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VOL. XXXIX. NO. 132.
138-140-142 S. MAIN ST.
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" * ever before.
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Fred. A. Salisbury
No. 345 South Spring Street. Tel. 226,
Majqcocls: Baxji^ing;,
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And Catalina Soapstone Wall Finish.
This material la fire proof, has a beautiful Hut, and can be washed without Injury.
OSes: 130 w. Second street Tel. 30. -:■ Yard: 838 N. Main street. Tel, 104
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Branch Carriage Repository, 210-212 N. Main St.
At Our Main Store, 164-168 North Los Angeles Street.
The Herald
Picturesque Scenes in tlie
Streets of Rome.
The Eternal City Thronged
With Devout Pilgrims.
Impressive Celebration of Pope Leo's
Episcopal Jubilee.
tils Holiness Celebrates Alans Before a
Congregation of DR.OOO People.
The Kvent Celebrated In
Europe and America.
By the Associated Press.
Rome, Feb. 19.—At daybreak the peal
ing of church balls announced the cele
bration of the pope's Episcopal jubilee.
By 4 o'clock thousands of pilgrims, tour
iats and citizens crowded before tbe
doora of St. Peter's. Two battaliona of
infantry in full uniform were drawn up
before tbe cathedral, ready to help tbe
gendarmes in tbe preservation of order.
The crowd swelled ateadily but remained
quiet, despite tbe tremendoua pressure
caused by aome 5000 ticket holders in
hopeless atruggle to get near tbe doora.
At ti o'clock the cathedral doora were
opened and the foremost part of the
crowd ewept in. Within half an hour
the great building waa packed to tbe
ateps. Thirty thousand pilgriina and
25,000 or 30,000 Catholica of this city
gained admission. No leas than 40,000
persons were turned away by tbe mili
Tbe pope entered tbe cathedral at
9:45, pale but smiling, and apparently
in somewhat better health tban usual.
Tbe cathedral rang with tumultuous
cheering aa the pope was borne toward
tbe altar. His holiness officiated at the
special jubilee mass, intoning the open
ing words of tbe Te Deum, and giving
bis blessing in a clear, penetrating voice.
Tbe mass laated until 11:45, bnt appar
ently did not fatigue his boliqeae. He
remained in the cathedral 45 minutea
alter tbe celebration, and then proceeded
ta bis apartment. Tbe crowds dispereed
This afternoon tbe Irieh pilgrima at
tended services in tbe church of St. Syl
vester and were bleeeed by Cardinal
Logue. The English pilgrims, at St.
George's, received a bleaaing from Car
dinal Vauj'bnn.
This evening Si. Peter's and all tbe
other churches, all the converts und
hundreds of private houses were illum
inated. Tbe streets were thronged and
tt.e square in front of Bt. Peters' was
almost iiopaoaebls. Without exception,
however, the people were perfectly or
derly. No arreßts are reported.
King Humbert and Queen Margaret
took their tißUal drive through the city
today and were everywhere aaluted re
Tbe acene at tbe cathedral was bril
liant and impreßaive. The interior wae
hung in crimaon and profusely dressed
with flowers. The pope, in full canoni
cals, waa borne on tbe sedia geetatoria
up the nave to the altar, accompanied
by a gorgeous procession of richly clad
and bejewelled cardinals and officera of
the Swiaa gnarde.
The vigor of the pope's morementa
during masß and tbe energy of bia voice
and gestures as he gave the blessing as
tonished the people.
The traneparency before the Belgian
college in Rome attracted a group of
Liberals, who shouted: "Long live
Italy I" to which the Catholics replied:
"Long live the papacy I"
There was a little excitement, and
gendarmes removed the transparency,
otherwise nothing occurred to mar the
peace and pleaeure of tbe day.
Besolntlons Favoring the Restoration of
the Temporal Power Adopted.
Nsw York, Feb. 19.—The fiftieth an
niveraaiy of the coneecration of Leo XIII
aa a bishop of the Roman Catholic
church waa celebrated by tbe members
of the Catholic club today. Incident
ally, or perhaps by deaign, the reatora
tion of bin holinees to temporal power
was made the keynote of tbe addresses
and embodied in a resolution expressing
tbe concerted views of tbe club on the
rather important question. Archbiahop
Corrigan was tbe principal apeaker of
tbe evening.
The resolution adopted contains this
"In union with all tbe loving children
of your holiness, in every nation, we de
sire to express tbe hope that tbe work
of your long and glorious pontificate
may yet be crowned with the reatora
tion of that temporal independence
which belongs to the holy ace by right,
aa eßaential to juatice, humanity and re
ligion, and which ia earned for ft again
by the mighty achievementa of your
holiness in the cauae of tbe people"
The Jabllee or Pope Leo Universally
Baltimore, Feb. 19. —Cardinal Gib
bons, all tbe priests attached to the
cathedral, Rev. Msguire and all tbe
Sulpician fathers and seminatians in
tbe seminary of St. Mary of St.
Snlpice, together with an immense
congregation, united today in the
cathedral in the service of the solemn
high mass, the occasion being to unite
with the holy father himself in Rome
in the celebration of his election to tbe
episcopate 50 years ago. Cardinal Gib
bons preached a sermon, dwelling prin
cipally upon the supremacy of the pope.
Philadelphia, Feb. 19.—The golden
jubilee of Pope Leo XIII was celebrated
at high mass in tbe cathedral today, and
in all the Catholic churches in the dio
Jersey City, N. J., Feb. 19.—The
pope's jubilee concert took place at the
Academy of Music in this city 'this after
noon, and waa attended by many prom
inent priests and lsymen from all the
Catholic parishes in the diocese.
Cincinnati, Feb. 19 —Tbe Epiacopal
jubilee oi Pope Leo XIII was observed
in all the Catholic churches in Cincin
nati today.
New Orleans, Feb. 19.—The Epis
copal jubilee of his holiness Pope Leo
XIII was commemorated in every Cath
olic church in this city today.
St. Paul. Feb. 19.—The jubilee of
Pope Leo XIII waa properly obßerved in
this city at tbe cathedral where Arch-
Bishop Ireland delivered an eloquent
sermon appropriate to the occasion.
In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Feb. 19.—Special cer
emonies were held at all the Catholic
churches here today in commemoration
of Pope Leo'aelevation to the episcopate
50 years ago. The ceremonies at St.
Mary's cathedral were unusually solemn
and impressive. Macs was said before
Archbishop Riordan and Rev. P. 0.
Yorke preached a aermou. Tbe at
tendance was very large.
Celebrations in Austria.
Vienna, Feb. 19 —The papal jubilee
wsb celebrated in all tbe large Austrian
cities today.
Polish Students Arrested.
Berlin, Feb. 19. —The police arrested
10 Rusaian Poles, students in tbe uni
versity here, and two women on Friday.
The charge against one man is that he
published an exceptionally objectiona
ble Anarchißt pamphlet. Tbe chargea
against the others are known only by
the police. All the arrests are said to
have been made at tbe instance oi tbe
Russian government.
He Makes a Bpeech Promising to Meet
Corbett In the Fistic Arena—The
Latter Pleased With the
New York, Feb. 19.—Charlie Mitchell
made bis appearance on the etage of the
Standard theater this evening at a bene
fit, and was enthusiastically received.
He said:
"I will not aay what I can or will do
in my coming encounter, but I will say
that I will be there without fail."
Manager Brady said thia evening that
Corbett waa pleaaed that; arrangementa
were perfected for a match.
Judge Newton, president of tho Coney
laland Athletic club, announced that
tbe club would make a bid for a match
between Corbett and Mitchell at the
piKIpST tiln 1
America Suspected of Having Designs ot
Han Dtmilnge.
Madrid, Feb. 19.—El Giobo, com
menting up the report current here that
an American syndicate has acquired
500,000 acres of land on Samana bay,
San Domingo, urges the government to
ask the powers interested to co-operate
with Spain to oppose American annex a
of San Domingo.
El Tiempo, in an article on the Bame
subject, urges that Spain should join tbe
triple alliance against France, aa tbe
latter country is euppoaed to be friendly
to tbe United States.
Happy Letter-Carriers.
New York, Feb. 19. —A meeting of let
ter-carriers of New York and neighbor
ing towns waa held this afternoon to
bear s report on the letter-carriers' sal
ary bill, from the legislative committee
of the National Association of Letter-
Carriera of America. John F. Walah of
Chicago reported that every meane waa
taken to procure aid of cong.-eaacaen
favorable to tbe bill and with decided
auccesa. Iv fact, except by accident,
tbe passage of tbe bill waa now an as
sured success.
Atlantic Steamships.
Queinstown, Feb. 19. —Arrived: The
Servla, irom New York.
Havre, Feb. 19. —Arrived: La
Bretagne, from New York.
Boston, Feb. 19.—Arrived: The Her
man, from Antwerp.
Puiladelihia, Feb. 19. —Arrived:
Tbe Montana, from London.
New York, Feb. 19.—Arrived: The
Workendam, from Rotterdam.
Alleged Boodltug Aldermen.
Newport, Ky., Feb. 19.—A special
grand jury has indicted ex-Mayor A. S.
Berry, congressman-elect, aud nearly all
tbe members of tbe council in 1891, ior
malfeasance in office. Berry and half
a dozen other members of the council
are also indicted for bribery, attempted
bribery or receiving bribes, in connec
tion with street railroad ordinances.
The Brazilian Insurrection.
Valparaiso, Feb. 19.—News of the
invasion of Rio Grande do Sul by fed
erals yesterday is confirmed. The lines
of communication are cut but it is con
fidently expected in Montevideo that a
battle will be fought within the next
day or two between tbe forceß of Barivas
and CastilbOß near Santa Ana.
Poison In n Tomato Oan.
Nai-a, Cel., Feb. 19.—Mrs. Sophie
Penny, wife of John Penny, residing
near Napa, died Saturday night as the
result of eating canned tomatoes. Tbe
family of six were sickened from poison
from tbe can but the remainder are now
out of danger.
Fatal Boilor Kxploalon.
Fort Worth, Tex., Feb. 19.—A
freigbt engine exploded in the Texas and
Pacific yards triiß morning, one man
being killed and five badly injured,
three fatally. John Mileß, a negro, was
killed. The injured are: W.A.Ford,
W. R. Barrett. H. E. Haden, T. M.
Beats, Robert Thompson.
Journalist and Politician.
PiTTSBUBO, Feb. 19.—State Senator
John N. Need died this morning of
dropsy. Senator Need waa a well-known
journalist and one of the moat influen
tial politicians of the etat c.
Winter's Backbene Is Not Yet
Broken in the East.
One of the Worst Blizzards of
the Season Raging.
Severe Weather in New York, Ohio
and Pennsylvania.
The Bllzsard Accompanied by Vivid
Lightning- at Wilkesbarre, Pa.'
The Storm Very Severe ln
New York City,

By the Associated Press.
Pittsburg, Feb. 19. —The worst storm
in years is prevailing throughout Penn
sylvania, Eastern Ohio and portions of
West Virginia. It baa bean snowing
for 48 hours, and from 10 to 18 inches of
snow now covers the ground. The wind
ia blowing a gale and tbe enow is drift
ing badly. All traina are late, but ao
far no accident ia reported.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Feb. 19.—Tonight
a terrific blizzard ewept over the city
and vicinity, accompanied by peala of
thunder and blinding flashes oi light
ning. The wind was blowing 40 miles
an hour and drove tbe enow
before it in blinding sheets. Pedes
trians had eerioua difficulty in reaching
places of safety. The wind worked hav
oc in exposed places about tbe city,where
signs were blown down, window glass
shattered and telephone and telegraph
wirea prostrated. The storm paralyzed
traffic on the electric roads, and ali
trains running into the city are late.
New York, Feb. 19 —A Btorm broke
over the city at 11 o'clock tonight. For
a time it made things lively for pedes
t fans, who could not ace more tban a
few feet ahead of tbem through tbe
Bnow, which whirled along on the wings
of tbe gale, blowing at tbe rate of 40
miles an hour. It looked as if the long
expected blizzard brother to New
York's visitor oi 1888 had arrived. The
wind is still blowing a gale, driving the
snow in blinding sheets before it. Tbe
temperature is falling rapidly.
The Ohio Ont of Banks at Cincinnati
nod Other Points.
Cincinnati, Feb. 19.—The river has
reached 54 feet 1 % inches, and is rißing
an inch an hour. Tbe flood at the
mouth of the Licking river, directly op
posite Cincinnati, has driven out tbe
occupants of aome 25 or 30 houses on the
Portsmouth, 0., Feb, 19.—The Ohio
river is still rising Blowly. The low
lying portion of the city is flooded and
tbe reaidenta have been compelled to
move out.
Bellevub, Ky.. Feb. 19.—The little
village of Eaat Newport ia completely
surrounded by water.
President Oakes Issues an Address to
tbe Stockholders.
New York, Feb. 19.—President Oakes
of the Northern Pacific road tonight
issued an address calling attention to
the circular accompanying the report of
the committee appointed to investigate
tbe affaire of the company. < hikes Bays
regarding the committee's report: "It
will, I feel sure, defeat ita own object,
without a specific refutation or
reply from the company. Aa the
circular ia made tbe occaeion,
however, for a request for proxies, I
deem it my duty aa president of the
company to recommend that all atock
holdera do not act until tbey have re
ceived a statement and until the board
of directors shall have an opportunity to
expose the astonishing mistakes in facta
and figures which tbe committee made."
A St. 1.-"lis Man Invents a New Process
for Making Stoel.
St. Louis, Fab. 19. —Benjamin Bazelle,
a St. Louia man, baa invented a process
of steel manufacturing that, it ia
claimed, far eclipaea the discovery of
Beasemer, and will ao reduce the cost of
steel rail j that they can by its ueo be
sold at a good profit for one-half tbe
present expense of making them, A
company will be organized in thia city,
with a capital of $1,000,000, to build a
large plant in Eaat St. Louia during tbe
next three months, for the mauufacture
of pig iron and eteel by tbe new proceaa.
Snubbed by tho Claut-na-Gael.
Chicago, Feb. 19. —Two hundred
Irishmen met here today and decided to
give financial aid to help carry on the
home rule light. Judge Moran pre
sided at the meeting. A committee waa
appointed to confer with tbe Olan-na-
Gael with a view to co-operation. The
Clan-na-Gae) emphatically refused to
receive the committee.
It Took Trouble, bat He Got It.
About two or three months ago I pnr
chaeed from you a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, put up in Deß
Moines, Is. Such good results were ob
tained from its uae that I enclose $1 and
ask that you Bend me two bottles by ex
press.—.)'. A. Scriven, 18 East Fif
teenth atreet, New York city. To. H.
H. Lane, druggist, Peekekill, N. Y. Mr.
Scriven is president of one of the largest
shirt factories in New York, and widely
known in business circles. When
troubled with a cold give tbia remedy a
trial and, like Mr. Scriven, you will
want it when again in need of such a
medicine; 50 cent bottles for Bale by C.
F. Heinzeman, 222 North Main atreet,
Yon Are Invited
To inspect tbe elegant line of goods now
in stock at tbe W. C. Farrey compsny,
in their commodious new stores at 159
to 165 North Spring street, sole agents
for the world renowned Weir stove,
plumbing and household goods.
The Session Likely to Be Extended Be
yond the Sixty-Day Limit.
Sacramknto, Feb. 19.—A number of
important bills will probably come up
for consideration in the legislature dur
in the present week. Efforts made in
the assembly last week to bring up the
Riverside bill out of order proved futile,
but according to tbe rule tbat on one
day in each week eacb assemblyman can
have the privilege of bringing up one
bill out of order, the Riverside and
Madera bills will probably come beiore
tbe house.
The concurrent resolution to oust the
railroad commissioners is a Bpecial order
in the senate for Tuesday at 3:30. The
re-assessment bill is a special order for
Last Saturday was the last day for the
introduction of bills, and there being
now about 800 bills on file, tbe reports
of committees will be regarded with lit
tle interest, and tbat tbe session will be
prolonged beyond the statutory GO days
seems almost inevitable.
The investigation of the forestry com
mission will commence by Thursday,
and the Johnson trial will probably be
finished before Saturday.
An Uprising in Ecuador.
Panama, Feb. 19.—News has iust been
received in this city of an uprising in
Ecuador, which resulted in a bloody
battle between the revolutionists and
the government troops in tbe city of
Esmeralda. No details have been re
ceived, but it is said the government
forces were victorious. The entire
province has been declared in a state oi
siege, and more trouble is expected.
If the Decision of the General Presby
tery Is Against Him, He aad Prof,
Lsne Will Orgauize a New
New York, Feb. 19.—The Tribune
will say in tbe morning: Dr. Charles
S. Briggs returned from his trip to Cin
cinnati Saturday. He was preceded by
statements tbat if tbe general assembly
decided against him, he and Profeßsor
Smith of Cincinnati would accede and
form a new church. Incidentally to
tbe project of the two "heresy" leadere,
it ia said they would command the in
fluence and active support of the Union,
Theological and Lane Seminariea.
They bad the assurance, beeidea, that
they would be supported by controlling
majorities in tire larger eongregationa in
Nejv York, Ghluzyo, Clttvelai d and
Cincinnati. Mr. Briggs will not at the
present time throw any light on these
various statements. He would not deny
tbe rumor nor would he confirm it, even
when urged on the ground of the great
public interest in hia plans.

The ir a te of a Tongu Youth In Sacra
mento Last Night.
Sacramento, Feb. 19.—About 10:30
o'clock tonight M. J. Houghton, living
in the northern part of the city, heard a
noise in hia chicken house, and on going
out he Baw a group of men there.
Some of them atarted to run, and
Houghton commenced to pump lead
alter them. Police officera went to in
vestigate the shooting. On examina
tion of the premises one man was found
dead, with a bullet wound under the
eve. It proved to be William
Finn, a 17-year-old youth who waa ar
rested recently on suspicion of robbing
a Chinaman.' Houghton was locked up
in jail.
Amateur Championship Games to Be
lli-ei at the World's Fair.
New York, Feb. 19.—The world's iair
tournament committee of the Amateur
Athletic union met here tonight and ar
ranged for championship gamee which
will be a feature of tbe exhibition. Ar
rangeraenta were made for a three daya'
athletic carnival on the Chicago base
ball grounds on September 14th, 15th
and loth, open to amateurs of the
world. The executive committee was
given power to arrange all matters and
open communication with athletes
throughout the wurld.
A Suudny Morning Blaze.
West Newton, Pa., Feb. 19.—Fire
broke out in Paul's furniture store at
1 :30 o'clock this morning and before tbe
flames could be aubdued deatroyed eight
buildings and eeveral residences were
badly damaged. A number of narrow
escapes are reported but no one waß in
jured. Lobb, $40,000.
High Jumping Record Broken.
Philadelphia, Feb. 19.—M. F. Swee
ney of the Xavier Athletic club, cham
pion running high jumper, broke tbe
world's amateur in-door record tonight
at the winter meeting of the Athletic
association of Pennsylvania. Hecleared
0 feet;) inches, breaking his recent rec
ord of U feet 2 inches.
Amerioan Register.
PniLADBLPni.A, Feb. 19. —Collector of
Port Cooper baa issued an American
register to the International Navigation
company of Philadelphia for tbe steamer
New York. This is the first certificate
ever issued transferring a ehti> from
British to American registry.
Will Row at the World's Fair.
New Havkn, Conn., Feb. 19.—The
news tbat the Cambridge and Oxford
crews have accepted the invitation of
the Chicago navy to row at the world'a
fair next aummer, baa not changed tbe
attitude of Yale in tbe matter.
Successful men secure fine tailoring
with pleasing fit from H. A. (lets, 112
Weßt Third street.
Eblnger's Restaurant.
The finest in tbe city; the favorite of
eastern tourists. Service unexcelled ou
the coast. Meala served ala carte.
French dinners from 12 till 8 p. m.
Ladies' parlor connected.
Cleveland's Advisors Now All
Thought to Be Known,
George A. Jenks to Be the
Next Attorney-General.
Governor Russell of Massachusetts'
Secretary of the Nary.
The Silver Question to Be Reopeneol
This Session of r ingress—Book
ward State of the Appro
priation Bills.
By the Associated Press.]
New York, Feb. 19. —A Washington
special to the Times says: Some friends
of tlie president-elect, who believe they
have received authentic information
about the make-up of the entire cabinet,
are predicting tonight that the next
attorney-general will be Oeorge A.
Jenks of Pennsylvania, and the next
secretary of the navy, John W. Ruaael
of Massachusetts.
Lakewood, N. J., Feb. 19.—1t ia aaid
here tonight that Cleveland is waiting
to bear from Senator Carliale before
making any further cabinet announce
ments. Senator Carlisle left Saturday
with instructions to interview a number
oi people. Until he reports there will
be no news from Cleveland as to who
will be attorney-general and secretary
of the navy. _
A New Flan for Reopening th* Question
In Congress.
New York, Feb. 19.—A Washington
special to tbe World Bays: An Impor
tant step toward the reopening oi tho
silver question before congress waa ad
vised today at a secret conference held
at the residence of Carlisle, the next
eecretary of the treasury. Rep
resentatives of both parties were
present, and a free expression
of views at to the possibility of passing
a compromise bill was bad. A proposi
tion which did not come from the free
silver men was flhiUy settled upon.
The scheme is to suspend sil
ver purchases nnder the Sherman
act until the seignorago of silver
ehall be coined at the rate of $3,000,000
per month. It is understood tonight
that a bill carrying out the compromise
will be introduced tomorrow by Living
ston, and It looks now as if an attempt
would be made this week to get the bill
through the house.
Backward State of the Appropriation
Bills Hay Prolong the Session.
Washington, Feb. 19. —rhe backward
atate of the appropriation bills lenda
aeriouß intereat to a remark Senator
Vilae dropped yeeterday; there might
be only a short interval between the
adjournment of thia congreas and the
assembling of tbe next.
There are two or three other matters
of diacuasion etill to come up in connec
tion with the pending aundry civil bill
in the senate. The Nicaragna bill is un
finished buaineea and the Hawaiian
treaty will be disposed of in executive
The appropriation bills are also in a
backward atate in the houae, owing
largely to the debate over the penaion
appropriation bill.
Hatch ia getting very restless over the
! delay in the rules committee on hia re
quest ior a day for the anti-option bill,
and it is almoat certain that a move of
some sort will be made by him thia
week. _
The Populist Honse Anxloas to Reacts
an Early Adjournment.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 19.—When the
Populiat houae of repreaentatives meets
tomorrow they will begin an attempt to
pass all tbe important measures before
Thursday or Friday, so aa to reach an
adjournment before the supreme court
can paaa upon the* legality oi its organ
ization. Laws having been passed by
the house and senate and signed by
Governor Lewelling can be invalidated
only by tbe courts, and the onus of their
invalidation will be thrown upon the
Workmen Carried Away Wealth ln Their
Dinner PaiU.
Pike nix, Ariz., Feb. 19.—A report
cornea from Harqua Hala tbat tbe Bo
nanza mine, wbicb is the largeat in Ari
zona, haß ior aome time been systemat
ical; v robbed by Mexicans, who carried
out nuggets and ore worth $6 a pound in
their dinner pail a. The accidental leav
ing of a bucket filled with ore over night
revealed the fact. Hnbbard, one of tie
owners, watched at the entrance ne tt
night and caught the first man, Ohimale
Granillo, with a pail full. The othera
ran back into the mine, unloaded and
came out empty. The m a arrested ia
in jail at Yuma awaiting the grand jury.
fteandal ln High. Life.
New York, Feb. 18 —Harry Allen,
grandson of Commodore Vanderbilt and
son of Mrs. Daniel Allen, who is a sla
ter of William K. Vanderbilt, is
charged by hia wife, Aanie Odell Allen,
with infidelity. On thia charge ahe
baa applied for a divorce.
Death of Berlin* Kicheat Banker.
Berlin, Feb. 19.—Baron Bleichrodar
died at 1 o'clock thia afternoon-. He
was the richest banker in Berlin and
one of the richest men in Germany.
The fortune left by him ia eatimated at
100,000,000 marks (about •JO.000,000.)
Death of Major II am bright.
Lancaster, Pa., Feb. 19.—Major M.
A. Hambright, U.S.A., retired, died
today from a cancerous affliction. He
waa 74 v cars old.

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