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Bears Make Another Raid on
Railroad Stocks.
Sew England the Principal Point of
northern Peelfio and Industrials Alio
Depressed—A Receivership for
the New England Road
Minted At.
B7 the Associated Press.
Nsw York, Feb. 24.—A decidedly
bearish sentiment existed in Wall etreet
this morning, bnt the day developed a
material change in this respect, and
while resistance was given to the de
clines in the leading weak stocks, the
market as a whole showed a disposition
to break away from the influence of
these stocks, as their movements were
the resnlt of a special cause and not
justified by the general situation. The
outgo of gold for tomorrow was rednced
to a mere nominal sum, and money waß
decidedly easier than for some time be
fore the holidays. While little attention
was paid to tbese infinences, they evi
dently had fnll effect, and weak, feverish
and unsettled speculation changed into
strong trading.
Feeling at the opening was very un
easy. The liquidation in New England
waß believed to be by no means com
plete, and hints that the Beading was
in a crippled condition threatened to
make it a heavy load. There were
broad hints of onsting McLeod from the
receivership. Even Northern Pacific
was threatened with a receivership, and
thongh insiders most emphatically de
nied the possibility of snch a thing,
liquidation in its stock continued.
The market opened excited and very
active, Belling being largely by shorts.
The losses at the start ranged np to 1%,
Western Union leading. Whisky, su
gar, cordage and lead were subjected to
specially heavy pressure among indus
trials, and New England and Northern
Pacific among railroads. Heading was
stubbornly held and comparatively
Quiet. Cordage broke 5 ! „, sugar 4',,,
New England Distillers North
ern Pacific preferred 2. The last-named
afterwards recovered all the loss and
more; distillers nearly recovered; the
others made partial rallies. At 11
o'clock the market was active and firm
•t a rally.
After 11 offerings of stocks became
very free, and prices, as a general thing,
retired to abont the lowest point. Sugar
was especially pressed for sale in the
belief that the sales of the last few days
bad been by a pool, and the price
dropped to 111%. New England went
to 31 ' 4 , againat 37 last evening. Coalers
were strong, however, rising 1%@2. At
noon the market waa active and firm;
slightly above the opening.
After being driven down to tt&, New
England rallied 1 per cent. Demand
for Beading became urgent and ad
vanced 2, from 29%. Lackawanna
gained 4%, at 147; Delaware and Hud
eon, 3}£, to 127>8. The appearance of
White in tbe sugar crowd reversed the
course of the stock and a rally of 3 per
cent, to 114>£, followed. Cordage sym
pathized with a like advance to 00,
while the strength of the rally disap
peared toward 2 p. m., as the covering
of shorts slacked away, and prices again
receded from the highest point. The
market at 2:15 was still active and again
heavy, with railroads aa a rule at close
to the beat, but with the leading weak
stocks only a slight gain over the lowest.
Stocks were active and steady in the
last hour. Sugar advanced 1 per cent
more. The market cloeed active and
Notwithstanding the denial of the ru
mors about New England, the decline
waa not checked and the stock closed
weak. The only other prominent fea
ture of the market dealings waa sugar.
The belief was general that the liquida
tion in progress waa for the account of
the pool, and a decline of nearly 5 per
cent to waa established in the fore
noon. This was recovered in the after
noon. The general list showed a firm
temper and fractional advances were the
Boston, Feb. 24.—The officers of the
New York and New England railroad say
they know nothing of any application
for a receivership and believe the report
ia false. They say there is no ground for
it, as the company haa no debt it cannot
A Week's Record of Business Done
Through Banks of the Country.
New York, Feb. 24.—Following ia a
record of the volume of business trans
acted throngh the clearing houses of the
principal cities of tbe United States for
the week ending Thursday:
Per ot. Per ct.
Clearings. Incr'se Decr'se
Hew York $741,849,058 13.6
Chicago 86,148,608 2.8
Boston 103,726,527 37.3
Philadelphia... 76,061,163 S.B
Bt. Louis 21,114,339 .... ....
Ban Francisco.. 11,226,607 .... 3.8
Baltimore 13,331,241 .... 11.2
Pittsburg 12,413,752 .... 6 9
Cincinnati 13,762.750 5.6
New Orleans... 10,430,025 .... 3.1
Minneapolis... 6,293,867 .... 14.3
Omaha 6,696,000 5.7
lienver. 4,585,635 12.5
Bt. Paul 4,003,601 .... 11.7
Portland, Ore.. 1.688,712 11.1
Bait Lake City. 1,538,000 3.2
Seattle 870,000 .... 1.4
Tacoma 940,000 30.4
Los Angeles..,. 882,000 4.5
Helena 870.600
Spokane 864.200
Great Falls 241.000
Galveston 4,951,956 .... 12.5
Total for leading citiea of the United
States for the week ended February
23d, $1,215,938,075; an increase of 12.2
per cent aa compared with tbe same
week of last year.
The Lancashire Strike Broken.
London, Feb. 24. —There was a break
today in the Lancashire cotton spinning
strike when a quarter of a million
spindles resumed operations at a reduc
tion of 2'Z per cent in wages. This is a
compromise, the operatives fighting
against a reduction and the masters in
sisting on a 5 per cent rednction.
It Took Tronble, but Ha Got It.
About two or three months ago I pur
chased from you a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Bemedy, put up in Dea
Moines, la. Such good results were ob
tained Irom its use that I enclose $1 and
silk that you send me two bottles by ex
press.— J. A. BcRrvKN, 18 East Fif
teenth street, New York city. To. H.
B. Lane, druggist, Peekskill, N. Y. Mr.
Scriven ia president of one of the largest
shirt factories in New York, and widely
known in busineaa circles. When
tronbled with a cold give this remedy s
trial and, like Mr. Scriven, you will
want it when again in need of auch a
medicine; 50 cent bottles for sale by C.
F. Heinzeman, 222 North Main Btreet.
Bobert Loui* Stevenson Denounces the
Tripartita Regime.
Auckland, Feb. 24. — Bobert Louis
Stevenson arrived here today on hie way
to Sydney. In an interview he repeated
hia strictures upon the Samoan officials.
He condemned the regulations made by
the British commissioners for the pres
ervation of order. Theae regulations,
Stevenson said, were especially directed
against himself. Stevenson deprecated
the disarming of the natives, who, he
said, ought not to be left utterly defense
less. The sole remedy for the present
uneatiafactorinesa of Samoan affaire, he
thinke, ie the annexation of the islands
by some great power.
Governor McKinley Will Not Accept
Public Subscriptions.
Watkrbury,Conn., Feb. 24. —Thomas
Ketly of the West Side Savings bank,
who telegraphed an offer of financial aid
to Governor McKinley, received a reply
irom Treasurer Herrick of the Society of
Savinge of Cleveland, saying: "I desire
to thank you for the governor for your
moat generous proposition, but it would
not be beet to take public subscriptions,
aB tbe governor aaya be ia 'no beggar.' "
Herrick adda: "McKinley'e iriende
may do something, but it will have to be
done without his knowledge."
An Agreement Reached That Is Satis
factory to Principals and Backers,
Stakes Deposited in Dave
Blaaohard's Hands.
Nsw York, Feb. 24.—While it ia not
definitely known if Corbett and Mitchell
have eigned articles for a fight, it is
known that a match haß been made tbat
is satisfactory to principals and backers.
Brady, who is acting for Corbett, and
Mitchell have already come to an agree
ment, and it ia very probable articlea
were either signed yeaterday or today.
Brady has already deposited $10,000
with Dave Blanchard. Mitchell Bent a
representative to Boston with Brady to
post his $10,000 Btake. Mitchell was
not reluctant in saying that the fight
wonld surely and positively occur in
December unless something now un
known should prevent the meeting.
"It is time," eaid Mitchell, "that Bra
dy and I came to a final settlement. I
have not the remotest doubt the match
will take place, and either Corbett or I
will be the champion of the world be
fore many months. I cannot say if arti
clea of agreement have been signed. I
have some regard for American prisons,
and it would not do for me to say I have
already signed or intend to do co."
Brady will go to Canada within a few
daye and co will Mitchell. It may be
that Mitchell and Brady eigned a formal
agreement to meet in Canada. When
questioned on the point and asked what
will be the object of his going to Can
ada, Mitchell eaid: "Only for a pleas
ure trip. Baird and I will make a short
tour of the states and Canada. We
will leave here on Monday and will prob
ably reach Canada on Tuesday or
Wednesday, The trip ia for no other
De Lesieps et al. Must Stand Trial In
the Assize Court.
Paris, Feb. 24.—The court of cassa
tion today annonnced a decision reject
ing the appeal heard yesterday of
I Charlea de Lesseps, Marina Fontane and
J Sans Leroy from the indictments. The
trial of Charlea de Lessepa and hie fel
low defendanta will therefore proceed in
the assize court.
Lewelllng Reorganizing the Militia.
Chicago, Feb. 24.—A special from
Topeka, Kan., Bays: Governor Lewel
ling has fully decided to reorganize the
Kansas militia. Ordera bave been is
sued removing all dieloyal line and staff
officers and to replace them with men
who will obey the governor's ordere. In
addition to the national guard the gov
ernor ia causing to be reorganized the
industrial legion, the inner circle of the
Alliance, having a military character.
A Switch-Tenders' Strike.
Chicago, Feb. 24. — The strike of
switch-tenders on the Chicago and West
ern Indiana ia practically over, the com
pany putting in new men, and the em
ployees of other branches of the service
will not go out. At 11 o'clock tonight
eight men, supposed to be etrikere, as
saulted George Cuddebach, one of the
new men, beating him eeverely. Several
shots were fired, but nobody hurt. No
arreets were made.
Tbe Mohammedan Missionary.
New York, Feb. 24.—Alexander Bus
sell Webb ie here. He is the American
Mohammedan whom wealthy Mueael
mane of India cent to introduce the faith
of Islam among the civilized Ohriatians
of the weet. The Mohammedans hope
and expect to eetablieh their religion in
the United States. Bich Mohammedana
of Bombay guaranteed $150,000 for the
purpose of erecting a mosque in Amer
The Moravia's Rough Exparlanee.
Halifax, Feb. 24.—The Hamburg-
American line steamer Moravia, 17 days
out from Hamburg with 120 passengers
bound to New York, put in here this
morning, short of coal and damaged.
She had a rough experience in tbe re
cent gales, received considerable damage
and lost part of her propeller blades.
The Bering Bea Court.
Pabis, Feb. 24.—The members of the
court of arbitration regarding the Bering
sea met today and signed the minutes of
yeaterday'a proceedings.
An Important Difference.
To make it apparent to thousands, who
think themselves ill, that they are not
affected with any disease, bnt that the
system aimply needs cleaneing, is to
bring comfort home to their hearts, aa a
costive condition ie easily cured by ueing
Syrup of Fige. Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrnp Company.
Typhus In a Jail.
Jamaica, L. 1., Feb. 24.—Sheriff Nor
ton of Queens county reported thie
morning to the board of supervisors that
aix new caaee of typhna fever were die
covered among tbe prisoners in the jail
at Long Island City since last night.
Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills.
Act on a new principle—regulating the liver,
stomach and bowels through the nerves. A
new discovery, or. Miles' pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad tastes, torpid liver, piles, con
stlpstlon. Unequalled for men, women and
children, Smallest, mildest, lurestl AO doses
25c. Samples iree. 0. H. Hance, 177 North
Spring. _________
[ Use Qsemam Family Boar,
Gresham Has an Interview
With John W. Foster.
Later He Goes to Lakewood as the
Guest of Cleveland.
Other Distinguished Callers on the
Fresidont-Eleot—Henry T. Thur
ber to Be Cleveland's Pri
vate Secretary.
By the Associated Press.]
New York, Feb. 24.—The next aecre
retary of state, Walter Q. Gresham,
called on the late secretary of state,
John W. the Fifth-avenne ho
tel thia afternoon. They remained in
conference about an hour. Afterwards
Foster said that what transpired waß of
no importance. He denied that the
Bering sea question waa touched upon
and said tbe meeting was of a pnrely
friendly nature. Judge Greeham said
he would go to Lakewood tonight where
be expected to meet Cleveland and
some members of the new cabinet.
Gresham Arrived at Lakewood—Carlisle
and Other Callers.
Lakewood, N. J., Feb. 24.—Judge
Walter Q. Gresham arrived in Lakewood
at 5:30 p. nr., today, and was driven to
the Cleveland cottage. He will be
Cleveland's gueat until tomorrow after
noon, when he will leave and go back to
Hon. John G. Carlisle will arrive from
Washington tomorrow morning, and
will talk over matters connected with
the incoming administration, but there
will be no formal cabinet conference.
Col. John F. Dickinson, secretary of
the world's Columbian commission, and
Bradley T. Smalley, member of the na
tional commission, called on Cleveland
thia afternoon and arranged for the pre
sentation of an elaborately engraved in
vitation to open tbe world's fair on May
Ist. Mr. Cleveland appointed March
6th, at 1 p. m., as the time when he
would receive tbe committee bearing
the invitation.
Henry T. Thnrber of Detroit Gets Dan
Lamont's Old Job.
Lakewood, N. J., Feb. 24.—Cleveland
has appointed Henry T. Tfiurber of De
troit, Mich., to be hia private secretary.
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 24.—Henry T.
Thurber, whoee appointment as private
secretary to President-elect Cleveland is
announced, ia a member of the law firm
of Dickinaon, Thurber & Stevenaon of
thia city. The offer of the private sec
retaryship came to Thurber by a tele
gram and was a complete surprise. He
baa announced that he will accept the
position. Thnrber haa been associated
with Don M. Dickinson for 18 yeara, be
ginning as a etudent.
Arrangements Completed for His Jour
ney to Washington.
Bloomington, 111., Feb. 24. —The ar
rangements are now complete for Vice-
Preeident-Elect Stevenaon's trip to
Washington. He will be the guest of
the Illinois Democratic club of thia city,
which has chartered a special train to
run from here to Chicago via the Chi
cago aud Alton, thence to Washington
over the Baltimore and Ohio. Beßidea
Stevenson and family, Mr. and Mre.
James S. Ewing and a number of other
friends will travel in a private car. In
the other cars of the train will be 100
members of the Illinois club, with their
ladiea. A representative of the Associ
ated Press will accompany the train.
It leaves Bloomington at 8 o'clock next
Monday morning, and ia echeduled to
arrive at Waahington Tuesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock. _
The Montana Senatorship.
Helena, Mont., Feb. 24. —The aena
torial ballot today reaulted: Mantle, 31;
Clark, 25; Dixon, 8; others scattering.
A Deelded Improvement Over Its
Beoent Condition.
Washington, Feb. 24. —The treasury
aituation ahowa a decided improvement
today. Advlcee received show that the
export of gold at New York for tomor
row will reach only $500,000. Here it
was expected that $1,000,000 would
be required to meet the de
mands for foreign shipment. Thia
taken in connection with the fact tbat
in the face of the gold agitation, the
government haa increased ita gold hold
ings by $143,000, has inspired confidence
and led to the belief among the treasury
officials that the tide haa changed.
With the $500,000 of gold to
be exported tomorrow, subtracted
from tbe free gold held in the treas
ury, a net balance will be left of more
than $3,800,000. The receipts alao in
crease over the expenditures and the
close of the month will show the ledger
almost balanced despite the fact that
more than $14,000,000 is required for
pension payments.
Ban Francisco Capitalists Bid In the
Donohne Boad.
i San Bafael, Cal., Feb. 24.—Forty-two
thousand aharea of stock, a controlling
interest in the San Francisco and North
i Pacifio railroad, extending from San
; Francisco to Ukiah, were Bold in open
' conrt today. Bidding was very spirited,
starting in at $10 a share by the Selig
mans of New York, and rose by small
i jumps to $20.25 a share, and at that fig
t ure was sold to Sidney B. Smith, a San
s Francisco attorney, representing a San
> Francisco ayndioate headed by A, W.
i Foster, • local stock broker.
The Los Angeles connty world's fair
committee held a short meeting yeater
day morning. Boutine bneineee was
transacted. In consequence of having
received nq definite information ac to
the date for the shipment of the exhib
its to Chicago, the committe was unable
to complete any definite arrangements
in that respect. Out of respect to the
memory of J. A. Bidwell, who dropped
dead at San Bernardino on Thursday,
the meeting was adjourned. Mr. Bid
well waa the chairman of the minea and
mining committee oi tbe California atate
world's fair commission, and had he
lived would have been sent to Chicago
during the Columbian fair. He waa a
valuable man, and the committee can ill
affard to loae him.
The Kaiser Presents the chancellor a
Sword of Honor.
Berlin, Feb. 24.—Thia being the
| 62d birthday of Chancellor Yon Caprivi,
the kaiser firet called at the chancellor's
residence to congratulate him. The
kaiaer addressed the chancellor in terms
of warm eateem and expressed the wish
that his life might be epared for many
yeare. Then hia majeety personally
presented to the chancellor a aword of
honor, gold-hilted and splendidly in
crusted with precious Btones. The gift
is regarded as significant, in view of the
alarming reasons which Caprivi held out
for the paaaage of the army bill.
Gladstone's Home Rule Bill Endorsed
at the Polls.
London, Feb. 24.—A parliamentary
election waa held in Galeshead today to
611 the vacancy caused by the elevation
of Walter Henry James to the peerage.
William Allen, Liberal, waa returned by
an increased majority over the last
The Liberals have recaptured Circen
cester, Lawson, Liberal, having been
elected over Master, Conßervative. The
election coming after introducing the
home rale bill is regarded aa significant.
Fatal Consequences Feared—The Affair
Occurred In a San Francisco Prize
Blng—Hawkins and His
Seconds Arrested.
San Fbancibco, Feb. 24.—The termin
ation of a bantam-weight fight between
Dal Hawkins and Billy Miller, a Swede,
before the Pacific club tonight, wae the
arrest of Hawkins, for apparently fatal
injuries inflicted upon Miller. Jack
Hicks, "Spider" Kelley and Joe Soto,
Hawkin'e seconds, and Jim McGran,
who waa behind hia opponent, were alao
taken in custody.
The fight lasted 15 rounds and it waa
early apparent that it could have but
one reault—victory for Hawkins. Miller
waa punished severely and grew weaker,
each round. Hia seconds advised him
to throw up the sponge, but he declined,
delaring he was not Buffering greatly.
Finally, in the 15th round, the Swede
collapsed under a light blow and fell
forward on hia face. He was counted
out and when the usual time for resua
eitation was reached, he failed to show
eigne of consciousness.
The patrol wagon was summoned and
the proatrate fighter waa removed to the
receiving hospital. Meanwhile officers
took charge of Hawkins and his seconds.
It waß believed Miller wae eufiering from
concussion of the brain, and a fatal issue
wsb expected. At 1180 a. m., however,
reports are tbat Miller ia recovering con
sciousness and there is a better chance
for hia recovery. No charge hae yet
been made against Hawkins and his
Found Dead In Bed.
Sas JOSE, Fob. SI. Aloxander Som
erville, an old resident of thia county
was found doad in bed this evening at
hia home. He waa last Been alive Tues
day evening when neighbors saw him
return from the poet office. During the
laet two days be was not seen around
his house so 0. Hathaway, who resides
near by, effected an entrance through a
window and found Somerville dead in
bed. A bottle of solution of cocoaine
waa found in Mb bed, with the contents
half gone. The deceased suffered from
neuralgia, and it ia conjectured that he
took an overdoae of the drug. He waß
said to be quite wealthy. Three sons
survive bim.
Btate Horticultural Society.
San Francisco, Feb. 24.—The State
Horticultural society held ita monthly
meeting here today. President B. M.
Lelong presided. Edward F. Adama,
general manager of the Santa Clara
County Fruit exchange, sent a paper,
which waa read, on fruit marketing.
DiBCUBBion on thiH subject wae postponed
till the next meeting, when Mr. Adams
and Col. Philo E. Heraey of San Jose
will addreae the meeting. A communi
cation from President Lelong wae read
reviewing the progreßß of legislation af
fecting horticultural intereets.
British Naval Circles Excited.
London, Feb. 24.—A sensation bae
been caused in naval circles by the non
concurrence of the lorda of the admiralty
in the acquittal of Vice Admiral Fairfax
of the Britiah Mediterranean squadron
and Commander David L. Dickson and
Capt. A. P. Haatinge of the iron-clad
battle Bbip Howe, of the same sqnadron,
which was stranded on November 2d at
the entrance of Ferrol harbor, Spain.
Marine Intelligence.
Hamburg, Feb. 24.—Arrived: Stim
hoft, from New York.
Southampton, Feb. 24.—Arrived: Elbe,
from New York for Bremen.
New York, Feb. 24.—Arrived: Vega,
from Lisbon; Bolivia, from Glasgow.
Not Preparing for a Strike.
St. Louis. Feb. 24.—The local switch
men say they have no grievances and are
not preparing for a strike, either now or
during the world'a fair.
Unlike the Dutch Process
@ No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
SS, r;Mi\ are used in the
If 'f \ preparation of
Breakfast Cocoa,
which is absolutely pure
and soluble.
It has more than three times ihe strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is far moro economical,
costing less than one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing, and easily
Sold by Crooers everywhere.
W. Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass
Another Busy Day in the Leg
The Reassessment Bill Debated in
the Senate.
Ousting: of the Railway Commission
Again Deferred—County Division
Bills Advanced in the
By the Associated Press.
Sacramento, Feb. 24.—1n the senate
this morning the resolution to remove
tbe railroad commissioners went over
until 3:30 this afternoon.
Carpenter's substitute for the assem
bly reassessment bill, submitted by tbe
majority of the committee on corpora
tions, and Seawall's minority eubatitute
were both read.
Carpenter moved to adopt the majority
Seawall spoke at length in favor of
the minority substitute which proposes
to collect taxes from the railroads re
assessed back as far as 1879. Carpen
ter's bill levies a re-assessment back to
1884. The amount of the former ex
ceeds the latter over $2,000,500. The or
iginal bill provides for re-asseßsment
since 1882. An urgency motion wae
made by Ostrom to adopt the minority
Seawall said he had no animosity to
the railroad companies of the state and
waa willing to concede the great good
they have done in developing the state,
but in the matter of the payment of
taxes the railroads had not done their
duty and had not complied with the
Carpenter said, in favor of the adop
tion of his bill, that the minority sub
stitute, if it became a law, would pro
duce between $1,500,000, and $1,750,000.
The minority substitue includes pen
alties, costs and attorneys' fees.
The supreme court has de
cided that one company cannot
be taxed. The minority bill seeks
to re-enact laws which the supreme
court of the United States haa decided
unconetitutional. The court decided
that the board of equalization had no
right to assess a federal franchise, aa
they had done, yet this minority bill
would have thia franchise included.
The assembly bill to prohibit prize
fighting came up for Becond reading. It
waa ordered to third reading by a vote'
which indicates that it will be made a
The reeolution to oust the railroad
commissioners, which was the special
order for 3:30, was made a special order
for that time Monday.
The vote on the reassessment substi
tutes resulted in the adoption of the
majority substitute by a vote of 22 to 18.
In the senate tonight, among other
bills passed were a bill to compel cor
porations and persons engaged in bank
ing to publish semi-annual statements,
and Maher's bill relating to tbe fore
closure of mortgages. The second read
ing of billa followed.
County Division ituis Passed to Third
Sacramento, Feb. 24.—1n the assem
bly today the bill exempting fruit tree s
and vines from taxation passed.
The committee on ways and means
reported favorably the senate bill mak
ing an appropriation for the Southern
California ineane asylum.
Flnlayson's bill providing a general
scheme for holding primary elections
was taken up and discnssed.
At the afternoon session Bagdale's
bill to prohibit merchants, newspapers,
etc., from offering prizes to their patrons
wae killed.
The bill introduced in the senate by
McGovern and in the seßembly by Hen
drickson, to authorize suits against the
state and regulating procedure therein,
was finally passed.
The bill tp creste Rivereide county
was ordered to third reading and further
consideration made a special order for
tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Tbe Madera
county bill was alao ordered to third
reading and made a special order for
11:30 tomorrow.
The San Antonio bill next came up.
Finlayson offered an amendment to the
effect that the precincts of Fnente, Azu
sa and Covina should be left in Los An
geles county.
A recess waß taken till evening.
The assembly spent nearly all the
evening session in the second reading of
Executive Notes.
Sacramento, Feb. 24. — Governor
Markham baa pardoned from the Whit
tier reform school, Henry Anderson,
convicted in tbe superior court of San
Bernardino, of burglary.
The governor haa signed the bill which
limits the time of etreet railway fran
chises, also the bill that provides for
the contingent expenses of the assem
Gresoen t City Bnees.
ew Orleans, Feb. 24. —The track was
Six furlongs—Dolly Nobles won, Jim
Dougherty second, Jim Reed third;
time, 1: lii.
Five and one-half furlongs—Julius
Sax won, Dan Collins seconds Florist
third; time, 1:085£.
Three furlongs—Jib won, Twang sec
ond, Mies Scott third; time, 0:38.
Seven furlongs—Primero won, War
plot second, Bee's Wing third; time,
Fifteen-sixteenths of a mile—Lock
port won, Constantino second, Nellie
Pearl third; time, I:3s>£.
A Hung Jury.
Sacramento, Feb. 24. —The jury in
the Palmer murder case retired last
Tuesday night and is still out. The
jury has stood eight to four from the
first, but whether the majority is for
conviction or acquittal cannot be
learned. Tbe probability ia that the
jury will be discharged tomorrow. At
tbe former trial the jury disagreed.
Stage Children tn Be Protected.
New York, Feb. 24.—T0 tare some
action to the reported statement of Com
modore Eldridge T. Gerry that children
are being brought up to a life of vice by
being connected with the stage, a meet
ing of the New York managers waa held
thia afternoon. It agreed to take steps
toward forming an association for the
protection of stage children.
The White Squadron.
Fortress Monroe, Va.,Feb. 24.—Tht
United Statee warehipa Baltimore.
Charleston, San Francisco and York
town arrived thie morning to take pari
in the naval review in connection witl
the opening of the world's fair.
Chios Bradway Has Her Seventh Elope
Miss Chios Bradway has run off again.
This is her seventh eiopement. It was
learned thia afternoon from a reliable
source that Bhe left her home in Center
ville about 8 o'clock last evening;, and
came to Fresno, says the Expositor of
that city of Thursday, and took the mid
night train for Loa Angeles. The man
she ran away with thia time ia Baid to
be Ed Yonng. Brock Limbaugh accom
panied the runawaya aa far ac Fresno aa
a guard, and to take the horae and cart
The outfit waß a borrowed one, the
horse belonging to Fint Overhall and
the cart to William McKaley. In this
borrowed rig they all three came to
Fresno, and Limbaugh took the horae
and cart back.
Thia ie the Beventh time the girl haa
eloped, and ehe ie not quite 17 years old
She hae a mad desire for fame, and
wante to rival and eurpaea Queen Cleo
patra. She thinks ehe can do it by a
large number of elopements. Her friends
have tried hard lo break her of her
foolishness, but in vain.
She eloped once with Brook Limbaugh,
and twice he haa gone with her and
thoee who were running away with her.
She evidently thinka Limbaugh a pretty
fine young fellow. He goea along to
protect her and her lovere, and then
when he gets a good chance he runs off
with her himßelf.
It will probably not be long before she
will be heard from again.
His Home on Thirtieth Street Consumed
Last Night.
The honae of John Wilson, on Thirti
eth and SanPedsy streets, was destroyed
by fire at midnight laat night.
Mr. and Mre. Wilßon were in bed
asleep at tho time tbe house caught fire,
and had a narrow escape. Mre. Wilson
received some quite serioua burns before
Bhe got out, and ehe wae taken to a
neighbor's houee, where her injuries re
ceived attention.
The house, which was probably worth
$4000, and all the contents were entirely
conaumed. There was no insurance.
How to Save Doctor Bills.
[Chicago Daily Calumet.]
Many a doctor's bill has been saved
by the use of Chamberlain's Cough
Eemedy. The name is a household
word in many parts of the country.
Chamberlain's medicines have an ex
tensive sale in the world's fair city and
many people testify to the merits of
their different remedies. For sale by
0. F. Heinzeman, 222 North Main street,
The Hollenbeck hotel has changed
hands. Messrs. E. G. Fay Sc Son have
sold their lease of the popular hostelry
and the furniture. The purchaser is
Mr. A. C. Bilicke, formerly of the Paci
fic Ocean house, Santa Cruz, Cal. Mr.
Bilirke is a hotel man of experience and
will undoubtedly not only sustain the
excellent reputation the Hollenl eck al
ready has, but will add to it. Mr. Bil
icke will take possession of the hotel on
the Ist. The price which governed the
transfer haft not been given.
As she enters
•womanhood, every young girl needs
the wisest care. Troubles beginning
then may make her whole life mis
But tho troubles that are to bo
feared havo a positive remedy. Dr.
Pierces Favorite Prescription builds
up and strengthens the system, and
regulates and promotes every proper
function. It's a generous, support
ing tonic, and a quieting, soothing
nervine—a legitimate medicine, not
a beverage, free from alcohol and
injurious drugs. It corrects and
cures, safely and surely, all thoso
delicate derangements, weaknesses,
and diseases peculiar to tho sex.
A remedy that does cure is one
that can be guaranteed. That's
what the proprietors of " Favorite
Prescription " think. If it doesn't
give satisfaction, in every case for
which it's recommended, they'll re
fund the money. No other medicine
for women is sold on such terms.
Decide for yourself whether some
thing elsp sold by the dealer, is
likely to be "just as good" for
you to buy.
Honolulu and Kilauea!
. Now that annexa
ev *jy tIOQ Is assured, trav
tb ff v £.elers are availing
II ft T themselves of the
// \i P**iviie»»je ot viEitlng
1 _f 1 Hawaii, tbe Paradise
I J—MTiu // of the The
Vv swialdi*' if splendid steamers of
tho Ontniiin S'.L-iim
<?f^Wß^s_f^/H^ s Htli l > Company null
4 r^3_Bt_Srl_l twice a mouth.
Special rates to parties of six and over. Illuc
trated printed matter furnished
en application to
C. H. WHITE, or H. B 8108,
Ticket Agent 8. P. Co., Agt Oceanic 8. 6. Co.,
Buraiok Block. 124 Wf st Becond st
1215 tf ■
Stimson Mill Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
Office and yard, comer Third street and Santa
Fe avenue, Los Angeles. Tel. 04.
i2-ii l y
UK. uULLINo With the Loa Angeles Optical
Institute, 1 25 South spring street. Lob Angclov
Byes examined free. Artificial eyes lnsert&|,
Lenses ground to oiA»r ou premises. OccullsW
prescriptions correctly filled. 0-8 «n»
Southern Pacific Gompanj
FEBRUARY 2, 1893.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Filth atreet, dally, aa follows;
Leave For destination. Arr. From
8:30 a. m Banning AlO:loa,aq
A4::iOp.m Banning 4-OOp.mj
8 30 a. m Colton lOlOa.mi
10:30 a. in Colton 400p ml
4 30p.m Colton 615pm)
8 30 a. m Doming aud Bast 4 OOp.av
8:30a.m —£1 Paso and Bast 4 00pm
AS:lsp.m Chino A8:50«.m
8:30 a.m Chino 10:10a.m
4:30 p.m Chino 6:15p.m
i>:'jr>a. m. Long Beach & Ban Pedro 8 loa m
All! :40pm. -ian Pedro it Long Beach All:s(>a.m
5:00 p.m. Long Beach & San Pedro 4:lspm
200 p.m Ogden and Bast,2d clasß 7-30 am
10:40 p.m. Ogden and Bast,lst class 12 30p m
10:40 p.m Portland. Or 7:3oam
8:30 a. m Riverside 10;10a.m
10.30 a. m Riverside 4;oop'm
4:30 p. m Riverside o;lsp'm
8:30 a. m San Bernardino 10;10a.m
10:30 a. iv San Bernardino. — 4:oop.'m
4:30p.m San Bernardino 6:15p.m
B:3oam Redlands 10:10 am
10:30 a. m Bedlands 4:00p.m
4:30 p.m Redlands 6:15p.m
2:00p.m San Fran, and sacram'to 7:30a.m
10:40 p.m. San Fran. andSacram'lo 12:30p.m
A9:52a. ni Sania Ana and Anaheim 9-.04a.m
5:10 p.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim A4:o4p.n&
9:25 am. . Santa Barbara I:3opm
4 65 p.m Santa Barbara 9:10p.m
9;45a.m BantaMonlca AS;o9a.m
Santa Monica 8:59a.m
I:loa,in BantaMonlca 12:15p.m
5-.15p.m BantaMonlca 4:30p.m
AG: 15 p.m. BantaMonlca
Santa Monica Canon.. 512:15p.m
59:45 a. m . .Santa Monica Canon.. s4:3op.m
sl:lOp. m, . .Bania Monica Gallon
4:52p.m Tnstln B:43a.nt
A9:4oam Whittier. 8:43a.m
4:52 p.m. Whittier At:4np.n»
Take Santa Monioa trains from Stn Fernandsi
street, Naud's Junction, Commercial street.
Arcade depot, Jefferson street (Wintnrop sta
tion), Grand avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Naud's
Junction, San Fernando street.
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's)
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction, Ban Fernando street.
Local and through tlclcetß sold, baggage
checked, Pullman steeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon ap
plicatiou to J. M. CBAWLKY, Asst. G Pas. Agl„
No 144 s. spring it., cor. Second. ciiABL-18
SKYLKK, Agent at depots,
s Bundays only.
A Sundays excepted.
BICH'D GRAY. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Gen'l Passenger Agt
COMPANY. ißantaFe route.
Leave. Arrive.
* 5:15 p.m —Chicago Limited... * 7:50 a m
* 7:ooam ...Overland Express * 6 35 p.m
* B:15 a.m .Ban Diego Coast Line.. " 1:15 p.m
* 430pm ..San Diego Coast Line.. • 6:50p.m
* 7:00 ami r * 7:50 a.m
* 0:00a.m I . ..San Bernardino... J * 9 55am
* 4:00p.m f via Pasadena 1 t 1:25 p.m
* s:lspm J I » 6:35 p.m
* 700 am! ... Riverside via... j f 1:25 p.m
* 9:00 a.ml( ...San Bernardino... f 6:35 p.m
'« Ber'dinovia Orange } '.
* 7:00 a.m 1 Redlands, Mentone f , „.., " _
* 9:OOaV 1 ... and Highland...l . PsS am
* 4 00 p.m f vii i I l *»P-«>
* s.lsp.mjj Pasadena { oJS P- m
f 6:05 a m > Redlands, Mentono ( *10:15 a m
tll:ooa.md and Highland, via 5* 3:55 p.m
* 4:3op,ni ) Orange & Riverside ( • 6:50 p.m
1 ( t 7:35 a.m
* 0:00a.m ..Azusa, Paßadena.. t 8:43a.m
* 1:25 p.m I and j • 9:55 a.m
* 4:00p.m (.. intermediate 1 t 1.25 p.m
t 5:25 pm I stations I ■ 4:17 p.m
* 6:55 p.m J t ' 6:35 p.m
110:25 am Pasadena * 7 50 a.m
* 5:15 p.m Pasadena )11:31a.m
t 6:osa.rr Santa Ana t 8:50a.m
* B:lsam Santa Ana |10:15a.m
* I:sop.in: riantaAna " 1:15 p.m
* 4:30p.m Santa Ana k 6:50 p.m
•10:15 a.m Redondo " 8:29 a.m
* 4:o.>g>.m Redondo • 3:50p.m
* 7:48 a.m... SantaMoulca.
"10:00 a, m BantaMonlca * 9:43 a.m
* 4:05 p.m r'anla Mouloa * 3:50 p.m
Santa Monica |"6::i6p.m
t 8-188 ».»! !
tll:00a.m Temecula via Orange . 1)10:1.
f 8:15 a.m Escondido via Coast line;) 1:15 p.m
•Daily. (Dailyexceptauuday. t-iundays only,
K. VV. McGKS, City Pas. and T. Ag't.
129 N. Spring st., Los Angeles.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent.
First-street Depot.
Depot at foot of First street. 1 23
Los Angeles depots, east end of First street
and Downey avoaue bridges.
Leave Los Augeles lor Leave l'asauena for
Pasadena. Lot Angeles.
) 6:35 a.m t 7:15 a.m
- 7:10 a.m " 8:05 a.a
* 8 00 a.m * 9:05 a.m
* 9:00 a.m '10:35 am
•10:30 a.m '12:00 ro
•12:15 p.m * 1:05 p.m
* 1:25 p m * '- :05 p.m
* 2:25 p.m 4 05 p.m
* 4:00 p.m * 5:25 p m
* 5:20 p.m *,7:05 p.m
* 6:20 p.m
• 9:30 pm,
11:00 p.m »11:45 p.n>
"Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later,
Leave Los Angeles lor Leave Altadena lor
Altadena. Los Angeles.
•10:30 a.m l 1 a m
* 4;00 p.m 5:00 p m
All trains start from Flrststreetdepot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale for Lot
Glendale. Angeles.
t 6-45 a.m..'.' t 7:25 a.m
1 8:15 a.m X 9:05 a.m
J 12:20 p.m • 1:18 P m
* 6:25 p.m * 0:15 P m
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
Long Ileach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
•~9:45 a.m * 7:4,0 a.m
112:45 p.m t 1 a ' 2
i 5:15 p.m • 3:35 p.m
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach, 10
minutes. m
San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Monrovia for Los
Monrovia. Angeles.
t~7:55 a.m t g:s_ a-"*
»ll:10 a.m * B:s* am
* 2:55 p.m _1_* 5 . SJS
* 5:23 pm * *:»<> P ">
■Dally. »Dally,except Sundays. iSunaaysonly.
Stages meet the 8:00 a. m. and 12:15 p.m.
trains at Pasadena for Mt Wilson on new traU.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson's peak can return toe same day
Theater nights ihe 11 p.m. train will wait 20
minnfs altar the theater is out when later than
'° pccFaFVates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First street and Downey ay*,
nue bridges. . . . _
General offices, First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager,
Jy2-tf W. Wise UP, Gen. Passenger Agt,
Redondo Railway.
Winter Time Card No. 9.
In Effect 5 a. 111. October 3, 1892.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand ay. cable or Main St. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Bedondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles.
8:00 a.m. daily 7:20 a m daily
9:00 a m. daily 9:10 a.m. daily
1:35 pm. dally 11:00 a.m. dally
5:00 p. m. daily 4:45 p.m. dally
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beaoh, 50 minutes.
City Ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring streets.
President. Supt
B. H. THOMPSON, V ice-President.
J. M. Griffith, Pres't J. T. Griffith, V.-Pros.t
T. E. Nichols, Secy and Treas,
It. L. Chandler, Superintendent
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of Every Description.
93» X A'am.da Street, Los Aageles.

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