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An Eastern Man Drops Dead
at the Raymond Hotel.
t ,
flttany Indications of Prosperity Noted
at Santa Ana.
Kodlands Notes—Redondo Snipping Ar
rivals and Departures—Death
of John Martin at
Pasadena, Feb. 24.—A new feature
baa been added to the already multiple
attractione in the Throop polytechnic,
in the shape of eemi-monthly oratorical
exercises. It is the intention to have
presented at theee occasions papers upon
the different branches of study engaging
the attention of tbe students, prepared
by the echolars themselves and read be
fore the aaeembly.
The exercieee this morning were of a
moßt interesting character, many of the
papers read being explainod by charts
and the actual performance of the ex
periments before the school.
The first paper was a descriptive
article, entitled A Trip to Mt. Wilson,
by Mice Fanny Hall, written in a clear
and interesting style. Over-work and
Under-reet wae the Bubject of a moat
sensible and well-written paper by Mr.
Bobert Allen, followed by an instru
mental aolo hy Miss Vina Barker, in her
usual excellent style. Mies Haines read
a paper on Biology, presenting thia in
teresting aubject in a most intelligent
manner. A Belection from Byron waa
next read by Mice Sada Keeae, following
which Mr. George Doty presented the
cloaing paper, upon that ever faecinating
Bubject, Chemistry, illustrated by num
erous interesting and instructive experi
ments. The paper itself was a splendid
production, and did its author much
dropped dead.
A very earl event marred tho feetivi
ties at the Raymond hotel last evening.
Mr. Thomae Footer of Utica, N. V., one
of tbe recent arrivals, was taken with
heart failure while conversing with a
party of friends, and falling to the floor
died almost immediately, never speak
ing a work after the attack.
Bey. A. M. Merrain of this city ia a
cousin of the deceased, and was calling
upon him at the time he was stricken.
The services of Dr. Meylert were at once
called np but without avail, although
every attempt waß made to bring back
Mr. Foater waß in his 72d year, highly
respected by all who knew him and hia
death will prove a great shock to his
many friends and relativea in the east.
The body will be aent eaat on tomor
row's overland for interment.
Very interesting and entertaining ex
ercises were held at Wilson high echool
this afternoon in commemoration of
Washington's birthday. The pro
gramme rendered in an excellent man
ner waa ac followe:
Chorus, Let the Hills and Vales Resound,
Essay, St. Cecilia—Mabel Prentiss.
Violin aud piano—Ada Palmatecr, Ethel
Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works—Tenth year.
SAsay, "oJ«— Qraoe Lungley.
man. — ■ -■ - - - - -
Guitar dnct—Maud Jones, Lizzie Welngarth.
Violin solo—Harold Simpson,
Reading—Mary Farcy.
Essay, Patriotic Holidays—Charles Coleman,
Esßay, The American Flag—Jennie Sheaf,
Vocal solo—Alice Eaton,
Reading—Lou Freeman.
Piano solo—lna Goodwin.
Drama, The Trnth Teller—Eleventh sear.
Chorus—Annex Maid.
The Young People's Christian En
deavor eociety of the Firet Preebyterian
church gave an afternoon Bocial in the
chnrch parlors yesterday, which was
well attended. Befreahmenta were
served during the afternoon, and an ex
cellent musical and literary programme
rendered, consisting of a vocal duet by
Misses McKellar and Young; recitation,
Mrs. Yonng; vocal solo, Miaß Eaton;
eaßay, Miae Ida Mellißh; vocal solo, Misa
McKellar; duet, Harold Simpson and
Mias Pearl Wickens.
A newly-born is announced at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Ed Ward.
Both the Terminal and Santa Fe re
port a rushing local business.
There is a movement againet Colorado
Btreet paving that should be voted down.
The poppy fields north of town prove
a very popular resort for the eastern
tourists these fine daya.
The marriage of Mr. John K.Vlier and
Mies Laurie E. Thurman is announced
for Thursday evening, March 9tb, at 8
p. m.
John Dillon, in A Model Husband, is
booked at the opera houae Wednesday
evening, March lat. Seata will be on
eale Monday at Sueaaerott'e.
A team belonging to N. C. Carter of
Sierra Madre, attached to a light buggy,
got away from their driver this evening,
came tearing down Fair Oake, crashed
into a buggy belonging to Mr. Lippin
cott, breaking a wheel, and ended by
overturning the carriage they were at
tached to and Bmaahiog it up generally.
Preeident Keyes of Throop university
delivered the second of hie eerieß of lec
tures upon Conatitutional Governments
at the Univerealiet church this evening,
to a good sized audience.
There is talk of tendering a banquet
to Prof. T. S. C. Lowe, by the citizena
of Pasadena, aoon to be recognized in a
Sublic way by the work which he haa
een carrying on in our midßt, in the
Pasadena and Mt. Wilson railroad en
terprise. It ia certainly to be hoped tbat
thia idea will be carried out, for tbe pub
lic Bpirit that has been manifest by thiß
gentleman abundantly deeervea thia
A slight change in time on the Santa
Fe will occur next Sunday. A new train
will be put on, leaving here at 12 :E8 for j
Pasadena Briefs.
Pasadena office of the Herald, No. 16 West
Colorado street. Advertisements and subscrip
tions received. 1
ST NICHOLAS, half Mock from terminus of
tSc Los Angeles, I'usailena and Glendale rail
way. Rates $5 to if 7 per week. Miss 1 Mc-
Lain, proprietor.
BLE, rear of poslufflce. safe and stylish turn
outs at reasonable prices. Telephone 00
COOK & ECKOZA, general blacksmlthing,
ho, 15 Union street.
G. S. MAYHEW, real estate broker, 20' !, West
Colorado street. Loans and investments
M'DONALI), BROOKS & CO., real estate
loans and houses for rent. Bargains in houses
and ranches. 7 Last Colorado street,
ARTHUR H. PALMER, D. D. & Dental rooms,
Eldridge building, Pasadena.
HOTEL GREEN Klectrlc lights, steam heat
ed, hot and cold water, elevator, and all mod
ern improvements.
Washington; first-class family hotel
LOS ANGELES HOTEL, cor. Colorado street '
and Delanccy avenue; transients, *] and SI to
per day; tirst-elass. P. Klein, proprietor;
cor. Broadway and Kansas street, ■"■"*<>■•
Azusa; the 1:55 train now only running
to Azusa will go through to San Bernar
dino. An additional train between San
Bernardino and Loa Angelea will leave
here, west-bound, at 7:17 p. m. The
3:47, west-bound, will leave at 3:30. All
other trains will run aa usual.
The Death or John Martin—News Notes
and Personals.
Pomona, Feb. 24.—After all, death's
summons haa come to claim the spirit
of John Martin. A few months ago
strong in all the vigor of young man
hood, John Martin now lies dead, the
victim of an unfortunate accident —the
accidental discharge of a gun in the
hands of another person—the Bad de
tails of which are only too familiar to
Bravely did he battle for life'a prom
ise of returning strength, but alas, after
nearly three months had passed by,
pneumonia made its inroads felt, and tbe
severe attack of short duration ended
bis career. Hia deatn occurred yea
terday at 1:10 a. m. John Martin ie
the eldest son of ex-Superviaor W. T.
The national colore are dieplaysd at
half-mast above Armory ball, N. G. C,
and a military funeral will be tendered
out of reepect to the deceased, aa he was
a member of company D.
The funeral services will take place at
the family -residence, corner of Fifth
Btreet and Towne avenue, tomorrow
(Saturday) at 2 p. m.
Resolutions of sorrow have been ten
dered the bereaved family of Mre. Bry
ant, by the Good Templars' lodge to
which ehe belonged, upon the death of
a aecond daughter within the past two
weeka, of typhoid pneumonia, Mias
Belle'a death occurring Tueaday night.
Mr. Allen and daughter and son and
wife, who have been guests of Keller's
hotal for some little time pact, left today
for a short stay in San Diego before re
turning to their home in Illinois. Cer
tain whispers have it that a popular
young Bociety gentleman bad to use hia
smelling salts, a menthol pencil, aud
wept thereby, when the announcement
of Miss Allen's departure waß made.
The large plate glass to be used in the
Odd Fellows' building iB being put in
Mr. and Mrß. O.J. Brown are in Lob
Angelea today.
Mias Zanie Eads is ill.
Mr. Ed Thomas waa a traveler to Loa
Mr. W. S. Newton ia down in the An
gel city.
Mies Clara Broughton ia spending
the day in the city of angele.
The Lorelei quartette gave a concert
under the auspices of the Epworth
league at the Firat M. E. church thia
evening. Misses Bertha Agnes Penning,
Winifred R. Hunt, Alice Eaton and
Edith Gardner of Lob Angelea were as
sisted by Pomona's beet talent.
The Real Estate Market Active—A Di
vorce Case Knded.
Santa Ana, Feb. 24,—Several impor
tant Bales of property in this county are
in negotiation, one the sale of a business
block in this city, the consideration be
ing $22,000, It is evident that confidence
has been restored in this county and
, „ lxiauu
are those of parties who are buying here
for the purpose of making their homes
in this county.
Probably no part of this county is im
proving as rapidly as the northwestern,
the impetus in this section being given
it by the beet sugar factory. Since the
first day of January of the present year
207 real estate transfers are reported for
the Anaheim district.
In Santa Ana, too, there are encour
aging signs of progress. Four months
ago there were 00 or 70 vacant dwellings
here, and today it would be difficult to
find any really desirable houßes that can
be rented. The vacant business houses
are also filling up, three having been
rented during the past week.
Building operations, while not exten
sive, are in the right direction. Not lees
than a dozen new dwelling houses are
in course of construction here at the
present time. John Avis is to have a
plateglass front put into hia building on
Fourth street, and will also make other
improvements, the whole coating not
leea than $3000.
During the week ending laat Wednea
doy, 48 deeda were filed for record, the
consideration given being $44,799.92, an
increase over the preceding week of
nearly $15,000. There were aiao filed
for record 61 miscellaneous papers. Or
ange county has struck the proper pace,
and from now on prosperous times will
be the order.
The eeneational Brenot caae, which
haa for aome time past been on the su
perior court trial calendar, was con
cluded today, bo far as the chargea are
concerned, and all that remaina now to
Bever the marriage bonds are a few legal
pointa, which will be heard on the 3d of
Mr. Brenot waa the plaintiff in the
action and aeked that he be released
from marriage from hia wife, charging
her with bo gravean offense aa adultery.
Mra. Brenot brought in a croaa-com
plaint againet her husband, charging
him with cruelty. She aucceeafully
proved her allegation, and showed to the
court that her better half did not treat
her aa a loving husband ahould. The
court found the allegations in both com
plainta true. Both partiea are well
known here, and have alwayß been con
aidered aa reapectable people. They
have not been married long, Mre. Brenot
being a young woman of many personal
charmu. They were well-to-do, owning
conaiderable property in thia county.
The center of attraction these days tl
the world's fair exhibit in the Lacy
building a. All day long large crowds
visited the exhibition rooms and many
came over from Anaheim and Fullerton
today. The exhibit iB being added to
daily, and come of the contribution are
worthy of mention. B, Handy of Or
ange brought in 27 boxes of dried fruits
that are especially fine and form an in
tereating part of the display. Mrs. Ray
Billingeley of Villa Park, haa contributed
aome silkworm cocoona, and many other
additions have been made. When
boxed and ready for shipment, tbe ex
hibit will require two care. It ia in
tended to commence'boxing early next
week, and but a few days yet remain to
view the display.
The Santa Ana Gun club, accompanied
by AI Sanders of Loa Angeles and Super
visor York of thia city, returned last
night from a two days' hunt in the hille
■•When pain and anguish wrinrr the hrow
A ministering angel tnou"-Bromo-Sci,zer.
back of Capistrano. They had a great
time and succeeded in killing 40 dozen
quail. The Santa Ana Gun club hae
regular hunts, and among the membera
are aome expert shots. J. A. Jones is
the chief cook, and one of the beat, and
the club is made up of come of the moat
agreeable gentlemen in Santa Ana.
Geo. Peterß, Geo. Pesßon and two
New York tourists left today for a hunt
in the bills back of Oceanßide.
Misa Minna Boper, one of Santa Ana's
favorite young ladles, ia visiting in Lob
The operetta Bed Riding Hood waa
presented to large audience in Spur
geon'e opera house tonight.
Mra. Geo. Briggs and family leave in
the morning for Phconix, Ariz,, where
they will in the future reeide.
Mißa Olie Houae, who haa been visit
ing friends here, haa returned to her
home, in Napa county.
Judge Tubba hae returned from an
extended eastern trip.
The Earl Fruit company shipped three
carloads of oranges east today.
Frank Patteraon of Riverside will be
down next week with hia string of fast
horses, which he will train for the eea
son of 1803 upon the Santa Ana race
A Sewer Bond Election Called—Local
Santa Monica, Feb. 24. —The ques
tion of sewering the town haa become a
living iaaue here by tbe paaaage of the
ordinance by the city fathers calling for
an election on March 21 et to vote on the
queßtion of bonding the town for $40,000
for the purpose of building sewers.
There ia not a single inhabitant but
what believes that sewers of some kind
are a neceeeity, if not now, in the im
mediate future. But the questions with
many are, Where should the main eewer
run ? What about constructing laterals ?
The size, etc., of the sewera and the
queetion of a water eupply are all be
coming important factors, and aa a re
sult there are many different clane.
What the outcome of all the talk will
be time only can tell, but at the prseent
writing it looks decidedly dubious for
the bonda, because of the neceeeity of
having a two-thirda vote.
The telephone company some time
since asked for a franchise to erect poles,
etc., in the town, which tbe trustees
agreed to grant, provided tbey would
place one instrument in the city hall for
tbe uee of city officials on strictly city
buainesa, whereupon the company with
drew its application for a franchise.
Since it hae asked for a permit to come
from the town limits to the center of
town, and on Thursday laet the board of
trustees held a special meeting to act
upon the matter, and wieely refused to
act or grant tbe request until the com
pany ehould reciprocate.
Charlie Tidball entertained a large
circle of friende at the Arcadia on Thurs
day evening, which proved to be a most
enjoyable social affair. All present en
joyed themselves to the top notch of so
cial life.
Madame Andreaa, the bird trainer and
magician, gives an exhibition at Steere'e
opera house on Saturday evening.
.Toe Sunderland of Kingsbaker Broth
ers enjoyed Thursday at the beach.
C. F. A. Last spent yeaterday at the
seaside town visiting friends.
The Santa Monica football club took
l\ - t- -_ l . A . 1.4. r wu W«.o!l
--ington'a birthday by a score of 40 to 0.
Shipping Arrivals and Departures—Local
Redondo Beach, Feb. 24.—The ateam
er Bonita, Captain Green, from the
north, got into Redondo port laat even
ing at 8:40, baying been Bomewhat de
layed at way porta. The Bonita landed
160 tons here, and proceeded south at 1
o'clock a.m.
The echooner Jeaßie Miner, Captain
Whitney, dropped anchor in this port at
2 p.m. yesterday. Her cargo consisted
of 300,000 feet of redwood lumber from
Eureka, consigned to Clark & Bryson,
The schooner Halcyon, Captain Rice,
reached thia port at 5 p.m. yeßterday.
She ia freighted with 313,000 feet of red
wood lumber from Eureka, and con
signed to Willamette Lumber company,
The ateamer Eureka, Captain Leland,
from the north, rounded into thia port,
and berthed at Redondo wharf at 2;30
p. m. today, landing 118 tone of mer
chandise and 25 passengers. She will
proceed south thia evening.
The Bteam tug Warrior arrived early
thia morning from San Pedro, ordered
here for duty in the absence of the
Bteam tug Pelican, still up for repairs.
The yacht Oregon, Captain Gent,
sailed into port this a. m. direct from
San Clemente. Captain Gent reports
the crew of the Hetty etill on that
island making good progress in the col
lection of abalone shells, and all in good
Mr. J. A. Williamß, representing the
Washington Manufacturing company of
San Francisco, was in Redondo yeater
Sir. M. H. Andrewa and wife of Ban
gor, Me., are among the arrivalß at tbe
Redondo. Mr. Andrews is leader of one
of the beat known orchestras in New
Mr. J, C. Morria of Los Angelea ie
among the guests at Martin Villa, look
ing after real estate interests in Re
Arrivala at the Hotel Bedondo are:
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Bedding, Master
Gustar Hermo, San Francisco; Mr.
and Mre. S. 8. Toppan, Mr. and Mra.
O. A. Weaver, child and maid, Waßter
John Weaver, Mr. and Mre. A. Bilford,
Chicago; F. W. Chase, Clay F. W.
Cares Consnmptiou, Coughs, Croup. Sore
Throat* Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee.
For a Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'u Porous
Plaster will give great satisfaction.—a J cents.
Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins, Chattanooga, Term., enys:
"Shiloh's Vitaliier'HAVED MY LIFE.' 1
comiderit thebeAtnmalyforadebilitattdtjirttm
I ever used." For Dyspepsia, Liver or Klduey
trouble it eicals. Price 76 otg.
Havo you Catarrh ? Try this Kemetly. It will
positively relieve and Cure you. Price 60 cte.
Itiia Injector lor its successful treatment ia
furniehed free. Remember, Shiloh's Remedies
are sold on a guarantee to give satisfaction.
He ld wholesiile hy HAAS, BARTJCK A CO.,
and retail by lrugglsts. , 12-14 ly
fIBIIIBS Jlmrphlne riitl.lt Cared In la
Palmer, Mre. M. E. Smith, Freeman G.
Teed, Mre. M. De Szigetby, Los Angeles;
Mr. and Mrß. W. D. Fox, Wisconsin;
Mr. and Mre. Clinton Kerby, A. D.
Smith, Mies A. K. Smith, Misa M. C.
Smith, Cincinnati; Mrs. Parkinson, De
troit ;R. B. Curry, Portland; Jno. L.
Trualow, Santa Barbara; C. S. Joelin,
Mra. S. B. Joalyn, Troy, N. V.; Mr. and
Mrs. M. H. Andrews, Bangor, Me.;
Henry Seizor, jr., Mrs. H. Seizor, Mre,
L. A. Cowd, Mre. L. A. Peck, Bridge
port, Conn.; Mrs. Helen O. Hill, New
Haven, Conn.; Mra. M. H. Mason, Mre.
Chas. N. Pied, Brooklyn, N. V.; Henry
Hill and daughter, Minneapolia; Mrß.
H G. Beopte, Mra. Patteraon, Dun
kirk, N. V.; W. H. Chriatopher, New
News Notes from the Infant Wonder
Redlands, Feb. 24.—Riverside people
played Zingara at the academy thia even
ing. A special train brought a lot of
tbe residents of that town to ace the
presentation here.
A fire caused by hot aahea piled
against the laundry did a small amount
of damage at Frank E. Brown'a place.
John P. St. John appears at the
academy of music Saturday evening.
Mrs. William Grow Haward of San
Bernardino is visiting her brother, O.
J. Barrett, of this city.
The dance at the guard armory laat
evening was a success in every way.
Over 50 couplea were preeent. The
music, lead by Prof. Frank B. Gunther,
wae very fine. The latest dances were
included in the numbere.
Upon the recommendation of Measra.
Andrews and Tuttle the Oriental arroyo
will be conducted under the sidewalk
on the north Bide of State from Church
etreet to the Little Rsaervoir Cafion
ditch. This will aid in tbe improve
ment of the lota fronting that part.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Sanders have gone
to Moreno to spend a week on their
William P. Harrison of the San Fran
cisco Hotel Gazette waa in town yester
C. England has returned to Philadel
H. Biggin is in Pomona on business.
Tbe Hargreaves block ia to be an orna
mental structure. Elaborate atone trim
mings will decorate the front.
Next Tuesday the Ladies' Aid society
of the Firat Presbyterian church will
give an apron social and conundrum
supper at Y. M. C. A. ball. The supper
will be eerved at 4:30 p. m.
Tbe masonry ior the bridge over the
Morey arroyo on Brookeide avenue is
completer], and the structure will be
rushed rapidly.
Mr. and Mra. J. E. Kelaey of San
Franciaco are gueeta of John Mcintosh.
Mre. P. H. Dreiser was ont riding yes
terday, and her ultimate and entire re
covery ia quite probable.
The hardware firm of Byrne & Drew
eucceeds Westbrook & Byrne. Mr. Weal
brook retiree partly on account of ill
health. The new firm make a good team.
J. A. Byrne hae in tbe old firm made
many friende, and Mr. Fred Drew is an
experienced young hardware man. Both
are San Bernardino county boya of ample
means, and members of the beat fam
Gustav de Lsveaux, idiosyncratic sur
veyor, arrested for disturbing the peace,
withdrew hie plea of not guilty and de
mand for a jury trial. He then pleaded
gnilty, and at the same time he made
affidavit that he reserved the right to
proaecute the marahal for false arrest.
He waa fined $0.
The Maccabeea were detained co long
at Riverside that they had no time to
spend at Redlande.
Mrs. W. T. Holiday, with her family,
joins Mr. Holiday at Moreno. Their
residence here will be occupied by A.
Zingara was played by a company of
Riverside amateurs at the academy of
music here laat night. The perform
ance waa quite good. Mr. Yeakle ia
especially capable.
Men of all professions and trades, ministers,
lawyers, merchants and mechanics, ail unite
in indorsing Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the old
reliable cure for all bronchial and pulmonary
troubles as the best household remedy in the
Sudden Chances of Weather cause
Throat Diseases. There is no moro effectual
remedy ior Doughs, ''olds, etc.. than Biiown's
Bronchial Tkochks. .Sold mil» in boxes. Pries
2. r > cents.
JANUARY 1, 1593.
This Is the only Company holding; an Official Certificate of Examination of
recent date from the State Insurance Department. The Assets, Accounts, and
Surplus to policy holders have been certified to under the seal of the State by the
Insurance Superintendent
Real Estate $12,531,010 75
Slocks and Bonds SS 1180,177 51
Bonds and Mortgages 24 288.7 5 51
Loanssecnred by collaterals 3,01(1,000 00
Premtum Loans 1,096,850 C 3
Cash in Office and in Banks and Trust Companies ' 4,201,2-3 OS
Interest aud Rents due aud Rccrued 071,810 14
Net amount of uncollected and deferred premiums 3 ,805,870 37
Total Assets $137,4,99,198 99
Reserve, or value of outstanding policies $110 070,888 00
Other liabilities 1,618,80* 89
Total Liabilities 77T... $120,094,250 89
Surplus, be!n * tno s»mo amount which will be shown to bo
tbe Company's Surplus by the annual report of
the New York state Insurance department as ot „„, „ „.„
December 31, 1802 * $16,804,948 10
Total Premium Income $25,040,113 03
Inteiest, Bents, etc 5,896,470 91)
Total Income $30,930,590 83
Losses paid $ 7,806,589 29
Endowments raid 1,114,301 09
Annuities Div'dends. Surrender Values, etc 4,054,121 0>
Total paid policy holders $13,903,012 33
Commissions 4,178,310 60
Ag»ucy Expenses, Physicians' Fees, Advertising and Printing.... 1,851.246 18
axes, Salaries, and other expenses 1,629.715 65
Total Disbursements $21,854i,290 76
Number o' Policies issued during 1802, 66,259. New Insurance, 8)173,605,070
Total number of Policies In force January 1,1893, x~ i ,oo». Amount at Bisk, 8(689,»43,6i!9.
The abova statement correspondslu all ro»p»cts with the official report of the Company, ns it
will be published by the State insurance Department. No asset! nop acceptable under tne law of
the State, or the regulation* of the Department, aro included, and the SURPLUS <$10 BM
JOHN A. M'CALL, President.
HENRY TUCK, Vice President.
A. G. HAWES, Manager for Pacific Coast,
10l Sanßome St., San Kreincisco.
z-usm CHAS. A. M'LANE, Cashier.
The Board of Public Work! Bit In Judg
ment Thereon.
The board of public works met at 2 p.
m. Also present Councilman Rhodes
and Innes.
Tbe Alameda etreet ordinance came up
for codeideration. The matter of occupy-
ngg Hannon's lane came up, when
it waa aaid that if any lane or cross
street waa occupied by the company it
would have to pay for the same and ex
pected to do 80.
Mr. R. J. Collins eaid that if the road
went along Hannon's lane they would
certainly have to pay for it, and the in
dication were that they were about to do
ao. The supreme conrt bad already de
cided that it waß her property.
Mr. Muir Baid the company had a title
to that lane, having purchased the same
of ex-Councilman Alford. lie called on
Mr. Alford to corroborate what he eaid.
Mr. Alford eaid tbe litigation bad been
for the purpose of preventing Mre. Han
non from closing him up. The decisions
of the courts practically enjoined any
body from closing euch lane.
Mr. hunt said he could not ccc where
in Mrs. Hannon was damaged ; tbat Bhe
had a frontage of 1000 feet on Urange ave
nue ; and that it waß impossible to cloße
her out of her right of egress. If the
worst came to the worat the company
could move Mrs. Hannon'a house to an
other portion of her land.
Mrs. Hannon —You could move my
house and my barne, but how could you
move my well?
Mr. Strohm —We have heard all we
want on tbe question of thia lane. We
are now prepared to hear other matterß
of fact in connection with thiß proposi
Mr. Muir—Thia property ia not a pub
lie highway, gentlemen, it belonga to
the Southern Pacific company, who have
bought and paid for it.
Mr. McQarry wanted to know if the
company desired to eatabliah a atation
at Ninth atreet, and if the prohibitory
rate of 15 eenta per paaeenger waß to be
maintained in the event of auch atation
being erected ?
Mr. Muir aaid that the lv cent rate
waa prohibitory, and made bo on pur
pose. It cost time to stop and start
traina and, in matters of this sort, time
was money.
There being no more testimony or ar
gument on either aide, the board took
the matter under advisement (to report
on Saturday) and the meeting tben ad
The Revival Services Last Night, at
Simpson Church.
The largeet audience of the week
gathered last night in Simpson taberna
cle. The singing waa hearty, the praying
waa earneat and the apeaking waa vigor
ous. Major Ormaby of lowa Bang the
invitation, Will You Be Saved Tonight,
with telling effect; and the ecripturea
were read by Evangelist DividgePage.
Miaa Updergraff ecrg a melting eolo,
attaching the chorua, Steal Away to
Jeeue, which she rendered with wonder
ful effect. She haa a moat beautiful
voice, tbe aweetneas of which charmed
the vast throng.
The Bey. Isaac Naylor preached, tak
ing aa hia eubject Death on tbe Pale
Horee. Thia waß undoubtedly the moat
powerful appeal he haa yet delivered,
and hia audience lietened with the deep
eat attention to hie energetic diecouree.
He pictured moot vividly the certainty
of death, and urged his hearera to be
prepared for it. The altar aervice wbb
then entered upon, the communion raila
being crowded with penitents.
There will be no meetings today. To
morrow (Sunday) the Quaker evangelist
will preach in the morning and Evan
gelist Isaac Naylor at night.
Astonishing Fact.
Bnsi'ECTßp by Com pa kati vki.y Few.—Thlngß
that emliody the most truth are frequently
among tue last to be realized. Incredible as it
may seem ohm iv four have a weak or diseased
heart, the early symptoms of which are, short
breath, oppression, faint and hungry spells,
fluttering , pain in Jeft side, smothering, swol
len ankles, dropsy, wind in stomach, etc.. Levi
Logan, Buchanan, Mich, suilered from heart
disease 30 years. Two bottles «,f Br, Miles'
Heart cure cured him. "Tho eil'ects of your
New Heart Cure is wonlorful."—Mrs. "Eva
Dreiser, McGregor, la. This favorite remedy
Is sol • by C. H. Haute, 177 North Spring, on a
guarantee. Get the doctor's book. New aud
Startling Fact, free.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
firings comfort and improvement ana
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. Tbe many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products tt
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met, with tho approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weaken
ing them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Byrup of Figa is for sale by all drug
lists in 50c and f 1 bottles, bnt it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrnp
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any anbstitute if offered,
Temple Block.
Capital stock paid up $300,000.
•m im.
JOHN E. PLtTER President
ROBT. S. BAKER Vice-President
Jotham Bixby, Chas. Forman,
L.T. Garnsey, Lewellyn Bixby,
R. s. Baker, John E. Plater,
Geo. H. Btewart.
Cor. Broadway and Second St.. Los Angeles.
Pnb»cribp.i capital $500,000
Paid up capital 300,000
Surplus 20,000
J. Frankenfleld Presi'ent
Ham Lewis Vice-President
J. W. Winner C.shier
John G. Mossiu Assistant Cashier
. Frankenfleld, G. W. Hughes, Sam Lewis,
J. C Kays, E. W. rones. L. B. Newlen,
Hervey Lindley. K. F. LoUceioh.
Simon Maier,
General banking and exchange business
trausacted. m4.-4.in
southeast corner Fir,l and Sroadway
Capital stock fu.ly paid up $100 000
rurp as 60,000
R M. WIDNEY President
1) O MILTIMORW Vloe Presldeut
GEO. L. ARNOLD Cashier
R. M. Widney, D. O. Miltimoro, 8 W. Little,
0. M. Wells, Jonn McArthur, U. A. Waruer, L. J.
P. Morrill.
General banking bnsluets and loans ou first
class real estate solicited. Buy aud sell first
class slocks, bonriN and warrants Parties wish
ing to invest In first-class securities on either
long or short time cau be accommodated.
SURPLUS 290,000
J M ELLIOTT President
J. D. BICKNKLL Vice President
J. H. BRALY Cashier
G. .1 a i i- l Assistant Cashier
Directors-J. M. Elliott. J. D. Bicknell, 8. H.
Mott, H Mabur. ,J. D. Hooker, D. McGarry,
Wm G. Ktrckhoff. ju I
J. 37 South Spring street.
CvriTAL Stock $300,000
A. D. Chit.dresb President
John 8. Park Cashier
W.T.Childress, Polndcxto-Dunn,
J >. Schallert, X B Crandall,
John S. Park, R. G. i.unt,
A.D Childress.
General banking. Fire and burglar proof safe
deposit boxes rented at from $J i ■ $20 per an
»■ m
Security Savings Bank, Capital $200,000.
ISAIAS W. HELLMAN, Preßidont Nevada Bank, Han Francisco: President Farmer--, and Mer
chants' Bank, Los Augeles.
ANDREW J. BOWNE President Fo irth National Bank, Grand Rapids, Mich
HW. H SILLS! *N Vice-Preßldeut Farmers and Merchants' Bank, Angeled
li L- V.VSV.TuV-•"• •Vice-President
ap In?i'i5 G Capitalist, Lo. Angelas
A, c KUdttKo Physician lot Angeles
MAURIOK H. HBLLMAN Of Hellman, Waideck & Co., Wholesale btatiouers,' Los Angele*.
V a axtV. 01 Gr *ves, O'Me Veny & rfhaukUnd. Attorneys, Los Angles
t\t/ ,Jr£r&T&2° 0f Graves, O'Alelveuv «& tthankiand, Attorney*, Los Angelea
i A IFS £m£P M Capitalist, Boston
J. F.SARTORI Cashier; also Vice-President First National Bank, Monrovia, Cal
rpHE NOTICE OP THE PUBLIC Is called to tbe faot that this bank has tne largeit paid-up
_L eanital an i surplus combined of any siviags bauk iv southern California, and only loans
money on approved real estate security; that anion* .ts stockuold-<rs are some of the oldest aud
mos. responsible citizens of the community; tli-a uu ethe stale lair the i»nvate estates of its
stockholders are pro rata liable for the total iuJ-rbedness of thu bank. These facts, wiih care
exercised in making loans in-mre a safe d-ip isttury for s+vlug accounts. Mchooi teacherfi, clerks
mechanics, emp oyes in factories and shop*, lab -rers, etc., w-U flud it convenient to make de
posit* in unall amounts. Children's Havings dei-o-i 9 received iv Bums ol 5 cents and upward.
>em it tune s nv*y ne_ma.de hy draft. , tr \y 6l s t-argo Co's ex res .. 5-2 6
1 ■ — ' BSbI — *
-Los Angeles Savings Bank,
NO 338 Nortli Main Street.
auiti> L-us ao'boo
H. W, HELLMAN, President. J *. PLATER, Vice-President,
W. M. CASWELL, Cashier.
- . ~ J. *. PLATES, I. W. HELLMAN, JR.,
8-5 » paid on deposits Money to loan on first class real estate
Cjerixian-Arrierica,n {saving's Bank:,
CAPITAL. PAID IN GOLD, - - 85100,000.00.
Interest compounded quarterly to depositors at the rate ol 5 per cent on term and 3.6 m pel
cent on ordinary deposits.
E. N. MCDONALD, Pres't, DR. JOSEPH KURTZ and 8. W. LUITWBILER. Vloe-Pres'ts.
VICTOR PONET, Treasurer. M. N AVEKY, oec'y P. F. SC SUMAC HER, Asst. Seo'y
E. N. McDonald, H. W. Stoli., Joseph Kubti, M. N. Aviry. 8. A. Prruss,
Conrad Hafbh, W. M. Shsldon, b. W. Luitweilss, Victor Ponet, C.N. Flint,
Ibaac H. Johnson.
Open every Saturday evening for depnai ts.^sKa
Main Street Savings Bank and Trust Company,
CAPITAL,, - - $300,000.
The design of this institution is to afford a safe depository for the earnings of all person,
who are desirous o£ placing their money where it will be free from accident, and at the same
time be earning for them a fair rate of Interest. Deposits will be received in sums ol from tl to
itsooo. Working men and women should deposit at least $1 per week from their wages Tuis
will form a nucleus that will ultimately enable you to purchase a home or begin business Chil
dren can purchase ft-ceni stamps in all parts of th 9 city and county It Is the beat education
; ou can have in saving and caring for money.
President, Vice President, Casiler
Col. First and Spring streets.
Capital $500,000
surplus 52,80*
Total _ $552,500
Seorge H. Bonebrake President
W. G. Cochran Vie* President
v. C Howes Cashier
£. w. Co*. Aast. Cashier
Col H. H. Markham. Perry M. Oreen, Warren
Glllelen, L P. Crawford, C. A. Marrlner, Geo.
H. Bonebrake, W. a. Cochran, F. C. Howe*.
No Interest Paid on Deposits.
Exchange for tale on all the principal citiea
of tne United States and Europe.
Corner of Spring: and Second street*,
Capital paid up 9250,000
J. M. C. Marble President
O. H.Churchill Vice President
A. Hadley Asst. Cashier
Dr. W. L Graves, E. F. C. Klokke, 0. T. John
son, W. Hadle- , K. N. McDonald, M. H. ohar
raan, Fred Eaton, John Wollsklll, Thos. R.
Bard. 10 31
Or tho iuifiuor UahM Positively Cored ,
by iMaUiinlnlerlnir I>r. llalne**
4Jol«l«>n Specific.
It op.n b" given In a cup of coffee or tea, or in food,
without tfef knowledge ol t he patient- It is absolutely
iißrmletiß, and will effect a permanent and speedy
suro, whether the patient la a moderate drinker or
an alcoholic wreak. It haa been given in thousands
pf cades, and in every instance a perfect ours has fol
lowed. It nt-vcr Fall*. The system once Impregnated
with the Bpeoine.it becomes an utter impobHlbility
Tor the liquor appetito to exist.
UOLIIEN KPECTFIO CO., PropYs, Claelnxatl. •*
•iB-pasa book of carticularh free. To be bad of *•
F. VV. BRADN & Co.,f Druggiß 8.
11. GKitMAIN, j Lob A use leg, CaL
(Successors to Clark & Humphreys)
Wholesale and Retail
Office, West Second St., Bnrdick block.
Yardß at Redondo and Los Angeles. 1-18 If
Graduate ol Laval and McGill,
Minings Engineer.
Head oillce, liuecoc; branch office, Montreal.
Canada. 12-20 ly
inject! m
Gnaraetse Cora fos OootaTbosa, Ctrrrmln OTeet, Pira
nJuffincarsor SfcricMirwasd long stand
ing natively ourod from sto 1* days. Bold by Dnif
gtetT rVd only by 80CT1KKV C^IFOIWU
Anict "' ggggg
i Kerekhoff-Cuzner
Lalß Office: LOS ANGELES.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
'.rasa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Augeles
' Pomona. Cargoes furnished to ordqr.
Dlamouds In Winter Time.
Charcoal, Kindling and Fuel of all kinds.
Mill Feed a specialty.
343 S. Broadway. 21U 3m Los Angeles, Cat.
Blast Boot Manufactarers
N. W. Cor. Temple and New High Sts.
12-7 Telephone 838. 1 n
Horseshoes and Hails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117, 119 and 121 South Loa Angeles Street,
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St., Los Angelea.
Prescriptions carefully compounded day ol
nimit. • m 22 tf

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