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Democrats Will Control Both
Houses of Congress.
populist Assistance Will Be Given
Them if Needed.
A Democratic Senator Appointed by the
Governor of Wyoming—Greaham
Going to Oonrer With
■ «
By the Associated Press.]
Washington, Feb. 23.—Resent events
In the west indicate that the Democrats
will have enongh members in the next
eenate to organize the body without
outside aid. Still, if aid should become
necessary, it is pretty well settled that
the Popnlist senators will vote with the
Democrats. Senator Peffer gayer utter
ance to such a statement today.
Populists Propose to Remove the Cap
ital to Kanopolte.
Toi eka, Kan., Feb. 23.—The Populist
house passed a resolution setting forth
that the capital of the state was now lo
cated near the eastern border of the
stats, to the detriment of the western
counties, which had been disfranchised
by Bepnblican rale; that the conduct of
th* people of Topeka dnring the late un
pleasantness was in defiance of the
wishes of the people of the state; that
the city of Kanopolis offered to dupli
cate the present state house without
cost to the people, and declaring that as
soon as practicable the capital be moved
to that city.
Late last night the Popnlist majority
in the senate put through a resolution
declaring that the supreme court had no
jurisdiction in the house muddle, as the
house, nnder the constitution, judges
the qualification of its own members.
This action is believed to foreshadow
the intention oi the Populists to ignore
the court's decision if adverse to the
The hearing in the Gunn habeas
corpus case was completed today, and
the court took it under advisement. It
will probably render a decision Satur
Tbe maximum freight rate bill passed
Popnlist house unanimonsly this morn
ing. It cats the present rates 25 to 35
per cent, and divides the state into three
districts, each governed by three com
missioners elected from the respective
districts by a vote of the people of the
whole state.
Democratic Congressman-Elect and the
Silver Question.
Chicago, Feb. 23. —A Philadelphia
■pecial gives the text of a confidential
circular issued the 18th inst. by the
national Democratic committee sent to
the Democratic committees in all the
states, asking them to make inquiry
and report how the newly elected Dem
ocrats who will be in tbe next congress
will vote on the measure to repeal the
Sherman silver purchase act. It says:
"An analysis of the vote on the Ad
drew-Cate bill to repeal the Sherman
act shows that there are 14 Democratic
members of the present congress who
have been re-elected and who did not vote
Febrnary 9,1863, on ordering the pre
vious question, and that there are 76
newly elected Democratic members,
thus making 90 Democrats who will sit
in the house of representatives in the
next congress who have never voted on
• measure looking to the repeal of the
Sherman act. It is important to know
what the probable attitude of those 60
Democratic members will be toward a
similar measure when offered in the
next congress."
Governor Stone of Mlaaourl Proteats
Against Federal Usurpation of Power.
Jefferson Citt, Mo., Feb. 23. —Gov-
ernor Stone has sent a special message
to both houses of the legislature con
taining a defense of the state's rights
and a remonstrance against the usurpa
tion of power by the federal govern
ment. The message was suggested by
the imprisonment at Kansas City of the
county judges of St. Clair county for
contempt of the United States district
court for refusing to issue a special tax
levy to pay bonds issued 25 yeara ago in
aid of a proposed railway that was never
bnilt. The message defines the lines
between the federal and state govern
ments, and say* the assembly ought to
take such action aa may sustain the oat
raged dignity of the state, and protect
the state from embarrassment in the
future. Tbe message suggests that the
legislature memorialize congress to limit
the powers of tho federal courts as to
forbid them to compel state officers to
perform any act fordidden by the law of
the atate. The message waß appropri
ately referred, and the house ordered
that it be spread on the minutes and
that 6000 copies be printed for circu
Governor Oaborn Appoints a Wealthy
Stockman to the Position*
Cheyenne, Wyo., Feb. 23. —A. 0.
Beckwitb, a wealthy stockman of West
ern Wyoming, was appointed by Gov
ernor Osborne today as senator from this
atate for the next two years. The two
prominent candidates for the position
were John Charles Thompson, whose
election waa defeated by the defection of
one Democratic vote, and A. L. New,
who lacked six votes of election. Beck
witb is 60 years of age. He is commis
sioner from Wyoming to tbe world's fair,
and was a delegate to the last Democratic
national convention.
Gresham En Route to Lakewood.
N»w York, Fab. 23.—The next secre
tary of state, Walter Q. Greaham, ar
rived from the west tonight and stayed
at tbe Buckingham. He would not
.submit to an interview, but told the re
porter that ha was here at the request
of Mr. Cleveland, whom be will visit at
Lakewood tomorrow.
Click Slated for a Job.
Topeea, Kan., Feb. 23.—Democratic
politicians jnat from Washington say
ex-Governor Gliok will be appointed
commissioner of the general land office.
The Montana Senatorship.
Hslbna, Mont., Feb. 23.—The senat
orial ballot today resulted : Mantle, 31;
Clark, 25; Dixon, 9; others scattering.
"Thank Ton,"
Is what Mra. Paisley of Newbnrgb, N. V., al
ways says to Hood's harsaparilla. It cured her
oi a severe case of scrofula and eczema, and
she has reason to be grateful.
It *•» »ro villous uiTatooa's pjjis.
The Trouble) at Chicago Shows No Signs
of Spreading.
Chicago, Feb. 23.—A1l trains entering
the city over tbe line of the Chicago and
Western Indiana road were from one to
three hours late today, thongh the mails
were put through on time. The officials
of the road did the work of the switch
men and say they have no fear of a
strike in other branches of the service.
They expect to be running as usual
within a few days.
The general managers of the roads
centering at Chicago met today and dis
cussed the situation. They decided that
any reasonable demands by the men
would be given careful attention, bnt no
terms will be made with men who pre
sented demands and reiused to allow
time for consideration.
Both the officials and the switchmen
of the Santa Fe declare there is no prob
ability of a strike on that system.
Topeka, Feb. 23.—There is no likeli
hood whatever of a strike of Santa Fe
Kansas City, Feb. 23.—Trouble is
brewing among the Missouri Pacific
Bwitchmen in this city. At a stormy
meeting last night the question of a
strike was discussed. Their grievance
is that they get no extra pay for over
time at noon or night. The matter will
be submitted to tbe general grievance
committee, and if the demands are not
complied with a strike is probable at
Firat Step Toward the Disestablishment
of the Church In Wales.
London, Feb. 23.—Herbert Asquith,
home secretary, introduced in the com
mons today a bill suspending the crea
tion of new interests in the churches in
Wales, The measure is the first prac
tical step in the direction of disendow
ing and disestablishing the church in
Wales, to which the Liberal party is dis
tinctly pledged.
Sir John Groat, financial secretary of
the treasury under the last Salisbury
cabinet, moved the rejection of the bill.
Lord Randolph Churchill supported
tbe measure.
Gladstone defended the bill and Sir
John Groat's motion was rejected event
ually, by a vote of 301 to 245, and the
bill passed first reading.
The Pope Addresses Hia French and
Irish Visitors.
Rome, Feb. 23. —Replying to the con
gratulations and well-wishes extended
to him by the leaders of the French pil
grims today, the pope said: "I know
France desires to remain Catholic. For
thia purpose she must be free. Chris
tian institutions must be allowed free
dom to develop, and parents must be
allowed liberty to have their children
educated at Catholic schools."
The pope, conversing with Cardinal
Logue today, said he approved Irish
home rule. Justice to Irish Catholics,
the pontiff said, wonld tend to strengthen
England. The pope eulogized Glad
The Initial Meeting of tha Trlb anal
/ ' Held ln Paris.
Paris, Feb. 23.—The tribunal of arbi
tration to settle the Bering sea c. ->tro
versy between Great Britain and che
United States met here today to formally
open the proceedings. The members
bave not all arrived yet.
Tbe proceedings, which lasted but half
an hour, were purely formal, and the
commission adjourned until March 23d.
The arbitrators and counsel this evening
attended a ball given in their honor at
the Ely see.
Italian Bank Frauds.
Romk, Feb. 23. —Signor Agnini, a So
cialist deputy, in the chamber today
said tbe statements regarding the bank
troubles compromised several premiers
and cabinets, and the only honorable
way of repudiating such charge was
through a searching and impartial par
liamentary investigation. Ex-Premiers
Crispi and Di Rudini supported Signor
Agnini's motion. Amid much confusion
Premier Giolitti repeated his former ar
guments for delay, and Agnini's motion
was rejected by a vote of 197 to 92.
Committed for Trial.
London, Feb. 23. —J. W. Hobbs, of
Hobbe & Co., G, Newman of Newman &
Co. and H. G. Wright, solicitor, were
committed for trial on charges of forg
ery and fraud in connection with the
ruin on the Liberator Building society.
The evidence showed that the society
was defrauded through a series of years
by false bills for supplies and manufac
tured lists of wages paid. The total
frauds are supposed to exceed £2,000,000.
Financial Agitation ln Ireland.
Dublin, Feb. 23.—Financial agitation
in Ireland, on account of the dread
among security-holders of the effect of
home rule, is increasing. Bank of Ire
land stock today shows an additional
fall of 5 pounds and Guinness company
stock 10 pounds, while the stock of the
Great Western railway of Ireland showa
a decline of 2 pounds a share.
Panama Canal Culprits.
Paris, Feb. 23.—Charles de Lesseps,
Marcus Fontane and M. San Leroy,
committed for trial by the judicial
chamber on February 7th for giving or
receiving bribes, appealed to the court
of cassation today for a reversal of the
An Important Difference.
To make it apparent to thousands, who
think themselves ill, tbat tbey are not
affected with any disease, but that the
system simply needs cleansing, is to
bring comfort home to their hearts, as a
costive condition is easily cured by using
Syrup of Figs. Mannfactured by the
California Fig Syrup Company.
JCblnger's Restaurant.
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eastern tourists. Service unexcelled on
the coast. Meals served ala carte.
French dinners from 12 till 8 p. m.
Ladies' parlor connected.
The Onto City Banh.
Atlanta, Ge., Feb. 23.—Bank Exam
iner Williams is here and will assume
charge of the Gate City National bank.
The latest developments put the defal
cation of Cashier Redwine at $70,000.
President Hall says the depositors will
be paid in full. The deposits amount to
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The California Lawmakers Get
a Move on Themselves.
A Large Number of Bills Passed at
Yesterday's Session.
The Hart Investigation Postponed In
tbe Haste of Members to Get
Pet Bill* Placed on the
Urgency File.
By the Associated Press.
Sacramento, Feb. 23. —The senate
passed a large number oi bills this morn
ing, among them:
To provide for the purchase of the su
preme court reports.
To pay the deficiency in the Whittier
reform echool appropriation.
Providing for an additional building
for the state normal school at Los An
To import into this state parasites and
predacious insects.
Appropriations for the maintenance of
the Southern California insane asylum,
and to make up the deficiency in the
appropriation ior additional improve
ments to the asylum.
The special order for 3:30 was the
assembly concnrrent resolution finding
the railroad commissioners incompetent
and that they be removed from office.
A committee amendment wbich finds
them guilty of dereliction oi duty was
adopted and ordered to be printed, and
the resolution made the special order for
10:16 tomorrow.
At the afternoon session Yoorhies in
troduced a bill for the erection of a
building at San Qaentin for tbe accom
modation of insane prisoners, and ap
propriating $20,000 therefor.
The special assembly file was taken
up and a number oi bills passed, among
wbich were the following:
An act to provide for tbe redemption
and payment of certain funded debt
bonds of this state, making an appro
priation therefor and anthorizing the
state controller and state treasurer to
transfer the sum of $120,000 from the
general (nnd to tbe interest and sinking
fund, to carry out the provisions of this
An act appropriating the sum of $10.
-000 for supplying a system of heating
and ventilating the state normal school
building at San Jose.
An act appropriating the sum of $3500
for completing and furnishing the train
ing department oi the building of the
state normal school at San Jose.
An act making an appropriation to
pay the deficiency in the appropriation
for tbe expenses of the superior court.
The assembly reconvened at 7:30 this
evening. It was arranged, according to
Bulla's resolution, that each assembly
man on answering roll-call should men
tion one bill which should be placed on
the special file and taken up at the night
sessions as a matter of urgency.
The house went into committee of the
whole to consider Anderson's bill to pay
the claim of Judge A. L. Rhoadeß in the
case of Santa Clara county against the
Southern Pacific company, to collect
taxes. The bill was ordered engrossed
and to third reading. Adjourned.
The following bills also passed:
An act making an appropriation to
pay the deficiency in the anpropriation
provided by the act to establish a school
of industry.
An act making an appropriation to
pay the deficiency in tbe appropriation
for the restoration and preservation of
An act to change the name of the
Mendocino state asylum for the insane
to the Mendocino asylum.
An act to amend the act to authorize
tbe common council or board of trustees
of a city or town, other than cities oi
the first-class, to re-fnnd its indebted
ness, issue bonds therefor and provide
for the payment of the same.
An act to amend the act anthorizing
the incurring of indebtedness by cities
for the construction of water works,
sewers and all necessary public improve
ments, or for any purpose whatever.
An act to amend the political code re
lative to settlements with the controller
and payments in the state treasury.
An act relating to the reports of
county audi tore.
An act to establish a naval battalion
to be attached to the National guard of
An act making it a misdemeanor to
advertise (o obtain or procure a divorce
or nullity of marriage.
Tbe act to abolish the state drainage
construction fund and directing the
transfer of any balance remaining there
in to the general fund.
The second reading of the file was
then taken np.
In the senate tonight the second read
ing of the file was taken up and pro
ceeded with until a motion to adjourn
was carried at 9 o'clock.
In the assembly, the committee on
roads and highways reported favorably
a bill to create a state advisory highway
Godchaux's railroad classification
amendment oame up as a special order.
Shanahan offered two amendments to it,
bnt was declared out of order.
Godchaux's amendment was made a
special order for 3:30 this afternoon.
The committee on military affairs re
ported having found the companies at
San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno and
Stockton well disciplined, soldierly and
worthy of high praise. Armories were
recommended to be erected by the state
for the nse of these companies.
The bill to appropriate $50,000 for the
survey, location and construction of a iree
wagon road from the town of Mariposa
to Yosemite valley, passed by a vote of
47 to 26.
The ways and means committee re
ported favorably on the bill to construct
a sea-wall at San Diego. Receea till
The special committee appointed by
Speaker Gould to investigate tbe charges
against Attorney-General Hart, con
vened again tonight, bnt as the mem
bers of the committee were anxious to
get bills upon urgency files in the as
sembly, the investigation waa postponed
until tomorrow afternoon.
It is by all odds the best liniment. Mr. Chas.
Melzger, 217 (.oyer avenue, St. Louis, Mo., is ol
tlie same opinion. He says: "Salvation Oil is
the bestremedy we have ever used in our fam
ily. It is the best remedy on earth,"
wnen Baby was sick, we gave her Oastorla.
Whon ahe waa a Child, ahe cried for Caatoria-
When ahe became Misa, she clung to Casta*,
when (he had Children, she save them Castc.-W.
Six Men ln Jail at San Rafael on Bus-
plolon of Murder.
San Rafael, Feb. 23. —Six men are in
jail here on suspicion of having mur
dered the first mate of the steamer
George M. Elder, now lying here out of
commission. Yesterday afternoon a
party was given on board. The crews
from a number of vessels lying at anchor
here were among the guests. Mußic was
procured from San Francisco and an en
joyable time was being had until an
early hour this morning, when a mis
understanding or row of some sort oc
curred on board the Elder. Blows were
exchanged, shots were fired, and for a
short space of time pandemonium
reigned. After the melee was over it
was found that the first mate was miss
ing and a thorough search has failed to
make him materialize. Some parties
say that he either fell or was thrown
overboard. This morning Constable
Creed arrested H. W. Gable, F. 8. Dool
ing, James Decany, W. A. Granfield,
James Bowen and D. Nimo, on suspicion
oi being implicated in tbe sudden dis
appearance of the mate, and they are
now in jail. The men claim they are in
ignorance of the facts connected with
the disappearance oi the mate.
Rnfaa Hatch, a Former Wall-Street Mag
nate Dies Comparatively Poor.
New Yore:, Feb. 23.—Rtifna Hatch, a
once famous Wall-street magnate, died
thia afternoon at his residence in Spuy
ten Duyvil. Hatch was 02 years old. He
retired from the street two years ago,
and had been failing in health ever
since. The immediate cause of his
death was e> complication of kidney,
heart and liver troubles, which had con
fined him to his room ior several weeks.
Rufuß Hatch waß born at Welles, Me.
He made a fortune in wheat in Chicago,
but lost it at tbe close of the Crimean
war. Then he came to New York and
was prominent with the late Henry
Keene, in the manipulation of Chicago
and Northwestern. He was squeezed
badly sometimes himself. His last
squeeze was in ISS3, when he went
down in the Villard Northern Pacific
disaster. He and Keene were interested
together in the famous corner of 1885,
but Hatch never fully recovered Mb old
place at the fore and is believed to have
died comparatively poor.
Summary Justice Visited on a Mexican
Piicsnix, Ariz,, Feb. 23. —A special
from Bisbee says Edward Lopez, one of
the most noted desperados on the bor
der, having served two terms in the
penitentiary at Yuma and the came
time in Hermosillo, has for some time
been confined in jail here awaiting ex
tradition papers to take him to Fron
teras, Mexico, where he is wanted for
the murder of a prominent citizen.
Tuesday six officers arrived to
take charge oi the prisoner,
and this morning he was turned
over to them. When a few hun
dred yards across the Mexican border
the prisoner was tied to a post and rid
dled with bullets. A brother of tbe
desperado has gone to bring the body to
Bisbee for burial. Lopez was 30 years
of age, stout built , Btrong and active and
always armed. He killed a victim on
slight provocation. He had also been
engaged in smuggling across the border
and in severe! stage robberies.
A Movement Started to Reimburse His
Financial Loss.
Watertown, N. V., Feb. 23.—The
Lincoln league, a Republican organiza
tion of this city, has started a movement
for the purpose of aiding Governor Mc-
Kinley oi Ohio in his financial embar
rassment. Resolutions with this object
in view were adopted at a largely attend
ed meeting of the league tonigjht. Tbe
idea set forth in the resolutions is to
start a subscription in which the amount
will be limited to $1, the fund thus cre
ated to be given Governor McKinley as
a testimonial for his past services to the
Republican party, as an expression of
sympathy in his financial efiliction, and
as a provision against his threatened re
tirement from political life in order to
retrieve his fortunes in business.
Prof. E. E. Barnard Strikes a Better Job
in Chloago.
San Francisco, Feb. 23. —An evening
paper says E. E. Barnard, tbe noted as
tronomer of the Lick observatory who
discovered Jupiter's fifth satellite, will
not return to California. Barnard is in
the east, having been granted six
months' leave of absence, and the pa
per says he will probably accept a posi
tion with the Chicago university, where
he will have charge of the big telescope
to be placed there.
A Los Angeles Specialist Summoned to
San Diego to Bee Him.
San Dieoo, Feb. 23.—The condition of
President Allan Manvel of the Atchison
company, who is now at the Hotel del
Coronado for his health, is regarded as
serious. His physician, Dr. Bridges of
Los Angeles, came down by special train
today, but it is difficult to obtain any
authoritative statement aB to the malady
of his patient.
The Donohue Road for Sale.
San Francisco, Feb. 23.—The interest
of the Donohue estate in the San Fran
cisco and North Pacific road is to be sold
at public auction tomorrow, by the su
perior judge of Marin county. It repre
sents 42,000 out of a total of 00,000 shares,
for which the Seligmans of New York
have already bid $10 per share. A local
syndicate has been organized to increase
this bid, and it is likely spirited com
petition will result.
Absconder Cook Arrested.
San Francisco, Feb. 23.—Chief of
Police Crowley received a dispatch to
day from Astoria, Oregon, announcing
the arrest there of Joseph B. Cook, for
merly clerk of one of the police courts
of this city who absconded several
months ago, $10,000 short in his ac
The New State Mineralogist.
Sacramento, Feb. 23. —J. J. Craw
ford of El Dorado has been appointed
state mineralogist, vice William Ireland,
term expired.
Idaho Mormons Enfranchised.
Boise, Idaho, Feb. 23.—Governor Mc-
Connell today signed the Story bill
which eniranchises tbe Mormons. This
measure adds about 3000 to the voting
population of the state.
Onr Home Brew.
Maier & Zobelein's Lagor, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal se,
loons, delivered promptly in bottles or kegs-
Of&cc and brewery, 444 Aliso st. Telephone 01.
His Funeral Ranked With That
of Jeflferson Davis.
General Evidences of Mourning in
the Crescent City.
Thousands View the Blnr of. the Dead
Boldler—Hla Remalna Followed to
the Grave by a Vaat
By tbe Associated Press.]
New Orleans, Feb. 23. —The funeral
of Gen. P. G. T. Beanregard ranked
with that of Jefferson Davis for mag
nificence of display, number of
participants and general evidences
of mourning. The doors of the city
hall were not closed during the
night, and the chamber of mourning
was never without visitors. From dawn
till the hour of the funeral many thous
ands passed by the bier and viewed the
body. The floral offerings were num
Archbishop Jensen detailed a dozen
priests, including Vicar General Bo
dearts, to conduct the services, while
Father Gareschs of the Jesuits delivered
a brief but eloquent eulogy.
The honorary pall-bearers were offi
cials of the city and state, judges, lead
ing journalists and many prominent
The body was borne down the stairs
of the city hall by a detachment of the
Louisiana field artillery and the casket
placed upon a caisson and wrapped in the
American flag,
Tbe militia headed the funeral col
umn, under command of General Bor
land. Every company in the city
turned out in full quota. Veteran asso
ciations followed, and then came the
inmates of the Confederate soldiers'
home in wagonettes. The caisson,
guarded by mounted artillery, followed,
and then came a line of carriages several
miles long.
The various exchanges were closed,
business practically suspended, and an
immense concourse of people lined the
streets to do honor to the dead.
Although the procession moved
promptly, and made not a halt, it took
nearly two hours to reach the cemetery.
Tbe remains were laid away in tbe
tomb of the Army of the Tennessee, at
Metairie. A brief religious ceremony
was held at tbe grave. A company of
the veterans of the war artillery, com
manded by Captain Frank McElroy,
fired three volleys over the grave. The
Louisiana field artillery bred thee gunß,
tbe buglers sounds "raps" and the
family were left alone with their dead
Austin, Tex., Feb. 23.—John B. Hood
camp of confederate veterans held
Beanregard memorial services in the
senate this afternoon, which were large
ly attended by the state officers, legis
lators and citizens, including a number
of ladies.
A Ruling on the Amateur Rule—The
Division Question.
Philadelphia, Feb. 23. —The national
convention of the League of American
Wheelmen, which is in session here this
week, has made the following ruling in
regard to the amateur rule:
A racing board shall have the right,
in considering aaestions affecting the
amateur status ol members, to act upon
any kind of testimony, direct or
circumstantial, and by unanimous vote
expel such accused or suspected mem
ber, or it may suspend him during in
vestigation. Any expelled member has
the right to appeal to the national as
It is reported that the convention de
cided unfavorably upon the proposition
to grant two divisions in one state.
Crencent (Jity Races.
New Orleans, Feb. 23.—Track fast.
Five furlongs—Lofton Jr. won, Cham
pagne second, Conkinney third; time,
1 :02}.<.
Six furlongs—o. B. Willingham won,
Turk Stone second, Reindeer third;
time, I H7H.
Five and one-half furlongs—Redwin
won, Modjeska second, Penurious third;
time, 1 :09}4.
Seven furlongs—Vesator won, Big
John second, Wedgefield third; time,
1:29 K.
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18TABUBHBD 1886.
Lift. OULLIiIO With the Loa Angelea Optical
Institute, 125 South Spring street, Loa Angeles.
Byes examined free. Artificial eyea inserted.
Lenses ground to order ou premises. Occulists'
prescriptions cortsetlv tilled. 6-8 #a*
Monbars Sold Under tho Hammer for
New York, Feb. 23. — The much
talked-of sale of trotters, whish began
at Tattersall's this morning, was but
fairly attended, despite the fact that
Monbars Susie 8. (2:ls}*) and
a number of other flyers and prospec
tive record-breakers were announced to
be sold.
Monbars started at $5000; from this
price he jumped up to $11,000; finally to
$13,000, at which he was knocked down
to Dunn Walton of this city.
Other Bales were Suzette (2:28).),
$1000, to Col. W. P. Thompson, New
York city; La Tosca (2:25), $1530, to D.
J. Leathers, Battle Creek, Mich.; Pix
ley, by Jay Gould-Loto, $3000, to J. 8.
Coxey of Massillon, O.; Pilgrim, by
Acolyte-Cathedral, $4800, to J. B. Duke
of New York; Promoter, by Acolyte-
Massette, $3400. to J. B. Flinn of Horn
ersvillß, Ct.; Vatican, by Acolyte-Banta
Olaus, $1700, B. F. Lord of Thompson
ville, Ot.
Bank FAllure ln Nebraska.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 23.—The state
banking board has taken charge of the
Farmers and Merchants bank at Elk
Greek, Johnson county, whose affairs
are in a bad shape. The true condition
of the concern cannot be learned until a
further examination is made. The de
posits are not large. Ilolmes, tho cash
ier, ia under arrest.
A Friendly Fight.
The police were notified last night
that a row had occurred at 719 West
Jefferson street, and that a young man
was dangerously wounded. Mounted
Officer Woodward went out to investi
gate the matter, and found that there
was a very much less serious condition
of affairs than was reported. Albert
Nelligan and hia wife, ex-membera of
the Salvation Army, conduct a bakery
and Btore at the place mentioned. They
have bad a young man named Sam De
hogemy in their employ, and there
seems to have been a disagreement be
tween the three people, because last
night the employee locked the husband
out. He procured a good sized club and
proceeded to demonstrate that, no mat
ter if he had left the army, he was still
a soldier. He hurt the young man with
the peculiar name pretty badly in their
fight, but not seriously. No arrests
were made.
Brings comfort and improvement &n<
Itnds to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. "The many, who live bet
ter than other* and enjoy lite more, with
leas eipencliWe, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products t*
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pnrK.'-'-i! 3
laxative pnucipitis eiuuiuceu in tne
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is dne to its presenting
ia the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, tho refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfeot lax
ative; effeotually cleansing the system
dispelling oolds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid-
Beys, liiror and Bowels without weaken
ing them and it is perfectly free from
•very objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, bnt it is man
nfactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also tlie name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered,
Los Angeles depots, east end of First street
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angelea ior Leave I'asadena for
Pasadena. - Loi Augeles.
t 0:35 am t 7:15 a.m
• 7:10 a.m » 8:05 a.m
• 8:00 a.m * 9:05 a.m
• 9.00 a.m '10:35 a.m
•10:30 a.m »12:00 m
•12:15 p.m • 1:05 p.m
• 1:25 p.m • n.m
• 2:25 p.m • 4 05 p.m
• 4:00 p.m • 5:25 p.m
• 5:20 p.m *.7:05 p.m
• 6:20 p.m
• 9:30 p m
11:00 p.m »11:45 p.m
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angeles lor Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angeles.
•10:30 a.m *11:35 a.m
• 4:00 p.m I • 5:00 p.m
All trains start from First-streetdepot.
Leave Los Angelea for Leave Glendale for Los
Glendale. Angeles.
• 6:45 a.m t 7:25 a.m
J 815 a.m J 9:05 a.m
•12:20 p.m * 1:15 p m
• 5:25 p.m • 6:15 _p m
Leave Los Angeles for Leavo East San Pedro
Long Deach and East for -
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 9:45 a.m.: • 7:40 a.m
J12:45 p.m 111:15 a.m
• 5:15 p.m » 3:35 p.m
Between Kast San Pedro aad Long Beach, 10
San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway
Leave Los Angeleß for Leave Monrovia for Los
Monrovia. . Angeles.
t 7:55 a.m t 6:55 n-m
•11:10 a.m • 8:55 a.m
• 2:55 p.m '12:45 pm
• 5;23 pm • 4:00 p.m
'Dally. tDally,except Sundays. (Sundays only.
Stages meet the 8:00 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.
trains at Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson's peak can return tne same day
Theater nights the 11 p.m. train will wait 20
minutrs after the theater is out when later than
10:40 p.m.
Hpeclal rates to excursion aud picnic parties.
Depots eaat end First street and Downey ave
nue bridges.
General ofßoes, First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager,
jyS-tf \V. WINOOP, Geß. Passenger Agt.
J. M, Griffith. Prea't. J. T. Griffith, V.-Pres,t
T. E. Nichols, Secy and Treas,
B, L. Chandler, Superintendent
—-And Manufacturer.* of
Mill Work of Every Description.
BE* N. Alameda Street, Loa Angeles.
'. ul tl
Don't worry.
Don't hurry. "Too swift alrivei m tardy i
too slow."
"Simplify!" "Simplify!" "Simplify 1"
Don't overeat. Don't starve. "Let yoj
moderation be known to all men."
Court the fresh air day and night. "OhJ
you knew what was in the air."
Sleep and rest abundantly. Sleep is naturs
Spend less nervous energy each day than ya
Be cheerful. "A light heart lives long."
Think only healthful thoughts. "As a man
thiuketh in his heart, so is he."
Avoid passion and excitement. A moment's
anger may be fatal.
Associate with healthy people. Health is
contagious as well as disease.
"Dun't carry the whole world on your
shoulder*, far less the universe. Trust the
Watch the first signs of a coming cold, Nine
tenths of all diseases start with a cold. %
If at any time you feel chilly, if you sneeze,
if you have coid hands or feet, if your head
seems heavy or aches, take at once the best and
purest stimulant you can secure. There are
many that are claimed to be good stimulant!
but there ia only one that is strictly reliable'
and possesses the best qualities, and that is
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
This whiskey has made more friends by
reason of what it has done for people than any
other preparation of the present day. Do not
let your druggist or grocer azgue with you
upon thiß subject, but insist upon having the
purest and bast, which will aid you to solve
"Life's Secret*.'*
Southern Pacific Company.
FEBRUARY 2, 1893.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, dally, as follows:
Leave Fori destination. i Arr. From
8:30 a. m Banning A10:10a.m
A4:3op. m Banning 4:00p.m
x.'ioa. in Colton 10:10a.ra
10:30 a. m Colton 4:oopm
4 30p. m Colton 0:15p.m
8 '30 a, m Demiug and Fast.... 4:00p.m
8:30 a. m.. ..El Paso and East.... 4:00p.m
As:lsp.m Chino AB:soa.m
8:30 a.m Chino 10:10 am
4:30 p.m Chino 6:lsp.ra
0:25 a.m. Long Beach & San Pedro 8:15a.m
Al2:4opm. San Pedro & Long Beach a. 11:56 a.m.
6:00 p.m. Long Beach & San Pedro 4:15p.m
2:00p.m ogden and Bast,2d class 7:SOa.m
10:40 p.m. Ogden and EaU.lst class 12:30p.m
10:40 p. m Portland, Or 7:30a.m
8:30 a. m Riverside 10;10a.m
10:80 a. m Riverside 4:00p.m
4:30p.m Riverside o:lsp,ru
H:3oa. m San Bornardlno 10:10s.m
10:30 a. m Sau Bernardino. " 4:00p.m
4:30p.m Ban Bernardino 6:16p.m
8:30 a. m Badlands lo:10a.ra
10:30 a. m Redlands 4:oop.ra
4:30 p.m Redlands 0;15p.m
2:00p.m San Fran, and Sacram'to 7:30a.m
10:40 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 12:30p.m
A9;52a. m Sanra Ana and Anaheim 9:04 a.m.
5:10 p.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim A4:olp.m
9:25 a m Sauta Barbara..... 1:30p m
4:65 p.m. Santa Barbara 0:10 p.m.
0;45a.m Santa Monica AB:o9a.m
Santa Monica 8:50a.m
l:10a,m Santa Monica 12:15 p.m.
5:15p.m Santa Monica 4:3op.ui
Ao:lsp. m Santa Monica
Santa Monica Canon .. 512:15p.m
59:45 a. m . .Santa Monica Canon.. s4:3op.m
■1:10 p.m .Santa Monica Carlon
4:52 p. m Tustin 8:43a.m
A 9:40 am Whittier 8:43a.m
4:62 p.m Whittier. Al:4sp.m
Take Santa Monica trains trom San Fernanae
street. Naud's Junction, Commercial atreet, ■
Arcade depolfrJefferson street (Wlnthrop sta-„
tloi), Grand avenue, or University. BS
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Naud'a
Junction, San Fernando street. *
For east: Arcado. Commercial street, Naud'a
For other branches: Aroade, Commercial
Btreet, Naud's Junction, Sau Fernando street.
Local and through ticketa sold, baggage in
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon aD- ,
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. O Pas. Agt,. ,ni e
£0144 8, Spring St.. cor. Second. CHABLSa
SEYLKR, Agent at depots. ,
a Sundays only. ,
A bundays excepted.
BICH'D GRAY. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Gou'l Passenger Agt.
Leave. Arrive.
* 5:15 p.m —Chicago Limited... * 7:50a.m
* 7:00 am .. .Overland Express.... *6 35 p.m
* 8:15 a.m .San Diego Coast Line.. " 1:15 p.m
* 430p.m ..San Diego Coast Line. ■ (!:50p.m
* 7:00 a.m 1 f » 7 50 a.m.
* 9:00a.m I. ..San Bernardino... J * 9 55am
* 4:00p.m I vlaPasadana 1 t 1:25 p.m
* s:lspm J { • 0:35 p.m
* 7:ooam ( ...Riversidevia... ) t 1:25 p.m
* 9:00a.m j. ..San Bernardino... f 6:35 p.m
Jl,:osaSi ßlTer « ldß » nd Ban $I 1 J S
Hx&tfn \ Ber'dlnovla Orange } \
* 7:00a.m 1 Redlandß, 'Mentone f , „.««.„
* 9:00 am I ... .and Highland... J . ?:285"2
* 4:00p.m f via. \ t |*&g>s
* 5.15 p.m j Pasadena [ «-35p.m
t 6:osam i Redlands. Meutoue ( •lG:lsam
ill:0Oa.m [ and Highland, via {* 3:55p.m
* 4:30p.m ) Orange i Riverside < * 0:50p.m
1 ft 7:35 a.m
* 9:00 a.m ..Azusa, Pasadena., I 8:43 a.m
* 1:25 p.m I and j " 9:55 a.m
* 4:00p.m ( intermediate 1 t 1.25 p.m
t 5:25 p.m I stations I ' 4:17 p.m
* 6:55 p.m J ... I * o:3spm
110:25 am Pasadena * 7:50a.m
* 5:15p.m Pasadena 111:31 a.m
t 6:05., r Santa Ana t 8:50 a.m
* B:lsam Santa Ana (10:16 a.m
* 1:50p.m Santa Ana • 1:15p.m
* 4:30 p.m Santa Ana • 6:50 p.m
no:lsa.m Redondo • 8:29 a.m
* 4:05 p.m Redondo * 3:50 p.m
* 7:48 a.m BantaMonloa.
"■10:00a.m SantaMonloa • 9:43 a.m
* 4:05p.m SantaMonloa * 3:50p.m
BantaMonica *«:06p.m
t 9:00 a m San Jacinto via Pasade'a | 1:25 p m
,11:00 a.m San Jacinto via Orange 1 3:55 p.m
t 9:00 a.m Temecula via Pasadena f 1:25 p.m
111 nn,i.ui Temecula via Orange.. (10:15 p.m
} 8:15 a.m Hscondldo via Coast line 1 1:15 p.m
•Daily. tDaily except Bunday. J Sundays only.
E. W. McGBE, City Pas. and T. Ag't,
120 N. Spring st., Los Angeleß.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent.
First-street Depot.
Depot at foot of First etreet. i 23
Redondo Railway.
Winter Time Card No. 9.
In Effect 5 a. in., October 3, 1892.
Lob Angeles Depot, Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson Btreet.
Take Grand ay. cable or Main at. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Redondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles.
8:00 a.m.daily 7:20a.m dally
9:00 a m. daily 9:10 a.m. daily
1:35 pm. dally 11:00 a.m. dally
5:00 p. m. daily 4:45 p.m. dally
Running time between Lob Angelea and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City Ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring streets.
President. Supt.
B. H. THOMPSON, Vice-President.
Honolulu and Kilauea!
Now that annexe-
S>JT «C X." tion la assured, tray
§// VSn. \<2.e'ers are availing
II iJtrtr \\r themselves of tho
// 'CTHSIu. \l privilege of visiting
Ii M UjlsHf?! Hawaii, the Paradise
\\ Mtf&rvT' I of the Paciflo. The
V, BbßHw I splendid steamers of
the Ooeanro Steam-
ship Company sail
twice a month.
Special rates to parties of six and over. Illuv
trated printed matter furnished
on application to _
0. H. WHITE, or H. B RICE,
Ticket Agent S. P. Co., Agt Oceanio 8. B. Co.,
Buruiok Block. 124 West Becond st
1215 tf „
Stimson Mill Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
Offloe and yard, coiner Third street and Santa
Fe avenue, Loa Angeles. Tel. 94
12-Ulf ,

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