, nervous condition, into
tomi'lcte strength and health.
Hood's rills have won high praise for
leir prompt and efficient jet easy action.
of tobacco and cigars in this market. In
the meantime he is enjoying the beau
ties of the besch.
Mr. Arthur Gemmes of the house of
M. Fisch or, Co., Los Angeies, jeweiere,
etc., iB among the arrivals thia morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cbapin of Can
andaigua, N. V., are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. George Cate of Redondo. Mr.
Chapin iB a relative of Mrs. Cate, whose
home originally was at Geneva, N. Y.
The Chapins are much pleased with the
climatio change from Northern New
York to Southern California.
Arrivals at the Hotel Redondo are
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cary, New York;
Col. and Mrs. P. T. Swain, TJ. S A.;
Mies Jennie Frankenfleld, C. S. Walton,
A. E. Banks, Los Angeles I Mr. and Mrß.
H. Van Buren, Miie M. L. Forot, Miss
A. S. Forot. Nyack, N. V.; Mr. and Mrs.
Williams, Fred A. Hines, John J. Red
ick, L. F. Coody, R. M. Crest, San Fran
Arrivals at the Ocean View houre are
Professor Meldon, Colton; S. L. Maho
ncy, J. M. Parker, San Bernardino;
R .hert Sentry, Mies Abby Sentry. St.
Louis ; Geo. Bentley, Alton, 111.; Chas.
Coventry, San Francisco.
The Crown of the Valley a Musical
Pasadena, Jan. 19.—1t would be hard
indeed to find another town in the state
of tbe population of Pasadena that con
tains more musical Bociety within its
borders than does this place. Music in
all its branches seems to find a natural
home in this city of homes. The excel
lence of the amateur productions which
have been given from time to time attest
to this fact.
The Estrella Banjo and Guitar club iB
one of the latest acquisitions in the mu
sical line. The club has a membership
of 18, and meets weekly. Prof. C. S. de
Lano of Los Angeles ie the instructor,
and under his efficient direction the club
is doing eplendid work.
It is the intention of this organization
to give an entertainment in the near
future at the opera house, when our
people will no doubt be treated to some
excellent music.
A minstrel show by the Pasadena
Serenade club ie also promised Boon at
tho same place. Theentertainmentwill
be under the direction of Prof. Kyle,
whose well known ability in this line of
work assures success.
' The Pasadena symphony club met this
morting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
P. M. Green. The members of the club
participating in the programme were
Messrs. Hamilton, Bierlich, Wachtel
and Mead, Misses Dingey, Conger,
Greble, Green, Hall, Coleman and Mrs.
The music rendered was of an exceed
ingly difficult character, and was ren
dered in an excellent manner.
Lunch was served later in tbe day.
The hospitable host and hostess did
everything possible to make the event
an enjoyable one, and it is needless to
cay succeeded admirably.
The annual election of officers of the
Pasadena athletic club wits held at the
club building thie evening.
Miss Polley, who has been visiting
friends in San Francisco for some time,
returned home today.
Plane for tbe new building for Throop
university are now in the hands of the
architects. It iB expected to have the
building completed by spring.
The union meeting at the tabernacle
held this evening the,auspices of
the Y. M. C. A. was well attended.
A meeting ot tbe Valley Hunt club
will be held next Saturday afternoon.
Lunch will be served under tbe live
oaks on Oak Kuoli, provided the weather
is fair.
A petition is in circulation asking tbe
legislature to pass the bill recently in
troduced granting to cities tbe power to
control the setting cut of shade trees on
public streetß.
A 100 horse-power engine, to be used
in operating the cable on tbe Pasadena
and Mount Wilson railway, arrived to
day. The machine ie a splendid one
and will be placed in position at once.
It iB hoped to have this road in condi
tion to receive passengers by March Ist.
Pasadena Briefs.
Pasadena oftlco oi the Hbrald, No. 10 West
Colorado street Advertisements aud subscrlp-
Uols received.
6T. NICHOLAS, half block from terminus of
the Los Angeles, pasadeua and Glendale rail
way. Rates $5 to $7 por week. Miss I. Mc-
Lain, proprietor.
BLE, rear of post-ol!iee. Safe aud st\ lith turn
outs at reasonable prices. Telephone 50.
C. CAKU AI M. dealer ln wines, liquors,
cigars and tobacco, also canned goods, ttast
Colorado stroet cor. Chestnut avenue,
COOK & EOKOZA, general blaeksmithing.
No. 15 Union Btreet.
G. 8. MAYHBW.reaI estate broker, 20H West
Colorado street. Loans and Investments.
M'DGN A Lit, BROOKS & CO., real estate, loans
and houses for rent. BBrgains ln houses arid
ranches. 7 Kast Colorado street.
ARTHUR H. PALMER. 1). D. B. Dental
rooms, Eldridge building, Pasadena.
Fair Oaks aveuue. Meats at all hours.
HOTEL GREEK—Electric lights, steam heat
ed, bot and cold water, elevator, and all mod
ern imptovements.
Washington: first-class family hotel.
LOS ANGELES HOUSE, corner Clorado
street and Delaccy avoTue: transients, #1 and
$1.50 per day: tirst class. P. Klein, prourleior.
KICR' KIIoKF-CUXNEFt Mill and Lumber
Co., corner Broadw»y and Kansas street.
Y. ST. O. A, Directors—Work of ihe Health
Rkdlands. Jan. 19.—The members of
the United States Geodetic Survey were
working in the city again yesterday.
The measure of the altitude of State and
Orange street is 1351 feet,
L. G. Height has started on a business
trip to San Francieco, Portland and Min
Rev. A. L, Park and family have all
been ill this week, but ere better.
The annual meeting of tho Y. M. C. A.
elected the following directors: J. W.
liO'-iB, J. M. iivnu, C, A. Kingsbury,
K. C. Wells, J. P. Fiek, jr., R. 0. Cun
ningham, A. Ford, M. M. Phinney, W,
E. Sibley, H. Biggin, James Garrison.
Mrs. Mary A. Jonns of Sioux City,la.,
is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Bedford.
Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Houton of Illinois
are spending a few weeks in Redlands,
where they have several old eastern
The Alesiandro canal and tunnels will
be ready for water by May let.
N. C. Heron, who contracted to keep
the Redlnnds steam laundry cesspool
clean, was arrested for allowing the
drainage to run into tho zanja and pol-
A Landslide.
Veky Maiiked Re6ui.tr—'lho term land
slide usually conveys intciUenco oi disaster,
wh- reby many are allied, but this time It is
used to indicate the enormous sales of Dr.
Miles' Pcstnratlve Nervine, a remedy that is
daily saving the lives of thnu.aiids who are
eufferinK fr* m uervoos disorders. It cures rat
piiatlon, nervous prostration, he&dach*, hack
>v he, smutl r.i*eases, hysti.ilu, ill effects of
spirits, cenfu'-inu <f mind, etc.. end builds up
th. ir dy surprlslh,ly. .Brown & Mnybury,
Cortland, N. V, say one patlett u-ed nervine
and gained 10 pounds nf ilesh. Sold by C. H
Uauce, the druggist 177 N. Spring street, on a
guarantee. Get a book free.
lute the water. He was tried yesterday
in Recorder Camp's court before a jury
and acq jitted. His defense was that the
offense waa accidental.
The health officera are tv be cuiigratu
lated upon tbe energetic manner in
wbich their duties are periormed. It is
a thankless task generally and fruitful
of personal enmities for a public officer
to interfere with domestic affairs, but
Marshall Kendall and Dr. Wheat are
bravely and conscientiously correcting
all sanitary abuses, and their solicitude
especially in keeping the zanja water
clean does much to preserve public
Mr. Peiree, who was working on Dr.
Edmond'e place, was struck in the eye
by a nail which flew from under his
hammer, The missile imbedded itself
and Mr. Pierce drew 1t Oat. had his eye
bandaged and drove to town for treat
ment. The sight, it is feared, is gone.
Rtv. Mr. Wihet', who wae for bo long
pastor of tbe First Congregational church
here, and whose eloquence endeared him
to his parish, is much improved in
Poleß for the electric light company
are being Bet on Mentone avenue to
wards Mill creek ci.fi m, where the power
house is to be located.
The first of tbe eerieß of Choral union
concerts will be given about February
Ist. A orogramine containing several
fine concerted nieces will be rendered.
Miss Nellie C F.iwler und Mrs. J. 8.
Edwards will sing solos and a violin bolo
will be given by F. B. Gur.ther.
The Redlands orchestra has had its
membership lately augmented. It now
consists of tbe following members: F.
B. Gunther, conductor aud first violin;
Miss N S. Wilson, piano; N B. Gar
stin and Miss Lucy Diffenbacher, first
violins; Miss Anna Utt, and Mr. Wat
rouß, secood violins; H. B. Wilson and
J. W. Wilson, flutes; M. F. Pierce, clar
ionette; P. H. Hobart, cornet; J. F.
Walters, trombone; A. H. Pratt, double
bass. The orchestra piactices Saturday
at the Terrace Villa, much to tbe pleas
ure of the guests. For the coming con
cert of the Choral union some fine new
musio is being rehearsed and, under the
leadership ot Mr. Gunther, the work of
the musicians composing the company
is being brought up to a high standard
of excellence.
Proceedings nf the Tin tees-Personals
and News Matters.
Anaheim, Jan. 19.— The board of city
trustees met Tuesday night, with all
members except Trustee Rust present.
The fire comui ; ssionar reported hav
ing overhauled the fire apparatus and
having put it in good condition.
The finance committee reported hav
ing examined the report* of the differ
ent city officers and found them coriect.
The committee on public improve
ments reported that Walnut street
needed grading very badly, also the last
end of Center street, but owing to lack
of funds it would be advisable to only
fill in- the chuck holes and depressed
places tor the present. Report was
adopted and committee authorized to
make eaid repairs.
Mr. C. T. Piatt, reported progress in
boring the new city well.
An application was received frara
Clemans ot Palmer of Los Angeles to
put in an independent electric light
plant in Anaheim. The matter was re
ferred to the finance sommittee to look
into and report at next meeting.
Adjourned to January 24tb.
The marriage in announced of Mrs. L,
G. Bates, postmistress, to George Butts
of Anaheim. The happy couple will re
side on the ranch lately purchased by
Mr. Betts at Placentia.
The usually steady old horse used by
the overseer of our electric light system
in his rounds took it into hiß bead to
run away last, night, and made thh.gs
scatter on Center and Los Angeles
streetß. No serious damage.
Fred Barron and Clark Minor aro
both very ill and are not txpectedto
The weather signals are again being
displayed daily on the flcgstaff near
Cahen's store.
The tug-of-war tournament opened up
last night with a good attendance.
There were three contests which re
sulted sb follows: The city middle
weights vs. the West Anaheim middle
weights, time 13:40, won by the latter;
the West. Anaheim heavy weights vb.
the Spanish team, time 10:30, won by
Ihe former; and the young Turners vs.
the West Anaheim light weights, time
40:30, won by the turner boys. The
contests were good and considerable in
terest has been awakened in the tourna
ment. This evening the city and West
Anaheim heavy weights will come to
gether, and a moßt exciting contest is
looked for.
A Little Girl's Drain — Personal and
News Notes.
Pomona, Jan. 19 —A little daueh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. James Drumm died
in spasms yesterday during tbe day
sometime. This child, it will be re
membered, had her eyes seriously
injured by getting concentrated lye in
them through some unfortunate acci
dent not long ago.
Tbe funeral occured this aftsrnoon at
the family residence, Rev. Craig of the
Presbyterian church conducting the iun
eral services.
Mr. Robert Wylie displays today, on
sale at his vegetable and fruit market,
some strawberries, not of unusual sita
for this section, they weigh a half ouncu
each, but from the fact nowhere else in
Uncle Ham's domain are strawberries
even displayed this time of year, not to
say nothing of the weight.
A crowd of railroad men are in town
today. J. B. Judd of the Union Pacific,
W. H. Hamilton, Chicago and North
Western; G. L. MsDonald, Chicago,
Milwaukee end St, Paul, and T. A
Whitmore, assistant general freight
scent of the Santa Fe. The beaming
countenance of H. H. Vincent, tho Po
mona representative of the Santa Fe
system, was noticed among 'em.
Mrß. Charles Olark and Mrs. M. P.,
Wright left for a brief sojourn in Red
lands this morning.
Mr. Henry Tremain of Humboldt, 10.,
arrived in Pomona yesterday.
The third hop given by the Social
Hour club takes place at tho Palomnrta
Miss Mabel Bnffington, who has been
seriously ill for the past three weeks, is
rapidly convalescing.
Bill Nye is to be here along toward
the Ist of March.
Mre. R. H. Preustt and daughter ar
rived on the afternoon Southern Pacific
overland train from Kentucky, to spend
the winter at the I'aloinares hotel.
Mi-s Taylor's mother, Mrs. Taylor of
Alhambra, spent yesterday with her
daughter here.
There will be no dancing school Sat
urday night.
Plain or Mixed?
The London Times says: "Apollinaris Water is
as familiar in millions of mouths as any
household word.
Teetotalers drink it plain, and are better for so
Others drink it in combination with wine or
spirit, and enjoy the mixture.
Those who arc in health hope to remain well by
making Apollinaris their habitual beverage.
■os*' be* •»•. • -
While invalids are recommended to drink it in
order to get rid of their ailments."
Sfatters of Interest Gathered From Ter
ritorial Papers.
A big storage reservoir ia to be built
at the head waters of the Uassayampa.
John Agard.and his partners are mak
ing .'shout $10 per day each running an
arastra on their ore at the Hermoaa.
Twenty of the reception boxes for free
delivery in Phoenix have been received.
They will be placed on the principal
Btreet corners and at the public places
and hotels.
Mias Sarah Herring, the daughter of
Attorney-General Herring, was preßent
at the opening of the supreme court ac
an attorney. Mies Herring is the first
lady that ever appeared in an Arizona
court room empowered to take part in
its proceedings.
Pl iunix Guzstte: Hon. Mike J. Nu
gent las been in Phoenix on supreme
court business. Mike says Yuma county
is ooti-.ing to thi front rapidly and is
dest'ned to be the leading orange and
lemon produciug section on the Puciilc
conßt, if not in the world.
Stockmen who are loudly proclaiming
that there is no longer any money to be
mado raising stock should sell oat, quit
business, an i give place to men who
will say the business, properly followed,
is us profitable as it. ever was, and who
will make their words come true.
Preecott Courier: Parties who built
a small dam for placer mining purposes
on Granite week, about one mile south
of Prescott, a short time age, turned the
water ou the ground and in three days
sluiced nut $75 in handsome coarse
gold. Tbey are Btill at work. The
entire work is run and worked by only
two men.
The number of sheep shorn in Ari
zona during the past year was not less
than BUO.OOO head, producing 6,400,000
pounds of wool, which, including the
marketing of 100,000 wethers, made a
cash income from the sheep industry
for the year of not, less than $1,0ti(),000,
a 10 per cent earning on $10,000,000, the
value of the sheep industry of the ter
Plneiiix Herald : The pair of Knights,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Knight, who have posed
in this city for somsr time as advanced
fcpiritunlistf, are no more—that is, they
are dead to Phconix people—and the
man who they inveigled into endorsing
a draft for them night heforo last, they
left in the gloom, and as nothing has
been heard from them since it is sup
posed that they are outside the limits of
the territory.
Arizona Enterprise: The sentiment
of the people is in favor of immediate
statehood for Ar zona, and if it is not
secured the blame will rest with thoße
politicians who can only hope for place
or preferment through tbeir friends at
Washington. The people's choice will
not fall upon them, aud they know it,
and hence they do what they can to
thwart the people's will.
Tucson Star: The train last Saturday
morning was delayed here about an
hour awaiting tim arrival of two passen
gers from Benson on a Bpeeial. They
were informed by v new porter that
Benson waa,.the breakfast station, and
while they went in search of the morn
ing meal the train pulled out. Tney
threatened to sue the company if they
were not placed aboard the train with
out a lay over, and the company took
them ut their word.
Danger in Irufnace lloglstors.
"I cau tell you of ono clanger that is
generally overlooked." said a friend,
"and thut is in lotting inflammatory sub
stances fall through tho register. The
other day I had a case of china unpacked
in the dining room. The box was filled
with 'excelsior' packing, und ufter the
dishes hud been taken out I told tho
maid to clear up the litter on tho floor.
A liulo later I came into the room and
fine) led a strong odor of burning. It was
a very cold day, aud there was a hot fire
in the furnace, and as tho smell seemed
to como from the register I lifted it en
tirely but atid stuck a bent poker aa far
down tho pipo Ui I could reach. With
a lot of dust and rubbish I brought up a
quantity of excelsior shavings which
wero distinctly scorched by tho heat. It
was Ihe first time that I had ever thought
of tho danger of 'sweepings' connected
with the open registers."—Now York
A London Itir.l.
In certain London restaurants each
cnstonK r is allowed to mako his (or her)
own toft. Tho waitress lights the gas
burner, which is affixed to each table
and set.' ! ihe:-<a silver kettle. Then
she pVo'sefltS to tho teamaker a Hilvcr
caddy divided into compartments and
offering a choieo of Souchong, Ceylon or
greon-tha. Any one who is compelled to
drink the lukewarm stuff called tea at
restaurants will appreciate the now idea,
—London' Letter.
A Man of 3luny Numcs.
Thoro are almost as many ways of
spelling 1 tho name of Columbus as thoro
are ways of arranging tho distinguished
discoverer's whiskers, Ou tho French
medal lie is .vailed Christophorous Co
lonib; on tho Italian "no is Christojdiorus
Colombo. The new Milanese medal calls
him Cristotoro Colombo, whilo our own
medal baa him plain Christopher Oolunv
bus. As for Christopher himself, ho
spelled iilA 'Tiarfio Colon. —Boston Herald.
Once lost, it is difficult to restore the
hair. Therefore, be warned in time,
lept you become bald. Skookum root
hair grower stops falling hair. Sold by
Mrs. Helen Hunt's Experience In a SAosentc
ln Copenhagen.
One of tho sights of Copenhagen is the
Rosenborg castle collection, officially
known as the "Chronological Collection
of the Kings of Denmark." When Mi b.
Helen Hunt went to see it Bhe bought a
"full ticket," so as to insure the entire
attention of the museum inspector. He
was a handsome man, fifty years old or
more, and when he began to speak Eng
lish the visitor's delight wae unbounded.
What an afternoon she should have!
"I am soTy," she said, "that we have so
short a time in which to see theae beau
tiful and interesting collections. Two
hours is nothing!" "Oh, I shall explain
to you everything," he said, and he pro
ceeded to throw open the doors of mys
terious wall closets. Says Mre. Hunt:
The first thing ho pointed out to me
was the famous Oldenborsborn, said to
havo been given to Count Otto of Olden
borg by a mountain nymph in a forest
one day in the year 909. As he pointed
to it 1 opened my catalogue to find the
place where it was mentioned, that I
might make on the margin some notes
of points that I wished to recollect. I
might have been looking at it for per
haps half a minute when thundering
from the mouth of my splendid Dane
"Do you prefer that you read it in the
catalogue than that I tell you?"
I am not sure, but my impression is
I actunlly jumped at his tone. I know
I was frightened. I explained to him
that I was not looking for it in the cata
logue to read then and there, but only
to associate what I saw with its place
and with the illustrations in the cata
logue, and to make notes for future use.
He hardly heard a word I said. Putting
out his hand and waving my poor cata
logue away, he said:
"It is all there. You shall find every
thing there as I tell you. Will you lis
Quite cowed, I tried to listen, but 1
found that without my marginal notes
I should remember nothing. I opened
my catalogue again. Tho very sight of
it seamed to not upon him liko a scarlet
flag ou a bull.
Instantly he burst out upon me again.
In vain I tried to stem the tide of his
angry words, and the angrier he got the
less Intelligible became his English.
"Perhaps you take me for a servant in
this museum," ho said. "Perhaps my
name is as good in my country as yours
is in your own!"
"Oh, do—do listen to me ono minutel"
I said. "If you will only hear me I
think I can make you understand. Ido
implore you uot to be angry."
"I am not angry. I have listened to
you every time—too many times. I havo
not timo to listen any more."
This he said so angrily that I felt th 6
tears coming into my eyes. I was in de
spair. I turned to Harriet and suid,
"Very well, Harriot, wo will go."
"You shall not go!" ho exclaimed.
"Twenty years 1 have shown this mu
seum and never yet was auy one before
dissatisfied with what I tell them. 1
have myself written thiß catalogue you
carry. Now I will nothing say, and you
can ask if you wish I should explain any
He folded his arms and stepped back,
the very image of a splendid man iv a
sulk. I hesitated what to do, but at lost
I gulped down my wounded foeliugs and
went on looking and making notes.
Presently ho began to cool down, to
see his mistake. In less than half an hour
he had ceased to be hostile, und before
the end of tho hour he had become friend
ly, and more. He seized both my hands
iv his, exclaiming:
"We shall be good friends—good! You
must como again to Rosenborg; yon
must see it all. I wiil myself show you
every room. No matter who sends to
como in, they shall not be admitted. I
go alone with you."
A Btory About tllo Pans)'.
A pretty fablo about the pansy is cur
rent among French and Grcrmnn chil
dren. The flower has five petals and five
sepals. In most pausies, especially of
the earlier and less highly developed
varieties, two of the petnls are plaiu in
color and three are gay. Tho two plain
petals have a single sepal, two of tho
gay petals have a sepal each, and the
third, which is tho largest of all, has two
sepals. The fable is that tho pansy rep
resents a family consisting of husband
wife and four daughters, two of the lat
ter being stepohildrou of the wife.
Tho plain petals are tho stepchildren,
with only ono chair; tho .two small gay
petals are tho daughters, with a chair
each, and the largo gay potal is tho wife,
with two chairs. To mid tho father one
must strip away the petals until the
stamens und pistils are bare. They
have a fanciful resemblance to an old
man with v flannel wrap übout his neck,
his shoulders upraised aud his feot in a
bathtub. —Detroit Free Press.
A Refractory Youth.
A child four years old is tho son of a
man who is almost abnormally pious.
This youth was void to go to see a fami
ly visitor who had Incautiously shown
an interest in bim. Instead of doing so
he backed away, lodged himself iv a
corner, and -with a convincing shake of
the head and flourish of tho fists ex
claimed: "I wont, I won't, I won't, for
Jesus' sake. Allien."—New York Re
Some fctirating FMrneits From
Responsible Citizens.
Wonderful Cures Made by
the Doctors of the
European Staff.
IGNAOIO L PEREZ, with Cohn Brothers,
says: "I have suffered from catarrh and
nervous debility for several years, and have
continually been treated by different doctors
without benefit. I commenced treatment two
weeks ago with the Euripean Starr and am
happy to say that I am better than I have been
ior years. To any person calling upon me I
will be happy to prove this statement."
A A Ricic HON. 620 Phllideiphia street.says:
"I went to the doctors two weeks ago a very
sick man, I wis suffering from chronic malaria
and acute la grippe; the doctor cure.t me iv
ten days. lam now a well man."
MR. H. M. TAYLOR says: I have suffered
untold misery for 18 years from Valvular
Heart Disease and Intercostal Neuralgia, and
have been treated by eminent physicians ln
Europe, Australia and America, but no relief
came. I placed myself nnder treatment with
the Doctors of the German-English Staff three
weeks ago, and am happy to testify te their
ability. lam better than I have been any time
within 10 years. I feel It a duty to suffering hu
manity to make known their healing power.
I believe it was the hand ef Providence that
led me to them. H. M. TAYLOR,
513!, South Spring street.
MR H. NO YE says: I am happy to certify
that my boy has been successfully treated for
bronchitis and asthma of long standing by the
Doctors of tho European Staff. To any one
calling on me, I will gladly verify this state
ment. 11. i. NOYE,
414 Montreal street.
MR. E. B. BELDEN says: I have baen nnder
treatment with th ■ Doctors of tho European
Staff for diabetes aud lumbago, of several
mouths standing, and my condition has been
wonderfully impruved, I am still under treat
ment and fed that lam gottlng well. 1 Can
heartily recommend their methods. Any ono
calling on me can bo convinced of the truth of
this s>atemeat. X. B. BELDEN,
1021 Monmouth street.
JOHN lIA AC, of John Haag & Sons, 557 San
Pedro street, says: I have been treated by
several leading physicians for phthis pulgco
nails, but noun did me any good until I placed
myself under treatment with the European
Stuff, in three weeks my Improvement has
been wonderful. lam getting well: my cough
is gone; I breathe easy and am getting fat.
MRS. M'LACGHLIN says: lam the happiest
woman ln town. I hsve'Stiffeted 'rrhtotd inWery
for over a year; wai never free from pain. I
paced myself uader treatment with the
Doctors of the European Staff one month ago
and they have cured me of a uterine tumor
without the use of the knife, and 1 haven't had
a pain for two weeks.
431(4 South Spring Btreet.
Others who indorse our methods:
First street.
V. P, BROWN, Santa Fe Springs,
A. BADSESBURGER, 229J4 Twenty-fourth
MISS 8. H. BARRETT, 328i-ii South Spring
sire* t.
MRS. A. M BROWS. 331 Audcrjnn street.
MRS. CHAS. BARTLUTT, Hotel Brunswick.
Mas. ELIZABETH DANIEL. Santa Monica.
MR3. HENRY DBMING. 107 North Los An
geles street
H. DUBE, 1403 Benna Vista street.
B F. HESS, Pico Heightß.
JOHN HAAG, 557 nan Pedro strest,
W. B. JONES, 171 Geary street
JOHN A. JEFFERSON, 316 Clay street.
8. B. KENEDY, corner New England and
Freeman streets.
P. N. HJND3TROK, 112 First street
M OLSEN.SUrra Madre, Cal.
AN 10 MO MORENO, 730 Date street.
Spi ing street.
THO3. BEILBY. 447 Flower street.
D. M. SMITH, San Fernando, Cal.
MRS. ELLA STEELE, 408 La Fayette street.
MRS. LIVIE SMITH, 1338 Newtou street.
T. STRAIN, 310 West First street.
DBAS. BCHILLISG, 200 Wilmington Btreet.
MRS. W. 8. SMITH, 322 Mateo street.
MRS. W. A. SMITH, 326 Mateo street.
H. M. TAYLOR, Natick hotel.
W. 11. South Spring Btrett.
N. V. VALIN, 713 Alpine street.
With the best system of treatment known to
the wond, the German and English Staff
Physicians find little difficulty ln curing tho
wjrst cases of catarrh and other chronic dis
eises. Their practice is made up of patients
whofattel to obtain relief fron other physic
ians, who are delighted to receive a mild and
painless treatment after being cruelly experi
mented upon by men who do not know their
If you are skeptical, call on any of the above
parties and find what their experience has
We havo so perfected our system of mail
treatment that wo succeed quite as well in this
way as we do iv our office practice. All who
reside at a dt'tanoe and cannot conveniently
call at the offl-e, should write their symptoms
fully and frankly. Questions about all chronic
troubles chcerluliy auswered.
All patients placing themselv -s nnder treat
ment bolore February Ist will betroited umll
curedat tho rate of $3 a month.
Catarrh, bronchitis, consumption, f. male,
r ctal and g.nlto v iuary flllslnni. nervous
debi ity and sexual diseases, impotency, etc.
We euro piles in.3o days; no palu or det :uiion
Irom buslues 1 ',
Cared without pain, burning or cutting; ab
sorpiion treatment; cur 's guaranteed in all
iQ'ab.e cases. If your case Is Incurabl <wo
will frankly tall you bo also caution against
speuding more money for useless treatment
European Staff of
301 X South Spring etreet, Los Angeles, Cal.
'"' 'I
Office hours; 10 a.m. to 4p. m Evenings
7to 8. Sundays 9toll a m.
Muni Pacific Coiipaßy.
Trains iu»»o ana ore dne to arrive at
fifth street. daily, " fellows:
.save For DUsTISArIoK. /Arr. FtOM
SSOa.m ~Bannlnc. .. Alo-lOam
a*-Op >o Banning. 4oop«a
8 30*. ra Colton. 10 loam
10 30a.m C01t0n.... * 00p,«i
4:3upm Colton., 0:15 p.«,
8 30 a, m . Demtns; and "Bast . 4-00 p. m,
8.30a.i0. Paso and »a»t.... 4o*o p. m,
A'r iftp.n,. Chin 0.....,.,,. AS:soa.m.
8:30a.m Chini... 10:10 a mi
4:;,0p. ni Chino < 6:16 p m
■i.ttt a. v;. iAnm«, /i .Si «vn Panto 8-1* a.m.
ai* 40pm. -an p, dro& Long Boaoii ill 56 am
600 p.m. Loan Bench A lan Pent* 415 p.m.
2:00 p. m. -)Bden and Bast. 3d olkwl 7 80a. m.
10 40 p.m Dgdeuand Bast, Ist oleaal 12:30p m.
!040p. ni Portland, Ol 7.30 a, m.
8:30 a.m Riverside.-..'.... 10:10 a. m.
10:30 a. m Kivei*i«le..M«i-.. '4foop.m,
4 3') p. m Riverside , 6.16 p.ra
8 3 a. m ?an Bernardino 10;10 a,m.
l f VHoa. m Ban Bernardino 4:00 p.m.
4 30p. m San Bernardino.*.t '.Bittp m.
8 31a.m Ra.L»ad» ....... „ 10:10 am
10:30 a.m Redianda 4.00,, ra
4:30p.m Ifeillft'.'ds t!:lsp.m
2:00 p. m. Sun Fran. ami aacraaftn 0%80 a. at,
10.40 p.m, ian Fran, and Baoram?;t« 12:30 p. m.
a.m. Santa Aua aud Anaheim 9;o*e.m.
5:10 p.m. tlaht* Anaand'AnhßOtrri A4:o4p.m,
0:26 a.m flaatr. Barbam*. v. Ac3o p.m.
«'«»» H»nt« Barbara,-,,.,, MO p.m
9:45 a. ra fjanta Monica AS.OOa.m.
Santa Monica 8:59 a. m.
l:10p m Banta>Moßlca...,i.tM:lsp.m
6:15 p.m. SautailouAa»... fIW 4,;« top.m.
Ati:l6 p.m BanlaMonJca lfM
Santa MouleaTOflon.. «lS:tsp.m
i.9:45a.m. . Santa lonian Canon.. (4:30 p.m.
81:10 p.m. ..H.i ... v. ileaCaaou.. ... .
AVitotS ;::::::::«S tiftn
4:62p.m.|.. Whittler.: Al :43 p.m.
The fast and elegant 9tcsn»»f*ottl»!W4lmlng
ton Trausimrtatlon Company wake .ckwe con
nection at Ban I'edro with South, ru Facitia
Company tratus that run alongmirre them at the
dock. Excellent hotel accoasmteiaataonfi on the
island. Round trip, $2.75. Ticket* good Sat
urday to Monday. |T .
Trains ly Arcade depot,. ,| Trains ar
9:25 a, m Saturday* w.'.v.-ka.
Mondays -| 4:16 p.m.
Take Santa Mosica trains irom Ban Fernando
street, Naud's Junction, Commercial street,
Arcade depot, Je.Terson streot (Winthrop (ta
tion), Grand avenue, or. University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Kaud'i
Junction, San Fernando streot
For east: Arcade, Commotcial street, Nand's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
■ street, Naud's Junction San Fernando street.
Local and through tluttets sold, baccate
checked, Pullman sleeping oar reservations
made, and general Information given npon ap
plication to j. m. citAWunr. A*st 6. pm. Ait,
No. 144 8. Spring St., cor.mMlOßd. OHABXBn
SB YIJSB, Agent at Depots,
s Sends vs only.
a Sundays excepts*
EIOH'B HE AY, Hen. Traffic Mgr.
9en'l Passenger, fgt
COJUM.VY. (Sar.ta Fe Route.)
Leave. fl^rjj.ve.
* 5:15 p.m..Chicago Limited.... « 7:60a.m
* 7:00 a.m...Overland Rxprtss .. * 6-:35 p.m
* 8:15 a.m Ban Dlrco Coast Line. • 1,15 p.m
* 4:30 p.m . .San Die-go Coast Line-. • 0:50 p.m
* 7:00 a.m 1 i < 7:60 a.m
* 9 00a.m 1.. Ban Bernardino .. J * 9:55 a.m
* 4:00 p.m (....vie Pasadena T f 1:25 p.m
* 5:15 p.m J ,A -. 6:3,5 p.m
* 7:uoa.m j.. Riverside via.... j I 1:25 p.m
* 9 00 a.m ( ...San Bernardino... I * «:35 p.m
tll-Ooam} RiTEt " de "»« Mj^JS
* 4:30 p.m \) Ber'dlno viaOrawQ j «|;ggj; n
* 7:00 am 1 Redlands, Mentone ( * ai .. „ _
* 9:00 a.m.... and Highland.../ . ?' m
* 4:00 p.m f via i * J 2? p m
« 5:15 p.m J .. ..Paeadann;,.....,! * t i r^P m
t 6 05a.m > Redlands, i{4«ntone< *10:15 a.m
* 11:00a.m > and Hliihlahd via J " 3-:55 p.m
* 4:30 p.m > Orange & RfverElde < * 6:50 p.m
* 0-OA am 1 f " *?:36 a.m
* --Aiuea, Pasadoua.. tB:4Sa.m
. i: 00D - m l and { ' 8:55 a.m
4 5-"f,?'S f....1nterme4»ate....,l » 1:26p.m
t10:25a.m Passdena * 7:50 a.m
* 5:15 p.m PasHdena tll:3la.m
t 0:05a.m Santa Ana j 8:50 a.m
* 8:16 a.m Sauta Ana «»:15 a.m
t 1:50p.m Santa Ana ....... *'*:15p.m
* 4:30 p.m Banta Ana. * 0:50 p.m
*10:i5a.m Redondo * 8.2S a.m
* 4:05 p.m Redondo * 8:50 p.m
* 7:4 Bam Santa Monica ojiv ... .
•10:00 a,m Sauta Monica *wßjt3a.m
* 4:05 p m .... Sauta Monica « 3:50 p.m
t'anta Uonica ...'.. *'6:06 p.m
t 9:00 a.m -sn Jacinto via Pasade'a t 1:25 p m
fit :00a.m .San Jacinto via Orange i 3:55 p.m
t 0:00 a m emeculavia Pasadeua t-'tißS p.m
til .00 a.m .Temeeula via Orange., p.m
t 8:15 a.m Jtscondldo via Coast line } 1:19 p.m
Daily, f Daily except Sunday 1 Sunday only
B. W, McOKE, City Pas. aiid T>. ig't,
129 N. Spring St„ Loa Angeles.
ID. CHAMEERB, Ticket Agouti
First-street Depot,
Depot at foot of First street ' f B8
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Company.
Loa Angeles ucpots, east end of FlTsfstreet
and Downey a.venue hrtdf e».
Leave Los An roles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angelea,
» 6:35 a.m t 7 ; a5 a.m.
* 7:10 a.m * »:05 a.m.
* 8:00 a.m • 9:OS a.m.
* 9:80 a.m U0:30 a.m.
•10:30 s.m ...HS:00 in.
•12:15 p.m.....* 1-06 p.m.
* 1:25 p.m • *rO5 p.m.
* 2:25 p.m • 4 08 p.m.
* 4:00 p.m ♦
* 5:?0 p.m « .
* 6:20 p.m
• »Jlo p\u..
'11:00 p.m ■ .JJ.i..4t> p.n».
Downey avenue leaving tlma7 mm
Laave Los Anrreles for Leave Altaflona ior
Altadena. Los Angeles.
•10:30 a.m ajn.
* 4:00 p.m y * ; 6:00 p.n>|
All trains start from First-street dep.
Leave Ixis Angeles for Leave Gltndale 'lirir Loi
Glendale. Angela,.
t 6:45 a m a.m.
J 8 15 a m l'9:of>«.ru
•12:20 pm ..*; lils. p.m
« 5:25 p.m :'.» 8:1% p.m
Lenve Los Angeles for Leaye East Ban Pedro
long Beacb aod Bast for "
San Pedro. Los Angelea.
* 9:45 a.m * 7:40 a.m.
118:45 p.m L..111:15 am,
4 s:lft p.m. ...iftjfliKi.tfam,
Between Bist San Pedro arid Lohg'Bot**7:o
minutes. ...
Sm flolirio! Vallsy Rsr'ti IrntW '''Railway
Monrovia division; "; : •
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Mottrovla tor Los
Monrovia. Angclce.
t 7:55 a.m t 0:55 aim?
*11:J0 a.m * nifj a.m.
* oiiza pirn!""""'" '.'.'■".'.''■'■'.'.> «-^So|S:
•bTiTy. fDally, except Hundjiya, JiitoQa^ronTy!
itaces fuel t.' c 8:00 a.m. and 12:lS o.m.
trains at Pasadt :mi .'m Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Loa AatXiUi MisJmftatin.
train ior Wilson's peak can nituratkc same day.
Theater nights the 11 p.m. tiain will wait 20
mluutcsatter Ihe theater Ib ont WBen Pater than
10:40 p m, .„ „;,
Spei fai tales to exrnrr-on And picric pan las.
Depots ?asl erd Firs! stteut, hnd BAwhey ave
nue bridges. .. ~ . .._
General oltc.es. Ftrit street Depot
T. B BITRNis M> ocnoral Manaeor.
)y2-tt W. WINOt:P, Gan_Pi«scn gci Agt,
Redondo I?aTl\v£t'y.
Winter 1 lme Card ::o. 9.
In Effect 5 a. m., October &, 1392.
Los Ancelos Depot. Comer Grand Aye. and
JeiVnonst. >r.*i—
Take Grand ave.iahlo or Main st. and Asrrl
uitural Park liorso ears.
Tialus Leave Tialns Leave
Angeles Redondo
forßeOouao. for Los Aiik«l(-«.
8:00 c. m. daily 7:2t)a.ii <l„r»
9:"0 a. m. daily 9:10 a.fa. daily.
1:33 p.m. dally 11:00 a. m. dan.
6:t'op.m. daily ™ t t,nj
Kunning time he'we<.n Lo>; A-nir.-JerftWli.
dondo H-.1.'1i, 50 miuuloK: inuof
City Tict.'i cilice at A B. Grecawald's cigar
store, cor. Firsta"M- i.trce'c. .' "
R. O. THO::. iJf Vice-Pretldcsii

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