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Typical Facts About Southern
California Farms.
Information About the Culture of
the Olive.
Poor Oranges- :-! ore About Lemons-Fer
tilizers In Orange Groves-'i'iie
Culture of thi English
Walnut, Etc.
In answer to an inquiry, Mr. Kenneth
McLellan, superintendent of the United
States agricultural experimental station
at Chico, Cal,, furnishes tbe following
information in regard to growing olives :
In selecting the varieties to plant,
preference should be given those varie
ties which ripen enrly, aa iv localities
subject to early frostß, this will enable
the picking of the fruit before the cold
weather begins. There are over fiO va
rieties of olives propagated in this
state, most of which are new
here, and have not been grown for a
sufficient length of time to test their
adaptability to cur soil and climate;
it is, therefore, a difficult matter to
tell which variety or varieties will be
the beat for general planting in the
future. About a year ago analyses were
made by a prominent chemist of 12 va
rieties of olives taken from the same
places in each of the three counties ot
Fresno, Santa Clara and Alameda, aud
in each instance the Nevadillo Blanco
proved to be tbe superior both in qual
ity and quantity of oil as well as in
fruitage. The Nevadillo Blanco is a
sure variety to plant for oil, as it
is a good bearer, a strong and vigorous
grower, gives an abundance of su
perior oil, and is adapted to a
greater number of locations and char
acters of Boil than any of the other va
rieties tested. At the earns time and
by the samo test, the Manzanillo variety
was ttiund to be the best for pickling.
This variety ia a free etoue, of a large
size and fine flavor, a heavy bearer, and
givee promise of making a very good oil.
These analyses also developed tbe fact
that olives grown in irrigated dis
tricts contain more water and
less oil, and are inferior in qual
ity to the same varieties grown
without irrigation. The Mission, Rubra
and Pendulina follow in the order named
as the next best varieties.
The best soil for growing olives is a
sandy loam, well iniund, and at an alti
tude of from 400 to 2000 feet. The nearer
the coust the olive is planted the more
Subject it ia to the black Bcale(Lacanium
A lea); the farther inland the olive ia
grown, the better it ia for the trees in
this respect.
Young olive treea should be planted,
if possible, on cloudy days, and great
care should be taken not to expose the
rootß to the sun or winde. The trees
should be carried in wet sacks and
planted aa soon as the holes are ready
Tor them. It is best to irrigate the
young trees the first summer, and three
irrigations will be sufficient. After the
olive tree is well established in the
ground, irrigation is unnecessary.
The heads of the trees Bhould be
trimmed up with great care, and with
a view to keeping etraight the center
Btem, but too many branches should not
be trimmed at one time, as thia will
retard the growth of the tree. A few
branches should be trimmed every year
until the tree has reached the desired
height, and ail branchea having a ten
dency to fork out and be as strong as
the main stem, should be cut out en
An olive orchard should always be
plowed and put iv order before tbe
ground commences to dry up in the
spring, aa by so doing the ground will
retain the moisture during the sum
mer. After this, all that will ba re-
Suired is a light cultivation, to the
epth of about three inches, to keep
down the weeda.
English Walnuts.
Hiram Kinney libb a four-acre walnut
orchard, 12 yeara old, on hia farm near
Downey that has annually borne a crop
worth not leaa than $950 for five years.
Mr. Kinney told us the other day that
the price paid for the nuts varied euch
year from 6 to 9)j« cents. He never
had the leaet bit of trouble in
finding a market for his crop.
In fact he has for several years
had advance offers for his English wal
•nut crop from Beveral firms in San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles aud Chicago, who
say they are anxious to buy all he can
raise. Mr. Kinney reckona that his
English walnut crop paid him an aver-
of $5.25 a tree, and ac he has SO trees
to the acte. the gross r jceiptß Irom an
acre of nuts are $420. In 1889 the
crop from the 320 trees sold for exactly
$1164, In 1890 the crop brought
$1125. There is uo work about an Eng
lish walnut orchard compared with
a prune, orange or lemon orchard
and the net profits, therefore run high.
The trees do not, however, bear profit
able crops until they are seven years
old, California supplies lesß than one
fifth the eastern market with English
walnuts, and the buyers frequently are
so desirous of getting a sure crop that
they want to contract to buy at good
prices the walnut yield even 12 months
in advance, —[Pomona Progress,
Poor Oranges.
A gentleman, recently arrived in this
sity from New York, complains with
much reason of the quality of the orangeß
offered fir Bale here. He aay a they do
not begin to compare with the Florida
oranges that are sold in New York, aud
every one who eata oranges will agree
with him.
The reason is not that good oranges are
not grown in California, but that the or
ange growers select the best of their pro
duct for ahipment to the East and com
pel San Francisco to put up with what
they call "cu!lb," that iB, inferior fruit
not good enough to ship Fast.
A fruit dealer here explains that one
reason for this ia that we are too easily
suited. The average man, he b&vb, will
pay just as much for a cull ac for a first
class orange, because, in most cases, he
dOes not know the difference.
This may be so, but if an orange
grower would establish an agency here
ond put only firat-claßs fruit on the
market it would soon be demonstrated
that many people know the difference
between good fruit and bad. It would
certainly be worth while for somebody
to try the experiment and thus improve
the taste of San Franciscans in the
matter of orangea.
There are many who believe that a
Wider and more piofitablo field will
open up before California lemon culture
than any other fruit, not even excepting
the orange. Th« <>rlvß7ior> <n the mprh
ods of growth and cultivation during tbe
past four years has been sufficient to
make the California lemon a powerful
and successful rival to the most famous
foreign products; ond it ia not seriously
doubted that it will become, in
time, actualy superior in quality
and appearance, if, indeed, it Is
not now entitled to that distinction.
California is the only state in the union
where the lemon has been or can be
laiEed in commercial quantities. The
consumption iv tho United Statee is
almost entirely of the foreign lemons,
the California product cutting an al
most inappreciable figure in the total.
Knowledge ac to tho proper culture of
the lemon has become bo general in
this state, and natural conditions ot the
soil and climate 'if certain regions are
co favorable, that, the industry is as
sured of a permanent place in the fruit
interests of the Btate. Ability to com
pete with tha foreign product in quality
and price, the increasing consumption
in the United States, a natural prefer
ence that Americans might be expected
to have for a home article, and tho
limited area in which tbe lemon can be
profitably grown in the United Stales,
seem to leave abnolutely no question
that a market will be permanently pro
vided and its culture more widely en
gaged in with safety.—[Rural Press.
There's a wide difference
between tho help that's talked of
and the help that's guaranteed.
Which do you want, when you're
buying medicine?
If you're satisfied with words, you
get them with every blood-purifier
but one. That one is Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery. With
that, you get a guarantee. If it
doesn't help you, you have your
money back. On this plan, a medi
cine that promises help is pretty
suro to give it.
But it's because tho medicine is
different, that it's sold differently.
It's not liko tho sarsaparillas, which
are said to be good for the blood
in March, April, and May. At all
seasons and in all cases, it cures
permanently, as nothing else can,
all tho diseases arising from a tor
pid liver or from impuro blood.
It's the best blood - purifier, and
it's tho cheapest, no matter how
many doses are offered for a dollar.
With this, you pay only for tha
good you get. »
Can you ask more?
There is nothing that may
not happen to a thin baby.
There is nothing that may
not happen to a man who is
losing his healthy weight.
We say they are " poor."
They are poorer than we at
first suspect.
Do you want almost all
that is known of the value of
plumpness told in a way to
commend to you careful liv
ing—and Scott's Emulsion of
cod-liver oil if you need it.
„ A book on it free.
ScoTT&BowNE.ChemUls, 132 South sth Avenue,
New York.
Yonr druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil—all druggists everywhere do. ft.
Proposals to Collect and Dispose of
Dead Animals.
O by tbe undersigned up to 11;00 o'clock a m.
of Monday, January 30. 1593, 10 collect and
dispose of dead animals by cremation or other
wise iv a manner satisfactory to tho Board of
Health and Council of tne City of Los augeles.
The same to be couveyed in cover, d venic es
to be approved by said Board of Health and
Council, for a period of 2 years from and after
the expiraiion of the present contract, to-wit:
January :iO, 1893.
A certified check to the order of tho under
signed fo, $50 must accompany euch proposal
as a guarautee that Didder will enter into a
contract if awarded to him in conformity with
his bid.
Couucil reserves tho right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the Council of tho City of Los
Angeles at its meeting of January 23. 1893.
1-25 5t City Clerk. .
Proposals to Lease Land for City
by the undersigned up to 11 o'clock a. m.,
of Mouday, January 30, 1893, to leaso to the
City of Los ADgeles for a term of two yearß
fr in and after the Ist day of March, 1893, a
location of grounds suitable for a City Corral.
A certified check to the order of the undor-
Bigned for $50 must accompany each proposal
as a guarantee that bidder will enter into a
contract if awarded to him in confoimity with
his bid,
Council reserves the right to reject any all
By order of tho Council of tho City of Los
Angeles at its meeting of January 23.1893.
1-85 Ot City Clerk.
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving; Will, Etc.
X les county, state of California.
Jn the matter of the estate of Patrick C, Con
roy, deceased.
notice is hereby given that Friday, the
3d day of February. 1893, at 10 o' clock a. m.
of said day, at tiie court room of this
court, department two thereof, in the
city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles
and state of California, has been appointed as
tbe time and place-for hearing the application
of M. F, ODea, praying that a document
now on file in this court, purporting to be
the last will and testamout of the said
deceased, be admitted to probate, that let
ters testamentary bo Issued theroDn to M l.
ODea, at which time aud place all persons in
terested therein may appear and contest the
Dated January 20,1893.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By O W, BLAK. , Doputy. 1-21 12t
Clarence A. Miller, attorney for petitioner.
L. WILIaELM, Vl %flT
826 S. Main St., bet. Eighth and Ninth,
Telephone 297, Los Angeles
Good rigs, gentle horses aDd reliable drivers.
Prices reasonable. Special attention to horses
boarded by the day, week or mouth. Horses to
let by the day, week or month. Brick stables,
flreprW 0 0"
Of Sale of Property for Delinquent As
sessment Levied to Pay the Ex
penses for the Opening and Extend
ing of Hoff Street, from Daly Street
to Griffin Avenue.
utes of the State of California relative to the collection of assessments to pay the expenses
ot opening, widening and extending ol streets within municipalities, I, D. A. Watson, .street
Superintendent of tho city oi Los Argslei, shall, on Monday, tha 6th day of February, A.D. 1893,
at 10 o clock a m. ol said day. in lie office of the Street Superintendent, in the City H.li, on
Broadway, iv said city, sell at pu'i.ic auction, (or lawiul monoy of the United States, (ill the
property described in the following delinquent list attached to this notice, upon which the de
linquent (isscstmenls described in said list are a lien to pay said assessments, together with the
costs an.i penalties aeeruiug thereon, unless the said assessment shall have been paid before
said day of sale, together with the costs and penalties thereon.
D. A. WATSON, Street Superintendent of the City of Los Angeles.
Dated this 20th dty of January, A. D 1893.
I hereby -n-dfy that the following is v true and correct delinquent list of all persons and
property owing assessments levied to pay the expenses of opening aud extending Hoft'street,
irom Daly street to Griffin avenue, in the city of Los Angeles, which list coutaius the names of
the persons and tho description of the property delinquent, together with the amount of the
assess i ents, costs and penalties thereon, situated in the city of Los Angeles, Btate of California,
and dtscrlbed as fo lows, to-wit:
£•„ » m» >■ v*
US. II fa 1 gE
f* Jm* ..i « r -
17 R, J. Lindsley, S2O ft, Lt 15, blk 4, East Los Angeles $ 200 $10 80c $ 260
19 Ohlandt* Buck, Lt 17, blk 4, East Lor Angeies 12 00 60 50 13 10
21 Ohlandt ct Buck, Lt 19, blk 4. Kast Los An eles 18 00 90 50 19 40
23 Annie Mathewson, Lt 15, ilk 0, East Lob Angeles 8 00 40 50 8 90
25 8, H.Hall, Lt 17, blk 6. East 1.08 Angeles 13 00 05 50 14 15
20 Ohlandt <Si Bui k, Lt 18, blk 6, Hast Los Angeles 12 00 60 50 13 10
27 F. Boggoic, Lt 19, blk 6, East Los Anrreles 22 00 110 SO 23 00
2S Ohlandt & Kuek, Lt 20. blk 0, But Los Angelea 18 00 90 50 39 40
52 Nanoy J. Black, 843ftlt 4, Mills blk No. 1, Griffin's ad.. 25 50 128 60 27 28
53 Nancyj. Black, Lt 5. Mills blk No. 1, Griffin's ad 20 00 100 50 21 50
77 Addle Schmidt, Lot 2, blk B, East Los Angeles 20 00 100 50 21 .50
80 H. O. Reynolds, L',s. blk B. East Los Angeles 20 00 100 50 21 50
80 James Quinn, N3B ft Its 3 and 4, blk 0, East Los Angeles 10 00 50 50 11 00
90 L A. Con, Electric R'y Co., all right, of nay, tins, track
and rails lyiug within assessment district, to-wit: Be
ginning at the east line of the official riverbed, nnd
ruuning thenco easterly on Pasadena avenue to Tru
man street, thence south aloug Truman street 155 ft,
constituting double-track e.ecirlc street railway 175 00 8 75 50 184 25
105 A. Beccher, Lt 13, Hazard's sub lt 16, Griffin's ad 37 50 1 88 «0 39 88
JOfa A. Beecner, Lt 14, Hazard's sublt 10, vrlffln'sad 35 00 175 50 S7 25
108 0. Lookwood, Lt in, Haz rd'ssublot 10, Griffin's ad.... 30 00 150 50 32 00
112 A. Beecher, It 22, Hazard's sub lt 16 Griffin's ad .... 20 00 100 50 21 50
119 IX w. Poor, beginning at a point in the east rly line of
Daly street, distant 257.7 ft south on ssid line from
the s w corner of lot 1, Hazard's sub ot lot ifi, Griffin's
ad to East Los Angeles, and running thence southerly
along the easterly line of Daly street 39.9 ft: theuce t
right anges easterly 165 leer, thence at right angles
northerly 39.9 ft; thence westerly 105 lt to tho point
oi beginning * ... 15 00 75 60 16 25
120 James Lowe, beginning at tho a c corner lot 2, Hszard's
sub of lot 16, Griffin's ad to East Los Angeles, and run
niug southerly along the westerly live of Workman
street 43 8 ft; theuce at right angles westerly 105 ft;
thence at right angles northerly 43 8 ft; thence easter
ly 166 feet to point ol beginning no oo 550 50 116 oo
126 W.P.Martin beginning at a nolnt in the westerly line
of Workman streot distant 291 feet southerly from the
se corner lot Hazard's sub of lot 16, Griffin's ad to
East Lo-; Angeles; thonce southerly along the westerly
line of Workman street .10.6 ft; thonct at right angles
westerly 165 ft; thence at right angles northerly 3d 6
ft; thence easterly 165 feet to the point of beginning.. 15 00 75 50 16 25
1-3 Mrs M. J. Rich, begimii gat a point in the easterly line
of Workman street di tant 155.2 ft southerly fr< m the
b w corner lot 9, C Hartweh'a sub of lot 18, Griffin's ad
to East Los Angele*; thonce southerly along the east
erly line of Workman street 48.7 feet; thence at right
angleHeasterlv 165 feet; thence at right angles north
erly 45.7 ft; tncuce west rly 165 feet to the point of
beginning 20 00 1 00 60 21 50
130 C. Laveiiberger, beginning at a point in tha westerly
line of Sichel str=et distant 144.1 ft southerly from the
sec rner of lot 10, 0. Hartweii's sub lot 18 o Griffin s
ad to East Los Angoles: thenc-,Bouth aiongthe westerly
lins of Hich -1 street 00 ft; thenco at right angles we t
eriy 165 ft; theuce at right angles northerly 60 ft;
theuce 105 ft es.terly to p lot of beginning 25 00 125 60 26 75
146 J. M. Hale, beginning at. a point in the easterly line of
Workman street distant "63.6 ft northerly from the n
w corner ol lot 1, C. Hartweii's sub of lot 18 Griffin's
ad to East Los Augeles: ih^ncenorth along said easterly
line of Workman atreet 50.2 ft; thence easterly 165 ft
at right angles; thence southerly 50 2 ft at right an
gles; thence westcrterly 165 ft to the point of begin
ning 25 00 1 25 50 26 75
147 H. K. Bourne, beginning at a poiut in tho easterly line
of Workman street distant 313 8 ft northerly from the
n w corner of lot 1, C. Hartweii's sub of lot 18, Griffin's
ad to East Los Angeles; thence northerly along the
easterly line of Workman streetsl feet; thence at right
angles easterly 165 ft; thence at right angles bou herly
51 ft; th nee westerly I*s ft to the pointof bognnlng 20 50 1 03 60 22 03
149 W. B, Warren, beginning- at the n c corn ,r lot 2, C. Hart
well's sub of lot 18, Griffin's, ad to East Lob Angeles;
theuce northerly al..ug ,ho we tlery lino of sichel street
65.5 ft; thence westerly at right angles 165 ft; tbence
southerly at right angles 65 5 feet; thence easterly 165 .
ft to pointof beginnning 60 00 8 00 50 63 50
155 Lena Kerchner, be-gtnningat a point in the westerly line
of sichel street distant 312.5 ft northerly from the v c
corner of lot 2, C. HsrtweU's sub of lot 18. Griffin's ad
to East Los Angeles; tbence along the westerly Hue of
Sichel street northerly 50.5 ft; thence at rigfat angles
westerly 165 feet; theuce at right augles southerly 50.5
ft; theuce 165 ft ejto point of beginning 25 00 1 25 60 26 75
160 L. 8. J Aldrick, beginning at the n c corner of lot 2, F. .
E. Hartley* sub of part of lot 20, Griffin's ad to East Los
Angeles; thence northerly along the westerly line of
Sicnel street 55 ft; thence at right angles westerly 165
ft: thence at right angles *outher:y 55 ft; thence east
erly 165 ft to ptitnt of beginning 15 00 75 50 16 25
162 11. M. Jsrvis, beginning at a poiut in the westerly line of
Sichei street distant 110 ft north from the n c corner of
lt 2, F. C. Bart c,- s sub of part of lot 20, Griffin's ad to
East Los Ange'es; tbeuce northerly atoug the westerly
line of Sichel street 54 ft; th.noe at right augles west
erly 165 ft: thence at right angles southerly 54 ft;
thence easterly 165 feet to pointof beginning 12 00 60 50 13 10
169 M. Jones, beginning at a point In the southerly line of
Patrick street distant 115 ft easterly from tho s c cor
ner of Sichel and Patrick streets; thence easterly along
the southerly line ot Patrick street 50 feet; thence
southerly at right angles 70 f ; thence westerly at right
angles 50 ft; thence northerly 70 ft to point of begin
ning 10 00 50 50 11 00
170 M. Reed, beginning at tho s w corner of Griffin avenue
and Patrick street, running theuce southerly along the
westerly lice of Griffin avenue 150 ft; tbence at right
angles westerly 165 ft; thenco at right angles northerly
150 ft: thence easterly 105 ft to paint of beginning... 50 00 2 50 50 03 00
172 S. R. Mct'onnell, beginning at a point in the westerly
line of Griffin avenue distant 150 ft southerly from the
■ w coiner of Griffin nvenue and Pstrick st; thence
southerly along the westerly line of Griffin avenue 30
ft; thenco at right angles westeily 165 ft; thence at
right angles northerly 30 ft; thence easterly 165 ft to
point of beginning 5 CO 25 80 575
191 O.M. Wright, Lt 21, Jacobus trt 40 00 2 00 80 42 56
194 M. M. Shaffer, Lt 24, Jacobus trt 35 00 178 50 37 25
195 M. M. Shsflcr, Lt 25, Jacobus trt 30 00 1 60 50 32 00
198 C. N, Phillips. Lt 28, Jacobus trt 30 00 1 50 50 32 00
200 C. N. Phillips, 810 ft lot 29, Jacobus trt 6 00 25 50 5 75
204 8. M. Brunor, Lt 33, Jacobus trt 20 00 1 00 50 21 50
216 Thos. Frazer, Lt 45, Jacobus trt 10 00 80 50 11 00
217 A. c. Doolittle, Lt 46, Jacobus trt 10 00 50 50 11 00
252 D. Hunter. Lt 18, Dickinson's sub blk 20>£, Griffin's ad to
East Los Angeles' 15 00 75 50 16 25
253 Mrß. Ella Park, Lt 19, Dickinson's sub blk 205,, Griffin's
ad to East Los Angeles 25 00 1 25 50 20 78
254 D. Hunter, Lt 20, Dickinson's sub blk 20%, Griffin's ad to
East Los Angeles 28 00 1 26 SO 26 75
256 Mrs. Ella Park, N 20 ft lot 17, Dickinson's sub blk 20H,
Griffin's ad to East Los Angeles 5 00 ?5 75 5 75
1:72 M. Y. Kals, Lt 4. Wm. Lacy's ad to East Los Augeles 15 00 75 50 16 25
273 W. B.Warren, Lt 5, Wm. Lacy's ad to East Los Angeles ... 15 00 75 50 16 25
274 J. K. Carson, Lt 6, Wm. Lacy's nd to East Los Angeles 15 00 75 60 16 25
277 M. E. Jeffries, that portion of lot 9, Wm. Lacy's ad to East
Lob Angeles, in the s c corner thereof, described as fol
lows; Being 14 ft on w lino, 26 It on n live, and 21.1 ft
on southerly line 25 01 50 76
279 F. L. Hambriok, the southerly portion of lot 11, Wm La
cy's ad to Enst Los Augeles, being 42.9 ft on weslerly
line and 71.5 ft on easterly line 2 00 10 50 2 00
283 W. H. Pierce, Lt 18, Wm. Lacy's ad to East Los Angeles.. 6 00 30 50 6 80
28 1 L. Eastwood, Lt 36. Wm. Lacy's ad to East Los Angeles.. 15 00 75 50 16 25
292 G. Berkshire, I t 20, Safl'ord'B sub Bradbury bik, B. L. A.. 12 00 60 60 13 10
30t C. F. &B. G. McNutt, Lt 52, blk 2, Meadow Gleu trt 7 00 35 50 7 H6
307 R. Ounnigan, 155. bk 2, Meadow Glen trt 7 00 35 50 7 85
3nB R. Dunnlgan, Lt 56, blk 2. Meadow Olen trt 7 00 35 50 7 85
309 Mrs. C. F. Norton, Lt 57, blk 2, Meadow Glen trt 7 00 35 50 7 85
312 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 81, bis 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
813 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 32, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
314 R. Dunnigan, Lt 33. blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 60 2 60
315 R. Dunnlgan. Lt 34, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
316 W. I) llrisheo, Lt3s, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
317 E. P. Griffin, Lt 36 blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
318 R. Donegan, Lt 37, blk 3, Me»dow Olen trt 3 00 15 60 3 65
320 R. V De 1 ugo, Lt 39, blk 3. Meadow Glen trt 8 00 15 50 3 65
3'zl W. H. Cooper, Lt 40, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 8 00 18 50 3 65
t22 W. H. Cooper, Lt4l, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt .•. 8 00 15 50 8 65
323 R. Dunnlgan, Lt42, blk 3, Meadow Gleu trt 8 00 15 50 3 65
324 R. Duunigan, Lt 43. blk 8, Meadow Glen trt 6 00 25 50 6 75
325 R Duunigan, Lt 44 blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 8 00 28 50 6 78
326 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 45, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 6 00 25 50 8 75
327 K. Dunnlgan, Lt 46, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 6 00 25 50 8 75
330 K. Runnlgau, Lt 38, blk 1, Meadow Gleu trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
331 R. Dunnigan, Lt 3 U , blk 1, Meadow Gleu trt 200 10 60 260
332 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 40, blk 1, Meadow Glen irt 2 00 10 50 2 60
3.13 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 40, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
334 R. Dunnigan, Lt 42, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
335 R. Dunnigau, Lt 43, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
336 R. Dunuigon, Lt 50, blk 1, Meadow Glen irt 1 50 08 50 2 OS
337 R. Duunigan, Lt 60, blk 1, Meadow Gleu trt 150 08 50 208
338 R. Dunnigan, Lt 08. blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
339 R. Dunn gan, Lt 69, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
340 R. Runnig in, Lt 70, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
341 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 71, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 60 2 60
342 R. Dunnlgan, Lt 72, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt, 200 10 60 2 60
343 R. Dunnigan, Lt 73, blk 1, Meadow Gleu trf 2 00 10 50 2 60
344 R. Duunigan, Lt 74, blk 1, Meadow Glon trt, 2 00 10 50 2 60
345 F. W How, Lt 1, How trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
346 K. M Patterson, Lt 2, How trt 2 00 10 80 2 60
347 M. J. Bennet, Lt 3, How trt 300 10 80 2 00
Sto J. I). Chapplaln, Lt 5, How trt 2 00 10 60 2 60
350 „. D. Chapplaln, Ltd, How trt 2 00 10 60 2 60
351 J.D. Chapplaln, Lt7, How trt 300 10 50 260
."55 H J. Crawford, Lt 19. Hk 5. Mu'd-m- l'#n trt, 800 3 > 60 0 »0
B° SS jo 3 » £
359 R. Dunnigan, Lt 23, blk 5, Meadow Glen trt 9 300 $ 15 500 $ 365
360 N. Cole, Jr., Lt 24, blk 5, Meadow Glen trt 3 00 15 50 3 65
361 O. J. Mochmore, Lt 25. hlk 5, Meadow Qlen trt 300 16 60 305
362 L. E. Manzo, Lt 26, blk 5, Meadow Glen trt 3 00 15 60 30>
SOB B. Dunnigan, Lt 3, blk 4, Meadow tilen trt 7 00 35 50 7 85
308 B. Donnlgan, Lt 5, blk 4, Meadow Glen trt 700 35 50 7 85
371 R. Dunnigan, Lt 7, blk 4, Meadow Glen trt 700 35 60 783
380 Robert Ramtour, all that northerly portion of lot 2, Mrs.
Hall's Hill Land trt, being 130 ft on tbe east line, and
36 ft on tbe westerly lino, aud having frontage of 200
ft on Primrose avenue 18 75 91 50 20 19
331 Robert Ramsour, beginning at a point at the n c corner
of Johnson street and Primrose avenue, having uo
frontage on Primrose avenue except said point, and
wllh the Irontage of 33 ft on Johnson street, and of s6
ft on the west line oi lot 2, Mrs. Hall's Hill Land trt... 25 02 50 77
8 W. A. Terry, owuar, all of lot 11 of Jacobus tit, excepting
the southerly 20 ft of uniform width, and exceptlne the
northerly portion, having a width on the east end of
26,72 ft, and of 27.31 ft on west end 30 00 1 50 50 32 00
1-27 st. Street Superintendent of the City of Los i ngeles.
Southern Pacific Company.
DECEMBER 10, 1892.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, dally, as follows:
Leave For destination. Arr. From
8:30a.m Bauulng AlO:10a.m
A4::iop. m Banning 4:00p.m
8 .'lO a. m Colton 10:10a.m
10:30 a. m Colton 4:oopm
4 30p. m Colton 6:15p.m
8 30 a. m Dewing aud East.... 4 OOp. m
H:3oa. m ...El Paso and East... 4:00p.m
As:osp.m Chino AB:soa.m
8:30 a.m Cbino 10:10 am
4:30 p.m. Chino o:lspm
8: sa. m. Long Beach & dan Pedro H:lsa.m
Al2:4opm. -nn Pedro ,t LODg Beat h All:soa.m
. 5:00 p.m. Long Bea-h & .-sau Pedro 4:15p.m
200p.m Ogden and Rast,2d class 7:3oa.rn
10:40 p.m. OgdenandEast.lstclass 12:30pm
10:40 p.m Portland, or 7:30a.m
8:30 a. m Riverside 10:l()a.m
10: On. m Riverside 4;00p m
4:30p.m Riverside 6:lspm
8:30 a. m dan Bernardino 10:10a.m
10:30 a. m Sau B mardtno. — 4:00p.m
4:30 p. m Kan Bernardino. 0:15p.m
H:3oa m Redlands Iu:t0-tm
10:30 a. m Redlands 4:00p.m
4:30 p.m. > Redlands 6:15p.m
2:oopm San Fran, and .sacram'to 7:10a.m
10:40 p. m. flan Fran, and Sacram'to 12:30p.m
A9:52a.m Sun a Ana and Anatielm 9:04 a. m
5:10 p.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim A4:otp.m
9:25 a m Santa Barbara l:I>0pm
4 55 p.m. Santa Barbara 9:10p.m
9;45a. m Panta Monica AH:U9a.m
Santa Monica B:s9a.in
l:10a,m Santa Monica 12:15p.m
5:15p.m Santa Monica 4:30p.m
AO: 15 p.m. ...SantaMonica
Santa Mouica Caflon.. 512:15p.m
59:45 a m . .Santa Monica Canon.. s4:3op.m
sl:lOp. m. . .Santa Monioa Caflon
4:52p.m Tustin 8:43a.m
A9:4oa.m Whittier 8:43a.m
4:52 p.m. Whittier Al:4sp.m
The fast and elegant steamers of the Wil
mington Transportation company make close
connection at San Pedro with Southern Pacific
company trainß that run alongside them at the
d:.ck. Excellent hotel accommodations on the
island. Round trip, $2.75. Tlcketß good Sat
urday to Monday
Trains Lev Arcade Depot. trains Ar.
9:25 a. m Saturdays
Mondays 4:15 p m.
Take Santa Mouica trains from B\n Feruando
street. Naud's Junction, Commercial street,
Arcade depit, Jefferson atreet (Winthrop sta
tion), Grand avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Naud's
Junction, San Fernando street.
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction, San Fernando street.
Local and through ticketß sold, baggage
checked, Pullman steeping car reservations
made, and general Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. Q Pas. Agt.,
No 144 S. spring st., cor. Second. CHARLES
SEYLER, Agent at depots,
s Sundays only.
A Sundays excepted.
RICH'D GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Qen'l Passenger Agt.
IN BFFE CT gp NDAY| j AN- lt 189 3
Leave. Arrive.
* 5-15 p.m...Chicago Limited... * 7:soam
* 7:00 a.m.. .Overland Express * 6 35 p.m
* 8:15 a.m .San Diego Coast Line.. * 1:15 p.m
* 4:3opm ..San Diego Coast Lino.. " 0:50 p.m
* 7:00 a.m 1 f » 7 50 a.m
* 9:00 am I ...San Bernardino... I * 9 55am
* 4:00p m f.... via Pasadena.... 1 r 1:25 p.m
* 5:15 p.m J { « 6:35 p.m
* 7:00a.m ....Riversldevia.... I t 1:25 p.m
* 9:00 am | ...San Bernardino... I » 6:35 p.m
niooiSii Riverside and san^ 10 :™*? 1
•IS £2 5 Orange j . SSoS Jn
* 7:00 a.ml 1 Redlands, Mentone f , „..- . „
* 9 00a.m I ...andHighland...! * ?'35?- m '
* 4:00 pm f via \ J iSS*™
* 515 pm J Pasadena { 8:88 P- m
t 6:05 a.m j Redlands, Mentone i *10:l5am -
tll:00a.m > and Highland, via 3* 3:55 pm
- 4:30 p.m ) Orange <% Riverside ( * 6:50 p.m -
* 000 am 1 ft 7:35 a.m
* .SI'S ..Azusa, Pasadena., t 8:43 a.m ]
* 4 : 0?)nm I and J " o:ssam <
* ?«Sm (....intermediate....l f.1.25pm j
110:25 a.m Pafadena •7 50 a.m -
* 5:15 p.m Pasadena |ll:3l a.in
1 6:05 a.m Santa Ana 1 8:50 a.m .'
* h : ia a. in Santa Ana jlu:lsa.rn
t I:sopm Manta Ana * 1:15p.m
* 4:30 p.m Banta Ana • 6:50 p.m i
•10:15 am Redondo • 8:29 a.m '
* 4:05 p.m Redondo * 3:50 p.m
* 7:48 a.m Santa Monica
■ 10:09a.m Santa Monica * 9:43 a.m
* 4:05p.m Santa Monica 6 3:50 p.m
Santa Monica *6:C6pm
t 9;00a.m San Jacinto via Pasade'a f 1:25 pm
til :00 a m San Jacinto via Orauge f 3:55 p.m
t 9 00 am Temecula via Pasadena f 1:25 p.m
tll:0Oa.m .Temecula via Orange 110:15 p.m'
j 8:15 a.m Escondldo via Coast line j 1:15 p.m
•Daily. iDailyexceptsiunday. 1 Sundays only.
It. W. McGEE, City Pas. and T. Ag't.
129 N. Spring Bt., Los Angeleß. *
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent. '
First-street Depot. 1
Depot at foot of First street. f23 j
Los Angeles depots, east en d of First street 1
and Downey avenue bridges. t
Leave Los Angeles ior Leave Pasadena for *
IPasadena. Loa Angeleß.
t 6:35 a.m t 7:15 a.m ,
* 7:10 a.m * 8:05 a.m 1
* 8 00 a.m • 9:05 a.m .
* 9.00 a.m '10:35 a m '
•ln:30 a.m "12:00 m
•12:15 p.m • 1:05 p.m
* 1:25 p m * i':os p.m
* 2:25 p.m • 4 05 p.m
* 4:00 p.m • 5:25 p m
* 5:20 p.m *,7:05 p.m
* 6:20 p.m
* 9:30 p m
11:00 p.m *I 1:45 p.m J
Downey avenue leaving time 7 nt mutes later. ,
Leave Los Angeles lor Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angeles.
•10:30 a.m »11:35 a.m :
* 4:00 p.m * 5:00 p m
All trains start from First-streetdepot. t
Leave Los Angeleß for Leave Glendale for Los i
Glendale. Angeles. 1
t 6 45 a.m t 7: 5 a.m i
18 15 a.m i 9:05 a.m ]
•12 20 p.m * 1.16 p m i
* 5:25 p.m ♦ 6:15 p m
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedro .'
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles. '
* 9:45 a.m * 7 40 a.m ,
112:46 p.m 111:18 a.m
* 5:15 p.m * 3:35 pm J
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach, 10 I
minutes. I
San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Monrovia for Los
Monrovia. Angeles.
» 7:55 a.m i 6:55 a.m
•11:10 a.m • 8:55 a.m
* 2:55 p.m »12:45 p.m
* 5:23 pm * 4:00 p.m
•Daily. tDaily.exceptSundays JSundays only
Stages meet the 8:00 a.m. and 12:15 o. in.
trains at Pasadena for Mt Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles ou the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson's peak oan return tne same day
Theater nights the 11 p.m. train will wait 20
mlnutss after the theater is out when later than
10:40 p.m.
special rates to excursion and pionic parties.
Depots east end First street and Downey ave
nue bridges.
General offices. First-street Depot. •
T. B. BURNE-FT, General Manager,
)-? if W W.B»'t'M>, ft'tl Ps.?"„r"r «gt.
Pacific Coast S. S. Co.
Agents, San Francisco. Northern Mutes
embrace lines for Portland, Ore., Victoria, B.
C, and Puget Sound, Alaska, and all coast
For ■)
Port Harford.... 8. a . Corona, January 8,14,
Hants Barbara... 23, February 1.
Redondo S-
Han Pedro 8. 8. Santa Rosa. January 2,
Newport 10,18, 28, February 6
San i) it co
For 1 8. 8. Coos Pay, January 3,
Redondo 1 12, 21, 30, February 8
San Pedro and [3. 8. Eureka January 8,17,
way ports .... J 28, February 4.
For 1 S. 8. Sauta Rosa. January 4,
I 12, 21 30; February S.
San Diego fb. S. Corona, January 7. 16,
, J 28; February 3.
For ■) 8. 8. Srnta Rosa, January 0,
San Francisoo... 14,23; February 1.
Port Harford | 8. f. Corona, January 9,18,
fAnta Barbara. J 27; Februarys.
For I 8. S.Ttureka, January 2, 11,
San FrancißCo I 20, 29; Februar> 7.
and fS. S. Ooos Bay, January 6,
waypoitß J 15. 24; February 2.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave S. P. R. R. depot. Fifth street, Los An
geles, at 9:25 o'clock a. m
Passengers per Bteamers Corona and Santa
Rosa, via Redondo, north bound, leave Santa
» c depot at 10:15 a. m.; or from Redondo rail
way depot, corner Jefferson street and Grand
aye., 9:00 a m.
Passengers per Eureka and Coos Bay, via Re
dondo, leave t-anta Fe depot at 4:05 p. a.
Plans of steamer's cabin at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserve the right to change the
stenmora or their days of sailing
ktV For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all important points In
Europe, apply to
W- PARRIS, Agent.
Offlce, No. 124 West Second st, Los Angeles.
Redondo ail way.
Winter Time Card No. 9.
In Effect 5 a. m., October 3, 1892.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand ay. cable or Main at. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Lesve Trains Leave
Los Augeles Redondo
for Redondo for Lob Angeles.
8:00 a.m. daily 7:20 a m dally
9:00 a m. dally 9:10 a.m. dally
1:35 pm. dally 11:00 a.m. daily
5:00 p. m. daily 4:48 p.m. dally
Running time between Los Angeles and Be
dondo Beach, 80 minutes.
Olty Ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring streets.
President. Supt.
B. H. THOMPSON, Vice-President.
Honolulu and KilaueaT
wvEEsiei? »°d
ll Msm/SU/I Bolmiid Steamers
twice a month.
Special rates to parties of six and over. Ulna,
trated printed matter furnished
on application to
C. H. WHITE, or H. B. BICE.
Ticket Agent, a. P. Co., Agt. Ooeanlc 8,«. Co.,
Burdick Block. 124 Weat Becond st.
Leave city limits end of Temple-street cable
railway, for North Los Angeles, Hollywood and
Cahuenga valley.
Leave Los Angeles Leave Hollywood
8:00a.m 8:30 a.m.
10:1" am ■ 10;30am
12:05pm 1:00 p.m'
• 2:00 p.m 2:30 a.m
-4:30p.m S:oop.m-
Notice of the Filing- of the Report of
the Commissioners Appointed to
Widen Bonnie Brae St. fro m First
to Arnold St., io Compliance Witb
Ordinance No 1222 (New Series),
Together With the Plat of the As
sessment District.
Commissioners appointed to assess the ben
elits and damages and to have general supervi
sion of the proposed work of opening Bonnie
Brae street from First to Arno d street, hays
filed in the ofllce of the undersigned a report
together with a plat of the assessment dis
All p?nons Interested are hereby required to
show cause, if any they have, on or bafore
Monday, February 6th, 1893, why such report
should not be confirmed by the Council of the
City of Lob Angeles.
All objections must be In writing and filed
with tbe Clerk of said City Council.
All persons sign'ng protests will attach there
to their postoffice address.
City Clerk and ex-nfflcio Clerk of the Council
of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Ange ea, Cal., Jan. 24th, 1893. 1-26 lOt
Notice of Application for a City Deed.
Southern Ca'iforala Railway Company
will ou the 30th day of January, A. D. 1893,
apply to the Honorable City Council of the
City of Los Angeles, for a quit-claim deed from
said city, for that certain lot, tract, or parcel of
laud situate in the City of Los Angeles, County
of Los Angeles, ttateof California, and panic
ularly described as follows, towlt: Commenc
ing on the south line of Buena Vista street
where lt intersects the east line of tbe right of
way of the southern Pacific Railroad Company
and running along said line ol Buena vista
street north 65% deg. east to the official bed of
the Los Angeles river, on the westerly line of
the s-me, thence down tho river alonu the
said official 1 ue south 9 deg, 9 mm. east 610.8
feet, thence soutt. 56% d, g. west 67 feet to the
line of property formerly owned by Bumiiler,
thence along the said property formerly owned
by Bumlller, be the distance more or less, to
tbe east line of tbe right of way of the said
Southern Pacifio Railroad Company, tkerce
along said east bank of said right of way to the
place of beginning.
Reference 1b made to abstract of title, peti
tion and man now on file in my offlcs, and all
parties interested are hereby notlftfd that they
are required to file their objections, if any
there be, in writing at least one day before
said session of January 30,1893.
0. A. LU„KENBAt:H,
City Clerk.
Los Angelea, CaL, Jan, 24, 1893. 1-28 «t
Anheuser Restaurant,
Has changed hands. It is now nnder th.
supervision of Chas. Bauer. Many Improve
ments have been made. Cold lunches at all
hours a specialty. A fine commercial lunch
daily. Supper from sto 8 p.m.
Savings Bank and Truat Co., for the six
months ending December 81, 1892, will be due
and payable on and after January 10, 1893, at
the rate o. 5 per cent per annum en term de-
Soslts, and 3 per cent per an nam on ordinary
eposlts. J. V. WaCHTEL, Seoretary.
I,'R.tri.lc. c.l I- "t l'tll 12:10

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