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interfered with by tbe Populists, if the
Republicans would drop the legal pro
ceedings against the Populists, and if
the sheriff would disband his poEse;
thie agreement to last till the ciose of
the seseion of the legislature. The Re
publicans are now considering the
Overwhelming odds Compel Them to
Abandon the Field.
Topika, Feb. 16., 10:45 a.m.—Sheriff
Wilkinson is swearing in a posse of 1000
deputies, ostensibly to preserve peace,
bat it ie generally believed to support
the Republican position. A conflict
may take place when the posse is put to
The Populists have practically aban
doned the field. They met in the base
ment of the capitol and decided to
make no farther attempt to gain an en
trance to representative hall.
The action of the sheriff in swearing
in 1000 men made the odds so heavy
against the Populists that they decided
not to attempt to meet them. They de
cided to hire • hall for the meetings of
the Popalist honse.
The governor, as commander-in-chief
of the state troops, relieved Colonel
Hughes of direct command of the troops
bnt allowed him to retain the colonelcy
of the Third regiment. The governor
himself assumed command of the troops.
As the result of a conference between
Colonel Hughes and Sheriff Wilkinson,
tbe latter haa announced that he will
take charge of affairs and will raise the
■lege of the Republican house. The
etate militia have decided to obey hia
orders as peace officer. This, of course,
has strengthened the Republican posi
tion, as it gives the sheriff abont all
the armed men in the city, including,
as it does, the militia and his 1000 dep
uties. It is not known what the Popu
lists' next move will be, but they seem
It was decided it wonld be dangerous
to put fire arms into the bands of tbe
sheriff's posse, so 500 baseball bats, all
in town, were secured and given the
men, the remainder being armed with
•ticks. Governor Lewelling has ap
pointed Lieutenant-Colonel Barker com
mandant of the troops.
Amended by the House nnd Sent Back
to HiH Excellency.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 16. —The propo
sition presented in the Republican
house by Governor Levelling elicited a
great deal of argument. After a lengthy
debate, a proposition to the governor
waa drafted. It proposed to dismiss ell
the contempt proceedings heretofore in
instituted ; that each house should arrest
the clerk of the other houae on the
charge of contempt; both partiea to ap
£ly to the supreme court for writs of
abeas corpus; both cases to be prose
cuted oh the cole queation of
the legality of the respective houses;
the governor to dismiss the militia
and provisional guard; the sheriff to
dismiss all Special deputies; the Repub
lican honae to have free and undisturbed
possession of Representative hall, pend
ing the decision of the supreme court.
A committee* then appointed preaented
the propsition to the governor in hia
private office. He aaid he was not sat
isfied with Borne of the legal points, and
would not reply until tomorrow morn
ing. In the meantime the Republicans
would not he" molested, bat he advised
them to adjourn.
Action Taken to Checkmate Sheriff
Wilkinson's Move.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 16.—The Populist
house met thie afternoon in rooms down
town and took action contemplating the
checkmating of Sheriff Wilkinson's
move, by passing an emergency bill em
powering the governor to remove tbe
sheriff of any county for cause and ap
point bis successor forthwith. Specific
"causes" are not stated. The bill will
to to tbe senate in the morning. When
that body paseee it the governor can re
lieve Sheriff Wilkinson and disband hie
posse unless the sheriff resists the ac
tion on the ground that the bill was not
passed by a legal house of representa
tives. The sheriff said late tonight he
would not give np the office without a
The Situation Unchanged.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 17.—At 1 o'clock
thie (Friday) morning the situation re
mains unchanged, save for tbe fact that
a heavy snowfall set in soon after mid
night and the militamen are experienc
ing some of the pleasures of winter cam
paigning. The Republicans, snugly en
sconced in representative ball, are for
the most part sleeping soundly.
The Charter of the Sonth Carolina
Farmers' Alliance Repealed.
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 16.—The Popu
lists were dumfounded when the Dem
ocrats in the house, by a solid vote,
passed a bill repealing the charter of tbe
State Farmers' Alliance. It will proba
bly pass the senate also. The bill is en
titled: "An act for the relief of the
stockholders of tbe State Alliance, a
business agency." There is a fund of
about $60,000, not a cent of which can
be secured by those who contributed it,
and it is openly charged that it ie about
to be used in the interest of the People's
party, the president of the state alliance,
as well as its secretary and businees
agent, being extreme members of that
party. A receiver will be asked for im
mediately. Most of tbe fund was con
tributed by persons not now alliance
men. A bill has been introduced to
recharter tbe alliance to be reorganized
solely in the farmers' interest. Tbe
officers of the alliance will issue an ad
dress to the members denying that the
business fund is devoted to political
Snrposes. The alliance 1b in etraits,
aving lost three-fourths of its members,
leaving only 25,000.
Seventy-Five Convulsions.
A Thrilling BxptsitiENca—There Is no one
but at some period in life has an experience
that stands out prominently beyond all others.
Bach is the case of John B. Collins of Romeo,
Mich., who says: "From Septembar to Jan
nary, before using Nervine, I had at least 75
convulsions. After three mouths' use I have no
more attacks. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine
also cores nervous prostration, headache, poor
memory, dizziness, sleeplessness, neuralgia,
etc , andbnilds up the body. Mrs. J. X Miller
ot Valparaiso, Ind.. and 3. K. Taylor of Logans
port, Ind., each gained 20 pounds of flesh by
taking It. Sold •) C. H. Hance, 177 North
Spring, oi a guarantee. Out the doctor's book,
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terns; ladles' embroidered silk handkerchiefs,
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fore purchasing eUewhere. No. 505 North
Main street, near plaza.
Visiting Cards Engraved
At Langstadter's, 211 West Second. Tel. 762.
A Personal Collision on the
Floor of the House.
Turpin of Alabama Has a Scrap
With Wangli of Indiana.
Vest Gives Charley Foster and Senator
Chandler Some Hard Raps In tne
Senate—Other Doings at
the Capital.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Feb. 16.—The feature in
the houae today was a peraonal collision
between Turpid of Alabama and Waugh
of Indiana, which, however, was blood
leae. Tbe bouse resumed, in committee
of the whole, consideration of the pen
sion appropriation bill. Tbe chair over
ruled points of order raised against vari
ous amendments recommended by the
committee on appropriations, among
them those relating to the transfer of
the pension bureau to the war depart
ment and to soldiers' widowa. Burrowa
appealed from the decision about the
transfer, but the chair was sustained,
103 to 63.
After debate the amendment for the
tranefer was disagreed to, 53 to 95.
Other amendments were also defeated
without division. .
Then Tarsney referred to a epeech
made come days ago by Morae of ■Massa
chusetts, in which that gentleman
stated that he (Tarsney) had referred to
peneioners on the rolls ac ruffiana,
thievea and acoundrela. Tarsney said
he never need euch language, and pro
ceeded to make some unpleasant re
marks about men who falsified the
words of their colleagues.
Morse replied that he had not attrib
uted any words to the gentleman that
had not been uttered by him, so far as
he (Morae) understood them.
By thia time the houae fully expected
a sensation, and the space around the
speaker's desk wae crowded with mem
bers. Then Morse, yielding to Turpin
to ask a question, brought about a
change in the principals in the trouble.
Turpin inquired of tbe gentleman
from Massachusetts If he wae aware that
there etood today upon the penaion
rolls an ex-soldier drawing $19 a month
for total deafnesß, who was receiving a
salary of $1800 a year and who was em
ployed at the telephone. When aeked
who this man wae, Turpin aaid be did
not know whether the man was a Dem
ocrat or a Republican, but in the light
of his present surroundings he supposed
he waa a Democrat, becauee he came
from the doubtful state of Indiana.
"I don't believe your etatement, un
less you prove it," ahouted Waugh, ad
vancing to tbe front. Turpin replied:
"The mane name is William E, Davis."
Waugh retorted that he did not be
lieve the statement was true, whether
Turpin had hia name or not.
Turpin retorted that Waugh could not
aay he waa a falsifier, and advanced
rapidly toward him.
Hooper of Indiana and others ruabed
forward to separate the man, who were
rapidly coming together, and the
spsaker finally secured order. The
bouse was in no temper to proceed with
business, however, and aoon adjourned.
Vest Incidentally DUcoiaes the Hawaiian
Annexation Treaty*
Washington, Feb. 16. — The senate
this morning took up the eundry civil
bill. Vest, in a speech, alluded to the
depleted condition of the treasury. He
epoke of the secretary in Wall etreet
begging like an Italian mendicant for
gold from the banke to sustain tbe pub
lic credit. He said it was openly avowed
by some statesmen that their object was
to tide over the next two weeks so as
to leave the present disgraceful condi
tion of financial affaire on the incoming
administration of Mr. Cleveland.
Whatever were Mr. Cleveland's faults
as an administrative officer or pol
itical leader, he left a net sur
plus of $100,000,000 in tbe treasury.
"The other day," continued Vest,
"Mr. Chandler proposed legislation pro
hibiting for 12 months immigration,
because it was of a character to threaten
the moral and political welfare of the
country, and again because of the dan
ger of cholera. Then almoet immedi
ately thereafter, when the news that a
Hawaiian commission had arrived in
San Francisco was announced, Chandler
rushed in with resolutions for the im
mediate annexation of the Hawaiian
islands with their 90,000 inhabitants,
about 4000 of whom are whites, and with
the institution of leprosy firmly estab
lished. Now we are told there ie to
be another continuing appropriation
for the late queen of $20,000 a year, and
a bounty for their sugar. It is singular
that in all this furore of jingoism we
hear nothing of the Hawaiian Commer
cial company, as it is called—an im
mense corporation, 60 per cent of whose
assets consists of eugar plantations and
stock which is owned almost exclusive
ly by Claus Spreckels. Tbe stock today
is selling at a nominal figure, but if an
nexation takes place millions on mill
ions will be put in the pockets of the
men owning it."
Gorman apostrophized the Demo
cratic senators, telling them in a few
weeks the responsibility would rest npon
them, and they conld not evade it. By
tbe Ist of July next they would ha,ve to
meet the responsibility by increasing
An amendment to reduce the appro
priation for the Mississippi river was
Tbe next amendment wag one re
ducing the appropriation for the canal
at the cascades of the Columbia river
in Oregon from $1,410,000 to $869,000.
Mitchell moved to amend tbe amend
ment by making the amount $1,239,000.
Agreed to—yeas 24, nays 20.
A number of other river amendments
were disposed of.
The next reserved amendment was one
striking out of the provision that no
money be used for warrants, arrests or
prosecutions under tbe internal revenue
law, the words "or laws relating to the
election of members of congress." This
brought on a discussion concerning the
merits and demerits of John Davenport,
during which Frye alluded to William
C. Whitney ac "an adviser of Mr. Cleve
land, who bad been elected president by
some strange insanity of the people."
Voorhees and Hiscock had a brief per
sonal spat, and then Hill took the floor.
He opposed the amendment, and re
plied to Hiscock's remarks in favor of
No action was taken on tbe amend
The conference report on the Califor
nia debris commission bill was agreed
to. Adjourned. .
Stewart Will Offer a Substitute tor the
Pending Senate Bill.
Washington, Feb. 16. —Senator Stew
art gave notice today of a aubstitute to
be offered by him to the Nicaragua canal
bill. It authorizes the president to
contract with the governments of Nica
ragua and Costa Rica for a right of way
for an interoceanic chip canal between
tbe Atlantic and Pacific oceans on the
route propoeed by the Maritime Canal
company of Nicaragua, the canal to be
constructed, equipped and put in opera
tion within 10 years. It authorizes the
president to negotiate with the canal
company for the purchase of all its
rights and property; also toisaue bonds,
not exceeding $100,000,000 in amount
and drawing interest of not over 3 per
cent, not over $8,000,000 of which shall
be paid to Nicaragua and Costa Rica and
tbe canal company. Tbe secretary of
war, through the engineer corpa and the
army, ia to build, conatruct and equip
the canal.
A New Forest Reserve Formed In Cali
fornia—other Items.
Washington, Feb. 16.—President Har
rison has issued a proclamation creating
the Sierra foreat reaerve in the atate of
California. The reservation comprises
approximately 6000 square miles of the
counties of Merced, Fresno, Tulare and
The attorney general will prosecute
sugar firms for refusing to aupply infor
mation to the census bureau.
Lieutenant Reynolds of the navy, who
was rnn over by a cable car last night,
died today.
By direction of the president General
Carr will be placed on the retired liet.
A New Silver Plan.
Washington, Feb. 16.—There is a new
plan on foot to get a vote on the suspen
sion of silver purchaaea. It coneieta in
obtaining a epecial order from the com
mittee on rules for the consideration of
the Stewart free coinage bill, which
paaaed the senate laat summer, and
then moving a aubatitute euepending
further purchases of bullion nnder the
Sherman law, until tbe bullion now in
tbe treasury can be coined.
Spoken Without Authority.
Washington, Feb. 16.—Ex-Senator
Carlisle waa asked today what authority
there waa for the etatement credited to
him that one of hie firet official steps
would be to issue bonds, and that thia
would be followed by a special aesaion
of congreas, at which the Sherman act
would be repealed. He aaid he made no
each statement to anyone.
Johnson the Crack Cycler Defeats Cham
pion Dooushas.
Red Bank, N. J., Feb. 16.—The firat
annual championebip meeting of the
National Amateur Skating aaaociation
was held here today. The ice waa in
poor condition. Joe Donoghue, the
amateur champion, was defeated in a
5-mile race by John S. Johnson of Min
neapolis. Donoghue's frienda daclare he
waa drugged. Johnson won it in 18
minutes 43 5 seconds. Donoghue fin
ished eight yards behind.
In the first race, one-fourth mile, Don
oghue won easily in 301-5 aeconda.
The second wae won by Howard Ma
sher in 38 2 5.
In tbe mile race Rud won in 4:10 2-5,
with Donoghue a cloae second.
The last event was a 10-mile race be
tween Johnaon, Rudd and Hemmen.
Johnson won, being more than a quarter
of a mile in advance of Rudd who wae
second, with Hemmen a mile and a half
behind. Johnson's time was 40:25 25.
An Alleged Fight With His Band of
El Paso, Tex., Feb. 16.—The Times
tonight ia in receipt of what seems re
liable information that Kid and hia band
of noted deeperadoea have been utterly
routed. Only Eld himaelf escaped death
or capture. The details of the capture
are not at band, except that the gang
went onto San Carloa reservation on a
lark and waa betrayed into the hands of
the police. Thia report, like many
othere concerning this bloodthirety out
law, may prove a fake.
San Bernardino Brevities.
San Bernardino, Feb. 16. —The mast
ing of the world's fair committee today
selected J. A. Bidwell, a well-known
mining man, to represent the county's
mineral exhibit at the world's fair.
S. H. Slaught is meeting with success
here in tbe formation of a company to
manufacture textile fabrics from ramie
fibre. A meeting of citizens will be
held Saturday next to organize a com
The Etiwanda Water company filed
articles of incorporation with the county
clerk today. Capital stock, $500,000.
Tbe purpose of the company ie to de
velop water for a large tract of orange
land near Etiwanda.
Dr. Green's Fnneral.
Louisville, Ky., Feb. 16.—The fnneral
of Dr. Norvin Green, late president of
the Western Union Telegraph company,
took place in this city this morning.
Two services were held—one at the
family mansion; one at the Calvary
Episcopal church; both were devoid of
ostentation. Nearly all the directors of
the company and half a hundred divi
sion chiefs were present. The remains
were interred in Cave Hill cemetery.
Senator White Banqueted at Ban Diego.
San Diego, Feb. 16. —The local Democ
racy gave a banquet to Senator-elect
Stephen M. White at the Florence hotel
tonight. Many Republicans joined in
welcoming him to the city, and were in
cluded among the banqueters. An elab
orate menu was provided, and the ad
dress delivered by White at the close of
the banquet was in a happy vein.
It Took Troubla, bat Ho Got It.
About two or three months ago I pur
chased from you a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, put up in Dcs
Moines, la. Such good results were ob
tained from its use that I enclose $1 and
ask that you send me two bottles by ex
press.—J. A. Scriven, 18 East Fif
teenth street, New York city. To. H.
H. Lane, druggist, Peekskill. N. Y. Mr.
Scriven ie president of one of the largest
ehirt factories in New York, and widely
known in business circles. When
troubled with a cold give this remedy a
trial and, like Mr. Scriven, you will
want it when again in need of such a
medicine; 50 cent bottles for sale by C.
F. Heinzeman, 222 North Main street,
Ton Are Invited
To inspect the elegant line of goods now
in etock at the W7 C. Fnrrey company,
in their commodious new stores at 169
to 166 North Spring street, cole agents
ior the world renowned Weir stove,
plumbing and household goods.
The Governor Sends a Message
to* the Legislature.
He Counsels Rigid Economy in the
State Appropriations.
The Assembly Passes the Los Angeles
Park Commission Bill—The
Railroad Commissioner!
to Be Ousted.
By the Associated Press.
Sacramemto, Feb. 16.—1n a message
forwarded by Governor Markbam to the
legislature thia afternoon he says in
"Bills have been introduced in the
legislature calling ior appropriations
which, including the general appropria
tion bill, will amount to $6,000,000. It
ia my desire that every juat claim against
the state and every appropriation for
necessary expenses be allowed. It is
well known that the time of past legis
latures and of tbe board of examin
ers haa been largely consumed in
the examination of doubtful claims
against the state. My atten
tion has been called to senate
bill No. 401 and aaeembly bill No. 374,
which authorizeß suits against the state
for all claims not allowed by tbe exam
iners. I have carefully examined these
bills and am of the opinion that if they
are passed the interests of all legitimate
claimants will be thereby promoted and
the true interests of the state will be
thoroughly guarded.
"It is customary to insert a elauee in
the general appropriation bill whereby
oflicers and employees of tbe etate are
, prohibited from creating a de
ficiency in excees of the appropriations,
except in caae of actual neceaaity and
only then upon unanimoua conaent first
obtained of the board of examiners.
There should be a general law to the
Bame intent. The inspection of the file
shows that senate bill No. 502 and
assembly bill No. 550 are intended to
cover thia point. The state needa all
the protection that such a law affords
and I urge tbe pasaage of the meaauies
mentioned above.
"My attention haa been called to the
fact that many hills have been intro
duced, making appropriationa for vari
ous purposes, exempting the aame from
certain provisions of the political code,
which means that immediately upon
the paaaage of these hills by the legisla
ture the state controller shall draw his
warrant for the amount therein named
and the state treaeurer shall pay the
same, and that they shall not pass the
scrutiny of the board of examiners. I
look upon thia principle aa an exceed
ingly vicious one and recommend your
honorable bodies that no appropriation
having this clause in the bill shonld re
ceive your sanction.
"At the laat eeaaion of the legielature
a law waa passed providing for the pay
ment of the sum of $5 out of the etate
treasury for • -h coyote destroyed. No
one at that time had an idea that it
would prove such a burden on the tax
payers of the state. Tbe laat quarterly
report of the controller shows that thnre
has been paid out during that quarter
over $50,000 for coyote scalps. It is fair
to presume that during the next two
fiscal years the state will be called upon
to pay out over $400,000, and the amount
may reach half a million for this pur
pose. I recommended in my message to
your honorable bodies that the law be
"Senate bill No. 5 haß already paased
the senate and,is now before the aa
eembly. This bill authorizes an' ap
propriation of $300,000 for the erection
of a public building in San Franciaco
for the accommodation of the various
Btate officers and employees located in
that city. The idea of concentrating
these offices in one building ia certainly
worthy of favorable consideration. Firat,
on account of the convenience to the
people of the state, as it is almost
impossible for anyone not very familiar
with San Franciaco to expect to find all
' of them in much short of a week's time.
Again the rent for this purpose is sim
ply enormoua, aa it amounts to over
$2000 per month. If the etate ia to
pay $24,000 a year for rent it be
comes a grave queation whether it
ia an economical proposition or not. As
a matter of convenience and economy
there should be some relief. It aa
occurred to me that with a moderate
appropriation good and sufficient accom
modations could be provided in the new
building now being erected by the etate
board of harbor commissioners. The
location ia central, convenient aud
eminently proper. One hundred thou
sand dollars ought to be sufficient
to provide accommodations for every
purpose, with the possible exception of
that of the supreme court of the state,
the location of which ought to remain
nearer the new city hall. I ask your
very careful consideration to this propo
"In view of the fact that at least
$11,000,000 will be required for the main
tenance of the various state offices and in
stitutions during the next two years and
that at leaat $800,000 will be required to
put several uncompleted public institu
tions in condition for eucceaaful opera
tion, and especially in view of the enor
moua amount of appropriationa asked
for, I do moat earnestly urge that the
appropriations for the abaolute neces
sities of the state should be the first con
sideration and allowed before those of a
general character."
Action Taken on a Number of Import
ant Measures*
Sacramento, Feb. 16. —In tbe senate
today, tbe bill relating to tbe misrepre
sentation by proprietors of newspapers
as to their circulation, passed to third
The bill to cede the jurisdiction over
the Pacific branch of'the national sol
diers' home in Lob Angeles county was
The bill relating to the improvement
of navigable streams passed.
The passage of bills nnder tbe urgency
rule was resumed. The Bsembly bill as
to promote the purity of lections was
among those passed.
The Kings county bill was brought up
and a motion to strike out the enacting
clause carried. Goucher gave notice of
a motion to reconsider.
The bill to create the office of debris
commissioner, to look after the expendi
ure of the $250,000 appropriated by tbe
State, passed by a vote of 30 to 5.
Consideration of the concurrent reso
lution to oust the railway commission
er, was made a special order for tomor
, Tbe bill to amend the county govern
ment act passed.
"Apollinaris is the leading dietetic Table
"Banqueters find Apollinaris extremely
N. Y. TIMES, JAN. 7, '93.
The Los Angeles Park Commissioners
Bill Passed.
Sacramento, Feb. 16. —In the aaeem
bly a number of bills were introduced,
among them one by Carlson, creating
government irrigation districts; by Tay
lor, to create the county of Tehachipi
out of portions of Kern and Los Angeles
countiea; by Finlayson, providing that
train-wrecking shall be a felony punish
able by death or a minimum imprison
ment of five yeara.
A concurrent resolution waa offered
by Carlson for the city of San Diego.
Emeric'a game law bill passed. No
tice of reconsideration was given.
A motion to bring up the Madera
county bill was defeated.
An amendment was adopted allowing
Miller and Leonhart $750 and $500, re
epectively, for attorneys' fees in the
contested election case. Notice of re- -
consideration waa given.
Qodchaux offered a substitute for the
amendment identical with one offered
by Gashford, which provides for the
abolishment of the railroad commission
and the establishment of a tariff sched
The bill to establish a naval battalion
to be attached to the national guard
paeaed by a vote of 60 to 9.
The bill providing for a board of park
commissioners for Loa Angelea passed.
Charges Against the Railroad Commlg-
sloners Sustained.
Sacramento, Feb. 16. —The special
senate committee, appointed to investi
gate the railroad commission, reported
thie afternoon aa follows:
We find that James W. Rea is and
was incompetent to discharge the duties
of the office of state railroad commission
er, and that he is now and waa guilty of
dereliction of duty aa such commission
er ; and we further find that the evi
dence fully auatains the allegations of
said resolution, that said James W. Rea I
waa and is giilty of dereliction of duty I
aa euch commieaioner, aa defined by the
"We further find that because of a
misconception and misunderstanding of
tbe duties of said office, and want of
knowledge of the business to be regu
lated by said commission, that J. M.
Litchfield was and is incompetent, al
though he has no doubt tried to dis
and tha V l i ln , e I cr?Brt& 1 W VIA HMMUI jh
to the incompetency of aaid J. M. Litch
field ia fully austained by the evidence
herein. 1
"We further find that William Beck
man, commiaßioner aforeeaid, made an
honeat effort to acquaint himself with
the duties of aaid office, and that he was
actuated by good intentions, but because
of hiß failure to make any effort to in
veßtigate the general ratea of freighta
and farce of the transportation com
panies in this state; that he made
no attempt to compel the transpor
tation companies to adopt and keep a
act of accounts in accordance with the
power given said commission by the
constitution, and that said Beckman
declared in tbe thirteenth annual report
of euch commission that hia duties bb
such commission were Bolely of a judi
cial nature, which declaration we hold
to be at variance with the conetitution.
We further find that the charge of in
competency in said resolution against
aaid Willian Beckman ie fully sustained
by the evidence.
From the foregoing the committee
finds, as a conclusion, that said James
W. Rea, J. M. Litchfield and William
Beckman, commissioners as aforeaaid,
and each of them should be removed
from the office of commissioners as
Frank McGowan, Chairman.
We concur in the report:
J. H. Seawell,
D. A. Ostrom,
Guy 0. Earl.
We dissent:
E. C. Seymour,
J. H. Mahoney.
Senator Goucher did not sign the re
port, not having heard the evidence.
Tbe Accused Assemblyman Testifies In
His Own Defense*
Sacramento, Feb. 16.—ABBemblyman
Johneou began hie testimony tonight
before the special committee which is
investigating the charges against him.
Hie Btory in effect was that when he
called at John McKenzie's office in San
Jose it was for the purpose oi settling a
dispute they had on election day. Mc-
Kenzie got to talking about the legisla
ture and asked witness to do all be could
against Senator Bailey who, he eaid,
bad been a traitor to Rea. Johnson
said Barrington took him to see Rea, and
when he heard Barrington tell Rea that
if he would let Johnson have
$100 be would stand in with
him at the legislature, he got up to
leave the room. He did not promise to
do anything for Rea, and left with Bar
rington and got the money elsewhere.
Johnson denied all the teetimony which
Rea, Barrington and Edwards bad given
regarding the occurrence, and made the
sweeping statement that all evidence
regarding his willingness to sell hie vote
was false.
Hart Must Pungle Up.
San Francisco, Feb. 16.—Judge Levy
today decided that Attorney-General
Hart must pay the $18,000 of the state's
money in his possession to the harbor
commission fund. Hart bad refused to
turn the money over to the state treas
urer until the courts should decide
which fund it should be credited to.
" 'Brown's Bronchial Troches' are ex
cellent for tbe relief of Hoarseness or Sore
Throat. They are exceedingly effective."—
Christian World, London, Eng.
Cucamonga Wine Agency.
We are now prepared to furnish families with
fine old Cucamonga wines and brandy; also,
line old northern dry wines. 313 North Slain
street, Downey block. Telephone 5.10.
Children Cry for_Pitcher T s JCastorlai
Some Important Matters Acted Upon
The board of supervisors held a rather
busy and important session yesterday.
All five of the members were present,
and Chairman Cook presided.
A petition was presented by J. Ralph
Dominguez and J. B. Woods asking
their appointment as official court inter
preters, at a salary of $125 per month,
payable monthly. In their petition the
| two applicants cite the fact that they
are acquainted with the Spanish lan
The members of the board discussed
the matter to some considerable extent.
There was some doubt about the author
ity of the supervisors to create the
offices of court interpreters. Then, too.
if the offices were made it was deemed
advisable to have some one appointed
who was a linguist and could speak Ger
man and French as well.
After some discussion it wae decided
to refer the petition to a special commit
tee of two consisting of Supervisors For
rester .and Francisco.
Supervisor Forrester wbb directed to
have the water table on the roof of the
court house repaired, it being shown to
the satisfaction of the board that it was
in bad condition. •
The following bids for $2200 worth of
the school bonds o' Fairmount school
district were opened: F. W. Devan,
premium, $141; Louis Phillips, premi
um, $109; R. G. Lunt, premium, $75-
W. P. Webb, premium, $87; W. W.
Cockins, premium, $136.50; Pirtle Real
Estate company, premium, $65.
The bonds are to bear 8 per cent inter
est, and it will be noted that the compe
tition for them was quite lively. The
bid of F. W. Devan being the highest, it
was accepted, and he receives the lot at
a premium of $141,
The petition of W. R. Dodson, J. R.
Durfee and others, asking that a bridge
be constructed over Rio Juenda, a
branch of the San Gabriel river, at Old
Mission, in the El Monte district, waa
on motion of Supervisor Hay referred to
the finance committee.
wa r B h Vj£Ju"'Wfso , l. additional condition
licenses on motion of Supervisor For
reater, who is the parent of the resolu
tion :
Resolved, That in future no applica
tion for a saloon license will be consid
ered by this board unlesa the applicant
for such license be preeent in person at
the time of such consideration.
J. B. McCoy, an indigent, was on
motion of Supervisor Hanley allowed
transportation to Freano.
A committee of the trustees of the
city of Paeadena appeared before the
board and made an address in relation
to the atorm water flowing along the
highway from North Paeadena to Paea
dena city. The committee compriaed
Messrs. Wade, Lukina and Clark.
On motion of Supervisor Forreßter
the board decided to viait tbe premises
in company with the county surveyor
on Friday, tbe 24th instant, to ascertain
what relief could be given.
The hearing of the petition to vacate
Alpine avenue in the Alpine tract waa
continued to February 2'*d.
The application of Sheriff John C.
Cline for two dozen shirts, two dozen
overalls and two dozen pairs of socks,
supplies for the jail waa, on motion of
Supervisor Hay, allowed.
Juatice of the Peace W. Metcalf of El
Monte townabip preaented hia resigna
tion and it waa accepted.
The petition of W. R. Dodson and 76
other residents of tbe townßhip asking
that John A. McGirk be appointed aa
the Bucceßeor of Judge Metcalf waa re
ceived and read. On motion of Super
visor Forrester it was allowed.
Tbe board then adjourned until Satur
day morning at 10 o'clock.
The Commission Which Will Arrive
Here on Saturday.
The general council of the Brother
hood of St. Andrew, an organization in
the Episcopal church for work among
young men, has Bent a commission to
the Pacific coast to work up interest in
the brotherhood. The commission con
sists of Mr. Silas Mcßee of Sewanee,
Term,, second vice-president, and Mr,
John W. Wood of New York, general
The commission will arrive in thia city
on Saturday next, and during its atay
the following programme will be carried
Saturday—Conference at St. Paul's
church at 7 :80 p.m. for the city clergy
and brotherhood men, and all men inter
ested in tbe work.
Sunday—Celebration of the holy com
munion at St. Paula at 6:45 a.m.,
especially for brotherhood men, but all
are invited, particularly men. At 8:30
a.m. the commiasion leaves for Pomona,
returning at 4 p.m.
At 7:30 p.m. Bervice at St. Paul's, to
be attended by the clergy and congrega
tions from all the city parishes (and
from Paaadena. if possible). Thia
eervice will probably be followed by a
conference for all men interested in the
An Important Difference.
To make it apparent to thousands, who
think themselves ill, that they are not
affected with any diseane, but that the
syatem simply needs cleansing, is to
bring comfort home to their hearts, as a
costive condition ie easily cured by ueing
Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Company.
it warmth, moieture and decom
[ These are the conditiona that aggra
vate and intensify all forme of chronic
diseases, and the time when acute cases
cro developed.
Health with poverty ie more to any
man or woman than Gould's estate or
Mr. Blame's popularity with sickness.
Now is the time to commence and take
a few months of treatment to put you in
i that condition that shall insure you a
healthy year, a constantly good appe
tite, and that buoyancy of spirits that
shall make the year prosperoua and
happy for you. And, in order that each
may have an opportunity at the medical
services of our staff and company,
And also cases requiring a renovation
of blood and general toning np for the
coming warm season. The success of
the ALTHI, or Cataplaemic, treatment
lanfiflr nnrl
FiHrous Tumor .
Is simply the wonder of even the hos
pital skill that applies it; and for this
treatment our chargee are but a little
more than the cost of the material used.
Thie Cataplaemic treatment ia new on
tbe Pacific Coaat, and it ie to our inter
eat to publiah its value by curing the
cases to which it appliee aa quickly aa
possible, and at the minimum cost to
the patient. COME NOW, if yon want
to avail yourselves of prices and terms
not enjoyed anywhere elae.
We could publiah an indefinite num
ber of namea of prominent medical men
and others in testimony of the une
qualed value of this treatment, but
enough haa already appeared in the col
umns of these papers.
Prof. R. N. Pool, of the Broadway San
itarium, in Denver, Colo,, Bays: "I do
not know what it will not cure. I know
that it will cure all forme of chest con
sumption, diseased mucous membranes,
cancers and tumors, and inflammatory
We can'cite you to all the evidence
necessary here in the city.
Our Latest
Is the arrival of an EYE SURGEON,
and whose specialty, is «that of diseases
of the eye. He has had unusual hos
pital advantages and clinical experience,
and has a high degree of Bkill and dex
terity in the use of inetruments and in
medication of the eye. The following
conditions successfully treated: Strabis
mus, or Cross Eyea; Pterygium, Fleshy
Growth, all growths or deformities,
Granular Lids, Asthenpia or Weak
Sight, and all tarsal and conjunctorial
You Cannot Fail of Satisfaction.
Altbi Medical Company,
Successors to tho
German and English Physioians,
osTOffice hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; 7
to 8 p.m.

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