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lorn Paine Painted as a Patriot
and Philosopher.
The Great Work He Ia Said to Have
Done for Liberty. »
Proceedings at the Memorial .Meeting
Last Evening anil Mr. Brncc.'a
Eulogy of the Great
The Tboraaa Paino birthday memorial
meeting was attended at tbe Loa An<?e
-leß theater, last night, by about 600
peoplo, the sexes being about evenly
divided. The Btage was neatly decorat
«d and the great author-statesman's
portrait occupied a corner of tho plat
form, W. 0. Bowman was president of
the evening and his dimgliter the
poetess. The music was good, especially
the performances of the Berth family,
who executed the overture to Faust In
fine stylo and Miss Marguerite's violin
nolo was worthy of Camilla Urao her
self. Mr. Bruce's oration on the life of
Paine and his services to the world was
moßt raptuounly applauded throughout.
He is a solemn-looking man but one
who hag not lost of wit while in
pursuit of forensic power. Taken for
all in all, it was a most enjoyable
Mr. George T. Bruce, who delivered
the main addresß of the occasion, 3poke
in substance as follows:
While not accepting ns infallible au
thority all the teachings ot Thomas
Paine, my love for our institutions and
my veneration for the sacred memories
of their heroic founders cause me to
bring from the garden of my heart a
few modest flowers wet with the dews of
affection in honor of him who was first
to write the brave words: "The Free
and Independent States of America."
Thos. Paine was born in England.
Early in 1774 he was iv the government,
service aud wrote a reform pamphlet
on the branch of the public service in
which he was engaged. This pamphlet
lost him his position but it fell into the
hands of our Benjamin Franklin, who
was in London on business conn«cted
with the colonies, and he adv id Paine
to come to America, which bo did late
in 1774. On his arrival in Amorica h6
found our fathers fretting under tho
burdens imposed by England.
Paine having come to America with
letters from Franklin, and his writings
in the Pennsylvania Magazine, of which
he was editor, showing genius and abil
ity, gave him the ear of the "rebel con
gress," though but few, if auy, of its
members sympathized openly with his
revolutionary ideas. In fact, he was
considered a dangerous radical by most
of the leading men of the day.
Early in the winter of 1770 Paine was
invited to meet in a quiet way four of
the leaders of the ''rebel congress."
They were John Adams, Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin Rush and George
Washington. These men were known
to be Bomewhat in sympathy with
Paine's ideas, but they "feared that the
time was not ripe to put them into ex
ecution. The conference took place in
Philadelphia and in an attic room.
Paine did most of the talking. He told
our fathers that fidelity to themselves,
that honor and happiness alike de
maned a different attitude toward the
insolent British government, tbat it was
their duty to quit whining about griev
ances and say to the British government
that it was their right to affirm
sovereignty and independence. He
portrayed the excellenco of Republican
institutions and the feasibility of inde
pendence, and with an enthusiasm that
only Paine was capable of, he pictured
a republic in which there should be no
distinctions, where character and con
duct should be the only condition of
honor and preferment and where the
voice of the people should be the su
preme law.
At the conclusion of his argument,
which wo are told lasted nearly two
hours, his companions rose and grasped
him by the hand. Washington, it is
said, took both Paine's hands in his
and confeßßed his conviction of the
necessity and practicability of inde
pendence, and in earnest words begged
him to write his thoughts in a book and
predicted that it would be read in all
the home* and thundered from all the
rostrums of America.
On the 17th of January, 1770, Paine
published his Common Sense, and
Washington's prediction came true. All
opposition soon gave way and from New
England*to the Carolinas the people re
solved to cast off the tyrant's yoke and
upon the altar of liberty plant the un
sullied banner of a new republic. In a
few months iollowed the Declaration of
Independence. Paine's Common Sense
inspired that glorious document. In
Common Sense are found all the funda
mental principles of our government
and without detracting from the laurel
crown of Jefferson it is but just to say
that the Declaration of Independence it;
but an epitome of Common Sense.
His efforts did cot cease with Com
won Sense. Joining the army and
writing at night upon a drumhead those
' wonderful papers called The Crisis,
he became the inspiring genius of the
long years of terrible struggle and blood
shed that followed. The first of these
papers appeared after Washington's
crushing defeat on Long Island. It
rang out in clarion tones: "These are
times that try men's eouls." Number
after number of these papers appeared
till he triumphantly wrote : "The times
that tried men's souls are over."
When the war closed Paine waß re
garded as one of the foremost defenders
of liberty, and shared with Washington
the honors of victory. Had he died at
that time the new republic would have
watered his grave with ber tears, his
name would have filled the brightest
niche in the pantheon of her worthies,
poets would have Butig his virtues and
the pious would have claimed him as a
child of faith and seated him high up in
At the close ot the war he returned to
England and wrote his Rights of Man
The effect of this work was almost as re
markable in Europe aa was Oomtnor:.
Sense in America. The British govern
ment became so alarmed for its lnstitu
tions tbat tho cale of tho Rights of Man
was prohibited and its author prose
cuted. From England Paine went to
France, and on his arrival at Calais re
ceived an ovation such aB wars never ac
corded before or since to a foreigner.
He was at once elected a mem
ber of the National Convention of
France, and was considered one of the
ableet members and had his advice been
Falling Hair
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taken there would have been no "Reign
of Terror." For voting against the exe
cution of Louis he was thrust into prison
and sentenc*?d to dia, bit escaped by an
accident which,had it happened in favor
of a professing Christian, would have
come down to us as a special act oi
Providence. While in prison he wrote
hiFi celebrated Age of R?a6on. On be
ing released from prieon he went to live
in the house of James Monroe, our min
ister to France. The French psople
agiiin invited him to a ssat in the bouse
of deputies, and to show that be har
bored no resentment he accepted the in
vitation and renewed his labors in bo
half of France. After a year, failing in
health, he signified his inteution ol re
turning to America. Thomas Jefferson
sent a national ship to bring hitn home-,
and on his arrival in Baltimoro in tlib
fall of 1802 there wont up from one end
of the country to the other the plaudits
of every patriot and the curpes of every
clergyman. His Age of Reason had
preceded him. The national authorities
showed him dislinguished attention as
did hiß former companions and friends.
Ha declined the highest office in the
gift of the president and after a faw
months retired to his farm near New
Rochelle in New York, where he died in
His life was a busy and stormy one.
For the cause of man he lived and died,
and yet the flowers of love had scarcely
blossomed o'er his grave, aye, even be
fore his corpse was cold, grim bigotry
stalked forth and with devilish glee
danced round the prostrate form of
bim whoße arguments she could not
anewer and who dared oppoeu equally
the frauds and hypocrisies of kings and
Because Paine did not believe the
childish and vulgar stories of the Bible
and the cruel and barbaroti3 dogmas
founded thereon, aud had tho splendid
courage to Bay so, his brilliant services
have bean ignored and himself elan
dered as perhaps no man ever was be
fore. Ia it ever thus to be? Will the
millions who boast of the grandeur of
this republic always be unjust to the
memory of him whose magic pen called
it into being? If so, hide from our gaze
the flag that crossed with Washington
the icy Delaware, tear from our Consti
tution the lie of religious libarty, fram
the dome of our tapitol take the figure
of justice, transform the heroic shaft of
Bunker hill into a cnurch steeple, Inde
pendence ball, the old "cradle of lib
erty," into a chamber for the trial of
heresy, and blot from our minda the
tender memoriea of Concord, Lexington
and Yorktown.
The speaker considered at length the
charges that have been made against
Paine, claiming that the true facts of
history have been suppressed, his vir
tues dwarfed and his faults magnified by
thorje who feared his influence. To
these who desired to know the real
Thomas Paine ho advised the reading of
his life by the Rev. M. D. Conway, and
in closing an address of more than an
hour said: Time rights the battle of
truth, and the raau whoso Common
Sense put our flag iv heaven, whose
Rights of Man gave liberty to France
and associated his name with progress
for all coming ages, whose Age of Reason
exposed the lallibility of the Bible, rob
bed religion cf its terrors and made us
ashamed of a God with a beard and a
devil with horns, will live in the hearts
of humanity when his traducers sleep
beneath the wavelfps ocean of oblivion.
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Notice of Application for City Deed.
II Ai. W. Sabachi will on the (sth day of Feb
ruary, 18b3. npply to the honorable efty coun
cil of tho city of Los Angeles for a quit-c aim
deed from said city for those certain lots, tracts
or parcels of land situate in the city of Los An
geles, county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia, and particularly described as follows, to
First—Beginning at the nor'heast corner of
Seventh aui San Pedro streets, thence along
the easterly line of R*n Pedro streot N. 41 deg.
09 ruin. 30 sec , E. 11.9.03 leet to tho tou' hwest
corner of block '21 of the Wolfskin Orchard
tract, as recorded in book 30, page 10, misoel
iaueous recoids, Loa Angeles county, Califor
nia; thence along the southerly line of s»id
block 21, b*. 47 deg 58 mm., E. lv-D.30 feet to a
point; thence 8. 40 deg. 07 mm. W. 1u'2.50
feet to a-point on the northerly line of Sevcnili
street; thence* along snid northerly line N. 40
deg. 50 mm. 30 sec. W. 202.20 ieet to the point
of beginning.
Second - Beginning at the southeast corner of
block 22 of the Wolf skill Orchard traci, as re
corded In book 30, page 10, mlscel aneous
records, i.os Anseles county, Cal.. along
the southerly line of said block 22 au47deg.
54 mm. E 220 Ob" feet to a point ou *»rie west
erly line of Towns avenue; thence along the
westerly line of Towne avenue produced south
erly B. 36 deg. 48 mm. W. 150 39 feet to a
point on Ihe northerly line of Heveuth street;
thence along said northerly line N. 49 deg. 51
mm 30 sec. W. 220.37 fett to a point at the
Intersection of the easterly line of Crocker
Btreet produced southerly with the northerly
line of Seventh street; thence along said pro
duced line of Crocker street N. 30 oeg. 48 mm.
K. 157 84 feet to the roint of beginning.
Third—Beginning at the southwest corner of
block 23 of the Wolfskili Orchard tract, as re
corded in book 30, oage 10, miscellaneous rec
ords Lob Angeles county, Cal.; thencn along
the southerly l'ne of said block 23 S,. 47 deg
54 m n. E. 220.9b' f»- i to a pom I on the west
erly line of Rutn avenue: thence along the
westerly line of Ruth avenue produced south
erly 8. 30 deg. 4** rain. W. 140 23 to a point on
the northerly line of Seventh street: thence
along .Mn! northerly line U. 49 deg. 51 mm 30
sec. W., 220 37 feet to a point at tho intersec
tion of the easterly line of Towne avenue pro
duced southerly with tho northerly line of Sev
enth street; thence along said produced line of
Towne avenue N. 30 deg. 48 mm. X., 147 08
reet to the i oint of begii- nin*?.
Fourth—Keninnlng at the southwest corner of
block 24 of the Wolfskili Orchard tract, as re
corded in book 30, paae 10, miscellaneous rec
ords Los Angeles countv.C'al.; taence along the
southerly line of said block 24 8. 47 deg. 54
mm. L. 143.30 feet to a point; thence 8,35 deg
32 mm. W. 133.51 feet to a polui on the north
erly line of Seventh street; thence along said
northerly line N. 49 deg 51 mm 30 sec. W
145 95 feet to a point at the intersection of the
easterly line of Ruth avenu-j produced south
erty with the northerly line of Seventh street;
thence along said produced lino of Kuth ave
nue N. 30 deg 48 mm. JC, 138.2 feet to the
point of beginning.
Refe ence is made to abstract of title, peti
tion and map now on file In my offlce. ana all
parties interested are heteby notified that they
are required to file their objections, if any
there be, in writing at le«st 'me day before tbe
said session of February 0, 1893
0. A. LTJCKKNBaCH. City Clerk.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan, 30,1893. 1-29 5t
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Tolephone 297, Los Angeloa
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Of Sale of Proper ty for Delinquent As
sessment Levied to Pay the Ex
penses for the Opening and Extend
ing of Hoff Street, from Daly Street
to Griffin Avenue.

utcs of the State of Jallforala relative to tho collection of assessments to pay the i xpco«>.B
ot opening, widening and extondlng of .tracts within municipalities, I D. A. Watson, treet
Superintendent of tbe city ol Los Angalea. shall, on Monday, tho 6th day of February, A.D 1893,
at 10 o'clock a m ot said day. in the office of the Street superintendent, In the city v 11, on
Broadway, in said city, sell at pahllc auction, lor lawlui money of the Uui ed Statos, all the
prn.ierty described in tho following delinquent list attached to this notice, upon whkh the de
liLuuent assessments described in said list are a lien to pay said assess-nouts, tog'thcr with the
cofits an i penalties aoerulug thereon, unless the said assessment shall have bueu paid b.-fore
said day of sale, together with the costs and penalties thereon.
D. A. WATSON, Street Superintendent of the City of Los Angeles.
Dated lhl6 26th day of January, A. D 1898.
I itoieby ir.ify that the following is a true and correct delinquent list of all and
property owing asses ments levied to pay tho expanse's of op- ntug aud extending Hofl'strect,
front Daly street to Griffin avenue, in tho city ot Los Angeles, which list contaius .he na.nes of
the porsons and the description of the property delinquent, together with tho amount of the
asseseuts, costs and penalties thereon, situated In the olty of Los Anselen, State of California,
and described as lo lows, to-wlt:
IMs a 2 n & 5
17 R. J. Liii'lsley, R2O ft, Lt IS, blk 4, East Los Angeles $ 200 if 10 50c $ 260
1!) Ohiandtii Buck, Lt 17, blk 4 East Los Ange es IS 00 60 so. 13 10
21 Oblandt A Buck, Lt 19, blk 4, East Los Anaeles. 18 00 90 f>9 19 40
23 Annie Mathewson, l.t 15. tla 6. East Los Angeles 8 00 40 50 8 91
25 8. 11. Hall, Lt 17, blk 6. East Los Angeles i:i OU 05 50 14 15
2H Ohlandt & But k, Lt in, hlk (i, East Los Angeles 12 00 00 JO la 10
27 F. Boggoit.Lt 19, blk 6, East Angeles 22 00 110 5o 23 00
2* Ohlandt i 4uck, Lt 20, bik (i, F.a«t Lot Angeles 18 00 90 50 lit 40
R2 Nancy J. Black, 843ftlt 4, Milts blk No. 1, Griffin's ad.. 2."i 50 128 50 27 28
53 Nancy J. Black. Lt 5. Mills bik No. i, Oriffln's ad 20 00 100 50 21 50
77 .don Schmidt, Lot 2, blk B, East Los Angeles 20 00 100 50 21 50
80 It 0. Koyuolds, Lt 5, blk S, Bast. Los AUitoleS 20 00 100 50 2150
Bfl James tjulnn, N3B ft Its « and 4, blk 0, East Los Angeles 10 00 60 50 11 00
90 I, A. Con. Electric R'y Co, all righ' of way, ties, track
and rails lying withia assessment district, to-wit: Bo
ginning at the east line of the official river bed, and
running thence eaverly ou Paaadena avenue to Tru
man street, then'o south along Truman street 155 ft,
constituting double-track c eotric street railway 175 03 8 75 60 IC4 25
105 A. Beecber, Lt 13, Hazard's sub lt 16, Griffin's ad 37 50 im "0 39 88
108 A. Beeener, Lt 14, Hazard's sub lt 16, t-iriffln's ad 35 00 1 75 5o 37 25
108 O. Loekv>ood, Lt to. Has rd'asub lot 10, Griffin's ad.... 30 00 1 50 50 32 00
112 A. Beecher, 1122, Hazard's sub lt 10 Griffin's.ad ... 20 00 100 50 21 50
119 D. w. Poor, beginning at a point la the east rlylineof
Daly street, distant 287.7 ft Bouth on said line from
the s w corner ol lot 1, Hazard's sub of lot 6, Griffin's
ad to East Los Angeles, and ruuning thence southerly
along the easterly iltio of Daly street 39.9 ft: thence t
rkhtanges easterly 105 leet; thence at right ancles
northerly 39.9 ft; thence xesterly 165 lt tt> the point
ol beginning 15 00 75 50 10 25
120 James Lowe, beginning at the s c corner lot 2, Hazard's
sub of lot 10, Griffin's ad to Kn&t Los Angeles, and run
ning souttterly along the westerly line of Workman
street 43 8 ft; thence at right angles westerly 105 f b ;
thence at right auules norlli.-irly 43.8 it; thence easter
ly 165 feet to point ol beginning 110 00 5 50 50 110 00
126 W. P, Martin beginning at a nolnt in tho westerly line
of Workman street distant 291 feet somberly from the
secorner lot Hazard', sub of lot 16, Grtllln'sad to
East Loa Angeles; thecce southerly along the westerly
line of Workman street 36 6 ft; theucr at right nnglcs
westerly 165 ft; thence at right angles northerly 36.0
ft; thence easterly 165 feet to the point of beginning.. 15 09 75 50 1G 25
123 Mrs M. J. Rich, beginning at a point .n ibe easterly line .
of Workman street di*tant 155.2 ft southerly frrm the
s <v corner lot 9, C Hartweh's sub of lot 18, Griffin's ad
to East Los Angele«; theuce southerly along th- east
erly line of Workman ttret 48.7 feet; thc-ncea. right
angieseasterly 165 feet; thence at right angles north
erly 43.7 ft; tnenee westerly 165 feet to the point of
beginning 20 00 1 00 50 21 50
130 C. Laveubcrger, beginning at a point in the westerly
lino of Slchel str.:et dittant 144.1 ft southerly from tho
Be c rner of lot 10, C. Hartwcll's sub lot 18 o Griffin s
ad to East Los Angeles; thenc, south along the we«terly
HnßOf Bich 1 street 60 lt; thenco at right angles we t
erly 165 ft; thence at right am- 1 -v northerly 60 ft;
thence 165 ft ea«ter!y to poiutof i ;lnatug 25 00 1 25 50 20 75
146 J. M. Hale, beginning at a point in the easterly line of
Workman street distant 263 6 ft northerly from the v
w corner ol lot. 1. (,:. «•"»»"'■ ...tw,, wi v
aa to Enet i.osAngcles; thence north along said easterly
line of Workman street 50.2 ft; thence easterly 165 ft
at right angles: thence southerly 50.2 ft at right an
gles; thence westerterly 165 ft to the point of begin
ning "... 25 00 125 50 26 75
147 H. K. Bourne, beginning at a point in the easterly line
of Workman street distant 313 8 ft northerly from the
n w corner of lot 1,0. Hartwell'a sub of lot 18, Griffin's
ad to East Los Angeles; thence northerly along the
easterly line of Workman street 51 feet; thence at right
angles easterly 165 ft: thence at right angles sou'herly
51 ft; thence westerly 165 ft to the point of beginning 20 5 J 1 03 50 22 03
149 W. B Warren, beginning at the n c corn r lot 2, C. nart
well'a tub of lot 18, Griffin's ad to East Los Angeles;
thence northerly nine ,he we tlery line of rdchel street
65.5 ft; thence westerly at right angles 165 ft; thence
southerly at right angles 65 5 feet; thence easterly 165
ft to point of beginnning 80 00 300 50 63 50
155 Lens. Kerch tier, beginning at a point in the westorly line
of sichel street dislant 312.5 ft northerly Irom the n c
corner of lot 2, C. Hartwell's snb of lot 18. Griffin's ad
to East Los Angeles; thence along the westerly line of
Slchel street northerly 50.5 ft: thence at right angles
westerly 165 feet; thence at right angles southerly 50.5
It; thence 165 ft ejto point of beginning 25 00 1 25 SO 26 75
160 L.B.J Aldrick, beginning at the n c corner of lot 2, F.
K. Bartley's sub of part of lot 20, Griffin'sad to East Los
Angeles; thence northerly along the westerly line of
Mcnel street 55 ft; thence at right angles westerly 165
ft; thence at right angles southerly 55 ft; thence east
crlv 165 ft to point of beginning 15 00 75 50 16 25
162 H. M. Jarvis, beginning at a point iv the westerly line of
Slchel street distant 110 ft north from the n c corner ot
lt 2, F. 0. Bart ey's sub of part of lot 20, Griffin's ad to
Bast Los Angeles: theuce northerly atong tbe westerly
line of Slchel street 54 it; thence at right angles west
erly 165 ft; thence at right angles southerly 54 it;
thence easterly 165 feet to point of beginuing 12 00 60 60 13 10
169 M. Jones, beginning at a point in the southerly line of
Patrick street distant 115 ft easterly from the s c cor
ner of Slchel and Patrick streets; thence easterly along
the southerly line ol Patrick street 50 feet; thenre
southerly at right angles 70 f ; thence westerly at right
angles 50 ft; thence northerly 70 ft to point of begin
ning ~ 10 00 50 50 11 00
170 M. Reed, beginning at the s w corner of Griffin avenue
and Patrick Btreet, running thence sontherly slong the
westerly line of Griffin avenue 150 lt; theuce at right
angles westerly 165 ft; thence at right angles northerly
150 ft; thence easterly 165 ft to p jint of beginning... 50 00 2 50 50 53 00
172 S. R. McConncll, beginning at a point In the westerly
line of Griffin avenue distant 150 ft southerly from the
8 w corner of Griffin avenue and Patrick st; thence
southerly along the westerly line of Griffin aveune 30
ft; theuce at right angles 165 ft; thenco at
right angles northerly 30 ft; thence easterly 165 ft to
point of beainning 5 00 25 60 5 75
191 CM Wright, Lt 21, Jacobus trt....' 40 00 200 50 42 56
194 M. M. bhaffer, Lt 24, Jaoobus trt 35 00 175 50 37 25
195 M. M. Shaffer, Lt 25, Jacobus trt 30 00 1 50 50 32 00
198. C. N. Phillips. Lt 28, Jacobus trt 30 00 150 50 32 00
200 C.N. Phillips, 810 ft lot 29, JaoobUS trt 5 00 25 50 5 75
264 8. M. Bruuer, Lt 33, Jacobus trt 20 00 1 00 50 21 50
21R Thos. Frazer, I t 45, Jacobus trt 10 00 50 50 11 00
217 A. t'. Dooilttle, Lt4G, Jacobus trt 10 00 60 50 11 00
252 D. Hunter. Lt 18, Dickinson's sub blk 20U, Griffin's ad to
East Los Angeles 15 00 75 50 16 25
253 Mrs. KIU Park, Lt 19, Dickinson's sub blk 20%, Griffin's
ad to East Los ADgeles 25 00 1 25 50 26 75
254 D. Hunter, Lt 20, Dickinson's Bub blk 20>*, Griffin's ad to
East Los Angeles 25 00 1 25 50 26 75
256 Mrs. K'la Park, N 20 ft lot 17, Dlckinson'B sub blk 20%, „
Griffin's ad to East Los Angeles 5 00 25 75 5 75
w72 M. Y. Hals, Lt 4. Wm. Lacy's ad to Bast Los Angeles 15 00 75 50 16 25
273 W. B.Warren, Lt 5, Wm. Laoy's ad to East Los Angeles... 15 00 75 50 16 25
271 J.K. Carson, Lt 6, Wm. Laoy's ad to East Los Ange.es 15 00 75 50 16 2a
277 M. E, Jeffries, that portion of lot 9, Wm. Lacy's ad to East
Lob Angelea, In the s c corner thereof, described as fol- »
lows: Being 14 ft on w line, 20 ft on n line, and 21.1 ft
on southerly line 25 01 50 76
279 F. L. Hambrlck, the southerly portion of lot 11, Wm La
cy's ad to East Los Angeles, being 42,9 it on westerly
line and 71.5 ft on easterly fine 2 00 10 50 2 00
283 W. H. Pierce, Lt 18, Wm. Laoy's ad to East Lo» Angeles.. 6 00 30 5!) 6 80
28» L. Eastwood, Lt 36 Wm. Lacy's ad to East Los Angeles.. 15 00 75 50 16 25
292 G. Berkshire, I t 20, Saflord's sub Bradbury blk, K. L. A.. 12 00 00 50 13 10
301 C. F. &E. G. McNwtt, Lt 52, blk 2, Meadow Glen trt 7 00 35 50 7 »5
307 R. Ounnigan, 155. bk 2, Meadow Glen trt 700 35 50 7 85
308 B. Dunnigan, Lt 56, blk 2. Meadow Glen trt 700 35 50 7 85
309 Mra. C. F. Norton. Lt 57, blk 2. Meadow Glen trt 700 35 50 7 85
312 B. Dunnigan, Lt 31, bis 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 260
313 R. Dunnigan, Lt 32, blk 3, Meadow Glen tft 2 00 10 50 2 60
314 R. Dunnigan, Lt 33. blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 60 2 60
315 B. Dunnigan, Lt 34, blk 8, Meadow Glen trt 200 10 50 2 60
310 W. D Brlsheo, Lt 35, blk 3, Mesdow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
317 B. P. Griffin, Lt 36 blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
318 R. Donegan, Lt 37, blk 3, Mesdow Glen trt 3 00 15 bO 365
320 R. V De Lugo, Lt 39, blk S, Meadow Glen trt 3 00 15 fO 3 65
321 W. H. Cooper, Lt 40, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 300 15 50 3 65
122 W. H. Cooper, Lt4l, bik 3, Meadow Glen trt 300 15 50 3 65
M 23 B. Dunnigan, Lt42, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 300 15 50 3 65
324 R. Duuftigau, Lt 43. blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 6 00 25 50 5 75
325 R Dunnigan, Lt 44 blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 5 00 26 50 5 7^
326 R, Dunnigan, Lt 45, blk 3, Meadow Glen trt 600 25 50 5 75
327 B. Dunnigan, Lt 40, blk a, Meadow Glen trt 600 25 60 5 75
330 R. Runnigan, Lt 38, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
331 R. Dunnigan, Lt 31, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 60 2 00
332 R. Dunnigan, Lt 40, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 200 10 50 260
333 R. Dunnigan, Lt 40, blk 1. Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
334 B. Dunnigan, Lt 42, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 200 10 50 2 0J
335 R. Dnunlgan, Lt 43, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
336 R Duunigan,Ltse>, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 1 50 08 60 2 08
337 R. Dunnigan, Lt Go, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 1 50 03 50 208
338 R. Dunnigan, Lt 68. blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 200 10 50 260
339 B. Dunn'gan, Lt 69. blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 80
340 R. Bunnigsn, Lt 70, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
311 B. Dunnigan, Lt 71, bik 1, Meadow Glen trt 300 10 50 2 60
342 R. Dunnigan, Lt 72, blk 1, Meadow Glen tn, 2 flo 10 50 2 00
343 B. Dunnigan, Lt 73, blk 1, Meadow Glen trf 200 10 50 2 60
344 R. Dunnigan, Lt 74, blk 1, Meadow Glen trt 2 Oi) 10 50 2 60
345 F. W How, Lt 1. How trt 2 00 10 50 2 80
346 B. M Patterson, Lt 2, How trt v 200 10 50 2 00
347 M. J. Bennet, Lt 3, How trt 2 00 10 50 2 60
549 J. D. Chapplaln, Lt 5, How trt ." 2 00 10 50 2 60
350 J. D. Chapplaln, Lt 6, How trt 200 10 50 2 60
351 J.D. Chapplaln, Lt 7, How trt 200 10 60 2 00
> r,i H .r Or'wMrd. I.i 19 blk 5. Meadow O'en ;r». 8 no !f» 60 ft «i
a* >■> „<* > s.
12 '" ?•« ? fS
I* Is h 9 ? ft
850 K. Dunnigan, Lt 23, blk 5, Meadow filer, trt.. • 300 S 15 Sue ♦ 569
lit;.) K. Cole, Jr., Lt 24, blk 5, Meadow Olca trt 800 3 5 60 3 65
:aOt O. J. Mochmor.', f.t 25 Mk 5, Meadow Glen trt 300 15 50 305
3H2 L. X Manzo, Lt 2tl blk 6 Mea 'ow lit, ;i trt 3 00 15 50 3S\
SOU it. Untinigan. Lt 3, blk 4. Meadow ti'.eu trt 700 35 50 7 85
litis R. Donnlgau, Lt.\ bk 4, Meadow Glen trt 7 00 35 50 7 85
371 E. Dunnigan, Lt 7 blk 4, Meadow (Hon trt 7 00 35 60 7 83
38 J Robert Ramiour, all that northerly portion of lo' 2, Mrs.
Hall's Hill Land trt, being 130 ft on the east line, and
30 It on the westerly Hue, and haviug iront&g/o of 200
ft on Primrose avenue 18 75 84 50 20 19
351 Robert Raoisour, beginning at a poittr at the s c corner
of Johnson >treei and Primrose- avenue, having no
frontage on Primrose avenue except said point, and
with the froutsge of 33 ft on Johnson street and of 0
lt on tho wcat line ol lot 2. Mrs. Hall's Hill Land trt... 25 OS 77
8 W. A. Terry.ownar, ail of lot 11 of Jacob-.s trt, cxc -pttng
the southerly 20 ft of uniform width, and exceptintr the
rior'ho-ly portion having a width on the east end of
20.72 ft, and of 27.31 ft on west end 30 00 1 50 50 8100
1-27 st. Street Sm erinteudentof the City ol Los Angeles.
Southern racilic Company,
IJKOEMB'B 19, 1802
Trains and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, daily, as follows:
Leave For dkstinatioaV. Arr. Fron
8:30 a. m Hai ulng AlO.lOa.n
a■ l: 30 i 1 m Banning 4:00p.n
8 30a. m Coltou I0:10».n
10:30 a. m C'olton 4:00p n
4 30p.m Colton <i:l i »p.n
8 30 a. iv Deming and East... 4 OOp.u
H:3oa.m ... El Paso and East.... 4:00p.u
As:osp.m Chino AH.5O«.n
8:30a.m Chino )0:10an
4:3^p.m Chlno 0:15p n
8: 5 <.m. Long Beacn & Sun Pedro K:lsa.n;
Al 2:4opm. -an Pedro A Long B4M li a 11 :50a.n
3:00 p.m. Long Ilea n «fcsan IVdro 4:lspn
2 00p.m ''gdenand least,2d das* 7:3wa.n
10:40p.m, Ogdenand : L,latclat* IV:3Op n
10:40 p. m.... Portland Or 7:30a.n
8:30 a. m Riverside 10; 1 "a.n
10: Oa. ra Rlvertdde 4;oopri
4:30p.m Riverside 0:15p n
8:30 a.m. Han Bernardino lo;H>a.n
10:30 a. m Ban B ruardino.' ' 4:Uop.ir
4:30p m ban Bernardino. o:lsp.ir
H:3oa m Badlands .7 10:0»
10:30 a. m Rcdlands 4:00p.n
4:3opm Rcdlandu <>:lsp,n
2:oopm 3an Kran. and i-aerara'to 7: toa.ir
10 40p. m San Fran, and oacr*m'io 12-30pn
A9:52a.m aAM and Anaheim o:o4iir
.':. op.m Santa Ana and Anaheim
0::5 B m. ... Sauta Barbara 1 :'',dp v
4 S6 p.m fcanta Barbara 9:lup.ir
9.45 a m Kanta Monica a^:(>Ba.n
Bant* Moni a S SlUir
I:loa,ra Santa Monica 12:15p.n
15:15 p. m Hama Monlua 4 30p.n
A(i:lsp.m. Santa Monica
Santa MonicaUaflon.. 612:15pn
i 9:40 a m .Santa Monica Canon.. g4.3op.ii
■1:10 p.m. . .Hania MoniCA Canon
4:">2 p m Tustin 8:43a.n
A9:ioa.m Whittlor B:43ii.n
4:52 p.m Wnittler Al:4sp.a
The fast and M r of the Wil
mington Tmnsport-ttinn company raike cloho
connection at NO Pedro with .southern Pacific
conipiny trains tbat run aiongaide them at the
di ck. Excellent hotel accoujm<.diitions on tbt
idand. Round trip, $2,75. Tickets good bat
urday to Monday
trains Lev Aro«du Uepot. trains Ar
9:25 a. m Saturdays
MondayH ... 4:IR t* in
Take ianta Monica trains from et >n Kernaudo
street, Niud'a 'imctinn, CommHrcial street,
Arcade dtp .t. Jeffersou street (Winthrop aia
ttort), Grand avjnue, or University.
Fortiorth; Arcade, Commercial*BtreQt,Naud's
Junction, Sau FeruaLdo ctreot.
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, N&ud's Junction, Sa i Ferntndo atredt.
Local and through tickets Bold, baggage
checked, eullman Bleeping car reservations
mhde.aud nnenl information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEi", Aa t. G Pas, Agt„
No 144 8. eiprlng St.. cor. SeQOud. CIIABLES
B£YLEB, Agent at depots.
& Sundays only.
a Sundays excepted.
RICE'i) GR.VY. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Gog'l Passenger Agt.
COMPANY. tSanta Fe route,
m Arraox uvatss* vn u, t, t ■.-■'«>.
Leave. Arrive.
* fWsp.ni Chicago Limited... * 7:soam
* 7:00 a.m.. .Overland Express— * 0 35 p.m
* 8:15 a m .San Liego Coast Line.. * 1:15 p.m
* 4:3opm . San Coast Line.. * 6:50 p.m
♦ 7 00a.m 1 f * 7 50 a.m
* 9:ooam f...San Berusrd.no... J * 0 55am
* 4:00 pm f ... via i'asad'jua.... l t 1:25 p.m
• 5:15 p.m J [ * 6:35 p.m
* 7:00a.m ) Riverside vU ... J t 1:25 p.m
* 9:00 am } . ~San Bernardino... j * 6:35 p.m
JltooU'S.} overside and
• l 5 BefdlnoTia Orange j , giggf g
* 7:00 Redlands. Mcutono r , a ..» _
• 9 00 a. m 1... and Highland... I' 1 "
• 4:00 pm f via 1 * J:§2 P ™
*516 p m J Paaadeua { U J ' > p m
t o:O6a.n»|) Bedlands, Meatone i '10:15 am
tll:ooa.in [ and Highland, via < * 3:55pm
- 4:30 p m ' Orange & Riverside ( • 0:50 p m
an on 1 ft 7:35 a.m
. ViosS'™ ..Azusa, Pasadena., | 8:43 a.m
I i I . and j • 0:55 sm
t 5.-S2S2 f....intermediate.... 1 i 1.25pm
i „ I stations ■ 4:17 p.m
0:55 p.m , [ , «,. 38 5 m
t10:25a.m Pa'adena * 7 50a.m
- 5:15 p.e ... ..Pasadena |U:3ia.m
t 0:05 a.m Santa Ana t 8:50 a.m
• 8:15 a.m Santa Ana tlu:l f a.m
t 1:50 pra tisntaAna • 1:15 p.m
* 4:30 pm Santa Ana » 0:50 pm
•10:15 am.. Bedondo * 8:29 a.m
* 4:05 p.m Redondo * 3:50 p.m
* 7:48 a m . Santa Monica
.10:00 a.m Santa Monica * 9:43 a.m
* 4:05 p m Panta Monica " 3:st)p m
Santa Monica .... • fJ:O0 p n
t 9:00 a.m Jacinto via Pasade'a t I:2spm
fll :0O a.m San Jaciuto via Oiaugelt 3:55 p.ut
t 9 00 am Temeculavia Pasadena: t 1:25 p.re
tll:00 a.m .Temecula via Orango . (10:15 pm
j 8:15a.m EscondidoviaCoast lineii 1:15 p.m
•Daily. IDailyexcepta-'nnday. 1 J undays only,
B. W McOKIC, City Pas. and T. Ag't.
129 N. Spring st., Los Angeles.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent.
First-street Depot.
Depot at foot of First street. f 2::
Los Angeles depots, east end of First Btreet
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles lor Leave Pasadena for
Los Angeles.
t 0:35 am t 7:15 n.n
• 7:10 a.m • 8:05 a.n
• 8 00 a.m • 9:05 a.n
* 9 00 a.m *10:35 a n
•10:30 a.m »12:0 On
•12:15 p.m • 1:05 p.n
• 1:25 p m • i\os p.n
• 2:25 p.m * 4 05 p.rr
• 4:00 p.m • 5:25 p n
* 5:20 p.m • 7:05 p.n
• 0:20 p.m
* 9:30 prr
11:00 p.m '11:45 p.n
Downey avenue leaving time 7 a mutes later
Leave Los Angeleß tor Leave Alladena for
Altadena. Lob Angeles.
'10:30 a.m '11:35 a.n
• 4:00 p.m. « 5:00 p n
AU'trains start from First-street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendalo for Lo:
(ilendalo. Angeles.
t 0 45 a.m t 7:25 a.n
J 8 15 am j 9:05 a.n
•12 20 pm * 1:15 pn
» 5:25 p.m » 8:15 p n
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedrt
Long lloach and Eaßt for-
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 9:45 a.m. • 7:40 a.rr
J12:45 p m 11l :15 a.m
• 5:15 p.m • 3:35 p v
Between East San Pedro aad Long Beach, 1C
San tJabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway
Leave Lob Angeles for Leave Monrovia for Loi
Monrovia. Angeles
t 7:55 a.m t WMS a.m
•11:10 a.m * 8:5 • a.m
• 2:55 p m «12:45 p m
• 5:23 pm, ♦ 4:00
'Dally. fDaily.exrentSuudays JSundsys only
Stages meet the 8:00 am and 12:15 p.m.
trains at Pasadena for Mt Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 am.
train for Wilson's peak can return tuo same day
Theater nights the 11 p m. train will wait 20
miv it t s after the theater li out when later than
10:40 p.m.
npeolal rates lo excursion aud picnic parties.
Depots east ond First street and Downoy ave
nue bridges.
General offices. Firat-stroot Depot.
T. B. Bt'RNBTT. taentral Manager,
1 tf \v\v-- t.'-v r-i-wt 'ti.
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
\JT Agents, Han Franelsoo. North era routes
eiat-iu c linos for Portland, Ore,, Victoria, B.
C„ and Puuet Sound, Alaska, and all coast
For 1 '
Port Harford ... | s. ». Corona, January 0, M,
Santa Barbara... I 23, February 1.
Bedondo >
Ran Pedro I 8. S. Sarita Ro'a. January 2,
Newport 10,18, 28, February «
Ban uieito J
For 1 s. S. Coos «ay, January 8,
Redondo I 12, 21, 30, February 8.
tan Pedro and 1 8. 8. Eureka. January 8, 17,
way ports . J 28, February 4,
For I s. S. Sauta Kosa. January 4,
I. 12, 21, 30; February 8.
San Diego fb. k. Corona, January 7. 16,
J 25; February 8.
For •) 8, s. Santa Rosa, January 8,
San Kraneisco... 14,23; February 1.
Port Harford ... i s. 8 Corrna, Jantlary 9,18,
rauta Barbara.. J 27; February 5.
For 18. s. Eureka, January 2, 11,
San Francisco I 20, 29; February 7.
aud ( s s. Coos Bay, January 8,
w»y poits ....) 15. Z4; February 2.
Cer« to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave S P. R. R. depot. Fifth street, Los An
geleß, ai 9:25 o'ciook a. m
Pasaeugera per steamers Corona and Santa
Rosa, vi, p.don<lo, north bound, leave Santa
Fe depot at ' ti-15 a. m.; or Irom Redondo rail
way depot, co.uer Jefferson street and Grand
aye., 9:00 a. m.
Passengers per Eureka and Coos Bay, via Be*
dondo, leave r-'anta Fe depot at 4:05 p. m.
Plans of steamor's c,bln at agent's offlce,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserve the right to change the
stenmar* or their days of sailing
aCffat**For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from ail important points la
Europe, apply to
W PARKIB, Agent,
Office, No, 124 West Second st, Los Angeles
Winter Time Card No. 9.
In Effect 5 a. m.. October 8, 1898.
Los Angeles Depot. Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand ay. cable or Main st. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Lean
Los Angeles Bedondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles.
8:00 a.m. daily 7:20 am dally
9:01) am. daily 9:10 a.m. daily
1:35 p m. daily 11:00 a.m. dally
5:00 p. m. daily 4.45 p.m. dally
Running time between Los Angeles and Be
dondo Beach, 50 mluutea.
■ .iy Ticket office at A. B. Oreenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring streets.
President. Sunt,
B. 11. THOMPSON, Vice President.
Honolulu and Kilanea T
„ TfIT.4T.TH
\\ mJfflßu&iFl) BtleutHi Steamen
twice a month.
Special rates to parties of six and over. Mus.
trated printed matter furnished
on application to
C. H WHITE, or H. B. BICB.
Ticket Asent, a. P. Co., Agt. Oceanic 8, «. Co.,
Burdlck Block. 124 West Second st,
1 cave city limits end of Temple-street cable
railway, for North Los Angeles, Hollywood and
Cahuenga valley. '
| Leave Los Angeles Leave Hollywood
8:00 a.m 8:30 c.m.
10:1" a m 10;30 a.m.
12:05pm 1:00pm
-2:00p.m 2:30 a.m.
4:30p.m 5:00 p.m.
Notice of the Filing of the Report of
the Commissioners Appointed to
Widen Bonnie Brae St. from First
to Arnold St., in Compliance With
Ordinance No 1222 (New Series),
Toiretlier With the Plat of the As
sessment District.
Xi Commissioners appointed to assess the ben
efits and damages and to have general supervi
sion of the proposed work of opening Bonnie
Brae street from Firat to Arno d street, hava
tiled in the otliceof the undersigned a report
together with a plat of the assessment dis
All persons interested are hereby required to
show cause, if any they have, on orb'fore
Monday, F bruary 6th, 1893, why such report
should not bj conrltmcd by the Council of the
City of Los Angeles.
All objections must be in writing and filed
with toe Clem of said City Council.
All persons signing protests will attach there
to their postoihee address.
City Clerk and ex-offlcio clerk of the Conncil
ol the City o' Los Angeles.
Los Ange es, Cal., Jan. 24th, 1893. 1-25 lot
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
JL les eountv, state of California.
, n the matter oi the estate of Patrick O. Con
rov, deceased.
Kotlce is hereby given that Friday, the
3d day of February, 1893, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, at the court room of this
court, department two thereof in the
city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles
and state of California, hat been appointed as
the time aud place for hearing the application
of M- F. oDea, praying that a document
now on file in this court, purporting to be
the last will and testament of the said
deceased, be admitted to probate, that let
ters testamentary be issued thereon to M. F.
ODea, at which time and place all persons In
terested therein may appear and contest the
Daied January 20, 1893.
T. H WARD, County Clerk.
ByC W. Blak .Deputy. 1-21 12t
Clarence A. Miller, attorney for petitioner.
Proposals to Lease Land for City
by tho undersigned np to 11 o'olock a. m.,
of Monday, January 30, 1893, to lease to the
City of Los Angeles for a term of two years
fr. m •ud after tho Ist day of March, 1893 a
location of grounds suitable for a City Corral.
A certified check to tho order of the under
surne ■ for $50 must accompany each proposal
as a guarantee that Didder will enter into a
contract if awarded to him In oonfo rally with
his bid,
Council reserves the right to reject any all
bids. «
By order of the Council of the City of Log
Angeles at itsmeeting of January 23 1893.
l-" 5 et City Clerk.
riavings Bank and Trust Co., for the six
months ending December 31, 1892, will be due
and p vyablo ou and after January i 0,1893, at
the rate o. 5 per cent per annum en term de
posits, and 3 per cent per annum in ordinary
deposits. J. V. WaCSITk l, Pecrctarv.
LP" V'-»'r.». ,t ... •_' j ;•, •/••(>

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