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«rY Sensational Lawsuit About
Pasadena Land.
tthe Complaint Is Against One Hun
dred, and Twenty Defendants.
Ice Story of the Claim as Reeltod In the
Complaint, Which was Filed
Yesterday by Burnett
and Gibbon.
■/ One of the most sensational land Baits
fever brought in the county, involving 25
Seres of land close to the heart of Pass
, dena, valued now at $250,000, was begun
yesterday in the superior court in this
city by Burnett and Gibbon, the well
i known attorneys of this city.
I The land in question has been divided
[and subdivided, and sold off in lots to
many individuals, and has all been im
proved with the exception of a few lots.
, It comprises 75 lots in all, being part
*>f the Fainter & Ball tract, called the
Fair Oaks Avenue tract, all of Holland's
•subdivision, all of W. S. Allen's subdi
vision, and all of the E. E. Turnertract.
; If the plaintiffs ehonld win the suit it
,-would take all of Peoria street, about
,teoo feet of New Fair Oaks avenue, part
of Esther street, and part of Champion
It would close up the 300 feet on New
Fair Oaks avenue, Peoria street where
It rune into New Fair Oaks avenue, all
of Peoria street between New and Old
Fair Oaks avenue, and would take 20
feet off Orange Grove avenue.
The land is within the balf mile cir
cle from the center of the city and is in
the northwesterly part of Paßadena.
The suit is brought by the heirs of
Charles J. Dennis, who claim that they
have been illegally deprived of the prop
erty, and that it is theirs by right, Nat
urally such an attempt to set aside the
numerous sales which have been made
Will bring about a stern fight between
the purchasers and the heirs and the
caae will no doubt become one of the
celebrated onea. The history of the
land and the various transactions which
have resulted in this suit form an in
tensely interesting chapter in tbe his
tory of real estate in Los Angeleß
The plaintiffs in the caße are Frank
H. Dennis, Kitty N. Whittemore (for
merly Dennis), and Willard W. Dennis,
a minor, by J. M. Harvey, his guardian
ad litem,
The defendants are 120 in number,
and embrace a number of the most
prominent people in Pasadena and Los
Angelee. Their names are as follows:
Ira Bint, Harriet Bint, his wife; C. D.
Middiekauf, W. L. Thompßoc, Louis B.
Thompson, hia wife; A. J. Brown, A.
M. Wright, W. 8. Wright, George M.
Poeton, Janet Poaton, hiß wife; Homer
Morris, George McQuesten, A. J. Wood,
O. E. Langford, D. W. Field, adminis
trator of tbe estate of Robert Dick, de
ceased ; L. O. Winßton, Mra. Margaret
Morriaon, widow; F. J. Woodbury, N.
R. Hooper, Frank R. Drake, Mrs. Esther
Turner, widow; Benajah 8. Foadick,
John T. Jones, truatee forH.T. Hazard;
Chaß. Kretechmar, E. O. Wataon, G.
W. Cox, John Meeenheimer, C. J.
Kjellstrom, Alfred Nelson, the Kerck
hoff, Cuzner Mill and Lumber company,
William R. Staata, David MeLeod; H.
T. Hazard, F. J. Burge, A. W. Berry.
Max Harris, John Virgil, F. S. Weis,
Harper McKetchnie, Gottfried Petter
son, J. D. Reymert, A. O. Lee, Mary Y r .
Lee, his wife; W. 8. Allen, Wm. Walter,
Michael Bandeman, Mrs. Hannah J.
Sandeman, Luella A. Duncan, Savings
Bank of Southern California, Pbiletue
Peck, W. T. Grimes, Chas. W. Buchan
an, John T. Buchanan. M. Alice Ware,
Ira W. Packard, T. J. De Huff, S. B.
Tubbe, Rob. H. H. Hirsch, Nels Nelson,
Lucy F. Wilson, Frank O. Betters, Joa.
Fuahia, Adaline Fushia, bia wife; Hol
land Manufacturing company, W. 8.
Holland, Adelia W. Holland, hia wife;
George A. Durrell, Charles Swift, Fred
Swift, Albert E. Pinkham, Georgianna
J. Pinkham, his wife; Menzo Hamilton,
M. H. Hamilton, Swilla Buchanan, wife
of John T. Buchanan; Sylvanus T. Hall,
Hugh A. Steele, Jameß H. Clark, George
Goings, Joaiah Throop, Frank Quarlee
and Laura Dodson, trustees of First
Holinese church of Paeadena; Milton D.
Painter, C. H. Libby, Mary G. Banta,
widow; J. Rodgera Wilaon, William S.
Noaeworthy, Adella Noseworthv, his
wife; Sophia O. Buckley, B. F. Mana
ban, Ada Famechen, J. W. Stockwell,
Edmund Lockett, John F. Mulin,*
Charlea E. Billings, Kimball W. Wing,
A. B. Hawkins, Silas Carnahan, William
Prince, Samuel Prince, Fred Pope, Geo.
Daueby, C. K. Wood, James Clark, Sam
Patmateer, Wm. Stevenson, Harriet A.
Holmes and Wm. T. Holmes,' adminis
trators of the estatejof Henry J. Holmea,
deceased; D. H. Thatcher, Mary Case
Lord, Lester F. Miller, Harriet A. Der
by, Osgood M, Baldwin, F. W. Thorn
ton, San Jose Ranch company, Rob. J.
Trumbull, First National bank of Pasa
dena, N. M. Johnson, the Oity of Pasa
dena, Henry T. Staats and the City
Railway company.
The plaintiffa are the children of
Charlea J. Dennia, who died in Pasade
na December 2, 1881, and Willard Den
nis, one of the plaintiffs, is a minor, for
whom J. M. Harvey haß been appointed
guardian ad litem, while Mra. Kitty M.
Whittemore ia a married woman, and
the action affecta her separate property
The plaintiffs'claims are in substance,
as recited in the complaint, tbat when
their father died, they were quite young,
and were not of an age to look after
their interests as minor heire. Their
father left certain real property in Pasa
dena, which was then a etraggling little
town. This property consiated of the
land now in controversy, being de
scribed then aa lot three, containing 20
acres and five acres off the entire north
west Bide of lot four, blook B, of the San
Paequal traot of the Lake Vineyard
Land and Water asaociation.
When he died Mrs. Dennis, I the
Compl «tely Uprooted.
How many remedies there are which merely
relieve without uprooting disease. The con
trast with sterling medicines whloh such pal-
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the former bnt serves to emphasize tho folly of
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Indigestion, biliousness, kidney complaint,
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widow, became the owner of an' undi
vided one-third of tho property, and the
plaintilfi became, and claim to be now,
the owners as tenants in common of
two-thirds of it.
January 9, ISB2, Mra. Donnia waß ap
pointed administratrix of the estate by
the superior court, and an order was
made that letters of administration
ahould be issued to her upon her tak
ing the oath and filing the bond aa pro
vided by law. In pureurance of the or
der, A. W. Potta being then county
clerk and A. Rimpau deputy clerk, let
tera of administration were prepared
and filed in the court.
But Mrß. Dennis neglected to take the
oath and never signed the letters.
Nevertheless, May 5, 1883, although
never having taken the oath, letters of
administration were issued to her, and
ahe filed a petition as administratrix for
an order to sail the real estate belonging
to the eatate, and an order to show cause
why it ahould not be sold was made by
Judge Volney E. Howard, then judge of
the superior court.
It is claimed that the only notice giv
en of thia order waa the posting of three
notices by the clerk, and that the minor
heirs received no notice. They were at
this time: Frank, 15; Kitty, 11, and
Willie Dennis, 9 years old.
The order of Bale was made May 15th,
and June let Mrs. Dennis sold the 25
acreß to Edson Turner for $5000. An
order confirming the sale was made
July 31st, which was duly recorded.
Mra. Dennis gavo an administratrix's
deed, and Mr. Turner went into posses
sion of tbe property.
From that time until 1888 nothing
more was heard from the original par
ties to the transactions briefly referred
to. The property wan subdivided by
Mr. Turner, and it waa sold off in amall
er tracts and lots, those who bought
believing tbe title all right. The excite
ment attendant upon the boom caused a
very rapid change in values, and Bales
were eaaily made. Two abstract corn-
Tha above cut shows ihe tract of land claimed by tho Dennis heirs, with reference to snr
rounding streets, lt also shows its relstive location with reference to its distance from the cen
ter of the olty. The ttact claimed is tho small square surrounded by tha heavy lints, cotween
thehalf and the mile circles.
paniea passed upon _ the title, finding
nothing wrong about it.
But finally one company discovered
the neglect of the administrator to sign
the letters and take the oath prescribed
by law, and it threw a cloud upon title.
It frightened all who had bought lots
in the tract, and they scarcely knew
what to do. Abqut half of all whol had
originally bought had sold out by'this
time, but a number still remained, and
legal proceedings ensued which the
plaintiffs claim were unauthorized
by Mrs. Dennis, and were carried
through by W. H. H. Russell, who had
foimerlybeen her attorney, but whom
she had not aeen for several years. Mrs.
Dennis was absent in the east at the
time the suit was brought.
It was a suit purporting to be brought
by Mrs. Clotilda S. Dennis, as adminis
tratrix, vs. L. C. Winston and 36 others,
the defendants being purchasers of land
in the tract. It alleged that the defend
ants had illegally ousted and ejected tbe
plaintiff from the land, and asked that
the title be quieted.
The present piaintiffa claim that on
the aame day thia complaint was filed,
April 25, 1888, and before any summons
had been issued or served on the 37 de
fendants, tbey each filed separate an
awera and cross-complaintß; that the
next day separate answers to each of the
cross-complaintß were filed in the name
of Mrß. Donnia by W. H. H. Russell.
The action was heard May 3d and a
judgment and decree rendered in favor
of the defendants upon their cross-com
plaints, and duly filed and recorded, in
which they were declared the true and
lawful owners of the property purchased
by tbem.
The heirs claim that their mother
never employed Mr. Russell to bring tbe
suit described and had no knowledge
that it had ever been brought until Jan
uary 1, 1893, and that none of the pro
ceedings were authorized or ratified by
The heira therefore wißh to have the
proceedings declared null and void and
cancelled, and also to have tbe deed
made by Mra. Dennis as administratrix,
to Edaon Turner, declared null and void
and cancelled, and in abort to have
themselves declared the owners in fee
simple, aa tenanta in common of an un
divided two-tbirda of the property and
entitled to its possession.
It ia underatood that the heirs do not
rest their claim alone upon the mistake
made by their mother in not taking the
oath aB administratrix, but that they
claim that their rights as minor heirs
were totally disregarded in tbe matter
and tbat therefore the proceedinga by
which the property waa sold were all
illegal and should be set aside.
They aay that when the case comeß to
trial there will be some very sensational
testimony relative to the suit brought
by W. H. H. Russell. They intimate
that he will be implicated in a manner
that will show him to have acted
in very bad faith to say the least, and
bo Btate in their complaint. They refer'
to the extraordinary facility with which
the answers and cross-complaints of tho
numerous defendants were filed close
upon the heels of the filing of the com
plaint to quiet title, and the answers of
Mrs. Deunis, immediately thereafter,
and Bay tbey will be able to prove tbat
tho proceedings were characterized by
fraud all the way through.
It is no slight matter to attempt to
take away the homes of people who
have bought proporty in good faith and
have had it represented that the title
waa good. Little by little tbe 25 acros,
which waa a barren waate when Mrs.
Dennia Bold it to Edson Turner and re
ceived $5000 for it, has been made to
For that "out 'o sorts feeling"
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blossom like the rose. It is covered
with pretty homes and heavily laden
fruit trees, and is one of the choice bits
of Pasadena. Many of those who own
property there bought with the inten
tion of passing the remainder of their
lives in the beautiful location, and the
money they have put into the beautify
ing of their homes doea not by any
means repreaent the value to them of
their property.
And now, after remaining in undis
puted possession for a number of years,
these claimants come along with a claim
which they seem to think haa much
legal merit. The property owners,
naturally enough, feel that having paid
once for their lots they ahould be pro
tected in their rights, and that no mere
legal technicalities should be allowed by
the courts to dispossess them of their
Some Important Business Transacted
At the meeting of the board of super
visors, yesterday, G. Hsrgitt was
granted an extension of time on his
lease of county property to April Ist.
Edward Silent was granted $2500 in
surance on the court liouee to be placed
in the Scottish Union and National In
surance company, and A. P. Hoffman
was granted $3000 insurance on the fur
niture, the policy to be placed in the
London and Lancashire Ineurance com
pany. Afterwards the board reconsid
ered this action and deferred action un
til Friday.
On motion of Supervisor Hanley the
map maker was instructed to make
maps of all the road districts in each
supervisorial district.
A petition for the vacation of McKin
ley avenue, in the Lutz tract, waa set for
February 23d for a hearing.
A long communication waa received
from Charles Silent in relation to his
attitude on county division, claiming he
had been misrepresented by a morning
paper, was received and filed.
A petition for a bridge on Western
avenue was received and taken under
An application by Sheriff Cline to
board the prisoners in the county jail,
at 35 cents per day per person, was re
ferred to the retrenchment committee.
W. A. White, manager of the free
labor bureau, reported for the week end
ing February 4th : Number of applica
tions, males, 159; females, 37. Number
positions secured, males, 33; females, 4.
Saloon licenses were granted to J.
Rouguy, 0. Garibaldi, D. Arbogast, T.
W. Lyons and Frank Schwaarcke.
The board adjourned until Friday
People Who Yeaterday Secured Their
Marriage _leenses.
The following marriage licenses were
yesterday issued by the county clerk:
William H. Stevens, aged 49, and
Mary C. Friebe, aged 4G, both natives of
Pennsylvania and residents of Los An
W. C. Hooker, aged 46, a native of
Massachusetts, and Kate A. Mo ran, aged
38, a native of Ireland, both residents of
Los Angeles.
D. H. Gillan, aged 41, a native of Illi
nois, and L, S. Rees, aged 23, a native
of England, both residents of Los An
W. D. Longyear, aged 29, a native of
Michigan, and Ida A. Mackay, aged 23,
a native of Nevada, both residents of
Los Angelea.
C. W. Treadway, aged 27, a native of
New York and resident of Loa Angeleß,
and Martha G. Ablett, aged 20, a native
of California and resident of Ventura.
Joseph H. Scott, aged 24, a native of
California and resident of Loa Angelea,
and A Heine Hill, aged 19, a native of
Alabama, also a resident of Lob Angeleß.
Frank L. Johnson, aged 28, a native
of lowa, and Alice Wagner, aged 18, a
native of Illinois, both residents of Los
Minor Cases Whloh Were Dp for Trial
In Justice Seaman's court yesterday
Dick Wade was sentenced to 10 days in
jail for vagrancy. He asked that the
sentence be suspended ao that he could
leave town, but as the rainy weather
was unpropitioua for walking, and
Wade waa conaidered an incorrigible
character, he waa invited to remain for 10
A warrant was iaeued for Ed. Harcourt,
Wm. Durer and Thomaa Murphy, charg
ing them with petit larceny in stealing a
Blurt and a few other articles to match.
They are in jail.
Fred Hamilton, John Collinß and L.
Kippe were each fined $3 yesterdey for
violating the ordinance relative to hitch
ing horses.
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Judge Shaw's Opinion for Both
Defendant and Plaintiff.
Old Mr. Jamison Charges His Son
With Harsh Treatment.
The Ballona Railroad Case—The United
States Conrt—Pompey Smith
Found Qnllty — New
Judge Shaw yesterday rendered the
following opinion in the case of M. Mur
nane and wife ye. J. K. Norman:
"The plaintiffs sue the defendant to
recover possession of a lot ou San Fer
nando street in the city of Ldb Angeles.
The evidence shows that the plaintiffs
are husband and wife; that tbe plain
tiff Martin obtained title to the lot on
May 7,1888, by deed from one Marquet;
that plaintiffa lived in a cottage situated
on the rear portion of the lot continu
ously from that date until 1892; that on
October 10, 1889, the plaintiff Jane
Murnane, duly executed, acknowledged
and caused to be recorded a declaration
of homestead ou tbe lot; that on April
8, 1892, the plaintiff Martin executed
and acknowledged a general power of at
torney to M. V. Biacailuz in the uaual
form, and on May 7, 1892, the plaintiff
Jane executed and acknowledged a sim
ilar power of attorney to Biacailuz; that
on May 10, 1892, the plaintiff, by deed
purporting to be executed by plaintiffa,
by M. V. Biacailuz aa their attorney in
fact, conveyed the lot to the defendant.
The deed recitea the payment of a con
sideration of $1600 in money, and it was
not signed nor acknowledged by either
of the plaintiffa in peraon. The plain
tiffa claim tbat a conveyance of a home
atead must be made by the husband
and wife in peraon, and cannot be made
through the medium of an attorney in
The sections of the civil code in force
at the time of the execution of the deed
are here quoted by the conrt, and a
paragraph from an opinion of the su
preme court in the case of Gagliardo vs.
Dumont, 54 Gal., page 105, in which it
is held it must be a joint act by hus
band wife. The opinion then continues:
The deed under consideration in that
case was executed in 1872, and it is
claimed by the defendant that the case
is not authority now, because the law
then in force is materially different
from the present law. A comparison of
the two statutes, however, shows that,
though different in phraseology, they
are preciaely the same in requiring a
conveyance of the homestead to be exe
cuted and acknowledged by the wife,
although the former law did not in
terms require it to be acknowledged by
the husband. I think, therefore, the
decision is applicable to the present
It is further claimed that section 1187,
above quoted, which waa passed in 1891,
has modified section 1242 by removing
all differences theretofore existing be
tween the manner of executing convey
ances by married women and other per
sons. Whether an ordinary conveyance
by a married woman must under the
present law be acknowledged or not is a
question not necessary to decide. The
section last named doea not purport to
deal with any conveyances except those
of married women. It does not profess
to change the law in relation to the con
veyance of homeeteads, nor in relation
to conveyances by men.
Section 242 makes it imperative upon
the husband to acknowledge the con
veyance of the homestead bb upon the
wife, and declares such conveyance to
be invalid unless executed and acknowl
edged by both. There ia nothing in
section 1187 which is inconsistent with
this requirement.
Upon the authority of Gragliardo va.
Dumont I therefore bold that the deed
in question is insufficient to convey the
It appears, however, from tbe evi
dence that at the time of the making
and recording the declaration of home
stead a brick building occupied the
front 50 feet of the lot, in which the
plaintiff Martin waa then carrying on
the business of keeping a saloon. The
defendant claims that thiß portion of the
lot, with the ground connected with it,
could not be aelected as a homeatead, aa
it did not constitute a part of the family
residence, but waa uaed for business
purpoaee. In this I think the defendant
is right.
The judgment will therefore be in
favor of tbe defendant for the front por
tion of the lot extending back 60 feet
from the east line of the eaetern aide
walk on Sun Fernando Btreet, and in
favor of the plaintiffa for the remainder
of the lot with the appurtenances and
that each party pay hia own costs.
He Accuses Hli Son of Kxcee dlngly
Harsh Treatment.
The ease of William S. Jamison by
Mrs. Minerya Jane Rod wine, his guar
dian, vs. F.M.Jamison, a suit to set
aside a deed, waß on trial before Judge
Clark yesterday. The plaintiff iB an old
man 92 years of age. The old man was
present in court in the morning, but wee
too feeble to be there in the afternoon.
He chargeß that when he become very
feeble his son persuaded him that he
would take care of him and provide for
all bis needs if he would deed him his
ranch of 106 acres in this county. The
old man. did so, and alleges that after
that his sou and hia son's wife began a
systematic conree of abuse and bad
treatment. Some of the treatment de
scribed by Mr. Jamison beg
gars description, euch as allow
ing him to go for a long time
in a filthy condition, making no pro
vision for hie clothes being cleaned, and
indulging in a process of nagging which
made hiß life miserable. While relating
tbe ill treatment he received the old
man occasionally broke into tears which
were pitiful to behold. His daughter,
Mrs. Redwine, finally was appointed hiß
guardian, and he is now living with her.
The plaintiff claims that after tbe eon
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secured the deed he sold some of the
ranch and mortgaged the remainder,
and seeks to have the deed set aeide.
All the testimony for the plaintiff was
put in yesterday and some for the de
fense, and the trial will be resumed to
day. _
The Plaintiff Amends Its Complaint and
the Case is Continued.
The trial of the suit of the Ballona
Harbor Improvement company va. The
Southern California Railway company,
to restrain it from further tearing up of
its track on the Ballona line, was not re
sumed aa expected yeaterday morning,
except for a short time. When the case
was called Mr. Murphy, counsel for the
plaintiff, asked leave to amend the
amended complaint, which w»' granted
by Judge Shaw.
He then put in quite an extended
amendment, which waa to the effect
that in the agreement made by the
Riverside, Santa Ana and Los Angeleß
Railway company, when it was agreed
to build tbe road, lt waa further agreed
that in tbe event that the defendant
corporation should offer the railroad for
sale at any time the plaintiff should
have the refusal of it at the price for
which it should be offered.
The amendment also recites that ever
eince the date of the agreement and up
to the present time the plaintiff has
been willing and able to purchase the
road and pay a reasonable sum for it;
that the defendant haa never offered it
for Bale, and if the ties and rails are
taken up it will cause the road to de
crease in value.
Judge Bruneon asked and waa granted
10 days' time in which to answer the
A Man Charged With Perjury In a
Timber Culture Caae.
Yesterday John C. Hannah was
brought before United States Commis
sioner Van Dyke on a charge of perjury,
alleged to have been committed Janu
ary 14th in a timber culture case which
was invectigated before Registrar Sea
mans of the United States land office.
Hannah waa arraigned and hie examina
tion was Bet for March 18th. He wnß
placed under a bond of $2500.
In the United States circuit court, in
the caße of the Oounty of San Diego vs.
The California National bank et al., it
waa decided that the claims of tbe tax
collector and treasurer be accepted by
tbe plaintiff in full of its claims against
Receiver Pauly. The injunction waa
Forty applications by Receiver Pauly
for compromise of claims againßt the
California National bank were filed yes
terday in the United States circuit
Pompey Smith Found Guilty.
The trial of Pompey Smith, for cut
ting John Manning with a razor, came
to an end yesterday morning. Judge
Smith instructed the jury at 10 o'clock
aud they retired for consultation at
10:15 o'clock. In 15 mindtes they
brought in a verdict of guilty of assault
with a deadly weapon. A motion for a
new trial waß overruled, and Friday waß
set for sentence.
Court Notes.
An Information waa filed yesterday by
the dietrict attorney against Ah Lung,
alias Ah Gin, charging him with petit
larceny, the second offense. He iB ac
cused of stealing a shirt.
A demurrer was filed in Judge Smith's
court yeaterday in tbe caae of C. B.
Holmes, accused of forgery. It was sus
tained, aud the district attorney granted
leave to file a new information. There
was a clerical error in the body of tbe
Judge Van Dyke yesterday granted the
petition of the Protestant Episcopal
church of Pomona to cell realty.
A divorce was granted by Judge Van
UKOWN—Died. February 7th, at 10:20 p.m.,
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O. Price Brown, aged 21 years and 8
Funeral from Trinity church, Broadway, be
tween Filth and Mxth streets, at 2 p m Thurs
day, Fib. i), JS!>3. Friend* of the family in
vited without fmtlier notice. Interment ot
Rosodalo cemetery.
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clothes in ihe |§y| Froais'iB.
Stale at 25 .rffsPj " Van**;
other houso 8w PJ fcaiw esifc
OS tuO „, KJ '■ |? and Kumplen
PaoißoCoast. v^ v ""»
143 S. Spring Street, Loa Angeles.
Dyke yesterday to Edmund C. Partridge
from his wife, Constance Partridge, on
tbe grounds of desertion. It was a de
fault case.
In the case of the Aznsa Ice and Cold
Storage company vs. .Tohuson, a suit for
money due on ice delivered, Judge Van
Dyke yesterday gave judgment for the
plaintiff for $258.
Charles O. Whittemore of Salt Lake
City was yeßterday admitted to practice
by Judge Clark, upon motion of F. W.
Burnett, and presentation of a certificate
from tbe supreme court of Michigan.
The suit of Geo. W. Prichard vs. Ed
gar J. Durrell et al., involving tbe La
Crescenta hotel and other property was
on trial before Judge Wade yesterday,
and the trial will resumed today. The
suit is for an injunction to restrain the
sale of the property, and there are sev
eral intervenors.
David Sheehan was arrested yesterday
morning, although the Evening Ex
press says he was not, and had his ex
amination before Justice Bartholomew
on a charge of robbinz Charles W.
Chung, a Chinaman, of $5. The justice
decided tbat the evidence waß.not suf
ficient to hold him over for trial. Two
Chinamen swore they saw Sheehan hold
Chung up against a wall and rob him,
while others swore Sheehan was not
near him.
New Suits.
Among the documents filed yesterday
in the office of the county clerk were
the following:
John Malowansky vs. Adolph Ramieh,
E. J. Levy and Martin 0. Marsh; fore
closure suit for $1000.
H. G. Miller vs. M. V. Biscailuz; suit
upon a prommissory note for $1052.63
and foreclosure of the mortgage.
The Long Beach Development com
pany vs. Joseph H. Smith; suit on a
promissory note for $460.67.
Officers Elected and Preparations Made
for the Next Meeting;.
At a meeting of the Sonthern Califor
nia Kennel club held February 7th, the
following were appointed as a committee
for the coming bench show of dogs: J.
F. Hoibrook, president; S. K.Benchley,
treasurer; C. A. Sumner, secretary; J.
H. Kiefer, T. S. Casey, J. C. Cline, F.
W. Ingalls, T. S. Walker, J. W. Mitchell,
A. P. Robinson, W. Llewellyn and S.
Templor Allen, with Tony Bright as
general superintendent.
The secretary was instructed to obtain
bids for printing the premium lists and
catalogues before the next meeting, and
all members were requested to do their
utmost in procuring especial prizes for
the Bhow. The dates for the show are
the 19th to the 22d of April, and the
present prospects are very" favorable for
a successful exhibition.
rm m
To enjoy health one should have Ten;,
nlar evacuations every twen y lour
hours. The evils, hoth inentol »nd
physical, resulting from
aro many and Nerions. For the cure
of tliiM common trouble* Tutfs Stiver
Siavo gained v popularity uuuar*
MllcK'tl. Elegantly KUKur con toil*
Manufacturer anil Dealer f£>
Kit! South Main Btreet.
Opposite Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles,
Telennone 818.
Orders called for and delivered to all parts of
the city. 11-23
Need Be Paid Us Until Cure
Is Effected,
Drs Porterfleld & Losey,
We positively cure, in from 30 td GO days, all
kind* of
Ruptare. Varicocele, Hydrocele, Piles
FISTULA., UT,CBRATIOM. etc.. without the UM
of knilo, dtbwing blood or detcn
tiun from btiNlntss.
M. F. Loaey, M. 0„ of tho hbove well-Jcncwn
firm of apceia.ins, will be *v
hotel mm, tma MM h» mm sts.,
From JANUARY 37 to rKBKUAItY 3 IlMilutlTe
KKBSOARY 13. 14 16, 10 and 27 and 2b,
and MAUCU 1 ami 12.
Can roier interested parties to prominent
Los Angules citizens who have boom treated by
him. Cute guaranteed. 1-5 'im. daw
Althonjfn <ho rate of Aye dollar* per month
was withdrawn on February Ist, our terms aro
still within the reach ot any that desire to
avail themselves of the unequaled medical ser
vices oi the ALTHI MEDICAL CO., successors
to the Kuropean Staff of German and English
Physicians. No ono goes away on account ol
dissatisfaction with our fees, and none fail ol
entire satisfaction from our method, et treat*
After the German and English Physicians
had secured the agency for the exclusive uso
of this wonderful medical agent ln the state ol
California the Althi Medical Company was or
ganized for the purpose of erecting a sanita
rium and extending its use to suffering v!*»
muuity. The results of this remedy lv
And Cancers,
Kidney Diseases,
Sab-acute and Chronic Inflammations in anjr
of the limbs, Rheumatism, etc., has been so
wonderful that it has been adopted aa the beat
hospital and sanitarium practice ln the largo
cities in the east.
If you aro skeptical and will delay treatment
for proof, write to Prof. R. N. Pool, president ol
the principal sanitarium in Denver, P. O. box
1347; to Dr. W. P. Wilcox and Dr. J. K. Miller,
of the Broadway Parle Sanitarium, South
Broadway, Denver, Col., or see any number o£i
people we are treating hero, whose names and
addresses we will furnish upon application.
We aro specialists for all chronic diseases.''
With the advantage of our remedies and moth- ,
ods, you can depend upon satisfaction. If yo»
Or other chronic trouble, come and see us.
We will take pleasure in explaining the Alth
or Cataplasmic treatment, which cannot fall tar
interest you.
Asthma Cured.
In an Interview with Mrs. Knight of this city,
and who lives at the corner of Sixteenth and
Tennessee streets, she says she has been suffer
ing from Asthma for many years, and for the
past eight months has been unable to sleep
more than one or two hours at a time, and then
only when propped up in bed, and from the*
time of the first application of the material has .
slept comfortably from eight to ten hours e\ cry.
night, and now has been under the troati
three weeks, and is almost entirely free .rota,
any symptoms of the disease.
La Grippe Cured.
Mr. A. ARICKSON.of 620 Philadelphia rt:
says: "I have been successfully treated of i\
case of La Grippe by the doctors of the Althi
Company, and can conscientiously recommend
them. When I placed mysetf under their treat
ment I was in a very dangerous condition; waa
suffering from a second attack, and was rapidly
going down. In a very short time my improve
ment was wonderful, and in one month wae
entirely cured. I will gladly verify thia states
ment to anyone calling on mo."
Who Endorse Our
| Methods.
MR. GARVIS, with Shewnrd, Spring street
MRS. E. B. BELDEN, 1021 Mignonette street
WM. J. HARE, Homo Mansion, Filth stroot.
MRS. HENRY DEMING, 107 North Los Ang»
les street.
MRS. ESTHER C. SHUGG, 728 Grand avenue.
Asido from the fact that tho Althi or Cats
plasmle treatment makes such extraordinary
It muses no dificreuce how much pain yon
mty Lo suffering, or how much sleep you aro
losing, the first application of the material will
banish sil pain and sweet sleep Is assured th*
lirst night and each succeeding night. How
much i:: the sntlrii absence of pain worth to
you? What value do you place upon undis
turbed all night's sleep? Again, what is II
worth to l«j well. The absence oi paiii means
rest; rest, sleep; sleep and health, happiuess,
Oon-.e right iv and see us. A friendly talk
costs nothing: the most extensive examination
and cousuitatlon free. Our chr.rsea for treat*
.-.]■: ;i: ia its nothing lo tho good we will 41* too,
Althi Medical Company.
Successors to the
German and English Physicians,

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