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A roaslble Explanation nf Why n Boy Does
Hot Like to Have lIU Mother Cot His
Hair—Experience of a Traveler Dispelled
by the Frenchman.
"Ono of my customers has just como
back from Europe," said the learned
French barber, "and hn has liern telling
me about a woman barber ho met in
Italy. 'Monsieur,' ho said to me, 'I shall
never forget her. I believe you aro a
good barber and havo tho right idea of
your mission, but really you cannot
hold a candle to her. 1 tell you, sho is
divino. When sho put the lather on my
face—l had my heard off then, yon
know—it was as though my face had
been bathed in noctar.
" 'When she drew tho razor across my
chock, I was thrillod with delight. And i
when sho put on tho bay rum and run
her' fingers through my hair, ah, then,
monsieur, I realized what it is to bo
caressed by an angel I Unfortunatoly
aho had a big brother who watched her
carefully, and so I had little chance to
talk to her. Hho was light and graceful
as a gazelle and absolutely beautiful.
Her clear, olive complexion, dark hair
and perfect features won mo nt it glance.
I haven't got over her fascination yet. If
I could havo her for a harbor always, I'd
havo my hair dressed overy other hour."
"I looked at him in pity. 'Monsieur,'
I said to him, 'I can easily understand
yonr devotion to this beauty, hut do not
mistako your lovo for tho woman for
your dovotion to tho artiste. If I were
not a rival for your afflictions, I would
strongly urgo-yon to continue to patron
izo her barber chair. There would be no
surer way of disenchanting you nnd mak
ing you learn to hato her.'
" 'What do you mean?' ho asked rnn.
" 'I mean, monsieur,' I replied, 'that,
With all dvto respect for your divinity,
there novor was a good woman barber,
and it is my firm conviction thero nover
will bo. Why? Monsieur, there are some
things whioh wo cannot explain. They
aro tho mysteries of life, far beyond all
onr philosophies. Why is one man
bright and another dull? Why are there
eptimiats*and pessimists? Why do some
lovo to linger overthoir Burgundy whilo
others rush through their dinners in IS
minutes? Why aro some women pretty
and others ugly? Are not these some of
tho unsolvablo riddles of our strnng<i ex
istence? Ah, monsieur, I wonld liko to
tell you why woman, gentle, lovely,
sweet woman, cannot make v good bar
ber, but it ia beyond mo, although I havo
atudicd the question much.'
"What I told him is true. Thero aro
women who can shave fairly well, hut
thero is none that can trim a beard or
cut hair properly. Yon may say thero
ore few inon who can do so. It is
true. I will not deny what is self evi
dent. Rut, monsieur, there aro some
men who rise to the occasion, whilo there
aro no women. They have hot the knack
which iB genius in t he barber, the paint
er, the sculptor. They cannot do that
nndeflnablesomethiliir which Rives style,
forco and character to tho hair nnd beard.
Even the women themselves, slow to ac
knowledge their inability to do anything
that man can do, recognize, this. Elan
Why do the host; WrNtV'rinrr drc-ISing
shops havo men to cut tho bangs nnd
dress tho hair of tho customers? And
What a difference thero is between tho
appoaranco of tho women whose hair is
dressed by tho men barbers and that of
the women who give themseh en oyer to
womon barbers! Let ns not dwell upon
this unpleasant subject.
"I have aeon many women barbers in
tho villages of Franco. They wero the
wives and daughters of deceased men
barbers. You see when the country bar
ber dies ho leaves nothing to his family,
and his old customers transfer their pat
ronage to tho wife or daughter, so that
the family may not starve. Really it
makes little difference with them, for
their skins aro so tough and leathery
that tho razor glances eft of them, nnd
nover having known what proper hair
cutting or beard trimmiug is t hey never
notico tho luck of it.
"I remember well 20 yonrs ago, shortly
after I camo to New York from Paris,
how two women barbers opened a shop
in thia city. Their sign rend, 'Women
do tho business here,' One was a Ger
man girl who had been a ballet donor
and know no more abont the barber's art
than—you will pardon nic, monsieur
yon do. The other was a Fronch girl. I
knew her and her family in Paris. Her
father kept a shop in one of the bnsy av
enues, and on .Saturday night his place
was crowded. His assistants wero his
wifo and two daughters. His wife, fixed
tho customers' hair, one daughter kepi
the curling irons hot, the Other daughter
lathorod the customers' faces, nnd he did
tho Hhaving, going from one chair to an
other. You hco, it was a common kind
of shop, patronized by tho bourgeoisie
only. Well, this girl who had set up in
business in Now York was tho girl who
had dqpc the latlitiruig in Paris.
"She hud POEM here to earn her Uving,
hnd met the e.x-ballel dancer, and the
two had cone luded that theyirright make
a hit as barbers. New York wasn't ns
big then ns it is now, and the citizens
Were greatly astonished at the idea of
■women barbers. A good many men went
to them for i'un. nnd the newspapers
ii.ado sport of ihem. Of course they
knew nothing of barbering, The French
girl camo to me and a; Iced mo to teach
her how to cut hair and trim beards, but
when I told her it would cost 5 francs,
for a lesson she changed her mind."
Tho learned barber paused, lost in
thought, for a moment. Then ho sighed
deeply.—New York Sun.
Out of Sight.
"Havo you v new kit*?" naked Willie
of Tommy, who w*s standing on tho
hilltop holding the end of a string.
"Course I have," replied Tommy,
"Is it a good one?"
"Yon bet! It's out of sight."—Pitts
borg Dispatch.
Are Ton Merrier! ?
It is the small annoyances that worry—sour
milk over night, no milkman in the morning:
no cream tor the coffee; no mlik for the haby.
The Oall Borden Eagle Brand (indented Milk
is alwayß ready for use. Qroccrs and druggists
Farmers and Horsemen—Hal IN Cresm
Salve for horses will keep the lien nIT a sore
heals harbed wire cuts, cures old sores. Sims
thing now, something good. $1. oil a. Vaughn's
drug store, Fourth and Spring sti.
Titfs Pills
To enjoy henlfh one svhonld bave rcg.
nlur I'taesalinns every men j- font
hoar*. Thi> evtla, both mental und
physical, re* ul I Ing- from
srii many anil aerlona. For tha cure
or thia common tronltle, 1 ntt'a I.lvor
I*ll In havo (ruined a |><>i>nlnrll v uniittr.
•Uelcil. Kfegnntly angar coated.
Notice of Sale of Real Estate Under
O silo o{ real efttato under execution.
Mnggloß. Ayers, plaintiff, vs. James M. Dessey
and Frank Ward, defendants.
By vlrine of sn execution Issued out of tnesu
perior court of tbe city and connty of San Fran
cisco atuteoi California,wherein MasgleH. Ayers,
plalntin, and Jamea H. Deasey. et ai., defend*
ants, upon a Judgment rendered tne 7th day of
July, A. D. 1802, for the sum of *ss 20, ln law
ful money of the United states, besides cost and
tuieie-i, t hnvo this day levied noon all the
'ridlil, title, claim and Interest of said defend
arm. James M. Deasey ot al., of. ln and to the
followlns described real cstato, situate ln ths
count! of l.os Angeles, state of California, and
hounded and described as follows:
Forty (AO) foet oil the south side ol lot seven
(7) of Haves' addition lo Sunset fact (In the
city snd county of Loa Anseles. state of Califor
nia), us per mapthereof recorded In hook 11,
pug- »ft of miscellaneous records, In ths ofnoo
of the county recorder of I,os Angoles county,
which said property now stands on the ieconl
of said county In the name of Nellie D. Valley,
wife of O. F, Malley.
I'nblte notice it hereby given that I will, on
Monday, Ihc22d day of May. A. D. 1593, at 12
o'clock m. of that day, ln front of the court
house door of the county of Los Angeles, Broad
way entrance, sell at public auction, for lawful
money nf tho United statos, al) the right. t,tla>
claim and interest nf ssld defendants, James fC
Deasey et al., of, m and lo thu above dosor' -,ed
properly, oi so much thereof as may be nceei
sary to ialau snnVient to satisfy sold Judgment,
with int.-re.i ami coits, etc.. to ihu Vnighest and
best hl.'der.
Dated this 23th day of Antll, 1803.
J. 0. OLINE,
Sheriff of Los Angeles Connty.
My J. 0,1.0WK. Deputy sheriff.
J. 0. Bevxkanci' Attorney for Plaintiff,
4. 28 Krl 4t
Ordinance No. 1049.
tion ni tho mayor aud conncll of the
city of Los Angeles to establish tho grado of
Union avenue, from Eleventh atrest lo Pico
Tho mavorsnd counoil of the city of Loi An
geles tb»ordain s* follows:
Bkction 1 That it ia the Intention of the
council of the city of Loa Angeles to establish
the grado of Union avenue, from Eleventh
streetin Pico sireet, as follows: At the inter
section of Klcvcnthstreet 27 50on ths south,
weit and southeast corner: at tht: Intersection
of i\ infield street 32 oo on tho nortswest and
no'tlirn-t corner and 32 40 on the southwest
and southesst corner; al the Intersection ot
Twelfth atreet 54.00 on the northwest and
northeast corner and 34.40 on tho southwest
anil routheast corner; at the intersection ol
("Irani street 35.75 on the northwest and north
enst earner and 30.00 on tho aouth west and
aoulbetist corner; at the intersection of Pico
street 37.38 on the northweil corner and
37.20 ou the northeast coruer, and at all
points between said designated points
tho grade shall be established ao aa to conform
toa straight lino drawn between said desig
natttl points.
Elevations aro In feet and below city datum
Bkc. 2. The city clerk shall certify to the
passage of this ordinance, anil shall cause the
enmo to be published for ten days lv the
Loa Angelea rlKiui.ri, nnd thereupon and
thcrcalterttshall takeetfpctand bein foioo.
, hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance,
was adopted by the o mnotl ol ihe Oity Ol Loa
Augolcs, at Us meeting el April 24, 1803. .
C. A. I,lit KItNBACH, Cits Clerk.
Approved this Ist day ol May, 1891.
5 4 lOt T, E. ROWAN. Mayor.
Notice '"Yiyng Street Work Pro
I iianeo Mo 1058 of the council of Los An
geles, atlopled May 1, 1893. directing this no
lice, the undersigned nvlus und will receive
at bis office in thu city hall up to 11 o'clock a.
m. of Monday, May 15th, 18(l:-t, scaled proposals
or bids, for lit, foi owing street work to be dono
according to tin,'.pcelficatlnnn, No. 12, for ce
niont aldeWrt !-¥i In the city of Los Angelea,
postetl nnd on file, thervfor adopted, or heroin
mentions d. mwlt;
Thnt a correct sidewalk oight feet. In width
bo construct ! tl slong tho west side of said Grand
avoinie, from ttio southerly l-ne of Third street
ln the n.ntherly line of Fi uri.li street, (except
ing Kueh potions of said street between said
points along Which a cement or asphalt side
walk has be n constructed ami accepted) said
lie. wall 10 L»e eon-iruelod in accordance with
apeoinCaUOnSon nle in the office of the city
clork, said specifications] being numbered
twelve, •
Bidders must file with oacb proposal or bid
a check payable to tho ord r of the mayor of
this city, corliflod by a responsible bank, for an,
aniouiil which shall not be less than tou per
cent oi the aggregate nl tho propo.al, or by a
bond for the said amount and so payable, slgno I
by tho bidder and by two safeties, who shall
Juslily, beforo any nincer competent to admin
ister an oath, tn double the said amount, ami
over afsd above all statutory exemptions.
in bidding use blanks which will bo furnished
by the oily clerk upon application.
Los Angeles, Cat., May 8, 1893. -aa
City Clerk and wt-offii'lo Clork uf the Conncll
of the city of Los Angoles. 5 9
Notice to Parties Interested, in the
Imiiroveruent of Second St reet from
Los Augeles to Alanieoit Street.
SmUkaad I. tt. Polk have lib-d with tho
undersigned their appeal to the council of the
city ol tos Angeleß from the following acts
nutl riciciinitiations of the street superinten
dent in relation to tlie making of the assess
ment for saiti work, towlt:
(a) Tne manner of mailing the asseEsmeut
for paving aud g>adlng.
(hi Tin- manner ol making the assessment
for sewering.
(0) The manner of making the assessment
for curl ing.
(d) Ihe manner of making the assessment
for siilowaUiiig.
(c) The manner of assoaalng the cost ot the
work upou the Intersection ot Sau Pedro and
Second stroeta.
(1) The manner of assessing the coal of work
upon Ihe luteiaeciion oi Vine, Wolfskili aud
Second streets.
(g) The manner of assessing Ihe cost of work
npon Woodworth Court termination and oppo
site terminations
(h) Tho form and extent oi Ihe several as
sessnicnt districts for thework doneou tho aaid
Intersections and terminations.
"aid appeal will be heard by the counoil of
the city of I os Angeles at the council cnamber
thereof, in the oity hsll.ati.os Angles, C ll
fol'llln, on Monday. May ,sth, Is i 3, al 2 o'clock
p. in., or as soon ifleroafter as the Bame can bo
heard > C. A LLI'K -N SAC H,
5-9 51 City Clerk
buco Gold Mining Company.''
You arts hereby notified that a meeting has J
been requested to be culled by i majority Of tbe
stockholders oi this cumpauy, auu Hucn meet
ing il b 'i. by called in pursuancis ol eaid re
quest, tn bo held a' theoulco oi ibis company,
at Nu. 108 Bouth 11 oM'.way, Loe Angoles city,
Oal,, on tne tilth day ol May, 1893, ut i o'clock
p.m., ol that day, lor tho purpose of taking ac
iKin forthe removal of Messrs. tl. L. Tack and
T. 11. Donovan from the oflice ot direct'rs of
this com,any. on account of their removal
from i.os Angelea, Oal.. and their change of
residence to places beyond this county, and
their consequent, insbil.ty to give their pei
soipil attention to the business ol tlusccrpura
tton. And. iv case of such removal, the vacan
cies will be ruled by eleotlou at the same meet
ing, in pursusucu of section olu, Civil Code of
California. ,
Dated Apiil 28,1893.
Pcc'y of Trabuco Uold lining Co.
5 2-tues 2t
Nut ice of Assessment.
JL Angeles. Cat.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
thodlieeio-a held on the 19th day ol April,
1593 an assessment ol ti v (10) cents pr share
was le ii : ,n in,, c pital siocs of the corpura
tion, payable lurthwilli to the trcaaurer of the
ootnpanj, at Us office,N >. 11.1 South Broad*ay,
lv ihe ( It; of l.os A'.goles, Cal
Any st -ek on which the assessment shall re
main uup,.i.i on tho 2'd day of May 1893, will
bo Oellnqui ni, and will be a iverttaad for sale,
an ', linepaynMßt be made before ibe'.Oth
day of.inn, i8B«, aald stick W'll be sold at
public auction, as provided by law, on said
las meutieii-d date, betweeu ihe hours of ten
(10) and eleven (111 o'clock ln the forenoon, at
the office .•! the company.
4 25-tu Ot CALF. HUNTER, Sec y
Ordinance No. 1647.
(NEW snails.)
tcniton of tbe mayor and council of tbe
city of l.os Angeles to change and establish
tbe grade of West line of OHve street from
Third street to Second street and fix ng the
limits of he district to be assessed to pay thu
cost, damages and expenses thereof.
1 he mayor and council of tbe city of l.os An
ieles (1 • ordain as follow;
Barno.N 1. That lt is the Intention of the
council ~f the city of Los Angeles to change
ande.tabllkh the grade ol tbe west line of
Olive siroet Irom Third stieet to Second sireat
as follows: ~
At the Intersection ot Third street, ss now es
tablished 13S 80 on the northwest corner: at a
point 100 leet north of the northweat comer of
Third streot 134 20: at a point 05 feet north
from the laat mentioned point 131.30; at a
point 335 feet north of the last mentionod
point IOI.DO, all said mentioned poluts belug
on tho west side of Ollvn street; at the Intersec
tion of Hocond atreet 04 00. And at all points
botween said designated points the grade shsll
be established so as to conform to a straight
line drawn between ssld designated points
Elevations aro in feet aud above city datum
Sic. 2. The bolndarlcs of the district to be
affected by said cwnge and to be assessed to
pay the damages mat may be awarded by rea
son of snch change of grade are hereby dtsig
naled and established as follows: Beginning
at the southwest corner of r'econd and Olive
streets, tbence westerly along the southerly
I line ot -«.• tnd sireet 168 feet to a point; thenco
I southerly on a line parallel to aud 165 leet
westerly of the westerly line of Olive street to
a point on tho northerly lino of Third street,
thenco easterly along the northerly line of
Third street to tbe northwest comer of Olive
: and Third atreut, thence northerly along the
westerly line of Olive street to the po nt of be
ginning, excepting therefrom any public street
or alley tbat may lie within the above de
scribed district.
sac 3. The city clerk shall certify to tho
passage of this ordinance and Bhall cause the
same to he publUiied for tun day. in the Loi
Angeles Hkkai.d and thereupon and tuereaftur
it shall lake effeot and be In force.
I hereby certify that tne foregoing orrt'nnnon
was adopted by tho council of the city ot Los
Angeles at its meeting ol April 2-1 th. 181)3.
C. A. LUCKENBACH, City Clerk.
Approved this Ist day ol May. 1833.
6-4 lOt T. E ROWAN, Mayor.
Notice iuvitiiifi- Proposals for the
Purchase of One Steam Engine,
With a Hose Wagon ami 1500 Feet
of Hqse.
by the undersigned np to 11 o'ciook a m.
of Monday, May 22, 189:1, for furnishing the
Oity of Lot Angelea with ono new aecond-clitß
(team Are on«tn", tor.ether with ahoso wagon
and I ■«» feet of enttnn fabric hoae.
Proposals will be received from bidders to
furnish any or all apparatus enumerated,
either separately or as a whole.
Biddora will furnish de lgus with bid for one
and tvso-horse nose wagon.
A certified check to the order of tho under
signed for $500 upon bids 'or the engine and
If luO npon bids for the hose wagon, aud $'150
upou bids lor fire hose, must accompany each
proposal as a guarantee that tbe bidder will
enter into a contractu awarded to him, ln con
formity with bis bid,
Counoil reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
By ordor of the council of the city of Loi An
geles at Its meeting of April 24,1893.
0. A. LUCKENBACH, City Clerk.
4 27 2«t. , <■
Notice of the Filing of the Report ot
the Cominisiloiiera Appointed lor
the Widening of Pico Street from
Main Street to Figueroa Street, in
Compliance With Ordinance No.
1847 (New Sent a), Together With
the Plat of the Assessment District
tilled copy of th s roport, sssessment list
and plat of the commissioners nppolutod to
assess benefits and damages and tohavn general
supervision of the proposed work of widening
Pjco street from Main street to Flgnoro* street,
has been filed in the office ot the undersigned.
All sums "evli d and asses ed in said assess
ment list are due and payable immediately.
The payment of said sua s Is to be made to m c
in my office within thirty days from tho first
pub'fcation of this notlnj.
All asaes-mentsnot paid beforet'ieexpirstlon
of said thirty days will bo declared to become
deli' ijtient, ana thcroaltcr five for cent, with
the coat of advortlalug will be added thereto.
Dated this 2d day tit May, A D., Ifco3.
D. A. WAT-tON, Street Superintendent.
By A. 1 ktrw art, Deputy. 5-2 lot
Notice of Dissolution of Corporation.
-1 ty of Loa Angele, atate nf Caliiornia—No
tice of dls olutloii of corporation, Iho Los An
geles tins Company* f s rTfirv ir
Pursuant lo the older ot the iipbrlgjiottH Is
lur. by given ih.it on th's SS'h flat of Apti',
I*o3, Tne Los Angeles tikt Cora*nny and the
directors theroof, by leave of court. Oral ob
tamed, filed In the office of the clerk of the
Superior Court of tho county of Los Angoles
their putlilon tor the voluntary dissolution of
said corporation.
All persons interested will take notice that
on Mouday, tho 12th day ol Juno, 1893, the
petitioners will, uulesß objections be filed, ap
ply to tho court tor the order prayed for at De
partment 5. in the County Court House oft he
county «»l l.os Augeles.
All persons having such objections must file
the same, with tho clerk of thia couitntnny
time before tho expiration of this notice.
Dated this 2Kth day of April, 1898.
l-'enl of Co. Clerk) > T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By F. E. I owry, Ooputy.
Cheney 4 Cronin, Aito'-ncya for Petitioners.
4-2 i) 45t
Notice—Application for Lieueae.
£3 Angoles, ss.
I T. H, Ward, clerk of the county of Lis An
gel* B, California, and ex officio clerk of the
board of supervisors thereof, do hereby certify
that, under the provl-iona of an ord nance en
titled, ' Ordinance .mpoaing Licensee and Fix
lug Rates Thereof ln the Connty of Los Ange
les, Mate ot California," paaaed by said boartl
March 4,1893 the followit g applications for
a license under section 3 th-reof, have been
filed with sa d boartl, nnd that the hearing nf
said applications hsa by satd hoard been fixed
for the 12lh day of May, 1893, at 10 o'clock
a. m.. to wit:
Filed, April 29,1893, Marluß Blnnt; location,
Verdugo Kosd, Corner of road through Eagle
Rock valley to Pasadena: business, saloon.
In witnesa whoreof I bave hereunto set my
hand nnd affixed my official seal this 3d any of
May, 1893.
Clerk ot l.os Angoles county, Callfor
[Scal] nls, and ex officio clork oi tho board
of supervisors thereof.
5 4-7t By J. M. DUNAMOOR, Deputy.
Notice Inviting Proposals to Con
struct ami Set in Place a Steel
Water Tank in the Rear of tlie City
Hail of the City of Loa Angeles.
O by the undersigned up to 11:00 o'clock a.
m, of Mouday, May Bth 1893, to construct
and set ln piaco In the yard back of the city
ball of the city of Los Angeles, one steel water
tank, according to specifications on fl c iv the
office -I the city clerk.
A certified check to the order of the under
signed for IfSO must accompany each prooo«al,
as a guarantee that the biddei will enter intoa
contractu awarded to him in conformity with
his bid.
Council roserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of tho Connc.ll of the City of l.os Au
geles at its meeting of April 24th, 1893
4 27 12t City Clerk.
Notice to stockholders.
Company. Tho Annual meeting of the
stockholders of the California aid Arizona
Railway company wl 1 be held at the office of
the company, in the city of l.os Angeles, on
Wednesday, Vay 10, 1893. at 10 o'clock a. m.,
to elect a board of directors for tbe ensuing
year and lo transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
FUANK H. PAT I Etc, Secretary.
Los Angeles, Cal , April 25. 1893.
Notice to Stockholders.
Company. The annual meeting ol the
stockholders of the Pacific Land and Improve
ment oompany will be held at the office of the
company, ln the city of Los Augeles. on Wed
uesdsy. May 10. 1893, at 11 o'clock a.m., to
elect a board of directors for the eunitng year
and to transact such other business as may
properly come before tne mooting.
FRANK H. PATTtE, Secretary.
l.os Angeles, Oal.. April 25. 1893. I 23 2w
Proposals foij Building: Site.
I osals for furnishing a lot in the bu-iuess
portion ot sVos A ngalea, suitable for the erec
tion thereon of an Odd F. Hows' temple, will
hencetved at the oflice of tho Odd Fellow.'
Hall Association up to May 15th. said pro
posais must be ln writing, and state etr.a of lot,
location and prloe. . „
W. A. BONYNGE, Bec'y,
415 1m 115 S. Br. adway.
Notice Inviting Proposals lor the
Purchase af Water Improvement
Honda of the Clfy of Los Angeles.'
by the undersigned up to meeting of coun
cil of the city of L<s Angeles to bo held Mon
day. May 22, 1893 at not later tban 10 o'clock
a.m. of that day, for tho purchase of ali or of
sny portion of 200 water Improvement bonds
of the oily of Los Angele', 100 of which are to
be delivered end paid lot within 10 days from
the date of the acceptance of the bio, or as
soon thereafter M the bonds are ready for issu
ance, and 100 to b? delivered and paid for four
mouths from tbe date of tho acceptance of the
bid, and for the purchase i.f »H or of any por
tion of 52(1 water improvgment bonds of tne
cltyofXos Angeles (v.hlch number includes
the 200 bonds above mentioned), 200 to be do
llvered as soon as the bends aro ready, not less
than 10 days from tbe date of the acceptance of
tbe bid 200 to be delivered ln six month* and
120 to be delivered nine m >nlhs from tbe date
of the acceptance of the bid.
Said bonds are to be nf the denomination of
11000 each, drawing interest at the rate of 5
per cent per annum, interest payable semi
annually at the Chemical National bank of
New York, and are to be issued under tho pro
vision- and conditions ol the act of the Ugis
lature of the state of California, approved
Marnh 19,1889 entitled "An act authorizing
th--inclining of indebtedness by cities, towns
ond municipal corpoiations, etc.," and also un
der the provisions of ordinance*, No, 1436,
1451 and 1497, new series, of said city, which
said ordinances or conies thereof may be seen
at tbe office of tbe utiderstgned.
Tnese bonds are all dated January X, 1893,
tnd are divided Into 20 blocks of 20 bouds
each, and one block ol ti bonds, and beginning
jßnnery 1,1894, one bond ot each block will
become due mid payable annusl'y.
PiopOMlswlll be received for the entire issue
or for one or more blocks.
No proposals for these bouds can b>> enter
tained tjf less than ther fscovalue and accrued
Proposals to he endorsed "Proposals for pur
chase of bonds "
Bonds will be ready for delivery about June
1, 1893.
Bonds will be delivered by the city treasurer
at his oflice in the city hall, Loa Angoles city.
The council reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
By order of the council of tho city of Los An
geles at its meeting of April 17. 1893.
City Clerk and Ex officio Clork of tbe Council
of tht Ct.y of I, is-Angeles. 4-21 32t
brdinarice~No. 1658.
. council of tho city of Los Angeles order
ing certain work to bo done oa Grand
The mayor and council of the city oi Los
Angeles do ordnin as follows:
Section I. That the council of the city of Los
Angsts deems it to he required by the pub.ic
interest and convenience, and hereby orders
tho foi owing street work 10 be done accotdmg
10 the specifications contained in its ordinance
No. 159(),t0w1t:
That a cement sidewalk eight feet in
width he constructed along the wer. side of said
Grand avenne, from the southorly lineof Thitd
street to ths northerly lino of Fourth street,
(excepting such portions of satd street between
said points along which a cement or asphalt
sidewalk has boon constructed and accepted,)
said -idewalk to a? constructed iv ac ordance
with specifications on file In tho office of the
city clork, said specifications being numbered
Sec 2. The city clork Is hereby directed to
publish a notice of said work, inviting sealed
proposals or bids for doing said work, and re
ferring to the specification!; posted or on file,
fortwo days, in the Los Angeles Hehalo, a
dally newspaper published and circulated in
this city, hereb? dedgnatert for that purpose.
Said notice shall require a certified check or a
bond, either, as prescribed by law, and for an
I.mount not less than to per cent of the aggre
gate of th" proposal. He is also directed to
post taid notice with specifications conspicu
ously for five days on or near the oouncil
chamber door.
Sic. 8, The city clerk shall rertlfy to the pas
sage of this ordinance and shall cause thesame
to be published for iwodays ln the Los Augeles
HutA'.n, and thereupon and thereafter it
slii.lt take effect and be in force.
1 hereby oertlly that the foregoing ordinance
wua adopted by h i coiucil of tho city of Los
Angoles at its meeting ol May Ist, A. V. 1893.
by the followiug vo'e:
Ayu»—Messrs. Campbell, Oaffey, Innes, Mun
• ou, Nlckoll, Pesseil, Rhodes and Ptesident
Noes—Mr. Strohm-(1.)
City Clerk and ex-oWeio Clerk of the Council
of the city of Loa leg-lea.
Ap roved this sth day of May. 1893.
5-7 2t T. X ROW AM. Mayor.
Notice Inviting Street Work Pro
iiniice No 1646 of tho council of the
city of Los Angeles adopted April 24, 1893,
' directing this notice, the ntidetslgnw.i invites
and will receive at his office in tho city hall,
up lo 11 o'clock a. m.. of Mondiy May 15,
1H )3, sea led proposals or bids, for the. following
street work to be done according to specifica
tions No 12 for constructing cemont side
wtii i-r in the city of Los Ange c*, posttd and on
file, iheretcr adop.ed, or herein moutloned, to
Tout a cement sidewalk six feet in width
be to intruded along each side of said
Alpine ktteet from the oiattrly lino of
Centennial street to the westerly lineof Upper
Mam street, (excentlng such portions of said
street between said points along which, a
cement sidowalk has been constructed and
accepted), said sidewalk to b3 constructed in
accordance with specifications ou file in the
office of ihe. city clerk, said specifications being
numbered twelve.
Bidders must lile with each proposal or bid a
check payable to the order of the mayor of this
. city, certified by a responsible bank, for au
aniuum which Bhall not be less than ten por
cent of the aggrcgateot the proposal, or a bond
for the-.'id amount aud si payable, s'gncd by
' the bidder and by two sureties, who shall Jus
tify, b -fore any officer competent to administer
auo-tth, iv double the said amount, and over
1 and above all statutory exemptions.
In bhldlug use blanks which will bo fur
nished by the city clerk upon application.
Los Augeles, Cal., May 8,18 .3
1 City Clerk and ex-offlclo clerk of the coun"ll of
the city of l.os Angeles. 5-3 2t
Notice Inviting Street Work Pro
JL dinnnce No. 1644 of the council of the city
of Los Angeles, adopted April 24th, 1893. di
rectum this notice, the undersigned invites and
wili receive at his offlce ln the city hill, un to
11 o'clock a ra ,of Monday. -May lfith, 1893,
sealed proposals or bids, for the following street
work to be done according *o th * specifications
No. 12, tor constru alng cement sidewalk In
the city oi l.os Angeles, posted and on file,
therefor adopted, or herein mentioned, to wit:
Ist. That n cement sidewalk six feet in
width boconstructedalongtheaorth sideof said
Eleven'h street irom the westerly lino of l'esrl
street to the ea tcrly line of Beorgla Bell street,
(excepting such portions of said street be
tween said points along which a cement or
asphalt sidewalk has baen constructed and ac
cepted!, naid -nlewalk to bs constructed ln ac
cord line with specifications on file in the
office of tha city clerk, said specifications being
numbered twelve.
Bidder- must file with each proposal or bid a
check , nvable to the order of the mayor of this
city, certified by a responsible bank, for au
amount which shall not be leas than ten per
cent o' Die aggregate of the proposal, or a
bond for the said amount and so payable,
algm il hy thebidder and by two sureties, who
shall justify, befog* any officer competent to
administer au oath, ln double tho said amount,
and over and above all statutory exemp'lons.
In bnle'ing use blanks which will ba furnish
ed by tne city clerk uoon app ieation.
Los Angeles, Cal., May 8. 1893.
City Clerk and ex-offlolo Clerk of the Council
of the city of Los Angeles. 5-8 2t
Notice ;o Contractors—Street Sprink
ling. •
1!N proposals will be received by the Board of
sin ci i isors up to 2 o'clock p.m. on Thursday,
May Is, 1893, for the purpose of sprinkling,
during tne year 1893, Pasadena avenue from
the city limits lothe bridge crossing the Arroyo
Seen nt itarvansa; also for the sprinkling of
San I'eiiißiido road, from the city limits to
Cypre s streot, in the town of Troptco.
Coatiaetors will be required to furnish man,
team am! ; . naltllng carl.
B .ts to spiicify price per day per man and
team. , .
Tie- board reserves the right to reject any or
all bids. »
By eider of the Board ot Supervisors of Loa
Angeles county, May Bth, 1893
T. H. WARD. County Clerk,
ft-7 lOt By J M ln-Nsstooa, Deputy.
~" Notice to Whom H May Concern.
redeemed go.d, silver, filled caseand nickel
watches, diam .nd and gold ear-rings, breast
pins, rings, Meave buttons, collar buttons, sil
verware, mid headed canes aud umbrellas,
elm ks, 'guitars, mandolins, violins, banjos,
p stol«, guns, rifles, opera and field glasses,
mcrchaurn pipes and ci : ar holders, overcoats,
coi - lent, and yes s, valises, trunks, bookß,
s adl s, surveyors'lnstruments, drumaand mv
Bical instruments, and all other goodß at No
122 North Main atreet. m
L. B COHN, Pawnbroker,
n. ETTLING. Anctioiieer. 3-24 baa
Ordinance No. 1657.
council oi the city of Los Angeles de
claring their Intention to Improve a portion of
Brent street and determining that bonda Ihail
be issue 1 to represent the cost thereof.
Tbe mayor and council of the city of Log An
geles do ordain as follows:
Biction 1. Tbat tbe public Interest and con
venience require and that It is the intention
of tbe oity council of the city of Los Angelea to
order the following wort to be done, to wit:
First—That said Brent street, In gtld city,
from tbe southerly curb line of Temple street
lo the northeasterly line of Lake Shore avenue,
Including all intersections of streets, (except
ing such portions of said-street and intersec
tions as are required by law to be kept in otder
or repair by any person or company having
railroad tracks thereon, also excepting such
portions as have already been graded and
f raveled and accepted,) be graded and graveled
n accordance with the plans and profile on file
ln tbe oilice of the city etfgineer and specifica
tions ob file in the oflice ot the city clerk of ths
city of Los Angeles for graveled streets said
specifications being numbered five.
Second—That A redwood enrb be constructed
along each line of tho roadway of said Brent
street from the southerly curb line of Temple
street to tbe northeasterly line of Lake Shore
avenue, (excepting along such portions of the
lineof said roadway upon which a redwood,
granite or cement curb bas already been con
structed and accepted ) in accordance witn
specifications In the office of the city clerk of
said city for constructing redwood curbs.
Fourth—That a public sewer he constructed
along said Brent street from a point opposite
the northerly line of lot twenty one (21), Q. W.
King's subdivision, to the Arroyo de los Reyes
sewer, now constructed at the intersection of
lire t street and Lake Short- avenue, nnd across
all intersections of streets (excepting along
such portions upon which a public sewer bas
been constructed and Kccept d,) together with
manholes, lampholes and tlushta.n»B. Tbe size
of said sewer snail be eight 8) Inches ln inter
nal diameter, and be constructed of salt glazed
vitrified pine, brick. Iron and cement. All ol
which shall be constructed ln accordance with
tbe plans and profile on file ln the office of the
city engineer and specifications on file ln the
offlce of the city clerk, said specifications being
numbered fourteen.
The cost of constructing said fewer shall be
assessed against all lots and lands fronting
upon tbe same.
tsc. 2. The city engineer having estimated
that tho total costof said Improvement will bo
greater than one dollar per front foot along
each line of said street, lnclu ling the cost of
intersections, lt la hereby determined in pur
suance of an act of the legislature of tho state
of California, approved February 27, 1803,
that bonds shall be Issued lo represent the cost
of said improvement. Said bonds shall be se
rial, extending over a period ot ten yesrs, an
eveu proportion of which shall .bi payable an
nually on tho second day of January of each
year, after their date until the whole are paid,
and to bear interest at the rate of seven pel
cent per annum, payable semi annually on
the second days of January and Jnly of each
and every year.
Sec. 3. The street snperlntendent shall post
notice of this work as required by law, and
shall cause said notice to ba be publish- d for
six days ln Ihe Loa Angeles Daily Hkr.ilo.
Sic. 4. The city clerk shall certify to the
passage of this ordinance and cause tbe
same to be published for two days in the Los
Angeles Daily Ukrald, and shall post the
same conspicuous.y for twodayspn or near the
chamber door of the council, and the.enpon
and thoieaf ter it shall take effect and bo ln
I hereby certify that tho foregoing ordinance
was adopted by Ihe counoil of the city of Los
Angeles at Its meeting of May 1, A, D. 1893, by
tho following vote:
Ayes—Messrs. Campbell, Tnnea, Mnnson,
Nickell, Rhodes, Strohm and President Teed—B.
City Clerk and Ex-Offlcio Clerk of the Cornell
of ihe city of Los Angeles.
Approved this sth day of May, 1893.
5-7-2t T. E. Rowan, Mayor.
Notice Inviting Street Work Pro
JL uance No. 1645 of the counoil of the city
of Loi Angele*, Adopted April 24th, 1893, di
recting thia notice, the undersigned luYltea And
wilt receive at his office ln the city hall, up to
11 o'clock a. m of Monday, May 15, 1693.
sealed proposals or bids for the following street
work to bo donrs according to the specifications,
No. 5, for graveled streets, and No. 12, for con
atructlng cement euro and sidewalk ln the city
of Los Augeles, posted aud on file, therefor
adopted, or herein mentioned, to-wit:
First. That all that portion ot said Bchandla
Btreet ln aaid city butwecn the north line oi
Bridge street and south of a line joining the
southwest coruer of block 15 and the southeast
corner of block 7, Brooklyn tract, and com
pletely surrounding Prospect park, including
ali interseotiußß of stteets (excepting srch por
tions of satd street and intersections as are re
quired by law to be kept ln order or repair by
any person or company having railroad tracks
thereon, and also excepting euch portions aa
have already been graded, graveled aud accept
ed), be graded and graveled in accordance with
the plans and profile on file in the oflice nf the
city engineer and apeciflcations on file ln the
office of the oity clerk of the city of Los Angelea
for graded and graveled Btreets, aaid specifica
tions being numbered five.
Second, That a cement curb be constructed
along c .eh line of the roadway of all that por
tion of Kebandta at eet between the north line
of Bridge street and south of a line joining the
southwest corner of block 15 and the southeast
corner of btock 7, Brooklyn tract, and com
pletely surrounding Prospect park, (except
ing along such portions of the line of
Bald toadway upon which a cement
curb has already been constructed and
accepted) ln accordance with specifications
ln the office of the city clerk of said city for
constructing cement cnths, aaid specifications
being numbered twelve.
Third. That a cement aidewa'k six feet In
width be constructed along each side of all that
portion of satd Echandia Btreet between the
north lineof Brid :e sireet and south of a l.ne
joining the southwest corner of block 15 and
the southeast corner of block 7, Brooklyn tract,
and complet'lv surrounding Prospect pa'k,
(excepting such portions of Baid atreet between
said points along which a cement side
walk has been constructed and accepted),
said sidewalk to ba c instructed ln ac
cordance with specifications on file lntbe office
of the city clerk, aald specifications beiug
numbered twelve.
Sec 2. The city engineer having estimated
that the total cost of said improvement will be
greater than one dollar per front foot along
each line of snld atreet, Including the cost of
intersections, lt is hereby determined, ln pur
suance of an act of the legislature of the state
of California, approved March 17, 1891, that
bonds shall be issued to represent tbe cost of
said improvement. Said bonds shall be serial,
extending over a period of ten years, an even
proportion of which shall b-a payable annually
on the first day ot Jaauary of each year,
after their date until the whole are paid, and to
bear interest at the ra'e of 7 per cent per an
num, payable semi-annually on tbe first
daya of January and July of each and every
Bidders must file with each proposal or bid
acliaekpayable to tbe order ol the mayor of
this city, certified by a responsible bank, for au
amount which shall not be iess than ten per
cent of the aggregate of the proposal, or a bond
for the said amount and so payable, signed by
the bidder and by two sureties, who shall Jus
tily, betore any officer competent to administer
an oath, In double the Bald amount, and over
and abovo all statutory exemptions.
In bidding use blanke which will be furnlahed
by theclty cierk upon application.
Lob Angelea, Cal., May 8, 1893.
City Clerk and ex-offlcio olerk of the council
of the city of Los Angelea. B-8 8t
Notice of Award of Contract.
Jt resolution of award of tbe city council of
theclty of l.os Angelea, adopted May 1,1893,
directing this notice, notice ia berobv (.lveu
teat the said city council in open session, ou
the 24Mi day of April, 1893 opened, examined
and publicly declared all sealed proposals or
bids offered for the fo lowing work, towlt:
First—That ssld Barttett street In aald city,
from the westerly line of Montreal atreet to the
ea-torly line of Bcaudry avenue, including all
intersections ol streets, (excepting such por
tions of said street and Intersections as aro re
qmired by law to bn kept in order or repair by
any person or company having railroad tracks
thereon, and atsa excepting such portions as
have already been graded, graveled and ac
cepted,)be graded and graveled ln accordance
witb the plausand profile, on file In the office of
theclty en. moor and specifications on flieln
the oflice of the city clerk of the city of Los
Augeles ior graded and graveled sticeta, aald
specifications being numbered five.
Second—That a redwood curb be constructed
aloug each lino of the roadway ot Bald Baitlett
street, from the westerly line of Montreal
street to the easterly .iv-: oi lteaudry nvetahe
(exceplingalong such portions of the line of
said roadway upou which a rodwood, cement or
granite curb has already bsou constructed and
accepted,) lv aocordauce wltn specifications ln
the onlce'of tho oity clerk of aald city for con
structing redwood curbs.
And thereafter to-wit: On the Ist day of
May, 1893, awarded the contract for said work
to , tie lowest regular responsible bidder, towlt:
To J. P. Jones, at the prices named for said
work ln bis proposal on file, towlt: 91.95
per lineal loot for wsrk complete, and that tbe
said award bas been approved by the mayor.
Clerk's office, Los Angelas, cal., May 5, 1893.
5-8-2t City Clerk ot the city oi to* Angeles.
Notice of Franchise.
pllcitlon has been made io the board of
trustees of the town of Santa Monica to grant a
franchise tor the erection, construction and
maintaining on the streets, alleys and places of
said town of Santa Monica of polea and con
duits, aud the stringing of wite i hereon for tho
purpose of conducting electricity for electric
lights and electric energy, and for furnishing
the same to said municipality and tbe inhabit
ants thereof for the term of fifty years fr.m the
date of. the passage of the ordinance
granting of said franchise, and that it la pro
posed to grant tbe lame; and that tbe board of
trustees of the (aid town of Santa Moniba will
on Monday, June 12, 1893, at 8 o'clock p. in.,
of said day meet in open ses'lou, and rend any
and all bids which may have been received for
tne purchase of said franchise.
The franchise proposed to be sold and grant
ed by said board of trustees is fully described
aafollows, to wit:
Au ordinance Granting to and as
signs a franchise for the electric poles, string
ing wires, and conatrncting conduits for the
transmission of electricity and electrical en
ergy through tbe city ol Banta Monica.
The board of trnstees of the town of Santa
Monica do ordain aa follows:
Section 1
and their assigns are hereby granted
for ihe period of fifty (50) years from date
hereof tho right to erect and maintain polea
npon, and to run wires over and along the pub
lic streets, aliojs and places in the town of
Santa Monloa, and also to construct and main
tain thereon under ground conduits all for the
pnrpose of carrying, furnishing and distribut
ing electricity and electrical energy for motive
power engines, motors, elevators, lightning,
and tor any other pnrpose for which electricity
may be used.
Sec, 2. Snch poles as are erected shall not be
placed nearer together tban 100 feet, excepting
at intersections, and shall in all cases be set
flush with the inner edge of tbe curb when not
otherwise dlrectod by the board of
trustees, which shall also have the right
to designate tho points at which par
ticular poles ahall be set, and which shall also
have the right to order the removal of any polea
which it may designate. In no caee shall any
wire on any pole be at lesß distance Irom the
ground tban twenty feet, except where connec
tion is being made Irom a pole to the side of a
hec. :). All underground conduits construct
ed by said company shall ba placed iv such
portions ol tbe streets or alleys, and places, and
at such depths below the surface of the ground
as the board of trustees may direct.
Bee. 4. The town of Santa Monica Bhall have
the right at nil tlmo to use the poles and con
duits of said company, without cost to said
town, for the purposo of running and laying
such wires sb it may need for its fire and police
alarm, and telegraph aud telephone purposes.
Sec. 5. Actual work of construe ing and
erecting said poles Bhall commence within 30
days from the date of granting of this fran
chise, and Baid granteo must havo elootrlc
light turned on, and ready to furnish said town
or tbe inhabitants thereof with electric lights
within six months from the date of the passage
of thiß ordinance, and said grantee shall de
posit with the treasurer of tho town of Santa
Moulca tho sum of one thousand dollars iv law
ful money of tbe United States of America, be
fore the taking effect of thia ordinance, to be
retained br said town as fixed and liquidated
damagea if said grantee or assigns shar) fail fh
any ot the requirements ol this section.
Bxc. 0. The board of trustees shall at all
times have tbe rlgbt to regulate the charges to
consumers ol electric lights luroished under
the provisions and grants in this ordinance,
and said grantee shall pay all costs of publica
tions required by law in relation to the grant
ing of this franchise before the Bame shall take
Sec. 7. Thia franchise is granted on eich
and all cf the conditions herein contained, and
a failure to comply with each or any of said
conditions Bhall work aa a forfeiture of all
rights herein granted.
3«c 8. The clerk of the town of Santa Mon
ica ahaltcertify to the paasago of thin ordinance
and cause the tamo to be published once ln the
Santa Monica Outlook, a newspaper publish ed
and circulated within the town oi Santa Mon
Pass , 1893.
President of the Board of Trustees of the town
of Santa Monica.
I, C. 8. Dales, clerk of the town of Santa Mon
ica, and ex-offlcio clerk of the board of trustees
of said town do certify that the foregoing ordi
nance was duly passed at a regular meeting of
said board held on the day of ,
1893, by the following vote: Ayes
and waa theu and there signal hy the president
of said board of trustees.
Sealed proposals will be recaived by tho town
clerk at bis office In the bank block, corner of
Third Btreet and Oregon avenue, of th- town of
Santa Monica, Los Augeles couu y, Oahf jrnla,
at any time on or betv.>:e June 12, 1893, at 7:30
o'clock p..m., for the purchase of Bald franchise
subject to the lollowlng conditions, towit: Each
bid shall contain a certified check for the
amount of the bid payable to the order of the
president of the board of trustees of the town
of Santa Monica, and also a certified check for
the sum of one hundred dollars payable aa
afore a aid.
Aud It Is made a lurther condition of the sale
of said franchise to the successful bidder, that
he ahall within two daya after the acceptance
of aaid bid pay to tbe treasurer of tho town of
Santa Monica, the amount of tho cost of ndver
tlsing of this notice, and of pnblication of the
ordinance, and in case he fall to pay tlie same
theu said check for $100 shall be forfeited to
the town aa liquidated damages. Aud on ac
ceptance of any bid all other certified cbeok,s
than those of tne ancceaaful bidder sball be re
turned to tbe bidder so enclnBlng ttein.
By order of the board of trnsfes.
[seal! • 0. 8. DALES, Clerk.
Notice of Sale of Real Estate.
pursuance of an order of tho Buperior court
In and for the county of Los Angales, state of-
California, made on the 25th day of April, 1893,
in the matter of the estate of 1 nonius B. Brown,
deceased, the undersigned, the administratrix
of the estate of Thomas B. Brown, deceased,
w ill sell at private sale to the bigheßt bidder
(for cash, or, at her option, for not less
tban one-third cash, balance on or be
fore the expiration ol one year from
date of confir nation of Bale, with interest at
eight per cent per year, payable yearly, and
subject to confirmation by said superior court),
on or after Monday, the ISth day of May, 18J3,
all tbe right title, interest aud eatate ot the
aaid Thomas B. Brown at the time of his death,
and all the right, title and int-rest that thesaid
eatate hae, by operation ol law or otherwise, ac«
quired other thau or in addition to tnnt of the
aaid Thomas B Brown, deceased, at the time of
hia death, In and to all those certain lots, pieces
or parcels of land aituate, lying and being ln
the said county of i,os Angeles, Btate of Califor
nia, and bounded and described as, follows, to
Firßt—ln the city of Los Angeles, In the "Bol
gravia" tract, according to the map of subdlvi
sion thereof, recorded in book 23 of miscellane
ous records of said county, page 54, lots 1, 2,
4,6. 0, 20, 21, 22, 19, 23, 24, 20, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12,13,14,15,16 and 17.
Becon —In the city ol Los Angeles, in tbe
MaGarry tract, according to the map of Subdi
vision thereof, recorded In book 26 of miscel
laneous records, page 09 of the public records
of said county.
Lots 3 and 9 in block "C," lots 32. 24, 40 and
north 3 feet of 41 ln block "D," the east 3 feet
of lot2B. and lotß 29 and 37 of block E, and
lota 6, 7, 25, 27 and 34 ot block F.
Third—ln the town of Santa Monica In said
county, lots "A" and "B" ol block 122, lots "tt"
and "8" of block 50, aud lot "C" of block 194,
according to the map of subdivision of said
town, recorded ln the recorder's office of said
county, lv book 3 of Miscellaneous records,
pagos tO and 81.
Under the order ol tho court aforesaid, the
administratrix may sell tho ssld real estate,
either in one parcel or in lots or subdivisions
thereof, sb ahe shall deem most beneficial to
Bald estate
Terms and conditions of aale: Cash tn gold
coin ol the United states, on confirmation
of sale by said superior coari. Deed at ex
pense of purchaser, or at the option of the ad
mlni-tratrlx, a portion of the pure i«so price,
not less than one third there ou confirmation
of sale by said suptrior court, aud tbe balance
thereof on or before the expiration of not more
than one year after d .te of such confirmation,
with interest on said deterred payment at the
rate of eight per cent per year, Interest payable
annually, both principal Rnrl interest in United
Btatot gold coin, the deferred payment to bu
evidenced by proper promissory hote or notes,
and secured by propel' mortgage upou tbe
property sold.
Bids or oilers must be in writing and may ba
left at theoffico of Smith & winder, attorneys
at law, No. 315 New High street, Los Augeles
city, or delivered to the admniKtratrlx person
ally, or filed in the office of the clerk of the
superior court of I-aas Angclos, couuty, at nuv
time after tho first publication o( this notice
and beforo the m iking of ihe sale.
Administratrix of the estate of Thomas B.
Browu, deceased.
Dated April 28, ls9S. 4-28 191
Stockholders' Meeting.
Pipe Company, No. MH South Broad» :\,
Los Angeles, Cal., April 20, 1893. a
A meeting of tbe stockholders of tho Califor
nia Sewer Pipe Company will be held at the
office of tho company, in the city of Los Ange
les, C>l, on Wednesday, May 10, 1593, at 2
o'jiock p.m. of said date, for the election of a
Board of Directors for the ensuing year, and
for the trunsaction of such other business as
may properly be brought before aald meeting,
By request of a majority of the stockholders.
4-20 td S. H. MOTT, see'y.
Notice of Sale of Fraudi.se.
Council ol the city of Lot Angeles has re
ceived an applieatton for a franchise for tho
construction and operation ot a street railway
trace over the route herinafter described, and
mat the said council will, on the sth day of
June, 1893, receive and open sealed proposals
for the purchase of the franchise, described as
follows, to-wlt: „
(NEW 51R119.)
An ordinance granting to and
assigns the right to cousttuct and operate a
street railroad trauk aloug certain streets ia
tbe city of l.os Angeles.
Themsyor and council of the city of Los
Angeles to ordain as follows:
Section 1 That the rtgnt of way be and tha
same Is hereby granted to
or'assigns for the term of thirty years from
tbe date of this ordinance over and along tbe
public streets in ibe city ot Los Angeles herein
aiter named for the purpose of constructing,
operating and maintaining a single track street
railway, the same to be operated in connection
with the present single track now constructed
along satd street', together with tbe right to
oonsruct necessary properties, structures and
attachment* tor the purpose of operating sail
railroad track ln connection with said track
already laid, by electricity; provided that said
track shall at all times be used and maintained
according to the provisions of this ore inane c.
Tha streets and portions of streets over
which this right of way is granted are des
cribed as follows, to wit: Beginning at the in
tersection of Now Main street aud Msrchessanlt
street en, i running thence along Now Main street
to Kuhrts streot; thence along Kuhrts Btreet to
Ml-sion road; thence along Mission road to. Al
bert street. .
Together with tho right to moke the neces
sary curves and connections, of Btreet ir-tarsec
It ia cxpreasly understood that tha
track herein authorized to ba laid
must be laid equidistant from the
center line of said streets with the track already
laid thereon: and tbat said tracks shall ba as
near to each other as a proper iegard for safety
will allow.
it is farther expressly understood that no
right Is granted hereby for tho construction of
any switch or switches along the line of aald
street railway track.
eEc. 2. The grantee and his assigns shall nsa
in tho construction of said road the best mate
rial, including the latest approved and best
street railway rail, such as is used on firet class
roads; and shall pave or macadamize said road
between the rails and for two feet on each side
thereof with the same material used by the oity
upon the streets over which said road runs re
spectively: aud shall keep said track constantly
in repair, Huh with the street, and provided
with suitablecrossinvs: and shall make tho
roadbed to conform at all times to tbe estab
lished grade of the Btreets. All repairs and
grades sball be made nnder the instruction and
to the satlslaction of tbe street superintendent
of said city.
Tbe grantee shall at all times when ordered
by the street superintendent repair aaid track
or roadway or the atreet between the rails and
for two feet on each aide thereof
according to the instructions of said street
Supeiriitctident; and in case said grantee or
his assigns shall tail to comply with the in
structions of said Btre?t superintendent for ten
dajß after- notice thereof, be, the laid atreet
Buperlnteneent. is empowed to enter upon tho
road of said giantee or his assigns and do tbe
work bo ordered, and keep an Itemised account
of the cost thereof which said grantee nnd his
assigns, by the acceptance of this franchise,
hereby agrees to pay immediately npon its
presentation to the local agent* of said street
railway stationed in tho city of Los Angeles.
Provided further that said grantee or hia
assigns shall construct all necessary water
acqucducts for tbe carrying of water nnder
their tracks wherever tbe samo naturally
flows: and that all curbs and acqueducts shall
he constructed nnder specifications approved
by the city engineer of aaid city of Loa Angeles.
It is nnderstood that the grantee or his
assigns shall have the right to excavate or re
move portiona or the street necessary to prop
erly construct and lav aald railway track, and
to properly equip aaid road.
It is understood further that tha city, In mak
ing the grant of this franchise, expressly re
serves the right to pave, macadamize, renew or
sower any of sa d streets, or to lay any pipes
therein; such work to be done ao as to injure
said road as little as possible.
The cars upon said road shall not be allowed
to atand upon Btreet intersections or on main
streets in snch a manner as to obstruct the
use of tali street by vehicles.
If poles be erected to carry wires for the
operation of said track said polea shall be
placed along the curb lines of asld street over
which this privilege extends, and all pol-s so
erected shall be straight, plain and painted.
Sec. 3. That the rate of fare lor any dis
tance along said road or its branch-",
one way, shall not exceed five tents
for one paesengor; and that p -rso
under eighteen yeare of age whoattend tbe pub
lie «cht ols of said city Bhall bo ft quired to , aj
but half fare: provided said pnplis shall pur
chase their tickets in qnantl lea of at least one
dollar's worth at a time.such tickets to be avail
able for passage only between the hours of 8 a.
m and 0 p m ln actual passage to and from
school; and said grantee or his assigns shall
sefl such tickets whenever requested ao to do by
a pupil who shall present a certificate from a
teacher, approved by the snpvrlntendent of tho
schools of said city, that be or she ia such pupil
of said schools. J
Said grantee or assigns shall carry policemen,
firemen and United States mail carriers free on
said cars when on duty, subject at all tlmaa 11
the rules of said road.
The grauteeor assigns shall carry park com
mlssioners. fire commissioners, police comml -
siooers and councilmen whosbtll be ln office
after January 1,1895, free on aald cais at a 1
The grantee and hia assigns shall, on or be
fore December 15th of each and every year pay
to thecity license collector the annual licenso
npon each car fixed by the existing ordinances
of said city.
Sec. 3. Tbis franchise is granted upon the
expresß conditions that any atreet railroad
company constructed nr operatad under this
franchise sball transfer passengers with any
other street railroad now existing, or that may
be hereafter constructed in the city of Los An-
f oles at any point where such roads cross or
ulersect; also that the ahive transfer of paa
aengers shall be made between all other sireet
railroads and branches or divisions thereof
owned, operated or controlled or conducted by
the person or corporation constructing, owu
ing, controlling or operating any ro;d nnder
thiß franchise, and all other Btreet railroads iv
the city of Loa Angelea crossing or intersecting.
Provided that such corporation, company or
fierson sooperatingorc •.ntrolllngsirestra lways
a the city of Los Augeles shallonly be required
to issue transfers to passengers paying full cash
farts, and to school children paying half fares t
( heir own lines excepted). No rights are here
by granted for the occupation of the bridge
crossing the Los Augeles river at Kuhrts streat
in addition to the rights already granted to the
Paciflo Hallway company or its grantees thorn
°Bkc, 4. The above right) and privileges are
granted upou the express condition that work
upon the said road shall be commenced wituin
six mouths, and that the whole thereof shall
be completed and in operation within one year
from the dtte of tho acceptance of this fran
etiise; and that said road shall be operated by a
aervlcoof not more than 15 mlnutee b«twe;u
each car; andanoultl the same be unused or un
operated for thirty d»ys, then tbia franchise
ahall become foi felled
Thia fraucblse is granted upon the condi
tions herein set forth, and a failure to comply
with each or any of Baid condl ions shall oper
ate as a forfeiture of the whole of Baid fran
chise. . ~ ,
Bee. 5. The giantee hereto shall, within
thirty days of the approval of this ordinance,
file a written acceptance of all tha terms and
conditions hereof with the city clerk, and a
failure to file said acceptance shall operate is
a forfeiture of said franchise.
Any person presenting aea'ed proposals fot
the purchase of said load shall Inclose there
with a certified check for ten per cent of the
amount bid by him for ssld franchise. Thi
successful bidder for said franchl c will be re
quired to file w th the city clerk within flvi
nays from tho acceptance of his hid a bond with
two sureties, conditioned for the faithful per
formanoe o' the terms of B*id franchise and
all ot them; said bond to be in the penal euu?
of ten thousand dollars (iflU.OOO), and to be
approved by the ely council
The purchaser of said franchise will be ro
quired to pay the full amount of the purchasi
Erlce therefor into the city treasury ot said citi
etore the publication of the ordinance grant
Ing the samo.
C. A. LUCKENBACH, City Clerk.
' 5-4 lOt
Notice of Administrator's Sale.
superior court of the county of Los ou
geles, Stale of California, made on the 2d day
of May, 18911, tho utitlurslytr • tlie adlfllulf
trator of the oatato of Peter Lnniiy, iltce is d
will sell, at orivato sale, ou or after the 20th
| day of May,~lB!i:i, subject to contlrimtlon by
the court, the ft llowiug dotcribad roil estate o
said deceased, to-wll:
The well half of lot eighteen (IS), biook L, o.
tho Allso tract, in the city of L.s Angeles and
the count, of Los Auceles, as shown on the
mapnfsnld tract, of record ln he county ro
coder's office of said county, with the dwelling
taouas nnd Improvements ih.reon.
Tt l-'nsaud condition-of hale: bold coin of the
I I,il d mt s. Touper cent of the purcha<o
lie n acceptance of tho bid; the balance,
en h,p mv tit, on I'o-tfmii Mlonof sale. Deeds
ntiien • it- of tho pUichaser. Btdsmustbe
in " l'lnn, ~nd vi v be- left at tbe law office of
Jtdwiu H i tter, 175 North Spring street, room
8, or with tho undersigned, st Ml And 323
Al.'so siroat, city of Los Angelea.
Ail ml vis tl a tor.
Loa Angeles, May 2,1893,
Edwin Baxter, attorney for said estate.
5-4 15t

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