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The Accidental Killing of John
Kallenberg of Pasadena.
feome Notable Horses Being Trained
in Orange County.
Banta Ana Merchants Complain of tbe
Business Effect of Bad Bridget.
Badlands Happenings — Po
mona Social Hatters.
Pasadena, Feb. 15.—The funeral ser
vices of John Kellenberg were held this
. morning from the undertaking parlors
of Reynolds & Van Nnys, and the in
terment took place in Mountain View
cemetery. The circumstances surround
ing the death are particularly sad. The
deceased was a Dane, working ior the
firm of Brown & Butliff of this city, and
at the time of bis demise was hunting
in the neighborhood of Wilmington, ac
companied by Jacob Stuck and Louis
Herrman, the gunsmith of this city.
At the time the accident occurred the
deceased had just got out of the boat
and was pulling nis gun out after him,
when one of the hammers caught on
some portion of the boat and, dying
back, exploded one barrel of the gun,
loaded with heavy buck shot.
The man lived long enough to cry out
that he had killed himself, staggering a
few feet and fell dead. He had no rela
tives in this country, but was given a
reapectable funeral by his frienda.
A good sized audience gathered at the
tabernacle last evening to listen to the
lecture of Rev. G. L. Cole of Loa An
geles npon the Yoaemite valley. The
lecture was g yen under the auapicea of
the local Y. M. 0. A., and ia one of a
course to be given by this energetic so
ciety during the coming year. Mr. Cole
spoke in a clear, entertaining manner,
illustrating his lecture by two hand
some views of the valley and an excel
lent photographic production, the other
a splendid piece of painting in oil by
Professor Ivey.
By means of these two pictures, ex
plained and added to by the addreaa of
Mr. Cole, the audience obtained a very
clear and correct idea of the wonderful
scenery that nature haa produced in
this greateat of natural parks.
The marriage of Mr. Harry T. Dalbey
and Miss Elizabeth E. Webster, both of
Richmond, Va., occurred laat evening
at the residence oi the bride'e eiater,
Mrs. Butler, on Pleasant street.
A number of invited frienda of the
contracting partiea were present to wit
ness the interesting ceremony, which
was conducted by Rev. Dr. Fife of the
First Presbyterian church.
The houae was very prettily decorated
for tbe occaeion and presented a charm
ing appearance. Music waa furnished
by several of tbe gueata and a most
pleasant hour passed.
The newly married couple will only
spend a few months in California, re
turning to Virginia in the spring.
luv mum' v^W-noV^n —rjohtri- vwkugij
Grove avenue, the price paid being
The town ia full and running over
with eastern people, many of whom are
here to atay. The hotels are crowded to
their utmost capacity, and still they
A bright baby boy is announced at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis La
A cordial invitation is extended to the
public to attend the gospel union meet
ing tomorrow evening, at which time
Maj. George A. Hilton of Los Angeles
will be present.
The ladies of the First M. E. church
served a supper in the church parlors
last evening that netted them a sub
stantial sum toward helping along the
good work.
Social Life and Social People, or'the
Training of Children, and the Invisible
Some People at the tabernacle thia even
ing. Thie will be the laat, and ia con
sidered by many the best, of Professor
Riddell's lectures.
The relaying of the rails on the Ray
mond-avenue portion of the Painter
street-car line baa been completed, and
cars will start from Colorado and Ray
mond avenue, beginning tomorrow morn
Mr. Elmer N. Wooster of Chicago has
bought the steam laundry property, be
longing to the Mcßain Bros., also a resi
dence property belonging to the same
parties on Mentor avenue.
The residence of Mr. Clarence Martin,
corner of Orange Grove avenue and Cali
fornia street, has been sold to Alex.
Btowell of Boston, the cash consideration
being $4000. Mr. Stowell expeota to
make hia future home in Pasadena.
The daughter of Mr. and Mra. F. H.
Valletta, Mias Arline.waa ao unfottuOate
while out riding this afternoon as to be
thrown from her horae, breaking one of
her lega and ehaking her up badly.
A decided activity ia again noticable
in the real estate market, aa will be seen
from tbe numerous transactions re
corded during tbe past few days.
Mr. A. Thompson of West Walnut
street has sold his property on that
thoroughfare to Mr. William Ross; con
sideration, $850.
The great Mississippi rivsr chef, Mr.
Charles White, is proving a drawing
card at the Colombia restaurant, 156
East Colorado street. Popular prices,
25 cents per meal, two minutes' walk
from postoffice and banks. Eastern
oysters any style; pastry, home made.
Pasadena Briers.
Pasadena office of tho HratATO, No. 10 West
Colorado street. Advertisements and subscrip
tions received.
ST. NICHOLAS, half Work from terminus of
the Los Angeles, I'asadcnn and Glen.bile rail
way. Hates 1(15 to $7 per week. Miss I. Me-
Lain, proprietor.
BLE, roar of postofflce. Safe and stylish turn
outs at reasonable prices. Telephone 50.
C. GARIBALDI, dealer In wines, liquors, ci
gars and tobacco, also canned goods. East Col
orado street, for. Chestnut avenue.
COOK <fc ECKOZA, general blacksmithlnu
No. 15 Union street.
G. S. MAYHEW, roal estate broker, 20U West
Colorado street. Loans and investments
M'DONALD, BROOKS <5s CO., real estate
loans and houses for rent. Bargains in houses
and ranches. 7 East Colorado street.
ARTHUR H. PALMER, D. D.S. Dental rooms
Eldridge building, Pasadenn.
Fair Oak, avenue. Meals at all hours.
HOTEL GREEN—Electric lights, steam heat
ed, hot and cold water, elevator, and all mod
ern Improvements.
Washington; first-class family hotel.
LOS ANGELES HOTEL, cor. Colorado street
and Delancey avenue; transients, ifi andsl 50
per day; first-class. P. Klein, proprietor.
cor. Broadway and Kansas street.
Buggy robes and horse blankets at Foy's old
reliable saddlery house, 315 N. Los Angeles si
Miserable Roads-Heavy Winds—News
Santa Ana, Feb. 15. —Busineaa men
complain, and justly too, that they are
losing much of the trade of the country
west of the river on account of the mis
erable condition of the roads leading
into thia city from that country. The
population weßt of the river ia a large
one and ihe residents very progressive.
No section of the country ia increasing
more rapidly in population and wealth
than the Garden Grove and Westmin
ster districts, the trade of which should
center at the county seat. Our board of
Bupervisors Bhould Bee to it that the
roads are kept in better condition west
of the river, and in fact all over the
Yesterday where large ponds of water
and mud could be seen are now only dry,
crusty places, as the wind, which has
been blowing in no uncertain way from
the north for tho last 48 honrs, has ef
fectually dried the damp places up. Old
Boreas has turned himself loose in all
his fury and the way tbe wind has been
whistling through this valley is a cau
tion. No damage to the orange crop is
reported, although the blow has been
the hardest one for many monttiß paat.
The wind storm of tha present time
proves the neceseity for having good
wind breaks.
The elegant home of Dr. J. A. Howe,
on Bush street in thia city, was last
night the Bcene of one of the pleasant
est social evanta ever held in this city.
It was a fancy dress valentine party,
given by the Misßes Lulu Howe, Bertha
Baker and Etta Ross. The spacious
parlors had been very tastefully dec
orated and presented a beautiful appear
ance. The evening waa enjoyably passed
in music, gamea, etc., and at 10:30 a
very bountiful supper waa Berved. The
invited guests, to tbe number of about
40, took their departure ior home at
midnight, all loud in their praises of
tbe pleasant time they tad had at the
hands of their charming hostesses.
E, B. GifTord of San Diego arrived in
thie city laat night, bringing with him a
carload of horses, containing 16 fine
animals, among them Alto Rix, 2:17,
and several other flyers. Mr. GifTord
has rented accommodations at the race
track and intends to train his horses
here for the season of '03. Several other
Btringß of flyers are expected to arrive
soon. The race track has been plowed
up and is being put in excellent condi
Just now Fullerton is enjoying an era
of prosperity that reminds many of the
halcyon days of the boom, but the best
part of the atory is that the prosperity is
based on a solid foundation. A Herald
representative vißited that city yester
day, and the air of busy life that per
vades everything Is truly refreshing.
The Earl Fruit company is Bhipping
three carloads of cabbages east every
day now, and a large number of harms
are employed in its packing house. The
cabbage crop of the Fullerton country ie
estimated at the very lowest as 100 car
loada. The California Fruit company
large quantities daily to northern points.
But few large orchards, however, have
aa yet been cold in thia flection. The
acreage planted to grain in the north
eastern part of the county is the largest
on record, fully 10,000 acres being sown
to barley. It ia estimated that at least
400 carloads of barley will ba shlpned
from Fullerton this season.
Unless the people of Orange county
desire to go down into Bundy'a cellar
and view Orange county's world's fair
exhibit by gaslight, they will not have
an opportunity of viewing the display.
The world's fair commission of this
county have so decided, and the people
must submit. Thia is deeply regretted,
for the display ia a creditable one. and
should have been seen by every resident
of this county. The reason why the
display will not be shown is the ex
pense connnected therewith.
The Santa Ana football club has re
ceived its new uniforms and will next
Baturday go to Paaadena, where they
play t. match game with a club of that
The tule fields between this city and
Newport were set ou fire yesterday and,
augumented by the wind, had soon
swept over a large acreage. It is a ben
efit that the tules have been burned.
During the progress of the fire large
numberß of ducka flaw up nnd huntere
in the vicinity secured large bags of
For the week ending February 14th.
30 deeds wero recorded, the considera
tion being a 539,700.17. During the same
time 70 miscellaneous papers were filed
for record.
A marriage license was issued to
Thomas A. Challis of this city, aged 20
years, and Trees* Yorba, aged 26 years,
a resident ol San Juan.
W. H. Spurgeon Rnd S. W. Preble
have been made, by deed of trust, trus
tees of the Santa Ana and Newport Kail
way company. It is proposed to incur a
bonded indebtedness of $250,000, pay
able in 20 years, with which money the
debt now existing against the railway
company will be paid and extensive im
provements bo made. The business
being done over thia line is a large one,
and increasing, and the road contributes
largely to this city's prosperity.
Two Notable Social Oitherines-Looal
A Hair*.
Pomona, Feb. 15—One of the moat
pleasant impromptu card and dancing
parties, closing the season of festivities
prior to L9nt, was given last evening by
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olark, at their
cozy home on North Carey avenue.
Mrs. Clark, with her usual grace and
courteßy, placed.her entire house at the
disposal of her guests, and card playing
was indulged in until 10 p.m., when a
dainty repast was served, followed by
dancing. The dancing and other pleas
antries of the evening were fully enjoyed
by all. Mrs. Clark waa requested to
sing, and Professor Thompson and Mrß.
M. B. Wright were induced to play sev
eral pieces. Near the hour of midnight
tbe guests dispersed. Those preaent
wore: Missea Chara Broughton, Li?;:ie
Ruih, Lulu Thrall and Minnie Smith;
Mmee. M. B. Wright, H, B. Weeterman
and Mrs. Clark; Messrs. C. P. Thomp-
Leaves its victims very weak and debilitated.
Hood's Sarßaparills is just what is needed to
restore the strength and vigor so much deidre.i
and to expel all poison from the blood.
Hood's Pills ouro Sick Headache.
son, Will Strong, J. S. Manlev. Charles
Clark, Arthur Clark and Mr. Hainner.
The guests of the Hotel Palomares and
a company of invited friends were de
lighted last evening with a St. Valen
tine's day party, arrant/ ed by Mrs. Col.
J. L. Howland, Mrs. Rosenfeld, Miss
Finney of Detroit and Miss Vinton of
Chicago, guests of the hotel.
The game of progressive hearts waa
played for a time, following which the
assemblage was entertained by music,
both vocal and instrumental, partici
pated in by Miss Vinton aud Mr. Dole.
Major George L. Draper carried off the
first prize, a handsome scarf pin; Mrs.
Simms, silver souvenir spoon; Mrs.
James H. Todd, consolation prize. Con
solation first for gentlemen, minorprizes,
consisted of valentines, we won't say
which kind.
The affair proved a stylish and enjoy
able event. Full dreas prevailed.
The Mum(s) club of whist players in
regular session assembled met at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard Jess
last evening, the following being pres
ent: Miss Minier, Miss Guild, Mrs.
Ilowlaud, Mr. and Mrs. Jess, Mr. and
Mrs. George A. Hall, Mr. and Mra. A.
W. Bart, Howard A. Broughton.
Miss Jesse A, Padgham has aent out
invitations for an evening party on
Thursday night.
Ray. J. W. Hanson of Chicago, 111., is
visiting Southern California. The doc
tor preached in the Universalist church
last Sunday morning.
Thia office acknowledges the receipt
of an invitation to the W. R. C. re
ception to be tendered Company D,
N. G. C, Friday evening next. The
hours are from Bto 11 p. m. Invitations
have been issued only to the members
of tbe military company, the editors of
the two local papers and the correspon
dents of the two Loa Angeles papers.
The independent order of Foreßtera
are to give another one of their appe
tizing banquets and entertainments on
Washington's birthday night. That
evening falls upon February 2-1.
Shipping Arrivals and Departures.
Local Affairs.
Redondo Beach, Feb. 15. —The steam
er Bonita, Captain Green, from San
Franciaco, reached her mooring at Re
dondo wharf at 3 a. m. thia morning.
At 3 o'clock p. m. today her cargo of
390 tons had been discharged and she
waa steaming away for the south.- Her
cargo consisted of C 8 tons of merchan
dise for Lob Angeles, and tbe balance of
her lading was bean shipments picked
up at way ports, consigned to eastern
The steamer Eureka, Captain Leland,
came in from the north at 3 p.m. today,
her manifeata showing 140 tonß of mer
chandise and 10 passengers for thia port.
The Eureka will proceed south some
time thia evening.
A dispatch to Superintendent Perry
announces tbe steamship Santa Roea
eu route for this port with 103 tons of
merchandise and a good passenger list.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Shibley of Minne
apolis were among the tourists at Re
dondo today. They are so well pleased
with this location that they have today
made arrangemente to return here in a
few daya for a lengthy sojourn.
Chas. 8. Tallmadge, jr., of Lob Ange
les, representing A. Schilling & Co., San
Franciaco, was in town this mornine.
- job accompameo oy Ellis
Cohn of Los Angeles, are visitors in lie
dondo. Mr. Newbauer represents M.
A. Gunßt & Co. of San Francisco, who
handle the celebrated General Arthur
cigars. Mr. Newbauer ie making a suc
cessful business trip, as well as enjoying
the beach in company with his friend
Mr. Cohen.
Mr. R. Adler, commercial tourist from
San Franciaco, is spending considerable
time in Redondo.
Arrivals at the Hotel Redondo thiß
morning were: Mrs. M. V. Logan,
Washington, O.; F D. Surard, Mr. and
Mrs. E. 11. Cole, Mies L. H. Howes,
New York; Mrs. Charles S. Walton,
Mra. G. G. Graham, Mke Lina Johnßon,
W. H. Tuthill, E. Cohn, Los Angeles;
Mr. and Mra. Van Hosen, Alexandria.
Minn.; Mra. C. M. Hambright, Miss
Hambright, Racine, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs.
C. C. Wheeler, Santa Barbara; Mrs.
Kurtz, Oakland; Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Moses, Colorado; C. H. Zlmmetiiun,
Denver; Mr. and Mrs. George 11. Knot,
J. Newberry, San Franciaco; C. H. Can
field, Washington, D. C.
Arrivala at the Ocean View house
were: Alexander Smith, city; John P.
Sunderlin, Azusa; R. A. Gtoom, Kansas
City; Peter Coleman, lOddie Coleman
Waco, Tex.; Mrs. Whiting, Los Angt.it.-.
News Notes from the Infant Wonder
Redi.ands, Feb. 15.—The wind howled
iike a hound yesterday ufternoon.
A Beriea of.protracted meetings will be
begun at the Methodist church Sunday
Charles Spates has purchased three
lots in the reaidenco tract from H. H,
The Ole Olaon ahow drewa good house
last night.
S. C. Haver haa resigned from the
managsment of the Alexandra Orangu
Urovb and Fruit company.
Mrs. S. B. Higbey left for Grand Sum
mit, Kan., yesterday.
Invitations are out for the guard
dance on the evening of Washington*]
birthday, February 32, 1893. It will be
a strictly invitation affair, but social
and informal.
The Fast Highlands Water company
has filed its articles of incorporation
with a paid up capital of $10,000, of
which J. S. Edwatds takes half, the
balance beirij distributed etiuallv be
tween B. F. Edwards, J. W. Hamilton,
O. W. Harris, H. Conner aud F. E.
Brown, who are directors. The com
pany will run water from Plunge creek
to the Eset Highlands bench.
Ssaders will aotica that
not fn r >';'•<■■' j'ii
ur (J.ncwm-i, Siut only such na result
from at cllNortflercdl liver, vis:
Vertigo, Headache, Dyspepsia,
Fevers, Costiveness, Bilious
v Colic, F!atu!ence, etc.
Per tlicse they are not warranted ln
fatiibfe, but are aim ncnrlly stonaitiM iioa
slblo to make v remedy. Price, ajo Ja.
Baker Iron Works
Adjoining the Sonttern Pacific ground,, Tel-
ODhone 114. 7-21
' —a.—.—.— , ,
He Is Remanded Until It Ia Settled
Whether He It Himself or Some
one Else—Lafae, the Paint
er, Sentenced.
An attempt was made yesterday to
make a felony caße against Ah Toy, the
Chinaman who was caught by Officer
McClure on Tuesday night with seven
unidentified chickena in hia possession.
It waa believed that Ah Toy had been
once before convicted of petit larceny,
and a complaint was sworn out against
him charging him with a second offense
of the same nature. When the China
man was brought into Justice Seaman'B
court yesterday afternoon for arraign
ment, however, the officers became
doubtful whether he waa the right Ah
Toy, and after some consultation the
Chinaman was sent back to jail to await
a better identification.
Robert Lake, a painter- who pleaded
guilty to begging, was before Juetice
Austin for sentence yeeteiday afternoon.
He had asked ior several witnesses, by
whom he expected to prove a good
character, but they did not help him.
One of the witnesses was George Craig,
president of the painters' union, who
said Lake had been a thorn in their
sides and had been dropped from the
memberabip of their organization on ac
count of his habits. After another
witness of the same nature Justice
Austin said he did not wish to hear any
more, and sent Lake to the city jail for
20 days.
Antonio Combelia was tried in the
police court yesterday afternoon for
breaking in the fine plate glass window
in Hunter's candy store on First street,
betweon Main and Spring streets, Tues
day afternoon. Combelia is a swarthy,
heavy set, laboring man, very ig
norant seemingly, and broke
the glass as he was passing
along, without the slightest provocation,
in a spirit of brutish malice. When
asked in Spanish by Officer Appel why
he did it he held up his heavy hob
nailed eboee and said with a heavy leer
that he slipped and fell against the win
dow. Justice Austin told him it was a
bad place to Blip, and that he could re
main in the city jail 40 daya or pay $40;
and Antonio went to jail.
Bix men who were pulled out of a box
car by Officera Huston and Leverich
early yesterday morning at the San Fer
nando depot, were tried by Justice
Austin yesterday. Four of them were
allowed to go qn floaters, but Tom Hays
was given six daya and James Bennett
one day in jail.
He Disembowels a Football and Gets
Into Trouble.
There is a justice of the peace at
Covins, in thin county, who aeßumed
extra judicial functions a day or two ago,
which has resulted in a complaint being
filed against him before on Azuea justice,
charging him with malicious mischief.
The Covina football team waa practising
in a lnr«6 space of unirrizated ground,
and the justice was viewing the proceed
ings from a point outside of the grounds.
. For some unexplained reason he disap
proved of the game and did not heaitate
to assume juriediation over the caee.
There came c time during the vigorous
punching of the leather when the juatice
could contain himeolf no longer. The
opportunity came and he seized it
Visions of complaints and the various
processes with which justices are more
or less familiar did not deter him for a
moment. The ball came hig way, and
he fell over it ia approved atylo. Rising
with his prize he whipped out a big
knife and slit a large hole in it.
A howl arose, an I forgetting his ju
dicial dignity, he fled like a whitehead,
his coat tails otreatning behind. The
game was brought to a sudden stop, but
the boys donned their war paint, and
going over to Azusa, filed a complaint
against the juatice, charging him with
malicious mischief. The case will be
one of intense interuet to the neighbor
hood when it cornea up. The boy« pro
pose to demonstrate that a justice* of the
peace ponnot perform hari-kari upon the
Covina .'ootbail team or its property.
Lieutenant Dapray Promoted — Colonel
I«ee Ordered to WnshlU£ton.
Lieutenant Dapray, formerly a iSem
ber of General Miles's staff, at Loa An
gelea, but recently stationed at Wash
ington, hue been promoted to he major
and paymaster in the army. He ia now
on duty in the office of the secretary of
Colonel Lee haa been ordered for duty
in tho office of the quartermaater gen
eral at Washington. He will leave for
his new assignment within the course of
a few weeks. Col. and Mis. Lee have
been prominent in society circles while
iv this city, and their departure will be
learned with regret.
wffbgrFOH Acfsf: it tmmkuM
It is nn Rfrrof;nMo Laxatlvo for the Bowels;
can be made into a Tea for use in one minute.
Prifio «uo., fiOo. mid SH.tiO pi'r package. ©
.•. •. .Au !••::•;.?•ii. roiCsrr Poworn
Altl :, ' *T for theTei th una Breath—2so.
gold wholefca'o by HAAS, BARUCH & 00..
and retail'by d 1 tigglsts. 14-14 ly
Anbenser Restaurant,
Has changed hands. It is now nnder the
supervision rf f;hss. Bauer. Many Improve
ments have been made. Cold lunches at all
hours a specialty. A fine commercial lunch
daily. Supper from sto 8 p.m.
iaia Offlcn: LOS ANQELKS.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Panadena, Laraanda,
tzuea, Burbanx. Planijig Mills—Loa Angeles
•-..1 Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
L. WILH^LMT Pr Tthe or
826 8. Main st„ bet. Eighth and Ninth,
Telephone 297, Los Augelos
Good rigs, senile horses and reliable drivers.
Prices reasonable. Special attention to horses
boarded by the day, week or monih. Horses to
let by the day, week or mouth. Brick stables,
lite proof. 8-0 tl
It Causes Serious Trouble Between Ver-
i.on Folk.
A cage of onion throwing and the dire
results which followed is reported from
Vernon, where Justice Quinn holds
court, A complaint of battery was filed
in his court the other day by a citizen
of the neighborhood, in which he
charged a neighbor with battery. The
allegation by the complaining witness
was that his neighbor and he had a dis
pute in the course of which the neigh
bor threw an onion at him. It hit him
on the head and inflicted quite a painful
contusion. The full strength of an
onion in the Vernon district must be
known to appreciate how serious
an offense was committed. It
is no uncommon thing in that
district to see onions that are not only
strong when applied to the olfactory
nerves, but are in reality deadly weap
ons on account of their size. It was one
of these missiles that struck the gentle
man. The thrower was arreßted and
the trial set. Before the date fixed an
attempt was made to square the thing,
but Justice Quinn said it co uld not be.
If the defendant was guilty of the crime
charged he would be punished. The
trial came and the defendant pleaded
guily. After descanting upon the enor
mity of tbe offense, the justice fined
him $15, which he very reluctantly Daid.
A day passed and the defendant,
smarting under his wrongs, brought a
charge of blackmail against his neigh
bor. This case was brought to trial and
the justice found tbe neighbor guilty,
assessing a fine against him also of $15,
which was paid. As a wind-up to the
whole matter the last named neighbor
has employed an attorney to begin a
civil suit to recover the $15, and the
complaint will be filed in a day or two.
There ia no discount upon the trouble
one onion can causejwhen properly ap
J!sjk Malaria and chills and
fever are duo to the inhala
ejff tlon of watery vapors and
•71L gases arising from decay
4 VtV ingvegetation. Thehumid
3K|_JSjL find it the worst. It Infests
~j<r both city and country. Tho
victim is continually tired,
and worn ont, has no energy, is subject to aches
and pains in tho back and limbs, and is perspiring
one moment and cold the next. Joy's Vegctablo
Sarsaparilla is more cffectlvo in this trouble than
all tho potash Sarsaparillas put together, for tho
plain reason that it has stimulating properties
and a perfect bowel regulating action not found
in the others, and yet that are aljsoluto necessi
eies in tho cure of this UL J. V. S. soon regulates
it out of tho system.
" I had a bad caso of malaria. I seemed nnnblo
to check It and being over seventy years old, was
very uneasy. Finally, I tried J. V. S.. It cured
me and 1 am now hearty as before."
M. E. Bennett, Newcastle, Cal,
JUI VSarsaparilla
Insist on Joy'fl Most modern. Most effective.
Yet same price. It is tho only bowel regulating
»w» and Complete Treatment, consisting of
Bu»posi(ories, Ointment in Capsules, also in
jfox and Pills; a Positive Cure for Exiemal,
Internal, Blind or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic,
Kecent or Hereditary Piles. This remedy has
never been known to fall. $1 per box, 8 for $s
lent by mall. Why suffer from this terrible
disease when a written guarauteo is positively
given with 6 boxes To refund the mwnty ft
not cured. Beuu stamp for free sample. Guar
antee issued by C. ff. HMNZBMAN, drurgibt
sole agenL 32i!N. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
TTis Celebrated Freneii to,
/"~T"v Is Sold oir a a<f3Xia
m <m 4 , ouarant , ei£ fe « w
Wk ,n to euro any form / o ft
<wi jzy of nervous diseasa Jf
iV\."-J or any disorder of v»-<2ljl
A?VN *k generative or- yQSE~4%foiji
iW(A(A gans ot either aex, / 4'?«Kf§p|&
whether 9 Jffiffi/jjr
v fromtbeexcubaive/ &6&'
BEFORE nsoof Stimulants, AFTEF
Tobacco or Opium, or through youth'ulinllso*
lion, overindulgence, <ie, such as Loss of Brain
Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains in tin
Wk, Saminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros
tration, Noctarnsfl Emissions. Leueorrhoea, Dl*.
jluoss, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tency, which If neglected often lead to prematura
old n,To and insanity. Price $1.00 a box, f boxes
for 16.00. Sent by mail onreceipt of price'
every ij.oo order received, io refund the mone< ; 1
a Permaaent cure is not effected. We bay«
tlioutsaudaof testimonials from old and youna
of bothaKJes, who have been permanently enroll
oytheusaof Aphroditine, Circularirce. Addiosi
—801 D BY—
H, M. SALE A SON, Druggists, Los Angeles, Cal.
, . ~~z ly fiiiissiorip, etc.,surely
cured by INOAPO. the proat Hindoo Kerned?. Sold
witti written punrnnt** otevrt, Siupls ipnl Tree. Address
Oriental Mmlieal Co.. 58 Plymouth Place, thlwro, 111.
» .MBPBCTIOH RTBINOB froo vita «rt>ry br'ilo,
A QUICK v.whk forLWCOEEHdIAof WlilTlcV
Nnfall l)T>i',;fnsrs. rM- R tf«a.rr A<Mr«»sfcr 2I.M'
H, M. Sale & Bon, 20 South Main at.
& CO.,
630 South Spring St., Los Angeles.
Telephone 1029.
—J| Embalming a Specialty
Always Open, Telephone 61.
Gerwwtae Care ftn Qe'MtMicaa, Chronic Gleet, Pun
nf Dg Ulcers aid Lencorrha* of long stand*
biff nfleitlTely oure,l rroin 6to !* days. Sold by X>t\ix-
316 Commercial street, Lot Angeles, Cal.
.; .. *' where it has been placed in competition,
. has carried off The Highest Awards aa
Proprietary Medicine that ever received such distinction. Therefor*
what all the World knows of its Curative Qualities, what impartial
Judges have awarded, entitles it to the claim of THE BEBT.
A copy of the " Official Portfolio of the World's Columbian Exposition." dssertptlva «f
Buildings and Grounds, heautifully illustrated, in water color effepti, will be sent to asja?
sddress upon receipt of JOc. in Postage stamps by TUI CUAKUCB A, VOUBLKB CO.,
Baltimore. Md.
/*> mmw restored wsm
Wa w W ten uriAraiitte to core *ll nervous diseases, suoh aa Weak Maifiory,
tSv a Si fS* aaw" of Brain I'ower, Heartache. Wakefulness, Lost Manhood, Niarhtlr ■miaV
V affi Xa s.onn, Nervousness, Lassitude, all drains and low of power of the 4*Y«a.«rettv«
J ' OSfJ9 1 Organs in either sex causer! by ovor exertion, youthful errors, or extailiTl
nrte of tobacco, opium or FtttrjiilantH which noon lead to Infirmity, Con*Hi»
Taftyrni g» ArinaMil" ' ** nt np convenient to carry in vest pocket. 01 par m*mi
hy mall; 6 forlS. With every order we give, a wriftvn guaranU* ii tmrt
ttiroaaAKi> ajttsbusing, or rfifumtttomonev Circular free. Address Aarve INeedC**. Cklwafl*. UL
For pale Uj Lob Angeles, Cal,, By GODFREY & MOORI, Druggists, 108 South Sprint
Containing 62 acres of land, all in high state of cultivation; cottage
house, hard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together with
email cottage of three rooms for laborers: about fonr acres in bearing
Washington Navels; 6 acres English Walnuts; 5 acres Winter Ap
fles; two artesian wells; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants.
irst-clasß corn, alfalfa and orange land; all fenced and cross-fenced.
Apply at once to
a ., n . tt 114 N. Beaudry aye . Los Angelas. Cal.
Wonderful Cures
-* BY —ft—
713 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California.
"Skillful cure increases .longevity to tbe \ "Ingeniously locating diseases throngh tho
world." I pulse and excellent remedies are greatHMeoa
1 ings to the world."
For seven months l was treated by five different doctors, none ot whom stated what my tilt*
ease was. During that time 1 suffered terribly, and continued to fall until I became a skeleton.
For the last three months I had to be dressed, fed, and have my wator drawn. Finally my feet,
limbs, hands and face became swollen. I could not rise from a chair, and could scarcely walk,
and was obliged to have my water drawn from fifteen to tweutv timos a day. My friends con*
sidered I would not last many days. I then—three months ago—commenced treating with Dr.
Wong. The first dose of medicine completely relieved me, and since I have not been obliged to
resort to artificial means for relieving my bladder. In five days I was able to dress and feed By
self; in ten days the swelling had left me and I could walk a« well as for years before. I now
weigh as much as I ever did, aud feel better than I hay« felt for fifteen years. lam 75 years old,
and feel tiptop. Dr. Wong save I was afflicted with one of the fourteen kinds of kidney dlsemios.
Rivera, Cal., August i 29, 1890. W. W. CHKNEY.
Hundreds of other testimonials are on file In the doctor's office which he has received fnua
his numerous American patients, whom he has cured lrom all manner of diseases.
Large and commodious rooms for the accommodation of patients. OonsultsV
tion Free.
Ladies' and gents' garments eleaend, dyed
and renovated in superior style at shert notice.
Blankets, curtains and merchants' quods.
Ostrich plumes cleaned, dyed and curled.
Tailoring establishment in connecton for all
kinds of repairing and altering.
Orders by amail promptly attended to.
Office and win us. 615 West Sixtn street.
Store, 210H South Spring tstreet. Tel. 1016.
Or the Lienor Habit Positively Cured
by adwinlaiVrliriK i>r. UaiuetV
<Jolu>g. Mperiaic.
It can bo civen in a oup oi coffctt or tea. or In food,
without tho knowledge of the patient. It ia absolutely
aarinleflß, and will effect a pormnncnt and epocdy
3un\ whether tho putient ia a moderate drinker op
an alcoholio wreok. It has been e\v*-n m thousands
pf oaHca. and in <*very lrot ancu a perfect cure liaafol.
lowed. li. 'ifvcr Fall*. Tha bystci.i enco improcnated
nth tho epcoiflo.it becomes en utter impesu-biiity
for the liquor appetite to exist.
fiOLDE.N M'KUIFIO CO., Piop'ra, Cine-Inn nil, O.
flg'fraf. book of particulars free. To bo had ot
F. W. BRAT7N & C 0.,/ BruggislF,
H. GERMAIN, j Lou Angeles, Cal.
He is supposed to be at or near Los Angeles. '
Address JOHN A. WALL,
Attorney at Law,
331 Montgomery St., San Francisco.
2 15 15t
1061 jrirket St.,Sau Francisco.
,i is*'* *\ < between Oth aud Till Sis.)
I fj*! Go and learn how wonderfully
■t *jss> \ aic nul(lc ; " ul !iuw IJ."-vi. i
tW Sickness and diseases. Museum
Vli | ijk enlarged with thousands of cc*
Afl objects. Admission 25 cts.
Private Office, all Geary St. Disease, ot
mou: stricture, loss of rnanuood.dlsessosof tlib
skin and kidneys quickly cured without ill.
neo of mercury. Treatment personally t: t»
sttor. Send for book'
Painless Dentistry.
~,w sj „ Fine Gold Fil
BIT TJUtTH, $9.00,
33 SHOE NoTaV P s i
Boat Calf Snoa In tbe) world for thepiioa.
W. L. DouglßSBhoaß are sold everywhere.
Every body hfcoald wear them. XX la a duty
yon ova yourself to get the beat value for
your money. Economic© inyourfootweaxby
purchasing VV» L. DouglasShoefLwMoft
represent tho boat value at tbe prices ad
▼ertiaod above, as thousands oaa testily.
Take No Substitute.
Bowciro ef fraudt None genuine without W. L.
Dounin* natno and price atampod on bottom. Look
for It when you buy.
W. h* Douzlns* Drooltfont Mass* Sold by
l_. W. GCDIN,
101 North Spring street.
OUR NEW CATALOGUE, giving tall da*
with directions-for running,
prices, tizes, weights, shipping rules, etc,, aenl
free to any address,
Santa Ana Incubator Co.,
Diamonds jj» -.Muter Time.
—osaLxn in—
Charcoal. Kindling, and fuel ol all kinds.
_ Mill Feed a specialty.
543 S. Broadway. 1181 m LosAngalag, CaL
Cor. Broadway and Baeond.
Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to s;*o p.m. OL
JOSN bPIKBS, Secretary. 8,18 On

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