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The Oaklands Did Not I'lay a
Little Bit.
They Were Fruit for f lie Los Angeles
iv • ' < . r '
Tha Angels Ars All Rlght-They Won
Una of Yesterday's Games. Whlln
tha Colonel <iot the Other.
Four Out uf Five.
If the Angela can only keep up the
gait tbey struck during the past series
with Oakland the championship will re
main at this end. of the league. Four
games out of five is the record tne local
boys made. The hitherto invincible
Oakland phalanx barely saved them
selves from total annihilation. They
managed to win the very last game yes
terday. Thia leaves them still in the
lead by a narrow margin.
The donble bill brought ont one ol
the largest gatherings that has ever wit
nessed a ball game on the Athletic
grounds. It was characteristically a
Los Angeles crowd. Everybody was in
a good humor, for well they could be
as Oakland was fighting for its life.
The crowd was certainly liberal towards
the viaitora. Every good play was an
plsuded. The man with the cow-bell
-was tbere snd he waa kept twanging the
musical instrument throughout both
The games were fall of ginger from
start to finish, and good plays followed
each other with unusual rapidity. The
men played to win and threw all chance
of r9oord making to the windH. The
crowd'! nerves werfjiept at high ten 1 im
during the entire atternoon. Everybody
■aw it through however. In the first
game, during a lull about the sixth inn
ing the occupants of the bleachers rose
and stretched their cramped bones, but
almost immediately sat down again to
watch the struggle.
The score card and peanut boys reaped
quite a harvest. Everybody was in
such a"good humor over the prospects of
the home nine getting the entire series
that they were all anxious to treat a big
part of the crowd and in this desire
they reoelved all the necessary encour
agement from the yonthful butchers.
In one respect it seemed as if it was
not a Lob Angeles-Oakland game. The
two captains failed to exchange the
usual choice ana enjoyable personali
ties. For some unaccountable reason
Tip did not sustain his reputation as a
kicker. Of conrße there were a number
of "objections" and "protests" made,
but the Champion Protestor from "across
the bay" did not figure so prominently
as usual in them. Mr. O'Neill, how
ever, it he neglected his friend, the um
pire did not forget his dear friends on
the bleachers and favored them with
some purely original remarks during the
game, lie is the idol of the I.os Angeles
bleachers and they never fail to agree
with him in all of his protests and are
very glad when they are allowed. In
fact that red sweater of Tip's in front of
the crowd has exactly the same effect
that it would have upon an untamed
bull. It makes 'em mad.
The players had their batting clntheß,
batting eyes, and all the other batting
parapharnalia with them in both games.
Every man Is credited with at at least
one base hit in either of the games. In
fact, the two teams averaged well iv
every respect.
The Bun was shining during the first
game, and for this reason many of the
"fans wanted Roach to open up the
play, but he was reserved for the second
game. Almost as soon as the last game
was started the sky clouded over, and
the sun showed himself only once during
the nine innings. Result, Mr. Roach was
out of hia element and tbe Angels lost
the game.
All four of the pitchers were touched
up quite extensively fore base hitß j they
all pitched a generally good game, but
their support was not up to the average.
The first game was won and lost several
times by both teams. It was finally
saved in the ninth inning to Los Angeles
by Lytle. The Oaklands needed one run
to tie the score. Two mon were out,
Collopy and O'Neil were on second ami
first bases, respectively, and Cody was
at the bat. lie knocked a line fly ont
— • "*hl right Held, well toward the foul line.
Lytle made a hard run and caught it a
foot or so from the ground, thus retiring
the side and saving the game to his
team by the score of 10 to 9,
The home team started out at a lively
gait. In the first inning they made two
runs. Wright waß given his base on
balls, and went to second on O'Neil's
error of Hulen's hit. Karl threw over
second base on McCauley's hit trying to
catch the Kid, and Kaotv scored, Hulen
going to third. Hutchinson sacrificed
tbe Kid home.
Four runs more worn made in the
fourth inning by the Angels. Lohman
hit for one base. Hughes followed with
a single to right field. Hernon booted
the ball and Lohman scored. A succes
sion of errors advanced Nicol to second,
Hughes in the meanwhile crossing the
plate. Wright sacrificed, and O'Neil's
error of Hulen's hit scored N'icol. Glen
alvin'a force hit sent Hulen home.
A hit by Lytle, Lohman's sacrifice and
B hit by Hughes, gave the Angels an
earned run in the tith inning.
Oakland made three rune in tbe fourth
Inning on an error by Hughes, Earl's
hit, sacrafice by Collopy, Qlenalvin's
error of Hernon's bounder and Codj's
In the Bixth, Wright hit for two bases.
Went to third on Hulen's sacrifice and
•cored on McCauley's Bafe hit. Oakland
nearly tied the score in their part of
»f this inning. Tbe players got a streak
in them. Earl hit safely and went to
second on Hughes' error of Collopy's
nit. Tip O'Neil was given his baee on
balls. Hernon followed with a nice
drive over Hulen's head, and Karl and
Collopy scored. Cody made a safe hit.
(iriffiith sacrificed. McCucken hit to
Tip scored. Irwin flied out to
Hulen, and Cody wrs caught trying to
iteal home.
The Angels made another run in the
leventh. Lohman struck out. Hughes
•jade a two-bagger, went to third on a
wild pitch and scored on Nicol's safe hit
»ver second bate. The next two men
Dp were retired.
The score was tied by Oakland in
iheir half. Hines died at first. Earl
Sit for two bases and went to third en
Blenalvin's miss, and Bcored on Col
'opy'B hit. Collopy was sent home on
nita by Tip and Hernon. Cody and
Uriffith went out.
Tbe winning run was made by Glenal
rin in the next inning. He walked to
Iret baee, was advanced to second by
uytle's safe hit, started to steal third
tnd scored on a wild throw by Cody to
J/ollopy to catch him. The Oaklands
,ried their utmost to score during the
Wt of the game, but it was without
avail, the Los Angelea team winning by
the score of 10 to 9. The game in detail
The score:
LOS tXI KM" ■:
AB. K. n.H.SR.PO. A. 1.
Wright, c( 3 2 2 0 2 0 0
Huinu. as 4 2 0 O ,1 4 O
Mi ' solely, lb 4 0 1 1 7 0 0
Hutchinson, II :i o o l o 0 o
Olenalvta, 2b 2 1 O 2 4 5 1
Lytic, r.f 8 1 2 O 4 1 0
I oilman, 0 4 1 1 0 4 2 1
les, 3b 6 2 II 0 3 1 3
Nicol, p S 1 2 0 0 2 1
Total *3S 10 11 427 16 ti
AS. H. B. If. 1.11.F0. A. K.
••*• ••».•», If 4 0 2 0 3 0 0
Irwin, as 6 0 10 1 2 1
Hlnsa, ct 6 10 110 2
gurl, lb 6 S 2 Oil 0 2
Collopy, 3 2 1 0 1 3 O
O'Neill, 2b 2 1 1 0 8 4 2
Hernon, rl 6 2 3 0 0 0 1
Cody, o 6 0 2 O 6 0 1
Urlffllb, p 3 0 0 0 1 4 0
Totals 01 Oil T'26 13 7
•MoL'anley ont (or Interfering with fielder,
lilt 117 I t
Los Angeles.... 200411 11 o—lo
Dane hit* 0 1 0 2 2 2 3 1 o—ll
Oakland O O 0 I 0 4 2 0 o—o
Base hit 10021430 o—ll
Married rnna-Los Ans/eles, 2: Oakland, 1.
Two-base hits—Wright, Hughes, Cody, Col
Hacrlfloe hits—Hutchinson, Oleualvln, Loh
msit, Oehopy.
First base on esrora— Los Angeles, 4; Oa*.
laud, 6.
First hise on oallod balls—Los Angeles, 4;
Oakland, 6.
Lofton bsses—Los Angeles, 7; Oakland, 8.
H.i nek out Itv drlffllh, .'I: by Niooi, 8.
First base on lilt by pitcher—(llouatvln.
Double plays Hulen to tllenalvln to Mo-
Wild pitches, (irlfuth, 1.
Time of game, i hours 30 mtnutos.
Umpire Jinncs McUonald,
Hooter—J.S. Bancroft.
This game was equally aa interesting
as the first but tbe result was not quite
bo satisfactory to the spectators.
The Angels started out with the most
honerable intentions possible of winning
but. fell by the wayside
Wright, after knocking flye foul flys,
drove a pretty one over the short stop's
head. He waa advanced to second hy
Hulen who also reached first by Co *
lopy's error; Rasty was caught between
second aud third bases. McCauley was
given his base on balls. Hutchinson hit
safely sending the Kid and Pop home.
in the saeond Collopy scored for Oak
land, lie started out with a two-base
hit and was advanced to third on Tip's
hit. Hernon and Cody died at first,
Collopy scoring on the latter's put out.
Homer Hied out to Lytle.
Los Angeles made two more runs in
tbe forth inning. Lytle fiied to I lines.
Lohman reached first. Roach hit for
two bases. Hasty Wright followed with
a safe hit, scoring the other two winners.
Collopy and O'Neil scored in this in
ning on a hit by Hernon and sacrifice by
The last run for tbe home team was
made by Glenalvin in tbe fifth inning.
He led oIT for three bases and was sent
across the plate by Lytle.
The visitors v/on the game in this
inning by getting three runs. Irwin
hit safely, as did Earl and Collopy,
Irwin scoring on the latter's hit. O'Neil
reached first on the Kid's iumble. Her
non hit safely and Karl scored. Collopy
scoring on Lohman's miss of a thrown
ball to catch the base runner.
Another run was added to their score
in the folio wing inning. Homer singled,
reached eecond and was advanced to
third on McGucken's sacrifice and
scored on Irwin's high fly to Wright,
starting from third just after it was
caught and beating it home.
This ended the"run getting for the
game, the day and the series. There
was plenty of hard hitting and pretty
plays for the next three innings but it
proved only exhibition as nothing was
materialized. The score for the second
game follows.
Following is the score:
AH, R. n.H.fln.PO. A. K.
Wright, 0.1 5 0 3 0 3 0 0
Hulen, s.k. 5 1 1 0 1 1 2
McCauley, 10 3 10 16 0 0
Hutchinson, 1.1 & 0 1 0 4 O 1
Glenalvin, 2b 4 1 2 1 4 3 0
Lytle, r.f 3 0 0 2 2 2 0
Lohman, 0 4 O O 0 I 0 1
Hughes, 30 4 1 2 0 1 3 0
Koach, p 4 1 2 0 0 1 0
Totals »7 511 4 2410 1
ab. it. 8n.5.n.r.0. A.B.
McOuckon, l.f 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Irwin, as 4110540
Hlues, o.C 6 0 1 0 2 0 0
Ksrl, lb. 3 1 2 010 1 0
Collopy, 3b 3 3 2 O 4 1 1
O'Neill, 2b 4 1 2 0 1 3 0
Hernon, T.l 4 0 2 0 0 0 0
Cody, p 2 0 0 0 4 2 0
Homer, p 4 1 3 1 1 0 O
Totals 35 7 13 127 11 7
1 2 3 4&9780
Los Angeles 2 0031000 o—s
Base hits 2 3 0 3 1 0 1 0 I—ll
Ohklaud O 1023100 x— 7
Base hits O 2 0 3 4 1 1 2 x—l 3
Tfiirned runs -Los Angele*. 2; Oakland, 2.
'i'liroe-base hits—Ulenalvtn.
Two-base hits--Hughes, Rosch, Collopy.
Sacrifice hits—Mctlucken, Cody 2.
First base on errors—Los Angeles, 2; Oak
land, 2.
1 ion called balls—Lob Angeles, 1:
Oakland, 8J
Left ou bases—Los Angeles, 0; Oakland, 8.
Htruck out—By Homer, 1; by Koach, 1.
Kiist base on hit by pltohor—Lytic.
Wild pitches—Homer, 1.
Time of wino-1 hour 35 minutes.
o a
11 .007
14 .B4H
IB .500
17 .320
The Stocktonlana Twice Defeated by the
Nan Francticans.
San Fbancisco, May 7. —The San
Francisco team won two games from the
Stockton club today. The morning
game resulted in a soore of 10 to 7
against the Stockton. Harper and Balsz
were the opposing pitchers and tbe for
mer was batted for 15 hits which were
bunched into several innings. Spies
was hurt in the forenoon game, and
Fred Carroll did the catching for the
San Franciscos in the second contest.
He did good work behind the bat. The
San Franciscos also hit Fanning heavily
in this game, and Knell pitched good
ball for the local club. The score of the
second gams was 11 t3 4in favor of San
National League Games.
Cincinnati, May 7.—The Cincinnati
game was easily won by heavy batting.
Cincinnati, 16; Louißville, 7.
Sr. Lot is, May 7. —The Browns
played an errorlesa game and white
washed the Colts.
St. Louis, 8; Chicago, 0.
Miles' Nerve antl t.lvr Pills
Act on a new princtplf-regulating tho liver,
stomach and bowels through the nervos. A
new discovery. Or. Miles" pills apeedily cure
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children, Smallest, mildest, surest. Vlltv doses
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Tbey Want Blood.
Sfobtimo Editor Hbbald: —The
Grays claim the amateur championship
of I.os Angelea and herewith challenge
the Boyle Heights Stars to play a game
for money, any sum agreeable to them.
W. Kaymkb, Captain,
.148 South Spring street, Urn Angeles,
A Monster Mass Meeting In Hyde Park,
London—Uollections Taken Up
for the Hull Dock Strikers.
Fiery Resolutions.
London, May 7.—The annual eight
hour demonstration of London working
men was made today in Hyde Park.
The weather was fine, and all the pro
ceedings were conducted with excep
tional enthusiasm. The delegates met
on the Thames embankment, formed in
line and marched through cheering
crowds of laborers to the park, where
tbey divided among the audiences at
numerous speakers' platforms. The en
tire open space in the park waa filled
with men and women. At 21 platforms
resolutions were passed In favor of a
legal eight-hour day for every trade
which voted for it. At every meeting
collections were taken for the Hull
strikers. Tbe most notable speech was
made by John Burns, M. P.
Meetings were held in Hull, Glasgow,
Manchester, Birmingham and other
cities, with large gatherings of laboring
people who passed resolutions in favor
of the eight-hour day.
Dublin, May 7.—-Eight-hour meetings
in fhesnix park today were attended by
great crowds.
Hamiidro, May 7.—Thousands of
workiogmen marched in Barbmeck this
afternoon to demonstrate their desire
for the eight-hour day.
Social-Democrat* active—A Blsmarck
lan Party.
Rrelin, May 7.—Vorwaerts publiahes
this morning an election manifesto of
the Social-Democratic party executive
committee. It emphasizes the opinion
that tbe new reichstag will have to deal
not only with the army bill, but also
with the fundamental rights of the peo
ple, whioh will be threatened by the
present attack upon universal suffrage.
The report is current that a Bismarck
party ie forming. Tbe party will urge
the prince to accept a seat in the reichs
tag, and under bis name and with hia
authority will organize a campaign
througbont the empire.
A Big Battle In Rio Grande do Bui,
Valparaiso, May 7.—A battle which
lasted six boars was fought yesterday
near Uruguayans, Rio Grande do SuT,
Brazil, in which 4000 government troops
and 0000 Insurgents engaged. Tbe
battle raged until near nightfall;
then the revolntionists attempted to re
treat, and were completely routed. It
is believed in Buenos Ayer's this settles
the revolution. Information from revo
lutionary sources is to the contrary of
the above dispatch, they claiming to
have won the battle.
Frenchman Blatod.
Paris, May 7.—The feeling aroused by
the rejection of the German army bill
ia wild elation. In political circles the
defeat of the bill is regarded as a guar
antee of peace.
Oreat Cxcltement Ovar the Explosion In
Four Courts.
Dublin, May 7.—The police guarded
all night Oour courts in which a bomb
exploded laat evening. They found a
time fuse and fragments of a large'zinc
cannister, similar to those left by the
explosion'in Exchange court last Decem
ber. Heavy stones were loosened, but
tbe walls of the court buildings were
little injured. The explosion roused
everybody at Kilmainham barracks
and Lord Wolesley dispatched
an orderly to report on the
trouble. Before midnight thousands
had gathered and today half of the city
visited the neighborhood,but tbe crowds
were kept back by a double cordon of
police, who will keep the courtyard in
tact until after the arrival of tbe govern
ment inspectors. The purpose ef the
persons throwing the bomb was not to
sacrifice human life, as at that hour the
immediate neighborhood was deserted.
The Nationalists believe the thrower of
tbe bomb intended to embarrass the
government. The police attribute the
act to a Unionist agent who wished to
make an impression that the Irish ex
tremists are eager to remind the people
oi the Phoenix park assassinations.
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milk, being entirely free from the objectionable color and flavor
of other brands. As a food for infants it has no equal. It is a
perfect substitute for mothers' milk. A trial of a single can will
convince the most skeptical of its superiority. Ask for tho
COLUMBIAN BRAND. For sale by the best grocers.
For Sale By AH Grocers at 15 Cents a Can.
2 . 23 WM. H. MAURICE, Agent for Southern California
Of San FrastiiM, Kaasai City, Bti
Nervous, Private and Chronic 1 I^l^'y^l^jjfaPff
Diseases of Men. HPi^
Our diagnosis sheets and confidential book for men sent free on applica
tion and are as satisfactory as a personal interview. ,
tURta ir»r»r» * sa» ** t* . r-.T~r»
PACIFIC SPADER \\ -Minufacturersof AUKind«"of
*viui UOS A NQEL.ES.
bonder throwing Boil from tlio Center. 3-226 m
Santa 'Monica Commercial Co.,
E. J. VAWTER, Manager.
WINE 131 North Main St. Tel 38
Hajqcock: Bax|i^ing: t
Wholesale and Sjjetnll Dealer In
And Catalina Soapstone Wall Finish.
This material Is fire proof, haa a bountiful tint, and can be washed without injury.
Office: 13e W. Second street. Tel. 86. -:- Yard: 83£ N. Main street. Tel. let
nTLi±:s pkXsk
Wholeonle nnd Retail Dealer In
337, 339, 341 S. SPRING ST. , 1513 »

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